Yes, we hate Islam. Yes, we will mock your paedophile prophet Mohammed as much as we want. No, we don’t care what you think or how offended you are. We are Americans, and we are free to say what we want, when we want, no matter how much it offends your sensitivities. Don’t like it? Get out. You are not welcome here.


741 comments on “Yes, we hate Islam. Yes, we will mock your paedophile prophet Mohammed as much as we want. No, we don’t care what you think or how offended you are. We are Americans, and we are free to say what we want, when we want, no matter how much it offends your sensitivities. Don’t like it? Get out. You are not welcome here.

  1. Just to let you know. In the holy Quran it says 5:32 that killing a person whether muslim or non muslim it is as if he killed the whole of humanity. If a person saves a life whether muslim or non muslim it is as if he saved the whole of humanity.
    the Quran is the only scripture that has said about murder like this. The prophet muhammed (saw) the person people seem to hate so much was the one who gave new born girls in Arabia the right to live. At that time people were ashamed to have baby girls so they used to bury them alive. When the prophet heard a person say that a man did this to his daughter. Guess what he did? He cried and that is the very same prophet people call a pig. He made that change in the country. The change that gives girls the right to live.

    • Did you know your first two sentences were stolen from the Jews? Anything remotely peaceful sounding about Islam was stolen from the Jews and Christians. Although the vast majority of those passages were abrogated by the Paedophile Prophet Mohammed, leaving most of the quran advocating hated and violence against all non-muslims.

      Considering how disgustingly muslims treat women, they should have continued the custom of killing female babies. At least then they wouldn’t spend the rest of their lives being abused my muslim men.

      I am getting sick your crap. Nobody buys a word you are saying. So take it to the leftie websites. Or I will just ban you.

      • Not all muslim men treat women badly and if they do it is god’s duty to give that women justice in this life or in the hereafter. The reference i gave was not stolen from the jews. Similarities and differences can be between religions.
        please get rid of this stupid website because i can tell that you have nothing better to do than to just take the mick out of us. If i wanted to i could take the mick out of what you believe but i am not that kind of person. We Muslims don’t need websites talking about our holy prophet and the Quran just because you don’t believe in it. I AM SICK OF YOUR NONSENSE AND I WILL NO LONGER COMMENT ON THIS STUPID WEBSITE.

      • “…………..”:

        HOW DARE YOU post what you did???? Don’t you understand, people like Ms. BNI and many others have been rightly TRAUMATISED by what you EVIL Moslems have done and are doing to INNOCENT, WORTHY and SAINTED “infidels”??? We lost friends, relatives, colleagues and many other people to your fellow-muzturds MURDER, RAPE, TORTURE (including with your spraying your “enemies” with ACID!!!!) and SO MUCH ELSE!!!!!

        Yet to you ultra-FILTHY, SADISTIC, VILER-than-vile Moslems, anything that harms non-Moslems is at best trivial, at worst blessed!!!!!

        BEGONE, Son of SATAN (for that’s who your “allah” truly is)!!!! We neither want nor need your taqiyya, kitman, tawriya or muruna (and even recalling those Arabic words disgusts me unless spoken by non-Moslems in the Arab people, PFUI!!!)!!!

        DEATH TO ISLAM (and also Marxism and ALL totalitarianism)!!!!! And F–K your IDOL the Antichrist Mohammed – thank goodness he’s now rotting in Hell!!!

    • Ayat 5:32 does *not* say that you typical mohammadan liar.

      “Because of that, We decreed upon the Children of Israel that whoever kills a soul unless for a soul or for corruption [done] in the land – it is as if he had slain mankind entirely. And whoever saves one – it is as if he had saved mankind entirely. And our messengers had certainly come to them with clear proofs. Then indeed many of them, [even] after that, throughout the land, were transgressors.”

      It says *nothing* about “muslim or non-muslim.”

      Moreover, that ayat was not addressed to you repulsive and egregious liars. It was addressed to the Jews as evidenced by the *rest* of surah 5 which is nothing but windbag allah’s list of who he hates, why he hates and how mohammadans should hate. Later on in that surah allah the impotent makes it clear that “transgressor” or “mischief makers” (depending on translation) are…non-muslims, those who *reject* not just allah the impotent, but those who reject mohammad and his bullshit. So, no, in no way does it say that killing a non-muslim is like killing the whole of humanity.

      Do you lying supremacist sacks of crap really believe that us kaffir cannot read mein kurampf for ourselves and discover your obnoxious lies? Are you assholes that thick?

  2. Who do you people think you are saying such disgraceful things about Muslims? If one Muslims kills doesn’t mean each and everyone one of them does. Most Muslims don’t go round saying that your prophet is a pig. It is pathetic. Say what you want to us but just because you don’t believe what we believe does not mean you can swear and take the mick out of our holy prophet and our holy book. I don’t think anyone would be happy reading such inappropriate comments about their religion.

    • Congratulations …………………, you are the 51,668,379th person to visit this website. Obviously a lot of people are happy reading it. And why are you living in the UK and not one of your 56 Islamic hellholes?

    • Oh but yes it actually means that we can, and in fact very much are taking the piss out of your so-called prophet, that idiot who thought nobody would ever suss him out for what he really was : a looser. Had to steal from two genuine religions to come up with that crap of his you lot are too brain-dead to figure out is nothing than a badly written fable. Goes to show what a bunch of pathetic good for nothing you all are.

      That shit is no more a religion that you vermin are a race : a big fat zero on that . And if you think we care one iota what you lot have to say, WRONG.

      Go get a life, a real one.

  3. and for those of you who are saying muhammad is a peadophile his youngest wife was 12, in those days and even just 150 years ago this was perfectly aloud
    king john did it
    most victorians sold there daughters to the richest man possible as soon as possible
    and muhammad did not force her to marry she accepted and wanted to marry the did not fornicate before her puberty was finnished, the is not peadophelia

    • So many, many, MANY LIES!!!!!

      [For example, Aisha was SIX (6) when Mohammed "married" her - and he had full-fledged sex with her when she turned NINE (9)!!! You think that merely because they come out of your mouth, your utterly-FALSE statements are "facts"????]

      Islam is nothing but an ideology of the purest possible LIES – and Moslems, with VERY RARE exceptions (such aren’t really “good Moslems”), are the worst liars imaginable, right alongside their Marxist cousins!!!!

      Take your taqiyya and kitman ELSEWHERE – we’ll NOT be tricked by you!!!!!

    • Wrong.

      Everything you’ve spouted thus far is incoherent and/or an outright fabrication.

      mohammadans could not have developed smelting. Smelting, iron smelting, was first developed in Western Asia between 1200 and 500 BC. That’s why that period in time is called…The Iron Age.

      It was the Phoenicians, Mesopotamians, and Persians who developed iron smelting. mohammad was not even a gleam in sheytan’s eye until the 6th century AD, so there is no way in hell you mouthbreathers invented smelting.

      I have no idea where you supremacist throwbacks get the idea that one of your fellow knuckle-draggers invented fiber optics. One Charles Kao from Singapore invented fiber optics, all by himself. He was even awarded $700k for his effort. Are you really claiming he was a mohammadan ignoramus like you?

      And gliders…that is the most pathetic mohammadan lie. You knuckle draggers did not understand the physics of it. This grasping claim is based on one verse from a *poem* by Mu min ibn said about Abbas ibn firnas. Furthermore, this snippet from a poem is cited as a primary source when in fact it is a secondary source. It becomes even more pathetic when this verse is read:

      “He flew faster than the phoenix in his flight when he dressed his body in the feathers of a vulture.”

      That’s it. That is what you mouth breathers base the claims of “we invented gliders/flying and had a concept of physics.”

      Since when are vulture feather costumes even remotely a “concept of physics?”

      Pathetic. Egregiously pathetic.

      As for your oil, no one is “taking it.” It is paid for. Perhaps we should call you primitives out and actually take it. I’d be 100% behind that war.

      And as for King John or Harry or Henry or anyone else for that matter who married little girls: it was not right then and it’s not right now. However, your comparison is fatally flawed: NO ONE reveres or praises King John or Harry or Henry for their kiddy-fucking. No one claims they are to be emulated because they were “ideal men” or “perfect patterns of conduct” and no one makes excuses for them. They were horrible men, their kiddy-fucking was deplorable and most people are happy that that barbaric custom is unacceptable and punishable by law today.

      Now that your lies have been deconstructed, despite being barely legible due to your incoherence do you really dare to task your singular brain cell and wonder why websites such as this exist?

      Also, the mohammadan slave trade killed *and is still killing* more Africans than whitey’s slave trade did. “Red Indians” killed their fair share of “pale faces” and Mayans, Aztecs, Olmecs, Toltecs, etc, etc did a bang up job of slaughtering each other long before whitey showed up on their doorstep. Just as homo-sapians have done before the concepts of race and ethnicity existed when they wiped out the neanderthals.

      The existence of mohammadans, as evidenced by your (and many, many other mohammadan supremacists’) utterly ignorant bullshit, is proof that we didn’t decimate them all.

  4. if you are against us do not use our inventions
    do not use optical fibres
    gliders….(though unsuccessful were coppied by western culture, the glider showed that they understood physics but materials wer not available)

    and women should be treated well, it does not matter what a muslim does, but what i says in the quran
    a person should love his mother three times more than his father (that was a hadith)
    that a man should treat with wife as a person, and if she does not want to do something she has right to say no
    they have a say in marraige even in the middle ages when most of your women were beaten and could not oppose their husbands and were openly thought to be associate of devils

    • Do the world a favor raghead ibbie and shut your trap ! Bad enough to have you spew your crap all over this thread, but then thinking you can actually get away with claiming your death cult having invented anything is knowing very little of us indeed, for unlike you, we are the educated and knowledgeable kind !

      I doubt your fucked up neurons will be able to grasp this but you useless bunch have been totally incapable of bringing anything positive whatsoever to human kind, on the contrary. Without US, the the true civilizations combined, you are NOTHING. You owe us EVERYTHING and you know it so cut the crap. Including that crappy book of yours, for it’s not just that is it, but those haddiths-crap that go hand in hand with it and you lot are incapable of functioning about anything without those rags, so quit that taqqiya of yours.

      And turning tables won’t lead you anywhere either here, and yes, that so-called prophet (ha, our collective asses on that one as well) was nothing more than a good for nothing murderous/thief power/money hungry freak, and yes, a pedophile to boot. And a lot more and none of it any good.

      So bucket-loads of piss upon him and you lot.

  5. hello bni if you see this and delete go on
    you have realised we are all terrorists well done bravo
    we totally dont live under the threat of nuke from following our laws
    we do call orselves gods nation dont we, the jews dont say that the christians dont say that but just we don

    take thes points into account, now stand up (if you can) and try to get out of mcdonalds

    • Let’s be honest: Islam is NOT “God’s” “nation” but SATAN’S community!!!!

      As such, you’re all guaranteed to end up in Hell and thence the Lake of Fire!!!!!

  6. the prophet never killed anyone unjustly
    he only killed soldiers after given the chance to surrender
    has anyone done that during war, without destroying towns and villages, in fact they still are
    what was the nationality of the person who killed 75 children in norway
    what was the nationality of the person who murdered 30 people in a school
    what was the nationality of bush and tony blair who killed 1 million iraqees,
    are they muslim at all
    and just because they did that im not racist towards whitees am i

    • Read your Qur’ân and Hadith: they contradict you ignorant Moslems so much that any truly-thinking man will NEVER be able to be in your CULT!!!!

  7. Well done! I think more people need to speak out against the political correctness that is going to deliver our countries up to the Islamic nut-cases. Their creed tells them that they are better than us, but with every waking moment, they are reminded that our society is better than theirs and that they are wallowing in seventh-century ignorance and barbarism, while Western society is so much better – our Arts, our Science. our Technology, our Education etc., etc., etc. They want what is ours, or they will destroy it – either way, they want to take it from us.

    • there’s no shame of been muslim , i am a muslim and i don’t care what you think of me , i only want to say the video above is completely fabricated , if someone is a terrorist doesn’t mean his religion asked him to ,people always truing to find a reason for there actions , and that’s what they did , so they can kill and sleep at night , all what i am saying is i am a muslim and i don’t kill people and i hate terrorism as much as you do .

      • The video is not fabricated. I know the radio host who said this on the air.

        You might not kill people, but your holy books command you to kill unbelievers. So you are not a good muslim.

    • Just found this site! I’m British and Wiccan, but please don’t hold that against me! Anyhoo, I was out shopping with my carer/friend a year or two back, and we had left an occult shop, and I was still putting some books into my rucksack when I felt something hit my head. A split second later, my carer asked me if I’d just felt a hailstone, as she had just pulled a small stone out of her hair. There were two walking letter boxes standing near the corner of Grainger Street in Newcastle, and when I say they were targeting us, I do mean they were targeting us. They threw five stones, threatened to cut off my remaining leg, and called us the devil. We ended up having to take refuge in Forbidden Planet, the sci-fi shop, who kindly called the police.

      Nothing was done to them, of course. The police basically spoke to them for five minutes, and after a useless caution, they were free to go harass someone else. The worst thing about it were the British accents.

      • Thanks for welcoming me! I’ll certainly look at the offerings on here :-)

        Another thing that happened in this country which I think is ridiculous, is a chain store (Mark’s and Spencer) allowed a Muslim employee to refuse to serve a customer alcohol as it’s against their religion. Yet another similar happening occurred, perhaps a year or two ago, a Muslim employee of a butcher counter attempted to take the store to court for being made to handle bacon. Thankfully, he didn’t win the law suit.

        Hate is such a strong and negative emotion, and one that I cannot abide. The message ‘Hate’ sends, the actions and reactions that comes with it… I’ve tried for so long to keep that negative emotion away from my personal self, trying to something, anything that could truly explain the suicide bombings, the decapitation of poor Lee Rigby… The atrocities that occur on a daily basis.

        But there is no reasonable explanation. They simply kill because their very beings revolve around a belief system based on hate. If someone doesn’t adhere to the teachings of Allah, then die they must. Innocent people are killed because they don’t believe, because there is a point to prove, because of this or that.

        The energy and offerings which the Earth provides for us to live is turned into something truly abominable, something meant to destroy and tear people apart. Sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, neighbours, that person you speak to every morning at the bus stop.. The people killed by Muslims aren’t strangers in a far away land any more, they are the ones close to us. The UK government are more focused on taxing spare bedrooms and panic rooms for endangered women and children, than they are about what the every day person received from the hands of Islam.

        I might be in a wheelchair, but I still have a rather good brain and a clever mouth, and I am done being tolerant of the hate that comes my way. Allah is all powerful, huh? I can tell you now that my God and Goddess would wipe the floor with that disgraceful deity.

      • So I’ve seen! Places to speak openly are unfortunately few and far between, so I’ll take my chances. Besides, I’ve come face-to-face with hate for the last twenty two years of my life. I was having some food with my mates and mother one Sunday afternoon, when a man (didn’t know him from Adam) said to me “You’d be the perfect girlfriend cos I wouldn’t have to work to open your legs.”

        If that comment had been said by a good friend or my husband, I would have laughed my chesticles all the way to China, but it came from a stranger who was attempting to be a smart ass in front of his buddies. When people say society attitude towards disability has changed, I tell em to sit in a wheelchair for a few days, and then say that.

        Anyway, back to Islam. I compare it to all forms of ‘isms’. You know, like racism, sexism, etc. They are just words until someone decides those words are words to live by, and they become rotten to the core. Hating a religion such as Islam is not racism, it’s common sense. Sexism is just stupid!

        I don’t know if I explained well in my last post, but never mind! I guess what I was trying to say was the hate muslims have for non-believers is something I’ve tried so hard to keep away from. But when they go and do something so incredibly atrocious, like decapitating a British soldier in broad daylight. Goddess, that was one sickening act of hatred.

        I despise the core of Islam, I do. It is the polar opposite of Wicca and thus, who I am. I just want to clear up that I had all of the qualities which makes one Wiccan before I took the path at the age of 27. Religion isn’t something one can go into lightly, I feel, for there must be a whole lot more than blind faith, and that’s what muslims do.

        They follow the teachings without question and go out into the world and destroy, destroy, destroy, and it cuts me to the quick every fucking time. I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have sat at my altar in tears, praying through a blotched and snotty face, for my God and Goddess to take those butchered souls to the Summerlands. I pray for the families, for people such as yourself who witness what’s going on all around you.

        Our countries, I believe, are like our homes, and I believe we should have rights to defend our country just as we do our homes. Whenever I see *B* walk past my house and I see him look through my window, I purposely hold up my 30 inch machete. He doesn’t know I won’t use it (it’s signed by Jason Voorhees actor Ken Kirzinger!!). As long as he thinks I won’t hesitate, he won’t come anywhere near my house, and do what landed him in prison for six months four years ago.

        Six months for a sexual assault on a 15 year old girl. Oh, he didn’t go to the full extent of rape, but he did enough. When her brother went after him with a golf club, he got two years. Nice, huh?

      • Yes, Islam does stand alone as a true religion of hatred for all things not Muslim. All one needs to do is read a real quran (not a whitewashed translation which hides all the violence and bigotry) to see why it should not even qualify as a religion, but would fit well in the isms of fascism, Nazism, and even communism.

      • Just to say, yes, my words are contradictory. I don’t want to hate, and yet I despise. As you say, it’s hard not to hate, but when the core values of a religion such as Islam, I feel despising is justified, no matter how much of an internal conflict it causes.

      • Sapphire…

        The term and/or the emotion of hate…hmmmmmm…

        Hate is not necessarily a bad thing…as long as it is controlled and focused and based on facts.

        Although you are a Wiccan, the God of the Bible hates many things and with good reason.

        Would you not admit to hating Adolf Hitler, for instance?

        Or a hideous child molester and murderer?

        Controlled hate is a normal, healthy human emotion as long as it based on sane, legitimate reasoning.

        The muslims that comment on this site ALWAYS do ad hominem attacks and NEVER offer any constructive comments to try and explain the crazy shit that is done in the name of their garbage “religion”…

        It’s the same old shit…
        “we’re all stupid and no nothing about islam”
        “islam is all goody good and love and kindness”

        The comment below from that imbecile “anti-bni.” is a classic example of the weak, pathetic efforts presented by these goofs.

        The same with “George Harrison”…just an idiotic remark with nothing constructive….a real bright dude…

        And of course the reason for their collective nothingness is simply because islam and the never ending shit they do in it’s name can never be defended or presented for anything other than what it is…garbage and insanity.

        It’s even the same on “pro islam” sites…the NEVER present any rational defence for their beliefs, because there is none.

        “Pass the bourbon.”

    • you don’t know my holy book as much as i do , i know what you say is not true , people see , people think and feel , we know the right and the wrong , and i am pretty sure killing innocent people is wrong , believe me if my religion asked me to kill people because they are not a muslims , i wont be a muslim by now

  8. A. “Islam” means “submission”. A follower of the religion of Islam is called a “Muslim” which means “one who is in submission to the divine will.”

    (CONTENT DELETED. I don’t allow proselytizing for any religion especially a filthy death cult called Islam. You are now banned. –BNI)

  9. Pffft I dont understand why you non muslims hate us so much. I mean we dont even care about your religion and we never said a word about it. We respect you . If u dont like islam then fine but please dont make fun of our prophet. We never ever make fun of yours so dont you think its pointless and such a waste of time ? Please stop. Let us live in our religion and you live in yours. Its a win win and everybody is at peace. The end.

      • LIAR!!!! Just like ALL “good Moslems” truly ARE!!!!

        It’s you Moslems who’re ALWAYS stupid – because Satan (aka “allah”) and Mohammed MADE YOU SO!!!! You swallow their shit, poison, plague and everything else as foul as foul and EVIL it is just because you believe they’re your leaders!!!!

        We PROUD “infidels” GLADLY DESPISE YOU, and those of us who’re armed WILL make sure you’ll NEVER, EVER WIN control of even one more Western country than you with your ultra-filthy oil money have – and once we all wake up, you’ll see how that monetary value will plummet to ZERO!!!!!

        We’ll make sure you Moslem pirates, hijackers, terrorists and warriors will not just be at our feet – you’ll be IN THE GROUND while your souls rot in Hell at the hands of your beloved “Allah” – who really is Satan himself!!!

      • I swear there is a gross minimum stupidity required to run one of these damned websites.

      • You prove as much, Mr. George Harrison!!!! Let’s see you run such a Website!!

        Take your taqiyya and kitman ELSEWHERE – and it doesn’t matter whether you be a Moslem or a Marxist (including both Communism AND Nazism): you totalitarians are ALL EVIL!!!

      • REALLY?!??? You think you can do whatever you want wherever you want simply because your IDOL Mohammed told you so?!???

        That’s why you Moslem Untermenschen – unless the TRUE God Yahweh (YHWH) Intervenes and truly converts you OUT OF ISLAM in your hearts – need banishment to your dar al-Islam at best!!!! At worst, you simply need wholesale extermination as Satanic sub-lives who simply have been deprived of any chance or hope of doing any good on this entire globe…

        I rejoice that Mohammed, that true son of PERDITION, is rotting in Hell even as we speak (and has been doing so since AD 632) – and will continue on doing so right until the Last Judgement!!!! THEN, we all can look forward to his dying the Second Death in the LAKE OF FIRE!!!!!

        Yes, “Ishaan”, we PROUD, GIFTED, truly God-Loving (and proving it every second of our lives!!!) “infidels” DO OWN the West (of which America is but a part) – and we’ll yet put you muzturd good-for-nothings in your place!!!! [All you deserve to have is Saudi Arabia and NOTHING ELSE!!!!]

        Yes, we “infidels” (FAR CLEANER in truth than ever you Moslems blindly following Satan – one of whose many names is “allah”, the most IMPOTENT ‘god’ ever conceived!! – and his Antichrist Mohammed can EVER HOPE TO BE!!!) GLADLY DESPISE Islam and all those who want to force it down the throats of the rest of us!!!! I’ve no doubt that Ms. BNI will approve of me telling you, “Ishaan”, and all your Moslem colleagues (and as Alain already has): SCRAM!!!!! MARCHE!!!! FUCK OFF AND DIE!!! POSHJÓL VÓN!!!!

      • to Ishaan:

        ‘You don’t own America…We have the right to live where we want to..’

        - We indeed OWN America. America is our home. Your home, instead, is the one towards which you turn to pray: Meccah!

        You have the right to live where you want to, unless you comply to the rules of the land and to the ‘man-made laws’ here. We, the people made these laws, of course!

        If you think living by the ‘divine laws of allah’, then you should go back to your tent and century whence you and your gorgon moo-HAM-mad originated.

      • bni so you think that christianity is banned in bosnia
        if you want to kick us out, then stop all trades with us and stop taking oil from our countries if you cannot tolerate is 1 fifth of oil comes from saudi arabia, go on stop using it dont use anything made in muslim countries or any spices, or clothes that were made in a muslim country

      • To “ibbie”:

        That’s EXACTLY what I’d do, were I in a position of real influence and/or power:

        Recall ALL Westerners from dar al-Islam;
        Evict every last single Moslem man, woman and child from the West;
        Terminate ALL connections between the Western and Islamic worlds: cultural, commercial (including transportation), diplomatic, &c.

        Yes, if I had my way, we’d GLADLY let you choke on your filthy oil!!!! Furthermore, I’d be only too glad to put our unemployed to work making our clothes; to boot, we have PLENTY of spices being grown in the Americas and the Mediterranean regions of Europe (not to mention Hinduist India and Buddhist Burma).

        You truly would be left to starve and DIE because we’d make sure all your oil would be WORTHLESS – and any war efforts on your part against us would result in LOTS of your people being either nuked into nothing or dying in direst agony like flies from the after-effects of all sorts of weapons: nuclear, chemical, bacteriological and conventional (including thermobaric, which soon will become FAR MORE potent than we could imagine!!!).

        [And yes, I know too well what the Moslemised Serbs are doing in Bosnia-Hercegóvina...]

    • To the ragheads once again coming spewing their crap, the usual crying and playing dumb (which they are) “boohoo don’t understand why you hate us” and blah blah usual crap. Beside the fact that we don’t have to explain ourselves to you and so we won’t, yes indeed never forget that you pricks are on OUR turf.

      And yes, People OWN their respective lands which you won’t get you filthy hands on, so the only right you’ve got is to shut the hell up and like it or not, you will all get kicked back to the hellholes you belong to and don’t make the mistake believing a piece of paper or birth certificate will protect you the day you finally get what’s been a long time coming to you.

      Only yourselves to blame you useless brainwashed parasitic vermin and don’t you ever forget that.

      • BRAVISSISSISSISSIMO, Monsieur Alain – et AMEN, AMEIN et AMJÍÑ!!!!

        Everything you wrote above is 100%+ truth, multiplied by infinity!!! [And Moslems are not just vermin - they're lower than ANY animal or plant all too often called "vermin"...]

      • Aha!!!! Another Marxist “liberal” MONSTER wannabe, eh, Mr. George Harrison – you need to realise that what makes America TRULY great is that those like you who want to destroy her are so allowed to spew your poison and get away without being any the worse (physically) for it.

        Go try the same thing in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Somalia – or even China, Russia or MANY other places!!!! THEN we’ll see how you really fare…

        Good-for-nothing Marxist who needs to be exiled to North Korea and left to die there!!!!!…

      • Yes, one more I’ll address you, “George Harrison:” compared to what some countries do with their people, the following would be MOST MERCIFUL for you:

        to be arrested, convicted of your TREASON and SEDITION, then stripped of ALL your papers, money and ALL other possessions, then put on a glider or inside a parachute capsule that would glide into the territory it would be targeted for, then flown to North Korean territory and left on the ground without ANY means of communicating or making yourself understood other than in sign language.

        At best you’ll be shot by the North Korean border-guards on sight; at worst they’ll put you under torture and/or work you to death in one of their GULag-equivalent labour camps. You’ll not be able to communicate with anybody in any language you know – you’ll be forced to learn Korean (in North Korea; Farsi or Arabic would apply for the other two destinations). Even then, your comprehension will be so poor you’ll be 100% at the mercy of some of the most sadistic wretches in the entire world!!!

        Then, when they decide (whenever it be, whether in a matter of minutes or of DECADES) they’ve had enough of you, a bullet in the back of the head will be all you get – without ANY chance to send ANY letters, ever access the Internet, ever telephone anybody, without any possibility of saying good-bye to anybody or anything you ever loved…

        Sounds nice?… For that’s EXACTLY what you and your ilk ALL deserve without exception if a Marxist. Moslems would be sent to Iran if Shi’a, Saudi Arabia if Sunni – you can be sure you’ll end up treated the same way.

      • No it’s not everyone’s turf you asswipe, would you say that YOUR house is and therefore any prick coming along can put a claim on it ? Oh let me guess, wouldn’t you be one of those vermin by any chance, the kind that doesn’t have to lift a finger to get everything handed on a plate ?

        In any case, let’s see how long it’ll take you to get your neurons firing properly and see what a incredibly dumb statement you made. Shall I help you along ? How about : it’s what this country stands for that makes it great ?

      • ADHD, your uncultured piddly ass doesn’t even know who George Harrison is you fucking cromagnon.

        Also, Alain, yes it is everyones turf, both that of muslims, and…. what ever category you guys fall under.

        Also, this websites twitter account sucks ball sweat.

      • FYI, GH, this website’s Twitter account only contains headlines of new stories posted here. I hate Twitter and would never use it if I weren’t requested by many readers to post new story links there.

        I think it’s time for you to go. Your ad hominems add nothing to the discussion.

      • To “George Harrison”:

        Your childish use of vulgar and pornographic words proves who truly is the “uncultured” “Cro-Magnon”!!! Your absolute contempt for people and life (VERY typical of Marxists and Mohammedans!!!!) is not something to be proud of at all!!!

        And not everybody is a “pop-music” lover (let alone one who cares one iota for the “Beatles” – I’ve infinitely-better stuff in the musical field to cherish, love and even play!!!!), so your insult goes right past me.

        One last repartee, you Marxist “intellectual” (who can’t even write proper English): remember Ljéñin’s saying about the likes of you, “the intelligentsia are not the brains of the nation but the shit!” [For my part, I'd FAR RATHER deal with a good person who's less educated than somebody with all the education in the world and an EVIL HEART!!!!]

        Yes, you’d do well to take Ms. BNI’s hint and leave of your own will…

      • you fucking pricks are on our turf, you are in afghanistan and have bases in pretty much every muslim country that dont want to trade with you because of the way the know they will be treated

      • really did iraq own their land
        that didnt help for your blanker kind from bombing it
        did red indians own their land
        did abouragins own their land
        mouris etc.
        have you heard of the native american phrase “pale faces speak with forked tounges” this shows how trustworthy you are
        and then you have the audacity to make red indian films like, pocahontas
        to brainwash your offspring to believing nothing wrong happened to the plains indians

      • Again to “ibbie”:

        We neither need nor want your taqiyya and your kitman!!!! Your patent lies will one day result in FAR WORSE happening to you than has ever yet been the case…

    • Everything you’re saying as a Moslem is automatically the foulest of LIES!!!!

      Do you HONESTLY think we would hate you even if you truly didn’t hate us and want to wipe us off the face of the earth or reduce us to destitution??? What on earth is so difficult to figure out about hate begets hate????

      Take your taqiyya and kitman ELSEWHERE!!!!!

      • oh ok the red indians were murdered by your kind oh lies lies arent they
        and yes i will bring it up because its the second most disgusting thing yur kind has done, second to SLAVERY did you know the quran says how to treat slaves, educate their children, give them decent housing and meals do not beat them without at all, did your contry do this until the 18th century and in america blacks are still worse off arent they

      • To “ibbie”:

        I know of a couple in which the husband IS a true Red-Indian: both they plus their whole tribe are out to scalp you and your fellow-muzturds!!! In fact, they have made VERY PLAIN their contempt AND hatred for the likes of you (especially given the research they’ve both done upon Islam and its unparalleled ATROCITIES!!!), so you BEWARE of them!!!!

    • to nyenye:

      ‘If u dont like islam then fine but please dont make fun of our prophet’

      - Well, that’s the main purpose of this thread. Make fun of the prophet of pislam and mock the stupid character named moo-HAM-mad (I am glad you reminded me of that). I can hardly imagine his ugly, grinning gorgon face while he plays with his child-bride’s sock puppets in the eve of yet another raid on caravans. [I know the marauder was good at stealing other people's goods and wives]. But at night, the mighty gorgon would dress in Aisha’s clothes (as cross-dressing thumb-sucking psychopath) to get the divine inspiration. May he rest in piss!

      • oh ha ha he has ham in his name, because ham is an arabic word isn’t it ha ha so funny you realised he he he
        he had very few battles of blood and he made treatys with the jews as well, but they broke every one of them and killed muslims behind their backs
        and you are the ones to talk about murdering arent you because you are a great example of a society which has induced slavery
        the genocide of red indians
        the genocide of abourogines (check spelling)
        incas and aztecs where did they go?
        you even fought among yourself and still are russia and its ex countries are probably going to go in a war soon and if they dont its only a matter of time

        think, think about your past as well

      • REALLY, “ibbie”????

        How about the 275,000,000 people you’ve murdered, often after torturing them FAR WORSE than anybody else???? [Including 80,000,000 in India...]

        You destroyed the Buddhists in Afghanistan and now are destroying Christians in Bosnia-Hercegóvina, Albania, Serbia (especially in that region you invaded and occupied of Kósovo-Metóhija!!!!), Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Iran and MANY OTHER PLACES!!!!!

        It’s you MOSLEMS who’re more evil than anybody else, so beat it…

    • It is unbelievable that you would express dismay at why Islam is hated. It was your “prophet” who set the example of violence and murder towards all who opposed him. It is your Quran which repeatedly calls for violence and murder against all outsiders (see Quran 2:191-193; 2:244; 2;216; 3:36; 3:151; 4:74; 4:76; 4:89; 4:95; 4:104; 5:33; 8:12; 8:15; 8:39; 8:57; 8:59-60; 8:65; 9:5; 9:14; 9:20; 9:29; 9:30; 9:38-39; 9:41; 9:73; 9:88; 9:111; 9:123; 17:16….shall I go on?) History proves that every time Muslims rule a nation Christians are oppressed and persecuted. The news is filled daily with reports of Christians being killed or imprisoned in Muslim countries. Look at the persecution of the Coptic Christians in Egypt and the imprisonment of Christians in Iran. To call Islam the religion of peace is an extreme oxymoron. I suggest you stop lying to yourself, get your head out of the sand, and become aware of what is really going on. We hate your religion because its goal is to kill us!

    • We dont want you in our country’s because we see how islam is murdering countless CHRISTIANS in say,, India, Pakistan, Kenya, Indonesia,,,, thats why your filthy koran says to kill non believers,,,, wel I for one dont believe the earth is flat like that scrapbook says ,,,, HAPPY EASTER TO ALL THE NORMAL PEOPLE OUT THERE ,

  10. you are really deceived and they put in you minds everything they want except the truth. those verses of the Quran that were posted in the video are not completed. let me give you an example from the Quran proves the contrast of what you claim about islam and muslims who are very oppressed. Allah the almighty said in the Holy Quran 60:7-8

    (7. It may be that Allah will grant love [and friendship] between you and those whom ye [now] hold as enemies. For Allah has power [over all things]; And Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.)

    (8. Allah forbids you not, with regard to those who fight you not for [your] Faith nor drive you out of your homes, from dealing kindly and justly with them: for Allah loveth those who are just.)

    So be careful of what you are saying. and verily you will lose everything at the end and get rotten in hell. the truth will revealed soon by Allah’s willing!

      • when you moderate this blanker…
        all my posts so far are for you because i know your paranoid hitler mindset to hide all opostion
        you are in our countries you make living here for us very difficult on purpose to kick us out
        yet at least we are open when we do it

      • HA HA HA HA HA HA HA, “ibbie”!!!!

        You’re so immersed in your taqiyya and kitman that you can’t recognise the truth: it’s YOU MOSLEMS who’ve ALWAYS BEEN AND STILL ARE out to drive all “infidels” out of this entire world!!!! It’s YOU who have been MURDERING, TORTURING, RAPING, STEALING and so much else against LOTS of innocent Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and others (including atheists – not to mention women, apes, pigs and dogs!!!!) – and you ALWAYS SAY that it’s “infidels” who’re always guilty whenever something happens to you muzturds!!!!!

        You are NEVER willing to face the consequences of your ABSOLUTE EVIL!!!!! If all of you Moslems were forced to live in Saudi Arabia or Somalia, IT WOULD SERVE YOU RIGHT!!!!!

    • Hey, we know the quran and hadiths better than your tries to deceive us. And to hell with allah and his deceptions in quran, there can be no friendship with muslims, since we infidels, the jews and christians know how much your pagan shit allah hates us. We dont care or are we afraid of the hellfire from the moon god whose creator was muhamad

    • Your Islam is a radical lie and your Prophet muhammad is a pedophile idiotic pig…you are terrorists who kill innocent people…you have to be jailed or rather put to death immediately like your stupid qoran says….

      • Think of it this way,
        Christmas vs Ramadan.
        Christmas- get drunk. Eat. Sex. Presents.
        Ramadan- pray, give, donate, kindness

      • A TOTAL, PATENT LIE, Riya!!!!

        PLENTY of Christians DON’T get drunk at Christmas, and nor are we such gluttons!!!! In fact, Moslem gluttony at night in Ramadan is FAR WORSE!!!!

        Also, what’s wrong with presents???

        Either way, we know VERY WELL your taqiyya and kitman!!!! You won’t succeed in tricking ANY OF US over here!!! Take your PROPAGANDA to KOS or some other “liberal” (actually Marxist) place where they’ll embrace your falsehoods…

      • to Riya (on the difference between ramadan and Christmas):

        ‘Christmas- get drunk. Eat. Sex. Presents.’
        - Yes, on Christmas days, moslem enjoy having a day off (paid by the govt.), they may get drunk, they may eat and have sex. But presents? Is moo-HAM-mad against presents?

        ‘Ramadan- pray, give, donate, kindness’
        - Moslem race prays on ramadan too? I thought 5 prayers daily would be enough to have one month rest. ‘Give? Donate? Kindness?’ You make me laugh, you and your pathetic cult. How is it to donate to each other? I guess you don’t know moo-HAM-mad enough: whatever he gives to the kuffar is death. Kindness? To whom? To each other, again? Why aren’t you kind to your Jewish neighbor? Go find one and enter the Temple for a Saturday prayer, if you are so kind. And don’t forget to show up at the Church on SUN, because we Christians we expect you to be kind. (Leave your mobile tent at the entrance though)

    • Ferme ta sale gueule de crevure de soumis obscurantiste le Bad Brocoli ! On en a rien à foutre de ce que tu dégueule, et vous allez tous prendre une raclée, comme ça a d’ailleurs bien commencé.

      @ Bonni

      If indeed he’s from my turf as you say, he then shall understand it all. Nutshell : shut up, couldn’t care less what he has to say and they’ll all get kicked around and out.

    • to Badr Bokoli:

      You are an unnecessary moose-slime element in this thread. The idea here is to mock and deride the prophet of pisslam.
      Unless you mock moo-HAM-mad yourself, your environment will remain the blunt, narrow and futile book you call it ‘holy’.
      Go feed the ducks and send my worst regards to your prophet.

      And NO, I will NOT hold what I have to say about moo-HAM. By Allah’s willing, Insha’allah! I will pursue my train of thoughts against moo-HAM-mad in every corner he might hide. As he has no escape on this planet, ridicule and shame will forever be after him.

      “The Day of Judgement will not come about until thou find moo_HAM_mad, when moo_HAM_mad will hide behind stones and trees. The stones and trees will say: O men, O women, there is moo_HAM_mad behind me, come and get him. Drag him by the beard.” (related by al-Bukhari and Muslim).Sahih Muslim, 41:6985

  11. You know whenever I post something about Islamic history, from the way they slaughtered the pagan and jewish tribes of the Arabian Peninsula, to the way they overran the Zoroastrian Empire and the then heartland of Christianity that was the middle east, and ushered in the dark ages (as clearly shown in the book “Mohamed and Charlemagne” by the french historian Henry Pirenne”) to conquering all of North Africa and engaging in a 1400 year campaign of slavery that still goes on to this day in that region of the word, to destroying the Byzantine Empire and the subsequent march of terror though Eastern Europe, (side-not: Jannisaries were all christian slaves taken from eastern Europe as children and forced to fight for their slave-masters) to the conquest of the Iberian Peninsula and the attempted conquest of France, and to the wanton slaughter they engaged in Indie, where they all but wiped out the entire Buddhist culture there, to the Barbary wars hundreds of years later, and to this day where the cultural war still continues…. sigh, I ALWAYS get called a hater.

    Because somehow hating a violent and brutal religion is wrong.
    Well, here is to your health, my fellow haters, may you live long and hate filled lives showing the chief pedophile and his followers for what they are, for untold years to come.

    For no one in existence (save perhaps Marx, Stalin, and Hitler) deserve hate as much as Mohammed and his phony religion.

    • BRAVO!!!! I too have been called a “hater”, “hate-monger”, “hate-spreader”, “bigot” and the rest of those epithets by people who’re either ignorant or – more often – blinded by Marxism!!!! Yes, I’ve lost 5 “friends” who I’ve known directly (i.e., more than just a “Facebook friendship”!!) plus another few on Facebook itself – and you know what? Better the sooner to be rid of such good-for-nothings than later!!!! Even if it hurts you in some way or other: better to be true to yourself and your God (whoever you may care for in that way)!!!

      I gladly join Ms. BNI in saying: welcome!!!!

  12. Well *I* am a Muslim and *I* don’t want to kill you. In fact I have great respect for the values of the United States, as well as Judaism and Christianity. I understand your anger and hate, and am saddened rather than offended by it. There is so much more to Islam than you are seeing. Without minimixing our responsibility for the atrocities that have been committed in the name of Islam, terrorists do not speak for us, any more than the worst-behaved Westerners speak for the West.

    If only we would all listen to our ideals, rather than our fears. For us, Muhammad and the Qur’an represent these ideals, even though our behavior often falls short of them. I would be interested to know what positive values you adhere to. I would never belittle them, and even if the symbols are sometimes confusing, I am confident that at some level, our ideals coincide. Holy texts are not simple, and often, we read into them the values we are hoping to find.

    By the way, there is good reason to doubt the hadiths Buchari which suggest that the Prophet Muhammad married Ayesha when she was six–other hadith traditions, some also from Buchari, seem to contradict this. Be that as it may, I understand why you would react as you do. Of course you are also trying to “get our goat,” so to speak. but the truth is that when you curse Muhammad, you are really lowering yourself. Salam.

    • to Dawoud:

      ‘For us, Muhammad and the Qur’an represent these ideals’.

      -Did I understand correctly that mooHAMmad represent an ‘ideal’?? For whom? For the sick sub-humans who would enjoy thighing and sexually exploiting a prepubescent girl? Or for the ones who love cutting hands and feet on opposite sides, or the fingertips of the infidels before beheading them?
      By stating these, you really mock human progress and are a danger to reason. I find you no excuse for that.

      ‘when you curse Muhammad, you are really lowering yourself’

      -Well, allow me to lower myself once again by cursing this abhorrent, idiotic, imbecilic character of your cult named mooHAMmad (piss be upon him). I would slap him in the face myself had he been alive. Then I would gladly put him in a meat grinder, fingertip by fingertip.

    • to Dawoud:

      Let me dissect what you’re saying.

      ‘Well *I* am a Muslim and *I* don’t want to kill you’
      - Thank you for allowing us the rest of the world a tiny ray of sun.

      ‘I have great respect for the values of the United States, as well as Judaism and Christianity’
      - Then you should pray for the United States to continue being a Judaeo-Christian nation. Also, you should ask the Lord to protect Israel and the Christian nations.

      ‘There is so much more to Islam than you are seeing’
      - Irrelevant. Where is the ‘unseen’? is that the good part of it?

      ‘Without minimixing’
      - minimizing

      ‘our responsibility for the atrocities that have been committed in the name of Islam
      terrorists do not speak for us’.
      - Terrorists speak for you muslims as well as for Islam. Islam is meant, literally, to ‘terrorize’ the unbelievers. I am terrorized by it. I read more ku-ran than my bible, and I am more disgusted by the day. This is the effect of the ku-ran on a daily basis, it makes me wonder how far the abomination could go and it makes me more curious about the perversity and duplicity of its followers. It is a sick, deranged mix-up of contradictions.

      ‘For us, Muhammad and the Qur’an represent these ideals’
      - If mohamad represent an ideal to you, it is sad. There is no more hope for your spiritual evolution.

      ‘I am confident that at some level, our ideals coincide’
      - You seem to ignore that the Western way of thinking is different planet than yours. You muslim spent too many centuries in the dark and you don’t know who you are anymore. At any level, never could these ideals coincide with yours. Christians and Jews fight with and against God, as friends. We are friends with God so we can fight Him if necessary. Think it as a sparring partner. We ask him questions and we never submit like cattle with no prior consultation or debate. God is an intelligent creature, he doesn’t ask cutting hands for stealing. God sends smart prophets to humans, not monsters and savages.

      ‘the truth is that when you curse Muhammad, you are really lowering yourself’
      - Not only am I cursing muhamad, I am also following him everywhere he tries to hide. I am there to reach him, catch him and bring him to judgement. He has nowhere to hide. The stones and the trees will shout: come and get him, for he is behind us.

    • And just when we thought people nowadays do use their brains, here comes another inbred or dhimmi apologist.

      How’s regression into obscurantism working out for you so far Liam ?

      • BRAVISSIMO, Monsieur Alain!!!!

        Vous avez effectivement pris les mots hors de ma bouche (aucun ressentiment… :) ) – bien dit!!!!! [You effectively took the words out of my mouth (no upset feelings or anything else... :) ) - well said!!!!!]

        And as to the anti-Americanism that wretch “Liam” is dripping with: thank God I’ve met a number of GREAT American people while growing up, so I know better than to give even ONE pico-second to such DRIVEL he and his fellow Marxists spatter Ms. BNI and the rest of us with!!!!

        Also, good reply from Ms. “Istanbul_Chick” too below!!!!

    • So says the bigot who throws about the word “retarded” as if there are not developmentally disabled people in the world to be offended.

      No doubt you’re one of those liberal bigots who says “That’s so gay!” and calls Black conservatives “Uncle Toms.”

    • The whole world now knows that islam is a fraud thanks to the internet…….long live “” God Bless You

      • “Dante Jackson”, are you another Marxist CHEATER??? We here know better than you want to thing…

  13. Do you hate also people named Mohamed who are not Muslims, like me? I’m atheist by the way.

    If I went to USA for studies, will people hate me for having the name Mohamed?

      • People will trust me, because I look very innocent, I’m not that kind of people who look harsh.

        I don’t look like arabs, since I’m moroccan, Amazigh with jewish french ancestry, I look like Jesse eisenberg wearing glasses.

        I can’t change my name, because :

        1. It’s arabic, and I know what it means … The prophet Mohamed is not the first one to be named Mohamed, (in fact seven people called Mohamed before him)
        2. The meaning is not bad, in fact : Mohamed name meaning is far better than Joseph, Jacob or even John.

        Mohamed means the Thanked one, the graced, so it doesn’t sound bad to me like it’s to you.

        3. Because, chaning my name means getting in trouble with my family, it’s not as easy as you might think.

        My parents are muslim, they love Mohamed, how can I change it? Anyway: the Moroccan variant for Mohamed is Simohamed…

        And people (even my parents) used to call me “Simo” .

      • You don’t look Arab since you’re Moroccan you said ! That’s a joke right ? Checked the geo-location of that country as well as it’s population ? Which would be a yes if you’re indeed there and one of. Shouldn’t be a hard one for you to work out if you’re neurons fire as they should why this statement of your is way off base.

        And FYI, anyone with a name like that will be distrusted -and rejected, except in various hellholes- and rightly so since the cat’s long been out of the bag on that one.

        Funny that you chose name and Avatar of Manga though, didn’t seem to have a problem forsaking that name of yours to come here….

      • Thanks alain, but you’re wrong… 60% of Moroccan population are Amazighs (called Berbers) who speak tamazight

        90% are amazighs (but 30% don’t speak tamazight).

        My mother language is not arabic, it’s Tamazight. And I’m not arab.

        Morocco is not only an arabic country, It’s an Arabo-Amazigh country, with two official languages.

        Plus, many amazighs are of jewish origins.

      • You’ve completely missed the point of my reply simotaqi. Ah well never mind, better luck for you next time then. And no, by the way, not wrong in what I’ve said but again, you’ve completely missed the point.

      • Hey simotaqi:
        You should change your name. It is as offensive as the prophet of pisslam is.
        It is not a name, surname, nickname to be proud of. Every variation of it is deeply immoral and perverse.
        Everything associated with this MOO-HAM-MAD name is an insult to reason. And since you are an atheist, you should know better what reason is.
        This abomination of a name is forever cursed. Why would you carry such a heavy burden?

      • On the other hand, I lived with muslims, Many of my family members are muslims… Yes, muslims from the middle east are harsh and crual…especially from Saudi Arabia.

        But here in Morocco, people don’t hate Americans as you might think, in fact … I have an american friend, He visited us and my family received him greatly.

        Even, many Moroccans say that they don’t hate Israel … me too, I rejected Islam not only because of its crualty (indeed, all religions are crual)…

        But also because these religions (including islam) are far from being rational.

        It’s a matter of reasoning, not ethics or antagonism.

      • If you are an atheist, why do you refer to mohammad, the bronze age arab charlatan, as “prophet mohammad?”

        No doubt, in light of your many claims of your belief in the irrational nature of religons, you do not call Jesus “prophet” or “lord” or “god,” or show respect to Buddha or Tao, so why do you still address mohammad with the honorific “prophet?”

        I’ve met many allegedly ex-mohamamdan “atheists” who ramble on about what a wonderful human being “prophet mohammad” was. Atheists who truly believe ideologies are “irrational” would logically not perpetuate that irrationality by espousing honorifics of prophethood on the source of that irrationality.

        Therefore your claims of being atheist ring untrue.

        Moreover, as Rebby pointed out, you are playing the classic mohammadan victim card which makes your claims of being an “ex-mohammadan” atheist even more absurd.

        We dislike mohammadans because they do believe in an irrational ideology and behave in ways that perpetuate that irrational ideology and not because they look a certain way. If you do not believe in that ideology and do not self-identify as a mohammadan why on earth would you think that people would dislike you for being a mohammadan unless you are yet another mohammadan playing another smoke and mirrors game.

      • It’s to know who am I speaking about, if I say Mohamed, you won’t know if I’m speaking about the name Mohamed or the prophet Mohamed?

        Second, Are you a buddhist? if you’re not, then why did you call buddha as “Buddha”?

        You should call him “Gautama”, not buddha… Buddha is a honorific name meaning “The enlightened”.

        Second thing, you don’t really understand what does “prophet” mean? do you?

        “Prophet” in arabic is “Nabi”, in hebrew it’s “Navi” , which means “The one who holds prophecies).

        I didn’t call Jesus “God Jesus” for two reasons:

        1- Why should I, You will understand that I’m speaking about Prophet/God/Crap Jesus….whatever.

        2- Second, You’re stupid, you know? I didn’t mention buddha by “Gautama”.

        Buddha means “enlightened” , when you call “Gautama” Buddha, it means that you’re buddhist according to your theory (when you are not). that’s crazy.

        “Therefore your claims of being atheist ring untrue”

        Just relax, I don’t believe in the prophet Mohamed. Your theory is false.

        other thing about Mohamed (the prophet), I don’t believe if he even exists as a true person.

        In fact, everything we know about him comes from Islamic Books, which I completely reject.

        That’s why I’m not sure of his existance. Not only him, but also the other prophets/deities like jesus, Moses, etc.

        so, stop speaking non-sense.

      • @”simo”

        Game over, mohammadan. Your mask has slipped. You know damn well we would have known you were talking about the bronze age arab charlatan due to the context (you know, that word you supremacists scream about when lying about your bronze age charlatan’s manifesto).

        Do I understand what the definition of “prophet” is? Now that is just a silly ad hominem. Of course, I do, that is why I asked why an alleged ex-mohammadan supremacist claiming to be an atheist who abhors “irrationality” would use the irrational prophet title for a bronze age flim flam man.

        The one who holds prophecies…Why does that matter? Why would you use that? Prophecies are not real or rational and “irrational” bronze age arab charlatans are not prophets or deserving of any respect.

        The only people who think mohammad, the thieving, murdering, lying, kiddy-diddling pervert of islam is deserving of respect are frightened and arse-kissing kaffir and…mohammadans.

        Buddha was not responsible for 2000 years of rape, torture, subjugation or misery against “the other.” He was a hell of a philosopher who was ahead of his time. That certainly qualifies as “enlightened” and deserving of respect. Hawking, Sagan, DaVinci and Tao is/were “enlightened” as well, but I do not recall any of them requesting to be addressed as “the enlightened” one. However, if they did I would call address them thusly.

        My “theory” is nothing but the truth of observable facts. You came here claiming victim status while claiming to be an “atheist” yet your words and attitudes indicate otherwise.

        You are still very much a mohammadan who has fulfilled its own self-fulfilling prophecy.

        And *that* is why many non-mohammadans will never believe you supremacists who claim to be “atheists.”

      • Very few of them are truly apostates. It’s just a ruse to draw fools in. Islam is first and foremost a supremacist ideology. While these mohammadan supremacists may drop the thin veneer of religious pretenses they are unlikely to give up the supremacist beliefs or the bronze age turn that created them.

      • I don’t need to prove anything about myself, a statement like “I’m atheist”, is all I have…

        None of you really knows who I am, and you Istanbul , with your childish conclusions,on what thing did you base to prove that I’m a muslim?

        1- If you based on my name “Mohamed” …this is stupid, because it’s possible to have a non-muslim Mohamed…it’s just a name.

        2- If you based on the world “prophet Mohamed”

        This post states : “Yes, we hate Islam. Yes, we will mock your paedophile prophet Mohammed as much as we want. ”

        Is the writer of this post a Mohammadan too since he said “prophet Mohammed” ???

        we say prophet mohammed to know which mohammed we’re talking about…even christians/jews/buddhists are doing that.

        You know what, Fuck EVERY PROPHET in history.

      • 1. Myself

        2. Abu Ala’ Ma’ari , his name is Ahmed (a variant of Mohamed)… he wasn’t a muslim.

        3. Mohammed Ibn-Zakariya Arazi (you know him By Razhes), he critisized religions in many of his works.

        4. I know an Iraqi Atheist whose name is Mohammed (double M) … he has a blogspot

        5. Ahmed Ibn Yahya ibn Is’haq Al-Rawandi (known as Ibn-Rawandi) , he was critisizing all religions.

        6. Mehmet Ali Aga ..The guy who tried to kill the catholic Pope (John Paul II) … he converted lately to christianity.

        7. Mohammed Arfin, ex-muslim created new religion in 2001

        8. Ahmed Kasravi

      • Ex Muslims and converts don’t count as I said. Former Muslims who are atheists also don’t count. Ahmed isn’t Mohammed. They guy who tried to kill the pope was a Muslim when he did it. So only one of the names counts.

      • Anyway bro, what I wanted is to answer my question “Am I still hated being named Mohamed” even if I’m not muslim?

        You answered, and that’s the important , thanks …

        and have a fruitful day.

    • you people disgust me.
      first if all stop spreading lies about us Muslims your just threatened that were getting bigger and bigger and unlike you we have a god!!!!
      no religion has millions of people gathered in one place(mecca) to pray to one god and that is Allah.
      we pray 5 times a day to thank him.
      islams definition is peace .
      killing others,or committing suicide is a sign.
      some people represent islam in a wrong way.
      at the end our religion teaches us respect thats the one thing you don’ More..

      (LINK DELETED by BNI. Muslims are not allowed to post videos here)

      • Liar! Islam doesn’t mean peace – it means submission. Muslim notion of freedom is the freedom to be brainwashed by Allah. What kind of freedom is that? It is Islamic doublespeak like in George Orwell’s 1984 book. You Muslims always brag about how fast you are growing (BY A BIRTH RATE 4 OR 5 TIMES THAT OF THE CIVILIZED WORLD) and post tear jerking conversion videos which are actually cases of Stockholm Syndrome.

        Then your claim not to kill IS A JOKE! The Quran only says don’t kill other Muslims! And your deliberate misquote of Sura 5:32 – blah blah blah all of mankind is actually the basis of your blasphemy laws which defines “mischief in the land” as anything spoken badly about Islam – ANY CRITICISM OF ISLAM – TRUE OR NOT – GETS THE DEATH PENALTY – like in your next Sura 5:33. Suras 5:26-33 actually recant the story of Cain killing Abel and is a discourse that Mohammed overheard from a Jewish rabbi in his time which discussed when it was OK to kill – like in self defense for example.

        “Thou shalt not kill” and the other commandments aren’t even in the Quran! Neither is the Golden Rule. Your Islam is a sick twisted evil perverted death cult! THERE I SAID IT!

    • If your name is “Mohamed”, why do you go by “simotaqi” on here?! It makes no sense. On the one hand, you tell us you are an ex-Muslim and your name was Mohamed (which is one of many ways to spell the false prophet’s name). Yet on another hand, you play the whiny (WOE IS ME) victim that Muslims use all the time – the endless cycle of going from Big Bad Wolf to Little Red Riding Hood to Big Bad Wolf to Little Red Riding Hood… If you are an atheist now, great. But with all due respect sir, you haven’t exorcised all your demons. Why should we give heed to your statements when you can’t even decide who you are or what side you are on?!

      • Sir, I don’t really know how can’t you figure out what I just said.

        My Id is simotaqi because :

        1- simo means Simohamed, which is a variant of Mohamed in Morocco.
        2- Taqi is my family name.
        3- When I write my email, the other fields are written automatically (with simotaqi, which I’m using in wordpress), I’m very lazzy to change it when it’s already written.

        Yet I said in my comment :

        (And people (even my parents) used to call me “Simo”)

        Am I speaking chinese?

      • If you didn’t get it yet these are abbreviations for mohamed:

        1- Simo, is a variant of (Si-Mohamed) means : Mr.Mohamed (morocco)
        2- Mido (Egypt)
        3- Hamou, Moha (Amazighs, berbers)
        4- Moe (some other countries).

        if you encounter someone with these names, all of them mean Mohamed.

        Mohamed محمد in arabic, comes from the arabic and hebrew root : hmd. which means : Thankful , graceful.

        The name is not really bad if you understand arabic.

      • “Why should we give heed to your statements when you can’t even decide who you are or what side you are on?!”

        About this statement, I made myself clear :

        1. I’m not against islam or muslims, I just don’t believe in their religion
        2. I’m not against christians or christianity, I just don’t believe in their jesus.
        3. I’m not against jews or judaism, I just don’t believe in their religion.
        4. I made my question clear: My name is Mohamed, shall I hated for having this name?

        is there something else you need to understand? Or you’re just critisizing for …critisizing?

  14. I’m not an American , but rather a French. You know what? Fuck Muslims.

    I wouldn’t hate Muslims if they were not attacking India , America and other countires just cause we do not believe in their shitty Allah.

    • Well, “Nirvana”,
      That, my friend, is called war. It happens. Just like America is bombing muslim countries ALL the time. You are all filthy HYPOCRITES. France has attacked countries like Vietnam and other countries that I really don’t want to look up right now. Also, muslim countries do not attack others because they want you to believe in their god, but because they are in WAR. And FUCK the french christians! You will all be burning in hell soon!:)))

      • Want to talk about hell asswipe Jasper ? We’ll send you there first you ignorant vermin ! Why don’t you actually look up who that pedo-momo actually first attacked in retaliation because they didn’t want to believe into and convert to that crap of his ? Those who gave him shelter, you prick !

        And FYI ? Get a history lesson for that what you call Vietnam to us was known as Indo-China for it became Vietnam later.

    • ALSO to all you christians who “supposedly” follow your religion, I took it upon myself to look in the bible and pull out a quote about pork….. enjoy:

      Leviticus 11:7-8

      “And the pig, because it parts the hoof and is cloven-footed but does not chew the cud, is unclean to you. You shall not eat any of their flesh, and you shall not touch their carcasses; they are unclean to you.”

      Isaiah 66:17 ESV / 215 helpful votes

      “Those who sanctify and purify themselves to go into the gardens, following one in the midst, eating pig’s flesh and the abomination and mice, shall come to an end together, declares the Lord”
      In other words…
      NO PORK IS ALLOWED TO BE EATEN IN CHRISTIANITY! At least us muslims are decent enough to follow our religion.
      Oh – – heres the link
      ….. Proving christianity wrong, one step at a time…..

  15. arguing or getting mad at muslims won’t help anything
    its tricky because normally if you want to defeat someone you get them where it hurts
    but muslims or Mohammed didn’t write the Quran thus muslims may get upset if you insulted Quran but eventually muslims will move on to continue doing what they do

    if you want to defeat muslims then prove their Quran wrong
    the only real/practical way to defeat muslims is to read the Quran, find a genuine mistake and point it out
    even if it is one mistake but read the whole Quran before connecting the dots on any mistakes you find
    because if you point out a mistake in the first chapter without reading the whole Quran then muslims will say you didn’t read it in context

    i believe knowledge is not power, applied knowledge is real power
    so do share what mistakes you find in Quran

  16. @andrew YES what these people are doing is completely unacceptable but you have no right to tell that they are going to hell because GOD will be the decider of that anyways. I don’t wan to offend anyone but spreading this kind of hate is just not right and just because of the wrong doings of some narrow minded terrorist group you can’t brand all of us Muslims as terrorists and people you do realize that Muslims are not only there in middle east!
    Sorry if I offended anyone and may GOD be with you!


      • can i ask you a question why hate Islam and Muslims ? i think you may underestimate Islam .you may think Islam is violent because of the 9/11, terrorists attack ,etc. The people who does that sort of thing aren’t true and good Muslims. this is a fact majority of Muslims aren’t terrorists. another fact IS Quran doesn’t teach you to do bad any other way my advise is to you is read the Quran translate it into English. lN MY OPINION I THINK ISLAM IS ONE OF THE MOST PEACEFUL RELIGION . may one day you finally realise what your doing wrong may god help.

      • @ Less than Clerverone

        Actually, uncleverone, I hate islam and mohammadans because of mohammadans like you who lie, lie, lie and lie some more about what islam is really about. I hate islam and mohammadans who use logical fallacies to direct attention away from the crueler aspects of islam and the violent, hateful people it breeds.

        Just a suggestion: you may want to get on the same taqqiyya page as your fellow mohammadan supremacists who screech that “quran must be read in original arabic to be understooooood!!!!!!” That’s the lie they use when people who do not suffer from cognitive dissonance do read mein kuranmpf and reject its primitive, supremacist, misogynist and barbaric contents.

        “islam doesn’t teach you to be bad” That is why I hate you and your fellow arab-tribalist supremacists. is a site by mohammadan supremacists for mohammadans supremacists. It has at least 6 translations of mein kuranmpf in several languages. We can and do read and despite your great big lie it does indeed “teach you to be bad.” mein kuranmpf teaches subjugation of non-mohammadans, inequality under the law, violent retribution for failure to comply to allah and mohammadans’ will, lethal punishments for expressing free will and one’s conscience.

        As for your lame attempt at logical fallacy: Not real muslims. Look up “no true Scotsman logical fallacy.” That is why I hate you and your fellow ass lifters.

        See the trend here, mohammadan supremacist? You lie, I hate you. You lie some more, I hate you and your fellow supremacists. My hatred of you has nothing to do with 9/11 but everything to do with you arrogant, obfuscating, bloviating “true muslims” who lie about islam and get angry when the “najis kaffr” don’t buy your bullshit.

      • I agree with most Muslims being terrorists and I certainly agree with the fact that if the prophet ever did exist he was definitely a paedophile – the man married a 8 or 9 year old girl, because he believed he could ‘save her.’ However, I don’t think you should be being this harsh, I mean creating a blog? Albeit, you are receiving a lot of money and you do have fans. But, one thing I don’t understand (regarding the ‘Muslims’ commenting) is if Islam has taught you to be respectful and calm, and the religion is peaceful; why are over half of you using foul language and telling every non-Muslim here that they are going to die, and go to hell? No one appreciates that. If you’re offended you should leave this page and go play around elsewhere.

      • Hey, you filthy christians! I’m not the type to get my anger up over people who try to put me down when i KNOW im right. You people always talk about being “AMERICAN” when you’re actually from a different country like Britain or Russia or whatever. I was born in America,but since i’m from Yemen, I’m NOT american? What about africans born in the us, huh? THEY’RE american, yet im not. Also, you might call me a terrorist, because a country near ours bombed you. America is always talking about attacks from other countries, when they have attacked my home country HUNDREDS of times! Yet WE are the terrorists.
        I love your logic.

      • Most everyone who comes here considers him/herself an American by the second generation. Muslims supremacists like you always consider themselves Muslims first, That’s one of the MANY reasons we hate you. There are a handful that are probably OK.

        It’s too bad we turn your so-called country into a parking lot. Nobody invited you here, why don’t you go home?

      • You’re from Yemen and you allege that the United States has attacked your tin pot crap hole country “hundreds of times”? So the United States has attacked Yemen “hundreds of times”?

        Please, list all the dates of those “hundreds” of attacks.

        It did not go unnoticed that you claim you are American yet you call Yemen “my country.”

        By your own words you are not American but a Yemeni.


        And yes, black Americans are Americans. They are part of our culture and have no loyalty to any other countries or ideologies like you supremacist asslifters do.

      • First of all, you cannot call ME a supremacist. You do NOT know me. I’m just some person on your junky website straightening things out. I do not think that my race is better than your. In fact, my religion teaches that everyone is equal; no matter their race or religio. In fact, we were the first group of people to accept african americans, despite their color. In fact, I think that YOU are a christian supremacist; why are you trying to DAMN hard to convince people to hate our religion? I get called a terrorist ALL the time because some REAL supremacists bombed the twin towers. But when my home country gets bombed, its a normal attack in war.
        stereotypes….. they mess a person up.
        Also, the war in Yemen is absolutely NOWHERE near my home village.

        Now, to “Istanbul_Chick”,
        Ever heard of “EXAGGERATION”?
        Also, African Americans are from africa and jamaica, they are not only from America, SMARTASS. I’ve never dealt with anyone so stupid. Im yemeni, but I was born in America, therefor AMERICAN.
        And your quote,
        ” They are part of our culture and have no loyalty to any other countries or ideologies like you supremacist asslifters do.”
        1. I am NOT a supremacist, but I bet you are.
        2. Africans are a part of american culture, but they DO have loyalty to other countries, like your HOME countries
        3. What about YOU. You could be british, fench, dutch, from a foreign country or whatever. Born in the US. American.
        Me. Yemeni, from a foreign country. Born in the US. NOT American. PLEASE explain your logic!!
        America is where i was born, but my home country is YEMEN!!
        And here are some quotes from websites for you, JACKASS:

        **Sanaa, Yemen (CNN) — Yemen’s parliament Sunday called for an end to drone strikes on its territory after a U.S. missile attack struck a wedding convoy, killing more than a dozen people.
        … Report: Drone strikes killing civilians
        The officials said that 14 people were killed and 22 others wounded, nine critically. U.S. officials declined to comment on the report.
        **The 2008 American Embassy attack in Yemen in Sana’a, Yemen on September 17, 2008, resulted in 19 deaths[2] and 16 injuries.[3] Six attackers, six Yemeni police, and seven civilians were killed.
        **On Dec. 12, a U.S. drone bombed a procession of vehicles in Radda, Yemen, killing 17 people and injuring over 20 more.
        Also, this is the overall drone strikes the us did on yemen:
        Possible drone strikes: 88-107
        Total killed: 987-1423
        And those are only DRONE attacks. They have done MUCH damage to my home country, and this SHOULDNT go unnoticed.

      • @ Jasper the jihadi

        “Exaggeration” is lying. In dar al islam or your tin pot craphole home country it may mean another thing but in Standard English it is a synonym for lying.

        You did not list “hundered” of attacks on Yemencrap. Moreover, your second cut and paste is an attack on the American Embassy in Yemencrap. Are you “exaggerating” that the Americans attacked their own embassy.

        Furthermore the drone attacks on “wedding parties” would never had occurred had the “poor innocent” Yemencrappies not *harbored* terrorists in their midst.

        4 drone attacks is nowhere near “hundreds.” That is not “exaggeration” that is lying.

        Black Americans, born and raised in the United States, are no more “African-American” than white Americans are “European-Americans” and no more than Hispanic Americans are “Mexican/Spanish/insert Spanish speaking country.” We are all Americans. Period. Full stop. Our loyalties are to the United States of America and her people, our fellow citizens. Our “home country” is the United States of America. We have no loyalty to citizens of other countries.

        Africans, or any other people, who have become naturalized United States citizens are beholden to be loyal to the United States and its citizens only. In fact, they take an oath to do so:

        “I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty, of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen;…” -First line of the Oath of Citizen for the United States of America.

        If they feel loyalty to the countries of their birth than they have violated that oath. They are ipso fact not American citizens if their loyalty is to their “home countries”.

        “America is where i was born, but my home country is YEMEN!!”

        Then you are not American if you claim Yemen as your “home country.”

        “3. What about YOU. You could be british, fench, dutch, from a foreign country or whatever. Born in the US. American.”

        How can one “be from a foreign country *and* Born in the US. American”?

        I see you are suffering from the typical malady islam inflicts upon all supremacist asslifters: If two things contradict each other…both must be true. That is not logic. That is arab tribalism insanity.

        Moreover, I was born in the United States of America. Therefore my “home country” *is* the United States of America…not “some foreign country.” I have no loyalty nor interest in the country or continents associated with my “ethnicity.” My loyalties are 100% to the United States of America.

        So, no, you are not “American” if you claim another country as your “home country.” At best you can claim that you are a loyal Yemencrapi who was born in America. “American-born” but not “American” so long as your loyalty and concerns are for Yemencrap. You can claim that you are an “American-born Yemencrapi” but, no, you are not “American” so long as you claim Yemencrap as your “home country.”

        Your inane insistence that you have a “home country” that is not the United States while maintaining that you are “America” is a very profound example of the psychoses and lack of logic that islam inflicts upon it’s practicing supremacists.

    • pork bolonga … Christians go to Heaven because they are SEALED in Christ Yeshua by the Holy Spirit and what God has SEALED no man or anythingelse can UNSEAL what God has SEALED .. those who remain unsaved regardless be they muslims or any other false belief they will burn forever in the LAKE Of FIRE Read John 3:16-17 whosoever may come.. Believe and Received or doubt and do without Eternal Life God would have all to be saved for He is no respecter of persons John 1:1-14 Yeshua is God and He gave His Life a ransom for all whosoever may come male female Jew Gentile God does not look at color God looks at the inward person and all have sin and came short of the Glory of God .. There is only ONE way to be SAved and that is by the Blood of Yeshua He and He alone can Forgive and Save people from death hell and the grave..

    • The all knowing, all seeing, quick to justice allah wants to wait until judgement day? Tell him to bring it on today, tomorrow. If not he is a phony creation of muhammad.
      what a powerless slave is allah if he can only threaten infidels with hellfire for the last 1500 years? Islam is a fake business, deception.
      And to your horror, this website will exist so long as the infidels against allah rule forever!

  18. All religions invite violence because they encourage group thinking and adherence to pronciples without question. Stop living your life according to someones interpretation of some book. An intellegent person considers all religions as philosophy, not spirituality . Stupidity and ignorance causes violence, not the religions themselves.

  19. we are muslims we do not care of anyone we care of the god allah we do not care of amreca or other..we say jesus is the prophet of allah and mohammed is also prophet like ibrahim and jesus and other ,,,
    you do not searching for the trust,
    if you are searching for the trust anyone who is reading my massege he can find it just by comparing between islam and other religion islam is inviting to the peace and mercy but you are telling something you do not know what you said
    i will tell you to know something about islam you can go to youtube and write ahmed deedat and you will find the trust or zaki naik
    we muslim we do not damn anyone because it is forbidden in islam
    thanking you

    • HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!

      Take your taqiyya and kitman ELSEWHERE!!!!! You won’t deceive us: we have read enough parts of the Qur’ân, Sira and Hadith (Sunna) to be thoroughly DISGUSTED with them all!!!! We KNOW enough of the truth to know that Islam is the SUPREME LIE OF ALL and Mohammed as being probably THE WORST human being who EVER lived – right on par with Iósif Stáljin, Adolf Hitler, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot and ALL other such tyrants and totalitarian soul-murderers from time immemorial!!!!

      How you can IDOLISE a genocide, murderer, liar, rapist, thief, caninophobe (dogs truly ARE Mankind’s VERY BEST Friend!!!), porcinophobe (pigs also have been proving better and greater as a friend than previously thought due to similar organ-structure in medicine!!), bestialist, misogynist (to hate women means also hating yourself and the whole human race!!), necrophiliac and HATER of EVERYTHING GOOD (art, music, science, Western medicine – and in fact God Gave us these things NOT TO BE WASTED like with the slothful servant!!!) is beyond ANYBODY who truly thinks and wants the authentic TRUTH!!!!!

      God Sent us here to live AND TO DO REAL GOOD for His Sake AND for the sake of our fellow-men – NOT to waste our lives wanting to kill ourselves and all other life (be it plant, animal or human!!!). Our God is NOT, never has been, and can NEVER, EVER be your “allah”. Everything screams out that “allah” is SATAN!!!!!

      • Shut the fuck up. All you herb ass niggas here hating on islam. Grow the fuck upp you fuckin idiots and realize your a degenerate piece of shit. I anna knock the living shit outta you and all your faggot ass ideas as well as people fallowing you. Pussy ass nigga. Fuck UP. I love Allah and he loves me. Herbs.

      • Henry, you are now banned, of course, but I am leaving this up to demonstrate the vile racists Muslims actually are. I hope my Black readers can share this with other Blacks who might be considering converting to Islam.

      • Go take your pills and submit on all fours towards your black pebble you ass-wipe foulmouthed degenerate inbred useless vermin ! If you had even half firing neurons in whatever serves you as a brain, you’d know it’s black AND white as well as Orientals hate the lot of you and that death cult of yours. So boohoo, go on foaming at the mouth and see if we care… Oops, sill me, of course we don’t care !

      • “Henry”:

        Your “allah” really is SATAN himself – and he doesn’t love anybody but himself; that’s why he’ll be cast into the Lake of Fire at the Last Judgement; before that, he’ll be in torment in a Bottomless Pit for 1,000 years!!!!!

        With him (Satan, one of whose MANY names is Allah) will be the twin beasts of Socialist-totalitarianism (Marxism including Nazism) and Islam – as well as their exponents the IDOL Mohammed and all the caliphs, imams, muftis, mullahs, ayatollahs and sheikhs!!!!

      • do not swear please allah teaches us good and patience dont worry barenaked will finally realise what he is doing wrong.

      • If you’re asking ME for my thoughts on Jesus, “exceluser”:

        In one sentence, I rejoice, praise, adore, glorify and thank Him for my Eternal Salvation, His Opening the Door to Heaven for me and other human beings (ALL of us sinners!!!), for His Supreme Example as God AND Man, and for His Gift of Eternal Life.

        I’m not interested in proselytising (as it is forbidden here), but hopefully this will suffice…

    • What an absolute and UNadulterated spewing of absolute twaddle. aidroos, you MUST be a new convert to islam to be that slackwitted-sounding, actually, you sound like you had a lobotomy…but islam does tend to have the same effect on people.

      Every fact directly exposes your nonsensical claims, as every bloody day there’s more and more unspeakable atrocities committed against Humanity by you insufferable brown-handed drainclogs.

      And zakir naik-the-snake has been discreditted time and time again and even the hardest-core extremists find him embarrassing to islam!!

      • I tried to find one good Muslim scholar that was able to use logic in his (not her) discourse. It seems that, from Ahmet Deedat to Zakir Naik, no ‘doctor’ in those sciences was able to enlighten me in any way.
        It’s either no one so far was intellectually able to ‘debate’ religion in a scientific manner or all of them to the present day are intellectually insufficient for such a task. Or maybe talking about Islam in good words and trying to be an apologetic to it is such a difficult enterprise, given its emptiness and backwardness.
        I am surprised people still strive for defending that what they call a ‘religion of peace’, in contradiction to any common sense understanding of the meaning of life, in dedication for this barbaric set of rules called Islam.
        Yet, they dare summon Mohammad (I-la-lah Ilah) as a human model for a modern 21st century man and woman and serve it cold to our every day main course like a slap in the face, considering us gullible enough to swallow his pathetic example of a desert thief in love with en ewe.
        As Mister Condell well put it, the yearly amount of scientific works produced by Islamic men of science could generously fit in a suitcase and still leave room for sandwiches and thermos.
        I am bitter seeing a part of humanity in such an early level of mental evolution in those countries where some of them still think meteorites in the shape of a vagina are godsend and where the Kaaba is the center of the world.
        Really? Is this the best you people can give to human kind?

      • trust me you don’t know nothing about Islam you must read the Quran one day it doesn’t say nothing bad. you people making lies stuff about Islam. the only bad thing is that terrorists that say they are Muslims aint true, good Muslims. . OK. before you judge make sure your facts are COMPLETELY RIGHT. you people are LOWLIFES .WHY HATING ? WELL you just have to get use to Muslims because its the second largest religion in the world NOW. soon going to be the largest religion in the world in 2023. GOOD LUCK TO YOU AND THE HATERS!!!

      • You’re obviously the totally opposite of you pseudo you brain-dead head bangers, for that so-called religion of yours actually sees unprecedented numbers of apostasy. So asswipe, that hate you feel ? It’s the right back at you for hatred has been one of your motto for 14 centuries and counting, and guess what, you are now getting universally hated.

        Congratulations, you’re finally getting what’s been a long time coming and is way overdue. Now get it through that empty skull of yours : only one thing awaits that death-cult of yours and pricks like your submitted to it : OBLIVION.

      • So, “cleverone”, you think that you’re so “clever” that your taqiyya won’t be recognised for what it is?!???

        It’s Moslems and their Communist apologists like yourself who are the REAL “low-lives”!!!! Also, our hate is well founded on the real HATE that Islam and Communism have for all those who’re against each of those SATANIC CULTS!!!! Remember: hate begets hate – and we know well the Islamic dogma “al-Walaa-wal-Baraa”, where Moslems are instructed to hate non-Moslems past the point of exterminating every last one such!!!!!

        Take your taqiyya, kitman and EVERYTHING ELSE ELSEWHERE (e.g., Daily Kos): here you’re wasting your time, energy and everything else, God Almighty Be Praised now, forever and unto ages of all ages!!!!!

      • really oh have you, you even know the truth their isn’t nothing bad is on it. you just have to get use to Muslims its the second largest religion in the world now. remember its going to be the LARGEST RELIGION IN THE WORLD IN 2023. GOOD LUCK

      • I’m so extra-glad that Ms. BNI banned you, “cleverone” (she was right to call you STUPID_one):

        You think that all your braggadocio, lying and posturing will matter to me ONE IOTA (including saying what you boast about your false “religion” will be the largest – guess what, 6,000,000 people RENOUNCE Islam every year!!!!)??? To the contrary, I’ve every expectation that you’ll behold the long-desired, long-awaited DEATH OF ISLAM as the Satanic EVIL it truly is!!!!!

        Glad to tell you “good-bye for ever”!!!!

      • No, it won’t be, as in less than 5 years your numbers went from a peak of 1.9 Billion to less than 1.25 Billion.
        Then, here in the Americas, you face us Native Americans, and we will NOT have you fouling OUR lands. And we will do anything and everything to encourage you to leave them–like killing you off until/unless you do.
        You want jihad—you got it. The Tribal Council has ruled, and islam is to run out or killed off.
        The fedral ‘governments’ are of no concern to us and if they side with you, they’ll be given the same choice–leave or perish.

  20. The butthurt from Muslims over a post from nearly two years ago is hilarious!

    It just goes to prove that they really are brainwashed followers of a pedophile warlord from the 7th century. They also overwhelmingly marry their first cousin, rendering them dumber than other cultures.

      • yeah yeah keep mocking May god forgive ur dirty tongue for he gave u eyes to see but u re blind he gave u legs to walk but u re paralysed he gave u ears to listen but u re deaf and gave u a tongue to speak but all u can do is LICK MY ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!! u ve gone too far people and what am i to say?? MAY GOD SHOW U THE RIGHT WAY

      • We see just fine: 22281 Terrorist actions by you drainclogs against Humanity.
        But know this, all things have their time and all things End…and it is islam’s time to end.

      • I`m really not all that worried. We do need to wake up but in 1400 years the followers of the paedophile prophet haven`t been able to shake the sand off of their goat fucking feet let alone destroy Christianity. What a pack of losers.

      • To “Mohammad :p”:

        God HAS ALREADY Shown us the “RIGHT WAY” – and it’s NOT Islam, you idiot!!! To the contrary, Islam is the WRONGEST POSSIBLE WAY IMAGINABLE – it comes straight from SATAN!!!!!

        In pidgin Arabic: allahu skatta; Yahweh (YHWH) akbar, Ya’sua bin Yahweh!!!!

      • do you even know anything about islam, you dont just look at the word islam but inside it there are many different people.
        just because terrorists say they are muslim it doesnt make them and where have you ever seen our allah and prophet say something bad and teach us wrongdoing. And who are you calling satin, i think first of all you need to look at the mirror cause right now u seem to be the biggest satin being racist, if somebody hasnt done anything wrong to u and it didnt effect u why bother say such nasty things.

      • The faiza cut the crap. Beside the word itself -whose root is submission and not peace as you all asswipes would have us believe, yes we DO all here know all there is to know about that death cult of yours. So yes we hate you but in no way makes us racists since you vermin are NOT a race. And prophet our asses, since that momo of yours was no more a prophet than we here are kings and queens of fairies.

        And you leave satin alone for it is a very nice fabric indeed.

      • To “faiza”:

        I’m so glad Ms. BNI has banned you because you and your fellow-Moslems REFUSE TO UNDERSTAND that we “infidels” are FAR SMARTER, far more intelligent, far more practised at problem-identifying and problem-solving than you want to give us credit for!!! You instead rely completely upon your DEMON and IDOL Mohammed for absolutely anything and everything – and you refuse to accept that we’ve read your STINKING Qur’ân, Hadith and Sira!!!!

        You’re just like a robot which can’t reset itself, which doesn’t know how to reset itself, which can’t even identify what the problem is – in part because Mohammed said that you followers of his are never wrong and that you’re never supposed to think for yourselves!!! That’s tantamount to DENYING your humanity!!!! Realise that you’re no more or less human than the rest of us – and act upon it, that you with your attitude will NEVER BE RIGHT!!!! You instead have to blame non-Moslems for your ills (notably the innocent Jews, all other non-Moslems, women, dogs, pigs and apes who have NEVER done anything against you other than what you yourselves PROVOKER!!!!) when you’re just as guilty of evil as anybody else!!! Instead, you think that you’re like God – which NONE OF US can ever, ever be!!!! [And who wanted and still wants to be totally like God other than SATAN, the Devil - among whose many names is "allah"?!???]

        Yes, we happy and PROUD “infidels” know to make life considerably better for ourselves and almost everybody else – you insist on taking us back to prehistoric times and denying our God-Given gifts of independent thinking in addition to art, music, science, peaceful sports and Western medicine!!!! That’s a major reason why we hate your FILTHY Islam and EVERYTHING IT STANDS FOR!!!!!

        Allahu asghar, allahu skatta, Yahweh (YHWH) AKBAR, Ya’sua bin Yahweh!!!!! ["allah" is the lowliest garbage, Yahweh is the greatest - and Jesus is His Son!!!!!]

      • can i ask do you have a religion and do you believe in god. i dont mind you bringing up many insluting pictures and videos it wont seem to change everything

    • louis, welcome to BNI.

      I must that I always found the term “butthurt” a bit puerile.

      However, your statement:

      “The butthurt from Muslims over a post from nearly two years ago is hilarious!”

      Has me laughing so hard that tears are rolling out of the corners of my eyes.

      I withdraw my previous opinion of “butthurt” and accept that in some cases (especially in the case of mohammadan supremacists) it is appropriate and hilarious.

      Thank you for the laugh!

      • well i have to start by commenting on ur name!!! chick nothing is strange for a nation governed by arDOGhan. once again i say prophet mohammad wasn t paedophilic u just people hate how us moslems stick to our religion!
        Anyone saw someone criticising losers??? the answer is no….. We are a great nation who will eventually prevail and this is the sum of all ur fears ;)

      • I didn’t know Muslims were a NATION, let alone a great one !!! What is the name of your nation please ? And what great things has it done throughout human history? Beheadings? Complaining? Demanding? Imposing itself and its ungodly laws? Unlawful occupation of others’ lands? Genocides?

        What kind of god demands cruelty from his followers? If you believe that the perfect God (Allah) created the world and everything in it as “very fine”, it would also include dogs and pigs; so, who are you to condemn God’s perfect creations?

        And since when is an older man “marrying” a little girl not paedophilia ? Have you opened any dictionary or checked the etymology of the (Greek) word, which means “befriending children” and “pederasty” which means “fornicating with children”?

        Your blood lust has blinded you. Those who live by the sword shall perish by the sword. Take a minute to think about these words of the Bible whenever you watch suicide bombings and beheadings in the news. May God have pity on your distorted souls….

      • BRAVISSIMA, Katerina!!!! Well said!!!

        The facts you’ve brought up PROVE that “allah” is Satan himself!!! God NEVER Hates what He Created – He Hates SIN!!! And Mohammed was perhaps the biggest sinner of all time, approached only by Hitler, Mao, Stáljin, Ljéñin, Pol Pot and their underlings!!!!

        [It's a pity that Moslems don't believe the Bible merely because their IDOL Mohammed said that it was corrupted - which is an absolute LIE from a wretch who lied so perpetually that even his best "friends" couldn't trust him!!!!]

      • One last thing I need to add: most Moslems, especially those of Arab extraction, feel a perpetual need to lie – because they know deep down they don’t have ANYTHING to be truly proud of or to look up to.

        They therefore lay claim to what they couldn’t do even in all eternity!!! They can’t accept that, because of their supremacist IDOL Mohammed telling them that they’re “allah’s” ‘elect’ and therefore superior to everybody and everything else!!!

        Only when they can shake off that CULT and its poisonous ideology do they get to know any peace and lose their jealousy…

      • The ONLY thing you sub-Human monsters excel and prevail at is murder, horror, terror and death–as well as a total lack of hygeine and on average you muzzies smell worse than an open sewerline in +30C weather.

        …and islam will be put to it’s End before this century is out.

      • I assume by Nation you refer to you asslifters fighting against democracy in favour of being an Islamic state. Syria, case and point. Islam is incapable of running a nation as proved over and over and over again. The only few countries that are majority moslem that are not complete shitholes are close allies to the USA and it’s allies, inhabited by many of their people and their leaders are all educated in top end UK and US academic institutions and include again people from these democratic superpowers. There is no well functional Islamic run country in the world that I can think of.
        I ask you asslifters again, if Islam is so great, why do you all want to live in our democratic countries? Why do you flock here in droves? If Islamic run states work so well then why do you seek to leave them?
        You are in many ways similar to communists, communism doesn’t work, as proved over and over. It is dying out. Islam is gonna be the same, only far more epic fails.
        How dare you people insult our great nations and try to disrupt them when you idolise them and want to live in them.
        And how much proof do you blind idjits need that Mohammed (shame be upon him) was a pedo. Plus mass murderer, mass thief, and general scummer.

      • to Salami and Cheese be Upon You Pizza:

        Allow me to correct you. We never say Shame Be Upon Him (SBUH); instead, we use the following formula: PBUH (Piss Be Upon Him).
        So, do NOT, under ANY circumstances, take the name of the Prophet in vain.
        The London Muslim Patrol Police is the one who insults the Prophet by not letting the cross-dressing individuals pass in the vicinity of a mosque. Silly them. Don’t they know the Prophet used to wear women’s clothing all the time in the presence of his beloved children before (or after) thighing them?
        “…The revelation does not come to me when I am in the garment of any woman except Aisha” – Sahih al-Bukhari 2442

      • islam is a religion ,its the nation, and soon will be the world inshallah the day of judgement everyone is going to become muslim

      • “Mohammad :p”

        If you are from Turkey, now be warned: “Istanbul_Chick” spent some time living in Istanbul, so she knows all there is to be known about your CULT of Islam!!!! She no longer lives there, thank goodness; thus you’ll never get at her. She has learned the full EVIL that Islam represents to the entire world!!!!

        The evidence against that MONSTER Mohammed comes from your own books the Qur’ân, the Hadith (Sunna) and the Sira. You want to deny your own books?!?? [E.g., Suras 2, 3, 8 and especially 9.]

        We know all too well how much EVIL you Turks did against my ancestors (on both sides of my family tree) and we will NEVER FORGET!!!! Be it Russians, Poles, Ukrainians, Armenians, Croats, Serbs, Bulgarians, Romanians, Christian Albanians, Greeks, Magyárs (Hungarians), Slovaks, Austrians and Italians: you’ve awoken all our memories of your genocidal ATROCITIES!!!!! All these things you’ve done in emulation of your IDOL Mohammed!!!!!

      • can i ask you question is this all lie upon lie cause i sure really want the names of the surahs and illl read it.and im sure it isnt true. i dont know why theres so much hate you must know a hate is a sin. can i ask do you have a religion or do you believe in god. another question were you learnt hateness instead of kindness. cause these isnt certainly the way to go to heaven. may god(allah) help you to the right path. amen. ps you sure need my pity.

      • To “cleverone”:

        I neither need nor WANT ANY of your crocodile tears and “pity”!!!!! One learns to HATE sin – and since Islam encourages a totally IRRATIONAL HATE of everything and everybody “un-Islamic”, we have every right to hate it back!!!!!

        I’m extremely grateful to Ms. BNI for banning you as the Moslem stoolie that you are!!!!

      • @coop.

        Sigh, ignorant and unworldly as you are….which you confirmed when you admitted that you use the corrupt and perverted SPLC as a reference point for you to form a world view.

        You’ve actually proven ADHD’s point.

        Albanians are Muslims because…..????

        I will let you in on a little European dirty secret.

        More often, then not, in Europe, especially in Britain, when a sex trafficking ring is busted, guess which country most of the men who are the masterminds behind the kidnapping, slavery, rape, physical bodily harm, forced drug use and prostitution of woman and children are revealed to be from? Yep, Albania.

        Didn’t you threaten to leave this site and never comeback?

      • Also Christians have done some pretty gruesome genocides against Muslims before (Seige of Jerusalem 1099 AD)

      • To the TROLL “coop”: What provoked the Crusades with their mutual bloodshed??? The continuing pressure upon the Byzantine Empire over 450 years by those same Moslems you’re in your Marxist mindset so trying to defend and extol!!!! That included a MAJOR SIEGE of the Byzantine Roman capital of Constantinople in 717-18!!

        In 1071, when the Byzantines lost the Battle of Manzikert to the Seljuq Turks, Emperor Manuel decided that Western aid was indispensable and therefore appealed to the Pope and the Western powers of the time. Then in response, in 1095 Pope Urban II proclaimed the First Crusade, which had its climax with the siege and capture of Jerusalem in 1099.

        As to the Albanian-Moslem population proportion: it’s not as large as you think: 56.7% of the total population according to Wikipedia, with 17% being Christian. [The rest are either atheist or didn't want to answer in the 2011 Albanian census.]

        So there!!!

      • Who gives a damn…

        Also, buddhism is a non theistic religion to that guy or girl who said that Buddists have Gods.

        Also, some muslims do like democracy… obviously the arab spring.

        Also, who gives a fuck about what happened in the past.

        And, who give a damn about if the SPLC’s dude is commie what does that have to do with anything. So what by definition BNI is a hate group not judging anyone.
        the real nazi is christian

        Welcome to the fukkin 21st century. You all debate like children. Stay on the Fukkin topic. “Well said!” WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU FIVE YEARS OLD?

        You guys just give things that happened, nothing that relates back to your clause. You have to explain why it connects. I could have a black guy beating up a white guy, but that doesn’t mena that he’s waging a holy racial war. He could have just taken his money.

        You think that this country is equal? Name one President who wasn’t Christian, if you say all religions are quite above islam.

        Who cares about the Six day war and the yom kippur war?
        Who give a shit about the crusades anymore?
        Obviously lots of shit happened since then.

        Not everyone is going to be muslim.

        You all fukkin contradict yourselves.
        Here is your resolution
        “Resolved: The treatment of Muslims on BNI is fair.”
        (Not saying if I agree or if I disagree)
        This is your choice whether you want to affirm or negate.

        I’m setting a debate up here you mofos
        Whoever was waiting for this you better thank me

      • To “Anonymous”:

        You DARE to ask “Also, who gives a fuck about what happened in the past.”?

        That means that you’re quite happy to dishonour every last single one of the people who preceded you and in the end without whom you NEVER would have existed!!! You honestly feel you have the right to in other words spit into your the eyes of your parents, grandparents, &c.????

        Truly, what a CREATURE of the worst possible sort you are, “Anonymous”!!!!! It shows a person WITHOUT MORALS, without honour, without values and at heart without any real good in your heart!!!!!


      • Obviously someone was trying to hack my email. I also meant we would be focusing on modern issues instead of the crusades and the six day war, I didn’t mean like what happened within the past ten years. If you keep overreacting then that’s like taking the words of the Messiah Jesus and saying”Oh now we should let the terrorist do whatever their hearts desire and keep on feeding them!”. I’m not trying to offend anyone

    • i must say that all of u people are really islamophoebic. Besides, prophet mohammad was not a paedophile and no evidence that Aisha (one of his wives) was paedo……
      Prophet mohammad wasn t a warlord he only fought to establish peace exactly like when Egypt fought israel in 1973……
      Here s what we say all prophets are good men who fought to teach humanity who is god and obviously none of u has learned who really god is based on the fact that u think prophet Eissa (jesus) is the living god or son of god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wake up people it s 21st century!!

      • “Islamophobic”, you IDIOT “Mohammad :p”?!???

        No, our fear and HATE of Islam is NOT irrational in the least – to the contrary, it’s EXACTLY as your Qur’ân, Hadith and Sira COMMAND IT!!!!

        We’ve read enough parts of the Qur’ân (notably Chapter 9, especially when we remember your “principle of abrogation”) and your other “books” to know what we’re talking about better than you!!!

        It’s Islamo-NAUSEA – for truly Islam is SUPREMELY EVIL!!!!! We hate it BECAUSE OF WHAT IT REALLY IS, get it?!???

        Also, Ya’sua (NOT “Issa”: that’s Esau, Jacob’s brother!!!) – Jesus – is the same yesterday, today and FOREVER – as the Bible tells us. He is not a “prophet” but : “THE Only-Begotten Son of God [the Father]: God of God, Light of Light, True God of True God; Begotten, NOT made, being of ONE substance with the Father, who for us men and for our salvation Came Down from Heaven.” [As it says in the Nicene Creed.]

      • Yes it is the 21st Century and it’s also the century that will see islam’s End for all time.

        As for your BS…yeah, ok, sure…too bad every scrap of evidence, including much found in islam’s own texts, discredits your claims.

        Also, you muzzies define ‘peace’ as ‘Universal Assimilation under islam’, and chuckles, that isn’t going to happen.

      • to Marlene Wilkins:
        “… the century that will see Islam’s end for all time”?
        My answer to that is Inshallah! How about ten years from now? Wanna bet?
        Regardless of the number of worshipers, be it a billion or more (who cares anyway), a doctrine could quickly and swiftly vanish in a few years. Nazism would have gathered a hundred of millions of ‘fans’ from all the Axis’ countries; Communism would have had more than 500 million in the whole world: but to what avail?
        Now, Islam has plenty of supporters, Hamdulillah! But we all know how coward they are, don’t we? Plus, the revealing of the true nature of the Prophet (ʿalayhi as-salām) in the recent internet expansion and information sharing will do us a greater favor than all the past centuries could have done: rapid spread of what Islam covered for centuries – words of rape, killings, deceit, pedophilia, necrophilia, bestiality and more than you can bear at this point, knowing all that the Prophet did so greatly in such a short time. What an amazing example to learn by the means of Internet in a few hours of google search and browse!
        So don’t give up on us, Muhammad! Not now! We need proves to nail you in a few years from now and you give us plenty!
        Salla ‘llah ‘Alayhi wa Alihi wa Sahbihi wa sallam!

    • Wow, i could see whose brainwashed, it is you louis and follow the path of distraction to yourself before anyone else. but I am happy for you :) . Prophet Mohammed “Allah Bless Him” is a person that you will never even reach the dust he was walking on. he is gracious, polite well mannered and respected by all people with small amount of brain not like you people here.
      Let me teach you here about something, you call the prophet a pedophile which something you will regret deeply when the time comes. but Christianity spent lots of resources from the beginning to inflict harm to the image of the prophet and Islam. so that’s why The Wahhabi and Salafi was created by christian haters “and still supported by USA and other western countries in the name of Al-Qada” to Islam to tell people that Aiasha was 9 years old but in reality she was 18 years old. Get the facts before anything and your hate to islam and the prophet mohamed have zero affect on us.
      We love and respect all previous prophet and we don’t dare to say anything towards them because they are the chosen messengers from Allah and the same way we respect Mohammed, we also love and respect the prophet Issa which you are far from what he is and he was.

      • Islam is profane.
        Mohammed is a false prophet.
        The Quran is a book of lies.
        And the souls of all Muslims are doomed.

      • if its a book of lies then read the Quran.
        In the name of God, the infinitely Compassionate and Merciful.
        Praise be to God, Lord of all the worlds.
        The Compassionate, the Merciful. Ruler on the Day of Reckoning.
        You alone do we worship, and You alone do we ask for help.
        Guide us on the straight path,
        the path of those who have received your grace;
        not the path of those who have brought down wrath, nor of those who wander astray.

      • So many, many LIES!!!!

        Take your taqiyya and your kitman ELSEWHERE!!!! We know better than to be deceived by the mentally-deprived, spiritually-EMPTY, totally-DEAD (inside of yourselves) Moslem DEVILS that you, “Alan” and all your ilk happen to be!!!!!

      • wow…
        And the muzzie BS brigade just keeps rolling on with their nonsense. Alan, pretty much all you claim is rubbish, and many folks know it already.

        That said, your statement about us ‘regretting it when the time comes’ is like a schoolyard kid saying he’s gonna tell his daddy.
        Typical of you muzzies, you can’t handle the truth of your fetid cult, and always fall back on ‘god’s gonna getcha’.

        Guess what, I’ve been Dead.
        3 minutes and 43 Seconds.
        I’m Pagan, and there was none of the islamic claptrap about hell and such.
        I’m keeping this short, but the evidence of the Reality of my experience came crystal clear years later when I found pictures of ancestors I met then and had never seen before until some things were shipped from England to me.

        So, you’re sad little muzzie-classic scare tactics mean sh*t, if even that.
        islam is a cult, founded by a clueless delusional and monster named mohammed-the-unclean, and that’s all islam will ever be.
        As it began, so will islam end.

      • O ye people! Adore your Guardian-Lord, Who created you and those who came before you, that ye may have the chance to learn righteousness;
        Who has made the earth your couch, and the heavens your canopy; and sent down rain from the heavens; and brought forth therewith fruits for your sustenance; then set not up rivals unto Allah when ye know (the truth).
        And if ye are in doubt as to what We have revealed from time to time to Our servant, then produce a Sura like thereunto; and call your witnesses or helpers (if there are any) besides Allah, if your (doubts) are true.
        But if ye cannot – and of a surety ye cannot – then fear the Fire whose fuel is men and stones which is prepared for those who reject Faith.

      • WE existed long before ‘allah’ and ‘allah’ offers not a damned thing–hell, the Cookie Monster is more credible and genuinely caring than ‘allah’.
        As for your muzzie nonsense…give it a rest, it’s a load of absolute BS designed to baffle the gullible, or worse, those bereft of hope.

        islam is absolute sh*t, wrongheaded, backward, so catastrophically flawed it’s a Joke, and has produced nothing in 1400 years but miserry and bloodhsed.

        islam, the cult that honors abusive boyfriends and monsters in Human form.

  21. Okay, I’m just going to say this once so yeah.

    Anyways, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, this website is a hate group. I can legitimately call you people haters. I think I’m going to leave this place now. By the way, the little starship icons are pretty cool. I like my one a lot.

    • ANY institution like the “Southern Poverty Law Center” that has sold itself to the crypto-Communists and the Moslems has ‘ipso facto’ lost ALL its credibility!!! We’ve EVERY REASON in the world to despise it and all those who look up to it, just like any other IDOL!!!

      As to your calling us “haters”, you TROLL: fine, so be it!!!! In fact, given that hate is the obverse of love – something that EVERY man and woman happen to have, you’re NO BETTER!!!!

      I can’t wait to see the last of you, TROLL!!!

      • why are you calling me a troll. If we had a large and diversified group of people, not just anti-Islam people such as yourselfs, the general consensus would be that you are the troll and not me. To be honest, your acting like an obnoxious little shit.

      • Listen, TROLL “coop”: STOP IT with your Marxist ideas of “all Mankind” of a certain class being good and those of other classes being “bad” and thus worthy of extermination!!!!

        Yes, this IS an anti-Islamic Website, meant to inform those who come here about the manifold and MONUMENTAL EVILS AND THREATS that Islam contains and poses to the ENTIRE REST OF THE WORLD!!!! You expect us to be such milk-toast, “mild”, easygoing, “everybody get along” INCONSEQUENTIAL types purring along with do-nothing discussions when a giant forest-FIRE is blazing away and threatening a whole city with untold death and destruction, where other fires ALL lit by arsonists (which describes Moslems to a “t”!!!) are cutting off the escape routes and death and suffering is INEVITABLE???? You really expect that we’ll stretch our necks out for the knife, you TRAITOR??? Have you no relatives or friends who’ve come from places like South-Eastern Europe, Armenia, Central (or even Southern) Africa or India who could give you a better picture than you in your ultra-blasé attitude are assuming???

        And you bash us all as being “haters”?!??? The CONTEMPT, the INDIFFERENCE and even HOSTILITY you’re manifesting towards us!!!! I can’t tell you how embittered my Serb and Russian parents were against Islam and its peoples (notably the Arabs and the Turks) – if you had been raised by them, you’d be singing a TOTALLY-DIFFERENT TUNE, you MORON!!!!

        And then with your crypto-Marxist attitude try to say that WE are the “haters”??? HOW DARE YOU, you imbecile?????

        If you really want information, then SHUT UP and read on both here and – even more for a logical information progression-route – Otherwise, your departure would be MORE THAN WELCOME!!!! We DON’T welcome your TAUNTS, JIBES and RIDICULE which dishonours 1,400 years of suffering humanity!!!!!

    • i looked at that leftie organisation’s site and can find no listing whatsoever that calls this site a hate group, and it certainly isn’t listed on their hate groups intelligence list. BNI occasionally crops up occasionally in their blog but only like this:

      From BareNakedIslam (Motto: “It isn’t Islamophobia when they really ARE trying to kill you”):

      Headline: Terrorist Front Group CAIR to sue Oklahoma over ban on Shari’a Law


      “We knew this was coming.”

      That is not SPLC calling this a hate site fool!

      • Here is where you can find where it says your a hate group,

        1. Go onto there interactive hate map.
        2. Click on the state of California. This should bring up an alphabetized list underneath the map of all the hate groups centered in the state.
        3. One of the names on the list is Bare Naked Islam. I am looking at it right now.

        Also, you may be right when you say its not hate when they are trying to kill you. However, the idea that is unable to penetrate through your skulls is that very few Muslims, are trying to kill you. And the Muslims who aren’t are pissed at the few who are trying to.

      • To the TROLL “coop”:

        1) WHOSE “interactive hate map”??? Which Website. If you’re using that Communist organization “Southern Poverty Law Center”, your whole premise is automatically biased to begin with!!!!

        2) This group is NOT centred in the state of California.

        3) It may be “relatively few” Moslems that are ACTIVELY trying to kill us; however, when you bear in mind that 84% of American mosques are openly preaching hate against us non-Moslems (they call us “filthy infidels” and consider our lives worth NOTHING!!!), and that 80% of British Moslems are genuinely practising that CULT-ideology – and when you multiply the two percentages together, you get that 2 out of every 3 Moslems truly hate us, even if they hide it (ever heard of taqiyya and kitman, you LOON???);

        4) THEN, if the total number of Moslems worldwide be 1,000,000,000 (for argument’s sake): we get something like 660,000,000 potential enemies who will at least have a hating attitude. Of that number, it’s quite reasonable to expect that 1 out of every 4 virulent Moslems will be happy to wage REAL WAR against us either militarily (terrorism) or politically (trying to promote “halal” slaughter, “Shari’ah” law, anti-”blasphemy” legal measures, gender segregation!!), somehow or other – and gladly paying zakat towards our destruction and the propagation of Islam – which has been AT WAR WITH US FOR 1,400 YEARS!!!!!

        Thus, we get .672 /4 = 17% (roughly) – 1 out of every 6 – of Moslems ready to wage MILITARY operations against us – i.e., 170,000,000 people!!!! [Saudi Arabia itself estimates that 15% to 20% of its people are out to use terrorism and other such measures to force Islam down the throats of the rest of us!!!]

        THEN: what’s the proportion of 170 million against 7 billion total human beings on this planet? 0.024285714, last 6 digits recurring. Roughly thus 2.5% – compare that to the ratio of Nazi troops that invaded Soviet Russia on 1941/06/22 in World War II: 4.5 million against a Soviet total population of 170 million at the time. We get a ratio of 0.0264705882353 – i.e., 2.65% Now, will you see the DEVASTATION and MURDER that such a hard-core of people are capable of, eh?!???

        Do you see now that – particularly given how these numbers are concentrated in various geographical areas of the world – though things seem small in the West AT THIS TIME – the threat is FAR, FAR GREATER THAN YOU WANT TO ADMIT?????

    • Thanks for clarifying BNI.. Anti-Muslim is not the same as Muslim hate, regardless with the SPLC, inclusion of a group in the list “does not imply a group advocates or engages in violence or other criminal activity.’ That makes it a pretty spineless =but that’s kind of irrelevant.
      Unlike the followers of Mohammed the perverted war criminal (shame be upon him), we have free speech.

      If logical folk wish to voice their concerns about the immoral cult that threatens world peace, not to mention the poor fools that have been caught up in its brainwashing, then any effort to discredit them (the normal folk) is criminal.
      Any Mohamadan should be flagged as a member of a hate group.. Called Islam.. which directs hate towards the 5.3 billion or so other human beings on the planet. ISLAM.. the biggest hate group on earth!

      • I believe in your confusing comment, what you are trying to say is that a hate group uses violence. According to that notion, the Westboro Baptist Church is not a hate group. They are incredibly peaceful, but you would be hard pressed to find a group of people more obnoxious group, and a bigger nuisance to american life than them.

        My point is, a hate group doesn’t have to be violent.

      • TROLL “coop”:

        That shows just how utterly BLIND you are – and FAR worse yet, WILFULLY BLIND!!! The Westboro wretches, vile as they are, at least haven’t attempted to kill or maim anybody – whereas wait until the muzturds come and blow up your house or elsewhere in your city, flood it with those raghead stinkers (both men and women), poison your pets (especially dogs – though NO life, animal, plant or human, is immune from them, period!!!), rape your women and in essence make property values decline so they can then force you out!!! Wait until they slit your throat and those of your baby children – beheading your loved ones right in front of your eyes and having their blood spurt right upon your flesh!!!!

        You absolute IDIOT – or are you a SADISTIC Communist (or Moslem) agent provocateur who simply enjoys hurting others????

        [Sorry, Ms. BNI, but that wretch truly makes my bile to rise...]

      • Dear Ms. Wilkins:

        Thank you so very much for coming here and helping to buttress my responses to those Commie and Moslem agents – I really appreciate your efforts very much!!!!

        God Bless and Happy New Year!!!…

      • The SPLC…one of the biggest, and worst, jokes on the planet.
        Also, one that’s going to find itself being shut-down and it’s members/employees/etc. marched onto Exile ships at bayonet-point.

        And, when we access their files, any that have ever contributed to supporting those fascist-enablers will see similar.

  22. @Snowden the mohammadan supremacist

    “Are you going to find me and kill me?”

    No one wants to kill you. Many of us do, however, wish for you to tell the truth and disengage from your cognitive dissonance. Many of us would also like you, and all of the other mohammadan supremacists to sod off to dar al islam. We’re tired of your lies, tired of your aggressive supremacist attempts to change our laws, cultures, and lifestyles. We’re tired of your false cries of victimhood. We’re tired of your one-way “dialogue” and one-way “respect.” We’re tired of your non-stop screechy demands for “respect” when you’ve done *nothing* to deserve our respect. We’re tired of you and your bronze age bullshit.

    “Here. I did the job for you:
    10-8-80 Malibu Point, 90265, Malibu, California
    Go ahead. Blow my house up.”

    Cute. The irony being had you disclosed your actual location, unlike critics of islam and asslifters, you’d not have to worry about deranged supremacists emulating their deranged “prophet” who would kill you to please their bronze age arab deity.

    “You say you are american. So are they. They were also born here. Many of the love their country. If you say that’s not enough, you think you have to be white. Or christian, or jewish. Well guess what? They all came from europe, africa, asia, etc..”

    I don’t recall claiming to be American, nor do I recall ADHD claiming the same. Being born in a particular country does not make one that nationality. Nor does being born abroad preclude one not being a particular nationality. Being one thing or another is having a loyalty to that nation exclusively, respecting and sharing the overall attitudes, beliefs and values, and more importantly the laws of a particular country, in fact, preferring the national culture. Loyalty is doing what is what in one’s ability to defend and protect said culture and country from existential and physical threats.

    Now you claim mohammadans are loyal Westerners? That is a lie. To a man their empathy is with other asslifters abroad. They are loyal to the countries of their birth, or parents or grandparents. They defend the culture of islam. They defend bronze age arab tribalism while taking every opportunity to denigrate their host country’s culture while trying to establish islamic culture as the national culture. They do this through whinging, as you are doing and through aggressive litigation, demonstration, lying about, fabrication mohammadan’s contributions to said country and threats. Thus they are nothing more than loyal mohammadan supremacists to the exclusion of all other cultures.

    This is tangibly and visibly evidenced by the miles long list of born and converted mohammadans who have been killed fighting “mohammadan wars” abroad, killed or incarcerated carrying out terror attacks locally and abroad, and incarcerated for financially aiding “terrorists.” That is because their loyalties are with the “ummah.” Not with their birth or adopted Western country.

    No other group of people, with the exception of many Germans in America and communists, has such a history of loyalties abroad.

    It’s astounding that you can make the claim that mohammadan supremacists are loyal to their Western countries with a straight face. However, it’s not surprising because you are a typical inherent mohammadan liar.

    All other groups of immigrants have left their loyalties behind in “the old country” and give their loyalty to their new nations. mohammadans do not as they demonstrate over and over their loyalties were, are and always will be with the “ummah.”

    “In case you didn’t know, there are just as many jewish and christian terrorists out there. They are just not against Americans. If they were, you would be one of them too, right?”

    The alleged existence of “just as many” terrorists of other flavors does not exonerate mohammadan supremacists of their crimes. That is an intellectually weak logical fallacy. In other words; if I kill you I am still guilty despite the fact that other people have murdered snarky little supremacists like you. Jewish and Christian “terrorists” are not attempting to change the laws and cultures of our respective countries and the grand and aggressive scale that you mohammadan supremacists are. Neither are Hindus, Buddhists, Taoists, Shintoists or Rastafarians.

    “i am not a marxist or communist. I am especially pro democracy.”

    This is just too funny. A pro-democracy mohammadan! That’s an oxymoron like jumbo-shrimp! Pro-democracy like the muslim brotherhood thugs who insisted on “virginity checks” for female voters? Pro-democracy like asshats who demand sharia law?

    “You are still a hate group.”

    A mohammadan supremacist like you calling folks who hate islam a “hate group” is as hilarious and pathetic as Hitler and the Axis powers calling the Allied Powers a “hate group.”

    “the SPLC is not communist.
    also, it doesn’t matter if they are communist or not.”

    Assuming you actually read the commies’ “who we are page” I must call you obtuse. Their modus operandi, and goals are taken from the communist playbook. Their criteria for labeling hate groups includes groups who simply do not agree with the SPLC’s attitudes. They’re also very selective in their application of some of their beliefs. Their crusade to enforce “separation of church and state” applies to all religions except…surprise, surprise…islam. In fact, they’ve worked hard to ensure that there is no separation from the state of islamic values. No surprise there; communism and islam are both totalitarian collectivisms.

    Your analogy with Helen Keller is woefully flawed. I am not a socialist but I do attend local socialist groups usually to keep an eye on the enemy and sometimes to stir the pot.

    “Definition of a hate group:
    A hate group is an organized group or movement that advocates and practices hatred, hostility, or violence towards members of a race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation or any other designated sector of society.”

    Does this definition include advocating and practicing hatred, hostility, or violence towards hate groups? islam is a hate group. No group who opposes white supremacy is labeled a “hate group.” So why should any group who opposes islamic supremacy be a hate group?

    Tolerance of the intolerant is not tolerance.

    :My best friend was killed in 9/11. He was one of them, and he hated radical islam. I don’t hate those who practice Islam.”

    I assumed you were too young to know Mohammad Atta. My bad.

    All islam is radical. Its very founder and its texts are testament to its radical nature. The fact that some of them don’t have the nuts to act out that radical nature does not make islam benign.

    “Your’e targeting radical muslims, not regular muslims.”

    No, we’re against all mohammadans. All mohammadans are supremacists. They belong to one group and think they’re superior to all who do not belong to that group. The belief that those who do not belong to the same group will burn in their imaginary hell *is* supremacy.

    Anyone who believes muhammad was a “mercy upon manking” or a “perfect pattern of conduct” *is* a radical. *All* mohammadans believe that thus they are all radicals.

    ” Also, probably less than 1% of the Muslim population are terrorists. You over there who said 15-20% of all Muslims are terrorists, you are talking about a whole percentage of the global population. Your statistic is bull.”

    Your statistic us just as much bunk as the other guy’s. Polls conducted in the West and in dar al islam by partisan and non-partisan groups and the mohammadans themselves have shown time and time again the majority (over 50%, but typically ranging 67-93%) of mohammadans would prefer to see sharia law applied in non-mohammadan countries. That is radical and that is not a “tiny minority.” The same polled mohammadans criticism of mohammad or allah should be punishable by death, as should adultery. I would not call such creatures “moderate.”

    “All you are saying is that only muslims commit atrocities, but during the crusades, christians also killed civilians? And the Jews?”

    No but other groups are not the topic at hand, nor are other groups threatening and carrying out violence to change the laws and cultures of our countries. Again with the logical fallacy. You also failed to volunteer that the Crusades were a *reaction* to 400 years of islamic supremacist invasion and occuption, abuse and murder of native Christian, Jewish and Pagan lands and peoples.

    “What are you going to do about me? Are you going to kill all muslims? Innocents? Children? Women? Elderly? Sick? Are you going to be like radical Islamic terrorists? You love it when somebody commits a hate crime against muslims. Don’t you not want to kill people?”

    I wouldn’t kill. Bitch slap your supremacist fast, maybe. Innocent? No mohammadan is innocent just as no Nazi or Communist is innocent. Anyone who *voluntarily* believes in or converts to a bronze age arab-tribalist supremacist cult is innocent. I am confident in saying that no one who opposes islam and mohammadans has any intention of raping any of you, or beheading any of you with dull knives, or raping your children and making you watch or forcibly convert you or your children to another ideology. We simply want you to leave the West and take your bronze age arab-tribalism with you. You did not build Western civilization and we will not let you destroy it. Period.

    Actually, I do get a chuckle out of “hate crimes” against mohammadan supremacists because as has been shown time and time again no crime actually occurred, or the mohammadans did it to themselves. On the rare occasion it is actually a “hate crime” I’m happy that some “kaffir” had the balls to dish it out to the mohammadan before the mohammadan dished it out to him or her. I enjoy seeing karma in action and it’s always good to see you supremacists getting a taste of your own medicine. However, I do not consider some bagheaded bitch getting her vagina protector yanked off a crime. I do not consider a mohammadan with outrageous demands being ejected from a place of business a crime. Having one’s head sawed off or being raped for simply not being a mohammadan, now those are crimes.

    Of course, you won’t see that because immoral equivalency is the soup de jour of mohammadan supremacists and your leftist/socialis/communist lap dogs and masters.

  23. You Muslim apologists are pathetic. You should stop digging cos you are gonna have no hope of getting out of the precipice you dig yourselves, although you’ll probably hit more oil to sell us.
    Face the reality of your putrid cult that promotes marrying multiple prepubescent girls*, promotes violence, promotes intolerance of others and encourages genocide as being the most noble action possible that will send you straight to paradise.
    You follow the teachings of a murderous thieving pervert. He was violent, he was a prolific robber due to his greed, he participated in the slave trade, he practised polygamy and spousal abuse. He was certainly a paedophile, your quaran details how he took Aisha away for sex while she was playing with her dolls. You try to justify this saying that Aisha was abused so other young girls had a role model to turn to so they had somebody their age to talk to about sexual abuse. Your false profit idol you claim to be a man of the highest morality was a pig! Open your eyes!

    *Surah 65.4: States how a man must wait 3 months to divorce a wife who hasn’t reached menses.

    • Buddhist my eye! You are a typical, aggressive, psychpathic, screeching little bagheaded supremacist c***.

      I have one question, toots? When did your vagina migrate from between your legs to your head? Is the vaginal migration of mohammadan c**** like you a standard age phenomenom or does it depend on your location?

      Anyhoo, future jihadi factory, the 1st amendment *does* guarantee BNI’s right to write the truth about you mohammadan truthophobes. It also protects my right to call you out for the supremacist bully you are and it also protects your right to be the good little mohammadan supremacist bully you are. In fact, the founding fathers (who weren’t arab-tribalist supremacists BTW), created it specifically to give a voice to those, like us, who would stand against and call out aggressive, racist, screeching supremacists like you.

      In closing I’d like to thank you. I never knew why New Jersey was called the “stinking arm pit of America.” Until now. Now I realize it was given that name because it’s full of stinking mohammadan supremacists like you!

  24. No. I am not a muslim. I am a buddhist.

    Go f#ck yourselves the people who made this website.
    They are peaceful people and the terrorists are the ones who twist the meanings of the words inside the Quran. You are discriminatory, and shut this site down as soon as you see this post. You should be ashamed. Mohammed was not a pedophile, not doesn’t mean all Muslims are terrorsits. Probably less than.00000001% of Muslims are terrorists. Martyrdom is NOT blowing oneself up. It is defending one’s religion. I do not see why all you motherf@ckers are all saying death to Islam. One of my best friends is a muslim he doesnt go recruiting people for al-Qaeda, and he doesn’t go around raping random women. God, f%ck you all who f*cking haters. Burn in Hell. Learn to love. There are also just as many Jewish and Christian terrorists.

    If you ignore this, you will be reported. You think 1st amendment rights will protect you, but you will face the consequences. I will report you to the white house myself. You have 48 hours.

      • BRAVISSIMA, Ms. BNI!!!!

        Besides, it’s NOT under Wikipedia but the COMMUNIST organization “Southern-Poverty Law Center” that Bare Naked Islam is listed as a “hate group”. That ultra-hypocritical bunch of arse-holes and good-for-nothings has lost ALL respect from all sane human beings, thank goodness!!!!

        Also, dear Ms. BNI, I’m so exceedingly GLAD that you’re free of “WordPress”: having them being bought by the Moslems and their Commie allies is truly ultra-PATHETIC!!!

        Yes, Ms. BNI: please keep up the good work!!!!

        DEATH TO ISLAM, MARXISM, NAZISM and ALL other tyranny and totalitarianism as well as totalitarians!!!!!

      • Not even close bitch…
        I’m petitioning to close down your site, and I’m getting wordpress too.

        All of you are racist, and I’m not a supremacist.

        Have you ever heard of forgiving? Can you forgive?

        Those are people who have twisted Islam you bigots

        Is my friend a terrorist? Is he pedo? No.

        Yes, I am a buddhist

        I don’t agree with Nazi’s but they can still be loved. Same wwith everyone else.

      • Also, you guys are such idiots, you guys are labeled as a hate group on wikipedia. Kid, you have no idea who you’re f*cking with, You must be an idiot. You are making yourself look so terrible

        let’s see who gets the last laugh.
        You guys have no goal: do you want to kill all muslims?

      • BNI, he’s right, just go fuck yourself
        muslims are MOSTLY peaceful, at least 99%
        is this all because of 9/11?
        the us government wants you to hate muslims, support israel, and fuck palestine.

        I changed my mind about this website. I’m getting as many people as possible to withdrawl all of their money. Never coming here ever again.

      • Why do you keep changing your user name? Do you think we don’t know that all these idiotic remarks are from the same person? I guess that’s the only way you can get anyone here to agree with you.

        Have you heard back from Barry yet?

        Exactly how are you going to get people to ‘withdrawl’ (sic) their money?

      • @the bagheaded c***

        “Not even close bitch…

        “I’m petitioning to close down your site, and I’m getting wordpress too.”

        Good luck with that. Unpopular speech is Constitutionally guaranteed.

        “All of you are racist, and I’m not a supremacist.”

        Anything you can *convert* to is not a race. Nor is it an ethnicity or physical handicap or sexual orientation. And yes, you are a supremacist. Your mask has slipped so far it’s down around your ass.

        “Have you ever heard of forgiving? Can you forgive?”

        Forgiveness is for cowards and the weak. But, just what does forgiveness have to do with mohammadan supremacy?

        “Those are people who have twisted Islam you bigots”

        Whom? The terrorists? Wrong. They are practicing islam as mohammad practiced it. They twist nothing. It is mohammadan liars and their leftist lap dogs who twist, omit, and ignore ayats and hadiths in a dishonest supremacist attempt to make islam appear benign. Standing against ideologies that fly in the face of human rights and dignity is not bigotry. It is not bigotry to criticize, counter, abuse or mock Nazism or Nazis. Nor is it bigotry to criticize, counter, abuse or mock Communism/Communists, supremacy/supremacists, Christianity/Christians or…islam/mohammadans. It is not bigotry to criticize, counter, abuse or mock *any* ideology or religion. Period.

        “Is my friend a terrorist? Is he pedo? No.”

        Who cares about your “friend”? He believes a terrorist pedophile (mohammad) was an ideal man who was a mercy upon mankind. He is no different than one who idolizes Hitler/Stalin/Marx/PolPot/ etc., et al.

        “Yes, I am a buddhist”

        Sure, and the Pope is Jewish. But you keep telling yourself that. Maybe you’ll tell that lie often enough you’ll believe it and leave mo’s mad cult.

        “I don’t agree with Nazi’s but they can still be loved. Same wwith everyone else.”

        The hell you don’t. You’re a mohammadan and Hitler is one of your heroes.

        As for BNI being listed as a “Hate group” on wikipedia…LOL! Only mental midgets cite or believe anything on wiki. Citing the Southern Poverty Law Center is not even a step above wiki for it is a viper’s nest of communists who *hate* Western Democracy and use guerrilla litigation like you mohammadan supremacists use litigation jihad to attempt to silence those who aren’t swallowing your bullshit. Not to mention that their fellow “anti-haters” have *murdered* people whom the SPLC listed as “haters/racists/bigots.”

        As for the rest of your posts, they’re off the rails.

        Time to loosen your slave rag, vagina virgin. We’re not afraid of you and your bullying threats nor will you ever silence us or stop us from speaking out against you and your supremacist cult.

      • O TROLL who keeps changing her name:

        We DO want to expel every last single Moslem man, woman and child OUT OF THE ENTIRE WEST!!!! [And withdraw all Western citizens from the Islamic world!!!]

        By West I mean countries of Western civilisation: all of the Americas, all of Europe (including Russia), Australia, New Zealand and Oceania, eventually followed by all of Africa (but starting with the south and central portions) and finally Asia so Islam will be penned up in the Arabian peninsula prior to someday being exterminated by her own warlike, life-hating, unforgiving, unforgetting self!!!

        As to forgiveness: one CAN’T forgive before he sees the other side is genuinely PENITENT and not only remorseful but determined to change!!!!

        As to your claims of being a Buddhist, here’s something for you to watch. Here’s a lady Buddhist from Burma (Myanmar):

        Let’s see how you handle THAT, TROLL!!!!!

        DEATH TO ISLAM, MARXISM, NAZISM and ALL other tyranny and totalitarianism, PERIOD!!!!!

      • Are you going to find me and kill me?

        Here. I did the job for you:
        10-8-80 Malibu Point, 90265, Malibu, California
        Go ahead. Blow my house up.

        You say you are american. So are they. They were also born here. Many of the love their country. If you say that’s not enough, you think you have to be white. Or christian, or jewish. Well guess what? They all came from europe, africa, asia, etc..

        In case you didn’t know, there are just as many jewish and christian terrorists out there. They are just not against Americans. If they were, you would be one of them too, right?

        i am not a marxist or communist. I am especially pro democracy.

        You are still a hate group.
        the SPLC is not communist.
        also, it doesn’t matter if they are communist or not.

        Definition of a hate group:
        A hate group is an organized group or movement that advocates and practices hatred, hostility, or violence towards members of a race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation or any other designated sector of society.

        My best friend was killed in 9/11. He was one of them, and he hated radical islam. I don’t hate those who practice Islam.
        Your’e targeting radical muslims, not regular muslims. Also, probably less than 1% of the Muslim population are terrorists. You over there who said 15-20% of all Muslims are terrorists, you are talking about a whole percentage of the global population. Your statistic is bull.

        All you are saying is that only muslims commit atrocities, but during the crusades, christians also killed civilians? And the Jews?

        What are you going to do about me? Are you going to kill all muslims? Innocents? Children? Women? Elderly? Sick? Are you going to be like radical Islamic terrorists? You love it when somebody commits a hate crime against muslims. Don’t you not want to kill people?

        have fun.

      • ES, what is this now, the 4th different name you are using? We are waiting with baited breath for you to reply to Istanbul Chick. Or are you too much of a pussy to take on a woman?

        Of course the SPLC is communist, anyone who wasn’t born yesterday knows that. Check out the background of its leader. Red Diaper Doper baby all the way.

        I don’t tell anyone to hate Muslims. I just post actual news stories of what they are up to.

        Your best friend was killed on 9/11? Sure he was. Where do you live? Your IP is coming from France. You can’t be in California.

        We are all laughing at you now.

      • proxy server. And I used to live in New York. Even if a leader is communist, doesn’t mean the whole group is. Helen Keller was a socialist groups, but she joined groups that werent socialis or even against socialists.

      • Dear Ms. BNI:

        Thank you so very, very much for banning that TROLL!!!! Not only she had the gall to pretend to be more than one person (a tactic not unknown to Moslems, Commies and other such totalitarians!!), but her vulgarity, absolute contempt and hatred for everybody else had truly crossed any and all imaginable bounds of decency!!!!! And her taqiyya and kitman were absolutely incredible…

        No, I’m not somebody who has any wish to personally hurt anybody; however, if anybody deserved a whipping or a Russian-style knouting, that troll most certainly did!!!

        So, that demoness was spewing her bile and venom from somewhere in France? Likely she’s a Moslemah who was making trouble for them – and who hopefully will now think of going back to where she came from (now that the French government has slashed their welfare benefits by 5 sixths (83%)!!), almost certainly an OIC country – in which case perhaps one fine day when it’s too late she’ll wake up and realise what she has lost forever…

      • Also, that the demoness didn’t care to condemn Communism and its atrocities proves BOTH her totalitarian streak AND her basic (likely wilful!) IGNORANCE!!!

        Also, for her to claim that her “best friend” died on 2001/09/11 proves her such a total liar as to make her out that much more conclusively a Moslemah or a Communist – perhaps even both à la Obama. Either way, a very disturbed individual whose soul is in jeopardy more than probably most others…

        Either way, I thank you yet again for banishing her from here: she really was worse than a nuisance…

      • Must be crowded in that fucked up brain of that so-called Buddhist with all those pseudos crawling around cobwebs !

        And what’s with the “warnings” and “threats” ? Think those scare anyone here ? You should come around on MY turf little girl, as Bonni so kindly calls you, I’d give you the same kind of “talking to” I give ragheads and their pimps having the misfortune to cross my path and really give you something to cry for.

        You pathetic little shit, you can foam at the mouth all you want, throw insults all you want, fact remains that the headline says it all, and much more.

    • NO, you’re positively NO “Buddhist” whatsoever – the Buddhists of Burma and Thailand as well as India are in fact going into fighting mode to counter the Moslem problems playing their countries!!!

      You’re either a Moslema or a Communist sympathiser of theirs!!!! As such, if you can use vulgarities against us PROUD “infidels” who actually KNOW the truth about the supremely-EVIL “CULT” that’s known as Islam, then some of us at least will retaliate and tell you off the way you deserve!!!!

      Either literally HANG YOURSELF – OR REPENT, RENOUNCE ISLAM, Communism, Nazism and ALL other forms of totalitarianism and learn to see the EVIL they ALL REPRESENT!!!!!

      Also know that lots of your ilk have ALREADY reported this Website and its colleagues to those MONSTERS you like to threaten us with – but in the end you’ll still be the LOSERS!!!! We Westerners will fight back and one day see both Islam and Communism go the way of Nazism – and all into EXTINCTION the way they most richly deserve; particularly when your true master SATAN (one of whose MANY names is “allah”) is imprisoned for 1,000 years in the bottomless pit while My Lord Jesus Rules this earth and shows us all what was meant to be all along!!!

      DEATH TO ISLAM, MARXISM, NAZISM and ALL other totalitarianism and tyranny, PERIOD!!!!!

      • pardon me but the Dalai Lama defended Islam as a peaceful religion. Your stupidity makes me ashamed of the fact that I have ADHD.

      • The Delai Lama would defend Bin Laden.. Peace and love have gone to his head

      • The Dalai Lama doesn’t know everything there is to be known in this world any more than you or I, “coop”!!!! He’s just a human being, NOT a god, for crying out loud!!!!!

        Deifying a human being is nothing short of IDOLATRY!!!!! Besides, if that’s what the Dalai Lama has said, it’s HE who’s “stupid”: he ought to have known better (e.g., how about the destruction of the Bamiyan Buddha-statues, eh????)!!! Was he bribed and/or intimidated, like that traitor Mohandas Gandhi??…

        “Coop”, you sound like another Moslem troll – take your taqiyya and your kitman ELSEWHERE!!!!!

        Finally, you can accuse me of stupidity all you want (and I managed to eke out a 3-year Bachelor of Math – does that qualify as “stupid”, eh??): but I DESPISE YOU as not using your brains the way you should!!!! You’re happy parroting COMMUNIST AND MOSLEM LIES!!!!!

    • Question: (to I HATE ISLAMOPHOBES, Lover of all People etc.) If this site and those who comment, were in one of the 57 muslims countries, what would happen to all of us who are critical of islam?
      I and others know the answer, but would like to know yours.

      And do you still ‘love’ us, even though you don’t like what you read?

    • Your bullshit posts are not anything a Buddhist would ever say, in fact it is pretty unlikely any Buddhist would get particularly involved in such a discussion as they generally avoid confrontation of any kind and certainly don’t throw their toys out their pram and make threats. I hope your impotent god is pleased with you raghead

    • There’s no way in HELL you’re a Buddhist, despite calling yourself one. Hell, I doubt you’ever met a Buddhist.

      And your little ‘threat’ of reporting BNI…well, sorry to remind you, but der Gestapo was in WW2 and the KGB are outta business, and in Russia.
      The Right to speak is an Innate Birthright, you mudak, deal with it, or get your uneducated, lying ass to somalia.

    • Honey, you must be an American Buddhist? As you have been woefully remiss in keeping up with the Buddhist monks kicking the arse of Muslims in Burma, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

      You said, “It is defending one’s religion.” That is exactly what your coreligionist are doing every time they kill or attack Muslims across Asia.

      The only “good” Muslim is an Apostate. For all other Muslims it is just a matter of time, before they turn on you.

  25. Go f#ck yourselves the people who made this website.
    They are peaceful people and the terrorists are the ones who twist the meanings of the words inside the Quran. You are discriminatory, and shut this site down as soon as you see this post. You should be ashamed. Mohammed was not a pedophile, not doesn’t mean all Muslims are terrorsits. Probably less than.00000001% of Muslims are terrorists. Martyrdom is NOT blowing oneself up. It is defending one’s religion. I do not see why all you motherf@ckers are all saying death to Islam. One of my best friends is a muslim he doesnt go recruiting people for al-Qaeda, and he doesn’t go around raping random women. God, f%ck you all who f*cking haters. Burn in Hell. Learn to love. There are also just as many Jewish and Christian terrorists.

    • NO, Muslims are #1 in the terrorist department. And Mo was definitely a paedophile among other things.

      Why would I close this down? Nearly 50 million people have visited this site. And I get so many donations from readers, they have made me a millionaire several times over.

      You need your filthy mouth washed out with soap, little girl.

      • You are all brainwashed. People actually donate to this site? What are you going to do with the money? Spend it on a whore? a teen whore? are you the pedophile now? You’re the one with the filthy mouth.

        Are you telling me that over 1.5 billion people are terrorists?

        You’re telling me that for nearly every 6 people I see one of them is a terrorist. Yeah. So believable.

      • “Brainwashed”???

        That describes YOU, you arrogant, utterly contemptuous, no doubt super-young guttersnipe who ought to be arrested, stripped of all your papers and everything except the clothes upon your back and DUMPED by parachute into Saudi Arabia. THEN see how you get along with the Moslems over there!!!

        Maybe you’ll change your mind while you’re dying in greatest agony as your life-blood is pumping out from your slit throat while those soul-murderers laugh and scream their “allahu akbar” while dancing in the only joy they know: joy IN EVIL!!!!!

        Truly, you absolute good-for-nothing, you PERFECTLY prove Ljéñin’s saying “the intelligentsia are not the brains of the nation but the shit!”. Q.E.D.

      • OOPS – mea culpa!!!! My words were directed NOT for you, Ms. BNI, but at that troll who accused me and us all of being “brainwashed”!!!!

        Please accept my humblest apologies, Ms. BNI – and know that the troll has in my honest opinion truly overstepped ALL possible bounds of decency!!!!

      • No, she needs to be marched aboard an Exile ship at bayonet point, and likely will be along with the rest of the muzzies and their buddies/sympathizers.

        And it won’t matter what she claims then, because she’s already casting her fate as are they all.

    • LOLOLOL!

      Lover of all people! Where’s your love for all the Copts being raped, slaughtered or forcibly convert to islam in Egypt?

      Where’s your love for Asia Bibi who’s waiting a death sentence for “insulting islam” in Pakistan. All the poor woman did was drink from the same cup as supremacist mohammadans like you.

      Where’s your love for the Buddhists of Thailand who are being slaughtered in cruel ways by your fellow ass lifters simply so the asslifters can create a seperate asslifter state in Thailand?

      Where’s your love for the Christians being murdered by mohammadans in Syria, Sudan, Central African Republic simply for being Christian?

      Where’s your love for the Hindus that were slaughtered yesterday in Bangladesh for…voting!?

      You are not a lover of anything but your own ego and your own cult.

      You are also an intellectually stunted and rhetorically violent little c*** who can only rant and rave and throw out the worst, weakest and most childish logical fallacy of all: the tu quoque. In fact, it’s an assault on common sense.

      The existence of Christian, or other terrorists does not exonerate your fellow mohammadan supremacists of their murderous crimes. Period. It also does not erase the fact, as recorded by your own supremacist literature, that your vile prophet proclaimed “I have been made victorious through terror!” Nor does the existence of Christian or other terrorists erase from your supremacist literature mo’s conscriptions of murder for his *critics*, his numerous, bloody raids, or his f****** Ayesha when she was 9 which does indeed make him a pedophile.

      But, you know all that. You’re just a typically nasty little muslimah c*** who is allergic to and repulsed by the truth (a truthophobe) about your grotesque cult and its repulsive prophet. It’s so much easier for you to screech, threaten, intimidate and bully others into accepting *your* cognitive dissonance than it is to admit you belong to an egregiously evil cult. That’s on you, not on this site, not on BNI or any of her posters. In other words: it’s your problem and pointing out the truth of your problem is not hate speech you silly little supremacist c***.

      • BRAVISSISSIMA, “Istanbul_Chick”!!!! Excellently said and stated – that truly should prick the balloon out of that SLATTERN who has used what she has against Ms. BNI!!!!!

        DEATH TO ISLAM!!!!!

      • LMAO !!! These vermin spewing their crap don’t stand much chance to begin with thanks to Bonni, but you add Istanbul Chick and ADHD (Randy should come say “hello” too) to the mix, and these bastards are simply floored and there’s no getting back up.

        You guys and gals rock ! :mrgreen:

      • Alain, when you join us in the melee, we are a whole platoon that’s invincible against the lies and distortions of the mohammadan supremacists and their leftist whores.

      • Pat is always appropriate for the topic at hand. He is the master of cutting through mohammadan supremacist bullshit.

    • LIARESS – you DON’T love all people: you’re a typical Marxist and/or Mohammedan who’ll one day end up in Hell and thence the LAKE OF FIRE!!!!

      You both believe in annihilating the “enemy” – which shows us all just what a MONSTROUS LIE your “love” truly is!!!!!

      If I were in Ms. BNI’s skin, you’d have been banned for your threats, distortions, lies and everything else; as it is – and I as a Christian realise just how bad my heart truly is!!! – I DESPISE you and your ilk for the Satanic EVIL that you totalitarians ALL ARE!!!!!

      Finally, the numbers of Moslem terrorists are actually 15-20% of all of them – and no wonder when we remember the following stats:

      - 1 out of every 3 Moslems believe in KILLING for the sake of their cult;
      - 80% of all British Moslems practice their “faith”;
      - over 80% of all American mosques openly preach hate of non-Moslems and making war against such – which is 6 out of every 7 human beings on the surface of this entire planet!!!!!

      With 15-20% of all 1,000,000,000 Moslems thus being out to destroy everything and everybody non-Moslem, we’re facing a total of 150 to 200 MILLION ENEMIES. That puts a figure at the upper level of 2/70, or 2.85714% of ALL Mankind waging war against everybody else!!!

      Compare that ratio – 2.86% – against the number of German Wehrmacht troops sent by Hitler against the USSR on 1941/06/22 alone – 4,500,000 against the Soviet population at that time of 170,000,000. THAT figure gives the equivalent of 2.64706% attackers against defenders – and look at what devastation and atrocities they did against the Soviet Union!!!! We thus realise that this will be a fight to the death against you and your fellow-DEMONS!!!!!

      Therefore, you “lover” PROSTITUTE and SLATTERN: we know better than to believe your LIES!!!!! Take your taqiyya and kitman ELSEWHERE – you won’t find any takers here!!!! [And your blaspheming the American Constitution will win you only that many more enemies here - enough of us aren't Americans, but we ALL respect and honour what the USA has striven for during the course of 400+ years!!!]

      DEATH TO ISLAM, MARXISM, NAZISM and ALL other tyranny and totalitarianism, PERIOD!!!!!

      • lol fool… you’re saying for every 30 people I see, one of them is a terrorist.

        Go fuck yourself

      • @Not all Muslims are Terrorists

        ever do surveillance work on a randomly selected mosque?
        I have, many times over and still am.
        Under the burqa I wear a very comprehensive A/V recording setup, and it’s closer to 80% believe wholly in killing or forcing the conversion of all that is not properly islamic.
        And the bugs I plant reveal such over and over again.

        Out of a 113 mosques, only ONE didn’t show or exhibit such from it’s followers/attendees or it’s clerics/imams/whatever the hell they are.

        ONE…out of 113, and in the 112, the overwhelming majority were all for any and every form of jihad and eradication of all non-islamic culture and values.

      • WOW, Ms. Wilkins!!!!

        You really are risking your life, especially when it’s 112 out of 113 mosques that are so virulent – BRAVISSISSISSIMA!!!!!

        The reasons why NO Moslems should be tolerated anywhere in the West keep on piling up…

      • When they’re concentrated into ONE cult-group, YES, they are all that (or in full sympathy therewith)!!!!

        Now, since you think you know more than all of us individually or collectively, Ms. Know-It-All who has ZERO “love” for those you perceive as “enemies”, I have a proposition for you – especially since you so love totalitarianism as to have us shut down and no doubt exterminated ‘just like that’:

        How about you do the following with the next 30 years of your life???

        1) Live 10 years in North Korea, which will teach you what a Communist “workers’ paradise” is all about;
        2) Live another 10 years in Iran, so you learn all about Shi’a Islam;
        3) Live the final 10 years of that term in Saudi Arabia, so you learn all about Sunni Islam (and also go to Mecca and Medina)???

        If you do ALL these things AND come back unscathed and with ALL your opinions unchanged, perhaps THEN you may be able to have some credibility. Until then, you SLATTERN (prostitute), we’ll regard you as the quintessential HYPOCRITE!!!!!

        [This is all the more so given that my ancestors on BOTH sides of my family tree lived for CENTURIES under Moslem oppression, injustice and EVIL (especially due to the Ottoman Turks, though very likely Arabs were also involved), you super-arrogant good-for-nothing!!!!

        DEATH TO ISLAM, MARXISM, NAZISM and ALL other tyranny and totalitarianism, PERIOD!!!!!

      • You are telling me almost more than 3% of the world wants to kill me. lol

        20% is more than the US population…
        either that, or you are saying like there are a total of 1 million believers of fake islam.
        largest military in the world haha. They would easily destroy america or wherever. That is wht you are saying. Oh yeah, three muslims on a plane, OH NO! We’re going down! Look! The empire state building! First plane suicide attack since 9/11. OMG how many planes have been hijacked by muslims and crashed since 9/11? Zero. Even if you think air traffic is strictly controlled, how about the one guy who hid the bomb in his buttcrack? Hohoho. One dude tried… what a shame he failed. HE DESERVED IT. Thousand of Muslims are flying in the air right now, but not one of them is going to crash their plane into the eiffel tower.
        Fake stats.

        1/3 muslims. I have 50 muslim friends who hate radical islam. lol
        Who would want to blow themselves up to go to heaven? wouldn’t they all have done that already? Idiot lol.


      • As a Christian, I’ve no wish to see anybody die – let alone kill somebody, even somebody as VILE and moronic as you!!! I’m leaving you whilst I truly can to God Almighty’s Vengeance – but I’ll not hesitate to warn you thereof as well as the evils of ALL totalitarianism. Be it in the form of Islam, Marxism, Nazism or whatever, it still is totalitarianism – and therefore automatically EVIL!!!!!

        However, look at the situation in Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sudan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia or Yemen – and see how non-Moslems are treated there!!! Look up what the Sudanese dictator Al-Bashir has been saying and doing!! How about what the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan are doing, eh?? Killing people merely because they are non-Moslems, or eve not Moslem enough for them?!???

        THAT’S EXACTLY how the Moslem leaders and a LARGE percentage of their people would indeed do with the likes of you and me if they thought they could get away with it!!!

        Finally, by all rights NOBODY OTHER THAN MOSLEMS can possibly love Islam and Moslems!!!!! Or do you want to say that all the non-Moslems battling Islam over the course of 1,400 years at places like Constantinople, Vienna, Ayodhya did so ALL IN VAIN????

  26. Thoroughly enjoyable and a very lengthly process reading from start to finish, a lot of messages and a lot of great info in there too. Love the new terms for the brainwashed freaks or ‘asslifters’ (chuckles). Love the posts from the site’s main contributors.
    Religion is all madness. I cannot comprehend how they can believe in such total nonsensical crap in the modern world. For the most part religious cancer is on a downturn (hooray! About time!) BUT somehow a mysterious cancer has taken over people in the East who are flocking to the West, a place they claim to hate and all its inhabitants yet for some reason want to live here instead of their own shitty countries that are run hopelessly because they are run by the qu’ran, therefore so badly the asslifters can’t stand them,.
    The sad thing is, our air headed governments welcome them in and allow them to live unchallenged, sticking their fingers up to us by open disregard of our languages and ways of life and allowed to build mosques on the plots left empty by our now defunct churches that nobody goes to. So our own cancer is replaced by a far worse one, Islam… our governments corrupted by being Christian and tolerant. What a mess *sighs*
    We non-mohamadams, if only we would wean off the filthy teat of asslifter’s oil drums and cut the flow of funds into Islam’s coffers.. that would bring a glimmer of hope. Every Kuwaiti man gets paid $1000 a week from their government, they need do nothing in return for it, it’s their piece of the oil money. (Notice the cult only gives it to the men) They need not work at all.
    The world should be less PC and rather than just invade problem countries and hand them back once removing problem dictators, take them over. The inhabiting asslifters should be forced to renounce Islam or become slave labour in the oil fields! Revolution OUR way before we let the cancer revolutionise US

    • CAREFUL!!!! If you hate ALL religion, you had better include atheism in that group as anti-theists have proven themselves to be just as MONSTROUS as anybody else!!!!

      It’s not religion that’s evil: TOTALITARIANISM IS, regardless of wherever it embeds itself!!!!

      • Wouldn’t say I ‘hated’ religion and certainly not ‘all religion’. I just find it totally ridiculous that it still exists in the modern age where we do not need stories and superstition to get us through life. We have civil laws to direct the way we lead our life, we have science to explain what’s what and logic. To waste our lives studying and following 2000+ year old politics and fairy-tales is madness.

        I hate Islam particularly, that is true and nothing/nobody will ever change my mind on that. I go into some detail why in a newer post above.

        The other religions I merely find rather laughable and in their orthodox guises especially Judaism and Christianity, I find extremely tiresome, although so long as they are not killing, raping and oppressing little girls and people of other creeds, I can at least sleep at night safe in the knowledge that I won’t get up the following day and watch their latest terrible deed all over the news.
        I am not an anti theist extremist, and the last sentence of my post is just in retaliation to extreme posts made by Islamic scum where I may have got a little carried away from reality but Islam is a very good reason to promote anti-theism if ever there was one.

        “anti-theists have proven themselves to be just as MONSTROUS as anybody else!!!!”

        ?? referencing please!

      • Referencing, I may not have absolute references immediately at hand (though probably Wikipedia will agree with the figures I DO KNOW), but this is what I’ve read many times:

        Communism has killed around 120,000,000 people over 96 years (1917-now): Ljéñin and Stáljin together, 1917-53, killed 40,000,000 in peacetime (including as many as 10,000,000 Ukrainians in the “Holodomor”); Mao, 1949-76, killed 60,000,000; Pol Pot, 1974-78, slaughtered 1,500,000. The rest of the balance is from other Communist countries worldwide (Iron-Curtain countries, Cuba, &c.) over the same time-period.

        Nazism killed around 52,000,000, 1933-45: 40,000,000 via World War II; the rest in peacetime including 6,000,000 Jews as part of the Holocaust plus Gypsies, Communists, rebellious Germans, &c.

        The total over these 96 years thus is around 170,000,000.

    • Hey KKKKK…

      You are some-kinda-KKKKKUNT!!! lmao!

      What and hell don’t your type ever offer some kind of intelligent argument to support your viewpoint?

      You too “coop”…just stupid, infantile drivel….and anyway, you’re here…so whatever the “Gross Minimum Stupidity” is you refer to attracted you…stupid fuck!

  27. Jesus Christ, this place is worse than the Mindset. Is there some sort of Gross Minimum Stupidity that needs to be met in order to run/create an Anti-Islam website?

    • I bet you wouldn’t dare post the same dribble on the pro-islam sites that discuss in great detail allah the impotent’s reasons for wanting mohammadans to wipe their asses with their left hands and why one shouldn’t shake hands with najis kaffir.

      Don’t you have some pro-feminist rally you need to attend to get your skinny, effeminate ass laid by some drugged out, unshaven feminazi bitch?

      • BRAVA – the only quibble I’d have, “Istanbul_Chick”, is with calling “coop” a “feminazi”: since those rabid “feminists” are actually LEFTISTS (and frequently man-hating lesbians), I’d call them “femi-Commies”!!! [I remember dealing with one such over 20 years ago, and God Forbid I EVER encounter such for the rest of my life!!!...]

        Otherwise, BRAVA AGAIN!!!!

      • NO, “coop”: this is Ms. BNI’s Website!!! Her Website, her rules!!! If you don’t like it, go form your own, you Communist/Moslem TROLL!!!!

  28. All believers must be ridiculed over and over again. Religions are roots of almost all evil. Morally mature, logical people are humanists, atheists and agnostics. Only sheeple believe in gods. Most of you here know how hidious Islam is, but Christianity, Judaism and others are no better. How can you believe in evident proven lies in your holy books is beyond me. Usually you cherry-pick which is funny, if one part is bullshit, it probably all is (even that we cannot disprove – asking someone to disprove something is another level of ridiculous by the way). Fairy-tales about heaven to comfort weak and frightened. Threatening with hell those who might disobey, don´t you really see the pattern? It was obviously written in order to herd you by those in charge in ancient times. People always asked questions and demanded answers. In bronze age when these stupid books were written those answers were not accesible so we invented myths mostly for political reasons. Then, over generations it became facts. Now almost all answers are accesible thanks to science. So people,ffs, stop being sheeple, stop endorsing churches and priest in ridiculous funny hats who (brain)fuck your children, demand their taxation, educate yourself as much as you can in sciences and fuck religions, fuck myths, fuck gods, fuck mohammed, fuck jesus, fuck yahweh, fuck allah. Without them we may finally live in peace with each other one day.

    • NONSENSE – unless you include atheism in that bunch too!!!!

      Without aiming to ridicule or hurt decent atheists here like “Istanbul_Chick” and others (including my late father), the fact is that atheism can be looked upon as every bit a religion as anything else: often, atheists are just as ritualistic with funerals or weddings as anybody else. Atheism is a religion that states that “there is no ‘God’, PERIOD!!!”

      The true fact of the matter is that people ALL want to distinguish themselves somehow or other. Enough of them want to use power as their unique marking, others want political ideology, yet others go after a religion and its theology, &c., &c. If it’s not one thing, it will be another.

      As to you, “antitheist”, with your hatred of religion you’re no better than a Communist (I ought to say “Marxist” because Karl Marx wanted to make himself like God – and that’s where the evil starts!!!!) – be glad I don’t have any power over you, otherwise I’d deprive you of everything but the clothes on your backs and then dump you right into North Korea so you’d learn everything about your favourite Stáljinism and its “workers’ paradise”!!!!!

      DEATH TO ISLAM, MARXISM AND NAZISM, now and forever!!!!!

      • You make me laugh cause you sound like typical republican redneck stereotype I know from films (I am not an American) – you always play communist card with atheists.
        You would deprive me of everything and I am the the communist here. One of the things communist did was nationalizing properties. Just like church – they also stole (from “heretics and pagans”).
        Atheism is lack of believe in mythical nonsense, therefore your comparison to religion is ridiculous. I reckon you don´t believe in Manitou, Shiva or Baal – you are atheist about them.
        Your god doesn´t exist, you act like a baby believing in Santa Claus. Seiously, it´s time for you theists to grow up or visit a therapist.

        You got one thing right though, I hate religions, because I can´t stand stupidity and evil.

      • I make you “laugh”, “proud antitheist”??

        Fine by me, laugh all you want!!! The fact remains that you’ve manifested such an absolute and totalitarian CONTEMPT AND HATRED of religion, aiming to hurt those of us who do believe, as to deserve what I’ve described on the basis of your openly wishing to force everybody into being like yourself; particularly given how much cause you’ve given me to FEAR AND LOATHE the likes of you!!!! [And you ought to know how fear and hatred stir up more of the same, if you're a thinking man...]

        I know far too well what hating totalitarian anti-theists have done to genuinely-NOBLE Christians like Richard Wurmbrand, Haralan Popov, Aljeksándr Solzhjeñícïn (Solzhenitsyn), Natan Sharánskiy and all too uncountably-MANY others!!!! I’ve also not forgotten how people like you – including even my late father – can so despise life as to push others into aborting pregnancies for the sake of this goal or other.

        Yes, I know all too well what you’re capable of – and I wouldn’t want to be within ONE FULL KILOMETRE of the likes of you!!!!! It’s one thing to be personally atheistic (I’ve no problem with that), but QUITE ANOTHER to aim to kill faith in others the way you do!!!!! OF COURSE that will “raise the hackles” of others, and remember again that HATE BEGETS HATE (and the same with contempt)!!!!!

        As to your suggestion that I go see a therapist or “grow up”: I’ll say exactly the same thing to you!!! Your wishing to FORCE others to do like you betray the very same kind of TOTALITARIAN thinking as what has made uncounted hundreds of millions lose their lives, suffer through unspeakable tortures, fear every second of their existence, &c. It’s NOT religion that’s responsible: totalitarianism is!!!!

        So there you go, you who wants to kill religion in everybody!!!! Even your freethinkers like Voltaire NEVER aimed to kill others’ beliefs – such an attitude comes straight from Diderot, Robespierre, Marx, Ljéñin and the other such bloodthirsty SOUL-MURDERERS!!!!! That’s why I’ve labelled you the way I have – and I stand by it!!!

      • Whatever man, cut the drama. I am sorry if I hurt your feelings, but religions are so stupid that I cannot respect anybody who believes in some.

      • LIAR!!!! Christianity and Judaism are NOT stupid “religions”; while your choosing to despise anybody who believes in a religion tells me EVERYTHING I need to know about you – as a totalitarian who deserves to be shunned!!!

        Treat others as you want THEM TO TREAT YOU!!!!!

      • Postscript: it’s exactly the totalitarian tendency in Communism, Nazism, Islam, Fascism, &c. that gets me angry. Again, it’s not that one be atheist that will arouse my rage; it’s that you want to dictate to others what to be that does!!! MARK THAT DIFFERENCE, as that’s what you have to either disavow – or else live with the consequences of being exposed as such!!!!

        Besides, I’ve lived for over 5 decades on this earth so far and have known people who’re less educated but who have wonderful hearts and who consequently TROUNCE ALL the educated “shit” (as Ljéñin described the likes of you!!!), “proud antitheist”!!! FAR BETTER to be less educated than to lose one’s character and goodness as part of Marxist-style indoctrination – or Moslem, or Nazi, &c.!!!

      • Stop equating atheism with nazism or communism, you make a fool of yourself. I am atheist yet at the same time I despise all these ideologies. Hitler was catholic for your information. He mentions god in Mein Kampf several times. On the other hand he never used word atheism.
        Let me ask you something. Do you really believe that:
        1)Homosexuality is abomination (it has been observed across animal kingdom- humans, other mammals, birds, raptiles, fishes etc.- somehow it is being selected throughout the evolution)
        2)God blesses your food when you pray for it (how stupid is that?)
        3)That dinosaur fossils are here for us to test our faith (I don´t even know what to say to this, just ridiculous)
        4)That you will be granted everything you wish for after death, provided that you believe and worship jesus (muslims have mohammad, same crap anyway)
        5)Women should be subservient to men (another common ground with fucking quran)
        6)Noah and his family saved two of every animal on Earth on a boat 450 feet long, 75 feet wide, 45 feet high (just…what?)
        7)That all non-believers, even those who are good moral individuals will wind up in hell forever tortured and suffering?
        8)Hitler on the other hand if he asked for forgiveness and prayed went straight to heaven (this is how it works, no? No matter what evil you commit, if you accept god and ask priest for forgiveness you are forgiven?)
        9)Jonas lived for 3 days in a whale, snake can talk, etc., etc.
        10)First human being was made of clay and his woman from his rib?

        If you believe these things in bible, you are idiot, if you don´t, you are cherry picking not so obvious crap from bullshit book. You are not different than those muslims you hate so much. You both believe in the same entity and argue about whose crap stinks more.

      • I respect, trust and believe the Bible FAR MORE READILY than I’d believe, trust and respect somebody who wants to vivisect it just because it goes against his thinking – you’re cutting off the branch upon which you’re sitting (our Judæo-Christian Western civilisation!). Not only that: your totalitarian inclinations are plain for all to see… That’s why I’ll ALWAYS equate anti-theism with Islam, Communism, Nazism and everything else that’s totalitarian!!! [And for the record, I know atheists who at least are not dictatorial the way that you are - and who know their limitations and who thus are far better people than you.]

        And for the record, I totally REJECT the theory of evolution as being an invention that has been used to kill and attack our basic morality!! Even Charles Darwin was very nervous about letting it be published – he foresaw the evils that would stem from it and the idolatry of “science”, as history has proven again and infinitely times more again!!! [Not to forget that a theory - i.e., hypothesis - is not to be taken as "Gospel" until it has been MATHEMATICALLY proven as to be beyond any reasonable doubt. That has NOT been done with evolution.]

        As to the Biblical points: with God EVERYTHING is possible, though I’ve no wish to be overbearing upon women (or anybody else) or force them to be subservient. At the same time, you know what? Why do we need to know everything??? In fact, we’re already unable to cope with what we DO have… Therefore, what’s the point of attacking the Bible when we don’t have anything that’s better than it (and never will either!!!)??

        Yes, there are marriages and other relationships where women and men are totally fulfilled even though in certain regards women ARE subservient – but only if the relationships are TRULY lived in by the model of mutual respect and LOVE!!! Men are told to LOVE their wives!!! Can you truly have love without total respect on both sides???? [Surely NOT in all recorded time...]

        Either way, YES: I’ll take them all without however the least interest in being dictatorial with anybody about them. In the end, what are the real foundations of love?? The Ten Commandments and, even greater than them while summarising them: the Two Great Commandments of My Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ (“Love the Lord thy God with all thy soul, all thy body, all thy heart; Love thy neighbour as yourself”). [Islam has NOTHING OF THE SORT and in fact violates ALL of them!!!!]

        Next, Hitler was only NOMINALLY “Catholic”: he hated Christianity from the bottom of his evil heart, though he could use things from it when they suited his purpose. [Himmler at one point was planning to create a whole new religion where Hitler would become the "Saviour of Mankind" - if he were a genuine Christian, such a project would NEVER have been imagined!!!! Also, he uses the word "Providence" but has NOTHING about Christ of real importance - and for the record he was more admiring of Islam by far than Christianity!!!

        Finally, if you want to call me an idiot: fine by me!!!! "The foolishness of God is FAR Greater (i.e., nobler, more beneficent, more helpful, more positive, &c.) than ALL the wisdom of Mankind." SO THERE!!!!!... [And to say that Moslems and Christians believe in the same "entity" proves your fundamental IGNORANCE of both faith-systems...]

      • Another point: you anti-theists like to use Hitler as your example of a “Catholic”. Don’t forget that Stáljin was raised as Eastern-Orthodox – are we to condemn Orthodox Christianity because of him? Or Ljéñin? Or their underlings???

        How about Mao or Pol Pot, who likely were raised as Buddhists, perhaps also with a bit of Confucianism thrown in?

        ALL of those people anyway were not just atheists but ANTI-THEISTS!!!! So there…

      • @ADHD,

        With all due respect, interacting with a Liberal atheist, most likely born in the West, who is either is too young or too Western could not ever concede that Communism is mutually exclusive with atheism and why the two are interconnected. SMH.

        Thus, anyone, who would utter the statement, “you always play communist card with atheists.” Is bone fucking ignorant of the world and especially Communism and it’s histories. As you previously stated, there is a reason they are linked together-that the Soviet Communists (Again, See Marx/Lenin) declared religion eliminated and a “universal atheism” as it’s successor.

        (For the ignorant see: Ramet, S. (Ed) (1993). Religious Policy in the Soviet Union.Cambridge, England: Cambridge University Press.

        Anderson, J. (1994). Religion, State and Politics in the Soviet Union and Successor States. Cambridge, England: Cambridge University Press.)

        As you most likely recall, the Soviets had their own special word for the Soviet State atheism- gosateizm (Eng. spelling).

        So, the silly ignoramus, who visited here, pompously mouthing the righteousness of atheism has demonstrated that they are uninformed and should be red in the face at such articulated ignorance.

        In the post Communist world, coddled Western Liberals are the worst and quite frankly dangerous for the rest of us. Because as you accurately pointed out,” totalitarian inclinations” are plain for all to see, especially those of us who are survivors of the Communist regimes or the progeny who were forced to live with the pathos that such totalitarianism fostered.

      • I don´t care about being nice to you people just because it is what you´re used to from others (it reminds me how you shouldn´t make fun of people with mental disease and I agree, but I am tired of doing the same with you god´s people).
        Believe whatever you want, talking snakes and space zombie jesus, but that doesn´t make it true, it makes you moron.
        I already told you under another article what theory in science means, that it is not at all the same as hypothesis and it has very different meaning from how you understand it, your incapability to figure it out and repeating the same mistake is staggering.
        (FFS just look what we did to the fucking wolf. It is called dog and it is selection in practise. Yes this was intentional not natural, but it doesn´t matter what the evolutionary pressures are. The same with corn, weet, cabbage, beet, etc., etc….)
        You said Hitler was atheist, so I corrected you. Stalin was atheist, but besides that, what is more important, he was nut.
        Darwin didn´t publish his Origin of species immediatelly not because: “he foresaw the evils that would stem from it and the idolatry of “science””, that is just utter nonsense, I don´t know who told you that, but that is wrong and stupid. He realized what would the truth do to his wife who was equally nutty in her believe in yahwe as you are and what public debate across the society it would cause. I think he was scared and for a good reason (zealous crowd is dangerous). I wonder how can you even use computer if you think science is so bad.
        Ten commandments: So you really thing that they are foundations of love? “Remember the sabbath day” – nope, no effect on my ability to love, “Thou shalt have no other gods” – yeah I can do that, but again no influence on my emotions. I can agree with the rest, but I don´t need list of those things, all I need is being right in the head. Reason why we have these emotions is again…wait for it…evolution. Do some research.

      • Look, “proud antitheist”: I studied mathematics (the formal discipline behind ALL science, be it physics, chemistry or biology) and I DO remember the following:

        A theory IS the same as a hypothesis – no gainsaying that!!! [Maybe you're thinking of 'axiom' - which truly is not the same thing.] It can NEVER, EVER become a THEOREM without being completely and rigorously proven as FACT – something that has NEVER been done with “evolution”. [This is also confirmed by my brother, who's a physicist by training; so stop trying to "pull the wool over my eyes"!!!!]

        I say that your PSEUDO-science has made YOU the “moron”. SO THERE, you typical totalitarian who wants to FORCE your PUERILE bullshit anti-theism upon the rest of us!!!!!

        [I wish that I had seen your posting earlier: finally, there's my reply. You'd do better not to respond the way you've been doing, you IDOLATER/IDOLATRESS of certain people while throwing others into the garbage, just like the Communist you are at heart...]

      • Post-postscript: Granted that Natan Sharánskiy is not a Christian (and likely was a Jew throughout); he still is one of the MANY, MANY VICTIMS of totalitarian Communism, thus sharing plenty with those Christians in the USSR who were senselessly tortured and murdered just because of anti-theist totalitarianism!!! Just so that nobody hurts me on that basis!!!

      • Obviously you have absolutely no idea what you´re talking about (more sadly you brother doesn´t – if he really is physicist). All that science can produce are theories. Science can never ever be certain about anything 100%. That´s why relativity is theory, that is why we have germ theory and that is why we have theory of evolution by natural selection.
        I don´t believe you have any education in science otherwise you would have known this, it is among first things I learnt about in biology.
        In short, hypothesis is an educated guess about some phenomenon. Then you can make a theory explaining observed phenomenon and you test it and test it and test it… and this way theory is either accepted because it works well in explaining the phenomenon or not. Great thing about science is that anyone anywhere anytime can do experiments over and over again.
        There is incredible amount of evidence for evolution, tons of fossils, evidence from anatomy and physiology and most importantly molecular biology and genetics. Natural selection is one of strongest theories which may be made more precise in future but which will never be disproven.
        On the other hand, you and people like you have nothing to back your extraordinary claims about the universe and creation except for book written by some peasants 2 thousand ya who didn´t even know Sun isn´t orbiting Earth. It is very arrogant from you and I am simply tired of tiptoeing around you just because you think you deserve some kind of special treatment (for you inability to think clearly I would say).
        You can call me communist as long as you want, it doesn´t make me one. But I guess it is just your mentality – believing in invisible deities doesn´t make them to exist either.

      • Proud Antitheist i heard nothing i disagree with . You’ve summed up my hatred for religion quite adequately and i just wanted to congratulate you on doing so. I tip my hat to you sir.


      • In response to more drivel from “Proud antitheist”:

        Your total CONTEMPT and HATRED for everything and everybody who disagrees with you ensures that I’m not going to bother to respond to you any more – it’s just a waste of time to have anything to do with such Marxist TOTALITARIANS like yourself!!!! [You can deny that you're a Communist all you want, but your behaviour and your words give you the LIE!!!!]

        My speciality is NOT biology – it is mathematics (and I’m no scholar or even more than a low local figure, if that)!!! In mathematics, we DO have theorems, which are factually proven beyond a shadow of a doubt!!! Only theories (hypotheses) and axioms don’t have that same standing.

        I have said my piece and I know well what I’m talking about – and so does my brother, who works at one of the best and most renowned hospitals in the world – and who got his Ph.D from one of the greatest universities that exist nowadays. So there…

  29. Wenta…

    Another brilliantly, literate, coherent muslim fuck!

    I know there is no “Grammar Nazis” on BNI, but why are all the pro islam commenters
    such illiterate buffoons?

  30. I love Islam. I wish I was married when I was nine. Just wait until you die, you disbelievers. EVERYONE will taste death.
    So TASTE THE PUNISHMENT that you used to have earned!

    • Why would you wish to be ‘owned’ by a pedophile husband three times your age? Marriage is love, growing a connection with someone until you decide to spend the rest of your life with them. Not because he has money. Your not a product honey. You are worth so much more than sex and kids. Get an education, do something with your life. If me believing your beautiful means I’ll get sent to hell then let me burn.

    • Pagan

      Been Dead.

      It’s an experience I will always cherish until it’s time to return there to the After.

      No islamic ‘hell’ or any islamic BS and nonsensery.

      your islam is a sick, twisted cult or atrocity and unspeakable vileness mixed with a cloyingly noisome lust for power and micro-management of people’s lives.

      It’s also a sick joke, at best.

  31. The real owner of this Page… Bro..i wont insult you or ur stupid shit :) but not all of the muslims are stupid… like… True muslims hate Terriost And other stuff like BrotherHood they dont know anything about islam… islam in the religion of mercy and patient and wise stuff i really like my religion… im must to be honest i dont pray alot but i know that allah is exist… also tell me what will happen after your death??? u wont be a ghost or something….. just think about it… and also think who would write THE WHOLE Quran just for nothing?????? tell me?? also… who would win anything about this??? Tell me i really want to know … islam dont force people to join in … use ur mind and think again :)

      • Hey dude, chill out. sorry to say,u must have serious mental illness. This earth and life exist for every human. Doesn’t matter different religous or what. C’mon. don’t be so childlish. U should be ashamed of yourself. Everyday u share the same air with muslim. Why don’t u stop breathing and buy your own air if u hate muslim so much? unless u don’t care . register yourself into assylum. ok.

      • LIAR!!!!

        We know all too well what the Qur’ân, Hadith (Sunna) and Sira all say:

        “Fight unbelievers until there’s no more faithlessness and Islam is the only religion on earth!!!!”

        With such uncompromising, supremacist HATRED and BIGOTRY, how on earth can you expect that Moslems will EVER tolerate anything and anybody else other than themselves on this planet????

        Take your taqiyya and your kitman ELSEWHERE!!!!!

      • You have nothing to be proud of. Christians are the same dumbasses as muslims. Believing in sky fairies & shit.

      • To “Dumbbelievers”: Psalms 14 and 53 with their opening lines describe you PERFECTLY – I’ll just leave you to look it up!!!

        You antitheists truly are the ones who pride themselves upon what you may believe and think – and then you DARE to elevate yourselves above everybody else, you IDIOTS, FOOLS, TYRANT wannabes, crypto-Communists who TRULY ALL deserve to be thrown into North Korea (or at least Vietnam or Laos) so you’ll learn all about what your “perfect Marxism” is all about!!!! I DESPISE AND LOATHE YOU ALL!!!!!

        Remember Ljéñin’s saying “the ‘intelligentsia’ are not the brains of the nation but the shit” – for that’s exactly what you “intellectuals” ALL ARE!!!!!

        DEATH TO ISLAM, COMMUNISM and NAZISM – and ALL other tyranny and totalitarianism, PERIOD!!!!!

    • Pagan

      Been Dead.

      It’s an experience I will always cherish until it’s time to return there to the After.

      No islamic ‘hell’ or any islamic BS and nonsensery.

      SO, dump your lame-witted post-death scare-tactics, you sound like a pathetic caricature of a kid claiming he’s gonna get his dad to fight his battles for him.

      And yeah, islam is all about forced, or trickery-based conversion…nice try, but we see right through your Lies.

  32. You naughty children, oh do grow up! There as just as many hot headed foaming mouthed beardies in ALL religions. Islam is NOT the only Great faith to suffer with fools and ignorant people passing themselves of as “Doing God’s work!” It is all a load of bollocks!

    • How exactly does your logical fallacy absolve the bearded and unbearded half wits of islam?

      Using your puerile “logic” I could murder you and use “well, other people have murdered” as a sane and sound defense and anyone who screams for my punishment are simply “naughty children.”

      Big jingles my ass. You’re nothing but a needle-dicked, limp-wristed, micro-testicled effeminate leftist apologist who thinks that the crimes of others absolves those “poor brown” mohammadans of theirs.

      • Ah yes, unable to defend the pathetic tu quoque logical fallacy, all you can muster is a juvenile pejorative. One expects no more from mohammadans or their indoctrinated leftist lap dogs.

        While I agree, not all mohammadans terrorists, they are indeed all supremacists.

    • @Mr Grandecojones
      You are a Stupid, ignorant, dangerous IDIOT. You clearly know absolutely NOTHING about Islam. You know nothing about the Qur’an teachings. You know nothing about its 1400 years of murderous history. You know nothing about current events and the bloody genocides being committed around the World AT THIS VERY MOMENT in the name of Islam.
      If you cannot make a sensible contribution to this forum I suggest you stick your head back in the sand, or even better up your arse.

      • Care to list how many genocides YAHWEH commanded and committed himself? I issue you a challenge, present something from the Qur’an that proves your point, I’m 100% confident you can/will find it. However, I’m also 100% confident I can find where the bible contains the same evil, first..

    • I tell jews n christians all the time, islam got its best and worst from judaism and Christianity (most don’t know their bible well enough obviously)… as u said, its all Bollocks lol

  33. You can’t treat Muslims like this! You should be ashamed of yourself! No, I am not a Muslim, I am a Christian, but I’d never say anything bad about them! Who are we to judge? who are you to pass judgment on someone else’s servant?

    • Easy Megs,

      It is simple. Most of us here have had the misfortune of either living in Islamic countries or worse, lived near Muslim colonies around the world.

      So our view points are based upon ugly reality. Unlike you, we no longer have the luxury of pretending that Muslims are not hostile, violent, aggressive or murderous.

      Quite frankly your naivete is dangerous, but some people can only learn through first hand experience. So, good luck with that, Just remember to make sure when your around a large group of Muslims and by yourself to make sure your cross is front and centre.

  34. world is in pain because of Fucking Muslims and there fucking islam religion.islam religion is great and the god ALLAH is great but the muslim people dont know anything about there god…because they are the most sucking badest peoples in the world..Muslims are blind with the good..why do they kill innocent animals,peoples and fight against other religions…..allah never said to fight against other religions also allah is not gonna be with the fucking Islamic muslim peoples………………………………….DAMN 1 we must stand against muslims activities if any of you wants to see the bright feature any of your kids want’s to live in a free world .Then LET’S Fight Against THRM AND MAKE THEM UNDERSTAN WHAT IS THE GOOD AND BAD.

    • Islam is NOT “great”: neither is Allah the moon god. Islam is sh*t and Muslimes are maggots! Islam should be eradicated. It is the religion of death, destruction, violence and horror. Screw Islam!

  35. I only read a few of the comments and the only thing I have to say to all of this including the author of this site is what do you think you are doing? You are promoting hate. What do you think that is going to solve? Then you hide behind a computer screen and the fact that you are a American. Your attitude is why most do not like Americans. I am ashamed to be an American after reading these comments. They are so ignorant. What do you call the Christian Crusades or the plight of Jewish people in Germany or the Barbaric acts of American Slavery towards African Americans or the fact that in 2013 hundreds of years later, Native Americans are still on reservations living below proverty lines???? What do you call the KKK or the White Supremists who use the Holy Bible to justify their acts and beliefs. Have you read the Holy Bible lately. There is plenty of incest, murders, treachery, backstabbing, trickery and plots to kill kill kill in there. Have any of you read the Holy Bible lately? Did any of you have an orgasmn after you attempted to demean Islam or Muslim people who follow? Christianity has child molestors too its called being a Catholic Priest. White people have lied to the world for centuries and mislead for even more. If you think about it, who do you know kills, steals, and destroys more than white people? So, I would think if any one qualifies as the devil or false prophet it would be whites. Instead of getting all on your soap box and talking about what you have the right to do what have you done lately that qualifies for Holiness or your deserving to enter Heaven? Who have you saved? Whose live have you changed? I am not taking anyones side that promotes evil and hate. And all these negative comments that have no truth in it at all is doing just that, promoting hate. Just like you can be at the wrong church influenced by a sooth sayer, Islam does have its radicals and whoever was under a Islamic teaching that promoted hate and killing was following just that a radical. If you had sense enough to get out, good, count it a blessing. Cause dumb Americans that followed Jim Jones to Ghana back in the 70s didn’t have that chance, they all committed suicide under his Christian teachings and boy was he raping and molesting and committing homosexual acts with the members of his so called church. All of yall need to get real. And follow truth. And this shit right is not truth. If I was a Muslim, I would not even respond to your acts of ignorance because that is how much this shit sucks! It is ridiculous and you call youselves Americans? That is why this country is going to Hell in a fast way because it is people like you that are allowed to say something at any time and not suffer any consequences behind it. Just because you have the right to say something does not mean you should. Dumb Assses!

    • Oh look, another one those coming out of the woodwork to spew his crap. Bla bla bla, who cares what you think, don’t care not interested. Turn the tables all you want, fact is those bastards are reaping what they’ve sowed, by dint of pushing and pushing some more, they are now being shoved back, and rightly so. Newsflash for you you brain-dead : it’s happening everywhere, they are hate now everywhere. The suitcase or the coffin is what is awaiting them next, and the likes of you dhimmi or submissive prick will join them. So get lost.

    • You are a loser American. I am British and fully support this site, we are being taken over, America is yet to see the % we have here, it will get worse for you guys.

      When war comes (even though muslims already declared it) it will be anti islamists vs muslims, hypocrite muslims and left wing ” my best friends a muslim” . Then it will be the muslims vs the hypocrite muslims vs the guys with muslim best friends.

      • War is coming and Britain Stands Not Alone vs. this invasion.

        British, born in canada, just barely, but I have a long family history in Britain and my grandparents fought in WW2, both of them.

        Sympathies & Condolences on what is happening there, but it will pass because when we arrive, we won’t be standing with any but Citizens against this islami invasion and any siding with islam…that’s what the Exile ships are for.

      • TY!! Nice to be back, the reasons, most of them, are not happy and as you can see have stoked my sentiments against islam. 10 friends, some with their entire families killed in the past year in Canada, Britain, Germany, Sweden and India. Btween that and internet issues…helluva time, and I see the bloody drainclogs are even stupider than when I last stopped by…considering the inbreeding, I am NOT surprised.

      • MW, sorry to hear that, but it’s so nice to have you back. Are you anywhere near Quebec? Their proposal to ban all religious attire in public places is a great move. We can’t wait to see if it passes. Also, Harper is better than ever!

    • Deaf ears my friend, their entire argument is basically that, even though there religion is no different or better, they have the moral ground because they’re american. Their ignorance is shameful at least and laughable at best.. Shalama Alakhom to u!

      • Just when I think mohammadans couldn’t get any more ignorant and obtuse along comes one of the mouth breathers, like you, to prove that indeed, the profound ineptitude of the ummah knowns no limits.

        Your meretricious and typically limited mohammadan intellect is apparent in that you think all those who oppose mohammadan supremacy are American and or religious. While some of us are that, many are not. You bronze age throwbacks are universally despised. You are hated by young and old, religious and unbelievers, rich and poor, Jewish, Christian, Agnostic, Hindu, Taoist, Buddhist, Sikh, Zoastrian, American, English, Irish, Indian, Asian, Caucasian, Negro, and Hispanic. We are one voice in our opposition to and hatred of the supremacy, aggression, racism and bigotry of the ummah and your foul creed. However, being mentally retarded thanks to islam you are too stupid to grasp that it’s not just “Christan/Jew/Americans” that are quite frankly tired of your bullshit.

        We’re tired of you intellectually challenged knuckle draggers pulling out the overused and egregiously weak logical fallacy of tu quo que. The “bad things” in any religion *do not* excuse islam and it’s repugnant practitioners of their abhorrent natures. The Pope could blow up Mecca today and it still would not excuse the violence currently being preached by imams from the quran in their mosques and carried out by the mindless mohammadan automatons. To make this easy for your islamically addled brain to grasp here is an analogy; If I murder you would it be logical, sane or moral to use the defense of “Well, other people have murdered”? Would the fact that many other people have murdered absolve me? Yeah, didn’t think so. No doubt, you are too stupid to understand the fatal flaw of your logical fallacy.

        Just keep on taxing that singular brain cell shared by the entire ummah and believing that only Americans and Christians and Jews are tired of your shit because that way you won’t see the Sikh sneaking up on you and delivering the fatal blow that every single one of you evil lunatics deserves.

        You keep on believing that it’s “the media” that makes all of us hate you. It gives us more reason to laugh at your collective and profound stupidity.

    • How Bout Take All That Crap Trinity , Tell All Family’s How Sorry You Are For There Losses AND SHUV IT ALL UP YOUR ASS ! NOW THEN.

  36. Reading all posts of Muslims I am really surprised that none of their speeches make any sense. Is there anyone , one single person on Middle East with positive intelligence quotient ? I reckon that your Holy Book stops evolution.

  37. First of all, why did you waste your time making this website? What is your aim?
    Of course I may not be able to convince you that Islam is better than you think, you should still keep your hate to yourselves, right?
    If its Islam itself and out Prophet (s) you are hating on, keep hating because you won’t get any reaction yet. If you think our religeon is evil, keep thinking that way because you’re not a Muslim anyway.
    But that doesn’t mean that every single Muslim is evil. Ok, so maybe there are Muslim terrorists, but that shows no proof that all Muslims are bad. There are a liu of Christians that I know who are evil, but I still respect your beliefs.
    From your religion’s prospective, isn’t what you’re doing wrong? Not only are you being racist, but you are also offending a lot of people, and using foul language. I am pretty sure that Jesus isn’t happy with what you are doing.
    Please keep your hate to yourself and follow the rules of your very own religeon. If you hate Islam, then just forget it.

    • Rimmy, First of all, I made this website so millions of people could hate Islam as much as I do. And I am succeeding.

      I have read the quran, hadiths, Reliance of the Traveller, so I know that Islam is much worse than I ever imagined.

      Muslim terrorists don’t bother me. We can take care of them. It’s the ordinary muslims who are the threat, imposing their religion on non-muslims and forcing their repugnant ways on our society. Muslim Brotherhood front groups like CAIR, ISNA, MSA, ICNA, NAIT are far worse than al-Qaeda and a much bigger threat to our way of life.

      Not every Muslim is an extremist but Islam is an extremist faith which commands the conversion, enslavement or killing of all non-believers. Muslims behave themselves in non-muslim countries when their numbers are small. As soon as they get to 10 – 20% of the population, all hell breaks loose.

      I am not a racist. What ‘race’ is Islam?

      I am happy that I am offending a lot of people. That is my purpose in life – to offend as many muslims as possible.

      My religion calls for an eye for an eye. With this blog, I am obeying my religion.

      • BNI I really liked your response to “Rimmy ” which rhymes with dhimmi, It’s simply common sense, read the quran and “follow” islam for a couple of months and it will become “crystal clear ” what islam,muhammad and allah are all about !!!! It is a mental illness,coupled with inbreeding which has produced genectic damage to almost a billion people !!!!! Who in their “right” mind would marry their first cousin and not think it would somehow damage their off spring ???? That includes Americans too ????

    • Rimmy…

      Give us all a few reasons why islam does NOT deserve to be loathed?
      Tell us why they are worthy of anything but hate and contempt?

      Open your eyes, look at EVERYTHING they do world wide, and tell us, please, what is it about islam that is peaceful, loving and positive?

      Give us your list.
      We’ll wait with intense anticipation…..

      (I am certain you won’t respond…how could you…?)

      • dear ignorant amboydukenobody , there is a story of muhammed peace be upon him ” he said that allah our god (not only the muslims he is your god too) forgive a man for all his sins because he gave water to a thirsty dog, and entered a woman to hell because she let her cat without any food, one reason as you have asked

      • How dare you, you islolent, uppity, supremacistic mudak???

        your false ‘allah’ is NOT my ‘god’ not anyone else’s outside of islam, and even IN islam, allah is just a figment cludged together from what muhammed stole from the Jews, Christians and Meccan Pagans.

        And yes, there’s all the pretty verses, like you quote…ever hear of Abrogation, and that means the later verses NULL OUT the earlier ones, such as the one you quote.

        And YES, Abrogation is upheld and was laid down by muhammed himself.

        I am Pagan and Native-Blooded…get your unclean, inbred, atrocity-committing selves OUT of the Americas, and take all your sympathizers with you.

        We will not tolerate a 2nd invasion, and if that means War in Open…we’re fine with that.
        And don’t even TRY that BS about how muzzies discovered the Americas and converted Natives to islam…that’s pure rubbish.

  38. Hey, my muslim buddies, have you seen the movie called “Innocent Muslims”. Just watch it carefully and you will know that who the fuck was Mohammad Paigambar, a devil who raped very little girls, killed many innocents and brought the BLOODY QURAN just for control.

  39. Proverbs 16:18
    Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.

    According to the New testament; having more then one wife is adultery.
    Matt. 19:4 we are told by Jesus that God created one “male and female” and joined them in marriage.
    Mark 10:6-8:”But from the beginning of the creation, God ‘made them male and female.’ ‘For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, ‘and the two shall become one flesh’; so then they are no longer two, but one flesh.

    It is for this reason the Delusional Pagan Mohammad started his own cult of Polygamy, rape, torture, murder, and child abuse.

    Stop defending the evil deeds of Mohammad, believing God is vengeful, and spiteful. Why do they feel compelled to cast their Judgment upon others and institute Islamic rule around the 3rd world countries?

    Could it be that all of Islam is extremist, but to Muslims it seems normal for it is the Qur’an and Hadith that guides their lives.

    Stoning is legal or practiced in at least 15 Muslim countries or regions which is mostly inflicted on women accused of adultery.

    There is an International rights group called “Women Living Under Muslim Laws.”

    Have you ever heard of an International rights group for Women Living Under Christian Laws? That in itself would be an oxymoron and says more than I ever could.

    a 13-year-old Somali girl, Aisha Ibrahim Duhulow, was buried up to her neck and stoned by 50 men in front of 1,000 people at a stadium in Kismayu in 2008. Her father told Amnesty International she had been raped by three men but was accused of adultery when she tried to report the rape.

    Qur’an (3:10) – “(As for) those who disbelieve, surely neither their wealth nor their children shall avail them in the least against Allah, and these it is who are the fuel of the fire.” Those who do not believe in Muhammad are but fuel for the fire of Hell (also 66:6, 2:24. 21:98).

    Islam describes a hateful, vengeful God, and sounds more like it was written by a man that used fear to control the people. The Qur’an and Hadith also commands to chop off heads and fingers and kill infidels wherever they may be hiding, and Muslims who do not join the fight are called ‘hypocrites’ and warned that Allah will send them to Hell if they do not join the slaughter.

    John 8:44 (The AntiChrist = Mohammad one of many false prophets)
    You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, and has nothing to do with the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks out of his own character, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

    I believe Mohammad is THE LORD OF THE FLIES and has shit on your table and called it Islam.

    Proverbs 14:12
    There is a way that appears to be right, but in the end it leads to death.

  40. To: polish crusader
    Dude, did you even read what i said? I said do what you want to do! Yeah make fun of Islam and Muslims if you want but I’m asking people what they gain by doing it.

    • We PROUD “infidels” have EVERY REASON to know and discuss the MORTAL ENEMY we’re up against in the form of Islam!!!!!

      It’s precisely because of what Islam truly is and what the overwhelming majority of Moslems are that ALL of them who refuse to genuinely renounce Islam MUST LEAVE ALL non-Moslem countries!!!!!

      That’s why we PROUDLY say, write and think with every molecule of our bodies:

      DEATH TO ISLAM, COMMUNISM and ALL other forms of tyranny and totalitarianism, PERIOD!!!!! Now, forever and unto ages of ALL ages, Amen!!!!!

  41. Stop it, just stop okay. There are haters for every religion in the world but why do people focus on Islam so much? Because people think we’re all terrorists? Yeah here in America, we live freely but in countries across the world, little innocent children are being killed. Do you call those children terrorists because they’re Muslim? I also have no interest to leave the country i was born and raised in. Don’t forget that America’s citizens are of many different religions and cultures, not just you. If someone told you to leave your country because of your religion you would say no fucking way. My point is do what you want to do but seriously what’s the point of this? What do you want to gain by mocking another religion, I mean its not like Muslims will read your posts and be all like “oh my god i had no idea!!! Lets convert!!”. People who hate Islam will keep on hating and people who don’t will not hate it. Your words affect no one and I’m just asking you what you gain by all this.

    • To fedupbyislamhaters .
      Saying do what you want you mean that I have to convert to islam and then I can do what I want. Or maybe you wanna say that islam tolerates other religions ?

    • @fedup etc….
      You are obviously totally IGNORANT about the threat to Western Civilization from this SICK SAVAGE CULT.
      1400 years of DEATH & DESTRUCTION. Genocide of 280 MILLION people who did not submit to Islam.
      How has a Bedouin Mafia has survived 1400 years because Western Civilization has shown “pity” when they have defeated these savages have and not completed the job of TOTAL EXTERMINATION.
      All texts relating to this disgusting CULT must be destroyed. Every mosque must be destroyed. All muslims that do not renounce this “religion” and who cannot be deprogrammed and integrated into Western Society must be ELIMINATED.
      This time, there can be NO MERCY.

    • To Quote BNI:
      December 3, 2013 @ 10:37 pm

      Rimmy, First of all, I made this website so millions of people could hate Islam as much as I do. And I am succeeding.

      I have read the quran, hadiths, Reliance of the Traveller, so I know that Islam is much worse than I ever imagined.

      Muslim terrorists don’t bother me. We can take care of them. It’s the ordinary muslims who are the threat, imposing their religion on non-muslims and forcing their repugnant ways on our society. Muslim Brotherhood front groups like CAIR, ISNA, MSA, ICNA, NAIT are far worse than al-Qaeda and a much bigger threat to our way of life.

      Not every Muslim is an extremist but Islam is an extremist faith which commands the conversion, enslavement or killing of all non-believers. Muslims behave themselves in non-muslim countries when their numbers are small. As soon as they get to 10 – 20% of the population, all hell breaks loose.

      I am not a racist. What ‘race’ is Islam?

      I am happy that I am offending a lot of people. That is my purpose in life – to offend as many muslims as possible.

      My religion calls for an eye for an eye. With this blog, I am obeying my religion.

      Now, that said, and 2nd-ed.
      In Paganity, we don’t turn the other cheek to monsters like you sleazy, creeping muzzies…we put our FIST through you.
      And you don’t fool us for an instant and we don’t give a damn what your gov’t friends say…they’re more scared of US than of you, as they should be because we’re coming for them too, for their tratorous and fascist wasy.

      As a Native, I will tell you this and you’d better bloody well Listen;
      Get Out of our lands, The Americas were and always will be OUR lands and you are NOT wanted or welcome here.. One invasion was quite enough, and we will NOT tolerate a 2nd.
      You think we’re all a buncha drunks, dumbasses, broken and worthless…
      Time moves, things change and a whole People are redicovering their Spirit and rekindling from embers what was once and will be again a great thing.

      Get Out of the Americas, or be thrown out on Exile ships.

      That’s your choice.

  42. hi ,i hope that everybody is in a good health and spirit,safe,strong and very well.
    to give a judgement about a religion that has existed for almost 15 hundred years needs at least a great deal of research to address those controversial matter s properly and away from prejudices or prejudgment
    the prophet Mohammed did marry a 9 yr old girl (Aisha)and as far as the Arabs of that time are concerned it was normal ,as girls( in Arabia as well as in other hot places )reach puberty at a very early age that a 8 yr old girl might be a full grown woman. the prophet did marry her in Medina where he had many enemies around even within his community. none of them criticized him over that ( they could have used that against him) besides i would not imagine a prominent figure trying to spread his ideas could a make a fatal mistake that might spoil his plan. they did criticized him ,however, over another marriage ( to zaineb ) for she was his adopted son”wife.

    Aisha was the only virgin woman he married and he could have many many virgin women if he wanted as polygamy was a common practice ( even among ordinary people) when women and sexuality were never an issue unlike now, especially in the west.
    most of the women he married was politically motivated and those women had already been married before.
    what most of people don’t know that prophet Mohammed stayed loyal to one wife until her demise despite the fact she was too old and he could have as many women as he wanted as it was a common practice in that time and around the globe( polygamy did exist centuries before the prophet Mohammed).
    the prophet Mohamed conquered mecca from which he had been expelled by his own people,( they had even tried to kill him).A amnesty was declared contrary to what had been expected and there was no blood bath or carnage .In fact he entered the city with a great deal of humility and left a few days later to go back to Medina. he won over them with the holy peace after years of conflict.
    if u look at his message he conveyed ,it was about the oneness of god ,only one god ,the creator the only one to worship.that is the center of his message and that exactly what was handed down to us from generation to other. what is going on nowadays is all about politics ,interest , domination and overreaction ,and everybody tries to justify their own wrongdoing. you cant judge a person who lived 15 hundred years with the standards of today and give a judgement based on what you think without hearing the other side has to say.
    Western media have assumed the role of spoke person of our women without even listening to what they have to say. trying desperately to win an argument to serve a specific agenda might backfire even later.

    • How do you consider Mohammed an example tp follow. He broke every rule of decency in the book. Married a 9 year old girl when he was 54, married the wife of his adopted son. Killed hundreds of people by his own hands. He preached hate and vengeance. How low can a person get morally. A pedophile, a murderer practiced incest preached hate. By any rule of decency anywhere Mohammed is the lowest of the low – Yet Muslims consider him a man to imitate – what kind of moralty is that.

      • “Where the HELL do you get your info from?”

        From the same places you get your info about mo, except for the unsubstantiated tales about the hooker and the dog and mo and the pussy: mein kurampf, sira and hadith.

        However, unlike you intellectually deficient zombies of allah the impotent we, those who reject islamic supremacy, bigotry and insanity, do not suffer from cognitive dissonance. We take in and analyze *all* of the info, available in your unholy trio of books, and extrapolate that mo was, to not put too fine a point on it, a douchebag.

        We don’t disregard the more repulsive ayats, hadiths and elements of sira like you criminal abettors do. Your fellow asslifters wrote down their recollections of mo the putrid, one would expect them not to lie. Moreover, unfortunately for all your egregiously untruthful cries of “out of context, invalid, or weak” Ibn Kathir and his “must read tafsir” make it abundantly clear that mo’s more repugnant behaviors were endorsed by his imaginary pal allah in mein kuranmpf.

        We get our info from the same place you inherent liars do. We just don’t ignore the bullshit, engage in mental gymnastics or out and out lying to put a happy horseshit veneer on the single most repulsive character in human history.

      • he may married a 9 year old girl when he was 54 but he treated her better that any man on plant earth. and about marrying his adopted sons’ wife, will technically he wasn’t adopted because just before he do allah sent a massenger to inform him that it’s porhibited to do so, now you’ll me that he treated him like a son, yeah he did and he loved him so much the reason behind his marrige is because Zaid ( the son or so whatever ) devorced her, so as Zainab ( the wife ) is actually the prophet cousin, he thought that he should marry her to prevent her from feeling depressed and damaged, not to forget that she was happy with him and even the son wasn’t bothering so why would you?
        moving to killing, you consider a person who tried to keep his people as safe as possiable a murderer ? okay, what about those americans in Iraq ? what about those who are killing people and kids and elders in Syria, Arakan, Palestine? are they killers or no? Murderers are those who kill without any mercy, but our prophet killed no kid, no woman, no old person he only fight who fight with him and with a webon.
        he is actually a man to imitate when he toght us how to treat our parents so will instead of throwing them in a nursing home.
        you know what, read about him, read with honesty i don’t tell you to love him but try to see how he was such a great model and still he is. educate yourself probably and that will make you such a great person.

      • “will technically he wasn’t adopted because just before he do allah sent a massenger to inform him that it’s porhibited to do so, now you’ll me that he treated him like a son, yeah he did and he loved him so much the reason behind his marrige is because Zaid…”

        Bullshit. What a convoluted pile of bullshit. It’s impossible for you bronze age troglodytes to tell the truth.

        Zaid had been mo the putrid’s adopted son for quite some time. Then mo the putrid got wood for Zeyneb and lo and behold that’s when allah the impotent declared adoption unlawful. Zaid was against giving up his wife to mo the putrid until allah the impotent made that convenient declaration. This version is substantiated by mein quranmpf and hadith. Your version is just another pile of made up bullshit by a supremacist cunt lying for her depraved cult and substantiated by nothing but your own lies.

      • “okay, what about those americans in Iraq ? what about those who are killing people and kids and elders in Syria, Arakan, Palestine? are they killers or no? Murderers are those who kill without any mercy, but our prophet killed no kid, no woman, no old person he only fight who fight with…”

        Holy shit! If there were not copious amounts of bullshit flowing out of your mouth you’d be silent.

        The Americans are no longer in Iraq. Yet, your fellow asslifters, men, women and children, are still dying at the hands of your fellow asslifters. Syrians are being killed by Syrians, wtf is an Arakan, and Fakestinians are pretty proficient at killing themselves. Putting rocket launchers in schools and hospitals is not conducive to not killing people.

        mo the putrid didn’t kill anyone? LOLOL! That’s the biggest, steaming, stinking pile of bullshit you’ve delivered so far. Asma Bint Marwan was a mother whom the prophet had executed because she mocked his evil ass through poetry. Abu Afak was an old man whom mo the putrid had murdered for the same “offense.” Fartana, a slave GIRL, was murdered on mo’s orders for reciting poetry that reflected the awful truth of mo the putrid, Quraybah, another slave GIRL was murdered on mo’s orders for the same offense, Sarah was murdered by mo himself for what he called “molesting” him (bet she turned his filthy evil ass down), and who can forget poor, OLD Umm Qirfa, an ancient woman, HEAD OF HER TRIBE (What’s all this bullshit about women having no rights before islam?) who was torn between two camels on the orders of mo the putrid because she refused to hand her daughters over to mo’s thugs and she refused to convert to islam. There are dozens more people who were murdered on the orders of mohammad and these murders are detailed in ahadith and a few are detailed in mein quranmpf. Again, you’ve proven yourself to be a bald faced liar and an immoral relativist.

        “he is actually a man to imitate when he toght us how to treat our parents so will instead of throwing them in a nursing home.”

        Now you’ve got me screaming with laughter. Do you believe your own bullshit? mo the putrid had no mother, the lucky broad died when he was young, and his father is not really known, because really, what kind of woman has a 5 year pregnancy (this gem is indeed detailed in the sunna). Of course, mo the putrid, had he actually had elderly parents *didn’t have* an old folks home to throw them into, but no doubt he would have sent them off to die in one of his allegedly “defensive” battles.

        Wow, just when I thought the typical mohammadan idiot couldn’t possibly display even more profound stupidity, along comes a mohammadan nitwit like you who proves that the depth of mohammadan idiocy known no limits.

  43. just yell, shout and scream as loud as you can. but i don’t care. i don’t care christians WERE killer or ARE killer. the massacre happened because of the people (christian or chaotic, whatever).
    BUT, i read their bible and found that christianity, at least, teaches love and peace. ISLAM? it teaches destruction, massacre, terrorism, pedophile,looting,women slavery, etc etc, everything is about insanity.

    The main problem is the DOCTRINES OF MUHAMMAD you called ISLAM. That’s the problem. That’s the virus that spreads over the world and ruins humanity.
    I don’t think moslems are evil. They just practice the evil teachings since they were born, inherited by their parents or ancestors.
    Islam itself is the source of problems. It’s is evil.

  44. you want to sit here and talk all this nonsense. then sit and compare the holy books and se what they say about all the topics your so concerned with. killing and why. You sitting here bashing a religion that promotes no nudity to the world amongst many other great things and defending a religion that goes against its own book. you fight the jews but follow their book, you eat pork when instructed not to. You allow your women to walk this earth naked. and you believe that jesus is god because someone implanted it in your brain to believe so. Which the biggest sin in the world let me tell you (worshipping others besides god) All the work of the Shaytan. Let me tell you. for those with knowledge and understanding you sound like the most devlish person in the world and if i would see a person like you on the street and i had a gun i would pop you right in the head. It’s that serious. The most ignorant yuck. To sit here and tell people you believe something because someone told you? if it wasn’t for muslims you wold not know who jesus was. or any of the prophets for that matter. you’re just a little puppy. Or should I say how jesus called it. Lost Sheep. Get your mind right fools. You sound so stupid

    • Santio,
      “if it wasn’t for muslims you wold not know who jesus was. or any of the prophets for that matter”
      Is there any better joke than this? Ok, you people may be less aware of things in comparison as limited to your madressas but the good lord has given you brains. Why do you not use it .Tell me a single universal rule for a betterment of humans with good morality to show the ethics to build a peaceful and loving society that has been taught by the example of your prophet and the quran. Tell me the realm of his topic other than how to defecate/which door should be used for that/pissing and how many pebbles to be used for cleaning/kill the infidels/ rape the slaves/ loot/ polygamy/sex- when to do / how to do when fasting /how to amputate the infidels and conquered victims/ marriage with kids/how to Ill treat woman/etc etc than any higher form of that metaphysics where one try to reach the supreme God (for ultimate reality of being) by seeking with the rationality He has given us . Your prophet has just spilled out whatever came to his mind with the suffixing or prefixing Allah ‘s power and his supreme authority with strong warning of punishment if not obeyed .
      Most of the historical stuff where copied from Judaism and Christianity, ignorantly and erroneously inserted in his teachings and thus find in quran. It is full of contradictions and flaws. I do not have anything against Muslims but having gone through the quran and muhammed’s life , feel pity for you brothers , for your misfortune. I do not hate but seeing the historical blunder you are making some kind of an anger brews up in my mind since you all being our few human beings so misdirected that it goes on as today, this hour. The truth is bitter but the truth will make us free.

    • wow…
      Totally delusional nonsense in it’s purest form.

      You’ve managed to distill mohammeddite stupidity to it’s pure essence.

      By the way, any muzzie religious enforcer in some ‘sharia controlled zone’ (and I do NOT recognize shariah) ever lays a hand on me, or even raises their voice to me for my dress, my Hekate pendant, or Marks and I will ensure that such enforcer spends the rest of life as a crippled, blind Neuter.

  45. You’re all a bunch of idiots. Don’t even know your own history how dare you step foot in some one else’s? Did you regards know that before Muhammad your lovely christians were killing non believers ? Even Catholics were doing it. Oh and lets not forget the Jews. The only reason you believe or even know about Jesus is because you have been brain washed to. Muslims believe love and respect Jesus as a prophet they wouldn’t be Muslims if they didn’t. The Quran says nothing that the true bible scriptures didn’t mention about killing. Sooo but if you read your own bible you would k oow that. Or at least. Study the facts. You live in america the most brain washed place in the world. ThThe bible you read is filthy for even children to read concerning incest and many many other things I will not get into you have to see for yourself. Your own scriptures you don’t even know. All you do is listen to the white man. Look up their history doll. The most downgraded people in history. Savages. Were once walking on all fours until the black man should them how to be civilized then they came and tried to conquer the world. So with that being said. You were taught to believe in a trinity that doesn’t exist says your own bible!!! Pay attentionattentiontalk about lame brains ha

  46. Please, Idiot is what argues about what is a holy book and what is not. Man is forbidden to take another’s life, bottom line no left or right. We fight wars because that is humankind surviving, it is a phenomenon that happens as a result of gross negligence and people that don’t know what a human soul is. Interestingly enough in the US we do not slaughter in the streets. what Koran is saying is that there are infinite behavioral diseases and covetousness as an example in man that come from infinite wickedness and that take advantage of innocent people everywhere. The point it makes is that mankind does not owe it to anyone under any condition to be subjected to it. Holy law with respect is to be taken with a grain of salt like Yeshua says, and when understood properly doesn’t denigrate a religious purpose. Angels take people’s lives of their own volition and are exulted over sin and mans absolute and unchangeable ungodliness through all time. All these comments share one thing in common and that is the heeding and helplessness to metaphysical religion, whether atheist or islam or anything else. When your mind becomes rearranged that is when you don’t know your God. if the world ends jesus will say he didn’t even know you. Get saved and be above a filth ridden beast of religion that islam has made itself to be.

  47. islam = parasite
    the people (muslim) there are disgusting. really. but i don’t really hate them.
    what i hate is islam. it spread barbarous teaching.
    guys, i’m indonesian. and i’m sick of islam. they make my country recognized as one of barbarous and idiotic country in this earth.

  48. Just don’t care with any insultment who include our religion, because this is their heaven in the earth. Just don’t care, don’t take any respond on their ribbing, so stay calm and be patient.

  49. you all opposing islam is correct , islam is a fake and a stupid , nonsense teaching of jihad. I just want to ask a muslim tat till now what the hell did you achieved in your whole time rather than school bus bomb , jihad killin , car bomb . Just open any islam country newspaper daily you ll have new technique to kill people as headlines . I am sick of you guys. Actually when i see a muslim guy with a bag , not me but other also think about that bag of carrying bombs ,you assholes . If Hitler killed every muslim like jews sure some more people at that time would supported him .

  50. Debate will not be over. It is not supposed to when you have so much haterd about Islam. May Allah show you the right path, understand the right explanation of the holy Quraan & the difference between right and wrong. @alain & chick

    • By “right explanation” you mean “what I tell you it says.” We’ve heard that song and dance over, and over again from you lying, supremacist assholes who also screech “quran is *CLEAR* perfect, and valid for all people for all time. Well, here’s the “right path,” you mohammadan asshole, it is a universal law of the universe: If something is *CLEAR* there is ZERO room for “misinterpretation” the obvious “explanation” is that which is right in front of your nose in black and white. In other words: “smite the disbelievers where you find them” has no other “explanation.” Something that is clear is wholly independent of “context,” “time it happened” “people at that time…” and “only one time situtation.”

      In other words you repulsive, obfuscating mohammadan supremacist, it says what it says. Period. And you say what you say and *THAT’S” why you are the most hated creatures on the planet.

    • However, I digress. It has not gone unnoticed that you failed to acknowledge that you overlooked the fact that your fellow supremacists are still dying in Iraq despite the fact that those Western troops you claim are as bad as the “bad muslims” are no longer there. You also failed to acknowledge that more of your fellow supremacists are killed every day, not by all the Western troops in the world combined, but by your fellow ass lifting supremacists.

      There is no such thing as debate with you bronze age supremacists. For you are just like your Western leftist lap dogs in that fact and logic have no effect on you. In fact, they are poisonous to you. They cause you to rant, rave, tell more lies, riot, bomb, rape and murder.

      Moreover, your childish, illogical, and overused screechings of “right explanations” are not “debate.” They are the rantings and smoke bombs of supremacists who are trying desperately to dodge the truth or at least deflect the spotlight of their own lies and failing. Much like cockroaches scurrying when the light is switched on.

  51. You detect muslims as murderers. Those who performs suicide attacks are not muslims. They are curse for our religion. They don’t understand the true meaning of Quraan, as well as you who hate Islam. You say we kill people. And you? You have killed thousands and thousands of people in Iraq, Afganistan. But still you are not murderers! Oh…i forgot that you are the protectors of the whole world.

    • “Those who performs suicide attacks are not muslims. They are curse for our religion.”

      Uh-huh. Right. That’s why you’re here screeching at us and not screeching at them. That’s why you fail to volunteer that MORE of your fellow asslifters have been killed by your fellow asslifters in Iraq and Afcrapistan than by Western troops. In fact, you left out the bit where your fellow asslifters are still being killed in Iraq despite the fact there are no more Western troops out there.

      Asshat, it’s not that we “detect” that you savages are murders because of those “fake” mohammadans. We hate you because of asshole mohammadans like you who lie, lie, lie and lie some more.

    • Hey Muslimcrap, think Istanbul_Chick covered it pretty well so no need to add anything. Always a pleasure when she’s whipping asses of vermin like you !

      • Ah, jeez, Alain. Just doing my job, but thanks for noticing. Glad to see you’ve come back to the “grid” as well.

      • keep hiding in your homes , keep being afraid of illusions you need to see a psychologist all of you. may Allah guide you to the right path in the name of Allah the most merciful I invite you to watch arissala film it is the life story of our prophet try to understand our beliefs system weather you like it or not weather you believe in it or not you need to take the information from the source to give your own opinion I dare you to do this then I accept to debate with you because I don’t accept to argue with ignorants I am waiting ( from a modern Muslim girl)

        PS stop pretending being Christian because you are not all about love or compassion

  52. Fuck all Pakistan ,fuck all Islam ,I’m from Romania and I hate all Islam , don’t show respect all r the same , we r rubbis in they face, fucking idiot without school respect four as because u come in mi” home” u feed u family from mi land and u want to kill me and mi family on mi land ? NEVER I will fuck u up , u and all u nation stinkin rase

  53. i dont think you should disrespect muslims i always thank them not like im scared or anything but muslims shia truely respects all other human beings, im not a muslim but i got friends who are and i love to be a muslims, because all other religions are not worth following.i dont think you should post something like that, and say freedom in the USA im an american citizen and i know that my govt is hiding things from the people. they dont even follow the laws that they added.

    • Oh god, another one with Muslim friends. You do not have real Muslim friends, they are hypocrite muslims. No other religion is worth following except Islam LOOOL?? Right, you are obviously fucked in the head if you like the sound of marrying 9 year olds

      • Welcome aboard, you are. Love your comments. Just wanted to point out that “montana babe” is NOT an American chick but a mohammadan. mohammadans think that by posing as non-mohammadans and declaring their best friends are muslims and islam is the best religion all people will nod their heads in agreement.

        It’s just another symptom of their islamically-induced psychopathy. It’s also a sign of their inherent stupidity. NO American, even the dumbest, laziest, third grade drop-out makes the glaring spelling and grammar errors that the mohammadan poseurs make.

        I found it quite comical that “montanababe” makes the claim that “im not a muslim but i got friends who are and i love to be a muslims, because all other religions are not worth following.” Really? What’s stopping her? Nothing, because she already is one pretending to not be one “thinking” with the one braincell the entire umma shares that such a silly claim makes her taqiyya believable.

        Stick around here long enough and you will spot the mohammadan trolls who claim to be atheists/humanists/Jews/Catholic Christians/Christians/Buddhists/Hindus/Sikhs while simultaneously claiming that islam is the best/right path/only true religion in the asinine belief that claiming to be anything but an asslifter adds validity to their bullshit.

        BNI will give you a window into the abject stupidity and mental illnesses rampant in the “intellects” of the umma.

      • Yep, you’re right. I cringe when I read bullshit like that from these mask wearing mohammadans. I don’t know whether to laugh at their egregious stupidity or cry at the duped dhimmis who buy it hook, line and sinker.

  54. fuck you islam is great since without it you could kiss you computer goodbye

    death to you all since you clearly have no respect for the truth

    islam has made mistakes but we did 95% good and like 5% mistakes

    so you all go watch your porn while we muslims actually learn and study and exceed in life

    peace motherfukers

    • LOLOLOLO! You are a typical mohammadan supremacist tool!

      Brahmagupta was a mohammadan? Not!

      The ancient Babylonians were mohammadans? Not!

      Diophantus was a mohammadan? NOT!

      The Chinese of the Shang Dynasty were mohammadans? NOT!

      islam’s egregiously false claim that al-khwarizmi invented algebra is a gross distortion of the facts. al-khwarizmi was not an Arab. He was Persian. And he was most likely not even a mohammadan. He was a convert, most likely to continue his work on Indian numerals unmolested by the Abbasid mohammadan conquerors.

      Indian mathematics included decimals. They used decimals around the year 800 bce.

      Diophantus introduced algebraic equations and how to solve them to the Greeks around 300 ce.

      The Babylonians were using algebra around 2000 bce.

      Brahamagupta wrote a book about algebra, establishing many of the rules we still use today in 630 ce.

      The Chinese Shang Dynasty were using algebar on a regular basis before 1050 bce.

      al-khwarizmi died around 850 ce. He did not invent anything than the name “algebra” which for him was al-jabr. How could he invent that which was already used hundreds and even a thousand years before he was born?

      He couldn’t, he didn’t and the claim that mohammadans invented algebra is a sick revision and gross disregard for what was already there. It is perpetuated by mohammadan supremacists and leftist twits who the real islamophobes because they keep repeating these big lies because they are afraid of you violent, unthinking mouth-breathers.

  55. @Just want to Say

    Hello friend! I’m a fellow atheist and a white american teen. I fully agree with you. Whats most vile about this is that i doubt anybody here has actually read the Qur’ran. The comment ‘jihad is a requirement’ is totally stupid. Cause its not true.
    Besides to all those people that use a small group of people to define a religion, thats like taking Westboro Baptist Church and using its 40 wayward members to define all Christians. Totally ridiculous. Whats even more upsetting is that this hate is all against the bible.

    On a last note,
    There has never been a war promoting atheism, making it the most peaceful belief xP

      • Too bad you banned the pertinent and ignorant twit, Bonni. Everything and I mean everything it said was wrong. Especially loved the ignorant bit about “atheism being the most peaceful belief.” Atheism isn’t a belief and it has quite an “unpeaceful” past.

      • Hey hey hey! U people…!! What is all this about? Promoting hates like this site isn’t good I’m saying this in the name of Jesus.. its not good…let me noted not bad in saying in the name of jesus by Muslims coz Muslims also believe on the coming back of him as a Salvatore who will overthrow Dajjal or Ant-christ, so as humans let as prepare ourselves in the way that someone see it is a right way to him…we can say many things but God is the most Wiser to him things goes as how He want not as how we want and talk..may peace be with all of us..bye

      • @Abby the mentally flabby entity

        Jesus is coming back as a Salvatore? Like Dahli? Do Jesus is going to kill the anti-Christ with his paintbrush?

        What you willfully or ignorantly left out about the mohammadan egregiously false view of Jesus is that the mohammadan plagiarized and de-aggrandized Jesus will also kill *all the Christians.*

        So how dare you tell any Christians to “act like Jesus” when you’re trying to sell the Christian-hating and murdering mohammadan version of Jesus.

        My guess is that you are no Christian but another mohammadan mental monstrosity attempting to sell your twisted and plagiarized arab fairy tale under the guise of being a Christian.

        And to think you asslifters and your leftist dhimmi whores *still* think you primitives are hated because of “ignorance, the media and a tiny minority of extremists.”

    • @Anti-Hate,

      BNI is right. You are way too young to be here.

      I am not even going to reply to your simplistic views on Islam.

      Here is one very important history lesson for you….

      You said, “On a last note, There has never been a war promoting atheism, making it the most peaceful belief.”

      Uh, No. Atheist have been one of the most violent and murderous groups of the 20th century. You know them as Communist.

      Killing between 85-100 million (that is the low estimate.) people in the 20th century alone.

      • Actually, the true figure is more like 170,000,000:

        Nazism = 50 million (40 million in World War II – which it caused plus 10,000,000 in peacetime including the Jewish Holocaust of 6,000,000);

        Communism = 120 million (60 milliion under Mao Zedong (Tse-Tung}, 40 million in the USSR under Ljéñin and Stáljin, the remaining 20,000,000 in the rest of the world where Communism has come to power including 1,500,000 under Pol Pot in Cambodia).

        Let me make it clear that I know decent, even good, people who happen to be atheists yet with whom I’m on good terms: they know to deplore and abhor the EVILS that the anti-theistic psychopaths and monsters like Stáljin, Hitler and Mao have perpetrated!!!! However, let this show that atheism is just as deadly as any other religion – for, like it or not, it is a religion of sorts…

      • Hey, Alain, no time no see! How have you been?

        As for our little kumbaya twit here one wonders exactly what relevance being a “white American” teenager has to their wholly ignorant ranting.

        Would claiming they are a “black/brown/Asian American” teenager change the meaning of their witless words?

        I just don’t get that psychology, unless of course it is a mohammadan in a mask.

      • Hi Istanbul_Chick

        Am not too bad considering the crap going on but nevertheless keeping busy doing my bit ;-) while still managing from time to drop by here when I can !

        Me suspecting that twit here makes a point of saying he’s not one of them, so therefore not bias, but that’s sheer speculation on my part and actually, who know if what he (or she) is, is even the truth ?

        In any case, that one already got way more attention than deserves, so moving on to another nuisance poking his/her nose out, which we’ve got plenty of in my neck of the wood.

        Always a pleasure to read you around here, with your wonderful repartee :mrgreen:

        Keep well and safe I_C !!

  56. What nonsense. The organisers of this website are truly ass holes. I’m not going to sit here and preach about why I hate you so much, because your’e a stubborn messed up lot whom of which there is no moral hope for. This is coming from an unbiased point of view since I’m an atheist. Don’t care for religion because all it causes is conflict and downgrades people further. And for the people who are acting as though Muslims are not human beings, listen to yourself…

    This world is full of hypocrisy. You guys are the ones displaying these inhumane behaviours by creating and even supporting this f*cked up website. Have you’re opinions, please, I couldn’t care less, no one cares, but the fact that you feel the need to express your views to other people with the intention of upsetting such strong believers is disgusting.

    If you think Islam is wrong, fair enough. But no Muslim wants to hear about it and nor do I. Go have your little anti-Islam conventions, I can’t stop you from doing that, nobody can. I just hope that one day people as messed up as you get some sense of decency and moral sense so upsetting people does not give you pleasure…

    Religious beliefs do not make human beings worse people since every human being is entitled to an opinion – just as you are entitled to the opinion that Islam is not the right religion. What makes people inhumane is simply the disgusting slander that so many people do. Thinking they get a kick out of upsetting people is what is truly inhumane and disgusting.

    Make me sick, Fell free to say what you want to me, lol bring on the hate comments! :p

    • “What makes people inhumane is simply the disgusting slander that so many people do.”

      Atheist my eye! ONLY mohammadans are so childish and intellectually stunted enough to think that the criticism of them and their chosen belief in and practice of a man made ideology is “slander.” Only a mohammadan supremacist would have the unmitigated gall to call slander “inhumane.” Slander may be cruel, it may be damaging (to one’s reputation) but it is not inhumane. The systematic rape, murder, and social and economic repression of others who do not follow your chosen beliefs is inhumane.

      No doubt you’re one of those “atheist humanists” who believes mohammad was a “mercy on mankind” and that “islam is perfect system for a perfect world.” That disqualifies you from making the claim that you are an atheist.

      And being an atheist does not make you unbiased. I am atheist and I am very biased. Biased against anyone who believes any bronze age criminals were prophets of non-existent sky fairies. I am biased against anyone who uses alleged holy books as proof of anything. I am biased against anyone who tells me primitive religious rules by primitive men are good for me.

      Move along, mohammadan, there are far too many gaps in your mask. You should have tried the other mohammadan supremacist trick of pretending to be “Christian” to spew your “stop picking on us supremacists” nonsense.


    (before anyone call me a muslim i am just warning you i am not so you will look stupid)

    9/11 was a sham secret documents leaked by a guy call K. Riley (who was later ‘missing’) exposed a video on the truth about 9/11 said by Obama himself at a meeting which took place 3 months before the actual event (i cant send you a link in case i might be killed as well)

    burning flags, i wonder why that happened hmm, oh yeah i video sent to the middle eastern triads shown americans burning there book and how come that wasnt shown on telly huh! and also in the video it was posted before the event of the burning flags i got proof of it but i am scared to be killed by the goverment
    thats why i used a fake hotmail account

    america have a new group formed by the higher class people (celebs and etc) they are called illuminati this ‘trend’ which is going around started as the spainish people travelled to south america to the incan era the temples had scrolls containing information of a group called illuminar – mountain worshiper which is known in islam to be a giant risen from the mountain, unstoppable by a normal human being, and he will bring chaos and end the world… and so on. the incans however knew about this and in their scriptures it says that they believe that the devil will help them survive and this devil is the giant. other how in the bible it speaks of the son of god coming back on earth to destroy the demons. but i dont want to go into all of that (trust me i can go on for hours on end) anyway the celebs we see on tv influence people to join them for example jay z’s concerts always have people doing the devil gesture with there hands and the reason why america attacks muslims is because the incans believed in another group opposed to the incans with a great leader which could be jesus or muham.. is believed to kill this devil or as the celebs say it Lucifer and so evolution started (much before muslim attacks) another document which the creator of evolution made has many creations ideas between the missing link of evolution with one with a equal view of the missing link and another point is there is no actual bones or evidence of the missing link except the fake bones they put in museums to influence people to put them off religion by bringing this and its working the newer generations are believing this shit their teachers learn them. anyhow i personally dont believe on either side of the debate all i am here to do is to tell you I HATE AMERICANS

    • Yeh, so?

      You hate Americans, we hate islam. So we’re even then.

      I myself appreciate the ‘American’s’. They saved our arse in WW11. Without them we would be speaking Nippon or Kraut.

      Time for your meds!

      • You obviously worked out what WW11 by your full comment. (Some write WW2, some the other way. There’s a lesson for you. Duh!). As far as the Americans joining the war; they would have eventually, even if the Japanese hadn’t attacked.

        Note: I didn’t take offense with you calling me a ‘retard’, because we really know who the retards are; don’t we?.
        I stand by my principles of free speech without insulting. Except when it comes to islam and all those who want to destroy the freedoms enjoyed by civilised people.

    • are u just stupid america corrupt england yeah funny and u brits have no bad infuences on people well u do in fact and we do not make up other peoples mind they make their own and what celebs do and dont is not something anyone can control so think about british celebs and what they are up to

      • lets talk about Australia now, a country run by criminals, that’s all i can say because most of my parrots are from there and i visit Australia almost every year

        and Jamie stay out of this you stupid homo

      • Like Hell you’re a “British citizen” – or if you are, you sound like one of those typical élitists who’re out to turn your once-great country into either a Moslem or a Communist monarchy!!!!

        I wouldn’t doubt that even your “queen” is in favour of the Communist and Moslem-favouring policies of your mandarins!!! HOWEVER, you most certainly are NOT representative of enough of the British people, who I’ve known for their kindness, great-heartedness and love.

        Just keep on pushing your hatred of the West: hopefully one day you’ll come to your senses and REPENT OF YOUR EVIL!!! Until then, we real patriots in the USA, Canada, Australia and the UK despise such sell-out TRAITORS that you and your ilk ARE!!!!

        DEATH TO COMMUNISM, ISLAM and ALL other totalitarianism!!!!!

  58. لقد كفر الذين قالوا ان الله هو المسيح ابن مريم قل فمن يملك من الله شيئا ان اراد ان يهلك المسيح ابن مريم وامه ومن في الارض جميعا ولله ملك السماوات والارض وما بينهما يخلق ما يشاء والله على كل شيء قدير

    They indeed have disbelieved who say: Lo! Allah is the Messiah, son of Mary. Say: Who then can do aught against Allah, if He had willed to destroy the Messiah son of Mary, and his mother and everyone on earth? Allah’s is the Sovereignty of the heavens and the earth and all that is between them. He createth what He will. And Allah is Able to do all things.
    (2) سورة المائدة – سورة 5 – آية 72
    الميزان في تفسير القرآن تقريب القرآن إلى الأذهان نور الثقلين
    لقد كفر الذين قالوا ان الله هو المسيح ابن مريم وقال المسيح يا بني اسرائيل اعبدوا الله ربي وربكم انه من يشرك بالله فقد حرم الله عليه الجنة وماواه النار وما للظالمين من انصار

    They surely disbelieve who say: Lo! Allah is the Messiah, son of Mary. The Messiah (himself) said: O Children of Israel, worship Allah, my Lord and your Lord. Lo! whoso ascribeth partners unto Allah, for him Allah hath forbidden paradise. His abode is the Fire. For evil-doers there will be no helpers.
    (3) سورة المائدة – سورة 5 – آية 73
    الميزان في تفسير القرآن تقريب القرآن إلى الأذهان نور الثقلين
    لقد كفر الذين قالوا ان الله ثالث ثلاثة وما من اله الا اله واحد وان لم ينتهوا عما يقولون ليمسن الذين كفروا منهم عذاب اليم

    They surely disbelieve who say: Lo! Allah is the third of three; when there is no Allah save the One Allah. If they desist not from so saying a painful doom will fall on those of them who disbelieve.

    (1) سورة التوبة – سورة 9 – آية 30
    الميزان في تفسير القرآن
    وقالت اليهود عزير ابن الله وقالت النصارى المسيح ابن الله ذلك قولهم بافواههم يضاهؤون قول الذين كفروا من قبل قاتلهم الله انى يؤفكون

    And the Jews say: Ezra is the son of Allah, and the Christians say: The Messiah is the son of Allah. That is their saying with their mouths. They imitate the saying of those who disbelieved of old. Allah (Himself) fighteth against them. How perverse are they!

    This is what Islam thinks of us Christians and Jews, rest assured there is no peace in Islam. Be careful Mr. John Kerry when you are supporting an invasion in Syria as you are supporting those who will one day kill you for fun or members of your own family. They will take your wife as theirs. They will enslave America beware.

  59. Molested his wife – six-year-old Baby Aisha. One of Baby Aisha’s wifely duties was to clean semen stains from the prophet’s clothes. The prophet would take a bath with Baby Aisha and thigh with Baby Aisha taking his penis and rubbing it up and down her thighs. Being a man of mercy he did not penetrate Baby Aisha until she was nine.

    Raped Baby Aisha when she was nine (texts can have been altered to change the age. Koranic texts claim he married her when she was six and he may have consummated the marriage then as well. Reason for this being that other indications in the Hadith shows that Mohammed was a pedophile). Advocated sex with baby girls.

    Raped a retarded woman. Murdered a woman. Had sex with his dead aunt.

    Captured women and raped them. Kept women as sex slaves. Muhammad had sex with 61 women: many he raped. There is no consensual sex between a child girl and a man. There is no consensual sex between a master and his sex slave. There is no consensual sex between a woman conquered in war and her husband conqueror. All such sexual acts are rape. RAPE IS RAPE.

    Had eleven wives at one time. Sexually abused his wives. Raped his wives. Forced sex during their menstruation including Baby Aisha. Mentally abused his wives. Can you imagine taking a child (or any aged woman) and molesting with your hand/fist her menstruating vagina?

    Beheaded his enemies. 600/900 Jewish men at one massacre. Had Jewish boys as young as 13 years old beheaded after pulling down their pants and inspecting groin for pubic hair.

    Ordered the murder, torture, terrorization of Christians and Jews if they did not convert to Islam. Forced Christians and Jews from Saudi Arabia (the mass exile).

    Assassinated people for insulting him or Islam. Established totalitarian rule. Had followers and their families burnt alive in their homes for missing prayer.

    Ordered the extermination, torture and terrorization of kafirs. Instigated 60 massacres and personally participated in 27 of them.

    Owned and sold slaves. Enslaved women and children.

    Called his black slaves pug noses and compared them to Satan.

    Treated his black slaves as beasts of burden.

    No befriending Christians and Jews.

    Subjugated and oppressed Muslim women. Required them to cover their faces.

    Married his daughter – in – law.

    Approved prostitution.

    Encouraged the rape of women in front of their husbands.

    Recommended wife beating. Hit his wife – Baby Aisha.

    Murdered prisoners of war. Committed acts of terror.

    Advocated suicide attacks.

    Executed apostates and homosexuals.

    Beat children who didn’t pray. Abolished adoption.

    Honor killings of Muslim women and children.

    Beat alcoholics. Lied.

    Stoned adulators to death. Stoned a woman to death after she had given birth.

    Ordered thief’s hands/feet chopped off.

    Tortured a man out of greed.

    Looted and plundered.

    Preached hate for people of other religions.

    Extorted money from other religions

    Forced conversions to Islam

    Allowed his companions to execute, behead, rape and enslave.

  60. so funny you dont even know islam you saw bunch of salafian murders. im a muslim but im different im living in iran and iranian are all muslim but we are shia we are different and we hate another islam made by idiot arabs called salafi or wahabi and sunny if you wanna know who wahabian really are i can tell you that they believe if they kill 9 shia or iranian they will go to heaven look i said iranian and shia muslim not christians. and the story of paedophile prophet that belongs to wahabian that was afucking lie if you accept murders word then u so fucked up
    if you hate all the muslim even a 9 years old child thats racism you can see a lot of iranain in america and they are so nice anyway if you still believe hating all muslim so go fuck yourself

  61. Muslims are still living in the 7th Century not the 21st Century.

    If you piss off a Christian by “insulting” their religion, they’ll yell at you and get nasty.
    If you piss off a Muslim by “insulting” their religion, he’ll KILL YOU. In fact, the whole lot of them will probably BEHEAD YOU or at the very least whip you or stone you or something.

    If I draw a picture of Jesus with a dick up his ass, I’d piss off Christians. If I merely draw a smiley face and label it “Muhammad” I’M A DEAD MAN to the Majority of Muslims.

    Get it?

    Want more? If a woman ventures too deep into an Islamist country without a Burka, she’ll be arrested or Whatever. She could legally be raped, too. Legally as in It’s Her Fault for being there, and she doesn’t count the same as a man or have a man’s rights or freedoms. She could be jailed, She might even be BEHEADED.

    Want more?

    If we add up all the worlds Non-Islamic religions today, and all of Their terrorist acts like suicide bombings…They’re next to Nothing compared to Islam’s psycho squads of Towel-headed nutcases. I’m talking very simple statistics here, numbers. Like for every one wacko Christian Fundamentalist who goes nuts and murders someone, there’s like 500 Muslims who’ve done far worse murders. And, yeah, I’m talking about The Present not a thousand years ago.

    Religion Fucks Up The Mind, and Muslims got it where it counts.

    But can you blame them? They’re brought up Worshipping the Kuran 24/7, praying half a dozen times a day, performing bathing rituals just as many times, told THIS IS THE WORD OF GOD DO NOT QUESTION IT JUST DO IT! They are not allowed to study anything else. It’s a frigging CULT not a religion persay! And the few who do manage to Question things and stray a little bit away from the herd mentality–they’re in danger of punishment! And those that go all the way out on a limb and question Islam and maybe want out–their closest relatives are required to MURDER HIM OR HER if he or she Chooses To Leave Islam!

    Is that fucked up or what? I’d say it’s mega-fucked-up in spades. More fucked up than any other religion I can imagine. Even more fucked up than Jim Jones’ Guiana Cult! More fucked up than Charlie Manson’s Family! And those didn’t consist of FUCKING BILLIONS OF PEOPLE WORLDWIDE!!! There’s plenty more, too, like they Don’t Take Remorse In Killing because they’re conditioned from birth to be doing Allah’s Will! So killing is just Justification of their religion!

    Every word I’ve typed here is true. If it’s too much for you to take then you’re not facing the reality of Islam. Furthermore, in Islam there are no such things as Fundamentalists. You’re either a believer or you’re not. You’re either In or you’re Out. Oh, but what about all the Muslims living in the U.S. aren’t they cool? Maybe. But they only tolerate us. If some Islamic cult came to power and put Sharia Law into effect in the U.S. what do you think they’d do? They’d willing accept it and wouldn’t oppose it in the least, they’d go right along with it smiling that It’s Allah’s Way and it’s Finally Here! Did you know that Muslims want to destroy the Sphinx and Pyramids in Egypt? Yup, because it’s “Idoltry” and “They Must Be Destroyed!” according to one of their leaders… Just like they did the final destruction of the great Library of Alexandria, probably the biggest depository of worldwide knowledge until the last hundred years or so… They burned the books and scrolls, used them to heat public baths because they were not in agreement with the Koran! They also stripped the pyramids of their outer casing stones to use to build mosques. They’re very good at building mosques, too bad they don’t build hospitals and schools. And they spend all their time praying their asses off half a dozen times each day for the rest of their lives… This is why whenever Islam takes up residence in a country, the country goes straight to hell with poverty on the rise, production down, and ignorance up. But Muhammad Praises Poverty according to the Kuran! So they literaly Love Poverty! Muslims also believe that the Devil sleeps in their nostrils and pees in their ears so that’s why they are literally performing ritual cleanings every few hours! The Kuran is full of curses too, like the medicinal properties of camel urine, and blood letting–crap that’s STILL BELIEVED TODAY because it’s, well… In The Kuran! It is Ignorance Unchained… They believe in billions of invisible genies running around… They believe in a physical Devil… They also believe the Earth to be flat and the sun to fly around the sky until it comes to rest each night in a murky swamp–Yes, even freaking Muslim scientists believed this shit, and to say otherwise means you’re going Against Allah! You are Wrong and should be imprisoned!
    This is why they’re called Savages by us in the West. Can you imagine what would happen if Sharia Law got hold in a 21st Century technological society like our own? Buildings would topple! Things would be destroyed because they are seen as going against Allah! Women would be chained and enslaved. To save nothing of what would become of, oh, let’s see, homosexuals, atheists, agnostics–anyone practicing Non-Islam or with Non-Islam beliefs. In their countries these people are imprisoned or fined! Or Worse. I could see whole libraries being burned to the ground for starters… The rest I’ll leave up to your imagination. Islam is Anti-Science in the extreme! We’re not talking about a religion just opposed to, say, the separation of Church and State or against the teaching of Evolution in schools–we’re talking about a religion against Everything Non-Islam, Including All Science!!!

    Muslims are prime-grade Sheeple in every way.
    Because they are conditioned from birth Not To Question Anything Beyond The Kuran… They are Not trained to Think… They are not trained in the ways of Critical Reasoning… They are trained to blindly Obey The Kuran…
    And now that the 21st Century is intruding on their little, backwards 7th Century world all they can do is go Frigging Nuts and Fight Back rather than Face Reality!
    That’s why we have 9/11 and everything that goes along with it…

    But hey man there are thousands of Muslims living here in the U.S. and they haven’t done shit… Yeah, man, because they know they’re Minorities in a country that doesn’t accept them so they Keep Their Place because they don’t want to end up behind frigging bars, Man! But deep down inside they know they’re surrounded by “Infidels” in a god-forsaken backwards society (according to their mindset) and should Sharia Law come into effect, they’ll kill their non-Muslim neighbors if so instructed with as much compassion as swatting a fly.
    Because that’s God’s Command! You don’t believe me? Do the “Muhammad cartoon test” or burn a Kuran and WATCH THEM FUCKING FREAKOUT INTO MANIACS! They lack the same mental maturity which Westerners possess. They lack tolerance. They lack control. They must have everything their way Or Else.
    Anyone who freaks out like that from this kind of Programming is Dangerous. And that is why I am proud to call myself an Islamophobe. Yet I take issue with that term for “phobe” suggests an Irrational fear or hatred.
    There is nothing Irrational about fearing a people who can fly into a killing rage over something as childish as a drawing! It would be like having an “irrational” fear of the dark–if you Knew the dark was populated by wild animals which had already killed people indiscriminantly!

    Islam is a form of irrational, psychotic Conditioning which must be stopped! If you call it a religion, I can call a nuclear missile a bottle rocket!

    • IslamophobeMan you are top, you are the best! You really expose Islam for what it is. It is a stinking, dirty, lying, filthy, pedophile, misogynist, murdering, hating religion. They kill anyone who opposes them, they terrorize and murder any opposition. They plot and destroy through subversive lying at international scale. Just look at what the bastard opposition has done to the Syrian government. They have twisted, manipulated and sold their own mothers to make sure they get rid of Bashar. They have killed their own in a chemical attack to make it look like the Syrian government did it. They have twisted the arm of America in order that the US would bomb Syria.

      Oh by the way, IslamophobeMan, did you know that in a Muslim home when a boy reaches puberty, his Mom covers her hair at home for fear that her own son would lust after her? And, and, and………….there is no end to their dirty deeds.

      If it weren’t for fear of deadly retribution, you would see millions of Muslims leave their stinking religion for the run of their lives. They merely stay in this dirty scumbag religion in order to save their neck.

      And finally, let the world not forget what Major Nidal Malik Hasan did, quoted from Wikipedia:

      In the Fort Hood shooting, on November 5, 2009, Hasan reportedly shouted “Allahu Akbar!”[76][77][78] (The phrase literally means “Allah is greater”;[79][80][81] it is usually translated “God is [the] Greatest,” or “God is Great”) and opened fire in the Soldier Readiness Center of Fort Hood, located in Killeen, Texas, killing 13 people and wounding 29 others in the worst shooting ever to take place on an American military base.[11]

      Department of the Army Civilian Police Sergeant Kimberly D. Munley encountered the gunman exiting the building in pursuit of a wounded soldier. Munley and the gunman exchanged shots; Munley was hit two times: once in her thigh and once in her knee, knocking her to the ground.[82] In the meantime, Sergeant Mark Todd, also of the DACP, arrived and fired at the gunman. The gunman was hit and felled by shots from Todd.[83][84] Todd approached the gunman and kicked a pistol out of his hand. Hasan was placed in handcuffs as he fell unconscious.[85] The incident lasted about 10 minutes.[86]

      Also let us not forget what Islam did on September 11, 2001 to the Twin Towers where 2996 people met their death. They would not hesitate to do this to me or you or any Christian or Jew just because we are who we are.

      I am just waiting on God’s punishment on Islam for their atrocities on innocent men and women minding their daily lives.

  62. This is for all those who believe we at bni are racists or fascists.

    If you are against women beating. You are against Islam.
    If you are against child rape. You are against Islam.
    If you are against beheading. You are against Islam.
    If you are against religious persecution. You are against Islam.
    If you are against genocide. You are against Islam.
    If you are against mutilation. You are against Islam.
    If you are against repression. You are against Islam.
    If you are against terrorism. You are against Islam.

    If you are against any of these then you are welcome at bni. For those who are for Islam, please refute these if you can before posting comments of racism. We don’t hate people. We hate people who do these things, and so do you.

    • yes make up all this crap so u can put us down just like you did with black and jews and hindus and asians and irishman in the past now its islam you wont be happy until youve turned the whole world against 1 group of people BNI

  63. may your offspring sprout wings and fly into the bowels of eternal burning damnation.dig a huge hole and bulldoze clean dirt over every last one of those filthy muslim bastards.

  64. somehow i smell the stench of colonial Christian dogmatic hypocrisy in this forum.I work in Yarrabah an indigenous community 40 mins from cairns.I am not a muslim or christian forced These original Australians were forcibly displaced by white suprematist christians not much more than 100 years ago.Christianity was the excuse the English speaking nations have used to ijustify their nvasion and stealing the land and property of over a 1000 nation tribes of the north american continent and the 350 native tribes of the australian continent.Do you as Christians really think you own Australia?I have hopefully come to a pluralistic secular multi denominational Australia and Muslims are as welcome as Christians.The bottom line is any prejudice can colour our ideas but to label a billion people is typical of racism that comes from the hearts of people who manage to keep Yarrabah a third world town .90 percent of the Australians in Cairns dont even know the name of the tribes whose lands were stolen by their gt grandparents The state of the health care in Indigenous Australia is a disgrace and it is not because of the attitude of the indigenous people.It is because of lack of committment .The history of Christianity is just as dark if not darker than that of Islam.So less of the judgementplease or you will get it back in your face…

    • “somehow i smell the stench of colonial Christian dogmatic hypocrisy in this forum.I work in Yarrabah an indigenous community 40 mins from cairns.I am not a muslim or …”

      RIght. And the Pope is Jewish. We’ll overlook that lie, skip the typical islamic “waa waaa imperialists” bullshit and cut to the chase…

      “The history of Christianity is just as dark if not darker than that of Islam…”

      And the “history of Christianity” absolves islam and muslims from the carnage they are creating *right now* around the world because?

      The tu quoque fallacy is intellectually weak. It is also childish. If I rape and saw off the head of your mother is it acceptable if my mom demands the court and you absolve me because “the history of muslims raping and sawing off the heads of their victims is dark if not darker than this woman’s…”

      Yeah, didn’t think so.

      Learn how to present facts/lies/arguments *without* stooping to grade school tactics. It is not okay for mohammadans to be savages in the 21st century because “Christians were” centuries ago. It would not be okay for mohammadan supremacists to be savages to even if Christians were savages today as well.

      • ok so its alright for you to storm through countries, kill the native population and put a flag on it and convert them by force

      • You asslifters wouldn’t have your countries “stormed” if you had just stayed home and not committed acts of mass terror around the world.

        No one is forcing you bronze age knuckle draggers to convert to anything except the 21st century. That’s just more projection because it is you mouth breathers who have been forcing populations to convert or die since mo bin humpinaisha pulled mein kuranmpf out of his ass.

    • oh come on, the native australians are majority alcholic wasters, what are the government supposed to do about it.. they give them better welfare than anyone else (so are obviously admitting their guilt to some extent.. ) yet the abos very rarely take the opportunities offered to better themselves.. but tbh wtf has this got to do with the worldwide social cancer that is islam..

  65. my god,it will be a war…looking at the lunatic animal who shout in the video it became very clear that it will be a war…it’s either them or us…If we wait longer this world will be islamized soon by force.

    • I really do hope Islam turns out to be all true, so that all the evil people who say their religion is their reason to hurt others will burn in hell.

      And I feel sorry for those bought up in such a horrendous society, who must pretend they also believe this is was God intended for fear of harm themselves.

      • Well if there is a god (any god, take your pick) I’m sure glad he created atheism. As for burning in hell? I’ll take my chances thanks. As for the islamic heaven? I guess I’ll miss out on the 72 vestal virgins as I can’t recall having blown up any innocent people. Goddamit!

  66. You just gotta hand it to religion, a brilliant concept. Under the guise of dodgy, fraudulent & deceitful literary authorities like the Bible, Koran, New World Translation, Book of Mormon, Luther’s Catechism etc etc etc religious institutions have managed to suck in the gullible, the fragile, the insecure into following their lies and falsehoods whilst simultaneously empting their wallets & purses, enjoying a tax free income to massively increase their wealth. And at the same time blatantly destroying their followers trust by molesting their children and treating females like garbage and any other minority groups with sexual preferences not of their own perceived moral standard, something which is really none of their business, albeit by organizations with appalling records of abuse & humiliation all in the name of some so-called God.

    Jump on the bandwagon. Start your own religion and enjoy your ride at the expense of all law-abiding taxpayer, feel free to follow any devious sexual preferences you care to and all under the sanction of a weak government full of spineless politicians!.

    For those addicted to this fanciful nonsense called religion, just sit back & ask yourself who is the one true following – Catholics, Anglican, isalmists, Baptists, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Scientologists, Holy Rollers, Hillsong,Christian Revivalists, Christian Scientists and any other half-arsed, half-baked, fucked up mob of fanatical lunaticts you might care to think of. A pox on them all.

  67. The religion of Islam will not stop until you are either dead or a slave to their religion. It is with a heavy heart that I have lost hope in making peace with these people. The “prophet” Mohammed was in fact an evil and unrighteous man. There is nothing holy or supernatural about him. He was simply an uneducated and ignorant man having delusions of speaking with “Allah” He is responsible for the death and persecution of millions of people. Islam is a cancer and it will destroy everything good in this world. It needs to be allowed to die.

  68. i live in iran dollar become so expensive i payed 580$ to buy asus 7770 graphic card it is 116$ in out side iran i hate islam and shia mulas they are demon they kill people they stole money from people they attach lay to god they say dog is bad and Circumcision boys they censorship internet ,… never let islam and shia mulas control your country do not let muslims come to your country they will destroy your country i do not have any relegion but i know god exist i am not a good man

    • Blame the liberal leftists of your country for the mess you’re in Ehsan. They were the assholes, supported, cheered on, and aided by our liberal leftists, who opened the floodgates to let the mullahs take control. The shah was so much worse, according to those idiots. Same boat the idiots in Egypt are in. They thought (wrongly) that Mubarek was so much worse than Morsi and his muslim brotherhood thugs.

      There are Iranian expats all over the West who have been sounding the clarion call of warning and trying to make people aware of just how bad Iran is thanks to the mullahs and their islam. Sadly they are fighting a stealthy enemy, a wealthy enemy who thwarts their efforts with an endless supply of money. Of course, all roads lead back to soddy barbaria. Nothing short of another revolution (or someone finally nuking soddy barbaria back to the stone age) will save your country from the fetid, crushing grip of islam.

  69. I like this site.Muslims get so pissed off when anybody casts a bad light or any
    hint of a insult to there Cult of Death,Rape,Child Molesting,religion.
    Why is it they Muslims hate America,U.K.,and any other country that well
    functions.The Koran states that they are better than everybody in every
    way but the countries are backwards and they know it and it burns them
    up because the kaffer’s have so much more than they do.I don’t know why
    we allow them to even practice this cult or build anything.
    The Islamic countries all other religions are very nearly banned.You have no
    right’s you pay a tax and of course you will probably be dead.They can
    say whatever they want about all other religions but god forbid somebody
    draws a picture of Mohamed in some other country they go nuts and killed that Danish guy.
    The good thing about Mohamed was his stupidity and his hate for well everybody
    his hate for women is good for us.These Islamic countries treat women so bad
    most are not allowed to go to college they stay at home and learn the family
    way of cutting there daughters genitals off( could you imagine that type of a family
    photo album and the keep sakes).Women make up 50% of the population and
    science is what wins it always has been.The smartest person is the world is a
    woman her I.Q. is over 230.So they have created there own brain-drain.
    They hate the U.S but they sure do love coming to live here.Then do nothing
    but plot murder,death,rape,destruction and other things from there family photo
    album which would be odd looking at it.Ahh look your brothers first rape and look your brothers first murder and this was his proudest day when he murdered your
    Sister because she got raped by your uncle and look you can see my brother if you look close,Oh how time flies…
    They whine and cry about us being racist.Well hell yes we are when you do
    nothing but kill people in our country.You can practice that death cult and
    have freedom in our country. Christians caught are put in prison if there lucky or unlucky I think the U.S. prisons are way to comfortable for them.Muslims whine about racial profiling but I call
    it common sense.Who are you going to search the little white haired lady
    or Mohamed Chokesondicks?

    • If the murderers and the rapists say they are Muslim, must we believe them? It is wrong in all religions including Islam do commit such horrific crimes, so they cannot truly be muslim.

      The problem is not the religion. It’s the violent people, and the culture, and the corruption. These dangerous men should be punished. Not the entire population. Please…

      Lets take action together.

      Muslims and non-Muslims unite to rid the public of such dangerous people.

  70. I sometimes dream about a meteorite striking Mecca during the Haj. Death to Islam. Fuck the Prophet. May we never stop decrying the irrational fallacious appeals to force that constitute the true heart of Islam. May we we never give in to the infidelophobia and rank antisemitism of the creatures of islam. Love the posts of the lady from Constantinople.

    • Maybe that would be the rational approach, next large-scale attack against a western objectieve, the west should make mecca and medina glow in the dark. And maybe we should stop returning human remains to the family of islamic terrorists; sow em up in pigskins And burry them, so the fairy tale of the virgins can no longer appeal to them!

      And seriously, nobel prizes were instated in 1901, since then 2 science prizes were awarded to muslim scientists! So out of 400+ prizes they secured two! That amply demonstraties that moslims are intellectual underachievers(And probably proud of it too).

      Dont get me wrong, i hate all religions, but islam is extremely vile. With regard to their incessant nagging for respect for their religion, i can just say That respect should be earned And not demanded

  71. Piss on his body cut his head off and send it to his daddy who calls him. A angel and for his other angel son beat him senseless over and over again until he talks rip his finger nails off burn his body slowly until he’s so misirble he talks after he’s us less to us strap a bomb on him and send him right to his home people the Muslim people I don’t give a fuck if there all not american killers they need to die killing a incoent 8 year old boy who did nothing to them jus because they hate Christians OK so what than get the fuck out of America dumb asses we don’t want u here any way at least I no I don’t and those who do can go with them these type of people are nothing but a waste of breath a waste of life they are nothing fuck Islam fuck these to brothers and there dad he should get his head blown off jus for saying they got framed get real u stupid Muslim or sons are a waste of life so please don’t ever reproduce because as u can see u created two killers who killed innocent people just because they felt like it burn in hell u all can burn in hell and if u don’t like my comment fuck u to I don’t care I speak the truth sorry it hurts some times

  72. hristianity breeds arrogance, a chosen-people mentality. It’s only natural that those who believe (or play act at believing) that they have a direct line to the Almighty would feel superior to others. This is so obvious that it needs little elaboration. A brief look at religious terminology confirms it. Christians have often called themselves “God’s people,” “the chosen people,” “the elect,” “the righteous,” etc., while nonbelievers have been labeled “heathens,” “infidels,” and “atheistic Communists” (as if atheism and Communism are intimately connected). This sets up a two-tiered division of humanity, in which “God’s people” feel superior to those who are not “God’s people.”

    That many competing religions with contradictory beliefs make the same claim seems not to matter at all to the members of the various sects that claim to be the only carriers of “the true faith.” The carnage that results when two competing sects of “God’s people” collide—as in Ireland and Palestine—would be quite amusing but for the suffering it causes.