Banned in France, now illegal Muslim asslifting is fouling the air around the streets of London

This has nothing to do with Muslim prayer, it is all about Islamic supremacism and Muslim parasites wanting to show their British and European welfare benefactors that Muslims are above Western ‘man-made’ laws and need only answer to Allah. 

Now that France has banned public asslifting in the streets, all Western countries should do the same. You can sure, however, that the current UK dhimmis leading the government will not be among them.

London’t Metropolitan Police are forced to stand around twiddling their thumbs while Muslims block traffic

Riposte Laique  In these photos you can see hundreds of Muslims praying illegally on the streets, the sidewalks, and on the road to an Islamic center. These pictures are further evidence of the Muslim invasion suffered by all Western countries, and the resignation of the authorities to this invasion.

When Western leaders so they decide to fight against the massive Islamization of our countries? How long will they continue to betray the people who elected them, and refuse to defend them?

The sight of hundreds praying in Northampton Square – which is lined with million-pound townhouses – has now become a familiar sight every Friday lunchtime to mark the Islamic holy day

And how long will the Western peoples put up with being betrayed by their leaders, and to see their country disfigured by Islam? For this we can be sure is that if nothing is done quickly against the Muslim invasion, the people of Europe will revolt in a civil war that will hold their leaders accountable for tyring to turn their nations into Islamic fascist states.

British Universities are hotbeds of Islamic fundamentalism as can be seen by this display of supremacism at Muslim prayer time (up to 5 times per day)

And then, as Paul Weston of the British Freedom Party says, “We will try our leaders in a Nuremberg-style trial where they will be charged with high treason.”


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  1. Canadian universities have been hotbeds of Muslim fundamentalism since before the 9/11 attacks so it’s hardly surprising it is so elsewhere. I was literally driven from my job at a Canadian university because I publicly, verbally and in writing, opposed violent incitement for genocide of Jews after the 9/11 attacks. I was assaulted by three hooded men as I got into my car on campus. Afterward police said it wasn’t safe for me to return to campus without a police escort and since I would have had to pay for that on an instructor’s salary, I didn’t renew my contract. I interviewed for a job at another university, then I was threatened with yet another hit, this time with a car, then I was hit from behind while stopped on a country highway, by a man driving in excess of 80 km/hour and it disabled me so I couldn’t work anywhere. At the man’s trial, the Crown told me he’d pleaded guilty (so I didn’t get to bear witness about how it was a hit) and been sentenced — get this — to driving school. But the kicker? The Crown said the sentence wasn’t just for hitting me but for hitting multiple others in the exact same way. His father was there and asked me not to sue; he said his son wasn’t hurt like I was because if you use the right kind of car to hit your target’s car, you don’t get hurt. The police in Canada enforce not the law but the interests of foreign terrorist gangsters.

  2. Correction:

    SEPTEMBER 28, 2012 @ 5:33 PM
    If the Europeans are going to revolt,
    And hope to rid themselves of the ummah
    they better damn
    Well do it right the first time.
    This because
    they (the Muslims)
    Will NOT be satisfied until they have occupied
    Your land, killed you or converted You (to Islam),
    enslaved your children, Raped your wives & sisters
    and finally ruled your land and owned all of your

  3. They just need to make a bacon slurpee, and spray it on the grounds those invaders pray on. Then let them come. Once their faces on near the ground, they will smell the sweet bacony smell of infidel…

  4. How many of you have been arrested en masse at a protest,we have have,how many of you have had the police at your doors,we have,how many of you have confronted Muslim hordes,we have,how many of you have gone to prison for your views,MANY of us have,how many of you have had DIRECT threats to your and your families lives,we have,how many of you still keep carrying on after all of the above…NOT FUCKING ONE OF YOU!

    Tomorrow our lads will be in Walsall and you will be typing SHIT on a keyboard.
    Such hero’s!!!

    • trin, DOWN BOY! You know that most of the people here support the EDL and understand the abuse you have to endure because of the dhimmi Muslim asskissers in government there. Not everyone has been reading this blog long enough to understand and some people are just ignorant.

      • BNI Ive been reading your blog for a coupla years and contributed a few times.. just want to say Hi, and im with you all the way. My life is one of telling it the way it is. In fact I was arrested once but later let go for, “Insulting Islam” cos one asslifter reported me to the police here in the UK for trying to bring islam down to others in a café.

    • Trin, as Bonni says, some people are just ignorant, haven’t got a clue and are not facing a fraction of what you guys are. As a proud Gallic who knows, since the confronting and being threatened is almost daily occurrence, not to mention the mano-a-mano “encounters”, I’d say as hard -and infuriating- some comments can be, rise above it all, for your own sake. Remember Trin, we’ve got over two millenia of history to save and preserve, let this take precedence over the ignorance of some of the “younger” ones.

      Semper Fi brother Patriot

  5. Public ass-lifting on their “holy” day, says everything about their so called religion of peace.

    Citizens who are offended ought to MASS PROTEST THIS OBSCENITY.

  6. This disruption of commerce and traffic by these pagan, smelly, in-your-face hairy goons has nothing to do with “praying”. It is demonstrating, plain and simple. The crowd pictured blocking the sstreet should be greeted with the blaring horn of a semi cab followed by the siren of an ambulance. The ambulance will come in handy after the semi drives through the upraised asses.

  7. Ah yes, the BITA Brigade. And they force the women to sit BEHIND them, so that they are not distracted.
    Once again: Anyone women seeing this need only walk in front of them to invalidate the whole process. Take a leave out of Heinlein’s works – send in the mother’s meeting; the local PTA mums and a few attractive hookers to upset them.

  8. Was noticing in past videos that these street protests are guarded by Muslims. Maybe they are there for insurance purposes?One would not want a geriatric person or distracted soul to accidently plow into these fields of innocents taking over the commons. You know accidents happen especially when a soul is where they shouldn’t be.

  9. These Bastards are pulling this shit here in the states. We have our own lapdogs like Bloomberg who allow these savages to block the streets whenever they feel like it. And your so right, Muslims do this to thumb their sick evil ideology in our noses and the Politically correct fools let them do whatever they want. I’d like to see a catholic church ask their parishioners to all go out in the street one day and just block the street to pray. I bet they would all be hauled off to jail in a hurry. But Muslims do whatever they want and nobody says a damn thing.

  10. As Islam-lover UK leaders and police ALLOW Muslims to do anything they want including blocking traffic, a loudspeaker in the vicinity of the Muslim supremacists could blast out Christian hymns/music. Because infidel-haters, FREEDOM DESTROYING UK leaders/police would probably charge the Brits with a HATE crime for expressing Christianity, it most likely would have to be flash Christian music. In the supposedly non-Muslim nation of Britain, only Muslims have rights.

    • Sadly, I have to agree. The Police ALWAYS take the Asslifters side, always assuming they are telling the truth against us. Do you know that ALL people in NHS hospitals and ALL our kids in schools have to eat Islamic “Halal” food because that’s all there is now? Our supermarkets too are ALL halal meat with the exception of Morrisons and Marks and Spencers, and McDonalds are not Halal either.

      Its a fucking disgrace how they are getting away with this. Also they have openly fiddled the election results in “Tower Hamlets” so a muslim mayor was elected, and now the whole Town council is Muslim !

      Its a scalndal what they are doint to the UK, they have said that the Palace will one day be a mosque and they will rid us of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth… the government just shake in their fucking boots!!

  11. Muslims know they have been imported in absolutely massive numbers by UK and other Western leaders as an invading, conquering force and are demonstrating their Islamic supremacism by arrogantly blocking traffic. Muslims know they are ALLOWED by Western leaders to disrupt traffic, inconvenience hated infidels and that inferior infidels are FORCED to support HUGE Muslim immigrant families financially via their taxes. It is the planned Muslim conquest of our countries at the invitation of our treasonous leaders.

    Paul Weston is a wonderful leader! Support and vote for British Freedom – Britain’s last great hope!

  12. In the bottom photo, it looks like they have all the bagheads corralled- up, in the glassed in enclosure. Keep those cows separate!

    • It’s time to send a clear message to all Western leaders and politicians that are allowing/encouraging/enabling islamification:

      Start doing as We The People TELL you to do or we’ll have you into court and convicted of Treason.
      Protests don’t work.
      …get petitions, ask people to vote specifically for anti-islamic representatives, and shove those numbers on the petition sheets under some noses and watch the high-and-mighty suddenly need a change of underwear.

      Take back your governments people, or they WILL continue to sell you out. Leash your politicians, force them to remain accountable, and comply with voter demands.
      Threaten their positions, and threaten them with prison for dereliction of duty.

  13. would the ordinary citizens really revolt? islam is bankrupting the worls and still they demand more and more and more. looks like the 7th century will be the next stop.

  14. Supremacists have no place in a free society. The Leftards are responsible for permitting Islam to have respectability when it is actually everything they say they HATE.

    ALL CULTURES ARE NOT EQUAL! Islam is a 7th century misogynistic, bedouin camel culture totally unequal to modernity.

    • Uhm…
      islam ain’t a culture.
      It’s a cult–I refuse to call it a religion, because it is NOT a religion. It’s actually a weird hybrid of cult and organized crime network.
      In any event, it has NO place in the world because it’s anti-Human, anti-Freedom, anti-Female, anti-Culture, anti-Law.
      It’s like the KKK or neo-Nazis, but with way too much facial hair.

  15. Wouldn’t a few noisy Harley Davidson motorcycles idling next to them disrupt their prayer sessions? The Brits that live near these street prayers deserve what they are getting.

    • To Susan K: Brits most certainly do NOT deserve what they are getting! The treasonous leaders of our countries have imported many millions of the soldiers of Allah into our countries to wage jihad against us and conquer our countries as commanded by the Quran war book. Our leaders HATE us and hate our freedom! Brits who protest the Islamization of Britain are persecuted by police and UK leaders.

      • And yet, politicians in Western countries have very high reelection rates. Evidently the Brits did bring this on themselves. They keep voting for the same mutts over and over. Who is stupid here?

        • The people who vote are the bloody immigrants that the politicians brought over!!
          There is massive voter fraud over here(UK) and massive voter apathy,why would we vote for any of the three main parties,they are all the same.Any pro British party is smashed by the government as is any patriotic group.

          @Kevin,’Who is stupid here’? YOU as you clearly know nothing about UK politics,we have a Lib/Con coalition government because no party got enough votes to form their own government.

          Obama on the other hand got a CLEAR mandate from American voters!!!

        • @John,
          In our voting system we get a card in the mail to go to the polling station,
          QUESTIO on that card is a number which you give to the people at the polling station, they check the number against there records to see if you are that person and then hand you the voting slip ,” which has got the same number on it “These voting slips are now computorized ,So in all assence they can be checked after the voting day to find out who you voted for,?
          VOTING IS SUPPOSED TO BE A PERSONAL THING AND ANONIMOUS AND NO ONE IS SUPPOSED TO KNOW WHO YOU VOTED FOR !, Next time you vote check the number photostat it before you vote and then check the card with the vote slip.

      • “Brits most certainly do NOT deserve what they are getting!” I concur. WTH, we are in this together. Britain serves as stern warning to the West, and only when we recognize the commonality of the free world and what we have at stake, we can push back this Islamic invasion.

  16. Why waste a brilliant education on these turds? It is lost on them.

    Any terrorist can always gain easy entry into Australia – our immigration minister Chris Bowen will allow them in as he has done several weeks ago and yet, has held up the Visa for decent people like Geert Wilders. Who is helping the terrorists?

  17. Well of course, they do it to PUSH themselves and their Cult on everyone and it should be banned everywhere; IF they want to lift their nasty asses in the street then go BACK to the desert! Isn’t that what their damn mosques are supposedly for? Yeahhh, riiiiight! This asslifting is OFFENSIVE! who the hell wants to see asses lifted in the air – Do you think we would get away with such crap in their countries, hell NO! We’d be thrown in jail for even thinking of another religion! Piss on them!

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