BLASPHEMY LAWS, coming soon to the U.S. if Barack Hussein Obama gets a second term

Coming even sooner, perhaps, if he doesn’t, during his lame duck session. But they can be repealed by President Romney.

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Left Wing media joins all the Islamists at the UN in declaring it is time to get rid of the First Amendment when it comes to Islam

Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari began his General Assembly speech by denouncing the US-made anti-Islam film “Innocence of Muslims” and asked world leaders to ban the controversial movie and other hate material against the Prophet of Islam

Iran’s Judiciary Chief said the US constitution which allows such shameless acts against other religions resembles the laws of barbarism

Indonesia is calling on the UN’s member states to adopt a legally binding instrument to ban blasphemy against religious symbols

Egyptian leaders advise America to adopt strict blasphemy laws

Saudi Arabia’s Grand Mufti Calls For International Law Criminalizing Blasphemy

Muslims Call For Blasphemy Law In UK And UN To Prevent Repeat Of Anti-Mohammed YouTube Film

US DOJ Official refuses to denounce demands for Saudi-style blasphemy laws

Leaders of Kansas City Muslim group petition Obama to limit free speech of American citizens

“Moderate” New Jersey Imam Calls for Blasphemy Law

Dearborn Imam calls on U.S. to enforce Sharia blasphemy laws



32 comments on “BLASPHEMY LAWS, coming soon to the U.S. if Barack Hussein Obama gets a second term

  1. This is really really starting to get my back up. Especially when I feel or sense that someone or some institution is trying to “bully” me into something I do not want or (morally) agree with.

    When that happens, I become an unmovable contrarian.

    Bring on the backlash.

    Since 9/11 2012, I have met an astounding number of Americans who were long term Democrats who do not recognize their party anymore. And won’t be voting for Obama no matter how many lies they tell us he is up in the polls.

  2. Obama will ‘understand’ when Americans tell him they love freedom by not voting for him!

    We will NOT submit to agree that Mohammed is a valid prophet deserving our respect, when Islamic texts say he was a pedo and mass murderer. Moslems wrote these texts, rather than Mo’s enemies, so they must be correct.

  3. Moslems don’t see they WORSHIP MOHAMMED AS THEIR GOD.

    ‘God’ cannot be a pedophile or a pirate or a highwayman or genocidal mass murderer.

    But the Moz ‘God’ is all of those dreadful things and more.

  4. Any Western non-Muslim leader, including American Muslim leader, Obama, who signs into international law Islamic sharia blasphemy law is guilty of TREASON and crimes against humanity against every non-Muslim on earth. Non-Muslims believe that:

    ALL people must have human rights, and
    ALL people must have equality before the law

    It is the basis of Western civilization. Our Western civilization is built on the Golden Rule to ‘Treat people the same way you want to be treated’. Islamic sharia law is radically opposed to human rights for non-Muslims and radically opposed for all people to have equality before the law.

  5. they want blasphemy laws? that only works if the law addresses all religious symbols not just Islam. I think Obama was a coward for not defending our constitution and i hope Romney calls him on it during the first debate.
    i don’t know why more people in this country aren’t outraged by this cowardice.

  6. It blows my mind that the Leftist side with the pig/dogs. If there is ever a pig/dog take over they will be the first to lose their heads…

  7. Obama needs to understand something, and so do the rest of the Islamic thugs out there; it’s not blasphemy if it is something in which you do not believe. The blasphemy is only among the believers.

  8. Mohammed is a false prophet and a wicked man who liked poking children and killing Jews and Christians for no other reason than the false belief he promoted which now plaques the world. Why would anyone get upset by the above cartoons? I think they represent Mohammed very well.

  9. over my dead body ! it is not up to him , that right belongs to the American who is not born yet ! I was given that right at birth an so it will be for those who are born tommrow . This I swear as Patriot . Bernard Lorn Rathie , Born and Bred on the banks of the Yellowstone

  10. When the women start to think, islam is shown for its hypcracy~! May G-D bless that woman with long life, for her courage and strength and RIGHTEOUSNESS~!

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