SPAIN: Muslim man kills horse by anally raping him with a wooden pole

A North African Muslim invader, illegally living in Spain, killed a horse by anally raping him with a wooden handle. This is the same Muslim pervert who got kicked in the face when trying to rape a mare several months ago.

Global Philosophy (H/T Maria)  The Guardia Civil has arrested a 53-year-old North African resident of El Ejido accused of abusing to death a horse that was with others on a farm in the municipality. The man arrested, identified as M.A., had been arrested for a similar episode and sentenced by a judge for abusing a female horse.

This latter arrest followed a complaint by the horse farm’s owner, who reported that unknown persons had got into his farm by jumping the fence in the early hours of the 13th, although nothing seemed to be missing. The complainant reported that one of the horses had been immobilized with ropes tied to a storage room and that a wooden handle 70 cm long and 5 cm wide had been introduced into his anus.


According to the account of the owner, the horse had bruises on various parts of his body, and anal bleeding and internal injuries that had caused his death. The Guardia Civil began an investigation which discovered that the detainee had a previous record for a similar act committed in the same farm. Once the police interviewed M.A., who showed obvious signs of nervousness and gave contradictory answers, they arrested him on suspicion of a crime of animal abuse. The proceedings will take place in the capital’s second court.

The previous similar committed by the SAME MAN in the same farm mentioned was perpetrated when he tried to rape a mare, who kicked him back, smashing his face bones and causing multiple hematomas. STORY HERE: spain-horse-kicks-muslim-illegal-alien-out-of-the-country And that was not the first time either. The farmer had caught the same individual twice before sneaking into the farm to have sex with the animals but hadn’t filed charges against him. 


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  1. I ought to add that I know very well the MC of GB will have no answers. How could they when they are deaf, dumb and blind to decency? It might give them something to squirm about in their silly headscarves and knitted white hats.

  2. I agree with every single post on this thread. I was so outraged by this that I have asked the muslim council of Gt Britain to explain it. Appalling, indecent scum – typical islam.

  3. Depraved filthy piece of vermin-he must be so warped in the mind-or frustrated -sexually – most muslim men are,to attack this poor horse and do what he has done -I don’t think even his God Allah will forgive him,my heart goes out to this beautiful animal for what he suffered at the hands of this -poor excuse for a human being.

  4. islam is a death-cult, and not a religion.
    The crackdown here on islamic-based animal-cruelty has just begun, and if the unhuman thing that committed this act ever comes here…
    allah won’t be able to save him.
    We’ve had over 200 dog poisonings this month, and some involved small children as chocolate was the perferrd ‘vehicle’ for the poisonings.

    I wish I’d never fucking heard of this idiotic and delusionary cult called ‘islam’.

  5. AHDH – NOT a rambling rant, but very interesting, indeed! Yes, as modern and beautiful as Spain can be, it’s still somewhat effed up after such a brutal and insane history of one dicatatorship after another!

  6. Tie this guy by the legs to a rope secured to a harness on a spirited horse. Blind fold the horse and affix a rod to the horse’s head with a sugar cube dangling on string about foot before the horse’s eyes. Undo the blindfold and whisper, sugar treat.

  7. This is so disgusting, so vile, its beyond perversion. My heart just breaks for this animal; tied with ropes so there was no way to defends itsself, no way to fight off an evil vicious attacker. I’ve read Mulsim who try to justify these perveted actions, saying that, while this is not for them, allah knows some men have these needs and he (allah), allows for this.

    I’m pretty sure Spain, is one of the those enlighten countries which doesn’t have a death penalty even for mudering humans. So, bc of “enlightenment,” at the very least, this person needs to be imprisoned and the key thrown away. I would like to see him receive the death penalty, and be put to death in a very painful unnatural way. But like I said probalby won’t happen.

    Islam satan’s version of religion. Evil, perveted, vile ….

  8. My question is to the farmer… Hello, anybody home?
    This is the problem with most people, who will eventually be killed themselves by muslims. They are waiting for their govt to solve the problem. When this muzzie who more than once, TRESSPASSING on his property to assault his animals. Why is he not dealing with it, himself???? Kill the muzzie bastard, and bury him out in the pasture. Poor horse was owned by just another “sheeple”.

    Oh yes, the towers are safe, go back up, everything is under control. Yes, just wait up there, someone will come and get you. Being a sheeple will get killed.

  9. what did the horse do to deserve this kindof abuse and death? since the fool didn’t learn his lesson the first time maybe he should have a wooden pole shoved up his anus what f fucking idiot

    • involving a treeshredder…feetfirst, and slowly.
      This ‘thing’ (non-human) id now known to Council and if he ever comes here…will NOT be welcome.
      I looked up the case, I have his pic, fingerprints and all other data handed to Council and out anti-islamist taskforce.
      If that svoluch comes here, he’s guilty of that crime and will be arrested and tried for such.
      Killing a horse here is a hanging offense according to Old Laws….
      Not breakneck hanging, but slow-hanging.

  10. Geez. But we must abjectly apologize to these savages if our freedoms hurt their sensitive religious feelings. Are Hussein and Hillary crazy? They have no feelings to hurt.

  11. I remember this story and can’t believe they let him go twice before!
    Were they expecting different results by freeing him?
    They are equally as guilty and all should be broom handle raped then shot.
    My people are brother to the horse and would rip this bastard to shreds.

      • Dear Ms. BNI: if it weren’t for humanism, Spain and the rest of us wouldn’t have unlearned the lessons of the first time.

        If we do a small run-through of Spain’s history: she rejected the “Renaissance” (16th century) almost completely (the late Will & Ariel Durant wrote in “The Reformation” that the country thus chose to remain mediæval). The masses also rejected the “Enlightenment” (18th century) ‘in toto’.

        Between 1931 and 1936, the Socialists, who had managed to force the Bourbon line of royalty off the throne and out of the country, did EVERYTHING to make the country into a Communist “paradise”. The nation was so dangerously close to a true “dictatorship of the proletariat” (which is what Communists want!!) that then General Francisco Franco led a good part of the Spanish military in rising up, and the Spanish Civil War of 1936-39 broke out. Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy nakedly took sides with the Fascist Franco, while the Soviets tried to help the (Socialist) Republicans but had a harder time. Many French and English leftists also joined the Marxists, and some even got killed or wounded in the fighting. In any case, Franco won after some extremely bitter battling in which the Nazi Luftwaffe gained some much-needed experience that it later applied against the Allies when World War II broke out. [One such episode, the bombing of the small Spanish town of Guernica, was commemorated by the leftist painter Pablo Picasso.]

        Thus, Franco ruled as absolute dictator from 1939 until his death in 1975. During his time, Spain continued to be very conservative (though no doubt mainly on the surface – enough people had anyway fallen for Marx’s and Darwin’s siren calls…); however, he intended that upon his death the Bourbon line of kings would be restored, leading to the accession of King Juan-Carlos de Borbón in December 1975 – who promptly restored multi-party democracy which even an attempted military coup in 1981 couldn’t stop; and things developed rapidly from there…

        Given all this: I’m not out to be anti-atheist or totally anti-humanist ‘per se’ (after all, I’ve known several militantly-atheistic or agnostic people who I would NEVER even dream of harming in the least!!!); HOWEVER, one MUST denounce Karl Marx and his adherents for what and who they are. It is they, with their dreams of universal “love” for Mankind and the “goodness” of all people, that have wreaked all this EVIL, and their insane theories will result in the destruction of the entire world but for Our Lord the Messiah Being Promised to return to stop this from happening…

        Sorry if this is so rambling; however, in that Spanish microcosm, we can hopefully all see lessons to be drawn… Thanks!!

  12. Horses are such beautiful animals.This precious horse suffered so very much from the God-hater Muslim. Is there no end to the constant suffering of animals and non-Muslim innocents from Muslims? God LOVINGLY created humanity and animals. Who will dare to make war on God by hurting the animals and humans that God so LOVINGLY created?
    On the Day of Judgment God will show NO mercy to the cruel who have shown no mercy. The Bible warns that the deeds of a man’s hands will return to him.

    • Haha and not one of them without some awful accent. One guy was gonna vote twice. There really needs to be a test before anyone is allowed to vote.

  13. This disgusting pagan POS should be anally sodomized with the turret gun off a battleship. Why should this pig be allowed to live among civilized people any longer??

    • I agree. Mohammad says this type of behavior is okay as long as the bestiality is consummated with death of the animal. Islam is the religion of satan; ppl don’t realize this is what the crusades were all about … ridding Europe of the Muslims. They are pigs!

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