Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) condemns Barack Hussein Obama for conspiring to create a new Ottoman Empire

Apparently, Obama has his next job all lined up for when he leaves Washington in January, 2013: Caliph (leader) of the new Islamic Caliphate.

Speaking on the House floor, Rep. Gohmert accused the Obama administration of allowing Iran to influence Iraq by pulling U.S. troops out, and suggested the attacks on U.S. diplomatic missions are the result of waning American influence from that decision, the Hill reported. He accuses Obama of jump-starting a new Ottoman Empire and left our friend and ally Israel so vulnerable in this sea of radicalism that he has helped bring to the surface.”

Gohmert said a recent report showed approval for the U.S. among Muslim countries had slipped from 33% under George W. Bush in 2008 to just 15% under Obama now.  A Pew Research Center survey noted that median approval in Muslim nations for Obama’s policies has declined over the last three years from 34% to 15%. “This president is trying to buy affection from people who are bullies, who are radical Islamists, who want to destroy us. You don’t get love and affection, you get contempt,” Gohmert said.


15 comments on “Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) condemns Barack Hussein Obama for conspiring to create a new Ottoman Empire

  1. Thee is one Congressman worthy of the office, who should be elected President.

    The skewed polls and media drumbeat of defeat for Willard are part of a set up. When the landslide happens, the ‘crats will claim fraud and their Blacks will riot. I have no doubt that this plan has been at least a year in the making and carefully planned and orchestrated. If it is carried out, we will be in one sorry state before it is ended.

  2. “He will show no regard for the gods of his fathers or for the desire of women, nor will he show regard for any other god; for he will magnify himself above them all.” – Daniel 11:37
    Well, since we don’t know who his birth father was or what he actually believed, this sorta fits, doesn’t it?

    • His father is believed to have been frank marshall davis. obama sr was a cover for an inconvient pregnancy. If this had happened 15 years later barry hussein would have been trash in a planned parenthood dumpster. That what the song and dance about the birth certificate is.

  3. All things considered, we should have nuked Iran, Iraq,Afghanistan.

    Lets look at the moral issue first. Muslims are willing to use nukes on us and will sooner or later.
    Next, we’ve spent hundreds of billions on a weapon that’s just collecting dust.
    When it comes to survival lets make sure we do and they don’t.

    • So you advocate mass murder for millions of people based on your xenophobia? You want the USA to launch weapons on entire cities of innocent people because you think we need to get the dust off things? You are a perfect Gohmert supporter with no morality in what you think and no accountability for the blither you spout. What an awful person you must be to actually want to murder millions of others.

  4. Just to let you know..
    the caliph is described by Walid Shoebat as the antichrist.
    He is ex-PLO, a terrorist organization. He is now a christian, and he knows exactly what he is talking about.
    If Mr. Shoebat is correct..we are about to witness great upheaval in our world.

  5. Bravo, Mr. Gohmert!!!

    Let’s hope and pray that Barack Hussein Obama indeed accepts to leave the Presidency and the USA peacefully – and beforehand, that he gets most resoundingly DRUBBED and that all his all-but-certain attempts to rig the election will fail most miserably!!!! [However, I STRONGLY fear that it won’t be that rosy a picture…]

    Let Obama go to Turkey, which indeed under Erdoğan IS turning away from Europe and back to the Islamic cesspool from which it emerged under Kemal Mustafa “Atatürk” after the Sultans were deposed as part of World War I: if he wants to be their “caliph”, GOOD RIDDANCE!!!!!

    • Four more years of non-arrogant, inclusive, and partnering leadership from President Obama show clearly how your hopes and prayers were rewarded. Nice job in extreme nonsense that cost you the election where rational and thinking people voted for intelligent international strategies and not xenophobia.

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