Unlike in previous years, the Obama Regime forbade the U.S. Delegation from walking out on Iranian dictator Ahmadinejad’s speech at the UN today

When Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ascended the podium to speak on the rule of law at the UN today, Israeli UN envoy Ron Prosor rose from his seat and walked out while the U.S. envoys remained. Update: Raw video from the UN confirms that U.S. representatives attended the entire speech.

Breitbart  Ahmadinejad alluded to what he sees as Israel’s illegitimate nuclear arsenal, and criticized members who haven’t stopped Israel from acquiring it: “Some members of the Security Council with veto rights have chosen silence with regard to the nuclear warheads of a fake regime, while at the same time [impeding]…the scientific progress of other nations.”

He also bore down on those who have revolted at Holocaust revisionism. He did this by calling attention to those who “infringe upon other’s freedom and allow sacrilege to people’s beliefs and sanctities, while they criticize posing questions or investigating into historical issues.” 

Throughout all of this, the U.S. envoy remained seated.