MUSLIM DAY PARADE speakers were so offensive, NY State Senator Tony Avella, abruptly left the podium

After seeing a BNI post about the Muslim Day Parade in NYC, Tom Trento of The United West flew up from Florida to film it.  In this clip, NY State Senator Tony Avella, a VIP Marshall of the parade, was so shocked at the vile anti-American/anti-Israel rhetoric by the Muslim speakers, that he stormed off the stage in disgust, leaving before he was scheduled to speak.

There will be more videos of this event coming soon.




38 comments on “MUSLIM DAY PARADE speakers were so offensive, NY State Senator Tony Avella, abruptly left the podium

  1. What a PIECE of SHIT COWARd!!!! He supported them, left because it wasn’t in his interest for votes to stay then ram like a bitch and wouldn’t say a word against their threats on America. Drop him in Iran and let the muslim rapist sodomize and kill him like they did that other Muslim sympathizer ambassador. Good riddance

  2. I am not persuaded that his departure was due to disgust. For anyone who has been watching the steady encroachment of islam in almost every nation , the speeches that he heard are standard fare. He has had every opportunity prior to this event to educate himself. I think the political ramifications of his association with jiahd trash is likely what sent him packing. As someone else commented, he ought to have stayed and vociferously denounced this. In fact,he ought to be on the phone, this minute, with Michelle Bachmann, offering her his support.

  3. There is a parade for every 3rd world ethnic group in NYC…almost anyway and now NYC gives a parade day to a religion. OUTRAGEOUS….Where is my Christian day parade?

    In screwed up PC NYC…all group are = but some are more equal than others….
    Poor poor little rich girl mayor Mickey Bloomberg grand mufti for a day.

  4. Tony Avella, NO HERO! He was grand marshal of the Muslim parade. He supports them and believes they will help him get reelected. However, the anti-American rhetoric caught him off guard. He left because it did not bode well for him to be sitting there listening to anti-American speeches as a willing participant. No wonder he did not want to address it. I assume he is concerned with his reelection and desired to make a quick exit.

    Here are some interesting links in regard to Avella’s associations.

    Senator Tony Avella with Hazrat Mufti Muneer Akhoon DB at Jam e Masjid Akhoon

    A Fatwa issued by one of the top Islamic scholars of our era; Hazrat Maulana Mufti Muneer Ahmed Akhoon on the issue of SHARIAH RULING on Niqab for Women. This FATWA was published in the Urdu Times New York. Find out more details in this video.

    This should answer Linda’s question as to why no fiery speech from the Senator

  5. Oh, what a missed opportunity! I’m bitterly disappointed that our NY Senator did not stay and give a fiery speech denouncing the Muslim God-haters who loath America, Israel and the Free World; whose goal is in obedience to the commands of the infidel-hating Quran to DESTROY our FREEDOM and HUMAN RIGHTS. To wage jihad against us and conquer all nations.

    For our very survival, the TRUTH about totalitarian, barbaric Islam must be proclaimed all over the Free World. Or the darkest night will descend on our nations.

  6. All news about Islam is bad news. More and more ordinary Americans are realizing that BS is a normative part of Islam called ‘taqiyya’.

    Moslems haven’t any respect for facts, because the Koran trumps eevidence and logic. Mohammed is ‘good’ because he wrote that himself in the Koran.

    To people who are not cultists, Mohammed is a pedophile and a pirate.

  7. This Senator needed to see this up front and personal. Clearly he was disgusted, and better late than never!

    There are times in everyones life where they have made some poor decisions and regret them.

    Obviously we NEED these lessons in life to make us grow and become knowledgeable through education and EXPERIENCE.

    The good news is that he knew enough as our American Senator to separate himself from these American haters. The question is, what will he do with that knowledge?

    • Mom, I would have preferred if he stayed and listened to all the speakers before him, then got up and told the crowd what he thought of them. Then leave.

      Sadly, he is no Allen West, not that West would be caught dead at an event like that.

  8. He was naive enough to join their parade in the first place. How long will it take our politicians to understand that they are at war against us. Words, obviously, are not getting through. We need action. Every time a group of Muzzies form for a parade or public prayer meeting or Jihad speeches, we need to get out there in large groups and throw garbage at them. Throw stones at them, cause a riot. They’ve intimidated authorities into giving them permits to mess up our streets. Well, when the authorities find that this leads to riots, they’ll think twice before issuing permits. This is war.

  9. In America, we have to allow free speech. So we let the filthy muslims curse us in our wwn country.
    But we have the ultimate weapon if we aren’t too lazy to use it. I mean discovering if that guy who runs the store that is so handy for us is a muslim. If you find that he is, go the extra block and deal with someone else.
    Never trade with a muslim. Locate them and tell your family and friends where they are. Avoid them at all costs. Let them survive by trading only with other muslims.

  10. Well done senator. What a slap in the face of Islam. Well done indeed.
    Do you notice how Muslims don’t ask or request. They DEMAND and the threat is always there, in the background.

    National Headquarters: Hilo, Hawaii

    Americans will not give up one word in the First & Second Amendments regardless of what resolutions, international laws or international treaties are agreed upon and/or signed by the United States Government and we will continue to exercise those rights to the fullest of our personal abilities to do so.

    Americans must exercise their First Amendment Rights of Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Assembly and Freedom oF Religion in fighting against Islam.

    All Americans who don’t have their heads in the ground must join together in supporting our War against Islam which Islam started against America on September 11, 2001.

    We cannot allow the illegal president who is nothing more than Islam’s Muslim General to destroy our United States Constitution and change America into an Islamic cockroach nest.

    Islam Muslim General Barack Hussein Obama II is an enemy to both America and Israel.

    There is no compromising, no debating and no living with Islam.

    There is only one solution to Islam and that is to defeat Islam throughout the world, so Islam quest to conquer the world will fail.

    Failure to confront and fight against Islam will lead to Islam’s conquest of not only America, but the entire world.

    • Shalom James,
      Americas first war with moslems was not 9/11 but started much earlier and continues today! MUST get rid, of the trojan horse in OUR WHITE HOUSE!

      The First Barbary War (1801–1805), also known as the Tripolitan War or the Barbary Coast War, was the first of two wars fought between the United States and the Northwest African Berber Muslim states known collectively as the Barbary States. These were Tripoli and Algiers, which were quasi-independent entities nominally belonging to the Ottoman Empire, and the independent Sultanate of Morocco[

      This is a small quote from Christopher Hitchens article “muslim pirates:

      “My quest sent me to some less obvious secondary sources, in particular to Linda Colley’s excellent book Captives, which shows the reaction of the English and American publics to a slave trade of which they were victims rather than perpetrators. How many know that perhaps 1.5 million Europeans and Americans were enslaved in Islamic North Africa between 1530 and 1780? We dimly recall that Miguel de Cervantes was briefly in the galleys. But what of the people of the town of Baltimore in Ireland, all carried off by “corsair” raiders in a single night?”

      Google muslim pirates for much more info.

  12. Did you listen to the Imam? … Did you hear what the Muslim Brotherhood is saying? … Are you listening to what Muslims are calling for? … The its the universal protection of Islam in the form of Islamic blasphmey laws. This is bigger than “just” our “Freedom of Speach”, this is Sharia Law. Worlwide Sharia Law. And only Islam is being protected; all other religions are not included, they are fair game. This is Sharia Law!

    November is coming quickly, but will it bring the change? … What are we the people going to do? … I know that I will not “Vote” for Obama; and I know alot of people who won’t vote for him. Is the “Fix” in? …

  13. We are all offended by these “savages!” They just keep on and on demanding though, don’t they! There they were all in their bags and garb; do they keep forgetting their in the USA? We have Freedom of Speech (don’t know for how long with Ovomit though)? So don’t whine about your crap when all you do is spew and whine about your pervert prophet MO! You want to live like the heathens you are, then by all means GO to the desert and have at it! You obviously don’t understand what Free Speech means. It’s NOT about you and what you keep demanding and whining about, oh booo hoooo poor You. Get over yourselves — better yet, LEAVE.
    Bravo for Tony Avella –
    It’s going to get worse I’m afraid – their crap and demands need to be STOPPED! I absolutely cringe seeing them walk my streets in their freakin Bags. You come here, ASSIMILATE or leave!

    • True jFp – a dhimmi he was, but it looks like he’s seen and heard what we see and hear, and hopefully others like him will also see what islam, truly is.

      It maybe long and slow, but we have to stay optimistic.

    • I agree 100% with you jfp! Hero my ass!!! What a coward! If he were really upset why didn’t he stay and express his disgust when he had the chance to speak. He is a pandering COWARD!!!!
      I’m sure he will tell two side of this story. To his muslime friends he will say, “I had to take a leak”. To the rest of us he will say. “It was a protest”!

  14. It’s the rise of the new Hitler and the take over of all our values. Our Bill of Rights that so many Americans died for, given away by the so-called Politically Correct Multi -Culturalists who can’t see the danger of their actions. Do they want barbaric Sharia Law with Amputations , Beheadings, Stonings , Lashings, Women as 2nd class citizens forced to wear shrouds, so many horrors wait in the wings from their total ignorance of the consequences of allowing these cancer cells to gain a foothold in this world and spread.

  15. BRAVISSIMO, Senator Avella!!! He deserves a BIG prize for his patriotism and for doing the right thing – walking out in the midst of anti-American, anti-Western, anti-Israel, pro-Moslem BIGOTRY ramblings that don’t deserve to even be thought of as logical, let alone “speeches”!!!!! [I only wish that he DID say openly why he left – the event deserved to be completely disrupted (not just ruined), with those Moslems being arrested and tried for sedition…]

    • I sent him a message telling him he is a pandering coward for walking away and not speaking his mind. The coward wouldn’t even tell the reporter what he was feeling after he left the stage.

    • I am British but we have a terrible problem here with Islam and an even bigger problem with politicians that fail to see the threat and continue to appease Islam at the expense of our beliefs and culture. In the UK we dont have any culture left at all. We cannot even ask immigrants to assimilate to our culture because multiculturalism lefties have destroyed it. We are now been separated into tribes and will soon decend into a civil war. This politician is a good man and we should all write to him with our cpncerns. I have wrote to him my self and thanked him.

  16. There comes a time, in everyone’s life, when the stench of decay is just too much and one has to rebuke it.
    I bet this Rep. is feeling like a total douche for falling into their trap of lies and deceit.

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