DEARBORNISTAN: Muslim convenience stores’ food stamp fraud

The Arab Muslim owners of three convenience stores in Dearborn and Dearborn Heights were arrested by federal agents, accused of scheming to defraud the Bridge Card program.

WXYZ  (H/T Rob E) According to one of the criminal complaint the owner of one of the stores let bridge card holders illegally cash out their accounts, buy booze, cigarettes and perfumes, among other illegal items.

Among the most serious offenders, according to the U.S. Attorney, are the owners of Baghdad Mini Mart on Warren in Dearborn. The complaint claims the owners defrauded the Bridge Card Program of an estimated 1.65-million dollars over a period of three years. Bridge Cards are part of the food stamp initiative, which allows low-income families and individuals to purchase groceries.






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  1. So what’s next??? NAACP and DOJ going to defend these friggin scumbags??? Our country is going down the drain at a rapid pace and if “WE” patriots don’t start making our voices heard, we are going to be exterminated by martial law and the UN. Hey guys and gals I’m not a conspiracy nut case but I can see us on a parallel path with the Middle East, our big difference; the coup will be from within the walls of the White House and the UN.

  2. They have been doing this for at least fifty years. Reason why for 35+ years I never shop at palestinian owned convenience stores.

  3. Most likely, the mislims don’t drink the booze. They are just very helpful to the dhimmies who will willingly cheat their own families and their own government to get high or get cancer.
    But , if the program were to be honestly done, and the muslims did not charge a premium to put in their robe pockets, it would not be done in such an extravagant amount.
    The muslims are leeches. Just like KKKair and their put up lawsuits, they will persue any avenue of profit that makes them profit and harms America. Their filthy book, the QUEERAN tells them to do so.

  4. This was going on for decades in San Francisco, with Iranian and Arab market owners cashing out peoples’ food stamps before they even had the EBT cards. It was so out front they didn’t even bother hiding it. I moved away from that sick craphole years ago, so I don’t know if they’re still at.

  5. That is widespread over the country. I once had a girlfriend in Lexington, ky who was an ex wife of a muslim. She said that foodstamps, stamps etc were widely corrupted by the muslims. She said if it is a muslim store, they are for sure involved countrywide.

  6. if these food stamp recipients don’t need to buy food, they should not be receiving food stamps.

    if the stores fudged a little so people could buy items like toilet paper and toothpaste, I would not care. but cigarettes and alcohol! nonono!

  7. Oh, don’t worry, these poor, poor Muslims will not be put to shame, because they are innocent; they are Muslims, the best of people as the Qur’an has stated.

    I’m sure right now, possibly as I write this, C.A.I.R or OIC will be holding a press conference claiming intrapment, or “racism,” or if nothing less the cry of “Islamophobia” will be heard. Allah will never allow the unbeliever to trimuph over the believers (Muslims).

    How pathetic, this was being reported a few short years ago in England. We the People because of our laziness, our lukewarmness have allowed this; well we can tell our children’s children we blogged away their freedom.

  8. Oh, Dear God, Dear Born, Dear Leader, November…

    OT (?) If Romney can be coerced into publishing his tax records, why can’t Buraq be coerced into publishing his transcripts and scribblings? And why was he not ‘positively vetted’ before the most important job in the whole world?

    All are equal before the law – or is Major Buraq the best of peoples?

    Would there be ANY connection here with ACORN?

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