Muslim Hate Group forces American citizens to sue for their right to practice free speech

Under the First Amendment, Muslim groups like terror-linked CAIR have the right to attempt to infringe upon our Constitutional right to criticize Islam. Because CAIR is backed by Saudi money and a staff of litigation jihadists, anti-Islam activists like Pamela Geller must incur large legal costs, and BNI must employ costly web-security, just to be able to exercise the freedoms upon which this country was founded.

Having fought for the right to run her ‘Civilized Man vs Savage’ ads in multiple states (and won), Pamela Geller now takes the fight to Washington DC, U.S. headquarters of Hamas-affiliated CAIR (Council on Anti-American Islamic Relations), where she has had to file yet another lawsuit in order to run her campaign on the DC Metro subway system.

“Throughout our history, there have been people who have engaged in hate speech (Muslims being the worldwide leader in hate) this is just the next generation,” said Corey Saylor, a CAIR Spokesman. In New York, it took a federal court order to allow the ads to run. A judge determined the language was protected speech under the First Amendment.

Metro has not rejected the ad, but has notified the advertiser that it’s been put on hold. A spokesman told us that move was out of concern for public safety, considering the current protests around the world. The advertiser responded by filing a lawsuit yesterday in D.C.