DEARBORNISTAN Court tells Muslim to take the rag off his head, so he sues

Khalil Fareed is Muslim and wears a schmatta on his head called a kufi to symbolize his religious faith, but he says his religious freedom was violated when he tried to attend a hearing at 36th District Court.

FOX (H/T Rob E)  “The security guard told me you can’t wear that rag in here. So I said this is not a rag, it’s a kufi. It’s for religious purposes.” Fareed said the security guard told him to leave, even got her supervisor involved and they insisted he remove his kufi while in the courtroom.

“Fareed was discriminated upon, harassed, intimidated and made to feel like less than a human being simply because of wearing his kufi, his religious attire,” said attorney Nabih Ayad.

He has filed suit in federal court against G4S Secure Solutions, the company that employs the two security guards in questions. He alleges they violated Fareed’s First Amendment rights.