HATE group CAIR claims anti-Islamic terrorism ads are ‘racist HATE speech’

Notorious terror-linked HATE group CAIR (Council on Anti-American Islamic Relations) slanders the ‘Civilized Man vs Savage’ subway ads as HATE speech, funded by a HATE group, that has been designated a HATE group by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), the biggest anti-American communist HATE group in the country.

SPLC is a vicious left-wing political attacks and has become one of the country’s greatest threat to free speech. Several anti-Islam bloggers, including BNI are on its hate group list.  Read all about the SPLC here: southern-poverty-law-center-wellspring-of-manufactured-hateGroups like Hamas-linked CAIR never make the SPLC list of HATE groups. But CAIR thugs continue show up all over the airwaves, maligning the AFDI subway ads as racism (even though Islam is not a race). Since when is being anti-Islamic terrorism considered racism?

SPLCenter  Anti-Muslim hate groups are a relatively new phenomenon in the United States, most of them appearing in the aftermath of the World Trade Center terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. 

All anti-Muslim hate groups exhibit extreme hostility toward Muslims. The organizations portray those who worship Islam as fundamentally alien and attribute to its followers an inherent set of negative traits. Muslims are depicted as irrational, intolerant and violent, and their faith is depicted as sanctioning pedophilia, marital rape and child marriage. (All true!)

These groups also typically hold conspiratorial views regarding the inherent danger to America posed by its Muslim-American community. Muslims are depicted as a fifth column intent on undermining and eventually replacing American democracy and Western civilization with Islamic despotism. Anti-Muslim hate groups allege that Muslims are trying to subvert the rule of law by imposing on Americans an Islamic legal system, Shariah law. (True again!)


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