GREECE: Illegal Muslim invaders say, “We deserve respect.” “Don’t insult our prophet or our quran.” Or else!

Greece is on the verge of bankruptcy, and this flood of Muslims, mostly illegals from Turkey and Albania, bring nothing to the economy except crime and a growing class of parasites and entitlement whores.


Athens Police are so overwhelmed by the Muslim scourge that they turn a blind eye when right wing nationalist groups like Golden Dawn intervene against the invaders.

Digital Journal  This time the riots were against a film produced in the U.S. that denigrates Islam’s paedophile prophet Mohammed. Greek riot police used tear gas and pepper spray to disperse Muslim protesters who clashed with officers Sunday during a rally. Usually the riots are about the government not giving them enough free stuff. 

Around 1,000 Muslims hurled bottles and other objects at police that were trying to prevent the rioters descending on the U.S. Embassy. Protesting Muslims gathered in Omonia Square holding banners proclaiming “We demand an immediate punishment for those who tried to mock our Prophet Mohammed”  Shouting “Allah is great” they assaulted police with bottles, stones and slabs of marble they broke from the sidewalks, as police tried to prevent the protesters approaching the U.S. Embassy.


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  1. pakistan is the worst shithole in the world, if one tracks these radicalization it will all cumlimate at pakistan. pakistan lives out of alms it manages to get from US,Saudi and china. even recently it got a 1.6 billion aid from us.

  2. I hope the Greeks remember well the Turkish genocide against them, 1890-1925.
    I hope they remember the Ottomans who forced their sons into slavery and Islam as Janissaries.
    Above all, I hope they never forget that the Ummah is the enemy.

  3. If you look at things logically, there are very good reasons for Muslims to expand now. Productivity wise, no Muslim person can beat a non Muslim person. They have to take frequent breaks for prayer and other religious crap, so they need slave women to pitch in. This means that no major corporation will use Muslims in their labour force. Accommodating their special needs is just too expensive. This is the main reason Muslim countries are poor. The majority do not work hard enough and I’m talking about the women here. They are not allowed to work or be educated.

    The next reason is oil. They have money now but will not in the near future. They are using ths money to fund their expansion and set up colones in other countries from where they can change their environment to suit their needs. Once their numbers are sufficient they will mandate their religion into law causing everyone to decrease their productivity, either through conversion or tax.

    With enough Muslim countries they will gang up on the other countries through terrorism and war. Look what happened to Israel. This is what they must do before their oil runs out and before foreign governments wise up. Fat chance for the second part though. Some politicians are worse than Muslims. If they don’t do this, after their oil dries up, their economies will implode and they will revert to goat herding. If they can covert the rich nations to be like them, then we will all be equally non productive and equally oppressed.

  4. It is Muslims in Greece who are the thugs and criminals. Greeks are terrified of them. i might point out that Egyptians threw Greeks out of that country where they had lived since the time of Alexander in the 1950’s and in the 1970’s Turks conquered 40% of the territory of Cyprus,which has been Greek since the dawn of recorded history. All the Greek Cypriots were driven out, their property was confiscated, the Cathedral was turned into a mosque and 4th century Christian monasteries were turned into hotels and priceless art works stripped and sold. The Turkish Cypriot government imported Turks including prisoners to re-populate Northern Cyprus and give them the property of the Greeks. Many Greek Cypriots were absorbed in the rest of Cyprus and many went to Greece. After this invasion, the Greek inhabitants if Istanbul, where they had lived since the dawn of recorded history, were subjected to discrimination to such an extent that most of them left and went to Greece. There is now less than 1% of the population of “Turkey” that is Christian, i.e. Greek of Armenian. Now Turkey is facilitating the invasion of Greece by Muslims from other Muslim counties (Pakistan, Iraq, North Africa).When I see these sights from Athens, I am filled with rage. Who but Golden Dawn is helping the Greeks? Why in God’s name is anyone on the side of these vile Muslim invaders?

  5. I think muslims are getting by with all this crap as they are paying off politicians EVERYWHERE. Illegals deserve nothing besides being put on a boat and deported. Asylum seekers OUT!

  6. Belt-fed machine guns could solve this problem very quickly. These Muslims come to our countries and DEMAND? We are pathetic for taking this kind of abuse. Pathetic.

  7. Islam is the work of the Devil (Satan) a false religion. Jesus is coming back not that pedophile Muhammad who had sexual relations with a 9 year old. Wait till the Muslims die and end up in hell for rejecting Christ. Where are my 72 virgins they will cry out.

  8. Spineless leaders are giving away their countries to these Islamist vermin. Unfortunately the world Media has been bought and paid for by Oil Oligarchs.
    We have to counter this plague by speaking out with courage and truth. We can hope that their Hate will leave them eliminating each other and we can just cheer from the bleachers.

  9. The Greeks are loose cannons on deck.

    In the sixties, they helped PLO terrorists to murder Jews by taking over airports and airplanes. The Greeks allowed Moslems to start the jihad in the skies.

    Greeks, grow up, mature and join modernity.

    The only difference between Greek fascists and Hitler was that Hitler LOVED jihad.

  10. I am not sure if the Golden Dawn is a Neo Nazi group or not and if they hate Jews or Israel then I cannot support them. Although, I support their patriotic stance against these illegal alien invaders, Muslims or non-Muslims. Just wait and see once the Muslims grow in numbers how they will reverse things and force the Christian Greeks into dhimmi status, those who don’t convert to Islam that is. How many churches will they forcefully convert into Mosques? Freedom of religion and the right to choose one’s faith will disappear. Death penalty for a Muslim to convert to another religion. Islam would become the state religion of Greece and Sharia Law would rule the land. Unless the Greeks fight and stop this illegal alien invasion from Muslim countries MUSLIMS GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM! The problem is that many of them want to conquer Greece, Europe and America for Islam.

    • The Golden Dawn are a questionable gang. That is certain, however in Eastern Europe and the Balkans, that’s just how things work. Nationalist groups tend to be on the shady side. Bear in mind, most of these countries were under either Nazi or Soviet occupation at some point. That influences a lot.
      We would hope that once Islam had been removed from Europe, they would moderate, but the situation is so desperate now that we should probably just watch how things play out in Greece. So far, I have no accounts of Jews being persecuted against by the Golden Dawn. The violence has been directed at the Turks and some Roma (understandable as they’re the criminals). Keep Greece in the back of your mind for now. It’s chaos anyway.
      One of the areas I’m focusing on is Sweden, which is in arguably the most dire state, where the Sweden Democrats have been growing rapidly. I’m also keeping a close eye on Italy. The Northern League there may begin to gain momentum if things don’t improve soon.

      In addition, I emailed Geert Wilders via his website recently to encourage him to continue his fight after he suffered some beatings in the recent elections and to lend my moral support. I think everyone should do the same. He’s a leading figure and likely the next PM of the Netherlands, seeing as they have decided to go all in on the Eurozone (BAD IDEA). Things will soon be so horrible for the Dutch, the people will have no choice other than to elect Wilders, which is what they should have done in the first place.

  11. Respect is earned not extorted! Your prophet was a psychotic schizophrenic with disillusions of grandeur who dabbled in pedophilia and treated women like cattle. The Koran is the hypocritical ravings of the delusional deviate who wrote it.

  12. OMG..this is Greece today? What the hell happened? The whole world is starting to look like the Middle East! That was the only place on earth that you would see such violence, and now it is happening in every damn country, thanks to soft leaders…this is insane!!!

  13. They do NOT understand that to be respected…you have to do something to earn the respect. Thus far? I have seen nothing except acts that cause NO respect, No admiration, OR justification for anything they have done.
    They remind me of psychotic evil children in some horror movie that I would walk out on.

  14. We’ll trade you. Muslims go back to their various stupid, barbaric and backward countries and we’ll never speak of your stupid, schizophrenic, murdering, child raping prophet ever again, but once you come into our free western nations all bets are off and we’ll say anything we want about your little prophet. How’s that, fair trade? Oh, and you have to give Saudi Arabia bacj to the Jewish people.

    ‘The Jewish Kingdom of Arabia was caught in the middle between Rome and Persia during their frequent wars. The leadership of Himyar traditionally sided with Persia, yet Rome also tried to court the Jewish Kingdom. In 438 CE, the Roman Empress Eudocia removed the ban on Jews’ praying at the Temple site, and the heads of the Jewish Community in Galilee issued a call “to the great and mighty people of the Jews” which began: “Know that the end of the exile of our people has come!” The Roman Emperor Julian, as part of his apostasy and an attempt to sway the Jewish Kingdom of Arabia away from Persia, in 464 CE announced his intention of rebuilding the Temple. All this enflamed Jewish nationalism, but the courting was short lived, and was followed by religious backlash and persecution.’

    End the Arab occupation of Jewish lands.

  15. Why is the crowd chanting “Pakistan”? Are they lost?

    Here is what needs to be done the world over. Find the muslum spokesmen on camera and erase them. Soon they will learn to STFU and leave.

    • Perhaps they are chanting “Pakistan” because that is where they SHOULD be, not in Greece or anywhere in the once CIVILIZED world, civilzed, that is, prior the door being thrown wide open for muslime terrorist troublemaking leeching bastards, aka. “immgrants”!! Some say the picture of Greece could be the U.S in less than two years; well, I suggest we get out and vote November 6, and NOT for the muslime loving POS that is currently occupying the Oval Office, aka. “empty chair” and “empty suit”, etc., these being some of the more charitable designations for the POS!!

  16. What is wrong with the government of Greece? Why are they FORCING non-Muslim Greeks to suffer? Why have they not called out the military and deported the savage Muslim invaders back to their hell-hole countries?

  17. The answer to this problem is a police force armed with mitrailleuse (machine guns) and governments willing to let them use them! This shit would soon stop!

  18. WHY are they allowed to do anything thing they want…anywhere in the world? Why are they protected? They are foreigners in these countries and NO ONE can stop them from causing trouble! I can’t imagine any of these sub-humans would be regarded important for the vote! Even if they yell religious persecution..there are laws against rioting, raping, murder, vandalism…and yet, they are not subject to anyone’s laws except their own mob mentality.

    • They are a cancer on society. There would be no problem if they stayed in their part of the world, yet they insist on invading our countries and communities and then causing civil unrest. They in my opinion have no rights in any other country but their own, if they want to live substandard and abuse women and children then let them do it in the middle east. There is no place for these extremists in the modern civilized world.

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