The NY State Senator who left the stage due to all the anti-American/ anti-Israel rhetoric by Muslim speakers at the Muslim Day Parade, responds

However, Sen. Tony Avella’s history of pandering to Muslims tells a different story. (See video at end)

Here’s the clip posted here the other day of Tony Avella storming off the stage at the parade.  Avella is also seen on camera telling reporter Tom Trento that he left the event before speaking because he was “offended” by what he heard.

After 4 days, Avella finally breaks his silence and answers some questions about his abrupt departure posed by The Blaze:


  • How many of the previous Muslim Day Parades have you attended?  (This was the 27th annual parade.). Have you been a “VIP” or  “Honorary Marshall” for this parade in any previous years?


Although I have had contact with Muslim groups throughout New York City as a former member of the New York City Council, prior to being elected to the State Senate in 2010, this was the first Muslim Day Parade that I had been invited to attend.


  • What is your official reaction to the speech that inspired you to get up and leave the stage?


I was deeply offended by the various remarks that were made during the on stage presentation and felt they were an attack on our country as well as the State of Israel and were anti-Semitic in nature and as a result I left the stage in protest.  In addition, I immediately wrote the Parade Committee the next day on Monday indicating my outrage. (Avella’s letter to the parade organizers is attached below)


  • There was also a speaker there, an imam from Brooklyn, who demanded a UN law that would criminalize “defaming” Islam or the prophet Muhammed. Where do you stand on this proposal or any proposal that seems to conflict with our First Amendment?

  • If you support the imam’s idea on the speech limitations, what do you think about the painting known as “Piss Christ” – an “art” exhibit recently mounted at a local gallery?


I was shocked to hear the Imam’s negative comments about freedom of speech and individual rights.

SSP, a BNI Reader, kindly provided this:

Tony Avella, NO HERO! He was grand marshal of the Muslim parade. He supports them and believes they will help him get reelected. However, the anti-American rhetoric caught him off guard. He left because it did not bode well for him to be sitting there listening to anti-American speeches as a willing participant. No wonder he did not want to address it. I assume he is concerned with his reelection and desired to make a quick exit.

Here is a video of Senator Tony Avella with Hazrat Mufti Muneer Akhoon DB at Jam e Masjid Akhoon. Notice at 33:50, Avella says, “I’m embarrassed to say that Muslims are not treated fairly (in America), not by politicians, not by the media.”