Yes, we hate Islam. Yes, we will mock your paedophile prophet Mohammed as much as we want. No, we don’t care what you think or how offended you are. We are Americans, and we are free to say what we want, when we want, no matter how much it offends your sensibilities. Don’t like it? Get out. You are not welcome here.



1,386 comments on “Yes, we hate Islam. Yes, we will mock your paedophile prophet Mohammed as much as we want. No, we don’t care what you think or how offended you are. We are Americans, and we are free to say what we want, when we want, no matter how much it offends your sensibilities. Don’t like it? Get out. You are not welcome here.

  1. Hey “Dave”:

    Oh noes…I had this all wrong! I mean… here I thought it was MUSLIMS doing all these violent deeds? But you’re saying it was “the media” all along, right? Those 9/11 hijackers? London, Madrid, Mumbai, Beslan, Nairobi, ISIS–and 20,000+ terror-attacks since 9/11? Why, those violent, aggressive, supremacist media bastards! Next thing you know they’ll be building media mosques, raping our little girls and demanding mediariah law. Look at them–running around chopping heads, screaming, “Mediahu Akbar!” Cretins!

    Thanks for sorting that out for us, Dave; you’ve done a great service here. Silly us for thinking it was MUSLIMS doing all these repugnant things! Those poor muslims–getting blamed for all those atrocities that the media have perpetrated! And, of course, you wouldn’t LIE to us, would you, “Dave?” That is your real name, right, “Dave?”
    Of course it is…

    • Hinduism is better than islam, Christianity is better than islam, Buddhism is better than islam, communism is better than islam, nazism is better than islam, atheism is better than islam, agnosticism is better than islam, neo-paganism is better than islam, capitalism is better than islam, racism is better than islam, antiracism is better than islam, liberalism is better than islam, conservatism is better than islam, vegetarianism is better than islam, democracy is better than islam, zionism is better than islam, irredentism is better than islam. Basically any -ism is better than islam except cannibalism (which is itself in islam, too). You didn’t reveal anything new to common infidels like us :) I hope Hindutva finishes off 180-million islamofascist trash population in India, the sooner the better.

  2. I’ve been shocked to see so much hatred towards Islam who says that this religion is a religion of violence.I’m sure many of you Anti-Islamic people will come up with some verses saying that Islam promotes violent.
    Here’s the answer to those people :
    I wanted to know how this all started, who are to be blamed most the Extremist Muslim or the Media?
    Many people have been brainwashed to hate Islam,saying Quran promotes violence without knowing anything about it.

    • Hi Dave,

      Islam is the most violent religion in the world not only violent to the west but also violent and cruel to all of the world.They change their color as soon as they are a majority, when they are attack non-muslims in every way possible like psychopaths.

      There are video’s of Islamic priests educating little kids how to torture someone who disrespects Islam or your precious prophet.Muslims can lie to deceive their enemies, which is fine but what happens when people start hating and see as enemies everyone who does not belong to Islam.The Book which is said to be pure and uncorrupted is updated to match recent scientific data, oh to deceive enemies.First earth was flat then you invented some word which is vaguely simillar to the word used in Quran to mean like an Ostrich’s egg and with countless other updates you try to deceive the world with a book filled with error even after these updates on close enquiry.

    • Hey dumb ass the very fact the middle east is a PERPETUAL violent shithole says it all. Very fact that they have the worse civil rights of nations and contribute 70% of the world’s population refugees says a lot as well.

      Islam is a stinking regressive cult,observation of their societies provides ample evidence. What a ignorant or lying wanker.

    • Dave, your link replaces allah with god and instead of putting in the words that command the killing until their is only one faith in allah, they used ellipses – at least for the first argument. No reason to read the rest since they start off with a fabrication. Lie by omission, replacing words, and a pure bullshit interpretation.

    • “Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him” (Bukhari 9.84.57)

      In regards to fun:

      “Allah did not create man so that he could have fun. The aim of creation was for mankind to be put to the test through hardship and prayer. An Islamic regime must be serious in every field. There are no jokes in Islam. There is no humor in Islam. There is no fun in Islam. There can be no fun and joy in whatever is serious.” — Ayatollah Khomeini

      That is why music and dancing are banned by hard core muslims.

    • I think he was pretty clear in showing the FACTS about Islam and all the many verses in the Koran that say… Kill Kill Kill. It is not a religion so quit calling it that. Do you consider Satanism a valid Religion of this earth??? It’s more peaceful than the Islamic cult by far. Pull your head out of your ass and read the news. Islam is a cult who’s main function is to sped fear, hate and cause death. You F-in Moron!

    • So… you didn’t bother to actually the quran yourself, you just started to Google apologetics, “explanation of violent verses of the quran” or smth like that, right? Did you, Dave?

      Let me tell you a funny thing: word “terrorism” comes from Latin “terror” which means “great fear” (Reference: In Arabic, “terrorism” will be “لإرهاب”. It’s derived from verb “رهب” – to instill fear, to scare, to terrorize, etc. (Reference: “Terrorist” will be “إرهابي”, this is the word Arab media and officials would use to call al-Qaeda, IS, Ansar al-Sharia and other thugs.

      Your Quran (sura al-Anfal, ayat 60) agrees with me: وَأَعِدُّوا لَهُم مَّا اسْتَطَعْتُم مِّن قُوَّةٍ وَمِن رِّبَاطِ الْخَيْلِ *****تُرْهِبُونَ***** بِهِ عَدُوَّ اللَّهِ وَعَدُوَّكُمْ وَآخَرِينَ مِن دُونِهِمْ لَا تَعْلَمُونَهُمُ اللَّهُ يَعْلَمُهُمْ

      “Muster against them all the military strength and cavalry that you can afford so that you may strike *****terror***** into the hearts of your enemy and the enemy of Allah, and others besides them who are unknown to you but known to Allah. Remember that whatever you will spend in the cause of Allah, shall be paid back to you in full and you shall not be treated unjustly” – Farook Malik translation.

      As we see, your pathetic God orders to instill fear onto infidels, to terrorize us: (تُرْهِبُونَ)

      Bonni, please save it in a text file somewhere: next time a (pro)muslim idiot uses such an excuse, you only have to throw this little fact at his face before banning him to prove other visitors of the site you’re right (and maybe attracting a few neutrals to your side).

  3. What the fuck is wrong with these islam Morons??
    You want to pray?
    keep it to yourself, why forcing developers to build your fucking mosque in the middle of the neighborhood screaming and barking??? worst why do you even need microphones while praying and brainwashing your own ppl??? your Allah is DEAF???

    Fuck this annoying fuckers. If we ask them to lower their fucking volume, they brand us as terrorist. praying more than 5 times a day???

    Praying more than 5 times a day screaming and barking but still go out killing and mocking people while asking for donations?????????? worst religion I have ever seen


  4. I think Russian Bear 1947 is right.

    But in my opinion, I think it’s pretty stupid to praise a false prophet. It’s fucked no joke. Allowing and spreading your shit in countries like America, Australia ect and not doing anything about but to praise a false God? Kidding me? I think that you Muslims are stupid.
    But seriously? A 54 year old man marrying a 8 or young year old girl at that type of age? Wow, you need to get all your shit together and get out the country.

    To the Muslims, don’t like what the Americans are doing to you’s? Then get the fuck out their country. Their country. Their rules. Don’t obey it? But break it? Then fuck off you don’t deserve to live there but go back to your Islam shit or whatever. Don’t bring up your Islam pervert shit to these countries and start shit.

    All you can do is call non Muslims pigs when you’s are the fucked up shits. Honestly, who comes up with a 4 year old getting married to a 64 years old man. That’s disgusting. Honestly, I think you should stop your shit.

    And are you trying to call God “Allah” or whatever the shit it is? Are you damn kidding me? Yeah right, that’s not even his name. His name is God and it will always be. He has one powerful name and you’s calling him “Allah”? Just because it’s in your language? That’s incorrect. Your shit needs help. Go fucking learn how to praise Jesus Christ and God. Go shoot your ass.

    If you think my comment is explicit then don’t even respond or start shit because it’s my comment, I do what I want, I say what I want and I share what I want. A comments and comment right?

    • believe me islam is perfect but i am not if i do some thing wrong don’t Blame islam blame me and you will see in the end remember this i will remind you ………… quran and you will know where is the right

      • thank you :( .. its okay one day they will know the truth .. im not sad because of these people hate of Islam. but im sad because i love these people i dont want them to discover the truth but too late . anyway as you said just if they read the Quraan they will love it more than they love themsevs..

      • We judge people on their actions, we judge a Religion on the basis of the behavior of the people of that Religion and the book is not as good as you want others to think it is.

      • Qais you can believe your way and religion is the absolute truth I think the same about my beliefs so please accept that you don’t everything and let people have different faiths.

        Here is the sin which all the other religious people of the world are doing, they are not willing to give up God because of the fear of a book which is brought by a man called muhammad.In the book from start to finish it tries to intimidate people with Hellfire and torture, some don’t believe in that they hold on to their belief in a loving God.They are ready to take Hellfire for their belief in God, that is true love if you believe that deserves Hellfire then believe that.I totally understand.Try to understand us too.

    • @Dondan. Your logic is flawed and incorrect. We DON’T judge the religion by demeanor of its adherents. We judge it by SCRIPTURES. Quran + Sunna (hadith books) + Sirat Rasul Allah (biography of Mo) are our main books. Call it “The islamic trilogy”. That’s it. That’s all. Fuck actions of people (there’s a lot of peaceful muslims who don’t know a Jack about their faith, it’s a good excuse for them). Fuck fiqh (islamic jurisprudence) books too. Why? For example, modern jihadists use book from Ibn Teymiyah. Why use it? He was a Sunni Hanbali fiqh scholar. His books mean NOTHING to the follower of Sunni Maliki fiqh, Shafii fiqh, Hanafi fiqh or Shia Zaydi fiqh and Jafari fiqh. So yeah, just stick to “trilogy” as i call it. We criticise islam as a whole and its common prescriptions (i.e. instruction to put apostates to death row).

      P. S. There’re Quranist muslims, who don’t take anything other than Quran so “trilogy” won’t work with them. They incline to twist clear messages of Quran to remain peaceful. They are true modern islamic liberals who hope to reform islam. They never interpret Quran literally, they interpret it esoterically. So yeah, in case you encounter them – tell them “Ok, your Quranists are OK, but you don’t even make 1 million among 1,6 billion muslims, so yeah, 99.95% of islam is retarded (Shia, Sunini, Ibadi branches) and you are just 0.05%. So yeah, muslims as a whole are 99.95% idiots and 0.05% are good guys like you).

      P.P.S. Alawites are not Muslims, Ahmadis… it’s hard to say if they are of if they are not. Just ignore them.

  5. Its time that we start a Jihad on those pieces of shit using our liberal as laws to gain a foothold in our country and start a war from within. Stop this insanity America is ours and you cant have it. Those who sew in flames in ashes they shall reign just remember that you jihadi fucks.

  6. I wish i shoot all of you anti islamic bastard. you Americans are worse than pigs. You people are just like chickens, Coward and respect less. I am sure all of you will go to Hell INSHALLAH.

      • You guys have GOT to get it right. Those are baby-crib sheets on their heads. They are SHEET-HEADS, now… give the sheet some time wrapped around a lump of oily hair that hasn’t been washed in 20 years, filled with bedbugs and lice, and yes, maybe then you’ll get a RAG – and a Rag head… . Oh – crap. You win. RAGHEAD it is. I hate when I lose my own argument against myself…

    • Americans, who are “worse than pigs”, contribute much to world’s science while filthy muslims like you can’t produce a shit and dream of old days of the so-called ‘Golden age’ of islam (ya know, where you absorbed all Persian, Greek, Indian scientific potential and made discoveries based on it, but it depleted a few centuries later since you couldn’t develop it further thanks to your shitty dogmas).

      “I wish i shoot all of you anti islamic bastard” – i’m sorry, buddy, but i think your so-called prophet deserves shooting more than us because we are not old 54-year old perverts who fuck 9-year girls (which was done by your prophet), order to rape female sex slaves captured during jihad in front of their husband’s eyes (which was done by your prophet), etc.

      “INSHALLAH” – The correct spelling is Insha Allah, 2 separate words.

      Shoot your mom and dad, you, accursed victim of the abortion :|

    • China will be super duper power due to Islam

      The chinese are very intelligent, as per there calculation Europe will go to the fate of weak empire as heavily crippled by muslims from inside. The day europe allowed so many muslims to come and breed like locusts , they were dead. Russia also faces implosion, the muslims are increasing in number there and also chinese are pushing many of there citizens into Russia and by 2050-75, 40 % will be muslims 30 % chinese and 30 % russians. Chinese will easily using China subdue the muslims as they did practical steps to decrease the Uighur muslims. With Russia and China a gigantic Hun people and most importantly a practical people with no nonsense of Political Correctness will be biggest power. Muslims will finish off or subdue the white race and europe will become like third world country like Africa. America will also loose money, power etc because of appeasement of muslims and be a lesser power than China. China will easily capture and subdue muslims of the central asia, as they dont believe in garbage of appeasement and cultural suicide of multiculture.
      Islam will not win, China will be biggest power and Islam Infected countries as poorsavage barbarians like afghanistan and somalis.

      • You make a lot of sense. Who would have thought it would be China that comes to the rescue along with Russia. Sounds like a plan. Can’t wait! And yes I have no respect for muslims, their fake prophet, and their fake god.

    • Hi Every one…..

      Islam is not your enemy, its the media which has made you hating Islam…..

      those so called Muslims who practicing terror in the name of Islam are not MUSLIMS at all…… they are disguised people taking their worldly benefits….

      Your comments regarding Islamic preaching is totally ignorant. You haven’t studied the Islamic laws or Koranic Ayah.

      Brother , I guarantee you will embrace Islam when you first read it with conscious mind. and try to understand its message.

      A Muslim, is better christian, better Jew, better in all practiced religion, because Koran is certificate of all previous books revealed are the words of Allah like Bible and Torah etc. A Muslim believe in Jesus, Mosus, David, Abraham, Noah (AI) etc….

      Hence stop feeding yourself with the worng information the Media telling you. Buy a book Quran and read it your self…. and then you will see the real light and guidance…… and then you should decide yourself…..

      • Leo, save your BS for the liberal blogs. Nobody is buying your brand of crap here. And don’t blame the media, who are mostly all Islam apologists. It is only because of blogs like this one that people are learning the truth about Islam. We have read the quran, hadith, sura, etc. Now, get lost.

      • “those so called Muslims who practicing terror in the name of Islam are not MUSLIMS” – Oh yeah? Who are they, then? Mushrikeen (i.e. polytheist) covert CIA agents? Shut up, you filthy idiot takfiri. They follow five pillars of islam and live according to sharia. They are not hit by kufr, shirk or other islamic sins. They are true monoteists.

        “Brother , I guarantee you will embrace Islam when you first read it with conscious mind. and try to understand its message.” – thanks, but my understanding of this cool unflawed book is flawed so i better use Tafrirs and fiqh books like ‘Reliance of Traveller’ and others, which are perfectly OK with slavery, pedophilia, murder of apostates and so on.

        “Buy a book Quran and read it your self” – believe it or not, but many on this site did.

        “A Muslim, is better christian, better Jew, better in all practiced religion” – is it just me, or your English not so good and you missed word ‘than’ (in which case i won’t be surprised at all since we are all used to your supremacism. ‘Oh look, my deen is better than Christianity or Buddhism’.

        “Hence stop feeding yourself with the worng information the Media telling you.” – yes, we must STOP with the wrong info from the media! No more Obama spitting his ‘ISIS has nothing to do with islam’ bullshit! Fuck MSM. Only good islamorealistic websites like this (NOT islamophobic! Call it islamorealistic!)

      • There is a illusion among Muslims that mainstream media puts you in a bad light. Quite the opposite is true. Mainstream media covers up much of the crimes you commit. Because that very reason we have sites like this. Then you say not all Muslims are terrorist. Well that is a matter of opinion and how you define terrorism. First a large part of the Muslims support terrorism. It may not be a majority everywhere, but even if something like 20 or 30% thinks flying planes into buildings is okay, or killing apostates is okay, or if such a large minority even thinks selling children as sex slaves, like ISIS does is okay, it signals the intolerance of Muslims in general. Furthermore, you say we all will embrace Islam if we know the truth. Well, that is the whole problem. Even here you start proselyting. You do anything to spread your backwards religion, like a cancer cell spreads a tumour. The one Muslim will proselyte in places people do not want to hear them, the other silences criticism shouting Islamaphobia, the other uses violence. But the cause is the same, ‘ Islam must dominate the world’ and you will go to any means to get that done. One part is violence. Silently permitted by large groups of Muslims that ‘are not terrorist’. Yeah, right!

    • How about I neet you in dearborn michigan and fight you oen on one with no weapons. BTW ill have 15 of my closest friends standing by with rifles just to make sure you fight fair, because I know you are a coward. Name the time and date.

    • Hey raghead scumbag, what do you mean “you Americans” ? What about the rest of us who hate you as much and can’t wait the day we can openly and permanently deal with you ?!

      You worthless mound of inbred shit on legs, you’ll see who the cowards are and it sure ain’t us. You are the fucking cowards so that you have to be many vs one, but when one actually gives you the beating of your life, your worthless pieces of shit beg and beg and beg.

      Meanwhile, shut your trap and go one into your hellhole, for that it seems you are to be reminded that it is forbidden to you muzturds to live on OUR turfs, since you can only live in your hellholes.

      Therefore any of you useless trash being/remaining on turfs can only mean one thing : trying to fulfill your muzturd duty to force that death cult of your on to the civilized ones, which means it’s war you’re after. So war you will have and that’s one you can bet your filthy asses you will lose.

      As for hell, you motherfuckers are already there but don’t know it yet, and fuck your allah crap for that shit never existed.

    • Brother Allah will deal with these illiterate brainwashed pork munching, devil worshipping retards! Ameen
      To the low life who created this Illuminati page,Go educate yourself then talk, you racist, low minded, junkies.
      Allahs watching youve been warned

      • God is NOT “allah”: “allah” is SATAN!!!!

        You’re NOT wishing “god’s blessing” by worshipping SATAN (one of whose many names is “allah”!!) – you instead are trying to ruin everybody else, because we here KNOW TOO WELL who you are!!!!

        The REAL God is Yahweh (YHWH)!!!!

        Furthermore, you Moslems are infinitely DIRTIER in ALL REGARDS (physical, mental, spiritual) than ALL the animals upon this earth – let alone the apes, dogs and pigs you so hate MERELY BECAUSE your IDOL-Antichrist Mohammed TOLD you to do so!!!!

        Long live dogs (Mankind’s BEST friend), pigs (also a good friend of Man, and not merely because of his meat) and apes!!!!

        ALL Moslems OUT OF THE WEST!!!!!

      • Your prophet Mohammed, now that was an illiterate peasant. If there is one group on this planet brainwashed, it are the followers of his religion, which I would not call medieval since I would insult renaissance. We of course already knew that you see everyone that does not follow Islam as devil worshippers, the Yezidi in Syria made that clear to us. And Allah is just as much watching us, as Santa Claus is. Apart from that, where is your argument? It is not anywhere is it? Who is the illiterate?

      • God blessing states as a criticism of the contributors on this site that they are illiterate pork eaters etc .

        As usual the dumb ass Muslim is out of touch with the facts. BNI can speak Japanese, one of the most difficult languages, others on this site are VERY multilingual.

        Now lets compare this to the Muslim, the Muslim has one of the lowest IQs in the world, they are the least educated of the immigrants in Europe, their intellectual achievements and qualifications are pathetic . It is well known fact that Muslims dominate the lower classes at school for the learning disabled and the slow learner.

        Let’s face it they are losers on the intellectual field, beside many others.

        Just one more thing, if your false god allah existed, why is the Muslim world such a loser, poorest, least educated etc. It is a loser at war, little Israel kicks your ass ever time. It is a loser in fiance and economics, a loser in science and technology.

        Interesting is it not?

        Here is a golden rule, when the inbreed low IQ Muslim quotes something, the exact opposite is true.

    • Where is the klan… I thought they would be stringing up sand ****** by now!!! It’s not the blacks …. It never was…. It is the Nation of Islam and all those people!!!
      I love this country and believe you ,….. I’m pretty liberal but I have no tolerance for Islam…. Just like their own people say ” eye for an eye … Tooth for a tooth”! I still haven’t forgotten 911!!! Time to take our country back from these seeds of hate !!!

      • The result of the experiment with the Muslim tolerant form of multiculturalism are NOW in. Unlike other religions, Islam is incompatible with integration. This is so because Islam is fundamentally a fascist faith and more a cult than a religion. The facts of this are shown on this site and others and are there for everyone to see, if you willing to do a little research.

        If multiculturalism was successful in RESPECT to Islam then crime and welfare figures for this religious minority in Europe should be dropping. But the converse is true, welfare dependency in Britain for instance has increased with each generation of Muslim.

        Radicalization has ALSO increased with each generation, 40% of young British Muslims believe Sharia law should be imposed on EVERYONE, this is an increase over older figures. This is so because as numbers grow the Muslim integrates less and become more confident and bellicose. It is a hard fact which anyone can see when one objectively examines Muslim immigration and settlement history.

        Muslims are overrepresented in the crime statistics by 500%, based on their population percentage, in nearly every European country. Instead of integrating into European communities they segregate and demand Europeans to change. There are now NO GO areas of Sweden, France and Holland and they are growing fast. These are areas Muslims claim as their own, the average Muslim do not see themselves as French or Dutch but Muslim.

        And they bring their disgusting practices with them, forced marriages, anti-Semitism and ethic tensions, Shiite versus Sunnis etc….

        The average welfare cost of an individual is 13,000 to 20,000 USD a year. Now Muslim welfare dependency is unsustainable,THAT IS A FACT when you combine their population increase every year. THEY will bankrupt the welfare system of European countries, THIS A CERTAINTY.

        So Europeans will cut welfare, hurting the REAL tax paying Europeans and this will also have a dramatic effect on the Muslim.

        The Muslim will increasingly revert to crime to compensate, now here is the maths. The average cost to keep a prisoner in prison each year is 30,000 to 40,000 USD. This exceeds welfare costs, additionally more police will need to be hired adding additional cost. Plus the racial Muslim will increase in numbers, increasing SECURITY costs. Then there is the immeasurable cost to the community in terms of fear etc…

        The Muslim will feel increasingly disenfranchised and alienated, and this will lead to greater aggression and riots.And as a result the rise of far right in Europe, tensions and violence will grow and grow.

        You can see that the future of Europe and is far from rosy. And you can blame the so-called PC intelligentsia for that.

        Thanks for ruining Europe you wankers!

        I urge the people who have the financial resources and WILL, the real PATRIOTS, to undertake a letterbox leaflet campaign informing the general public of Islam. Use real statistics, not hyperbole, REAL FACTS ARE FAR MORE EFFECTIVE.

        Since the PC media are stupid traitors to their respective countries. We need to inform the general public before it is too late.

    • Why does the promise of 72 virgins have such an effect on a young Muslim man you might ask? Well it may have to do with a culture where many are sexually repressed where even masturbation is a sin and women must hide every inch of their body from the public eye. Women are even mutilated in part to prevent them from enjoying sex.

      (The UN says militant Islamist group Isis has ordered all women and girls in Mosul, northern Iraq, to undergo female genital mutilation (FGM) UN official Jacqueline Badcock said the fatwa, or religious edict, applied to females between the ages of 11 and 46.)

      Can you imagine the frustration a young man or a women must suffer in such a society?

      In such a society a steady income is a prerequisite to getting a wife and pre-marital sex can result in social ostracizing, jail, and whipping.

      Additionally many men cannot gain employment because Islamic states are economic failures.

      See how the problems re-enforces each other in Islam, Islam restricts economic progress and it also restrict ones sexuality for BOTH sexes. This recipe leads to personal frustration on many levels.

      (RNS) Did alleged Fort Hood shooter Maj. Nidal Hasan lose control, at least in part, because he was sexually frustrated?

      That’s one of the questions being asked in the investigation into the Nov. 5 rampage that left 13 people dead and dozens more injured.

      According to reports, Hasan visited a nearby strip club in the weeks before the massacre and was frustrated by his inability to find a pious Muslim wife.

      That’s sparked a recurring, but still unresolved, debate on whether strict Islamic sexual mores in Muslim communities are contributing to a sense of hopelessness many say drives many young men into religious fanaticism and violence.

      “All these men are so sexually deprived so much so that the sperm has gone to their brain, and they implode,” wrote Ani Zonneveld, a female Muslim activist, on a Muslim online discussion forum which had taken up the issue.

      For many, however, the most perplexing question is why men who see themselves as devout Muslims engage in such un-Islamic behavior. Hasan, 39, is reported have visited the Starz strip club at least three times in weeks leading up to the shooting, spending up to six or seven hours at a time.

      “He said he was a medic and that he was being deployed soon, but mostly he wanted to ask us questions,” Jennifer Jenner, a stripper who Hasan paid $50 for a lap dance in the private room, told

      “He was respectful.”

      Mohamed Atta and several other 9/11 hijackers had also visited strip clubs not long before the 2001 terrorist attacks. In his will, however, Atta demanded that women not come to his funeral and not visit his grave, and that whoever washed his body should wear gloves when washing his genitals.

      In his novel “Murder In Amsterdam,” based on the murder of Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh, British journalist Ian Buruma suggests that sexual frustration played a part in driving Mohammed Bouyeri, the Dutch-born son of Moroccan immigrants, to murder Van Gogh in broad daylight in 2004.

      As a teenager, Bouyeri smoked dope and chased Dutch women, but in his 20s, he faced bleak economic prospects, girl troubles, and his sister got a boyfriend. Bouyeri “felt dishonored, useless, and excluded,” Buruma writes, but says Bouyeri found his source of power in radical Islam.

      And one of the leading philosophical fathers of radical Islam, Egyptian Sayyid Qutb, was critical of the U.S. as an exchange student between 1948-50, especially of what he called the “animal-like mixing” of the sexes, even at church dances.

      Many suicide bombers from Palestine and Iraq are said to be motivated by Islamic interpretations — that 72 virgins await Muslim martyrs when they arrive in paradise.

    • It’s one of those sites ( that unless some friend knows about it ) it’s bloody hard to just suddenly stumble over it :) !
      Thou, the more the merrier, and the better & quicker many others start to find/hear and finally know the truth, eh ?

      ” But, I do admit thy word is getting out & about now ! Of what is the best thing going on.. “

      • I found it on goggle… with ease, just type in: “I hate muslims” and you will find the site in two minutes.

    • There is no place in the Quran where Muhammad commands Muslims to love people of other religions. By contrast there are at least three dozen verses that tell Muslims to fight against non-Muslims and about 500 that speak of their place in Hell. They are from each period in Muhammad’s life, scattered across 87 of the Quran’s 114 chapters.

      To put this in perspective, nearly one out of twelve verses in the Quran says that Allah hates non-Muslims to the extent that he will torment them for eternity in horrible ways. The Suras that make reference to this comprise about 95% of the Quran’s total volume. If Allah creates infidels merely to fuel the fires of Hell, then there is little reason for Muslims to believe that such lives are of any worth in this world either.

      For more info:

    • • Muslim Inbreeding: Impacts on intelligence, sanity, health and society

      EuropeNews 9 August 2010
      By Nicolai Sennels

      Massive inbreeding within the Muslim culture during the last 1.400 years may have done catastrophic damage to their gene pool. The consequences of intermarriage between first cousins often have serious impact on the offspring’s intelligence, sanity, health and on their surroundings

      For more info:

      • For those who could not be bothered to go to the link.

        The cognitive consequences of Muslim inbreeding might explain why non-Western immigrants are more than 300 percent more likely to fail the Danish army’s intelligence test than native Danes: “19.3% of non-Western immigrants are not able to pass the Danish army’s intelligence test. In comparison, only 4.7% of applicants with Danish background do not pass.” (TV 2 Nyhederne, 13/6 2007 Immigrants flunk army test.

        It probably also explains – at least partly – why two thirds of all immigrant school children with Arabic backgrounds are illiterate after 10 years in the Danish school system: “Those who speak Arabic with their parents have an extreme tendency to lack reading abilities – 64 percent are illiterate. … No matter if it concerns reading abilities, mathematics or science, the pattern is the same: The bilingual (largely Muslim) immigrants’ skills are exceedingly poor compared to their Danish classmates.” (Rockwool Foundation Research Unit, May 2007: Ethnic students does not make Danish children worse.

        The high expenses on special education for slow learners consumes one third of the budget for the Danish schools. “Immigrant children are clearly overrepresented on Copenhagen’s schools for retarded children and children with physical handicaps. … 51 percent of the children on the three schools in Copenhagen for children with physical and mental handicaps har immigrant back ground and on one of the schools the amount is 70 percent. … These amounts are significantly higher than the share of immigrant children in the municipality, which is 33 percent. The many handicapped children are a clear evidence that there are many intermarried parents in the immigrant families.” (Jydske Vestkysten, 4/4 2009 Tosprogede i overtal på handicapskoler).

        Another terrible feature of Islamic culture.

    • When Rev. Franklin Graham stood outside the White House this year, he said that President Obama was fundamentally mistaken about radical Islam. Obama had recently declared at the UN that Islam teaches peace.

      Rev. Graham explained that peace for Muslims is only when people submit to Islam. Those who don’t submit face violent death. He cited examples of thousands around the world who have been slaughtered under the name of Allah. In a recent article, Rev. Graham questioned how a “religion of peace” practices female circumcision, hijacking, kidnapping of children, honor-killings, subjugation of women, and decapitation of prisoners.


  7. Islam is not a religion… but Vile, Evil cult that preaches, no… Demands the death and destruction of anyone, anything NOT Muslim.

    This so called “Religion” does not even allow you to question it or it’s teachings, you are supposed to just agree and abide by what ever it say’s.

    Take note Islam… there was another cult tried to rule the world some +70 years ago. That was Hitler & the Nazi’s and they are gone, destroyed, wiped off the face of this Earth… This IS your future.

  8. @BCF

    Your nationalistic chauvenist crap doesn’t add up. Stop confusing Arabs and islam. 1.5 million Arabs live in Israel, Hundreds of thousands of them vote for right-wing Zionist parties in elections. They serve in IDF. There’re exclusively Arab units in IDF. If anything, i can show you Jewish muslims. Mosba Hassan Yousef, one of top agents of Mossad, would kick your pathetic racist ass, no doubts. Thanks to ignorant douches like you, in minds of the Arab people nationality is equal to a religion (i.e. Arab = muslim), and thus they never leave islam.

    • I put my hand up and apologise for using the term Arab as loosely as I did.. Thanks for the spay and the correction. I’ll stick to raghead from here on in, so I won’t be misunderstood again.

      • You know that Raghead is a term used for SIKHS. Sikhs and Muslims are completely different things. Fucking retarded Americans…

      • Sikhs are the stupid ones for wearing that crap on their heads when they know full well that people can’t tell if the headrag is muslim or Sikh so they wind up getting attacked by people who think they’re muslims.

        You are now banned.

    • I would like to ask the very smart people here, the ones who truly understand Islam, the following question: what would the world be like if Islam prevails?

      Oh by the way they hate dogs, considering them unclean animals. Well let me tell you this I consider my dog cleaner and better than a thousand Muslims!!!!

      And a far, far more decent and REFINED creature!

      • Dog lover:- ” I’m truly right with you here ! Your bang on the money, maybe they are simply ‘JEALOUS ‘ with so much green ‘ENVY’ of them all ? Cause they can still lick their own balls etc ! Being ever more clean than those filthy retards :)

    • Russian Bear… Three points..

      1) I apologise for tarnishing all Arabs with the same brush. My mistake. I apologise for using the term so loosely. In future I will only use the term Raghead so I will not be misunderstood by you or anyone..

      2) Do not tell me anyone is going to kick my ass for any reason. I’m not on a mission to hack anyone’s head off or try and dominate any religious faith, I do or do not belong to. That’s absolute rubbish about any religous domination telling me how I should live. I will not be ass kicked by anyone’s God let me give you the tip. I love life, and I’m not threatening anyone, killing anyone or recruiting anyone to be evil.

      3) Final point.. You are challenging me on this forum where these pedophile brainwashed twits ( that I respond to their crap) believe they are justified in everything they stand for. You are becoming what they want – us to fight against us. I’m not entertaining it. We need to stand united. It’s us against them. I’ve apologised for offending you, now move on.


      • BCF, sorry about harsh words, too. Not me, i’m an ethnical Russian with a bit blood of minor local ethnicities (Tatar, Kalmyk, Buryat). However, i’ve a veeeery good friend, who is half-Russian, half-Tunisian Arab and whom i know since school years. He’s not a fucking muslim and he’s apolitical as fuck (except being a big hater of Putin, but still hates islamic ragheads while loving the Western world). We got used to booze together.

        I’m not challengin’ you. Just avoid racial/national slurs. If you go with crap like ‘filthy Pakies’ (as an example), you’ll only solidify their faith in islam since islam is antinationalist (except hatred for Jews, but Jewish muslim converts are OK in islam) and force them to get stuck into filthy islam instead of going back to the roots (reversion to faith of the ancestors – Hinduism or Buddhism). There was an atheist Paki refugee guy who dared to make a lawsuit demanding a Spanish court to ban quran!!!!! Smth which no mainstream Spanish politician dared to do. This is why they were going to deport him, ‘filling up religious hatred’ (dunno how this story ended and if he was deported or not). Actually, i’m not dividing anyone, but nationalist/racist crap divides us from Arab/Paki/Somalian/Turkish/Persian infidels which is crap. We need allies inside the predominantly islamic world. Our infidel fifth column.

        Remember: there’s no Arab/Paki/Turkish/Persian/Somalian/Nigerian/Malaysian/Indonesian/Bengali/whatever. There’re kuffar of all nations (except multicultural islamophiles) vs muslims of all nations (be them Arab, Anglo-Saxon, Russian, Japanese, Jewish or else).

      • I agree whole-heartedly with RB1987. I am Persian by birth, love my country to death and hate Islam with a passion. This Islamic government in Iran, the Persian ISIS, does not, by any means, represent the people of Iran. So many of them have risked their lives and have converted to Christianity, Zoroastrianism and even Judaism; many have lost their lives because of it. I am proud to be an infidel; can’t wait to see this filth, once and for all, is wiped out of my country. I also have a long time friend from Iraq, never lost our friendship even in 8 years of Iran-Iraq war. There are a lot of us from middle east who hate Islam and all it stands for: injustice, cruelty, anti-women, brutality and non-peacefuk words of their idol God, Allah. We must unite against this disease, that’s the only way we can eradicate it. Of course, another way is just like you treat cancer (which Islam is), by “radiation”.

    • Who cares !!! M. Atta was a Arab!!!! 911 high jacker / the Saudi are at the heart of this. Bin laden was a Arab!! I wouldn’t invade Iraq or whatever !!! The US needs to invade Saudi and kill and take over those mofos ,….. Those Saudi kings and princess’s are pulling the strings of world politics because of th oil money!! Once the U.S. Realizes this / we can get back to normal life !!! Those bastards have been sticking the knife in our back your years

      • You are fool. They were MUSLIMS. Have you seen an Arab atheist hijacking a plane and crushing it into the building? Or an Arab Christian? DO YOU FUCKING REALIZE THAT MANY NON-MUSLIM ARABS SERVE IN IDF OR US ARMY AND PROTECT THESE COUNTRIES FROM MUSLIM FILTH?

        Who the fuck defends Saudis? No one! Saudis = al-Qaeda lite edition, legal version of AQ. And that’s it.

        You are full of almost racist shit. You ignorance is astonishing. You know what? Let me tell you a story: there was a school in Russian town of Beslan. On 1st September of 2004, muslims seized it and took hostages, demanding Russian troops’ withdrawal from Chechnya. A couple of days later they started a massacre when they reqs. were not met. They killed 300+ children. You know who was their head? It was ethnical Russian islamic convert.

        You are a bad person full of hate. If you hate guys because of their background (being from a muslim-majority environment) despite their disgust about islam, then i feel pity for you. You’re a bigot, buddy :(

  9. After the past few days of Muslim scum killing soldiers in Canada, it has finally hit home and it is time sheeple wake up and realize this religion is satanic to its core. All Muslims will lie and espouse bullshit, its part of their doctrine. The time is now to defend and rid our countries of these fucktards. Send them back, keep their assest, let them kill each other in their native homes. Fuck coming to “my” country and scream for the right to have Sharia Law, have us not express Merry Christmas because you find it offensive and against your religion.

    Never do you once hear Muslims stand up and protest against such terrorist attacks, yet they get all excited over a cartoon mocking Allah, or the Santanic Verses, or anything else they feel is offense, they are the only ones who count, truly ridiculous……I am so enraged right now, maybe its time to start fighting fire with fire, throw the Geneva Convention out, start to get down and dirty……only way to rid the world of this filth. I thought I was tolerant and tried my best to see the good in all, but after today, I can safely say all Muslim’s are pieces of shit.

      • I just wasted three seconds of my life reading your crap. Allah doesn’t exist, he is a made up figure of your imagination. If he did exist we would crucify the pedophile and feed him to the pigs (may peace be upon pigs). Do not comment on here raghead – you filthy Arab scumbag!

      • You love islam with help of Allah? Is your religion so shitty that you can’t love it yourself, but need Allah to make your heart softer and nicer towards the deen of islam? Stupidity of muslims never ceases to surprise. You all talk crap like ‘love islam with the help of Allah’ without even thinking for a second what the fuck did you just say exactly, word-by-word. Islam hurts one’s brains. You’ve proven that just now

      • We will destroy all Muslims no matter how long it takes. The pillars of Islam will be completely removed. If Muslims are against the views of a democratic nation then leave and return to the filth you came from.

    • I don’t like any religion I think they are mainly due to inbred genetic spiritual paedophile’s like most of you, trying to pretend because you’re retarded violent sluts that others have to take you seriously and feminism, masculinity, sexualities and patriotic, gangster, royalist, and and and and abos doggers veterans this that fat cats I like this type of musick shitface I don’t understand unless I have it all my way moronic bully poodicks ;)

    • How to have an online chat with the feds 1
      You’re a bunch of poo dicks with the same sort of morals as females who want equal rights to mean femininity is the right to be a slut that pushes herself on people like big nosed black white uptight homosexual Asians that rape and say don’t hate because its too late because I can rhyme you’re out of time a mean ugly gay that takes but refuses to pay and fights when it plays bombing the media with repeats how can I ever face defeat when the clown wears a crown and girls on a down fuck around fuck OFF with your faces like masks your ego a pain so plain dipshit fukwit
      isn’t cute you beaut just a cop on the hop robot still ugly to me wannabe on the take fake birthday cake with candles up your arse giraffe dedhed meds

      • I tried Google translate to translate your bullshits but all Google servers crashed and refused to reboot! It is really amazing how fucked up you all are. If you truly believe in God at least believe “she” gave you enough brain cells to think for yourself and question everything you read, like that Holy Shit, I mean Holy Book, of yours.

  10. This site is a joke. I love that it’s run by a Jew, HA! If you were an atheist I would understand, but as a Jew you have no room to talk. Look at your own religion, and maybe you all need to actually read the Bible and Torah/Talmud before taking stabs at Islam, as Islam will still come out on top. But it’s cool, keep on hating and proving what low lives you are. Just look at the way you all speak…cussing and swearing and being hateful. Every point you raised and all your comments prove how painfully ignorant you are about Islam. You’re scarier and more menaces to society than the Muslims you offend. If the world is better off without Muslims, then it most definitely is better off without the likes of you. Bunch of hypocrites…enjoy your fleeting lives on this earth, and lets see who gets the last laugh:)

    • Criffa, Sifta Pissaa (whatever you mus-slum name it) you’re not allowed to post here. This isn’t a forum for you ragheads. Oh Night in Ragged armour, you are a brain washed twit. Go bang your head a few hundred more times, then one day you might make sense. (Highly impossible given your genes).

    • Tifa…

      Take the time to explain and defend every word you wrote in your post.
      We’ll wait.

      Do it succinctly and with facts.

      DO NOT just say “we’re all hypocrites” and “we have no room to talk”…lay off that infantile ad hominem shit, and tell us the error of our ways, can you?

      If you can’t seriously respond to my request, then you are an amazingly stupid fool.

      Here is your opportunity to “really show us your stuff”.

      We’re all waiting to be enlightened…so let us have it!

      • Bonni…

        I guess my intent didn’t come across the way I meant it.

        [Oh the joys of typewritten messages! LOL]

        I was trying to sarcastically make fun of the turd.

        The thing is, they never can defend their ridiculous opinions, and their lack of response says it all….unless of course their response is blocked by you, which is fair enough.

        You obviously don’t need more useless, annoying posts to edit as I’m certain you are busier than the proverbial “one armed paper hanger”.

        I will refrain henceforth! :-)

    • “If you were an atheist I would understand, …”

      I’m an atheist. What do you understand? I must say that’s a first. Your fellow bronze-age supremacists say I have no “right” or “authority” comment on or hate islam because I have no religion. Unless, of course, if I repeat the big, whopping, colossal lie of all that islam is a “religion of peace.”

      ” Look at your own religion, and maybe you all need to actually read the Bible and Torah/Talmud before taking stabs at Islam, as Islam will still come out on top.”

      I have no religion, but I have tackled the Bible as well as mein kuranmpf. Before going any further I must point out you are attempting a logical fallacy. It matters not one whit what is in the Bible, the Talmud, the Bhagavad Gita or any other religion’s texts. The topic is islam and mein kuranmpf. The topic is not the Bible or any other religious text. Stay away from the logical fallacies; your use of them is evidence that what people accuse islam and mohammadans of is based on reality.

      Now if by “come out on top” you mean on top of a pile of self-serving, supremacist, bronze age insanity, then yes, islam does indeed come out on top.

      “Just look at the way you all speak…cussing and swearing and being hateful.”

      Oh yes! I know, it’s horrible all the hate and angry words aimed at rape, beheading, supremacist thuggery, butchery and egregious savagery is just awful! The potty-mouthed hate is a human rights violation!

      *That’s* sarcasm. Sarcasm for yet another mohammadan supremacist completely ignoring, using childish logical fallacies to deflect away from the horrors perpetuated by its fellow supremacists and claiming offense and the moral high ground at the *righteous* hate leveled at them, their co-supremacists and nightmares all across the globe they are responsible for.

      “…all your comments prove how painfully ignorant you are about Islam. ”

      Such as? The lack of specifics “proves” how “painfully ignorant” you are about logic, truth and honest debate.

      Don’t feel bad. You’re certainly not the first mohammadam supremacist, nor will you be the last to make the bold yet utterly pointless and unsupported statement.

      “You’re scarier and more menaces to society than the Muslims you offend. If the world is better off without Muslims, then it most definitely is better off without the likes of you. Bunch of hypocrites…enjoy your fleeting lives on this earth, and lets see who gets the last laugh:)”

      No one here is as scary as raping, beheading supremacists and their liars (like you). All religions are supremacist in nature simply by putting people into the “us” and “them” categories. However, as one who does not believe in man made constructs, you mo-bots are by far the most profoundly racist, the most physically and vocally aggressive, the most arrogantly supremacist and the ones most likely to harm me for rejecting your bullshit. So, no, the world would not be better off without the Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Rastafarians, Pastafarians and all manner of -ists, -ians, or -ims. They will civilly, truthfully and *logically* debate any grievances I may have with their beliefs. Not so much you bronze age supremacists.

      As for them being hypocrites…well, that just shows you have failed basic word definition understanding. Now, if you can demonstrate with verifiable and provable facts an equal number of terror attacks (20000) carried out by members of the same set of beliefs (and citing as their motivation the texts and teachings of those beliefs) as those you accuse of being hypocrites then you will have taken a *small* step in proving hypocrisy. Moreover, to prove hypocrisy you will also have to provide verifiable and provable evidence of an equal number of those you accuse of hypocrisy of using lawfare to circumvent and alter the laws of other countries to bully and subjugate the majority populations while simultaneously citing their religious dogma and “cultures” as the impetus for the lawfare.

      Of course, you cannot do either one, thus making the case that world, at least the Western world, is indeed much better off without mohammadan supremacists. Buddhists and Hindus don’t come to the West and demand the change of Western laws to force the native populations to submit to their superstitious nonsense. Likewise, Christians and Jews are not going to the East and demanding the changing of their laws to force their native populations to submit to their superstitious nonsense.

      I do not respect you or your chosen superstitious and supremacist bullshit. Yet you supremacists insist I MUST. Many of you will even kill me if I don’t. I’ve had several of you threaten to.

      I do respect all the other and their superstitious nonsense. Yet none of them insist that I do. I strongly believe not one of them will kill me if I don’t. I’ve never had even one of them threaten to.

      So, what was this happy horseshit you were squealing about the world being better off without them?

      You see what I did there?

      I’ll be the one having the last laugh at the fruitless lies you annoying, hateful, hubristic and absolutely easy and logical to hate mohammadan supremacists spew nonstop.

      • BRAVISSISSIMA, “Istanbul_Chick”:

        You truly laid it out for that “tifa” flyleaf paperweight: i.e., she has no reason to be respected given the drivel she sprayed us with!!! You proved your points entirely logically – something I most strongly fear/expect she won’t be able to counter as a typical Moslemah…

        All the more proof why Moslems simply have ZERO PLACE outside of their dar al-Islam (the Middle East). Truly, it will be wonderful when they’re totally evicted from ALL of Europe (including Russia), ALL of the Americas, Australia, New Zealand and Oceania for starters!!!

        [Then we can evict them from the Philippines, Thailand, Burma, Nepal, Bhutan and India – and find ways of killing their numbers until one fine day there will be ZERO ISLAM WORLDWIDE!!!!]

      • Well, you know, ADHD, immoral outrage boggles my mind and ultimately pisses me off. How dare people compare “potty mouths” and verbally expressed anger with beheadings, rape, and institutionalized supremacy. The same folks who compare the logical anger of counter-jihadists with the atrocities commited by the jihadists say nary a peep over the burning of neighborhoods ala Fergusun. They really have their priorities and morality twisted in crazy knots. Of course, the mohammadans take their cues from their liberal dhimmi whores. I certainly will never keep my mouth shut at that immoral nonsense.

        I am also sick to death of the tu quo que logical fallacy. You too! You too! So what? The subject at hand is YOU and the fact that I may or may not have done it too does not absolve you of your crime. Period. Logic 101. However, you are right. The Middle East never had an Aristotle, Pythagora, Plato, Confucius, Panini or Ockham. All they had, which is all they have ever had in other subjects of substance, were “hijackers,” plagiarizers, parasites who replicated and bastardized already existing Greek theories of logic. Logic, just like respect, reciprocity and intellectual honesty, is an unknown concept, kryptonite even, to what passes for a mohammadan mind.

        I agree, islam and mohammadans should be belittled, mocked and ostracized just as their theoretical counterparts the KKK and nazis have been. Quarantining those who refuse to abandon their bronze age nonsense is ideal. Leaving them alone to their own devices without any outside help I have no doubt they will consume each other within three generations. No need to dirty our hands and waste our time and resources to eliminate them. They have proven themselves, with 1400 years of evidence to show for it, quite capable of destroying themselves.

      • Awesome response Istanbul_Chick. You put that idiot in his place and I don’t think he will be posting here anymore since he will have to respond intelligently which is beyond him. So nice to read well laid out, logically sound arguments.
        Any Muslims want to take her on and respond?

    • Tifa, you are a (pro)muslim swine. So was the so-called prophet. You know any Jewish prophet who fucked a 9-year old girl? Ignorant about islam? EXACTLY how the fuck are we ignorant? What mistakes we make while describing islam an ideology rather than a religion? You all like to whine how we are ignorant about islam, but can’t fucking tell how exactly. Are not we right when we say Mo fucked 9-year old girl, had more than 4 wives (thus, violating his own sharia), had sex slaves, made raids on caravans, genocided the entire Jewish tribe of Banu Quraiza? Clueless idiot, if you need a proof, i can provide with references to Quran, Sunna and Sirat Rasulallah.

      ‘you all need to actually read the Bible’ – after this phrase, you have NO right accusing us of ignorance. You know why? 2 things: 1) because muslims recognize the Bible and Torah (no Talmud)! No shit! They recognize these books in theory, but consider them altered by people, distorted, twisted in practice. Ppl perverted true monotheism, etc, this is why God sent Mo in first place. Muslim doctrine 2) Compare NT to OT. OT was only meant for Jews of the certain period of time. Then Jesus Christ was sent to all people on Earth. Unfortunately, Jews didn’t accept him for which God will punish them in hereafter. However, Christian doctrine doesn’t teach to hate/kill Jews unlike islam to the people. It’s God’s business to decide. Then compare Meccan and Medinan verses. Medinan are considered superior because of their revelation being sent to Mo later.

      For fuck’s sake, i TOTALLY love how stupid morons like you call us ignorant while don’t knowing a SHIT about islam! Gives me an adrenaline boost while i’m reading that bullcrap like yours.

      • what religion, ideology, faith condemns a man to death for picking his own faith, ideology, religion, or none at all, using free will that “God” bestowed upon him? Only one: Islam. Don’t you just love this religion of peace (of shit)?
        It is more like MS13 gang than religion to me; you can get in but can’t get out.

    • Oh the usual hatefest from a muslim. Islam equals = hate hate hate. Especially of Jews. Which is a totally IRRATIONAL FEAR so ALL ISLAM HAS MASSIVE JUDAOPHOBIA doesn’t it lovey?????? Hmm when did a Jew last threaten to behead you or yours, or rape you or your little children? (Iran just passed law allowing a man to marry his stepdaughter from age 7, check it out) Or force you to convert on pain of shocking torture and death?????

      In the 7th century filthy murdering Saracens arab assassins charged out of Arabia and killed horrifically everything in their path and islam is still exactly the same, it is still on the exact same mission since the 7th century. There are several eyewitness accounts in Greek of what these shocking filthy arabs did when they arrived in lands WHICH ARE NOT THEIRS, murdered almost everyone, destroyed ALL their religious centres, stole ALL THEIR PROPERTY and enslaved anyone still alive as both sex slaves and domestic slaves. ISLAM LOVES THEIR SEX SLAVES, ITS OBSESSED WITH SEX. Its heartbreaking and astounding reading to read these parchments. I’ve read them lovey.

      Also islam tries a propaganda fest of outright lies about the Crusades for example. Crusades were a response to invasion, just as the filthy arbas had done a few 100 years earlier in the middle east. Islam is obsessed with taking Eeurope. Give you 1 example of Islamic bloodlust in conquering. A town called Otranto in Italy (remember that its Italy, right? A European country isn’t it lovey?????) was invaded by the most vicious brutal muslims. The usual modis operandi occurred of course, ‘CONVERT OR DIE!’ Horrifically. Well the muslims stole all the women and babies for sex slaves (as they do in a normal days work) but the men REFUSED to convert.

      What happened to them. Everyone gladly gave their heads, 800 of them. Then the Crusaders arrived to rescue whoever was left and chase the brutal murderers back to the middle east, preferably Arabia if possible, their land of origin, the land of ‘devils’ I believe its called. But the heads of those men were dug up and one whole wall in the new church is made out of them. A wall of skulls, murdered by muslims. Now Pope Francis is going to make saints out of everyone, which has never been done before, so many at same time. HE IS MAKING A STATEMENT. BE WARNED MOVE ON ROME AND ALL HELL WILL BREAK LOOSE EVERYWHERE. Not one muslim will be safe anywhere in the world, even in China, Rome is so sacred, and not just to Christians.

      You can read the TRUE history of Islam’s shocking brutality in the middle east and in its attempts to get into Europe in ‘Mohammed and Charlemagne’ by Henri Pirene. published 1938, long before people were seriously alarmed by the evil of islam.
      Its a work of utter fact with every fact referenced. He was a very particular historian. Islam caused the dark AGES by preventing trade and discourse just for starters.

      Everywhere islam is there is DARKNESS.There is DECEIT. There is PERVERSION. There is SUBJUGATION. There is VIOLENCE. There is horrific PUNISHMENTS and TORTURE. There is an end to DISCOVERY. There is an end to WONDER. There is an end to PEACE. (islam glorifies war as jihad, to be a martyr is a big aim of many). There is an end to HAPPINESS.

      But above all wherever filthy islam is THERE IS HATE, and then MORE HATE. It HATES with gleeful passion, more chance for jihad and martyrdom. To islam HATE IS GLORIOUS..

  11. YES, Mohammad’s first wife was older (she was his rich sponsor). But his second was Aisha, who was 6 when he married her. And any “Muslim” who does NOT know that, is not a true Muslim. Aisha is revered among Muslims.
    P. S.I wish that we could have an EDIT option on our posts, even a time limited one. Something written in passion, can have typos, or need check-fact, or more details for understanding.

    • No, no, come on now, be fair! He married her when she was 6 but didn’t have sex with her till she was 9. I cannot imagine the terror she must have felt when that hairy beast fell on her. May he rest in pieces, shit be upon him.

  12. Saleem Smith
    October 13, 2014 at 9:13 pm

    “Mass Apostatisation” is the only feasible solution short of total war.

    Islam cannot and will never be successfully reformed.

    Because the supposedly “perfect” Qur’an says that Islam is the “perfect religion” (Q 005:003) “This day I have perfected for you your religion and completed My favor upon you and have approved for you Islam as religion.”

    And evil Muhammad the Islamic prophet is the model man for human behavior (Q 033:021) “There has certainly been for you in the Messenger of Allah an excellent pattern for anyone whose hope is in Allah and the Last Day and [who] remembers Allah often.”

    We ex-Muslims know that Islam is a lie.

    Here is a recent statement from a group of Bangladeshi apostates living in the UK explaining the reasons why they have abandoned Islam:

    “One who claims to be a messenger of God is expected to live a saintly life. He must not be given to lust, he must not be a sexual pervert, and he must not be a rapist, a highway robber, a war criminal, a mass murderer or an assassin. One who claims to be a messenger of God must have a superior character. He must stand above the vices of the people of his time. Yet Muhammad’s life is that of a gangster godfather. He raided merchant caravans, looted innocent people, massacred entire male populations and enslaved the women and children. He raped the women captured in war after killing their husbands and told his followers that it is okay to have sex with their captives (Qur’an 33:50). He assassinated those who criticized him and executed them when he came to power and became de facto despot of Arabia. Muhammad was bereft of human compassion. He was an obsessed man with his dreams of grandiosity and could not forgive those who stood in his way…

    The statement continues,

    Muhammad was a narcissist, like Hitler, Saddam or Stalin. He was astute and knew how to manipulate people, but his emotional intelligence was less evolved than that of a 6-year-old child. He simply could not feel the pain of others. He brutally massacred thousands of innocent people and pillaged their wealth. His ambitions were big and as a narcissist he honestly believed he is entitled to do as he pleased and commit all sorts of crimes and his evil deeds are justified.”

    • He was just a SICKO & a Evil mutant turd of inter- breeding of their own kind ! That is where thy problem lays with them all, of his demented & deceit end ways. Thou, there are many stupid people joining the islam faith, in wanting to be some 2minute dipshitter, of of this cult….

      So many sic puppies is what we need to exterminate ! To ensure the world is a better place

  13. To BNI : How many visitors does this blog has annually?
    Where are you from and what is your religion?

    I recently thought to donate but failed to crack my father’s account. I am 17, I donot earn and belong to a middle class Indian family.

    You are doing a great job. May God grant you paradise

    • I have had over 60 million visitors since I started BNI 6 years ago. I am in New York City and I am Jewish.

      Thanks for the kind words. Glad to know young people are learning the truth about Islam.

      • “dbshero”, your Da’wa is simply at best a nuisance, at worst downright SATANIC – and especially HERE!!!!

        Thank God (NOT “allah”!!!) it at least here is ineffectual with the rest of us who know the REAL TRUTH about Islam – which is just what Ms. BNI has been proving to us for over 5 whole years now!!! All your proselytism has only reinforced her points multiplying them by thousands of percentage points…

    • BNI would be locked up in that PC fascist state of Britain:

      Well the stupid British, French and Swedes have something in common, they will all die a slow death of FORCED Multiculturalism. And they deserve whats coming for them.

      Such a web sites as this would be banned in Europe!

      Praise America,…. the great land of freedom of speech.

      Where every there is freedom of speech, there is hope.

      • I’m England Boris, don’t think we are all stupid in the UK, I believe our government is slowly running us down the drain as a nation. Unfortunately I think it has a lot to do with the EU and there human rights, and the British government being to soft, on remembrance day we had Islamic extremists burning “the red poppy” claim British soilders as terrorists and murderers, I say let them have there Islamic state, send every Islamic extremist to this state “isil” and NUKE the fucking lot of them. “Thank you” ill claim my Nobel peace prize next week……. Fuck islam I hate it!!!!!!

      • That’s crap. We can let muslims kill each other until the end of time. That won’t stop them from trying to kill us, too. You know what they say, first the Saturday people, then the Sunday people, while they are doing a good job on the Friday people.

        I don’t want our troops involved in another war for muslims. I want our military to destroy them with the biggest bombs available.

  14. Wow this is the most pathetic excuse for a anti muslim website ive seen, like ever. Most of the people on this site don’t even know what they’re talking about. Fiirst of the Quaran was written ONCE. ONLY ONCE. It has not been altered in any way shape or form. The bible has like what two sides, the new and the old. The reason there’s so much about killing in the Quaran (which i’m not denying) is becasue it was written in like the 3rd centuary, when Muslims WERE being prosecuted. Also a little misconception. The prophets wife was OLDER than him. Yea, i dont know what kind of books you people are “reading”. Another thing, the muslim terrist groups like ISIS and stuff have been disowned by many islamic countries the. They aren’t even muslim. They’re some weird hybrid extremeist group. As for calling us terrist, lets not forgot about the dude that shot up the school, and all the pediophiles, rapists, drug dealers, in america

    • Tell me BNI why do you allow such garbage posts to stand. This fool is a typical Islamic liar and deceiver. No religion lies like ISLAM.


      The real nature of Islam is shown by the statistics and their countries. From respectable sources like pew polls.

      Pathetic is an apt description of the Muslim state, that why they all flood to the West.

      The idiots cannot even lie well.

      Ban all Muslim idiots BNI, they have enough outlets in the general media, this site is for SMART people who really understand the nature of ISLAM.

      • The more these idiots open their mouths and spew filth, the more the reaffirm what a brainwashed zombies they are. Let them post I say.

        This idiot does not mention that his beloved Quran was gathered by Omar, the second caliph after Mohammad. He picked and chose what goes in what doesn’t. He did not include anything that might interfere with their war mongering plans. He even mixed the Meccan and Medina verses, the former had more tolerant tone when Mohammad was a baby prophet and the latter became belligerent and hateful when he managed to gather enough thugs around him to bully others. This idiot thinks the nonsense that an stupid illiterate said 1400 years ago is valid today.
        Just let them post and provide proof to the world what a bunch of ignorant idiots they are.

    • ‘Wow this is the most pathetic excuse for a anti muslim website ive seen’ – wow, this is the most stupid pro-muslim apologetics for a dhimmi/muslim guy/girl i’ve ever read (in the past 3 or 4 days, i bash islam very often on Russian-language social networks, hehe).

      The bible has like what two sides, the new and the old’ – the quran has like what two sides, the meccan and medinan suras.

      ‘The reason there’s so much about killing in the Quaran (which i’m not denying) is becasue it was written in like the 3rd centuary, when Muslims WERE being prosecuted’ – yeah, they were prosecuted SO fucking much by Christians that Ethiopean emperor accepted them as refugees and refused to give them out to Arab Quraish pagans who demanded to get Mo given to them so that they can slaughter him happily for disrespecting their pagan Gods.

      ‘The prophets wife was OLDER than him’ – now where do you get this idea from? What hadith? Is it from Sahih – the most trusted hadith books for sunni islam with all hadiths having cool isnad (chain of narrators)?

      ‘i dont know what kind of books you people are “reading”’ – won’t speak for others, will speak for myself: i read the Quran in Russian translation (Kuliev), Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim sunna books (i don’t care for 4 other hadeeth collections at all as i have no time to distinguish the ‘strong’ hadith from the ‘weak’, i rather go just by Sahih since i know this is the most truthful collection where EVERY single hadith is pre-checked). Also Tafsir ibn Kathir. All in Russian translation. For Arabic reference in the Quran, i use this:

      ‘Another thing, the muslim terrist groups like ISIS and stuff have been disowned by many islamic countries’ – 2 things: 1) ISIS has been disowned by al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri 2) ISIS is no more, it’s official name now is just Islamic State, and its motto is ‘baqiyah’ which means ‘to remain forever’.

      ‘They aren’t even muslim’ – so they follow Quran and sunna (hadith books) in full, their legislation is a total 100% sharia based on islamic teachings from their books, and their leader has Ph.D. degree in islamic studies from Baghdad islamic university. And yet a fool like you says they’re not muslims. Did you even fucking read the quran? They might be sectarian, they might be wrong, they may be whatever they want, heretics misinterpreting islam, they may be khawarij rather than sunni, they may be takfiris. But 5 pillars of islam are followed and sharia is enforced (even if it’s ‘misinterpreted’), shirk is no more, kufr is no more, etc. They are muslim even if wrong ones. How are you any different from those takfiris other than your claim to be peaceful when they are not? You takfir other muslims! Shame on you!

      ‘They’re some weird hybrid extremeist group’ – Taliban is a weird hybrid group which combines islam and sort of ethnic Pashto nationalism (we all know that islam is against ethnic nationalism), Taliban used Pashtunwali (code of conduct, tradional law of Pashto people from pre-islamic times) as a source from criminal offrences judgement instead of sharia provisions (and that is totally unislamic, you call it ‘tawaghut’), Taliban isn’t purely islamic and perhaps, if we see it in a way, might be called totally unislamic at all. The Islamic State is. They don’t mix islam with ethnic nationalism, secularism, pan-Arabism, democracy, socialism, liberalism, capitalism and whatnot. Their ideology is based only on islam without outsider elements. Congratutlations for saying a stupid thing.

      ‘As for calling us terrist, lets not forgot about the dude that shot up the school, and all the pediophiles, rapists, drug dealers, in america’ – as for trying to make Americans feel ashamed by pointing a finger at random unrelated dudes, let’s not do it. Certainly a dude who shot kids in school is a douche asking for death penalty, but he was a psycho who did it for no good reason when everything IS doing is based on sharia. For example, female sex slave captives caught as a booty during jihad.

      “Also (forbidden are) women already married, except those whom your right hands possess. Thus has Allah ordained for you. All others are lawful, provided you seek them from your property, desiring chastity, not fornication. So with those among them whom you have enjoyed, give them their required due, but if you agree mutually after the requirement (has been determined), there is no sin on you. Surely, Allah is Ever All-Knowing, All-Wise.
      Qur’an 4:24″


      • Sry, didn’t complete one of my thoughts. I wrote:

        ‘The reason there’s so much about killing in the Quaran (which i’m not denying) is becasue it was written in like the 3rd centuary, when Muslims WERE being prosecuted’ – yeah, they were prosecuted SO fucking much by Christians that Ethiopean emperor accepted them as refugees and refused to give them out to Arab Quraish pagans who demanded to get Mo given to them so that they can slaughter him happily for disrespecting their pagan Gods.’

        I would also like to add that despite all kindness Sahaba attacked Christian lands (635 – Umar ibn Khattab invades Palestine) and impose jizya on Christians. I mean yeah, evil pagans persecute muslims, OK, punish them with jizya. But to act this way towards Christians after their generosity and kindness? Fuck islam, Ethiopeans should have let this Mo guy suceed in getting killed by pagans. Read Umar Pact for historical reference.

      • DAMMIT! NOT PALESTINE! PALESTINE WAS INVADED DURING ANOTHER YEAR! I MEANT CHRISTIAN DAMASCUS INVASION IN 635! Poor Assyrian people! Also, google ‘letters of prophet Mohammed to Christians’. Heck, you apologetics drives me so mad i start confusing dates. Once again, fuck islam.

      • Adm. you are doing a great job. I am an Indian, Hindu . Were well aware of the dangers of these Satans. Where ever they settle that area is to be spoiled with time

    • Well dave my (DUMB) boy, ya got a lot to learn in life as of yet !

      For until a few things happen I.e:-
      ” When they finally get over the islamphobic & phobia BULLSHITING crap, then things may advance on ! ”

      As with, ” For when they stop whining like little ‘FAT PIGS’ always wanting and Never ever seen bloody given any anything in return,but trouble ! SFA, will come from them too….

      now, I more thing ( I will mention here ) # ” Maybe we all should start using alike words they do,at us eh ? Something back at them all too. As,along the lines of ‘ westernophobic ‘ or west’O’aphobia generally as they truly are ! ” and start PISSING A LOT MORE,INTO THEIR [SiC] murdering,pedo phobic asshole’s they really are,that is only a start of how I bloody feel about them !

    • So you are saying that you support the evil that is written in the Koran. Well ISIS and all the other Islamic groups love to follow what is written in your evil books and follow it to the letter they copy the actions of Mohammad as well so you are not at true Muslim?

    • shut up dumb ass, we don’t care about your stupid pedophile profit! He wore women’s dresses and raped little girls! Shove him and his stupid koran up your asses or let us do it for you! This web site is for people like me who hate every thing about your stupid religion! Some advise for you moron, learn arabic and get back to us on your stupid koran! We are a peaceful people but you and your religion have Poked the Bear! God bless America and help us to open the eyes of the people worth saving and the rest can burn in hell where they belong!

      • There is criticism by some of the anti-Islam web sites, that many are run by Jews.

        As if this neutralizes everything they have to say.

        First this again indicates the extreme prejudice that Muslims has of other faiths, for example the rise of anti-Semitism in Denmark, a country that has historically been tolerant of Jews has been generated by Muslim immigrants.

        Just another example of Muslims coming to a peaceful nation and causing problems.

        However whether these sites are Jewish or not is irrelevant. While the Jews may be serving their own interest first here, since they are surrounded by Muslims who wish to kill them. It does not change the fact that Muslims have killed 80 million Hindus, millions of Christians and in 13 Muslim states have the death penalty option for atheists.

        Not to mention they regularly kill their own. Those who leave the religion or break Sharia law and suffer a barbaric punishment or those who following a different interpretation of their belief.

        The simple fact is that Islam is a threat to us all, it is a threat to freedom, it is a threat to liberty and most of all it is a threat to peace.

        If 70% of the world refugees are Muslim that says something. If Muslim nations consistently rate at bottom of human rights and poverty levels that says something too.

        Whether this site is run by Jews is immaterial, because the facts they state are FACTS. Islam is a threat to us all and should be contained.


        And if the Jews are using their considerable talent and capability to inform us of this, even if it is in their interest to do so, I see no problem.


        Some major issues:
        * Living on the dole: Third-world immigrants – most of them Muslims from countries such as Turkey, Somalia, Pakistan, Lebanon and Iraq – constitute 5 percent of the population but consume upwards of 40 percent of the welfare spending.
        * Engaging in crime: Muslims are only 4 percent of Denmark’s 5.4 million people but make up a majority of the country’s convicted rapists, an especially combustible issue given that practically all the female victims are non-Muslim. Similar, if lesser, disproportions are found in other crimes.
        * Self-imposed isolation: Over time, as Muslim immigrants increase in numbers, they wish less to mix with the indigenous population. A recent survey finds that only 5 percent of young Muslim immigrants would readily marry a Dane.
        * Importing unacceptable customs: Forced marriages – promising a newborn daughter in Denmark to a male cousin in the home country, then compelling her to marry him, sometimes on pain of death – are one problem.
        Another is threats to kill Muslims who convert out of Islam. One Kurdish convert to Christianity, who went public to explain why she had changed religion, felt the need to hide her face and conceal her identity, fearing for her life.
        * Fomenting anti-Semitic: Muslim violence threatens Denmark’s approximately 6,000 Jews, who increasingly depend on police protection. Jewish parents were told by one school principal that she could not guarantee their children’s safety and were advised to attend another institution. Anti-Israel marches have turned into anti-Jewish riots. One organization, Hizb-ut-Tahrir, openly calls on Muslims to “kill all Jews … wherever you find them.”
        * Seeking Islamic law: Muslim leaders openly declare their goal of introducing Islamic law once Denmark’s Muslim population grows large enough – a not-that-remote prospect. If present trends persist, one sociologist estimates, every third inhabitant of Denmark in 40 years will be Muslim.

        The Daily Telegraph reported in 2012 that 75% of all Muslim women are unemployed while 50% of all Muslim men are unemployed (67.5% total)- a staggering 350% rise from 13% for men and 18% for women in 2004. Muslims are also on sick leave more than anyone else, with 2001 figures revealing that 24% of females and 21% of males claim disability. Muslims are the most likely among all religious groups to be living in accommodation rented from the council or housing association (28%); 4% live rent-free (2004 figures). As if this is not enough, the total prison population in the UK amongst category A and B criminals (the worse crimes) is now 35-39% Muslim.

        Since current statistics fail to clarify how many Muslims actually collect benefits, and whether unemployment figures include those on disability and in prison, only a crude estimate can be made. The indications are nevertheless shocking:(2012 unconfirmed estimate increased the population number from 3 million), roughly 4.25 million Muslims, or more than 85%, live off tax payers. If we average this with a simple, quick calculation of the minimum benefit payment of £67 a week granted in Britain for adults, at least £ 284,750,000 per week (£1.139 billion per month) is spent from taxpayers on Muslims who barely contribute anything whatsoever to Britain’s revenues – except making more Muslims.

        If the same population growth continues in a steady flow, by 2030 Britain will have a 40% Muslim population. And who will feed and house them? There is simply nowhere for the British economy to go but down. As if that is not bad enough 32 percent of Muslims on UK campuses believe killing in the name of religion is justified, 54 percent wanted a Muslim Party to represent their world view in Parliament, and 40 percent of young Muslims in the UK want the country to be governed under Sharia law (2004 report).


        The Swedish statistics on welfare recipients correlate quite well with similar statistics from Britain. Roughly on average 60-70% of the entire nations welfare payouts in Sweden appear to go to Muslims. Muslims make up 5% of the total population. 77% of rape is by Muslims.


        This prison is majority Muslim — as is virtually every house of incarceration in France. About 60 to 70 percent of all inmates in the country’s prison system are Muslim, according to Muslim leaders, sociologists and researchers, though Muslims make up only about 12 percent of the country’s population.


        Netherlands 20 percent of adult prisoners and 26 percent of all juvenile offenders are Muslim; the country is about 5.5 percent Muslim. In Belgium, Muslims from Morocco and Turkey make up at least 16 percent of the prison population, compared with 2 percent of the general populace, the research found.


        Muslim Immigrants Five Times More Likely to Commit Crimes than Australians

      • @CM This is the main problem with muslims. They immigrate and start spreading their ways of living and also how they are superior to others because they have Allah. I really don’t care if a Jew / Christian / Hindu / Sikh / or any one else is running a website.

        They are parasites and the world should know their truth. Europe should completely ban muslims. I am disappointed how they are growing themselves in Denmark , Netherlands and other european nation. People of those countries should come forward and throw them out. They area in which they live , they start calling it a ‘Muslim Area’. What the fuck?

        Those statistics are horrifying. Britain is the worst. I don’t know what will happen. I am just frustrated. I don’t know what will happen. We should do much more than this. @BareNakedIslam , how can we move further? Should we form a group or something? I want them out of the USA , Canada , EU and Australia.

      • Sad to say, people have to experience for themselves what a threat Islam is to their lives. Beheadings do that much better than all the anti-Islam blogs in the world could. But sharing stories with your friends and family from these blogs does help a little, if only to confirm what they eventually see in the news about muslims. Sending the stories to politicians probably does little to nothing unfortunately.

  15. I hate muslims so much. I am from India and I just hate them. I don’t know why you westerns are giving them the shelter. They keep on imposing their religion on you. Just throw them away. Please this is a request. I am sick and tired of watching them grow in the west. USA , EU , Australia should ban them. They should go back to their shithole. Fucking frustrated how they create a scene. Also if any Indian is creating a scene there, throw them as well.

  16. Islam the religion of peace:

    Next Affleck argued: “We’ve killed more Muslims than they’ve killed us by an awful lot, and we’ve invaded more Islamic nations.”

    Aside from essentially suggesting that “two wrongs make a right,” his assertions reflect an appalling acquaintance with true history — thanks of course to the ingrained lies emanating from academia, followed by Hollywood and the media.

    Reality records a much different story. From its inception, Islam has been a religion hostile to all others. Jihad was its primary tool of expansion.

    Consider: A mere decade after the birth of Islam in the seventh century, the jihad burst out of Arabia. Leaving aside all the thousands of miles of ancient lands and civilizations that were permanently conquered, today casually called the “Islamic world” — including Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Iran, and parts of India and China — much of Europe was also, at one time or another, conquered by the sword of Islam.

    Among other nations and territories that were attacked and/or came under Muslim domination are (to give them their modern names in no particular order): Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Sicily, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Greece, Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Lithuania, Romania, Albania, Serbia, Armenia, Georgia, Crete, Cyprus, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Belarus, Malta, Sardinia, Moldova, Slovakia, and Montenegro.

    In 846 Rome was sacked and the Vatican defiled by Muslim Arab raiders; some 600 years later, in 1453, Christendom’s other great basilica, Holy Wisdom (or Hagia Sophia), was conquered by Muslim Turks.

    The few European regions that escaped direct Islamic occupation due to their northwest remoteness include Great Britain, Scandinavia, and Germany. That, of course, does not mean that they were not attacked by Islam. Indeed, in the furthest northwest of Europe, in Iceland, Christians used to pray that God save them from the “terror of the Turk.” These fears were not unfounded since as late as 1627 Muslim corsairs raided the Christian island seizing four hundred captives, selling them in the slave markets of Algiers.

    Nor did America escape. A few years after the formation of the United States, in 1800, American trading ships in the Mediterranean were plundered and their sailors enslaved by Muslim corsairs. The ambassador of Tripoli explained to Thomas Jefferson that it was a Muslim’s right and duty to make war upon non-Muslims wherever they could be found, and to enslave as many as they could take as prisoners.

    In short, for roughly one millennium — punctuated by a Crusader-rebuttal that people like Affleck are obsessed with demonizing — Islam daily posed an existential threat to Christian Europe and by extension Western civilization.

  17. Never have I seen so much ignorance taking place in one area. Wow! Although all your misinterpretation of Islam comes from the Jewish fed media, I’d like to shed some light on why I’m a MUSLIM AMERICAN. To start, if you God sends down his message, there can only be ONE message, not 50 different versions of that message to fit our personal needs as humans. After all, it is God’s word. Secondly, Islam is the only religion that I found to provide actually facts of a higher power in existence. Yes,actually proof of things that are just being discovered by our modern technology and scientists. Thirdly, Islam, unlike what the fake media wants you to believe, is very peaceful. It does not teach violence, it teaches self respect, respect, and humility, and much more. However, people will pick and choose what they want to believe to fit their lifestyle. I apologies that in Islam our women CHOOSE to cover themselves up because they have respect for themselve. These western made terrorist groups to make Islam look bad are not muslims. They are everything Islam didn’t teach. I’m an American Muslim and I’m not a terrorist!

    • Muslim, you’re either a fool or a liar, take your pick. Islam is ‘peaceful’ and ‘does not teach violence’? May I introduce you to just two of many verses that are not at all peaceful and do teach violence?

      “Therefore, when ye meet the Unbelievers strike off their heads; at length; then when you have made wide Slaughter among them, carefully tie up the remaining captives; thereafter (is the time for) either generosity or ransom; Until the war lays down its burdens.” This is from your bloody Koran, at 47:4

      And this one:

      “I will instil terror into the hearts of the unbelievers: smite ye above their necks and smite all their finger-tips off.” Same ‘holy’ text, at 8:12

      The boys of ISIS are following the recipe to the letter!

      Remember how Muhammad, that bandit, killer and pedophile slaughtered 700 Jewish
      men at Medina by decapitating them? If you don’t, read about it in al-Bukhari!

      And all this prattle about ‘God’s word': The Koran had many authors, wasn’t finished until about 60 years or so after M.’ death in 632 AD, and much of it was lifted from the Torah, the New Testament and Zoroastrian writings…

      Learn something about your bloody ‘religion’, which I refer to as Islamofascism, with good reason! Don’t you know that Mufti of Jerusalem, Hussein, spent most of WWII as Hitler’s guest in Berlin? And that Hassan al-Banna, the founder of that damn Muslim Brotherhood was an admirer of Hitler?

      Also read Ibn Warraq’s excellent book, WHY I AM NOT A MUSLIM

      That’s a very scholarly and well-written book I can highly recommend to anyone reading this!

      • I’m neither a fool nor a liar. Anyone can pick and choose different lines in the Quran and follow them as you did. Just remember the context of the message. Above all, remember that the passages YOU choose are not complete. Confirmation bias, heard of it? Just as you can say Islam is violent, I can say with absolute certainty that Christianity and Judaism are filled with more. But as part of my religion it is sinful to speak ill of another religion, yet we are violent according to you, it wows me. But main reason for that statement is: every passage has a meaning for a time and place. If you break that passage up you get a distorted message. I’ll leave you with two things. First, Quran 5:32. Secondly, Islam at its origins never wagered a war against anyone. We were always hated because we provided answers that other books do not, and that seems to rattle a few cages, just like administration here for banning me. Stop trying to reassure yourself of the lies they feed you.

      • @muslimpride

        O muslim, answer me what Nash is? What Mansuh is? What are ayats of Medina period and do they have a higher priority than ayats of Mecca period? I spit on you.

    • My God! It is scary how brainwashed one can be, specially someone who lives in US where you have access to information without fear of reprisal. Muslim women “CHOOSE” to wear hijab? Really? So, in Saudi Arabia, women can “CHOOSE” not to cover their entire body in black robe?
      And can you give us some samples of “proof of things that have just been discovered” that your beloved prophet predicted 1400 years ago?
      Doesn’t your religion condemn a person who, by free will, chooses to leave Islam to death? ISIS IS ISlam. They are not doing anything against what their cult told them to do. “Isalm at its origin never waged a war”?!! Wow, talk about outright lie. Islam was born and spread by sword. How many wars your peaceful prophet waged? I can count a dozen, at least, and it does not include all the atrocities his successors committed. Put down your Quran for a minute, read a few books, and then come back and talk intelligently. Taking some deep breaths might also clear your head and get all dope you have been smoking out of your lungs. Just a suggestion …

      • Islam: “respects other religions” !!!!????, what a laugh!….millions have been killed by Muslims in the history of this fascist faith, 80 million Hindus alone in probably the greatest holocaust in world history.

        ISIS is true unrestrained Islam.

        Here are some facts about Islam’s tolerance of other religions:

        A separate index in the Pew report graded countries according to levels of social hostility involving religion. Eight of the top ten countries in that index were Muslim-majority states – Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Indonesia, Nigeria, Bangladesh and Egypt. The other two, India and Israel, have Hindu and Jewish majorities respectively, and large Muslim minorities.
        In an index measuring official interference with religious practice, 18 out of 26 countries (69 percent) whose government “prohibits worship or religious practices of one or more religious groups as a general policy,” were OIC members – Brunei, Chad, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Malaysia, Maldives, Mauritania, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Syria, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.
        A grading of countries where conversion from one religion to another is restricted was also dominated by Islamic states, accounting for 25 out of 29 countries listed (86 percent). They were Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Comoros, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Libya, Malaysia, Maldives, Mauritania, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tajikistan, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan and Yemen.

        For more info go here:

        Muslims WILL say Christians kill people, yes 500 years ago. See Christianity matured where your regressive religion never did. Tell me how many Christians today cut peoples head off?

        Here some other facts, while the Old Testament’s: “fire and brimstone” teachings were reformed by the New Testament. There NEVER was a new testament equivalent in the Koran.

        Jesus practised love and respect for others, even those who he disagreed with.

        In contrast Muhammad was a killer and a bandit. Killing was justified to him in specific circumstances. This was never the case with Jesus.

        The moral code of conduct in Christianity is absolute, “I shall not KILL” applies to everyone for instance. In Islam it is conditional, non believers even people who convert from this religion can be killed. Again Islam has no Jesus Christ or New Testament equivalent.

        To the vast majority of followers of this faith there is no separation between Islam and the operation of the state, where such a separation has evolved in Christianity. This is the critical reason why democracy fails in Islamic countries.

        Nearly all Islamic states are dictatorships, religious or military. And because Islam is FUNDAMENTALLY regressive and intolerant in nature. The very qualities that make a successful state: democracy, low corruption, economic and technological dynamism are suppressed. That is why, unless they have oil, they will always be poor and regressive.
        And this depressed nature feeds the suppressive qualities of Islam.

        Because as people become less educated, poorer and desperate, they become more extreme. A vicious cycle is seen in play. You can see it in the Middle East now, and its only going to get worse.

        (Indonesia and Malaysia are rare exceptions, but are unique because of history, locality and ethic mix. They are atypical. And it is the typical Muslims states that should concern us. Not some aberration due a unique, history, culture and ethic mix. These states are successful despite of Islam not because of it.)

        Jesus compared to Islam

        Muhammad: “Fight everyone in the way of Allah and kill those who disbelieve in Allah.” (Ibn Ishaq[i] 992)

        Jesus: “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.” (Matthew 5:14)

        Muhammad: Stoned women for adultery.

        Jesus: “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” (John 8:7)

        For more comparisons:

    • MP…

      If Bonni will allow you to respond, please enlighten us on examples of the following, will you?

      You say, and I quote:
      “Secondly, Islam is the only religion that I found to provide actually facts of a higher power in existence. Yes,actually proof of things that are just being discovered by our modern technology and scientists.”

      Tell us all just exactly to what you refer???

      “Thirdly, Islam, unlike what the fake media wants you to believe, is very peaceful. It does not teach violence, it teaches self respect, respect, and humility, and much more.”

      Those sentences are 2 of the most ridiculous I have ever read.

      Mohammed was a syphilitic lunatic who degenerated into a psychopathic, murderous mad man, and the koran reflects that very obvious downward spiral into insanity.

      How can you possibly believe the things you state???


    • Muhammad (Pig shit Be Upon Him) was a 7th century terrorist and if he were alive today, I would love to behead him nicely in halal style.

      • “Individual Moslems may show splendid qualities – but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith.”

        Sir Winston Churchill

        “Over a billion people believe in Allah without truly knowing what Allah supposedly stands for or what he really demands of them. And the minority that do understand continue to be Moslems because they have redefined their morality and ethics to fit within the teachings of Islam, which are floridly lacking in morality. Backwards thinking, imposed by a backward religion.”

        Professor Bertrand Russell

        How true.

    • No, we took the time to read your evil books that you idiots keep telling us to read. Bad advice now we know how truly evil Islam is. Islam is from the devil and Mohammad was his prophet and for further proof you just need to look at any Islamic country to see how bad Islam is. Leave the west you are 1400 years behind civilization and until or if you catch please get the hell out of the West.

  18. It’s no longer a big secret the Obama is a Muslim, he even said that America is no longer a Christian nation but a Muslim one. One of my theories why someone like him would be such a gay marriage supporter is because he wants all gay people to be on record to be blacked bagged someday. Everything he does is for a reason.

    • Agreed, Islam is nothing more than a crazy, radical cult disguising themselves under the veil of a religion, created by a sick minded, power hungry Arab. My wish is that every day more people open their eyes and escape this insanity.

    • Just follow this website for some time and see and learn for yourself about all the atrocities muslims are committing all over the world. Do some research about islams teaching and you’ll get the answer to your question.

      Let me tell you about a few teachings:
      1. A woman who commits adultery should be stoned to death.
      2. A man can beat his wife if she doesn’t obey him.
      3. Muslims are taught to lie to non-muslims to further the cause of islam.
      4. A muslim who renounces islam is to be killed.
      5. In case of rape, a women needs 4 men to testify that she was raped and if she can’t get 4 men to testify she is considered to be an adulterer and punished.
      6. A woman is to inherit only half of her brother.
      7. Polytheists, idolaters are to be punished.
      8. mohammad married aisha when she was 6 years old and had sex with her when she was 9 years old. No wonder why child brides are a big problem within the muslim world.
      10. In islam, non-muslims living in islamic(sharia controlled) lands must pay jizyah: which is a tax that non-muslims must pay for being non-muslims. If non-muslims don’t pay the jizyah, then they must convert to islam or else face violence/death.

  19. I hate Muslims and i’m scared of them I think they are demon possessed lunatics. I’m sick of people around me telling me that I’m wrong for how I feel. They are trying to take our free speech away. We can even say what we feel about them without someone berating us. Well no more I HATE THEM I HATE THEM I HATE THEM I FUCKING HATE THEM. 9/11 ruined my fucking life! I HATE THEM!

    • NOT ALL MUSLIMS ARE BAD BUT SOME ARE! the little raped girls of islam and the naive girls and boys who aren’t terrorists and the humane ones are not bad but the pedophiles, murderers, terrorists, slaves and war masters are the bad ones! Hinduism and Islam are backwards! CASTES ARE DUMB AND CHILD MARRIAGE IS CRUEL! ISLAM IS THE MOST BACKWARDS BUT HINDUISM IS COMING TO A SORTA CLOSE SECOND!

  20. Like most Americans, I am so ready to kick these extreme towel heads our of our country. I hate the Muslim religion and how they are brainwashed idiots full of hatred! It is time for us to stand up against these extremists and if they don’t like our country and our beliefs, get the hell out. We hate you!!! All of you!!!

    • Sweden will be the first Western country to be destroyed by Islam. This is inevitable.

      A Muslim participating in an Arabic talk show put the Swedish police on alert as he exclaimed that “Until the day we die, we will engage in war against Sweden and Europe.”

      Asked about receiving welfare from the Swedish infidels, he answered: “No. It is not their money, the money can only come from god

      (Sweden imports at least a hundred thousand Muslims each year, and the country is already experiencing an extreme rise in crime. Every Swede pays one month’s wage per year to finance immigration, and the government has already warned that taxes will increase more than two percent the next four years. )

      Now that is gratitude for you!

    • we are not extremists we just want peace. We want to be accepted within society. I thought that there is freedom in America i thought you can express your identity freely without being abused in any way . Why am i scared to walk out of my house , only because i wear the hijaab and the amount of verbal abuse i get in a day is killing me. I only want peace. Why am i scared?

      • sawdah, you are afraid to walk out of your house with a bag on your head? Very good. Please leave America ASAP. We don’t want your ilk here. But your email address is the UK. The Brits want you to leave, as well.

      • What are you trying to pull, you bag head bitch? I am afraid to walk out of my house in America!
        You are a lying bag head tramp!
        Get out of our countries! You aren’t even here in America and I want you out, you fucking liar! Trying to pull some takia you bag head bitch! GET OUT!

      • Idiot ! Does your Saudi Arabia has the kind of freedom you have mentioned, for non Muslims? The Saudis have declared even the atheists as terrorists.
        And you expect respect in America.

        Go back to your barren Arabia, eat sand, drink camel piss and die for the good of humanity.

    • ISIS, Al Qaeda, Taliban, Al Nursa, Hezbolah, Hamas, Boco Haram, Chechan Freedom Fighters, uighurs, Muslim Brotherhood, etc… etc…

      These are all disgusting branches from the same evil tree. rather than spending decades or centuries pruning this branch or that, when they blossom and their hate is ripe for the world to see, we should pull up the entire damn evil tree. Bomb Mecca and Medina, preferably during Ramadan.

  21. Islam, the koran, their twisted sick evil peophile prophet mohammand, their sharia law crap, its all sick, twisted, and evil, and I, and my loved ones want nothing to do with any of this evil crap. They are hell on earth…

    • Muhammad remembered you 1400 years ago. He prayed for you , every single one of you on this website. He cared for you , he only wanted what was best for you. If muhammad respected your religon why cant you respect his?

      • mo here was a pedophile but if you really want peace for all that’s great not all Muslims are bad! I respect the good ones! Jesus was and is tolerant so I shall be too! Help the poor! I support Israel and hate the UN but if you have different views that’s fine as long as you tolerate other people’s point of view! peace to you if you wish me peace and not piece!

      • You say Muhammad prayed for all of us but Jesus DIED for all of us even you Islamic-scrubs so top that!

      • Sawdah, I hope you realize that Islam is not a “religion”, but an insane, crazy cult, created by a power hungry Arab for his own lust and power.

      • What the hell are you talking about, ‘prayed for us’?

        You mean you don’t know that your ‘prophet’, the bandit, killer and pedophile Muhammad killed 700 Jewish men in Medina, following the Battle of the Trench (where they were not involved, but had refused to help him)?

        Read your goddamn Hadiths! It’s in Bukhari! Get to know your bloody ‘religion’!

      • Yes, Mohammad wanted all those things for you, and if you did not agree, his henchmen would chop your head off, you unappreciative bastards! He respected your religions, you frigging infidels.

  22. It’s TIME to self-organize. Gather two or three, a small group, and map the local mosque, surveillance and note who is the local imam, and discover his politics a conservative, or radical, and where he lives and works. Later report this information to another wed site, and wait for further instructions.

    • I agree with everty word you said. What’s wrong with the Western Society who faught and won evel for centuries. Are we becaming a race of cowords. Are we afraid of those people (actually animals) who we had protecred, educated and fed in the recent past. Do we still send money to the poor starving chiodren who when they grow up tanks us by befading non muslims. Islam is not a religion, it never was. As a breakaway brang of the Jewish religion, they follow a bible they call Quram which give’s the the OK to slaughter not just Jews but anyone who don’t give a shit about Mohammed. When I we going to wake up and get rid of these radicals once and for all. Even use nuclear weapons if necessary.

      • Now the Sydney Morning Herald is pushing it’s PC agenda, calling “Muslims” and I quote: “AUSSIES”. Additionally there is now a heading stating: ” AUSSIES stand with Muslims”.

        Well here is one Australian who states the following: ” fu>k your PC bullsh&t.”

        I don’t stand by Muslims, they are nearly all wankers.

        Look at their countries, look how they treat non-muslims. And look at the trouble they are bringing Europe, who initially welcomed them with big open PC arms.

        You will have to ignore the mass media and go to the internet to get the real story on these dogs.

        These PC journalists have no idea about Islam, they thought: “wow here comes the Arab Spring AND democracy will rise like a miracle!

        I knew that democracy was impossible in that culture and it would only lead to instability and the rise of the Islamic nut.

        The media are clueless fools.

      • Leftist will berate this site as being: “Islamophobic,”, no the correct term is: “Islamorealist”.

        Continue the good work barenakedislam, I am sure you get tonnes of hate mail and death threats.

        So I understand why you are angry.

        I applaud you for your courage and conviction. You could express your message in a more refined manner however.

        It is more effective that way, then they can’t point to you and say you are a nutty hothead.

        Hit them with real facts such as pew polls, disproportional welfare and crime stats, the regressive nature of Muslim countries etc.

        The liberal tools cannot answer these facts and they are REAL.

      • IR, I have been called an Islamophobe by a lot of left wing groups and every muslim who has ever seen BNI. I have been taken down by CAIR 3 times and get death threats nearly on a daily basis from Muslims.

        I am not refined, I take no prisoners, and that’s why I have had more than 60 million hits here in 6 years. If you want refined, go to Jihad Watch. I prefer to be in your face. And I don’t cater to leftist sensibilities. Eventually they find their way here because they know I’m right.

      • Love it! And you, Bonnie! I stray but I always come back! You need us like we need you! I will always have your back!

      • Morgan Poll: 70% of Aussies say Australia is not becoming a better place because of Islam…
        38 percent: a growing Islamic population and Islamic immigration are bad for Australia
        44 percent: strong, clear link between Islam and terrorism
        50 per cent want the Shari’a banned
        53 percent: ban the burqa from public spaces
        57 percent: Concerned about Islam in the world today
        70 percent: Australia is not becoming a better place because of Islam.
        Not all Australians are stupid, oh by the way the PC correct like to marginalize you by their classic knee jerk response: ” HE A RACIST”. No many races follow that dark faith, that is not a correct term.
        But it just shows their mentality and their technique which Muslims in the West rely on as they penetrate the Western Nations.
        You are no more racist to be anti Islam that you are racist to be anti communist. I have the right to dislike this culture, I live in a free democracy with FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND THOUGHT, not a regressive Muslim fascist one. By dislike of Islam is based on fact and observation, not some insane irrational fear.

        I have the right to resist Islamic immigration, just as I have the right to oppose or disagree about Communism or any other negative cult like Scientology.

        Oh by the way 20% of Muslims are moderate, the rest can be categorized as the following: 20% of the remaining 80% want Sharia law and are willing to use force to achieve it, the remaining 60% want Sharia law but are not willing to blow up a bus for it.

        These are the:” peace loving Muslim”

      • Islam is a cancer. It’s one of the worst things humankind has ever faced. It’s existential threat not only to humankind, but also to multicellular life. Thei backward religion/ cult hates other cultures, hates life and its diversity. They want all people to follow their sick, psychopatic rules. They multply like rats. We won’t survive as civilization if this sick religion prevails.

    • The false prophet spoken of in the bible was mohamhead and the abomanation that makes desolate is the dome of the rock..The false religion is islam.When the dome was built in 680’s a.d it became desolate for christians and jews..Everything in the bible about chritians and jews being killed for their beliefs is happening now..War/jihad has been declared on us and we have a muslim president that is fooling everyone as the bible said he would,except the elect,we see it..

    • Most European Muslims want sharia

      Posted by: Ingrid Carlqvist 17 December, 2013

      A majority of Muslims want sharia law to take precedence over the secular laws of their European host countries. This according to a new survey WZB Berlin Social Science Center based on interviews with Muslims in six countries including Sweden. The survey ought to raise eyebrows among Western politicians say researchers.

      Turkish and Moroccan immigrants to Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Holland and Sweden were asked three questions:

      Is sharia is more important to you than the laws of the land you are living in? (Yes: 66 percent).
      Do you think there is only one legitimate interpretation of the Koran that should be binding on all Muslims? (Yes: 75 percent).
      Do you think Muslims ought to return to the ”Islams roots”? (Yes: 60 percent).

      Those who answered yes to all questions were labeled ”consistent fundamentalists” – and they make up 44 percent of all Muslims covered by the survey. Fundamentalist attitudes are equally prevalent among younger and older Muslims.

      According to the study (which was conducted in 2008, but not published until now), the situation is worst in Austria. 73 percent of Austrian Muslims of Turkish and Moroccan descent consider sharia to be more important than secular laws, 70 percent think there is only one correct interpretation of the Koran and 76 percent want Muslims to return to their Islamic roots. In total 55 percent of the Austrian Muslims covered in the survey answered yes to all three questions.

      The author of the report, the Dutch sociologist Ruud Koopmans, says that the study reveals a remarkably similar picture as that presented in other German studies, e.g., Muslime in Deutschland (Muslims in Germany) from 2007, which documented that 47 percent of German Muslims considered religious rules to be more important than democracy – the exact same percentage which the new study shows would prefer the laws of the Koran to German laws.

      Equally frightening is study’s conclusion that there is a great deal of Muslim enmity towards other groups. 60 percent of the surveyed Muslims say that they refuse to have homosexual friends and 45 percent answer that one cannot trust Jews.

      Even here the Austrian Muslims stand out. 69 percent of them won’t accept homosexuals as friends and 63 percent say that Jews are not to be trusted. 66 percent claim that the West tries to destroy Islam.

      For the sake of comparison, non-Muslim Europeans were questioned about their suspicion of Jews (8 percent said yes), homosexuals (10 percent), Muslims (21 percent). 1.4 percent harbored suspicions against all three groups.

      As Koopmans sees it, Muslim fundamentalism is not ”an innocent form of strict religiosity. …

      Whereas about one in five indigenous Europeans may be deemed Islamophobes, the degree of anti-Western phobia among Muslims – for which there, strangely, is no name, but might labeled Occidentophobia [the Occident = the West] – is much higher: 54 percent believe that the Western world aims to wreck Islam.

      ”These results”, Koopmans continues, ”clearly contradict what one often hears – that Islamic fundamentalism is a marginal phenomenon in Western Europe and that it is no different from the degree of fundamentalism among the Christian majority. Both of these claims are obviously false as almost half of the European Muslims want Muslims to return to Islam’s roots, think that there is only one interpretation of the Koran and that its laws are more important than secular laws. Among indigenous Christians, less than one in 25 can be characterized as a fundamentalist in this sense. Besides, religious fundamentalism is not an innocent form of strict religiosity as evidenced by the way its adherents view people outside their group.”

      Koopmans continues:

      ”Both the extent of Islamic religious fundamentalism and its concomitants – homophobia, Anti-Semitism, and ’Occidentophobia’ – ought to cause serious uneasiness among politicians as well as Muslims civic leaders. Of course one cannot equate religious fundamentalism with a willingness to support or participate in religiously motivated violence. But in view of its strong connection with enmity towards other groups, it is highly likely that religious fundamentalism constitutes a breeding ground for radicalization.”

      Commenting on the study, the German paper Die Welt notes that the results cast serious doubt on the unbridled optimism professed by Europe’s multiculturalists, who assert that in time, Muslim fellow citizens will embrace the West’s liberal and democratic way of thinking.

      ”The study does not lend itself to simplistic conclusions”, writes Die Welt. ”But it must be realized: Democracies must watch out for those who consider free societies as something that must be vanquished.”

      A growing number of European voices warn against the increasingly aggressive attempts by Islamic organizations like the OIC – with 57 Muslim countries – to pressure Western politicians to criminalize all criticism of Islam .

      The German think tank, the Gustav Stresemann Foundation (whose prime objective is to preserve and develop liberal democracy in Europe) has published a report by the political scientist Felix Strüning, who accuses the German authorities of giving in to the pressure from Islamic organizations by accepting the Muslim definition of ”Islamophobia” and thus spreading uncertainty as to ”who may say what about Islam and Muslims in Germany”.

      The German authorities have already admitted that they are monitoring German Internet sites that are critical of Muslim immigration and the Islamization of Europe.

      Felix Strüning:

      ”Critics of Islamic ideology and its organizations are constantly being dragged into court and must defend themselves against accusations of blasphemy and incitement to hatred. Even if they are acquitted, such proceedings cost time and money and may either cause you to loose your reputation or perhaps even your job. In other words, the West is accommodating sharia law.”

      Even today Germans can observe how the so-called ”spiral of silence” works in the case of Islam.

      ”In a representative German study more than half of those asked admitted that they dared not publicly criticize Islam or Muslims,” Felix Strüning notes.

    • Today erick “dick” holder is going to pass a law to where fbi can’t use survalience on terrorist in mosque,really,,we are under terrorist threats and just 2 weeks ago they busted a mosque that was beening used as a recruitng station..So what does obama have the out going att.general do,,pass a law to where we can’t investigate them Does that not tell you where the white house stands,the muslim in office doesn’t want his terrorist crew slowed down any..Blind ass americans can’t see this shit..

  23. islam tried to kill the hindu religion..and they somewhat succeeded…80 million hindus converted to islam or they would of died! thank fully im still hindu <3 how can they live with them selves -.-

  24. The Quran tells how to live with non-Muslims ‘”And KILL them (the unbelievers) wherever you find them, and drive them out from whence they drove you out, and persecution is severer than slaughter, and do not fight with them at the Sacred Mosque until they fight with you in it, but if they do fight you, then slay them; such is the recompense of the unbelievers.” (Sura 2, verse 191).

    • The so called prophet Mohammed was just a violent thug who also had a six year-old girl as a wife for sex, how can you worship a pervert, all muslims support what the islamic state are doing and must be stopped

      • Yes, but he didn’t sleep with her until she was 9. C’mon, give the guy some credit! Granted these days we put these type of guys in jail for a long time, but he was a prophet and Allah told him it was OK. Allah was very concerned about Mohammad’s dick.

    • The religion of love!!!!! Not! It is of pure hatred. If u sick bastards aren’t killing Jews or Americans the U kill other Arabs and Muslims. If you are not doing that then u sickos kill your own family… Face it, you are using a religion as an excuse for murder! Go to hell u asshole . We should go dump pig blood on all there mosques.

  25. All Muslims are already dead! They are so disgusting and violent beasts, they look just like the devil. ugly faces, filthy mouths, corrapted, everything is abnormal about them. ship this beasts off tot heir caves and let them rot there.

  26. People who hate Muslims and Islam are DOOMED for life and eternity. ISLAM IS A RELIGION OF PEACE WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT. You ignorant people open your damned eyes and stop being so disgusting.

      • well, Christians are most of the time very dumb people to begin with. Now, mix stupidity with bullshit, and whaddaya get? a religious crazy. Then they ramble on about how Christians are ” victimized ” and how the religion is being pushed out of society and complain about it. When they don’t realize it’s a good thing. So in short, it’s because some idiot picked up a book about a kid’s imaginary friend.

      • “Thaiba”, wherever religion is being made unwelcome, I smell the STINK of Karl Marx (who according to Richard Wurmbrand was a secret Satanist) and his ultra-POISONOUS screeds…

      • Also, “Thaiba”:

        Who established the universities? Who has promoted the growth of knowledge??

        Christians and Jews!!!

      • It is well known that they,ragheads are uneducated and can’t comprehend the idea of getting up and going to work and raising a family,paying for a home and putting a child through school and then college..
        It belittles them to see other people/religions prosper and innovate when they can’t write their on name..But thats what it takes to hate people for no reason,ignorance period……

    • We all see the reality of the “religion of piss” mate. Maybe it’s time to get your head out of your butt and take a look around. If the world hates Islam, perhaps there’s a reason or two for that.

    • “Iloveislam”: are you sevenfold-ACCURSED Moslems REALLY unable to see the truth or are you shutting your microscopically-small, stunted brains off because you’ve all learned from conception NEVER TO THINK FOR YOURSELVES?????

      Islam a “religion of peace”??? When you go around SADISTICALLY MURDERING, RAPING, MAIMING, TORTURING and ROBBING those who disagree with you??? If anything, the ONLY “peace” I see in Islam is the peace of the GRAVE – i.e., the peace of DEATH!!!!

      In other words, you so HATE LIFE (which we Christians value and respect even though it’s not the be-all and end-all as better awaits those of us who love Our Lord) as to wish to DESTROY it at the slightest excuse!!! Everything in your cult-ideology Mohammed calculated to force WAR, MISERY, DESTRUCTION and DEATH on the maximum possible scale – and you DARE to call us “ignorant”???

      We PROUD, generally-happy (especially in comparison to you EVIL Moslems), truly-peaceful (for the incidences of war between ourselves has gone WAY DOWN since 1945!!!) and loving “infidels” can only be “disgusting” in MOSLEM eyes – merely because your IDOL Mohammed said so!!!! And what a figure to idolise: a GENOCIDE, MURDERER, THIEF, LIAR (even his best “friends” couldn’t trust him!!), MISOGYNIST, CANINOPHOBE, PORCINOPHOBE, SIMIANOPHOBE, NECROPHILIAC, BESTIALIST and TORTURER!!!!!

      No less, if you think us disgusting, we have PLENTY of reasons to think you unwashed, stinking, dirty, lying, double-dealing, sadistic Moslems as THE MOST disgusting people that have EVER trodden this planet!!!!

      Can’t you honestly see that Mohammed is a GIGANTIC DEVIL and that his “allah” (the most IMPOTENT imaginable “god” who can’t do ANYTHING for himself!!!) – his sock-puppet – is Satan himself????

      Truly, and with all our hearts as “infidels”: DEATH TO ISLAM!!!!!

      • Dear Ms. BNI:

        You’re completely right!! It’s just that I felt inspired at that moment to try to attack exactly the very statements that good-for-nothing had issued as close to the root as possible. A sort of exercise if you will, though that’s EXACTLY how I think and feel…


    • The Koran o tells how to live with non-Muslims ‘”And KILL them (the unbelievers) wherever you find them, and drive them out from whence they drove you out, and persecution is severer than slaughter, and do not fight with them at the Sacred Mosque until they fight with you in it, but if they do fight you, then slay them; such is the recompense of the unbelievers.” (Sura 2, verse 191).

    • Funny thing is Christianity came way before islam, it’s a fact, it’s history…so the fact that you believe in some moon God and a paedophile prophet and think that islam would get you to heaven when clearly it’s a false religion, is ignorance in itself, and what kind of peace are you talking about?? those muslim rat terrorists are killing people and beheading!! what kind of peace is that?? the fact that you still believe that islam is a religion of peace makes you sound even more ignorant. It’s a religion of terror, Nazism, and genocide…you need to open your eyes, this “religion” more like a cult is disgusting and needs to die down.

    • go sell your lies somewhere else. Islam is evil and Please don’t peddle your shit that its a religion of peace. Everyday and almost everwhere in the world where there is trouble there are muslims.

    • Open your eyes. You just don’t understand. you muslim devils kill people if they dont become muslim. bitch thats not peace. muslims are faggots.

  27. you can hate Muslims and Islam as much as you want but one thing you don’t have the power to do is take out imaan away. Everyday Muslims get insulted, everyday we are faced with so much hatred,it’s just truly disgusting. Not all terrorists are Muslims and not all Muslims are terrorists. Learn that before you go blaming Muslims for such little things. The Muslim Ummah will rise and be victorious among every religion then you will be crying and will try to seek Allah’s help. It will be far too late then. You can’t possibly wake up every morning and hate on Muslims and Islam, get a life!

    • JF, Oh, yes we can, and we hate muslims more today than we did yesterday and less than we will tomorrow. Not all Muslims are terrorists but most terrorists are muslims and most muslims support their goals. The Crusades destroyed you once, we will do it again. I have a life, telling the world about how evil Islam really is. And the world is listening.

    • Ferdous, You are blind to reality. Sure not all Muslims are terrorists but the 6pm news tells me every day that virtually ALL terrorists are Muslims. One day you will push us too much and then you will get what you deserve and you can thank those primitive Mullahs of yours!

    • There is no Allah you dope, these idiots go around believing in such nonsense. They truly believe in their PRIMITIVE mind , enough to die for that there is going to be 71 virgins and milk and honey forever. Talk about the definition of a fool.

      Brainwashed, poor reasoning halfwits, living in a fantasy world. I suppose from one angle it is understandable, their lives are so miserable in many of these countries, all they have got is this fairy tail to sustain them and to give them hope.

      However their are many fairy tales you can choose, and this fairy tail has very dark side.

    • I don’t hate muslims, I don’t even hate the muslim fanatics either, but I certainly don’t support jihad extemists, not all muslims are terrorists, I believe that, but what these people are saying here is that they mostly hate the extremists, I’m not fond of them either and I believe that this “Holy muslim war” needs to die down, these people are scary because of their ignorance, and BTW remember that Christianity came way before islam, Jesus Christ paid it all, he died for all humanity he is lord, he is the way the truth and the life, your Allah isn’t God, its you who needs to repent, ask the lord to come in to your heart and be your savior before its too late

    • Well, everyday muslims and Islam is trying to kill us for not following a pedophile that baked his brains from wearing a fucking diaper on his head in 120 heat. I haven’t heard of any Catholics or Jews beheading people for not following the Torah. You can’t be a muslim and not be an extremist. You camel fuck fuckers detest this Country and our freedom, but your the first fucks to hide behind our Constitution claiming that your rights have been violated. What about the rights of the female worker that was beheaded in a factory in Oklahoma? Or the rights of millions of others that have been destroyed by the religion of peace? Fuck, you get insulted so you pray to allah to kill us? Fucking caveman backwards 3rd century thinking.

  28. I am British – whatever that means now that Muslims are taking over! I love racial diversity but I hate Islam. People who follow Islam are deluded and verging on the lunatic. I wish that all Muslims in this country could simply disappear. More jobs, more peace. Less bloody burkhas that simply make me want to vomit! Fuck Mohammed, cut him into little pieces and feed him to the fucking Muslims with a piece of pork.

    • John, it is your country’s fault that lets these lunatics in. Now you all have to bend backward to appease them and hurt their religious sensitivity. It is not just England, it is happening all over Europe. This is a slow process of taking over the West: go to western countries, breed like rabbits and make the native population a minority; then impose the sharia law using “popular” vote. At this rate I wouldn’t be surprised to see Prime Minister Muhammad Abu Asshole as future British prime minister.

  29. As a woman who grew up in a tolerant society, I must say that although I do not outright hate Islam (or any religion, group of people, race, etc. for that matter) it is an awful religion. What God would allow KILLING and RAPE of non believers and women? Why should men be allowed to beat their women? Or practice polygamy? I once had a friend who was a very devout Muslim and almost drew me into the deadly snare that is Islam. But then I read the Qu’ran and found truth. What “peaceful religion” would promote hatred of any kind? While they say Islam is a peaceful religion, IT IS NOT. Terrorism and the killing of non-Muslims (jihad) is a GREAT THING and APPROVED by the Qu’ran. What thing of peace would allow the killing of INNOCENT PEOPLE. While I understand that the U.S. Military has killed Muslim people, (being a pilot in the Air Force) I can argue that the “peaceful Muslims” have no problem at heavily firing back. Islam is not a religion of peace. It is a religion of slavery and oppression, as you said. While I will never hate someone for being Muslim and never try to rid them of where I live, I will never accept the religion as one of peace and I will NEVER accept it as a religion at all. It’s more of a cult in my eyes.

    • I was reading an article on the internet, where this 12 year old muslim was complaining his rights were violated, because they had a donation for a poor family and he had to see Christmas items. He said he refused to donate any food to them, because Christmas was evil. Then he asked the molua if had done the right. Yes, he was so proud of this student and praised him highly. I think Americans and Christians have bent over backwards to accept muslims, It has gone to far and I feel like I am ready to explode with anger.Something is going happen. I think we will lose our mind and do something horific. When are we going to say there are savags, demons, that were surely get what is coming to them, but I am getting tired of their abuse. We have put up with these cowards long enough.

      • Tell the fucking Muslim to get a life and a brain. They are indoctrinated to believe such rubbish – when will they realise that the Quran is a book written by people and is NOT the word of God. You cannot win an argument with them because they are so stupid. I spent two hours debating with Muslims in Birmingham UK and they just take you round in circles. You might as well try to reason with a piece of wood. They remind me of Jehovah’s Witnesses with their false logic.

    • Muslims often quote the the following: “If our religion is so bad why are we the fastest growing religion and why do we have 1.6 billion followers?”

      My answer can be summed up in three parts, here they are:


      Islam is found with very rare exception in the most impoverished states with the highest illiteracy and lowest education levels. Is it coincidence that Somalia, Afghanistan and Bangladesh are the poorest countries in the world and Muslim too?, I think not.

      Due to the regressive nature of the Islamic countries, democracy and economic growth are retarded. Additionally, Muslims cannot live with each other, Syria being a case in point. There is always some destructive war be undertaken that leads to further poverty and squalor. Thus this further amplifies this poverty.

      Now high birth rates are associated with poor states, that is the chief reason why Islam is growing so fast, just as the sub Sahara Africa has an extremely high birth rate due to poverty and poor education. Hardly a position reason for growth is it?

      The religion grows fast in the West because Muslims breed like rabbits, again usually due to poverty of their communities, not because of moral superiority.


      The second reason for growth is the aggressive intolerant nature of the religion itself, this religion is in many ways like a oppressive cult, members who try to leave are faced with extreme social rejection in their communities and in the worse cases; death. It is acceptable according to extreme followers of Sharia law to kill people who convert from this religion. Naturally with such an oppressive culture there would not be many people willing to leave that faith.

      In Christianity one can freely leave that faith without the fear of death or extreme isolation from their people or their family.

      This leads to a very high retention rate in this religion. also there is a great forced indoctrination in these communities, brainwashing of the highest order and little to counter it do to a culture that crushes free thought and alternative viewpoints. Again the characteristic of an oppressive cult are seen, a child is given little option, Islam or nothing else. For example Christianity is banned or oppressed in many countries.

      Again hardly a positive reason is it?


      The third reason is the following, Islam is the religion of the sword throughout it’s history it has been spread by violence and oppression. People of other faiths conquered by Islam were either killed, forced off their land or made into the second class citizens where they had to paid taxes and were often humiliated. Their places of worship were destroyed and they were often not allowed to practice their faith in public and definitely not allowed to covert Muslims. Millions of people have been killed or oppressed by the Muslim in history. The crusades were in fact a defensive measure undertaken by Europe to protect themselves from such assaults.

      (Historian John Philip Jenkins writes, ‘As late as the eleventh century, Asia was still home to at least a third of the world’s Christians and perhaps a tenth of all Christians lived in Africa.  What happened to this thriving, intellectually vibrant Christianity?  It was virtually wiped out by violent Islamic persecution, especially during the fourteenth century, due to ethnic and religious cleansing.’  Islam became known as ‘the religion of the sword,’ and for good reason.)

      Now here is your option you were given: accept Islam OR die, be forced off the land you loved and have invested so much of life in losing your wealth and property, or be treated as a second calls citizen living in poverty and oppressive. So it is understandable why many converted to Islam, not for love of the faith but through fear and repression.

      Again hardly a positive reason is it?

    • Very kind of you to be so gentle in your comments so as not to offend anyone, however…………….I fucking hate Muslims, and, since it is not a true religion, all of the cult members should leave our country

  30. Jesus, it’s like this every time things get heated in the world. The scared and the ignorant come pouring out in droves to stand against the thing they hate, even if they have no idea what the hell they are talking about. This is the kind of simple minded, unfounded bull that allowed Nazis to commit the atrocities they did.

    You don’t hate Islam, you don’t even know what it is. You hate the evil fucks who have manipulated it to turn desperately ingrained faith, desperation, and the exact same hatred and ignorance the, seemingly, thousands of posters here have exhibited. You ARE the fairy tale nightmare ‘Islamists’ that you’ve created here for your hating pleasure.

    Islam is a very concentrated religion; it’s existed in such a condensed region for so many centuries that the now over flowing population and constantly dwindling resources of the ever encroaching & intensifying arid, desert landscape have forced on them through pure circumstance are losing their ability to thrive. Survival is constantly an issue on the minds of Muslims in the worst off countries, danger is everywhere in myriad forms, they and their children and other loved ones are under constant threat of one form or another, and you think all of them are evil? Why even have an opinion when you base them off of nothing?

    Only lack wits assume they have a justified reason for hating a type of people. In reality, it’s people like you who are responsible for the very worst of humanity. Turn to love, crazy concept though that may be. It binds people together regardless of circumstance, it is always the best path regardless of circumstance, and hatred is only ever the path of ‘The Enemy’, whoever that is from one decade to the next, regardless of fucking circumstance. How many more centuries of this shit do we have to endure before you people stop making the same obvious mistakes of the last Nazi-wannabes before you? History was a boring ass class for most, sure, but you don’t have to go through life evil AND dumb. That’s no life.

    • Mirk, you stupid ignorant idiot, many of us have read the quran and studied the filthy death cult posing as a religion. We have plenty of solid reasons for hating islam and its sycophant followers. Don’t come here and lecture us with your far left wing crap. And don’t comment here again. We hate your ilk too. I see you’re in Canada, you must be in Ontario where all the leftist scum live.

      • Say whatever pleases you, but it will be you who will face Allah’s wrath in the hereafter. Islam is peace and you people have to stop with all the hatred because it’s going anywhere. People who know zero things about Islam talk bad about it are just pure ignorant.

      • JF, you are wrong. More than 60 million people who have visited BNI know the truth and muslims are hated more now than ever before. Get out of my country before we kick you out.

      • Dear Ms. BNI:

        There are enough muzzies and leftists also in BC and Québec. [For example, the PQ (Parti Québecois and its federal arm the Bloc Québecois) is quite leftist in its orientation when they’re not dealing with separatism.] In fact, it’s not uncommon to find substantial numbers of such in any and all of the larger cities (say, greater than 250,000) and associated conurbations (suburbs of a metropolis). Toronto (Ontario), Vancouver (BC), Montréal (Québec) ALL lead in this regard.

        Granted that Ontario is the worst of the English-speaking provinces in the totalitarian-minded people: we can’t forget Calgary and Edmonton in Alberta likewise…

        Otherwise, BRAVISSIMA again for putting “Mirk” (NOT a Western-sounding name at all!!!) in his place – and as to his implying that history is boring and thus leading to ignorance, I say that he’s absolutely LYING!!!

      • In other words, “Jannatul Ferdous” simply can’t accept that non-Moslems CAN learn all one can possibly know about Islam and truly hate it. He thinks that only ignorants can loathe it!!!

        Let that attest to not only his bigotry but the bigotry of virtually ALL Moslems worldwide – and no wonder, since they DON’T know the true art and science of reasoning (as they disdain everything not endorsed by their IDOL Mohammed!!); thus, they’re easy meat for SATAN (one of whose MANY names is “allah”).

        Blessed indeed will be the day when Communism and Islam are utterly EXTERMINATED from the earth!!!! When totalitarianism generally becomes no more than a bad memory…

      • It’s laughable how muslims continue to insist on the peaceful nature of their religion. Despite the fact we have been bombarded by verifiable facts of what muslims do on a daily basis, proof of their indelible brainwashing continues to be revealed. There is no hope for peace until every last muslim is exterminated. Allah is the doggie too on my shoe; a fictitious god used by muslims to justify the evil they bring to the world. It is time we stand up and make sacrifices to reverse the trend in the U.S. We will not go quietly into the night. Don’t focus on the negativity of hatred for muslims. Hatred is more than appropriate; hard earned by followers of islam. Hatred is required to preserve logic and reasonability in this country.

    • I take issue with the statement: ” the vast majority of Muslims are against Sharia law and the imposition of a Muslim state.” It is PC crap, Egypt attests to this, the failure of the Arab Spring attests to this, and the REAL polls indicate this. And these are the one’s who are honest, there would be large percentage particularly in the West who would not. So factor that in.

      I once worked with an Indian Muslim in 2001 just around the time of Sept 11. Before that event happened I had a CIVIL discussion about Islam with him. This individual was well groomed, well educated and highly proficient at his job. In his soft spoken style he explained to me how he believed in the stoning to death of adulterers, the cutting of hands of thieves etc. He was obviously a true believer in Sharia Law. This from an otherwise pleasant individual, refined and well educated. And remember those guys who flew the planes into the buildings were engineers, tertiary educated and the current head of that terror organization is an eye surgeon.

      And remember due to the regressive natural of Islam the majority of Muslims are poorly educated. In fact there is a contempt of education by the religiousness elite who control all in a true Muslim state, as it encourages free thinking and criticisms of Sharia law.

      This is the true face of Islam, the true moderates are an aberration. That is why there will never be a TRUE democracy in the Middle- East, that is why Hindu’s and Buddhists integrate well in Europe and the Muslims do not. And that is why there are no major protests against Muslim terrorists in Muslims communities. They really believe in the CENTRAL aspiration of the terrorists, that is to bring Sharia law to all.

      Sharia Law is incompatible with integration, based on the the correct and pure interpretation of this law ( not some lying model given by deceitful BS artists to dopey westerners, THEY ARE PLAYING A GAME, IN ISLAM IT IS OK TO LIE, IF YOU DECEIVE THE ENEMIES OF ISLAM),

      There can be no compromise, no other conflicting belief systems, THE ONLY WAT TO PREVENT THIS NATURAL PROGRESSION TO SHARIA LAW IN MUSLIM STATES BY THE MASSES, IS BY A DICTATORSHIP OR A QUASI DICTATORSHIP. Turkey is not really a democracy neither is Malaysia or Indonesia. And those are the most tolerant Muslims states.

      Your dopey leaders including that fool Mc Cain have no idea.

      Now observe the Middle East OBJECTIVELY, note how tolerant Muslims are of others and has free thinking really survived in that region, in fact there are hardly any Christians left in these regions. Note how well they integrate and live with others in other lands from Asia to Europe.

      True Islam was once for brief period a progressive culture, but that died out and the predominant form of Islam, and Islam for the last 800 years has been regressive and oppressive, this is it natural dominant form that has evolved. And the relevant form.

      The dominant t form of Islamic preaching is based on Muhammad’s Medina teachings not his Mecca (more peaceful) preachings.In Mecca the faith was jsut beginning and he was outnumbered by non-believers, it was wise to be more tolerant. However by the time of Medina he was the dominant force, and his preachings became far more darker. Like the new testament has predominance over the old testament, since they are later version (Medina) are preceIved to be the MOST CORRECT instruction. These preachings are aggressive and intolerant.

      An honest and objective analysis cannot fail to see the REAL truth about ISLAM. From now on every time I hear a twit say: “THIS IS NOT TRUE ISLAM” I am going to change the channel. I am sick of this bullshit.

      The very fact that there are 1.6 billion of them does not change the facts.

    • Mirk, although I agree with you about the wanton hatred of a group of people, as an ex-Muslim I totally disagree with you on Islam itself. This is NOT a religion, it is a cult. Study it as I did and you will see Mohammad and his successors were no different than Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, the head of ISIS. He is not doing anything his so-called religion did not allow. Islam wouldn’t be here today if it was not because of its war mongering; that’s how they spread their cult: pay “Jaziah” if you want to keep your religion or lose your head. As an ex-Muslim, my blood is for the taking by any devout, fanatic Muslim. Isn’t this more like a gang; you can get in but you can’t get out? I cannot tell you all the things this religion of peace did to my country, Iran, in this short space, when they invaded it 1000 years ago; and 1000 years later they have not changed an iota. Believe me, this is not a religion, it is a disease. We have been dealing with Persian version of ISIS for the past 35 years. This disease needs to be dealt with, and the only way is to do it by using a language they understand: sword.

      • more than 35 years, right after fascist mullahs invaded my country and started their reign of terror. It made me look at Islam more closely and the more I studied it the more I came to hate it. I really hope to live long enough to see all mullahs, and I mean ALL mullahs, hanging from the trees by their turbans. My country needs a total religious cleansing. This filth needs to be thrown back to deserts of Arabia, where it belongs.

    • dork, As a person of Afghani Hindu origin you lefturd retards repulse me more than any followers of the Abuser of Aisha ever could, fucktards like you are not only selling the souls of your children to the devious death cult, you are also selling OURS.

      Read some fucking history for fucks sake man, I suggest starting with the greatest historian of the 20th Century Will Durrant b 1885 (before islamophobia and all the associated whitewashing of history) and see what the death cult has done to humanity.

      islam will NEVER stop harvesting souls in the name of the child raping, pervert, rapist, sadist, plagiarist, murdering, slaver prophet of doom Aka the Filthy Prophet Mohammed (may his corpse be based in feces for an eternity).

      40% of British Muzshats in 2011 supported sharia law!!! Do you know what sharia means?

      They are breeding like flies quantity not quality is the idea, lots of interbred retards in Non muslim countries and cleansing muslime countries of Non Muslims, I think we should be scared and stop the madness.

      I would give them 1 year and then ban all islamic shit on the streets, no mosques no burkas, hijabs, if you want to believe in the pedophile prophet do it at home maybe in the toilet..

      Any body who complains has 2 choices deportation to muslime shithole of choice and £25,000 (we are more compassionate then they will ever be) or a bullet in the head.. They CHOOSE to believe in the offensive, abhorrent, divisive , absurd delusions of the aforementioned pervert prophet.

      • Couldn’t agree more shanker. Someone needs to ask these assholes why is it OK in your countries to ban everything western, as satanic, but you go to those same western countries and want them to respect your piece of shit ideology? Why is not OK for women in your country to dress as they wish but when you go to a western country you can insist to cover your women in burkas? It is time for spineless leaders of west to find some balls and deal with these assholes: no burkas, no face masks on women, no middle of the street prayers (as they have done in France, truly disgusting). There has to be a limit on political correctness in this country.

    • Hi to all: You know what I cannot understand? Why the heck with all of the room in Saudi Arabia just why all of these Muslims are settling in countries like the US, Canada, UK and all western countries and express their disagreement with our democracies simply emigrate to Saudi Arabia, the “center” of Islam who would welcome them with open arms???? I’ll tell you…they truly want the world converted to Islam and any so-called “moderate” muslim will willingly turn violent if threatened or encouraged by their “leaders”… Just read about who Obama has appointed to very high positions…uh, like the head of the CIA who converted to Islam while in Saudi Arabia in another former government position? The CIA? Yeah, and other high ranking positions as well are held by Muslims , thanks to Obama. I fear more beheadings and violence if we do not get a handle on this and stop importing these people…we will surely be sorry. Anyone who could believe that when this nasty, evil, power and wealth-hungry man, Mohammed, decided to rape a small child, he simply told his gullible, or equally evil followers, that Allah told him it was okay. What a crock of shit! It appears when reading through the Quran that every disgusting, evil thing this man wanted to do, he simply told everyone that his “god” approved and wrote these evil lies. Gee, quite a difference from Jesus, don’t ya think? What kind of Creator, the ultimate of both intelligence and loving spirit, of this magnificent, huge universe down to the tiniest matter would really approve of raping and/or degrading his beautiful creation, His female children like that!, Father, forgive them for they know not what they do…but please gather them together in Saudi Arabia and teach them a lesson! Thanks so much for “listening!”

  31. I would love to tell everyone that i hate muslims and islam shit people but i am livving in malayasia where you have to be muslim if your malaysian luckly i am not asian and i am cristian but if you live in a country with fucking islams then pull out your cross the will stare because they are offened when you pull out your cross. I SAY FUCK ISLAM.

  32. I despise all religions. God, Allah, Satan, Buddha, whatever, are not real. Imagine a world free from godliness. There are no gods and there are no prophets. I am free. Are you?

    • I tried really hard to make sense of what Post Human was saying but gave up. Then I realized he is just a shit head and I was just expecting too much from him. Typical brainwashed cult member.
      It is so arrogant of these people who come to this country and want everyone to adjust to their way of life and not them adjusting to host country’s way of life. If you don’t like it here, then get the fuck out and go back to where sharia law rules.

    • Sorry Jeff, can’t agree with that. Personally I think Buddhism tells us the “truth” of the nature of reality. Or at least is a lot closer to the truth than other religions. What I have no time for are the Monotheistic religions. But that aside, every religion on earth – except islam, teaches love, compassion and empathy for all beings, regardless of their beliefs. Only islam teaches, in fact commands, total hatred of all non-muslim beings. Every other religion on earth was founded by a great spiritual leader who lived a life of love and service to his fellow man. Only islam was founded by a murdering warlord. There is something deeply, fundamentally wrong with islam. In essence you could say it is an anti-religion. It extolls as virtues that which are regarded as the highest of sins in all other religions.

  33. As an ex-Muslim let me tell you that what ISIS and Taliban are doing is the real Islam and not what the apologists say, that this is a religion of peace. Islam was founded by a megalomaniac schizophrenic who wanted to become king but had no army. Having traveled to civilized part of the world on his trading trips (financed by his rich old wife) he came to know Christianity and Judaism. So he decided inventing a religion for the barbaric Arabs of (Saudi) Arabia was the next best thing to make his dreams come true. The Arabs, however, didn’t care much for his teachings which started more like Christianity, with messages of love and compassion. Arabs were into looting and raping. Muhammad then changed his tone. Allah decided it was OK to rape the women and children of the conquered and take away their possessions. This is the time he gathers a large crowd around him. The more Allah tells them (through Mohammad, of course) that they deserve the riches and women of infidels, the more army he gathers. This piece of shit excuse for a religion was based and created by sword and it is only by sword that this cancerous disease can be wiped out. When I see ISIS beheading, I can see what Mohammad and his followers had done to others 14 centuries ago. These wild dogs have not changed an iota in 1400 years.
    Someone has to ask Muslims that if Allah was the god Mohammad came to know, how come his father’s name was Abdallah (Abd=servant, so his father’s name means servant of Allah)? No need to answer: Allah was one of the idols in Mecca that Arab idol worshipers, before Islam, used to worship and this is a compromise he had to make to keep idol worshipers happy.
    The longer we wait to deal with Islam the heavier the price will be. These other fuckers will destroy the world give the chance. Just my two pennies …

    • NoBull, welcome, and thanks for your perspective as an ex-Muslim. I have been posting stories from Muslim apostates about why they chose to leave Islam. If you’d care to submit yours, I would be happy to post it. (No names used, of course)

      You can email me at barenakedislam@gmail if interested.

  34. The Muslims are not happy!

    They’re not happy in Gaza.
    They’re not happy in Egypt
    They’re not happy in Libya.
    They’re not happy in Morocco.
    They’re not happy in Iran.
    They’re not happy in Iraq.
    They’re not happy in Yemen.
    They’re not happy in Afghanistan.
    They’re not happy in Pakistan.
    They’re not happy in Syria.
    They’re not happy in Lebanon.

    So, where are they happy?

    They’re happy in England.
    They’re happy in France.
    They’re happy in Italy.
    They’re happy in Germany.
    They’re happy in Norway.

    They’re happy in every country that is not Muslim.

    And who do they blame?

    Not Islam.
    Not their leadership.
    Not themselves.



    Everyone seems to be wondering why Muslim terrorists are so quick to commit suicide.

    Let’s have a look at the evidence: No Christmas. No television. No nude women. No football. No pork chops. No hotdogs. No burgers. No beer. No bacon. Rags for clothes. Towels for hats.
    Constant wailing from some idiot in a tower.
    More than one wife.
    More than one mother-in-law.
    You can’t shave.
    Your wife can’t shave. You can’t wash off the smell of donkey.
    You wipe your #$%$ with your hand.
    You cook over burning camel sheeet.
    Your wife is picked by someone else.
    Your wife smells worse than your donkey. Then they tell you that “when you die, it all gets better”.
    No sheeet Sherlock! It’s not like it could get much worse!

    • Here is an idea for a great movie epic. The title of the film would be called: “CALIPHATE”. The plot, Europe set in the year 2150, Muslims now outnumber the rest of the population and have taken control.

      They impose Sharia law on all, Christians, atheists and anyone else who disobeys their rule are arrested, imprisoned and executed. Woman have been reduced to sex and domestic slaves as education and the vote are forbidden to them. The welfare and economic system has long since collapsed and science and freethinking are banned under threat of death. Illiteracy rates and unemployment have risen to unprecedented levels.

      The Islamic dark ages have descended: no freedom, poverty, ignorance and illiteracy, with a corrupt and hypocritical Muslim elite ruling. (sounds like the Middle-East does it not)

      The highest rating TV show is the nightly execution of infidels and individuals who have been condemned by Sharia law. No one must attack Islam or question Islamic law.

      Native Europeans are now second class citizens, living in closed off communities and they live in great fear and oppression.

      This is the background to story of one European family’s struggle to survive, they have lost their culture , their wealth, their freedom and their land. They look back with intense regret and disgust of the legacy that the liberal elites did to Europe, with their suicidal immigration polices. “Naive fools” the father cries to his son in terrible frustration and sadness in one scene when they examine books of Europe written two centuries ago and see how great it WAS and what they have LOST.

      They are desperate to escape this horror, North and South America are still free, the USA has watched with regret as it has seen Europe fall and has learned not to make the same mistakes. The climax of the story is the family making their escape from this terror, their journey of escape dangerous with many twists and turns but they do succeed in the end, making it to the FREEZONE.

      You have some sort of happy ending, that’s how Hollywood makes money.

      Now would Hollywood make such a film, not in a million years!!!

    • and.. when they do get to paradise, they are going to be extremely unhappy to discover that the 77 virgins promised them was really a translation error in the Koran and should have read 77 rasins.
      Grammar 0/10: Must try harder Mohammed

    • I feel like I’ve been blind since 2001. I just watched the Nick Berg beheading video and my heart sank and my soul wept for his family. I pray that he has peace in Heaven with Angels to forever protect him.

      Having said that, why have we not bombed that part of the world back to the stone age?? I try not to be a hateful person, but these monsters have got to go! Smoke em’ out, burn em’ out, whatever it takes to rid the earth of these despicable evil beings. They want their 70 virgins? Let’s give them an express route there.

    • yes brother this is how we will disempower the blindly stupid with mockery shining the flickering light of natural mutual reason lol as the haters consume themselves in paroxims of apopoleptic rightousness and futility ignominious end to the left and the right all power to the middle that balence that prosoers life as a seen fact that which truly prospers community

  35. Ban Islam now!

    “About sixty-one percent of the contents of the Koran are found to speak ill of the unbelievers or call for their violent conquest; at best only 2.6 percent of the verses of the Koran are noted to show goodwill toward humanity.About seventy-five percent of Muhammad’s biography (Sira) consists of jihad waged on unbelievers.”

    Dr. Moorthy Muthuswamy

    3,102 killed by Muslims in America in 71 terror attacks
    Muslim-Americans killed “in revenge”: 1

    1993 – World Trade Center bombing – Muslim!
    1997 – Empire State Building killing – Muslim!
    2001 – September 11 attacks – Muslim!
    2001 – Shoe bomber plot – Muslim
    2002 – Beltway sniper attacks – Muslim!
    2004 – five run down with a car. – Muslim!
    2006 – Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar incident – Muslim!
    2006 – Seattle Jewish Federation shooting – Muslim!
    2007 – Shooting rampage at a Salt Lake City mall – Muslim!
    2009 – New your bomb plot – Muslim!
    2009 – Northwest Airlines Flight 253 attempt to blow up – Muslim!
    2010 – Times Square car bomb attempt – Muslim!
    2011 – Waltham, MA three Jews slaughtered – Muslim!
    2013 – Boston Marathon Bombings – Muslim!

    • Yes Muslims they are killing those who disobey Allah they must be killed if you killed is your own fault because you disobey Allah

      • Muslims are the first victims of islam. To liberate the muslim from his religion is the best service that one can render him. ~ Ernest Renan

      • Strange that Allah can’t do the killing for himself! Oh I know why…because Allah is an ancient man made character! Religion (& or a belief in a higher being is the greatest insult to the intelligence of the human race! Mohammed…May piss be upon him!

      • I love it when a Muslim like TrueMan opens his mouth and shows exactly what Islam is all about: OBEY our murderous god or die! But Islam is a peace loving religion! We just behead you if you don’t agree with it.

  36. The time for debate is over. There is no ambiguity about Islam being peaceful or not. Islam takes people who are born no different, no better or worse than anyone else, and turns them rabid. There are silently, yet rabidly hateful, Muslims doing the silent Jihad of worming Islam into the west. There are violent and loud Muslims, committing the most horrific, inhuman acts of violence and inhumanity, and their are leftist pig liberals providing cover for the evil Jihad, with their accusations of Islamiphobia and their ground zero mosque supporting. Any adult liberal who cannot tell the good people from the evil, honor killing, wife-raping, oppressive bigs from the good people, can have the dark side of this epic battle, and die like dogs in pig skin along with the rest of thee Muslims. They started this holy war; we need to get a real President, stop fucking around, and an end to these evil killers and render Islam a mere bad dream in the night-span of history.

  37. this is not Islam at all take deep look at real Muslims and these who kill and do bad stuff are not Muslims and they are only doing this to make Islam looks bad take look over again and search deep before u make your decision

      • Everytime I see and hear people shouting ‘Allahu Akhbar’ when doing their imbecilic killing rituals, I feel the need find the ‘prophet’ of islam and slap him with my own hands (and feet).

        There is not enough room here for all my insulting needs towards mohamed (the universal coward – free translation). Nor for his followers.

        Allah is the boogey-man under their filthy beds and islam is a shame for all nations who worship moham-mad.

        mohamed, I would unearth you from whatever sticky-mud place you might lay and I would give enough material to any manual for desecration ever writen on this planet.

    • rubbish. there is no such thing as a non-radical muslim, just as there is no such thing as a voter who is not responsible for the actions of the party they vote for. this intolerant, ignorant, violent religion has declared global war of any non-muslim, so let them have it. a global crusade to wipe the scum out is the only answer.

    • Yes it is Islam. I was Muslimah until i decided to read certain hadeeths and the entire Qur’an. Muhammad married Aisha when she was 6. He practiced molestation on her called “Mufakhat’hat” or “thighing”. The details of this horrid practice when men still do to baby girls in Saudi Arabia and thoughout Iran is still practiced. He then proceeded to rape her as a little girl of only 9 years old. And all the men of Islam are infatuated with this sick idea. Many girls die bleeding to death on their wedding night. The last case was an 8 year old girl in Yeman whose 46 year old husband raped her. She had her insides ripped apart and she bled to death. There is no excuse, other than Muslim men are for the most part, perverts and pedophiles just like Muhammad (not SAW) was.

    • ADam Walker, I hope you are a major person not an infant, also with this pity old hypocratic argument, I also suspect that you are a radical muslim using an ID looking like a Christian.
      So listen, no matter who so ever you are, a Christian or a Muslim a liar & deceptive religously, if those pigs are not real muslims and muslims are actually very peace loving, why do not they raise their voice even for a single criminal/inhuman violent activities committed by other muslims while these are much more horrific and committing far more casualties than in Gaza for which none of muslim forgot to participate in demonstration, and many of these demonstrations also turned violent and caused loss of public property….wow….what a religion of peace, in a demonstration seeking peace, they cannot manage peace…thay should be shot in their forehead….but this is becoz of one and only muslim president which US is suffering.

      Now listen if you are a Christian, you should be ashamed of your childish ignorant and utter nonsence opinion. Don’t you read newspaper, listen news, or surf websites where it is clearly mentioned with all details, which you can verify that muslims who were residing side by side with Christian and non-muslims in Iraq were the first person to rape and loot their non-muslim neighbours once they got moral support and came know that ISIS has upper hand….wow what a example of humanity and brotherhood after being neighbours for centuries.

      If you believe muslims are not bad, then there may be exceptions (1 in a lac) who is untouched with the extremist and hardliner inhuman approach of Allah, Mohammad, Quran, Hadis and Sunna towards non-muslims, otherwise wash your face…wake up or wait till the date your family women get raped by muslims and you get slaughtered on the name of Allah.

      Grow up.

  38. I used to believe that there are some good Muslims and we mustn’t lump all Muslims with the terrorists, but man have I changed!! I think the rest of the world would be better off if Muslims never existed. Their holy book states over and over infidels must die. Here is the thing–don’t bring that filthy shit into our nation. Stay in your homelands and do not come to America. Most people hate you and will drive you out of their communities. We do not want you in America. Americans need to stop with all the PC–this is going to come down to us or them–and innocent men, woman and children will be causalities–well that’s too fkn bad! I do not care if a 5-year old jihadist in training dies–I really do not. I would like to see a President with real man-balls level the region into nothing. Its the only way the rest of the world will find a modicum of peace. Islam is a false religion of murder and hate and Mohammad was married to a 6 year old. There are no good Muslims. Even the ones who live here as citizens root for their home nations over us. You are evil people and a real leader will drop bombs all over the region and send these people cowering into holes. If you are Muslim and are here and you do not like our way–our majority religion then get the fuck out!!! YES; WE HATE ISLAM.

      • They are “demonic, pagan, swine, and goddess worshipers of Allah the PIG “who was known only to Muhammad, the PIG sodomiser, a common thief, child rapist, paedophile, homosexual, slaver and murderer. May PIG bowel waste be upon them and fill the bellies of all Muslims.

  39. For YEARS I have tried to warn friends and achquaintances about the perils posed by Islam – a religion invented by a sick madman whose conversations with Allah occurred during his seizures.
    I have carefully watched the horrific picture emerge throughout Europe over a long tikme – of a religion constantly pushing for change to the way of life established over centuries; and for the most part governments gave way desperately trying ot to offend.
    A former Mayor of Greater London told people not to have have Christmas trees in their windows, or placed where they could be seen from the street in order not to “öffend”. In Britain dozens of plots being hatched by young Muslims were traced but judges dismissed most cases since the evidence was largely “circumstantial”. SO what? If it’s convincing terrorism is a crime apart from all others. Fight fire with fire.
    Any Westerners who might be living in the Middle East countries would never dare to involve themselves in such activities.The very BEST treatment they could expect would be to be expelled from the country.
    ISLAM is a strictly one-way street when it comes to tolerance. There is abundant evidence all around you.
    I had nine Muslim “learning bookshops” within a mile of my former home in London where loads of nasty material was unearthed, while much of the truly repugnant material being preached at the Mosques was murderous and vitriolic. Some of this was caught on secret cameras and aired on TV.
    The Imam at the North London Mosque repeatedly told his congregation they didn not require guns to kill “the enemy” – they had rat poison, kitchen knives and……etc A true message of love and compassion!

    Now what of those traitors who came to our countries to find a new way of life and democratic advantages who have run off to join a band of well-organised religious zealots who behead even little children? Surely the intelligence agencies should be monitoring Muslim homes where a member has been absent for a prolonged period.
    When they try to return to their adoptive countries we should tell them plainly – “You have committed treason. You joined the enemy and betrayed this country which gave you so much opportunity because you despise us, our religions and our culture. So choose – stand trial for treason or get on the next plane back to the desert.”

    My items of news sent out to friends or discussed with them to alert them often brings a sort of facial reaction – ‘He’s intolerant. He’s a bigot. Spreading hatred.”

    Though it will give me little pleasure I shall be able to say in a few years “What did I TELL you?”
    Th writing is on the wall. Treat the enemy as he would treat you.

    “Make friend of neither Christian nor Jew. They are to be despised”
    “Take their homes, their wives, their families, their possessions and lands on which you have not yet trod”


  40. Our governments need to take a stand and make strict rules. If you come to a non islamic country, then you should not be able to practise a ideology which encourages killing of others, non mulsims, suicide warriors etc. I can’t see christians going into Islam countries and throwing there weight around like muslims do in our lands. Its better now then leading to more issues and a all out war. Just put your foot down and set standards and rules, if your don’t like, don’t come to the country. Simple.

    • Why doesn’t our government recognize that all muslims are potential little terrorists. Having them in live in the US or Canada is a threat to our societies and our nations. Send them all back to their home countries, let them all kill each other, then nuke the remainder. We solve the muslim problem, and have cheap oil in the world for the next 200 years. This is enough time to figure out knew energy solutions for the future. Giving cheap oil will make friends not enemies.

      • well max the reason why our government allows these murderous criminals to dwell in our midst is because our ( and most other ) governments are being run by a totalitarian zionist banker monopoly, and to tell the truth they’d like nothing better than to see all of the rest of our freedoms to fall by the wayside, as a form of martial law, akin to the patriot act, slowly but surely strangles the freedoms of those of us who are not rich enough to buy our way into the new world order. you’ll see soon enough if you live to see it…. not to say that killing all the muslims wouldn’t be a great start to cleaning up the world, but the problem is so much bigger than them, they are stupid enough to believe the crazy crap that is islam, so you must know in your heart they are just the pawns in another demon’s clutches..beware of the zionist’s , if you really read the old testament it has the same genocidal flavor as the crazy ass koran, the hebrew god commanded the jews to steal the so called holy land( iv’e never seen a more sad piece of crap strip of sand in my life by the way ) from the canannites ( who were not arabs, just so you know ) the bible, so called word of god, says that they were to leave no breathing thing alive no man, women, child or animal at all whatsoever. anyone who thinks that they are they chosen people of god are a very dangerous people to be very careful and suspicious of.

      • Though I cannot prove it, I have become utterly convinced over the years that our traitorous politicians have deliberately and knowingly surrounded us by the enemy – in our own lands. I live in Europe and I cannot believe the Europe I see today, compared to just 30 years ago. This has not happened by accident. The muslims could not be here if our own leaders had not invited them, opened the borders to them, and then given them flats and taxpayer money to live on. In fact they are given preferential treatment over other (much more worthwhile) foreigners. Other foreigners are only legally allowed to be here so long as they work and pay taxes. Not so the muslims. They are given state benefits from day 1. I live in an area called the ghetto. It’s not a slum, it’s called the ghetto because 90% of the families living here are muslim. The rent is about 1200 dollars per month. Not cheap. And yet all these muslims are able to pay that and not one of them works – ever. Makes me sick. Our traitorous leaders knew what they were doing from the start. They knew what the end-goal would be when they intentionally implanted a cancer within our civilized societies. And they never put it to a vote, never asked us the people if it was ok if they could import hundreds of thousands of medieval muslim barbarians. No, they just went ahead and did it, stealthily. They knew well that 200,000 in 1980 would multiply to 1 million by 2000, and 5 million by 2020, and 30 million by 2040. The math is simple. They knew also what the true nature of these savages was, that they would never integrate, and would remain forever violently hostile to the host nations that were so generous to them. At the same time they punished any alarmed natives who dared to criticise or draw attention to the growing cancer in our midst. So now here we are, 2014, and the long experiment in social engineering and demographic destruction is well on it’s way. Many people are finally starting to see the full horror of what’s coming, but it’s too late. You can’t destroy a cancer once it’s so advanced. You have to eradicate it early. One day if there is ever a major war between the West and the islamic world, whose side do you think they are going to be on? What do you think is going to happen then in our own streets? We are surrounded by the enemy now. Just 10 minutes ago I went across the street to buy a pack of cigarettes. 2 muslim females (and I always find the females to be the most rabid and hate-ridden) in full medieval muslim attire walked past me. As is always the case they looked at me with utter contempt and hatred, even though they don’t know me at all. Just because they have been brainwashed from birth to hate me because I am “Kuffar”.

    • Why I hate islam? That’s why:

  41. Lets get something straight…YOU ignorant muslim fucks brought all this shit on yourselves by denouncing Christianity and attacking our way of life.. Get out of America before we shove America it straight up your filthy, worthless asses.

    • By mentioning Christianity, your opinion counts for nothing. I do not like what Islam is doing to people, its wrong and horrid, but you also must realise the bible is also just a book of fairy tales.

      • Cartman, I’ll tolerate your ridicule of my faith if you tolerate mine of yours. Go worship your crystals and dragons and while your at it, piss up a rope. Your opinion is much like you…worthless. But that’s OK…at least were not muslim.

      • Ya know, Cartman, you sound very arrogant and I really do not believe this site was established to bash anything other than Islam and I resent your “book of fairy tales” comment. I am a Christian and my opinion does count whether your arrogant, oh-so-supremely intelligent human ass thinks so or not! So, yes, Islam is “wrong and horrid,” but so is being an insulting atheist troll.

        I do not care if you or anyone else here may an atheist or not or are you one of those who sniffs around the net to find something about any religion just to spread around your hate of anything spiritual or outside of something your limited human brain cannot wrap itself around, nor, cannot even conceive, therefore, must surely be “fairy tales?” Thought we were discussing Islam, but guess people like you just can’t resist putting all of us religious dummies in our place beneath your huge, superior brain which I fear may be all you do worship. This comment is not to bash any atheists, or any other religion. We are here to discuss the horrors of Islam, which I must assume is the reason this website exists…for those that do, in fact, hold that view. Or, maybe I’m wrong, considering, according to you, Cartman, I’m just a dumb, deluded Christian.

      • I don’t know whether I would go so far as to call it a book of fairytales but I do believe a large portion of the New Testament had been changed and written in a way that’s suits the agenda of those with power and influence ( popes of the Vatican City )

  42. I hate islam, why? because it was a religion started by a man who was a liar, a loser in life, a murderer, and a pedophile, and he started the religion with lies, with stories he stole from the bible, and what he did not steal, he made up some total rubbish, according to his uneducated pathetic brain, to make himself popular. Because he was such a loser, no one liked him, he was tpp ugly and women did not want him, everyone shunned him, so he used religion to make idiots believe his lies and to make himself important.
    People who follow the religion these days do so out of being brainwashed by their family, they do not grow up with knowledge of different ideas and beliefs and make up their own minds…they are totally and utterly brain washed, and the fools can’t even see it.

      • I think …it is better, we should spent at least some time to study the things and conditions before commenting to any one or any thing… it will not make sense to any body if we say “i am coming from this and that surrounding and i am an authenticated person to say this and that”. We should use our brain’s power of learning and understanding to deduce any conclusion… instead of just following emotions of our heart… is n’t?

      • @BareNakedIslam : By studying many years , What we find in that religion ? only hate and killing or any other advantage??

        It is difficult to believe that if it a stupid religion then…

        * how it would have more than 1.6 billion followers?
        * how it become the second-largest religion ?
        * how it become the fastest-growing major religion in the world ?

        I think some where, some thing we missed …

        Either we are looking to the people who are saying we are true followers but in fact, they are very far away from the teachings of that religion.

        Or we have not studied properly the religion from authenticated sources.

        Other point is : We don’t want spent many years in studies to evaluate a stupid religion. By looking few months we can judge a stupid religion.. But we spent years, that means it has some thing, it is not void.

        I think we should start study this religion and find out all voids, stupids, faults, benefits, advantages etc..
        and come out with an answer to above questions.

      • Why bother trying to understand the mindless barbarism that the followers of Islam adopt, far easier to expunge it from the world

      • Hazrana,,, you are obviously an muslim, or some other mongoloid retard, as is apparent by your inability to even type correctly with spellcheck. your lack of intelligence totally negates all your limp wristed comments, enjoy our country you sand shitting pussy, you only have a short time until your imam tells you to strap a pipe bomb to your chest anyway so its not a big deal. rest in pieces turd towel

      • my grandparents were muslims, my mother married a asian, her family threated her badly. My siblings and I were treated like we were nothing, many attacks on my father and his family. I know that the majority of muslims has bad minds, and not forgiving. The hatred and resentments that they carry in their hearts are like cancer. Never turn your back on one, especially if you had a fallout with one many years ago, most people forgave and forget, but muslims dont. They have grievances in their hearts, and its in their bones and blood.Most are cowards, and the only way to put them in check is to stand up to them and gave them a taste of their own medicine . That is why I like the way Israel deal with them. and that is why they will from now on respect Israel. In the end good will always conquer evil………

    • I could easily say that about ANY other religion. How do you know for sure what is real and what is not? What proof do you have? How do you know it’s not the Bible that was altered so many times? After all, there ARE so many different versions of it.. Whereas there is only one version of the Quran… You say Muslims do not grow up with knowledge of different ideas and beliefs and whatever? You are right. Again, this is because there is only one belief. The ideas and beliefs weren’t altered by different people over the years. It is exactly the same as it’s been since the very beginning.

      Just saying… :)

      Everyone has the right to believe in whatever it is that they want to believe in. And everyone has the right to hate whatever it is that they want to hate. If you think Muslims have been brainwashed then great that’s your opinion. But don’t go around bashing Muslims just because they believe in something you don’t.

      • Everyone has the right to believe in whatever they want to believe. Yes that much is true, however, when that belief transcends the basic tenets of humanity, tolerance, compassion and decency, then it is time for that belief to be eradicated. Such is the way that Islam is “interpreted” by fanatics and the animals of ISIS. I hate Islam, not because of the faith, but because of all religions, it has never evolved, never shown tolerance and is a cancer that needs dealing with for the good of humanity. My deepest respects to the Kurds, who have suffered so much in the past few months at the hands of these Radical “Islamists”. My hope is that they decimate and wipe out this disease for the good of us all.

    • Hazrana, I help look after stray dogs and other animals we have a lot of dogs that come in so you get to see a lot of characteristics
      Some dogs love shit so much that they will eat the feces that come directly out of another dogs butt, you can scold the dog but he will always eat shit.
      All dogs are prone to eating feces some more than others, the reason they eat shit are many but mainly its due to 2 factors, their mother was a shit eater or they were abused and its a form of comfort. Dogs can get numerous diseases from eating shit they cannot be allowed to breed and some just need to be put to sleep.
      Therefore you cannot mix dogs that eat shit with ones that do not eat shit, because to all dogs shit tastes good its the easy food, if they see a fellow dog that gets to eat all the shit they think they are missing out and then they will start eating shit.

      muslimes are the shit eating dogs, they have been warned and scolded about the shit that came out of the rapist prophets mouth but they continue to eat the shit that came out of the rapist pervert prophets mouth in turn infecting other idiots who also start eating shit wanting a ticket to dirty moes eternal whorehouse, you can have your islam as its shit but we have to keep you shit eaters away from us, just leave the West and eat the shit in the Quranus somewhere else.

      • Oh, my…almost peed my pants reading this! So, right, but I think much more of dogs! “dirty moe’s eternal whorehouse!” Almost fell off my sofa and now will try and stop myself from rolling on the floor! Great post, Shanker!

  43. The ardent followers of Islam should not be allowed in any Western Country. If they are secular Muslims then okay, otherwise let them go to the Muslim dominated middle east cesspool of their choice and die there.

    • For all those radical Muslims who are leafleting. i hope you succeed in getting as many of your bros and sisters to go to Iraq, where hopefully the Americans will decimate you

  44. Satan / Christ is the same person he called himself the son of God. Satan / Lucifer was the first son of God. He rules this world we are all born of lies. You can only get to the father thru him.

    • You should not compare Yeshua with Satan. Satan was the fallen angel. Yeshua was not an angel but the true Son of God. When you associate Jesus with Satan you commit the unforgivable sin and are in great danger of burning in hell…

      • I don’t believe in Heaven or Hell or Jesus or Allah or whoever. I acknowledge a higher power, however everything else is speculation of humans.

  45. Muslims hope you all die in hell. nobody likes you, nobody wants you, the world would be better if you and your pathetic race were wiped off the face of earth. all you do is kill innocents, come to our countries, spit on our cultures, and demand we change OUR lifestyles to fit you retarded, crazy, and absurd religions. stay in your own country you bastards

    • One pointer: one has white, black and brown if not yellow Moslems; ergo, they are NOT a “race”.

      Otherwise, well said: they should ALL be evicted from the West – and all Westerners over there should FLEE back home IMMEDIATELY!!!

      • For a faith that claims to be tolerant and peace-loving, they are showing their true face in Iraq and other parts of the world. Christianity did some very questionable things in the past but evolved, something which Islam never has and never will, because their faith is based on cruelty, torture and barbarism. Like a cancer, it needs eradicating

  46. there are like 25 crore muslims in India more than the population of pakistan .. but still they want minority benefits and they keep converting people … together we will defeat the evil .. together we win against the Islam

    • I agree. even tho i’m an atheist i hate islam. I would like to wipe them off the planet. They didn’t bring any technological advancments at all. They are just rats. Homophobic pedophilic rats. I hate them and i would like to see them dead

      • So you say they didn’t bring any technological advancements? Now I say, how long does technology last? You think it’s going with you to heaven?? “Oh crap I left my iPhone back on earth, how the hell am i going to listen to Bieber now??” Muslims are not as materialistic as the rest of society. Their lives do not revolve around the fastest car on the planet or the smartest phone or fame for that matter. They do not believe in following the latest trends or keeping up with the Kardashians. They aren’t easily influenced by something that could easily disappear or something that only began to exist a few seconds ago. They aren’t so blinded and so easily fooled and sucked into society today that they forget to see the bigger picture. They believe in eternal heaven and hell and strive to be one of those who will enter heaven, and not one of the those who will see hell – those who will wish that they could go back and not be tempted by all things fancy in this world. They believe that this world is a test, a test of faith. If you believe in that, great. If you don’t, great. But you better make damn sure you are believing in the right thing. And you better make damn sure that you will be strong enough to handle its consequences.

      • Don’t try to portray yourselves as spiritually advanced, non-materialistic beings. Muslims couldn’t be more the opposite. Other faith’s are – especially Buddhism and Hinduism – far more non-materialistic and truly spiritual than you guys. Your beliefs are idiotic. You talk about Eternal Heaven and Eternal Hell, and yet you can’t see those concepts make no logical sense. No matter what good a person has done in this life, his good deeds are finite in scope. Therefore he does not deserve an eternal(infinite) reward for those deeds. Likewise, whatever evil deeds a man does in this life, no matter how bad, they are finite in scope. Therefore he does not deserve eternal(infinite) punishment. And so you can see how your silly childish belief vanishes in a puff of simple logic. I am not saying there is no such thing as Heaven and Hell. Im saying there is no such thing/place as an Eternal Heaven or an Eternal Hell. I suspect there is an infinite multiplicity of heavens and hells, each tailor made by the do-er (of actions), made by himself, for himself. You are making your own future heaven or hell right now. So am I. Those savages chopping off heads in Syria have made a horrifying future hell for themselves, yet they are stupid enough to believe they will be rewarded for their bestial acts. Another obvious logic fail you muslims make is the following – You claim to believe in One God. If true then by definition that God must be all-powerful, he must be Lord of all creation. In which case ALL beings in all of creation were created by Him. It means muslims were created by Him AND SO WERE THE KUFFAR. It means the Kuffar are as much his children as the muslims. Therefore you muslims have no right to kill the Kuffar. You are killing God’s children, destroying God’s creation.

      • “Muslims are not as materialistic as the rest of society.”
        Really?! All you need to do is to look at the Saudis and the rest of the barbarians in Arabian peninsula. Then tell me they are not materialistic. And these assholes are the gate keepers of Muslims’ holiest shrines. Get your facts straight before you spew crap.

      • REALLY, “Fuz”, you Moslem GOOD FOR NOTHING???

        You think that God Doesn’t Want us to do worthy things on this earth to Glorify Him, like make great art, music, science and Western medicine???

        Or to value and LOVE EVERYTHING AND EVERYBODY He LOVINGLY Created?? Women, men, apes, pigs and dogs?? Without MUTILATING anybody or anything (because doing so – or killing them just because of your IDOL Mohammed telling you to do so – shows that you DON’T BELIEVE in a real God!!!)??

        Can’t you see how your “allah” really is SATAN himself??? And Mohammed his FALSE “prophet” and ANTICHRIST????

        Yes, we Christians also can see this world for what it truly was and is: fleeting and fallen, but it still does NOT need to be despised the way you FILTHY MOSLEMS DO!!!

        Yes, we PROUD “infidels” APPRECIATE Our Heavenly Father and His Only-Begotten Son for all They plus the Holy Ghost Have Done with this earth and the heavens – and everybody and everything in it!!!! In that regard, you vain, deluded and evil Moslems FAIL MOST MISERABLY, PERIOD!!!!


      • Perfectly said, Ms. BNI!!!!

        Hussein, when you and your fellow muzturds post here, you know VERY WELL that we categorically HATE Islam and absolutely EVERYTHING that it – and your “prophet” Mohammed – stand for!!!!!

        In the West, we have freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of beliefs, democracy and MANY other things which are presented to you by your “clerics” as “evil” and “wrong”!!!! If you hate us for who we are, STAY IN YOUR dar al-Islam and enjoy your FILTH, HATE, SQUALOR, DESOLATION and everything else!!!! Enjoy all the SATANIC contradictions of your Qu’rân, Hadith and Sira ad nauseam!!!!

        We don’t need you to come and destroy our FAR-HAPPIER Judæo-Christian, Western civilisation and all its MANY benefits in the name of a genocide, murderer, thief, rapist, caninophobe, porcinophobe, simianophobe, misogynist, pædophile and necrophiliac who you IDOLISE as “the perfect man” (that’s an oxymoron in itself!!!) – for that’s EXACTLY who Mohammed was, truly a Son of Perdition in every way and an ANTICHRIST!!!!!

        Hate and despise us ALL YOU WANT – or, far better, REPENT and RENOUNCE that DIABOLICAL ideology known as Islam, and BEG the “Lord God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob” for His Mercy and Guidance so that He Can PURIFY your evil heart!!!

      • Once more, Hussein, I can’t emphasise this enough:

        Call upon the Lord God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Ya’sua (Jesus) – and seek Him WITH ALL YOUR HEART!!! Pray to Him all you can – and look up Kamal Saleem. He was just like you, yet he didn’t stay that way, Glory Be to God Himself, Amen!!!

      • Why a person married a 6 year girl at his 53 age? Why did the same person married a 40 years old widow at his 25 years old as his first wife? Even though he married the girl at her six years, Why did she stayed her own home up to her 9 years? What that girl contributed to his religion or islam? Does that girl is a simple wife of him? or a women who lived 47 years after his death and taught all the things related to the religion(especially things more related to women)….

        Just keep our emotions one side…let us study the circumferences and situations of his marriages from history …

      • I think the religion you are talking about is a monotheistic religion, that worship only one God. so there is no chance to worship a man. we should correct our misunderstanding like they worship their prophet. i think they are considering him as a messenger from GOD .

    • Your religion islam had a terrible reputation around the world,where is the peace of it?the only thing that you see almost every single day with muslims involved is hate,honor murders and more…so tell us please?not to say about the hate against jews..oh boy this is incredible…:(

    • Here are some reasons why ISLAM IS A FAKE RELIGION INVENTED BY MUHAMMAD :

      Everybody knows the sun doesn’t move, but apparently “Allah” (Muhammad) doesn’t…

      In the Qur’an, the moon and the sun “orbit the earth together”!. There is no distinction made between the moon, which actually revolves around the earth, and the sun which only appears to revolve around the earth when in fact the sun’s movement through the sky is a product of the rotation of the earth around its axis. Read this:

      By the Sun and his (glorious) splendour; By the Moon as she FOLLOWS HIM (the sun in its “course”); Qur’an 91:1-2}
      The Arabic word translated “follow” is used many other places to mean recite, but is primarily defined as to follow, go or walk behind, follow in way of imitation, of action etc. and is often used for animals like camels following behind each other.
      And He it is Who created the night and the day, and the sun and the moon. They float, each in an orbit. Qur’an 21:33

      Do you not see that Allah causes the night to enter the day and causes the day to enter the night and has subjected the sun and the moon,
      EACH RUNNING [its course] for a specified term, and that Allah, with whatever you do, is Acquainted? Qur’an 31:29

      Is Allah ignorant? Or maybe Muhammad is? Who knows… and in 3 different surah…

      Also, “Allah” says earth is flat like a carpet:

      In surah 15:19 Allah says that the Earth is FLAT (and not a SPHERE) “the earth SPREADS OUT LIKE A CARPET” (WHY NOT A FLYING CARPET WITH THAT!)” and to drum this “scientific Islamic theory of a flat earth” into the believers (Muslims), it is also repeated in 20:53 SPREAD OUT like A BED 43:10 & 78:6, when the earth is STRETCHED FORTH 84:3, IT SPREADS OUT 88:20. As if that is not enough ignorance, Allah goes further and confirms in surah 18:86 the Sun sets everyday in A MUDDY SPRING WATER ON THE EARTH, and PEOPLE LIVING THERE.

      Someone replied to me that the reason why the false god “Allah” said that, it’s because otherwise people would be afraid of falling if they knew earth was round.

      I don’t think so, this statement is illogical because wherever you stand, you cannot fall because of gravity, but “Allah” (Muhammad actually) doesn’t seem to know anything about that, othewise he would have said so… don’t fool yourself… That’s why he needed to say that earth is flat because he had NO knowledge of gravity, which was discovered in 1690 by Isaac Newton…

      Please read this surah:


      I wrote that surah myself, see, not difficult… I can rewrite the entire coran myself if I wanted…

    • Islam is a disgusting, ideological, medieval hoodie cult which should be extinguished immediately. When do you ever hear of athiests ramming planes into towers or shooting kids in the face to get their point across ? Islam has no good point and is a excuse for atrocity. Science has been around properly for around 50 years and has advanced humanity more than any religion has in their thousands of years of existence. Come on people MOVE ON.

      • Hardly: Christianity with Judaism have done FAR MORE to advance humanity than atheism ever has!!! It’s to those two that we in the West owe ALL our arts, music and even science and medicine. Yes, sometimes the latter two had to work their way around restrictions set in place by frightened people who couldn’t see further than the literal text of the Bible taken in the simplest of ways, but in the end it was Kopernik, Galileo, Newton and the others who triumphed!!!

        As to killing people: please don’t forget that atheism (particularly anti-theism via Nazism and Communism) that have killed more people at a faster rate than any religion and which at that rate won’t take long to equal and surpass Islam:

        Islam has killed 275,000,000 over 1,400 years (196,428.57142857 every year);
        Atheism has killed 170,000,000 over 97 years (starting 1917/11/07). [That’s 1,752,577 people every year, 9 times as many as Islam’s average rate!!!]

        At that rate, atheism would surpass Islam (assuming both rates remain unchanged – which likely won’t be the case given what terrorists and the new caliphate are doing) around 2077. However, BOTH of these ideologies are EVIL…

      • One little postscript: science has been around for FAR LONGER than just 50 years. It was known more than 2,400 years ago with people like Archimedes, Pythagoras, Themistocles (militarily) and others. It often was part of religion, though what Archimedes and Pythagoras were doing was independent thereof…

        Meanwhile, to “rexvexer”: well said indeed!!

  47. So you hate a religon and decide to make a blog about it. You spend way too much time on islam. Go do something useful. Such a pathetic life you live. Btw I’m Catholic just saying because you love caring about everyone’s religon. People like you make the world a worse place not Muslims. Have you met all 1.6 billion Muslims? Then you can’t say anything about all of them. Its like saying all boys are idiots. Btw the definition of an American is a person born or living in america and having U.S/Canadian citizenship. Yeah there are extremists, but every religon has a couple of bad and good people. You dont show a good example of your religon if you have one, but just because you’re a bitch ass loser doesn’t mean I can say everyone of your religon is. You have a hideous heart and personality. Burn in hell, you deserve it.

    • On your head and YOUR SOUL be those exact words, idiot!!!!!

      Have you studied the Qu’rân??? How about Mohammed’s life (Sira) and his traditions (Hadith)?? Just because the current pope and his last two predecessors have been cosying up (at least on the surface) to Islam (which truly is an absolute BETRAYAL of ALL their predecessors like St. Pius V and Urban II) does NOT mean that Islam is on the same level as Judaism or Christianity – ANYTHING BUT!!!!

      You just have been sucking on the teats of what the mainstream-media (owned in huge measure by both Mohammedans and their Marxist ALLIES) and regurgitating their pap!!!! There’s NOTHING original with your thinking…

      I ought perhaps to pity you – but when I realise that it’s PRECISELY such ignorami (proper plural of ignoramus) as you who’re ruining our Judæo-Christian, Western civilisation by following those who’re explicitly out to DESTROY IT, my anger and rage gets kindled!!!!

      [Yes, the Moslems and Commies hate each other; but they’ve agreed to set aside their grudges until we Westerners have been rendered prostrate at their feet – THEN they’ll have it out… Also, my parents and grandparents suffered under BOTH Nazism and Communism – in fact, my maternal grandparents fought it in the Russian Civil War of 1917-20 and in the end had to flee it not once but TWICE in their lives!!! Both my grandfathers fought Imperial Germany in World War I. They ALL knew what totalitarianism means – and ah, the tales they told me about how Islam oppressed people in their native countries…]

      Either way, GET CRACKING on those books (and don’t trust anything published after 1975 more or less!!!)!!! When you’ve REALLY STUDIED them (especially the Qu’rân and Hadith) and have REALLY changed your thinking, THEN come back. Otherwise – and in the meantime – take your taqiyya and your kitman ELSEWHERE!!!!!

      • hi adhd we will bring the truth to your door literally for we are merciful your paraste inherencires can serve our right hand scuttle scuttle here now oh begar at our common doors scuttle scuttle faster than your nimblest obfuscations of your inane writ
        oh cockroaCH that your final obsequesiousness may be ultimatley be seen to serve our right hand oh by your own hand the end of pestilance

      • To “post human”: truly, as Ms. BNI pointed out so eloquently, your English is so bad that all I can make out are your braggadocio as “we are merciful”, your personal insults against me as (correcting your bad spelling) a “parasite, beggar, cockroach” and “inane writ” (writing?) – and expecting me to be obsequious to you “superior” – actually downright and eternally INFERIOR – muzturds!!!

        Even if you were to track me down over the entire surface of this planet and attempt to kill me or force me into converting to your SEVENFOLD-ACCURSED Islam: even in the worst case of death and being wrong about all the vile excrement you spout about that Antichrist-demon, the necrophiliac, bestialist, caninophobe, porcinophobe, simianophobe, misogynist, thief, camel-driver, murderer and genocide Mohammed and his sock-puppet “allah”, I and BILLIONS of others will defy you when the decision comes.

        [Not to mention that I PROUDLY believe in My One Lord Jesus Christ, THE Only-Begotten Son of God, Begotten of the Father before ALL worlds: God of God, Light of Light, Very God of Very God; Begotten, not Made, Being of One Substance with the Father, Who for us men and for our salvation Came Down from Heaven… (as the Nicene Creed so beautifully puts it…) – and Who WILL Come Down to Put you muzzies ALL under His Feet and Mohammed plus his master Satan and fellow-demons into the Bottomless Pit for 1,000 years prior to the Last Judgement…]

        And, to Ms. BNI: thank you so very much for alerting the Sydney police to that good-for-nothing creep: hopefully he’ll be by this time howling in prison one way or the other…

      • I love Post Human’s posts. Please let him post more. When I feel down, I just read some of his posts and laugh really hard and feel much better. He puts Shakespeare to shame.

    • to Alex:

      – ‘So you hate a religon and decide to make a blog about it.’
      – Islum is not a religion. It is crap.

      – ‘Btw I’m Catholic just saying because you love caring about everyone’s religon.’
      – If you are a Catholic, then I am Napoleon. You cannot hide, you treacherous vermin. You are born with a stigma.

      – ‘People like you make the world a worse place not Muslims. Have you met all 1.6 billion Muslims?’
      – No, I haven’t met 1.6 billion moslemia. I have no time for such a waste. I have more bacteria in my body than Mo-HAM-mad has as followers. Actually, microbs are more useful to human kind than mohammedans.

      – ‘Burn in hell, you deserve it.’
      – Uh, again, you are a moslem, a mohammedan, a piece of madness in a puzzle for dummies. Like your prophet, the puppet masturbator. ‘Burn in hell’ is in fact a mohammedan expression. You are lost in your cretin little vision. Your stoopid prophet was more useful than you. To keep moslems ignorant and retarded. But you, little worm, you are just a headache.

      Send my regards to the MASTURBATOR MOHAMMAD. Tell him to avoid being caught by me.

      • You are just another person Alex or whosoever for that matter is talking such things about Islam, people actually domt know about Islam

        Islam is perfect, muslims are Not

        and Muhammad (peace be upom him ) was an honest and never did wrong to anyome
        His teachings were perfect. You can wage out anger but request you to first know about Islam and then comment brother. Islam never taught what people these days do on the name of this beautiful and complete religion. It never teaches to fyt or harm anyome
        I would again like to say Islam is perfect, muslims are not.

      • To “f”:

        You have TRULY bought into all of the Islamic LIES lock, stock and barrel!!!

        Mohammed was supremely DISHONEST, so much so that even his best friends could NEVER, EVER, EVER trust him!!!!

        Then, when he hated dogs (the most HONEST and LOVING of all animals – and Mankind’s BEST friend EVER!!!!), pigs, apes, women (half of ALL Mankind) and – above all – non-Moslems (commanding their destruction by ALL means including blatant LYING, DISTORTIONS, &c.): how on earth can such a MONSTER be thought of as giving “perfect” teachings????? Everything he teaches is “perfect” ONLY for the absolute ERADICATION OF ALL LIFE on this entire planet!!!

        Most truly, the WHOLE WORLD would be a heck of a lot BETTER WITHOUT ISLAM ANYWHERE!!!!

        Take your taqiyya and kitman ELSEWHERE!!!!!

        To Ms. BNI:

        Well said: Islam is evil and so are virtually ALL Moslems, period… Even those who’re better than that are so not because of but IN SPITE OF ISLAM!!

      • Islam is a curse and very harmful for planet earth. Islam has both side just like elephant’s teeth..showing teeth and chewing teeth. It shows good to all world but actually very harmful. Terrorist attacks, kill innocent people, convert non-Moslem to Islam in Muslim majority country forcibly and their religious leaders support all these things. Moslems never hear the voice of soul, the voice of truth. Several Moslem who says they are peace lover but I never see any peaceful Moslem saying anything against terrorist. Moslems just have one mission to convert all world to Islam at any cost. Actually Islam destroyed many civilizations, culture and precious heritage since the beginning of it. Moslems treat women and non-Moslem just like a animal in Moslem majority areas and shows themselves very innocent in Moslem minority countries, I never see any Moslem live peacefully in any continent of this world.. Middle east, south Asia, Europe (specially France and UK). Even They are killing each other (Shia and Sunni) in their own countries. O have not concern with Moslems ( bcoz I don’t wanna think about shit) but I am serious about the severe destruction of our precious planet earth and it’s civilizations which are destroyed by Islam.

    • @ Alex, you are such a dumbass. Shut the fuck up, you’re an idiot. Read the dam news moron. Fuck, people like you make me want to puke because you’re so misinformed and don’t care if you have the facts straight or not. Muslims are killing people at an alarming rate, and you sound like you’re living in ‘la la land’.

      • islam lies, cheats, distorts history, refutes intellectual and moral values, is responsible for all world terrorism, has declared war on any other religion or creed, has perverted its own prophet’s words, is ignorant, intolerant, and violent. any muslim inherently supports such views. the world will be a better place without them. kill or convert them all.

  48. I have never seen a more hateful and evil religion than Islam they are completely insane. If an religion needs to be outlawed this is it. All they preach is kill ,murder and more kill ,murder. My god what are they thinking other than than kill and kill some more? They always seem to be offended about everything.I think they are brain washed and can’t help them selves.

  49. Same here man….We are Sri Lankans. Muslim extremists are ruining our culture and country. They hate Buddhists. Because, Quran says “kill and ruin every non-believers. It’s not a religion. It’s bullshit. Allah’s true name is naught. And what a prophet they have ! A killer, a pervert, a paedophile and a inhuman beast. We also hate Allah believers.

  50. Simply: All religions are the product of primitive mans way of trying to understand and make rules for his socio-environment. It makes sense that these ‘rules’ would be ‘created’ by those with strong personalities who have their own agendas. Similar types of behavior can be observed in primates (our genetic cousins). You don’t see other species trying to rule over each other in the same type of way. Therefore; I reject ALL religion as being non-compliant with current human standards that we need to strive for, and if your smart you will also.

    • the shit book Kuran orders them to kill us (jews and christian) everywhere they find us and to make no friendship with us (except they can use us and cheat on us)
      I SWEAR i’ll do the same with them, i ll be lying, cheating and hating them just like they do with us. Everything with a smile on my face. False dogs. God ordered the Jews by entering the promise land to kill al of them. Why, they asked the Lord and his response was bcs they are doing adultery, incest, sleeping within family, they are ugly to me, kill them all otherwise you ll have problem until the end of time. And the Israeliy did not listen and now they have the problem called Palestinian, the descendant of the incest adultery people living in the promise land long time ago

  51. Hitler went after the wrong sub-humans. Just the fact that a person can get away with beheading another person on the street in front of onlookers says it all. Savages every last one of em. We should nuke the crap out of em and enslave thier woman and children and eradicate them from this earth like you would eradicate vermin from a farm.

    • We should use them for stem cell research. When we are done with them, we should treat them to a Halal Slaughter!

    • Hitler chose the wrong side there. Muslims are untermensch (despite of ethnicity) and infidels are ubermensch (despite of ethnicity) – this is what must have been his ideology, but it wasn’t. Anti-muslim humanism. Shit, i really would love to see muslim-only-prisoner version of Auschwitz or Treblinka. With Dr. Mengele in charge.

    • Sir, Hitler did not go after the wrong sub-humans. He was a Pro-Muslim shit eating demented person who after reading Koran went after Jews. Try searching google and you will find supportive evidence about him.

  52. What is cancer? Cancer is mutated cells that mindlessly multiply and destroy their surrounding healthy cells. The analogy can be extended to what is society’s cancer? It is the same. Mindeless individuals who multiply, invade healthy societies and then begin destroying them when the time calls.
    How do you destroy advanced cancer in a body? You throw everything at it. Radio-therapy, Chemo-therapy, medicines, invasive surgery and the works.
    Get a clue and tell me how do you destroy advanced cancer in the world society? Better yet, tell me what will happen if you delay your cancer treatment?
    KNOW THIS: The curse of your decendants will be marked on your souls when they are being raped and looted by the Muslim hordes of the future. You who could have stopped them, but did not, AVOID the curse of your own decendants NOW. PREVENT it now. ACT now.
    Listen to me and heed my words while there is still time.

    • Wow, you are absolutely crazy to think “God” would want anyone raped, looted or killed. Muhammad was a thief first, he was stealing to feed his followers. Then he stole just to steal from the Jews. When the Jews resisted Muhammad from stealing from them, he killed them. When he got richer and more intolerant, he killed entire tribes of Jews to steal their money and property. Muhammad was a murderer and thief. The only peace he advocated was peace if you are going to lose. Islam spread by warfare and killing thousands. This is not a religion, it is a political ideology to take over the world by brute force raping, looting, and killing. You stupid ignorant Muslims, this is not 7th Century Arabia. When will you get it, raping, looting, and killing encouraged in the Quran is WRONG!!!!! No matter who is raping, looting or killing.

      • where did you get your information from? wait you don’t get your just talk shit to make your self feel better…Mohammed was the best of men and you will never amount to anything by hating others, look at the KKK, they are christens and believe in Jesus, does that mean all of the christants are following the KKK, No. why? bc I have brain to think and I don’t judge,,,unlike your sorry ass I feel sorry for you

      • HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!

        Mohammed “the best of men”?!??? That misogynist, caninophobe, porcinophobe, simianophobe (hater of monkeys) and pædophile??? Not to mention that he committed genocide, murder, theft, rape, torture (of both animals and people)!!!!!

        How on Earth can ANYBODY be that deceived so as to look to that Arch-DEVIL, that absolute Antichrist of Antichrists, to that son of Satan himself as being the “best man”, the “ideal man” and all these other terms with which you sevenfold-ACCURSED Moslems WORSHIP Mohammed????

        [You pretend to worship “allah”, who is Satan himself in addition to being Mohammed’s sock-puppet – but in truth, you’re worshipping Mohammed!!!!]

        We PROUD, NOBLE and WORTHY “infidels” ought to laugh at you in the face!!! We can’t pity you except relative to that all of you are bound for Hell upon death, and then the Lake of Fire!!! [No Christian can rejoice in such a thing.] We otherwise HATE your EVIL and wrongdoing – and we HATE positively EVERYTHING you stand for!!!!

        REPENT, Moslem MONSTERS and DEMONS!!!! REPENT, ye reservoirs of purest EVIL, REPENT of following Satan himself and TURN AWAY from him and his Mohammed!!!! Get out of that BONDAGE!!!

        [And yes, we get our information from the Qu’rân, the Hadith and the Sira. At least I am reasonably acquainted with the Qu’rân (especially given how so much of it has been abrogated!!!) and have seen enough of the Hadith to know what and who is truly EVIL – so there!!!!!]

      • That reply here is to “GET LIFE” – whose name in fact should be “GET DEATH” instead…

      • Buddhists living with Hindus = No Problem
        Hindus living with Christians = No Problem
        Christians living with Shintos = No Problem
        Shintos living with Confucians = No Problem
        Confusians living with Baha’is = No Problem
        Baha’is living with Jews = No Problem
        Jews living with Atheists = No Problem
        Atheists living with Buddhists = No Problem
        Buddhists living with Sikhs = No Problem
        Sikhs living with Hindus = No Problem
        Hindus living with Baha’is = No Problem
        Baha’is living with Christians = No Problem
        Christians living with Jews = No Problem
        Jews living with Buddhists = No Problem
        Buddhists living with Shintos = No Problem
        Shintos living with Atheists = No Problem
        Atheists living with Confucians = No Problem
        Confusians living with Hindus = No Problem
        Muslims living with Hindus = Problem
        Muslims living with Buddhists = Problem
        Muslims living with Christians = Problem
        Muslims living with Jews = Problem
        Muslims living with Sikhs = Problem
        Muslims living with Baha’is = Problem
        Muslims living with Shintos = Problem
        Muslims living with Atheists = Problem

    • You are right, cancer can be used analogously to explain society.

      “What is cancer? Cancer is mutated cells that mindlessly multiply and destroy their surrounding healthy cells. The analogy can be extended to what is society’s cancer? It is the same. *Mindless individuals who multiply, invade healthy societies and then begin destroying them when the time calls.”

      There is a cancer among society but it is not the Muslims. It is ignorant people like you who spread hate against people. It consumes your soul and that of others and just like cancer that destroys the body and tears it apart until it dies, you people let it consume you until your soul is so dark, it becomes blind. It really is an illness and your ignorance and hate will destroy society, creating, like you said, “Mindless individuals who multiply.”

      As you mentioned, cancer is better treated early, so can be your ignorance and hate. It can be treated before you lose yourself. However, what you forgot to mention is that cancer has no cure. There is no complete cure to the hate and ignorance that has become cancer society. There will always be people like you. All that can be done is treatment, reducing cancer, even though it never goes away. I guess you can look at it from your perspective as well. Cancer has no cure and if Muslims are your cancer, then you must also realize they will always be there too. You must learn to tolerate them just like we learn to tolerate people like you.

      AVOID the curse of hate and ignorance NOW. PREVENT it now. ACT now. SPREAD PEACE, TOLERANCE, AND TALK TO TRUE MUSLIMS WHO ARE GREAT PEOPLE. There is good and bad people of all kinds. STOP tearing humanity apart. Listen to me and heed my words while there is still time.

      • More Marxist PROPAGANDA trying to wear down our natural resistance to Satan’s minions!!!

        “Peace”, your real name should be TRAITOR (or TRAITRESS if you be female)!!!!! Real peace NEVER, EVER comes from BETRAYING your ancestors, values, beliefs, &c.

        We have every reason in the world to hate Islam – and Communism too, while we’re at it. Thank goodness Ms. BNI knew how to respond to you…

        Take your taqiyya and kitman ELSEWHERE!!!!!

  53. A 40 years old man having sex with a nine years old girl is NOT my idea of GOD’s prophet. It is however my idea of the prophet of Satan.
    A gang of Muslim thieves raiding and robbing innocent people, just because they did not submit to Islam, is not my idea of the prophet of GOD. It is however the image of the prophet of Satan.
    Victorious Muslim armies taking “married” women back to Arabia to serve as sex slave, and this barbaric act being approved by Allah in Quran itself, is not my idea of the religion of GOD. It is however a demonstration of the religion of Satan.
    Satan is powerful. Do not underestimate his power. Do so at your own peril.

    • O, Moo-ham-mad! How’s the air-conditioning in hell?

      Rumors say you are too ugly to be a sex-slave (horned demons rejected you already).
      You’re being used as a sewer rat (for sanitation purposes). Keep up the good work!
      And stop sniveling for want of child pornography! You won’t get any!

  54. Beware!
    Islam and Koran call for Muslims to lie in order to further their goals. Do NOT listen to what some of these muslims are posting in this thread. They pretend to be peace loving citizens. They are NOT. Don’t listen to them. Their heart is filled with hatred towards non-muslims from an early age. And they lie through their teeth and pretend otherwise, as it is their religious duty to decieve others. Islam would be nowhere without their perfected art of lie and deceit.
    How do I know? I used to be one of them.

  55. Ignorant Christians, read this:
    You foolish Christians who in the past two centuries by the virtue of your superior military power have had the best opportunity to destroy Islam, but did not. Instead you preferred to be “politically correct”. You are ignorant fools.
    Muslims are just biding their time. And eventually a time will come that they will gain the upper hand. At that time they will ruthlessly invade your Christian lands and nations, they will take your wives and daughters as sex slaves and your sons as laborers back to Arabia (as is commanded in Koran). They will uproot your culture and beliefs. They will massacre any resistance by the millions. They will turn you into obedient second class Muslims.
    At that time, it will be too late to act. Your decendants will curse you for not destroying Islam when you could have.
    History will repeat itself. Go read about how Muslims destroyed the Persian Empire and its rich culture. Every word you read in the above paragraph happened to the similar ignorant Persians of the past. Learn from history and ACT now to prevent the misery that is otherwise awaiting your innocent decendents.
    Alas… Somehow I know these words of wisdom are falling on deaf ears… And those of you who do understand are powerless to act…
    Signed by an ex-muslim who had the rare opportunity to liberate himself from the religion of hate, fear, “LIE” and bloodshed, aka Islam.

    • Thank you, ex-Muslim, but you are preaching to the choir here. However, we all do need to do more and make sure everyone we know and meet understands what you have just said. Glad you got out.

    • Mahammad was more than 50 when he married Aysha not only in 40 but it’s normal for muslims to commit any crime for the sake of Mohammed because he is the master of creatures in their eyes :D

  56. I AM A MUSLIM AND I’M PROUD TO BE ONE!!! I’m not proud that muslims were killing people, or for other reasons. But, some of us were good, and u r too blind to see! Better watch out your words before its too late.

      • I think its funny how you say we are Americans and we can say whatever we want and if they don’t like it get out. I myself am an American and a nationalist but how dare you make that claim? Are you a native? No? Then get the fuck out you immigrant bastard. You contradicted yourself with that , imbecile. Also, Muslims are not the most hated people you’re clearly narrow minded and know nothing about Muslims or their religion, you probably think they’re all terrorists huh? And the claims you made about Muhammad are all false, you’re the reason the world hates America.

      • BareNakedIslam , you are naked yourself as seen by your words here.
        Before saying anything ,
        Just take a look abou tyour country history ,its war and its crimes ,learn statistics of innocent death by your country ..Im not blaming everybody ,
        also Im not justifying terrorists acts ,
        Its just bad people everywhere as just innocents …
        Joseph was 95 years old, and Mary 14, when Jesus was born.
        Im not mocking ,its just happened in past
        matured olds married teenagers..

      • Uhh I don’t know maybe were proud because Arab Muslims mad tons of medicine sciences and inventions

      • Maryam, there is no doubt that there are good human beings among muslims. The issue here is not “human beings who are muslims”, the issue is “Islam”, and how this false religion invades a human mind.
        So do not try to derail and sidetrack the conversation. It would be deceitful. These kind of tactics does NOT work against an ex-muslim like me who has a good command of muslims’ sophistry techniques.
        Also, answer this question: When was the last time you “good” muslims poured into the streets and demonstrated against violence that muslims commit on a day to day basis against their own people? Give me examples with dates and locations please. Do not include “political” movements in your list. For instance, I am talking about the girl who was killed by his own family in Pakistan because she refused to marry a man who was older than her by 35 years. I am talking about stoning another woman to death for committing adultry. I am talking about Muslims jailing someone because he spoke unkindly of a Muslim Saint.
        Where were you “good” muslims when these acts were/are being committed? What are your documentations showing your protest against these barbaric acts?
        Come to think of it, don’t bother, I have already done the research for you. and I can tell you that you won’t find any evidence. “Good” muslims just turn their head the other way when these barbaric acts are committed. It is the Muslim way.
        I know because I’ve been there, done that.

      • How can you be so racist and cruel? As if other religions were any better.what about the CRUSADES???!!! Where Christians intended to have a holy war to gain back their ‘holy lands’?? As I recount the Muslims were seeking peace. Salaadeen created a peace contract with the Christians and guess who broke that contract…the Chriatians. What about the Ummayyad dynasty, where Muslims conquered Spain, but let the Christians live happily in the north or they had the choice to practice their religion in Islamic Spain. The Muslims who conqured Spain where no as racist and cruel as the Roman Empire who conquered the lands before. How can you make suggestions when you have no clear proof. Yes the terrorist groups are Muslim, but they only fight for political reasons. Only media such as Fox news make it out to be that they are doing it for religious reasons.the Americans have disturbed their lands, if another country had done the same the rest of the world would have to put up with your wrath (i. e. 9/11). Im not generalising all Americans are as stuck up and racist as the creators of this site. Im just saying that your generalisations are false. I looked up all the sources used as evidence and they dont exist. You cannot just generalise that all muslims are cruel and rapists. Rape isnt even allowed in Islam and I have no idea where you heard that and im just gonna guess that you believe that the Mongol Empire is based upon Islamic ideas, when it is not. The raping and pillaging were a cultural idea of the Mongolic people, nothing got to do with Islam.
        By the way in the AMERICAN CONSTITUTION it is stated that man is allowed to practice their religion. Providing people with religious freedom. Same as the French constitution and many others. We Muslims dont need haters like you guys. Funny how the muslims seem to respect your prophets and many others.
        Our prophet was never a paedophile, acts and marriages like those were normal back in that time period, you cannot compare our time period to theirs. Many of their practices were different. Who are Americans to talk when you marry your own brothers and sisters, rape each other publicly on the street, needed a law to be established to prevent bestiality, when a man had sexual intercourse with a horse and passed away. Your country is everything you described Islam to be.

      • Hey ignorant raghead Sarah (as if!), since you bring my Constitution, let me tell you that it guarantees us the right to criticize religions and including that so-called of yours. Furthermore and this is specific to that death cult of yours, criticizing that shit pisslam is not only a guaranteed right, but also in not way can it be considered racism, since you inbred scum are not a race.

        So you get lost with that crap of yours, not interested.

      • Thank you so very much, Ms. BNI and Monsieur Alain!!! So saved me the necessity of having to respond to that idiot “Sarah”, who – like so many Arab Moslems – can’t accept that virtually everything they’ve been taught about Islam and their own history is all one great big LIE!!!!

        Not only that, the very idea of unfettered criticism of anything is so unknown to them that it no doubt is an unmitigated punch in the nose when they behold any real place where our Western civilisation is truly honoured and respected. That, of course, is a critical part of why they by rights should NOT COME to the West for any reason whatsoever – and that status MUST hold until they have truly and visibly accepted OUR CULTURE on OUR TERMS!!!

      • Just one little postscript to what I’ve had to say re. “Sarah”, since she was so stupid as to invoke the Crusades against us, like a typical Moslemah or Marxist:

        The Crusades were a BELATED Western response to centuriesof Moslem conquests (under their term jihad!!!), invasions, harassment and SO MUCH ELSE!!!! They were well-justified initially, and it’s a pity that the Crusaders didn’t have a leader equal to or superior to Salahuddin (Saladin) when he came on the scene. Also, if Duke Reginald of Châtillon had been successful in his mission to invade Arabia and conquer both Medina and Mecca, we well might not have this Islamic nightmare to have to suffer nowadays!!!

        [Among his goals were to “smash the tomb of that accursed camel-driver” in Medina, and then in Mecca to destroy “the Ka’aba in fragments to the ground”!!! It’s the world’s loss that he failed – that’s what those pesky Arab-Moslems and others need when they threaten us with the destruction of OUR churches, cathedrals, museums and other buildings…]

        Since “Sarah” has dared to uncork that bottle, hopefully this will deal with her “point” – and while we’re at it, since she and her fellow-muzzies so insist on jihad against US, it’s time for us to declare a new, full-fledged CRUSADE and wipe Islam off the surface of this globe, Alleluia!!!!

      • BareNakedIslam!!! shut up prophet muhammed is the best stop saying bad things about our country… you would not like it if we swear and say bad things to your family so zip ur mouth ok you are stupid little american brats . AMERICANS ARE THE WORST THEY KILLED PEOPLE IN PAKISTAN SO CAN U SHUT UP YOU EVEN KILLED PEOPLES CHILDREN AND THEIR PARENTS YOU ARE SOOO STUPID IDIOTIC AMERICANS BLACKIESSSSSS SEE YOU DONT LIKE ME SAYING BAD THINGS ABOUT YOU AMERICANS SO STOP SAYING BAD THINGS ABOUT US OKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • How can Islam be the “best” when it so HATES Mankind (especially women and female children)??

        How can it be “best” when it HATES everything Mankind does of REAL good (arts, music, science, peaceful sports and Western medicine) – and loves only EVIL (killing, raping, torturing and mutilating)??

        How can it be “best” when it COMMANDS its followers to kill ALL non-Moslems (which it labels “filthy infidels” even though we PROUD Westerners are FAR cleaner than virtually all Moslems ever are) wherever they are found??

        How can it be “best” when it discourages its followers from working either for themselves or each other?? When it prefers people to suffer NEEDLESSLY from easily-preventable diseases merely because it’s the “will of ‘allah'”??

        How can it be “best” when it HATES ALL LIFE (especially dogs, pigs and apes – though it’s evil to everybody and everything in fact!!), PERIOD???

        Need I go on???? Truly, I see only EVIL, UGLINESS, HATE, MISERY and DESTRUCTION in Islam wherever I look – and if you are so spiritually BLIND, “ISLAMISTHEBEST”, as not to see what I see OR are so EVIL as to wilfully ignore what I see: behold why you Moslems should be EVICTED from the West ASAP, as completely as possible and kept away from the rest of the world in your stinking, filthy, putrid dar al-Islam!!!!!

      • Well then, “pisslamistheworst”, given that I am neither American nor Black, let me tell you this :

        That death cult of yours you in inbread scumbag persists in trying to pass of as religion is nothing more that the ramblings of a pedo-lunatic-thief-murderer-liar-piece of shit-good for nothing prick who found nothing better to do than nick from the two religions of the time. So green of envy and jealousy that he threw stuff from them in a pot and came that that disgusting soup, tale not even kids with properly functioning brains would fall for, never mind seeing it as a fairy tale but more like a horror story.

        It could only take good for nothing inbred vermin like you lot to having fallen for it, and still doing so. You’re the laughing stock of the civilized world, for more and more see you lot and that crap of yours for what it truly is : a joke, and a bad one at this. And as for you lot murderous rapist destructive pieces of shit, you’re gonna get what’s been long time coming to you, and it ain’t gonna be flowers.

      • BRAVISSIMO et bien dit, Monsieur Alain!!!! [Particulièrement quand vous avez dit que vous n’êtes ni noir ni américain!!] Je suis bien satisfié par le votre réponse…

        [BRAVISSIMO and well said, Mr. Alain – particularly when you said that you’re neither black nor American!! I’m well pleased with your response…]

      • maryam: it takes everything to stand tall when the whole world is against you.that is something to be proud of. i am a muslim. however i have suffered too much racism to even care about stupid people spewing venom. i follow islam as much as i can but i have never been taught to hate others, to wear a burqa ,to make out with goats. the way i see it its almost a need to have a few hings to hate nowadays, like america, justin beiber, gay people. So people will just generate a reason like america is funding terrorists or justin beiber is gay, etc. same is with islam. and the problem with muslims ,its representatives, is perhaps that they are undergoing an identity crises especially those who live in countries that arent doing so well, the istans so to speak.

      • Let’s start,Shall we? okay. first of all. you ignorant slut, How can you say “We americans” motherfucker don’t play with me. MILLIONS of americans are not full with hatred like you. bitch before you started bitching around and creating rumors. Listen to yourself. Read your comment again,Is this who you are? yeah i think it is. i’m an american and i’m christian,bitch ITS THEIR religion not yours. so stop being such a whore. and for those people who are hungry just to reply to get fame,you disgust me.
        I assure you if you come to u.s everyone is gonna be nice.
        This is why people call america a shithole peace of crap! can you listen to yourself? can you stop making people think we are absolute pieces of shit that have no life???

        This is why you need to go to saudi arabia for atleast a fucking week while you are homeless,without food without anything. people are gonna ask if you need help,want a place to stay. I’VE BEEN THERE. I’VE BEEN HOMELESS AND WAS LEFT ALONE IN SAUDI ARABIA.

      • Jacob your Foul language just proves what a failure you are in the American vocabulary ! Only the worst kinds of people use words like Slut , bitch , motherfucker , whore , your momma must damn proud of you boy ! And please you were homeless in Saudi Arabia for 1 week !!! BAAHAAAHAAA !! Oh man that’s good ! Every time I want to laugh I will be forever referring to your post !! One more time Jacob , show everyone how well u passed your elocution test !!!!! D#%khead

    • Stop your acting… this is the truth. Islam produces violance. The more you love Islam and go deep in studying you will know Jihad is compulsory. Its sin not to do Jihad. Its a must to participare in Jihad. So this is violent religion. Formed also by war and sword. Look at Jesus. Look at his love… and peace… and what he did for you… Islam took away all those benefits from you… Jesus is now to you just another typicla prophet or no more, but his very name Jesus means “Saviour” and you do not have salvation through Jesus because of the Arabian man who claimed to be a prophet with no birth right…killed Christians who followed Jesus and the Jews and any one who opposed him or did not convert including the poets who replied to his challenge to produce a sura. He is a liar. He was a trader for his wife and he had an ear, and heared many stories that were famous about Jews and bible prophets.
      So if you take Jesus as your saviour you will be saved. Read the hadits… Mohammed did not have the 100% assurrance of eternal life himself. He said he does not know what Allah will do to him. He said the same to Fathima his daughter. He siad “He can not give her any gurentee of paradise… research this. Jesus promised eternal life because he is from heaven and had all authority. Mathew 28.

      • Bitch , you talk like u know everything …
        Read Quran , only the quran …
        Not your media …its full of bullshit
        Wanna know something
        Information :”Let there be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear from Error” (Quran 2:256) and (Quran 18:29)

        Psalm 137, which celebrates this terrible revenge: “Happy is he who repays you for what you have done to us / He who seizes your infants and dashes them against the rocks.”
        want more ,

      • For the record. I have read the Quran and have seen scriptures like 9:29 and 9:5 and Muhammed stating “I have been made victorious through terror.” With statements like these, how can Islam ever truly be peaceful? What we are seeing these days is the Islamic equivalent to the Protestant reformation of the 16th and 17th centuries. Killing for religion is certainly not a new concept. In fact, it has been the number one cause of death among humans in HISTORY. The big difference between Islam and all other religions is that other religions aren’t slaughtering people by the thousands in the name of their non-existant “gods” in the 21st century. Humanity has become civilized enough to know that it is wrong and barbaric, but Islam is still at it IN HUGE NUMBERS. Muslims are an uncivilized, barbaric, primitive species that has no place in the modern world. I’m not saying they should all be blown to shit, but the world needs to come to a concensus that they need to be placed far away from the rest of society where they can massacre each other without hurting everyone else who just wants to live happy free lives in peace.

      • The Muslims with their cockymaimie Islamic “Religion” do such things as sexually mutilating their female babies between the age of two weeks to five years of age. They do one of three stages of genetile mutilation. The first stage is when they cut off the clitoris. The second stage is when they not only cut off the clitoris, but they remove and cut off the labia minor. The third stage is when they cut off the clitoris, the labia minor and the labia major of the female sex organs, and then they sew the vagina shut only leaving a small opening in order for the woman, or child, to urinate and/or have their mentrual period through. Then, when they want to have sex with them on their wedding night, they use a knife and cut their women open. When the woman get pregnant, they sew them back up again, only to have to cut them open again in order to give birth. I used to feel sorry for these woman until I learned that in some cases mothers hold down their precious little girls while the grandmothers perform this abomination. They do all of this because their men, such as the Prophet Muhhammed, have told them that they are not ‘clean’ until this is done. If it is discovered that a female is not cut, then they are an outcast when it comes to attending any gathering of their people. They are not allowed to associate with others unless they are mutilated. Now tell me that Islam is a religion that you would like to join. Wake up America !!!

      • Do you realize that Muslim men have sex with little boys as a method of birth control. As soon as the little boys start going through puberty, the muzzies pick out another little boy, and then the former little boy starts having sex with other little boys who haven’t started to mature yet.

      • AJ Prince, how you are itching for beheading the infidels on this site, aren’t you? How you daydream about it, aren’t you? But you’ll have to suffice to calling the infidels “bitch” and that’s as far as you can go here. Let this be a thorn in your eyes.
        Oh, one more thing. At least here they let you voice your words, eventhough they are against your religion. And in a Muslim country? Would you enjoy the same benefit, or would you be instantly beheaded?
        Ignorant Christians. Do you see what I mean? You let them come to you country and enjoy all the freedom it offers and you let them call you bitch only because you don’t like Islam. But what if the countries were reversed and you posted a similar thing in a Muslim country? Huh? That would be Sayonara to you. You would be dead in less than 24 hours.

      • Sue no religion is free from atrocities ,the Vatican papacy turn a blind eye to the thousands of young boys raped while under their care , the church if England was religion king Henry VIII made up because the Vatican would not grant him a divorce as it was against their beliefs ,well we all know what happened after that he had most of his wife’s beheaded and for what because he was bored or they couldn’t give him a child, and 500 years prior the English king created genocide on the scots of the North , murder rape , theft even went as far as trying to breed the Scottish people out of existence !!! The murder of innocence has been around since the beginning of human existence . It is wrong no matter who the perpetrators are

    • Did you have your genitles mutilated?? Why do the idiot Islamists do such a filthy, nasty minded thing to their woman. They are the very picture of Evil !!

    • You should be ashamed to be a Muslim. Your people are the earths criminals. They kill, torture, kidnap withoutout regard for anyone, other muslims included. Your people act like savages. They are so lacking in manners as seen on the streets of Europe. How dare you take your grievances to every major city in Europe, and now Canada and the USA. WE DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR PETTY CHILDISH COMPLAINTS. We don’t give a shit for your religion of hate and intolerance. WE hate your burkas and treacherous ways. GO HOME to the rat infested countries you came from. If you were standing in front of me saying, “watch your words”, I would instantly bring you to your knees. I suggest you watch what YOU say.

    • Islam is a way of life that means how Muslims live in Islamic countries like Pakistan is a reflection of Islam. Muslims are killing other Muslims and non-Muslims to make Islam even better. In coming future Muslims will go after Shia and Ahmadis.
      Many pious women have offered themselves to Jihadi Muslims in the name of sex Jihad. Two 16 year old girls from UK have gone to ISIS to do sex Jihad. Good thing is even these women have to wear burqa in the name of Islam.

      You can feel rpoud to be a Muslim. Did you leave your Muslim country to come and live in non-Muslim ccountry for better secure life?

    • such a lovely muslim woman and ends her post with what sounds like a threat . Sounds just like a typical muslim .

  57. The muzzies can’t be taken seriously until they stop going postal over cartoons and also stop demanding special treatment (from western societies) for their religion.

  58. I’m Turkish and you are right. I hate every part of religion. We are living in 2014 and people still believe in a shitty fairytail book from 2000 years ago. Just stupid, I despise all muslim countries, that’s why I became a European citizen in the first place. I’m going to move to Germany to continue my master-study and never come back to this shitty excuse of a muslim country.


    • hey! i am an ex-muslim turkish citizen, too. now i am waging war against islam because the analogy about islam being like cancer is spot on! i just want to remind the angry people here that a significant proportion of muslims do not even read quran and they simply think that muhammed was a good guy. when you start telling them about historic accounts -like how muhammed molested aisha at the age of 9- most of them cannot resist but turn away from islam. muslims are unaware of the horrific truth about islam. for example, quran 65:4 gives details about how to divorce a girl that has not yet reached puberty. that verse alone is enough material for many people to reject islam but as i said they simply don’t know that, among numerous other things. i instantaneously abandoned islam when i saw that verse, as did my mother.

      i believe internet will eradicate islam.

      • a minority of muslims are aware of and happy with the evil nature of islam. they would not listen to reason, do not care about human rights or any other moral values. islam provides a good ground for them to carry out their evil deeds like molesting children, oppressing women, killing people… and whatnot. they would manipulate people using religion and that is when masses of people start going crazy (ever heard of gustave le bon’s book, the crowd?)

      • one of the best examples to those evil people is the prime minister erdogan. he has been involved in every kind of squalor yet he had no difficulty using islam to persuade people of his innocence. goddamn politicians use religion as a mass-manipulation tool, a disguise. he can rationalize in his mind, robbing the state because islam permits stealing from the kuffar in “dar-ul harb” (cihad area – war zone, literally) which in this case is the secular republic of turkey. that’s how he can tell 1000 sequential lies without even blushing once because he has solid religious ground for stealing.

        you’d hear that 99% of turkey is muslim, i say bullshit to that statement. it is common knowledge that turkey and iran have significant amounts of ever-growing atheist populations. politicians state otherwise to make their mass-manipulation tool more efficient.

        “Religion is the masterpiece of the art of animal training, for it trains people as to how they shall think.” (Schopenhauer)

      • “you’d hear that 99% of turkey is muslim, i say bullshit to that statement. it is common knowledge that turkey and iran have significant amounts of ever-growing atheist populations.”

        Not entirely true. I would be a rich woman if I had 10 kurus for every Turk that I personally heard make the claim that they were “atheist” or “secular humanist” and in the same breath declare that mohammad was a wonderful human being and great example or that islam is a great guide for life.

        I am an atheist and I certainly would never tell anyone that Moses was a wonder human being and should be emulated. Nor would I tell them that Catholicism, or any other religious ism is a great guide for life.

        It is my experience that the overwhelming number of Turkish atheists I know are not atheists at all. They are simply slightly rebellious mohammadans who will side with the completely practicing and believing mohammadans and not with secularists or atheists or humanists should the proverbial shit hit the fan.

        The few truly atheist Turks I know have my complete respect, trust and sympathy for being born into a culture polluted by the insanity known as islam.

      • @Istanbul_Chick, the data on this website ( suggest that Turkish people are developing a strong reaction to Islam. I don’t know how else to interpret it. Surely Turkey is not the atheist capital of the world but there are more “devoted” atheists here than you might actually be aware of.

      • I do believe you’re overly hopeful. While the statistics on that site are interesting they really tell us nothing about what those Turkish atheists really believe. Also, the number of self-proclaimed atheists, as per your link, is quite small compared to the overall Turkish population.

        But, back to my first point: the site is voluntary, and the users have volunteered that they are “atheists” but the data does not reflect if they are atheists who believe mohammad was a “mercy upon mankind.” Such a belief makes their claims to atheism null and void.

        As I stated previously just about every Turk I know who makes the claim to be an atheist or secular humanist, to a man and woman, still sing praises to mohammad’s character and the usefulness of the “guidelines in kuran.”

        They claim they are atheist yet they cling to, and proselytize for a fictitious work and the bonze age con-man that created it.

        Until they can accept and proselytize that the kuran and mohammad are a dangerous fiction and a dangerous lunatic who in no way should be emulated they are not atheists.

        Would you call a person from a Christian background who praised the teachings of Jesus and claimed that the Bible was a great guide for life an atheist?

        I certainly respect your positive attitude, but having lived in Turkey for nearly 6 years and being an atheist who holds no allegiance to or faith in any religion or religious texts simply because I believe, due to lack of evidence, that they and the gods they represent are non-existent I cannot in all good conscience consider a person who praises even one element of those fictions an atheist. Anladin mi, arkadasim?

        Let’s hope you are right and I am wrong.

  59. Mohammed sat in the desert licking toads, eatin’ shrooms, and just generally inventing shit. God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Eve and little Eve and fat Eve and ugly Eve and tall Eve and veiled Eve and steve and 9-year old Eve. Mohammed made that shit up so that he could just do whatever in the hell he wanted to do and get away with it. It’s all bullshit.

    • No, amir, we know the Bible has errors because we know it has been through several translations. Words change over time, although the basic meanings stay constant.

      The problem is that you vile disgusting filthy evil muslums literally believe your koran to be the do all, end all. You vile evil beast muslums believe that your false prophet mohammed (pieceofshitbeuponhim) tells you that murdering innocent people, raping women and small children, and treating nonmuslims worse than shit stuck to your show is the way to your “heaven”.

      All anyone has to do is look at islamic ruled countries to see the truth about how vile, evil, and FAKE your muslum allah and mohammed are. The violence and bloodshed that runs rampant in islamic ruled countries is proof that every one of you should be wiped off the face of Earth for the sake of humanity.

      There is no excuse for islam. The only thing a muslum can do is kill themselves immediately because you are all worthless and unwanted.

      • Prophet about these… “murdering innocent people, raping women and small children, and treating nonmuslims worse than shit stuck to your show is the way to your “heaven”.”
        Source ?

      • To “AJPrince”:

        ALL of the Qu’rânic verses here mentioned (2:191; 3:28; 3:85; 5:33; 8:12; 8:60; 8:65; 9:5; 9:30; 9:123; 22:19; 47.4) are among the ONE-HUNDRED AND NINE verses which ALWAYS call for violence against us non-Moslems – who are ALWAYS referred to as “filthy infidels”, “unbelievers” and other such MONSTROUS TERMS!!!!!

        In fact, Chapter 9 is one BIG conglomeration of the PUREST HATE and CONTEMPT for everybody and everything un-Islamic!!!! In sum, Islam is so DIABOLICALLY EVIL and ODIOUS to any thinking human being as to require its outright rejection – and the wholesale expulsion of every man, woman or child who insists on staying a Moslem!!!!!

        That’s why we want positively ZERO to do with you or ANY of your fellow-muzzies!!! That’s why we DESPISE AND LOATHE your IDOL Mohammed!!!! [NO human being can EVER, EVER be “perfect”, by definition – so SWALLOW IT, Moslem MONSTER!!!!]

  60. Let God Allah Show the Right Path to all our Non Muslim Brothers and Sisters.
    I accept Islam with accepting all the 4 messengers, Dawood, Moses, Jesus and Prophet Mohamed [saw.] If i Deny any one messenger and accept Islam than i am not a muslim. So to Be a Muslim one shud and have faith on all 4 messengers. For More Info you can go to the website.

    Note : We all are Human Beings. Started from Adam and Eve with no doubt Jesus will come to this world and we all have to follow his path their is no doubt. but no one can predict the date when jesus will come to the earth[world] according to islam.

    • Get lost Syed, not your “brother” and never will be. And really goes to show what pathetic inbreeds you all are: still not able to figure out that that pedo-momo prophet of our asses nicked everything to come up with that crap of his, including from the Christian faith.

      You do realize that hadn’t religions worthy of that name been around at the time, that momo prick would have had nothing to draw on and would have your worship your own shit, right ?

    • I am Moses! Go back to the desert where you were meant to be. Your camel will be your mate. Leave women alone ,you do not deserve them. This is Moses speaking. Do NOT piss me off or I will destroy your strongholds.

    • Syed there were 2 lines from Adam and eve, the serpent line (cain) that got them kicked out of the garden of eden and the chosen line. In the apocrathes Yeshua (Jesus) is described as golden haired and fair to look upon. So no you are not of the chosen line and a religion that says they will legalize rape on white woman can only be serpentine. Your Allah is a rock from a meteorite shaped in the form of female genitals that is what is prayed to in mecca, so how can you possibly sprout that we worship the same Elohim? Do some research before you blindly start sprouting your religion.

      • @Vici, yes I also despise Islam, but your claim of the description of Jesus is a flat out lie. Jesus was described as having skin of burnished brass (not fair, not white, not light skinned). and his hair was described as white and like lamb’s wool. This points to a Jesus with Afro hair, since only blacks have hair like wool. I am white and I have no problem admitting that Jesus was probably a mixed race man with lots of African heritage. Given the geographic region and the point in the timeline where Jesus appears, it is highly unlikely that he could look like the image created by white Europeans to depict him.

        We agree on the evil of Islam.

    • F— YOU, “test”: yet another Moslem DEVIL who has proven what a totalitarian LOSER he himself is!!!!

      Your challenge is every bit as idiotic as if I were to challenge YOU, “test”, to find that “missing plane”!!! [Furthermore, we non-Moslems, knowing the value of the REAL TRUTH (as opposed to the Marxist plus you Moslem HATERS and TOTALITARIANS), will NEVER bend the knee to your MOLOCH, the real Shaytan masquerading as “allah”!!!! We VALUE this site as PUREST GOLD – that you can’t accept to LOGICALLY rebut the points made in here is extra testimony against YOU!!!!]

      How many, many, many times have your Moslem pirate ancestors ambushed our ships in past centuries even in Christian waters, enslaved the poor people on board and then converted the ships to your purposes, eh????

      Yes, THAT is the Moslem modus operandi – and it makes it all the MORE WICKED because you’re doing it in the name of your SATANICALLY-WICKED AND INSPIRED “prophet” Mohammed who commanded you all these things in the name of SATAN!!!!


    • I love how we are to remove this website, but the pro-muzzie propaganda sites are fine. Hypocritical Nazi. Ill skin you alive for that

    • Why would the US find a Moslem country plane, just wish that it was not US who made it disappear. Malaysia was a Hindu and Buddha country before u Bastards made it Moslem. Now go find ur own shit.

  61. I am amazed at the number of muslims that come here, I guess they want to learn the truth about islam. I don’t go to muslim sites because I have no desire to know what they are talking about but yet they desire to come here where the truth is spoken, maybe a few will wake up and get the hell out of islam before they blow themselves up for a false prophet and moon god, which we know means more to them than peace and family and freedom, since they are slaves to both these idols. Peace to all non-muslims who can see what islam really is, death to those who follow it.

    • Ex NAVY CORPSMAN OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM VETERAN. I hate muslims. I dont want to hate anyone but i can’t let go of this hate. I will tell you this. I don’t believe anyone of them. I wish we didn’t allow them in our country and i wish they would all disappear. To my boys who are not with us on this planet because they were killed by fucking rag heads don’t worry they will get their justice. Ive seen first hand muslim men fucking each other in our detainee camps. They loved that shit. THey believe its ok and there women are so oppressed they have no clue. ITs disgusting how they live and what they believe. ALLAH is a homosexual pig fucker

    • hahaha, i ll give u the answer, cause we do worry about our religion and i am felling sorry for u cause i have a chance to show u the way but u took a kifr to end in fire,
      the choice is still urs, u have a free will, change before it s late

  62. i hold massive ammount of grudge toward muslims
    they always trying to ruining my life
    poluting the environtment with their loud pray
    because they think their god can’t hear their prayer without any sound echancer
    they always doing anarchy.violent,and see us as lower than them

    yes, altough minority of them are kind person, usualy muslim who act kind with other religious are banished from their community,

    they often rom my shop,killing people for their money,rape,drug,polygamy, terorism,and many worst behavior

    • Ha ha ha – their loud prayer is to inform their brothers on which corner is a vehicle with nice sound system and mags to be stolen or other crime they can commit.

  63. I am not mad at you nor will I hurt you. All the evidence you are using is just a coincidence and is made by less than 1% of the Muslim population. I do not disrespect your religion (or if you’re non-religious) so I think that there is really no point on disrespecting our religion. Let us live in peace and focus on more important things in life. Thank you for listening.

    • then go the fuck back to your country of origin cuz america was built ONE NATION UNDER GOD. And the GOd we believe in isn’t the same as the GOD your towel rag ass heads believe in


  64. and also don’t talk to us that way.i love prophet Mohamed and Allah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • the prophet MOHAMMED peace be upon him. is the greatest, hate it or love it lol, go to Wikipedia, search the ranking of the 100 persons the most influencing on earth from ADAM peace be upon him to now, amazingly, number 1 issssssssssss MMOOHHAAMMMMED the prophet of Islam, that is not a muslim site lololol,

      • Wikipedia does do a good job in sanitizing the escapades of dirty mohammed (may poo be upon him) and his cave pimp alter ego allah the rape enabler, but you can only do so much.
        Read the description remembering that the fucktard charlatan child rapist claimed he had a connection with the thing that created the UNIVERSE, and islam still looks like a load of shit and dirty mo nothing more than a 7th century caravan robbing rapist warlord..The best bit of dhimmification is that marauding bandits robbing caravans and killing people are now called “migrants”.. But there are plenty of instances of the use of the trusty thesaurus to snigger at, so its worth a read..In islam la la land, Pedophile rapist can be magically transformed into….kind uncle that gives out sweets.

      • Hi Hocine. I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but trying to use Wikipedia as “evidence” for anything just shows how little you know. Absolutely anyone can write–or revise–the information on Wikipedia, including Muslims. In fact, I know a 9-year-old who made some corrections to an article last week.

        In addition,, Mohammed might have been influential, but then again so was Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin, Idi Amin Dada,etc.

        As the author of the post pointed out so clearly, Muslims are not interested in logic or reason, and have no compassion for their fellow man.–so tell me, what are doing here?

      • hahaha, i am not an ignorant my lady, and for sure u re not hurting, the thing is u and other non muslims, who dont know islam are giving me the same ignorant comment, i dont judge u cause u dont know better lol
        from noah’s time peace be upon him to jesus peace be upon him were all rejected, they were all prophets and all rejected, the coran speak about 25 prophets, mentioned with names, and we have alot more mentioned only by their deeds, were all rejected one after the other, one prophet had more than 250 wife, but no one attacks him lol, jesus peace be upon him was called names at his time, so i dont get shocked when u reject the last prophet lol, i am sure u heard about Mrs Arnoud Van Doorn, he is not only a muslim but hajj as well,

        and please google the fastest growing religiong on earth, lol the answer is ISLAM, is has to be for a reason,
        on 2016, we ll be 2.5 billion muslims on earth, we cant all be wrong hey
        come on

        get down from ur horse and walk with human, arrogance got iblis out of heaven , that feeling is only for the LORD

    • You ALREADY HAVE BEEN threatening us, our ancestors and EVERYBODY ELSE for 1,400 years already!!!! Worse yet, you have already been carrying out your threats!!!

      [Of course, had we known better than to give you so much as ONE CENT for your oil and left you languishing in your innate squalor, sickness and poverty, you’d hardly be able to threaten us anyway: we’d be simply wiping you out tenfold for every PROUD “infidel” man, woman and child you touched in the 20th-century and since…]

      You can take your kitman and taqiyya ELSEWHERE – it just won’t work here…

    • Ferdous, piss off to mecca and worship your fanny rock and stay there with the other dessert kaffirs – unbelievers of the one true El.

  65. Bfore making fun of y Prophet Muhammad SAW, why dont you look in your own BIBLE where he is mentioioned by name!
    In son of Solomon 5:16
    They person is referred to altogether lovely.
    What is altogether lovely translated in hebrew because the Old testament came in hebrew. It is translated as MUHAMMADIM. The suffix im stands for respect, so if I take out im, I have Muhammad. If I have
    mr paul and take out Mr, I still have paul. Anything you said is weak, if you want to debate me, please contact me at

    • Hey Mo, you are full of shit. Those books were written before your filthy belief system was even invented and your paedophile prophet was born. Now go away, we don’t like ragheads here. Nobody here has anything to say to your kind, so get lost.

      • you’re a piece of shit man. what the hell is your problem if people are living in america and following their own religion. they’re not hurting you so go fuck yourself, people like you are the reason why so many people live in fear and there is war going on. it really shows what a horrendous person you are when you have nothing better to do than spread hate. you should be put in jail.

      • Hey Mo MODAFAKKA, Ur pig is mentioned in Bible and Bhavisya Purana just as a caution to all humanity that what will he do to this world. As u can see nor the Bible or BP was wrong. Translate it as per ur convenience but the truth will stay truth.

        @BNI kindly allow to upvote and downvote posts. Regards

    • @Yasmin the bloviating baghead

      It’s not “son of Solomon” it’s “SONG of Solomon.”

      If you’re going to repeat erroneous bullshit at least repeat it correctly.

      You mohammadan supremacists also need to get on the same page in your lie book. Some of you half-wits scream about “sex and vileness” in the Song of Solomon and in the next breath you claim mohammed the molestor was mentioned in the Song of Solomon. Many of claim the Song of Solomon is an example of “porn” in the Bible.

      First of all, that last claim is an egregious example of eisegesis. Really egregious. The Song of Solomon is a story, a poem about the love shared between a shepherd and his wife. Why in the hell would she declare her love for a filthy arab rapist, thief and kiddy-diddler who would not be born until centuries later?

      Here’s something to twist your slave-ragged head over; you vile mohammadans claim the Song of Solomon is “porn” and you also claim mo t