SWEDEN: Somali Muslim savages beat and rob 18-year old Swedish teenager, then set him on fire

Rudolph, the victim, was severly beaten and robbed of his jacket and phone. Then the Muslim attackers poured a combustible liquid all over him, set him on fire, and left him to die.

After the Muslims dragged him into a wooded area, Rudolph suddenly felt extreme heat on his back and saw that his jacket was on fire. He screamed, but instead of ending the sadistic act, one of the perpetrators stepped on Rudolfs neck and let the flames take hold. Rudolf panicked, managed to run away and then rolled on the ground, thereby extinguishing the flames. The perpetrators fled and are still at large. The attack has been  classified as aggravated robbery. (Aggravated robbery? You’re kidding. What about attempted murder? Sheesh)

H/T Liz