Yes, we hate Islam. Yes, we will mock your paedophile prophet Mohammed as much as we want. No, we don’t care what you think or how offended you are. We are Americans, and we are free to say what we want, when we want, no matter how much it offends your sensibilities. Don’t like it? Get out. You are not welcome here.



1,763 comments on “Yes, we hate Islam. Yes, we will mock your paedophile prophet Mohammed as much as we want. No, we don’t care what you think or how offended you are. We are Americans, and we are free to say what we want, when we want, no matter how much it offends your sensibilities. Don’t like it? Get out. You are not welcome here.

  1. Islam and Christianity not comparable:

    One suspects that attacking Christianity fits neatly into a domestic agenda. Yes, Christianity is not only Islam’s chief global rival, it is a barrier to the American Cultural Left’s social vision (think abortion and gay marriage). Whatever the motivation, this ignores a serious (and growing) foreign threat.

    For their part, Christians, in spite of their supposedly violent natures, have accepted all of this rather passively. Indeed, to be a Christian apologist these days seems to involve a lot of apologizing for being a Christian at all. This alone should be sufficient evidence of Christianity’s peaceful nature. I mean, I don’t hear many Muslims apologizing for the Muslim invasion of Europe (which preceded the Crusades by almost 400 years), for the recent scandal of some 1,400 children systematically raped by Muslim men in Rotherham, England, or for the oppression of women and religious minorities in Islamic states.


    Another case of British girls being raped by the MUSLIM:

    Nearly 400 British girls as young as eleven are believed to have been sexually exploited by Muslim rape gangs in Oxfordshire over the past 15 years, according to a chilling new report. It charges local officials with repeatedly ignoring the abuse due to a “culture of denial.”

    The scale of the abuse in Oxfordshire, a county in southeast England, mirrors similarly shocking accounts of the sexual exploitation of white British girls by Muslim gangs in Bristol, Derby, Rochdale, Rotherham and Telford, and implies that the problem is not isolated, but endemic.

    The 133-page Serious Case Review (SCR) was published on March 3, the same day that British Prime Minister David Cameron convened the so-called Downing Street Abuse Summit, during which he unveiled a raft of new measures aimed at bringing more offenders to justice.

    The report — which reveals that there are “grounds for believing” that 373 girls have been sexually exploited by gangs in Oxfordshire since 2004 — focuses on the accounts of six girls and their contact with the authorities. The girls were the victims in the “Operation Bullfinch” trial, in which seven Muslims were found guilty, in May 2013, of trafficking and raping the girls



  2. Muslims say Quran is God’s word and the name of God is Allah and Mohammad is his Messenger No.1 followed by Moses, Abraham, Jesus…. They also say Bible is “changed” by people, so God sent Quran with a promise that it would be protected from modifications. My question to them is, did the God not know that the Bible would be changed by people? God is the Knower of past and future things. Why did he want to send another book in Quran? Since they believe that Bible was God’s word, why can’t they believe that He would ALWAYS protect His Word from manipulation. What was the need for the true God to issue another book called Quran and protect it instead of protecting His original word contained in the Bible? God is not a humanbeing to write something and change it later. Once He said something, THAT IS FINAL, no more changes to what He has already said. Where in the Bible the name “Allah” is mentioned? The true name of the true God is JEHOVAH, which is mentioned in the Bible more than 7,000 times. Since the translators of the Bible thought that we should not call God in his name to show respect to Him, they have replaced the name with LORD, GOD, CREATOR, etc.
    I converted to Islam after reading Quran. Before converting to Islam, I had read only the New Testament written by Matthew, Mark, Luke & John, so I had a little knowledge about the Bible. After converting to Islam, I also studied the Bible and read it in full from Genesys to Revelation and was amazed about it. I am no more Muslim and I strongly believe that in order to divert people from worshipping the true God, it was Devil’s trick to send Quran. Satan who was once an Angel, rebelled against God. He is intelligent and succeeded in his purpose of dividing people from true and false worship.

    • First, sorry for my poor English . I would like to make everything clear from the start what is your definition for a terrorist. I believe the first thing that comes to your mind a Muslim.
      Sorry but my definition is different it’s everyone who gives himself the right to kill people no matter the reason he uses to do that they are all terrorists
      Hitler was a terrorist, the man who gave the order of the Iraq invasion in 2003 is a terrorist , the people who uses religion to kill people are terrorists, the man who gave the order to Hiroshima and Nagasaki massacre is a terrorist , in 2015 the man who killed 3 students just because he hates their religion is a terrorist
      there are many atrocities that happened but it wasn’t called a terrorism because who did it wasn’t a Muslim
      second , I’m a Muslim and there is nothing in my religion called go kill people whenever you like , there are many people uses the name of Islam or I’d like to say uses religion to achieve their objectives just like what USA did to get petroleum from Iraq under the name of fighting terrorism so if you don’t know anything about Islam please stop talking non sense
      For your question
      All of the Prophets who came before Muhammad (peace be upon him) were sent exclusively to their own people. Muhammad (peace be upon him) was the only Prophet to be specifically sent with a message all humanity.

      Allah declares in the Qur’ân: “Say (O Muhammad): Indeed I am Allah’s Messenger to you all.” [Sûrah al-A`râf: 157]

      The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “Each prophet used to be sent to his own people, whereas I have been sent to all humanity.” [Sahîh al-Bukhârî]

      The Qur’ân makes it clear to us that the message of Jesus (peace be upon him) was specifically for Jews He was not sent to other nations, like the Greeks and the Romans. He was not sent as a messenger for all humanity.
      The Injil wasnt meant for all mankind as Jesus(PBUH) was specifically sent to Jews to fix their sicknesses and call them to repentance and worship of Allah with no partners . At that time Jews were making progress in medicines and so he was setup to to miracles like healing blind ,leprosy dead , create life in birds etc to show them true miracles

      Allah tells us that Jesus says: “O Children of Israel, I am Allah’s messenger to you, confirming the Law (which came) before me and giving Glad Tidings of a Messenger to come after me, whose name shall be Ahmad.” [Sûrah al-Saff: 6]

      We find the same meaning expressed in the Bible: “I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.” [Matthew 15:24]

      However, just because Jesus (peace be upon him) was sent with his message to the Jews does not mean that others were not allowed to embrace that message. Everyone who believed in Jesus (peace be upon him) and responded to his message are rightly counted among his followers, even if they were not from the Children of Israel.

      • Amira Mahmoud

        Thank you for your comments. I was already aware of the nonsense you have written in your comments when I was studying Islam and embraced it. Now I know the truth, believing you is nothing but believing nonsense.

        Do you know if one follows what Jesus had preached, there would be only peace and no disturbance like we have today because of followers of Quran? How many people will you find in your community who are peace-loving? Can you tell me a single Islamic country where there is peace? Can you also tell me a single non-Islamic country but with a sizeable Muslim population where there is peace? Terrorism was unheard in the Western Countries a few decades ago. Today because of those Muslims who chose those countries to have a better life for them and their children, there is no peace in these countries either. You go there as refugees, illegal or legal immigrants and then start showing your true color. You want your Sharia law in your adopted country too. You force your religion onto others by sword. Learn from Christian missionaries whose aim is not to convert non-Christians but spread the God’s message to the world to have a happy and peaceful living. Like someone rightly said, all Muslims are not terrorists but all terrorists are Muslims. If someone from your community is not a terrorist, then he is a supporter of terrorists, and if not a supporter, then he is a sympathizer of terrorists. Muslim countries feel the pinch of terrorism only when they are affected from terrorism. Beheading those abducted foreigners, some of them were journalists, some of them went to those countries to help the people, etc. Not only beheading but putting their pictures online. Those terrorists don’t even hesitate to gets those victims killed by children either by shooting or beheading. I cannot see those barbaric killings in pictures or videos. WHY people belonging to other religions don’t do what Islamic terrorists do??? You guys pray five times a day and do the worst devilish things. When I say ‘you’, I don’t mean personally you.

        You say Jesus was sent only to his own people. Though He was sent among Jews, His disciples, who too were Jews, went to many countries to spread the message as instructed by Jesus. Today, whoever follows Bible are peace-loving people, which is NOT the same case with those who follow Quran. And why do you think your so called “prophet” Muhammad was sent by God to all humanity? If he was a prophet, he should have agreed in FULL whatever is written in the Bible. Bible is full of prophesies, many of which are already fulfilled and some are yet to be fulfilled. One of the important prophesies was Jesus would be killed, and he would be resurrected in three days time. Quran says Jesus was not killed but he was made to look like he was killed. If he was not killed, then the whole Bible is a lie and the God who sent this Word is a lier. God cannot be a lier, whatever is mentioned in the Bible is truth. Liers are those who say the Bible is changed by people. My question to those people who say the Bible is changed is WHY God did not protect the Bible like he “protected” Quran. Why did he want another book with different teachings and also contradicting the first book Bible? God is not a human to write and then change.

        Quran also says Jesus is not the son of God. Of course he is not God’s biological son but the spiritual son.
        You say Jesus was sent by God only for Jews. He was a Jew and His disciples too were Jews. His disciples went to many countries to spread the God’s Message. Jesus has never said that He is Allah’s messenger. You will NOT find anywhere in the Bible the name Allah. The true name of God is Jehovah, which is mentioned more than 7,000 times in the Bible. That is enough to make sure Bible and Quran are two separate books, one from God and another from… know, it’s for you to guess. When you read the Bible, you will come to know what God is, however reading Quran gives a different image of God. Jehovah and Allah are poles apart.
        You say the US govt. is terrorist because they attacked Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. Do you know WHY AND WHY those countries were attacked? You just know that they were attacked by the US but don’t know the truth behind it. To destroy the terrorism and save the citizens in those Muslim countries the US and their allies attacked Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. The US military is still in those countries, which is because the government of those countries still want the US military to help them in curbing the terrorism. Why do you link the US attack on Iraq is to get oil from that country? Do you think Iraq is the only country with oil? There are dozens of Mid-East Countries who line up to sell oil to the US. The US has money and it can buy oil from any country. Do you guys know that these oil-rich Muslim Countries will go bankrupt if the US stops purchasing oil from them? If they stop importing oil just for a couple of days and use their reserved oil, the oil market will plummet to the ground. You guys have poisonous belief about the US and the Western Countries because that is the way your religious teachers and media tell you. Today it is the US and other Western Countries are feeding Muslim Countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Somalia and many more. They spend billions of tax-payers money onto you guys and in return they get s–t from you guys. You guys bite the very hand that feeds you. Unlike Islamic Countries, when the Christian Countries help any poor countries, they don’t see what religion of that country. They see the necessity of deserving country and provide assistance. Do you know any rich Muslim Countries helping non-Muslim countries? Do they allow people (Muslims or non-Muslims) of other countries to stay permanently in their countries? If you overstay there, then you will spend your days behind bar until they deport you to your country.
        You guys don’t want to be ruled by non-Muslims. The Muslims in non-Muslim countries want their own country. However, you don’t hesitate to choose the US, Canada, European Countries. Today these Christian countries are full of Muslim because of their acceptance of all religions without any bias. They don’t show partiality towards Muslims. In fact they bring plane-full of refugees from Afghanistan and other Muslim countries and feed them. These refugees are better placed today than new immigrants because of taking care of them by these Christian countries. Once settled down, then many of them start showing your original color.

        I am sorry for writing this letter disorderly. Hoping to get back your comments.

      • Hi there
        I just want clearing up some points from your statement. first of all, I totally agree with you on what you’ve said about Hitler he was the worst man ever but in some reason I guess that there is a common denominator between the two personalities of Mohamed and hitler which is brainwashing followers and using them for purpose of getting dominance to servers their goals doesn’t matter if their goals are in a right direction or not ….
        2nd I noticed that you have bad feelings for the USA because of Iraq or something like that but I’d like from you to look up your islamic civilization in the first place to find out how many battles have done during its years or how many countries have invaded under its power not to mention how many people whom got killed and kicked out because of their differently faiths …..
        3rd you seem like a good person who hates terrorism but it doesn’t mean to me that Islam as well cause I can prove my point of view by giving so many quotes from the Quran which are under the jihad item and etc ,you know what I’m saying ,
        My question now is why do you think islam is the absolute truth ? why don’t you start thinking “maybe you could be wrong “

    • “God is not a humanbeing to write something and change it later. Once He said something, THAT IS FINAL, no more changes to what He has already said. ”
      Just a little question concerning what you said : Why aren’t you Jewish then ? God sent the Torah before the bible so by your logic both the Quran AND the New testament are works of satan. Think again and the next time you think about this remember that logic does not apply to god.
      [Think about this question : Can god create a rock that he wouldn’t be able to hold ? Most people would say yes because god can do anything and everything but then if he can create a rock that he can’t hold, then he can’t hold that rock he created so he cannot do everything. BUT what people seem to forget is logic(because,if,thus,then) was created by mankind so it cannot be applied to whoever has created mankind(God).]

      • There are five books that make up the Torah, which are as follows:

        Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy.

        Do you know the above books are part of the Old Testament? Christians, who follow and believe in the New Testament, also follow and believe in the Old Testament. Bible is incomplete without the Old Testament. I don’t think Christians have any disbelief in Torah, which is God’s Word.

  3. I hate the muslims. Ima from India. You know if an outsider hates Islam, u can guess how bad is the religion. Islam makes fun of Hinduism and kills the priests. Stop playing Assassin’s Creed. Thats a islamic game. Muslims are the creator of sin.

  4. I hear that CNN and MSNBC ratings are dropping like a stone, GOOD they deserve to!!!

    I boycotted CNN, BBC and ilk, 2 months ago and have not watched a minute since.
    Just too many lies and distortions about ISLAM. The last straw was when a CNN reporter stated that 99% of Muslims are against violence in the name of ISLAM.

    I have seen the REAL polls by PEW and others.

    These so-called respected organizations such as CNN….. LIE, and their lies are of the HIGHEST ORDER.

    I observe the Islamic countries and their civil rights indexes and their religious tolerance ratings, and this is mark contrast to the lies of such phoney deceivers as Reza Aslan.

    The violence and intolerance in these countries is obvious to all who CHOOSE to look.

    70% of people now get their news from the internet and the power of the Main Stream Media is DECLINING by the day.

    And it is very understandable why this is occurring and remember this, if they lie in one area they will lie elsewhere too.


    I thank BNI for providing the REAL facts on ISLAM, I thank all others on the internet who like BNI strive to tell the public the real truth.

  5. The Decline of the West:

    Some may argue that Muslims constitute a substantial minority and it is only a matter of ‘politeness’ to know about their culture. Indeed, but what happened in the West has exceeded the limits of politeness. It has become aggressive education of the whole society about Islam and is a forced transformation of that society to comply with Islamic requirements. Because it wasn’t stopped from the beginning, Islam has become a cultural burden and a social nightmare to the society. In the UK, the Chinese and the non-Muslim Indians have been substantial minorities for decades but they did not force their culture on the others and never demanded others to conform to their culture. Many Indians are vegetarians or do not eat beef but they never allowed that to become an issue. On the other hand, Muslims always make demands and never waste an opportunity to make their presence known, often with a show of force. When it is prayers time, they do not hesitate to block the street and bring society to a stop while they perform their prayers in public places despite all the mosques they have. Judging from the way things are going, it would come as a no surprise to me if Muslims start complaining that it is offensive not to add PBUH after Mohammed’s name.

    The reality is that Western politeness is fake, and is not appreciated by Muslims because they know it is cowardice, plain and simple. They consider it a humiliating concession from a coward government ruling over a corrupt society. Furthermore, this preferential treatment doesn’t do ‘community cohesion’ any good because it is unfair to other communities. In essence, as the Western media complements Islam and praises its values, it turns against its own values. When the media describes the ‘hijab’ as a dress of modesty it implies that other women who chose not to wear it, whether Muslims or not, are not modest.

    more info:

  6. The Solution to the Muslim problem.

    If you want to get serious about the threat from Radical Islam then the following steps should be undertaken:

    First step and the most important and difficult, is the recognition of the FACT that not all cultures are equal or compatible. Such a philosophy is fallacious and fatal.

    The following are suggestions cognizant of this fact:

    1, Reduce substantially or STOP Islamic immigration. The culture associated with Islam is incompatible with Western values and Democracy. If the West needs cheap labor, then there are ample reserves available from Eastern Europe, Asia and South America. Promote child birth amongst Westerners by tax incentives and programs as well.

    2, Remove incentives for Muslims to immigrate to the West, cut back substantially on welfare support and make immigration standards much tougher. NO illiterate and poorly skilled immigrants like those from Somalia. Such immigration is a recipe for failure and HIGH CRIME. Remove the family re-union schemes, have a probation period where the immigrant must gain employment and demonstrate that he or she is trying integrate such as learning the native language.

    If not deport.

    3, An emphasize should be placed on CULTURAL integration, multicultural policy is a failure. The reason why US Muslims integrate better than the European is in part because of this. A multicultural approach encourages non- integration and the supremacist belief system that is inherent in the culture of Islam. If you come to our land you integrate to our culture or GET OUT.

    Sharia law should be BANNED. It is a fascist, intolerant law system that has no place in the West. And it is breeder of radicalization and non-integration.

    4, Zero tolerance for N0-GO areas, if Muslims try to create enclaves that they view as their own, then these areas should be forcibly broken up. Those who resist or enforce these areas should be imprisoned or deported. It should be made clear to the Muslim, if you come to France for instance, you live according to French values and culture if not you are not welcome.

    5, NO tolerance for radical Muslims, anyone who pushes this ideology or follows it should be deported or face LIFE in prison. If placed in prison they should be separated from the rest of the prison population. Since one of the major generators of radicalization are prisons where the rest of the population can be indoctrinated and radicalized.

    I am against free-speech in respect to radical Islam, in this respect I disagree with you Americans. Freedom of speech should only be allowed if it protects one’s own culture not destroys it.

    6, Develop alternative energy sources and rely more heavily on American oil if you are European. Europeans are often hostage to the fact that Western Europe is OIL poor. They feel that they have to appease the Middle-East impart because of this dependency.

    Well this dependency can be substantially reduced, if the will was there. Secondly, the Middle-East economies are very vulnerable, their only major industry is OIL. They rely on you more for their own economic security than vice versa. In the end what do you think a greedy Arab sheik cares about, his income or ISLAM. If you threaten them will lost markets, going to the USA, Russia and alternative energy. They will be the first to crack, due to the one dimensional nature of their economies they are far more prone to damage.

    7, Have laws to prevent and MONITOR foreign investment in the media, government and critical strategic industries, such INVESTMENT can lead to corruption and and manipulation. What many of you are not aware of is that oil sheiks have a LOT of money invested in organizations like CNN and other media establishments. They use this power to promote the cause of ISLAM and to silence criticism.

    (Who owns CNN?

    The answers might surprise you (or maybe not). Ever wonder why CNN and Time are so blatantly pro-islamic. Ever wonder why these weasels want are tooo eager to toe liberal / islamic propaganda??

    A good chunk of AOL Time Warner is owned by Prince Alwaleed Ibn Talal the Saudi billionaire. It is well known that Prince AlWaleed is a front for the Saudi royal family. All of the oil money that is swindled from Aramco the Saudi oil company is “invested” by Prince Al Waleed and his company.

    For more info:

    8, Re-educate the public of the greatness of Western culture, it’s achievements without the political correct guilt. The West is losing it’s culture in part because of the so-called brainwashing from the PC elite . You cannot defend your culture and way of life unless you are proud and confident OF IT.

    I see TOO many Europeans who have been brainwashed to believe that all cultures are equal, THEY ARE NOT.

    That Western civilization is EVIL or GUILTY.

    IT IS NOT !

    This SICKNESS must be stopped, it is a recipe for cultural suicide.

    9, The most IMPORTANT element, remove PC correct leaders and educators from positions of power. This CAN be done it just requires the WILL of the majority. I have seen the POLLS, the will is there and it is growing.

    At the moment they are too scared to act, because they know they will ostracized by the PC, their careers damaged or destroyed.

    However with each radical Islamic provocation this desire WILL grow and eventually critical mass will be achieved. We need a cultural revolution, for the people to take back their great countries from these weak appeasers, appeasers and apologists who have no great love of the West or it’s heritage.

    Oswald Spengler wrote a work called: The Decline of the West, this work is very heavy but the essential argument is this: the West will grow weak, apathetic, then decline and die. It will no longer have the vitality to defend it’s culture or it’s heritage, it will decline like other great civilizations of the past and that Asia will arise and become dominant.

    Well one thing I can assure you of is this, the Chinese and Japanese do not suffer from the same fatal political correctness and multiculturalism that the West suffers from. They are PROUD of their people and their cultural heritage, THEY WILL PROTECT IT, THEY WILL FIGHT FOR IT AND THEY WILL SURVIVE.

    The West has lot to learn from them in this respect and I hope they learn it before it is too late.

    Here is what David Goldman wrote:

    “The means by which France, or any other nation, could defeat the terrorists are obvious: to compel the majority of French Muslims to turn against the terrorists, the French authorities would have to make them fear the French state more than they fear the terrorists. That is a nasty business involving large numbers of deportations, revocation of French citizenship, and other threats that inevitably would affect many individuals with no direct connection to terrorism. In the short term it would lead to more radicalization. The whole project of integration as an antidote to radicalism would go down the drain. The effort would be costly, but ultimately it would succeed: most French Muslims simply want to stay in France and earn a living.”

    • I agree with you guys .. All Muslims are dangerous, they can hide behind the facade of being peaceful yet they Kill White people behind a mask. I think ISLAM should be wiped OR deport every single Muslim , white black brown back to where they need to be. Also I am not racist, i Like muslims and i think every white man should own 1.

  7. Give me a country where the reach of the prophet does not extend and I shall make them wealthy with my bounty. As for my country – fuck you all, cowards and slaves. Honestly – is there nowhere we can flee from this shitty cult?

  8. Obama is TRYING hard to islamize the USA:

    Between 2010 and 2013, the Obama administration imported almost 300,000 new immigrants from Muslim nations — more immigrants than the U.S. let in from Central America and Mexico combined over that period… Many of the recent Muslim immigrants are from terrorist hot spots like Iraq, where the Islamic State operates.

    From 2010-2013, Obama ushered in 41,094 Iraqi nationals from there… House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mike McCaul called the new policy “a federally sanctioned welcome party to potential terrorists.”

    The British press is reporting that IS has threatened to release a huge wave of migrants from Libya across the Mediterranean disguised as refugees to cause chaos in Europe. Who’s to say they aren’t setting a similar immigration bomb for America?
    Authorities can’t even get a handle on homegrown IS jihadists who are already in America.

    Why would we risk adding so many potential jihadists from abroad to the already overloaded terrorist threat matrix?

    Maybe it has something to do with this:

    Obama’s comments about Islam:

    #1 “The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam”

    #2 “The sweetest sound I know is the Muslim call to prayer”

    #3 “We will convey our deep appreciation for the Islamic faith, which has done so much over the centuries to shape the world — including in my own country.”

    #4 “As a student of history, I also know civilization’s debt to Islam.”

    #5 “Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance.”

    #6 “Islam has always been part of America”

    #7 “we will encourage more Americans to study in Muslim communities”

    #8 “These rituals remind us of the principles that we hold in common, and Islam’s role in advancing justice, progress, tolerance, and the dignity of all human beings.”

    #9 “America and Islam are not exclusive and need not be in competition. Instead, they overlap, and share common principles of justice and progress, tolerance and the dignity of all human beings.”

    #10 “I made clear that America is not – and never will be – at war with Islam.”

    #11 “Islam is not part of the problem in combating violent extremism – it is an important part of promoting peace.”#11 “Islam is not part of the problem in combating violent extremism – it is an important part of promoting peace.”

    #12 “So I have known Islam on three continents before coming to the region where it was first revealed”

    #13 “In ancient times and in our times, Muslim communities have been at the forefront of innovation and education.”

    #14 “Throughout history, Islam has demonstrated through words and deeds the possibilities of religious tolerance and racial equality.”

    #15 “Ramadan is a celebration of a faith known for great diversity and racial equality”

    #16 “The Holy Koran tells us, ‘O mankind! We have created you male and a female; and we have made you into nations and tribes so that you may know one another.’”

    #17 “I look forward to hosting an Iftar dinner celebrating Ramadan here at the White House later this week, and wish you a blessed month.”

    For more info:

    Obama has banned Muslim surveillance at mosques, Obama has prohibited the FBI from profiling Muslims, a highly effective method of combating terrorism. Obama has forced the FBI to destroy vital intelligence records on Muslims extremists.

    Obama Administration during 2011-2012 effectively neutered FBI counter-terrorism training and blinded our nation’s intelligence agencies to the threat from Islamic terrorism. Analysts and subject matter experts were blacklisted, and books and training materials were purged from official counter-terrorism training programs government-wide.


    Obama criticizes Christians but never criticizes Muslims?

    He never mentions RADICAL ISLAM, but he insults the followers of JESUS on a regular basis.

    Obama is idle while Christians are killed, sold into slavery and humiliated.

    I ask Americans, are you not ASHAMED to have this man as your LEADER?

    Is this what you have deteriorated to?

    I used to look up to America as a proud and GREAT nation,the mighty EAGLE that protected the world.

    The upholder of liberty.

    Now I see a weak pathetic nation, with a leader who is an appeaser.

    I have one final question: HOW LONG ARE YOU GOING TO PUT UP WITH THIS?

    • John, it is not just happening in America, the left are doing it in France, Holland, England, Canada, Australia, etc, then the right wing can do nothing when they get into government as there are then so many Muslim in the country and they can claim that man of them were born there so have every right.. hmmm yes every right to be another generation living off welfare, I say ship them home on the same types of boats that they came out on..
      It was obvious from the beginning when they told us that they were trying to escape from bad things that it was a li,e as they went past friendly muslim countries to get to all our welfare countries where they were totally so different and thus would find it hard to mix.. it was obvious then that there was another agenda..

  9. The Muslims superiority/inferiority complex.

    Muslims have been indoctrinated from birth that they are the true “CHOSEN” people. That their God and culture are superior.

    Yet when you look at every indicator or index of success one can only come to the conclusion of an opposite nature and they are definitely not the CHOSEN people.


    The heartland of the Islamic world is North Africa and the Middle-East, and yet despite having the great gift of Oil, this region is the second poorest in the world after Sub-Saharan Africa. The population of this region is 345 million, yet their GDP is only 1.4 trillion.

    Yet Spain with a population of 47 million has an equivalent GDP. The per capita GDP of Spain, hardly a European powerhouse is 30,000 USD. Where the Muslim region described above only has a GDP per capita of 3,500 USD. And this is so despite the massive OIL reserves that these countries have. One must ask the question, where would they be without OIL?

    Hardly superiority is it? These countries have no REAL industries, no manufacturing and their research and scientific base is pathetic. So poor are these countries in competing in a modern world economy that Muslims flock by the boat load to Europe to escape such backwardness.

    Here is what a Muslim States:

    Where is the superiority in this?


    Muslims hate the Jews, one of the reasons for this deep down is envy and an inferiority complex. And that is understandably so when you look at these figures:

    At least 194 Jews and people of half- or three-quarters-Jewish ancestry have been awarded the Nobel Prize, accounting for 23% of all individual recipients worldwide between 1901 and 2014, and constituting 36% of all US recipients

    In the scientific research fields of Chemistry, Economics, Physics, and Physiology/Medicine, the corresponding world and US percentages are 27% and 39%, respectively.  Among women laureates in the four research fields, the Jewish percentages (world and US) are 35% and 50%, respectively. 

      Since the turn of the century (i.e., since the year 2000), Jews have been awarded 27% of all Nobel Prizes and 29% of those in the scientific research fields.  (Jews currently make up approximately 0.2% of the world’s population and 2% of the US population.)

    Now lets compare this to the Muslim achievement:

    And the grand total is and wait for it…..TWO!…….yes that is right folks two Nobels in Science with a world population of 1.6 BILLION people!!!!!!!

    But lets not stop here, lets utilize other indexes of success.

    OIC [Organization of the Islamic Conference] countries have 8.5 scientists, engineers and technicians per 1,000 population as compared to 40.7 of world average and 139.3 for OECD [Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development] countries. The contribution of Muslim countries to world science literature is also meagre. Forty-six Muslim countries contribute 1.17 percent to world science literature as compared to 1.66 percent by India and 1.48 percent by Spain. Twenty Arab countries contribute 0.55 percent as compared to 0.89 percent by Israel alone.

    No major invention or discovery has emerged from the Muslim world for well over seven centuries now.

    No OIC (MUSLIM) university made the top-500 “Academic Ranking of World Universities

    Two of the widely used measures of knowledge and technology are the Knowledge Economy Index (KEI) and Knowledge Index (KI)

    Half of the bottom 50 countries for which the KEI was calculated are OIC members. 22 of the bottom 50 countries for which the KI can be calculated are OIC members.
    . . .


    The dilemma can be summed up as this, they are indoctrinated to believe they are superior. Yet on every count they are inferior, their countries are failures, economically, scientifically and militarily.

    They flee from these countries by the millions, 70% of the world’s refugees are Muslim. And when they arrive in the Western nations, due to low education, slackness and inbreeding. They are often poor economic performers.

    Having the lowest paid jobs, if they have a job.

    And all this generates a great internal conflict, they are breed to believe that they are the masters, yet every indicator reinforces the opposite. This one of key ingredients to Muslim frustration that results in violence.

    (Oh by the way it is a myth that the Muslim is not racist. It is well known fact among Muslims that the Arab Muslim look down on the black Muslim as an inferior, not a REAL Muslim.

    If you don’t believe me do some research. See how well blacks are treated there, see if they are considered equal.

    Also the Arab world are one of the worse offenders when it came to the BLACK SLAVE trade. So for those blacks in America who become Muslim, who think by doing so they are escaping white oppression, you are mistaken.)

  10. Genocide of Hindus in India’s Backyard

    Let me first start with startling facts that should have by now been well known to an Indian audience in normal course. When Pakistan was created in 1947, Hindus constituted about 15 per cent of the population of West Pakistan (current Pakistan); by 1998 it is about 1.6 per cent (p. 76, Hindus in South Asia and the Diaspora: A Survey of Human Rights 2013) – the population has declined by about 90 per cent in about 50 years. This decimation is the outcome of sustained legal and social discrimination ever since the creation of Pakistan. On the legal front, only Muslims are eligible for the position of President or Prime minister of Pakistan. The Sharia court in Pakistan has promoted religiosity and strengthened fanatics. It inflicts Islamic punishments, including stoning to death, amputation of hands and feet, flogging in public to non-Muslim citizens too. Blasphemy laws carry a death sentence and have been used to target non Muslims. Family laws for non-Muslims do not exist. Thus, marriages can not be legally established for purpose of travel, and divorce and property right disputes can not be resolved. On the social front, curriculum in government schools and Madrasas promote religious hatred against minorities. The number of Madrasas has increased from 244 in 1956 to 10,000 in 2013 (p. 74) .

    More info:

    • Mark, do you not think that isis is not doing exactly what Mohammad did, raping, torturing, cutting off heads etc.. The glee that they get out of this can only come from hell…

  11. BareNakedIslam, you said in reply to A Muslim on the
    August 7, 2013 @ 10:38 pm who said….
    You can insult Islam in whatever way or any other way. Whatever way you take to insult Islam, you will regret doing so. I cannot help you.
    That ….We will and we don’t care what you think…
    No….. we are not just saying things against Islam we are showing Muslims and non Muslims what is in their sex, war cult.. and hopefully some of them will have the brains to read it for themselves to see that this cannot possibly be a man of a good god, and decide to get out.. but out of anger many on here, I fear swear and carry on at them, which really does not show them that we are any better.. ok we do not sanction sex with animals, or babies, but look at what we allow on Hollywood, or what our own do re sex and it is no wonder that muslims think that they are better as they do not see their horrors of sexually damaging babies, their cruelty, or their sex with animals, cutting the heads off people, including little babies/children.. and many other horrific things as wrong..
    For a religious cult to allow all that mohammad did and to order his people to do what he did, means it has to be an evil, cruel god and the only one that fits all that is in the quran is satan.. and of course there is some good things in it, or at least the first of it as otherwise no one would look at it let alone follow it.. let me know what you think…

  12. Susan Rice states that the world does not face an existential threat from Islam like it did from Fascism and Communism.

    Is that right?

    What would expect from an incompetent who supported the the Arab Spring and thought it would be a success. Now look at the disaster of Middle-East after her stewardship along with other PC elite tools. Instability from Tunisia to Pakistan, the rise of Iran and ISIS.

    Who would listen to this twit, a PROVEN failure on Middle-Eastern foreign policy from Egypt to Libya. And Individual who has no understanding of the REAL nature of Islam or the region. Her NUMEROUS failures prove this.

    Let me tell you ISLAM is a far greater threat to the WORLD than communism ever was for the following reasons.

    Communism after Stalin, was not AS an aggressive ideology that many Americans have been brainwashed to believe. Where Islam is expansionist and aggressive.

    The power and the danger of Communists was always exaggerated by the military industrial complex for their own purposes, MONEY AND POWER. The Mega rich of America who are stupendously wealthy also use this communist paranoia for their own purposes. Limbaugh for instance uses it every day.

    They generated a paranoia amongst the American people to fuel this scam. Soviet airlift, sealift capability were poor, their electronics and command control systems were very outdated. Their troops were poorly trained conscripts and of low motivation in terms of aggression. US technology was 15 years ahead, 20 years in computer systems.

    See the Russian soldier has never really been an aggressive soldier, his heart is not in it when attacking foreign lands but he becomes a tiger when his motherland is attacked.

    This is evident when you compare their poor performance in the Russo- Finish war to their great performance in the 41-45 German INVASION.

    Communism after WW2 was really except for a short period of time largely defensive in nature, they saw the Americans as the aggressors.

    However Communism did embrace science and learning, it did not discriminate against females like Islam does. It was far more powerful and progressive than any Islamic theocracy.

    Cuba is much better country to live in than Somalia or Afghanistan for instance.

    And they were atheists, which is far better than the irrationality of Islam who think God is on their side and JIHAD is their divine destiny. See atheists fear death, based on their belief system there is no life after death. The nuclear deterrent works well with such a mentality, it however does not work well with a religious fanatic.

    The Soviets did not want war, they lost 30 million WINNING World War Two, they knew far more that about the horrors of war than any spoilt cocooned American ever could. They were invaded and faced the full brunt of the Nazi War Machine. It is estimated they lost a third to half of their national wealth in that war.

    The Soviets did not want another war of even greater magnitude their sense of loss was too great.

    Now compared that to Islam THEY are not scared of death, they believe God is on their side and that heaven awaits then if they carry out Jihad. This makes them far more dangerous and aggressive from a psychology point of view. And if they ever become nuclear a far more serious threat, because the deterrent effect with be reduced by the above factors.

    Additionally Islamic states are far more poor than the Communist states and far more backward.

    Remember the USSR put the first satellite and man into space, their education levels were far higher.

    The Islamic states economic poverty and low education lead to extensive instability again making them more dangerous. The many Islamic states face ecological disaster in the future, again increasing desperation and fueling extremism.

    Europe and the West does face an existential threat, first there is the cost of ISLAM which threatens bankruptcy, refer to my post called ISLAM TAX below.

    Then there is this:

    The demographic threat that Islam presents to the West, it is not all just about nuclear weapons and bomb attacks.The Muslims present a real threat to the quality of life of a nation and it’s civilization through, NO-GO areas, high crime, welfare dependency which threatens bankruptcy and the fascist desire to impose Sharia law, once the population gets to critical mass. That is the danger Islam really presents. Something entirely lost on the ELITE class which Rice represents.

    Communists NEVER posed such a threat from within, which is far more dangerous. Communism was never assisted like Islam is by a PC elite intend on cultural suicide. The communism were civilized and tiny in number in the West, they were an aberration,. The Muslims population in contrast are growing stronger by the day.

    Now Americans would say, yes Europe is in trouble but what has that got to do with us?
    Typical self-absorbed American view.

    Well Americans have to look at the big picture, which many of you are not too good at. If America continues to have soft leaders like Obama, then Iran WILL get the bomb that is a certainty. Then they will hold the world to hostage through nuclear threat, the West is impotent when a country becomes nuclear, they become to scared to confront it directly. Iran knows this and it wants these weapons desperately.

    Don’t believe me, nuclear weapons are a great power magnifier, little North Korea with a GDP of a peanut, can and does push the USA around.

    When Iran gets the bomb they will control the oil fields and the Suez canal, presenting a great threat to world economic stability. And they will use this power to further the cause of Islam. If you think our leaders are weak now, just look at them when Iran becomes the superpower of Middle-East.

    When Iran becomes nuclear, Saudi Arabia will as well to counter Iranian power. You will then have a nuclear arms race in the Middle-East. Within decades they will have missile systems that can reach New York. Now can you imagine such a system getting in the hands of ISIS and believe me Saudi Arabia is very vulnerable to this.

    What a disaster!!!!, we would not be dealing with civilized Chinese or Russians here, but sadistic nuts. This is a death cult, do you think the nuclear deterrent would work with a death cult?, who believe they will go to paradise in war?

    And there is the very real possibility that Western Europe will become Islamic by 2060. What will happen to the nuclear weapons systems of France and the UK if these country become Islamic? Who will they be pointed at?

    Rice would laugh and say: “ laughable nonsense!”

    Is it?????, maybe Rice is briefed by the CIA, the same CIA that failed to predict the fall of Communism, the revolution in Iran in 79, the invasion of Kuwait and Afghanistan, the Arab spring, that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and sept 11.

    Yes a very reliable source indeed, their predictions have been exceptional.

    Think about it?

    Far fetched you say maybe but quite possible. In the worse case scenario America with surrounded by hostile agents equipped with nuclear weaponry. And these guys will be Islamic, they will have god on their side.

    And as radical Islam spreads across the world like a cancer, the terrorist threat will grow tremendously as their population grows, Americans will become attacked on a frequent basis from within. American will live in fear and uncertainty like never before. And when Iran becomes nuclear it is only matter of time before a terrorist equipped with a nuclear suitcase bomb will raise New York to the ground.

    Now did the communists present this type of threat?….. NO.

    The radical Muslims unlike the Soviets are eager to use one, that is a CRITICAL difference.

    In the future American may be surrounded by hostile states and the loss of Allies, it my become bankrupt as the endless war of terror and hopelessness of middle-east suck it resources dry. Refer to ISLAM TAX.

    America does face a grave threat far greater than communism for those who can see it.

  13. REMEMBER the Battle of Tours 732 AD.

    If it was not for this VICTORY, Europe would probably have been Muslim from 800 AD onwards.

    There would have been NO Renaissance, NO Enlightenment, NO Civil Rights movement, NO industrial Revolution, NO Green Revolution, No IT Revolution etc. And most importantly no Democracy. Women which are half the population would still be living as sex and domestic slaves.

    The term FREEDOM would be a LOST concept, you would have ISLAMIC theocracy instead. A theocracy that crushes free thought, suppresses individuality, destroys diversity and locks one into a vicious cycle of poverty.

    The world would be very different, life expectancy would still be around 30 years of age, people would be living in squalor and disease. There would be no computers, no cars, no electrical items like washing machines, the great edifice of technology and science that has arisen to give humanity an unprecedented standard of living would be missing.

    There would be mass corruption and inefficiency since Islamic states are renowned for this. Education for the vast vast majority would simply be learning the Koran and the suppression of anything that conflicts with it.

    Remember the Battle of Tours, it was the most IMPORTANT victory in European history, far more important than those World War Two battles. And also remember we are now in a current day BATTLE of TOURS. Yes that is right, the stakes are just as high and the ramifications are just as great.

  14. Mohammed and Jim Jones

    Jim Jones was a psychotic megalomaniac who created a cult to serve his own purposes. His cult has a lot of similarity to ISLAM.

    Oppressive conformity, a leader who is self-serving in his religious preachings. A narcissistic manipulator.

    When you read the Medina verses it seems that Spencer of Jihad Watch MAY BE right. This guy has many of the same qualities of the charismatic but sinister Jim Jones.

    He must had been very charming and a skilful orator like Jones, he may have begun like Jones with good intentions.

    Jim Jones was decent man at first, who descended into violence, arrogance and paranoia. More often than not GREAT power can corrupt the soul. In part this along with drug addiction MAY have warped Jones.

    Jones became an atheist but realized the great power of religion to manipulate, especially if you are seen as prophet. He began to use his power as a “PROPHET” to manipulate others, to gain sex and further is control. In the end he was CONTROL junkie and this mixed with a drug cocktail habit lead to disaster.

    I believe if you look at the life of Mohammed there are many similarities. I suspect that many of the divine revelations from GOD or ALLAH were fabrications created by Mohammed the satisfy his own sexual and materialistic desires, to justify them.

    The verses that refer to WAR BOOTY and the verses that encourage female SEX slavery support this argument.

    It now quite obvious to me now that Mohamed was probably a 6th century Jim Jones.

    • Rice and Obama, Andrew, and Jim Jones…

      Question…why do you change your name for each of these posts?

      The post(s), by the way, are incredibly well done and are very, very enlightening…IMHO.

      Great stuff, indeed.

      Don’t go away. The more posters like you, the better.

      • Lulu, that is lovely that you respect all religions, good on you, it is a shame though that your prophet/allah did not also.. perhaps if you read your quran you would see verses that show that you are not even allowed to be friends with infidels let along accept their religion, that all religions and people are to be destroyed if they will not submit to allah, as allah will have no rivals..
        I would suggest that everyone take a look at this site, you might have to cut and past it onto Google or what ever.. I know a lot of it from school but most people do not put the horrific advance of Islam with the implementation of the Crusaders to protect what was left of Christian countries, and so they drove them back.. and yes they also did some terrible things, people do seem to hit the bottom when at war against a horrendous enemy. Imagine the hatred of non Muslims as they hear of how their own are being raped, tortured, and their heads being cut off and that is generally done slowly to cause the greatest of pain.. yes the hatred would be paramount.

        Why We Are Afraid, A 1400 Year Secret, by Dr Bill Warner …

  15. Hi!

    My name is mohomod and I am the messenger of pisslam (PBUM – peace be upon me).

    I am a permanent resident of Hell and I will soon apply for citizenship of the 666th level.

    I am here to tell my followers that life here is complicated and I am to cope with it in eternity.

    The every night life (there is no day in here) is quite the opposite of what I have experienced in my living. Now, I might seem alive, but my imp friends always tell me I could definitely look better without my horns.

    So, getting back to my former wives and female slaves (Christian and Jews) I have to admit that the hellish women are literally pigs and apes (the way I called them when I was alive). Except for a few beautiful sows (female adult pigs), I miss child Ayesha and her sock puppets for there is not much to expect from those harpy hags. Plus, they hurt my tushie.

    Alas! No more of sucking young boys’ tongues. And boy! It ain’t easy job to deal with the Hydra as it possesses many heads. Hence the expression giving head.

    Sodomy? This time, it is me at the receiving end. It’s all on me to soothe the un-satiated gorgons. Not to mention their uncouth, devious and unsavoury gaze.

    On the positive side, there is one thing they allow me to take when I am thirsty, same liquid that I myself used to drink when I was a thug warlord. Camel piss, you guessed right!

    Now I have to get back to studying Jewish (it is compulsory for me and my colleague Hitler). Again, I might have misspelled Khaybar and Yes! the mighty gorgons will come back funk me again in the yes.


    I was reading about Ayatollah Khomeini and I came across some disturbing quotes and statements.

    “A man can have sex with animals such as sheep, cows, camels and so on. However. he should kill the animal after he has his orgasm. He should not sell the meat to the people in his own village; however, selling the meat to the next door village should be fine.”

    “A man can have sexual pleasure from a child as young as a baby. However, he should not penetrate vaginally, but sodomising the child is acceptable. If a man does penetrate and damage the child then, he should be responsible for her subsistence all her life. This girl will not count as one of his four permanent wives and the man will not be eligible to marry the girl’s sister… It is better for a girl to marry at such a time when she would begin menstruation at her husband’s house, rather than her father’s home. Any father marrying his daughter so young will have a permanent place in heaven. [“Tahrirolvasyleh”, fourth edition, Qom, Iran, 1990]”

    “If one commits the act of sodomy with a cow, a ewe, or a camel, their urine and their excrement become impure and even their milk may no longer be consumed. The animal must then be killed as quickly as possible and burned

  17. ISLAM is very expensive to the world in more ways than one:

    1, Islamic immigration to Europe will cost them trillions in the long run in welfare costs, crime and settlement costs. For example 40% of Denmark’s WELFARE cost is to support the Muslims who are 4% of the population and there are similar percentages in others countries in the Europe. Just imagine the cost to this small country when this percentage gets to 8% or more.

    It’s system which will be bankrupt, this will happen in Sweden, France and the UK as well.

    2, Then there is the cost of crime, do you know that to keep a criminal in prison is very expensive? Based on the average cost in an advanced Western country the cost to keep someone in prison is 40,000 USD a year. Now LETS look at France, 70% of their prisoners are Muslims yet they are 10% of the population, similar ratios exist in Holland, Belgium, Sweden etc. Then there is the cost of hiring more police to handle the crime wave, the average police salary in the West is 60,000 USD.

    3, Then we have security costs, when you bring in Muslims you bring in terrorists, this will result in cost of additional security at airports, beefing up the CIA, FBI, ASIO,MI5,MI6 etc, this has cost billions.

    The cost of Homeland security in the USA alone in the year 2010-11 was $650 BILLION!.

    Plus there is the quality of life cost as well which you cannot put a number on, the fear of no-go zones, the free of walking on street at night because of Muslims gangs, the long wait at airports due to security etc. And ask a JEW in France or Denmark IF they now feel safe? Obviously not they are fleeing in droves. When the JEWS flee in droves that is an indicator that EVIL is prevailing.

    And remember this from history, they start first with the Jew, then they move on to the rest, ONE BY ONE.

    5, Then there is the cost of war to bring democracy and stability to the HOPELESS Middle-East, the TRUE cost of Afghanistan and Iraq is 3.5 to 4 trillion dollars:

    3.5 to 4 trillion was spent because of the instability of the Middle-East and instability directly related to the culture of ISLAM. Now the USA would have 4 trillion still in it’s bank account if it was not for ISLAM. Money to build schools and hospitals, money to repair your roads and bridges etc.

    And ISLAM like the evil cancer that it is will continue to draw blood out of the USA due to the incompetents in the White House, idiots like W Bush and Obama who followed him.

    Both were and are incompetent administrations in RESPECT to the Middle-East that have destroyed the whole balance of power in the region, and as result the USA will be involved in Military and financial support there for decades.

    This cancer which is called a faith WILL bankrupt the West one way or another.

    • Excellently put Islam Tax.. they are bleeding us dry and from what I have read, they have openly said that they would take from our welfare, that they would keep taking as we are fools, and they will deliberately bankrupt us..
      Every where they go their turn the place into a barren place.
      I have read on a muslim site that they think that we are unreasonably against them as we are not against nuns wearing things to cover their bodies from head to toe, but what they do not realise is that we have nothing against them wearing head gear either as long as like nuns it does not cover their faces, so as we know that it is not a man or someone dangerous.. it is for their protection as well as ours for everyone to be able to see their faces, and it is not nuns who blow up things, or strap on bombs, etc.. only people from the religion of Islam does that and then they wonder why we put stricter restrictions on them or profile them, only someone with half a brain or an agenda would wonder that.

    • The cost of Homeland security in the USA alone in the year 2010-11 was $650 BILLION!.

      It should be:

      Total spending for the period from 2001-2011 was 650 billion US Dollars. Still a hell of a lot.

  18. One of Islam’s strangest phenomena is as follows. These mosques become dangerous intellectual cesspools of Islam think. Only the most devout believers work their way into leadership positions. These people are the most likely to believe Islamic calls to violence. The inability to rationalize anything about Islam is at its height inside the mosques. There are numerous cases of mullahs being murdered by their own co-religionists for having not been conservative enough.

    Let’s look at how the fear, the killers, and the rules, create a complete cycle

    So, all of these items come together in a random fashion. The order is not important. Everyone gets indoctrinated as a child. Indoctrination continues in adults. Everyone always talks good of Islam. No one ever speaks badly of Islam. There is a continuous preaching of the flaws of the non-Muslim world. There is a consistent preaching of Islamic perfection.

    Family members watch families. Friends watch friends. The mullahs keep stoking the cyclical system. The most deeply devout – along with the sympathizers – make sure all Muslims stay within the expected norm. Reasonable questions never get asked. Unreasonable beliefs are reinforced. And all the time an unseen army of devout killers makes sure all of this happens.

    So here is the self-replicating cycle. The fear leads to no one questioning the system. No one questioning the system leads to de-facto acceptance on issues of Islam. Because all accept the system the, system must be right. Because believers vocalize praise for Islam, everyone only hears praise for Islam. No one ever hears anything bad about Islam. No one quits. No one questions. No one criticizes. All children become part of the system.

    • Hi!
      My name is mohomod and I am the messenger of Satan (PBUM – peace be upon me).

      I’ve come to create my cult of death because I know the mohomodists are gullible enough to believe everything I say.

      I bring forth my wars in every pisslamic country: shia vs sunni, Irak vs Iran, Irak vs Kuweit, Isis vs the Syrian govt., Afghani vs women, Paki vs Charlie Hebdo, Sudan North vs Sudan South, Boko Haram vs schoolgirls, Al Shabab vs the rest, Hezbollah vs Hamas vs Fatah, Al-Qaida vs Isis, Kurds vs Turks, Erdogan vs Columbus.

      And of course, the Jews are responsible for all of it.

      Thank you very much for your attention and I expect all of my followers to go to Hell.

  19. King Barack Hussein states: “that 99% of Muslims reject the the terrorist view of Islam”.

    Is that right?

    So that explains why the vast majority of MUSLIM states are fascist or quasi-fascist?

    That explains why Muslim states rate at the bottom of human rights and freedom indexes?

    So that explains in POLL after POLL the majority of Muslims support Sharia law and political Islam?

    That is why there are none protesting against terrorist actions?, wait a minute they are protesting that those who insult Islam should be punished however.

    This Muslim commander in chief should be replaced as SOON as possible. Another 2 years of this fool.

    Oh by the way the “RELIGION OF PEACE” is approaching the 25,000 terrorist attacks since 9/11 mark.

    Now there have been almost 25,000 acts of terror by Islam since 9/11, now how many terror attacks have been launched by Christians, Hindus etc since 9/11?

    Says a lot

    Finally these polls which the President surely knows about proves that his 99.9% claim is laughable and that he is a LIAR or DELUDED to the point that he is not fit to be president:

  20. I don’t now if Japan allows those filthy pedifile meeting houses called mosques anyway.

    The peaceful religion murdered two innocent Japanese men in cold blood, and I hope The Japanese retaliate with everything in their power. I hate you muslims, the world hates you and soon you will all be dead and in hell where you sub humans belong.

  21. The Koran is the “perfect word of God.” – This means it can’t be questioned or changed.

    Mohammad was the perfect human. – The fact he was a murderer, mugger, rapist, child pedophile and thief is ignored. The inability of Muslims to talk about this rationality is responsible for the erratic behavior Muslims sometimes exhibit.

    All men should strive to be like Mohammad. This leads devout Muslims to fanatical and erratic behavior.

    Lying in the furtherance of Islam is OK. – More reason for erratic behavior.

    Islam is the only true religion. All others are “not true.” – This belief is driven into the collective Muslim consciousness to such a high degree that even only marginal believers will agree.

    Islam includes a form of 1984 style double talk. Islam is the freedom of God. Democracy is the tyranny of man.

    Muslim superiority. Muslims have a rightful place ahead of others. – Believed by large percentage of Muslim population. Even believed by only marginal believers.

    Non-Muslim inferiority. – Believed by large percentage of Muslim population.
    (Of course non-Muslims can change their position by converting to Islam.)

    All the world must be Muslim. God said it – it must be true.

    Any degradation of Islam, Mohammad, or the Koran is cause for death – at the hand of an unseen killer.

    Islam is perfect – No questions, No changes, Can’t quit— All are warned if they do any of these—they could be killed.

    Islam is more important than family.

    Family members kill members who stray from Islam.

    Family members, if they are non-believers, have nothing in common with you and should be abandoned or ignored.

    Killing and other crimes in the name of Islam are usually never punished.

    Trusted friends can only be Muslim. – This is one reason why Muslims don’t integrate when they emigrate to non-Muslims societies.

    All Muslims have obligation to spread or help spread Islam.

    If a Muslim cannot fight in jihad, Islamic law says he must aid the jihad in some way.

    Islam is a political entity – Islam is the state.

    This system elevates religion – Islam – to the ultimate pinnacle of Muslim consciousness.

    And then there is the Mosque/Mullah infrastructure.


  22. fuck muhammed the pedophile and false teacher..may he burn in hell along with all his followers. no muslim country is happy and there is reason why…look at any country in middle east, look at apnic nations…and remember islamist terrorist attacks. may they join muhammed in the deepest pit of hell.

    • I remember years ago—I was living in a small Canadian city. We knew a Muslim couple who had a business in the area. They told us that , even though their kids were in our Canadian schools, that they would slap them across the face if one word of English was spoken in their home. WTF???

    • Fuck all you heathens,apes and swine. Islam is the light. Don’t confuse it with Kharijte behavior. You Christians and so called Hebrews murdered al the prophets when they came with good news and warnings!

      • Michael, you probably know that Muslims play a game of pretend.. They pretend to us that all is well with Islam and it is just like the new Testament..
        But because their whole religion is also their government, most of them think that it is the same in our countries, that we are all Christians and our government is part of it.. they do not realise that this is far from the truth that our governments have nothing to do with the individual religions and this is why we can have so many religions living in peace all together.. Mind you, other than Islam, all religions teach to love, peace, kindness and to care for everyone, and that is ALL the way through their holy books, with Islam they teach this in the beginning but once their number grew to become a force Mohammad, sorry Allah changed his mind.. remember this is a man like many others before and after him who have said that they have seen an angel or what ever, that no one else saw or had proof of that what they had seen was indeed true, so no one knows it the words were not in their imaginations or were to manipulate the people, remember that, that this is how Mohammad lived and didn’t have to work, he or they got their living from taking booty, raiding villages and caravans killing, raping and taking sex slaves and later countries…

  23. Look you fucked up, backwards ass ragheads. You goat smelling cowards are just pissed because “ISLAM” has contributed NOTHING to the civilized world. The simple truth is that your forefathers fucked you when they decided CENTURY after CENTURY to keep you living in the dark ages. They are the ones you should be pissed at!!!

    Regardless of the plain truth, NOBODY gives a shit about ISLAM !! IF YOU PEOPLE WANT TO LIVE BY SHARIA LAW AND CUT EACH OTHERS HEAD OFF, I SAY GO DO IT!!!!! I think you should continue to form a society of people walking the streets with maimed, crippled, loss of limbs because of your ignorance!!… BUT KEEP YOUR DUMBASS OUT OF THE CIVILIZED WORLD!!!….STAY IN YOUR SAND BOX AND HAVE AT IT!!!

    Its a shame there are so many innocent people that suffer from your muslim bullshit! ONE FACT THAT WILL NEVER BE DISPUTED is that you will continue to be herded by the world community like the animals you are……you and your turtle ninja women!!

    I’ll give you clowns one thing….your good for a laugh!!! The whole world laughs at your culture! your “religion”! EVERYTHING!!!!! about you is a joke!!

    • josephm, I hope that all that was not meant for BareNakenIslam as he is one on here who is trying to wake people up. And yes we are angry at what they are doing and they openly say that they intend to do to our nations and our women.. but really Josephm the ones u should be the most angry at, is our fools of left wing politicians who have opened the gates for them plus cut some of the fences so as they can flood in faster.. The right wing governments are then left looking bad if they try to make them go back, or will not let any of these so called poor people in, who by the way go back home to these horrible countries that they say that they are escaping form for holidays… beat that eh.. and still our politicians do not wake up.. But lets face it, it has taken a long long time for our own to wake up.. up until now people were brain washed by the media to believe that we were helping these poor people.
      Muslims are breed to hate us, they are taught from the moment they come out of the birth canal that we are mongrels, and with all the swearing and the way some on here talk, all it does is back up that they are right and that we need to be exterminated.
      josephm, it surprised me greatly to see that many thousands of Muslims have actually taken to reading the quran for themselves, the whole thing, AND have themselves become horrified at what their so called prophet actually did himself to the people around him.. how he/they raided villages, slaughtered people, raped women, and took women for their sex salves. Mohammad allowed his men to do so and he himself did so, all in the name of allah and what makes it more sickening is that they yelled praises to allah while they raped and slaughtered..
      But josephm, we do nothing to convince them that we are any better than them or even as good as them if we yell, swear and scream at them.
      From some of what I have read on here, some muslims have said spoken far better and more intelligently than many abusive people on here, only because the replies from muslims that I have read have not spoken and sworn and been nasty as so many on here have..

    • josephm, everyone on here is sounding no better than Muslims, full of hate, and I do not blame them..
      We were brain washed into thinking that these poor people wanted to escape their war ravaged home lands and so we out of kindness took them in, and they have rewarded us with violence, gang raping our girls because we show a bit of flesh, and THEY do not believe that is right it is against their religion, they kill when we do something they consider is not right because of THEIR religion, they burn, turn cars over and set them alight when something upsets them, they riot when something upsets them, etc, all because their war cult tells them to hate us because we are not muslims, BUT we MUST not lower ourselves to their level, other wise we are no better than them, we prove to them that we are only worth exterminating.
      We know that they hate us but, and by the way, they are taught that even when they are being born, and the hate shows in their faces and as they get older those hate lines are in the muscles of their face which is probably why so many of them look so ugly.
      And really, they actually believe a man who says he saw an angel which HE said was from god, and they believed him when absolutely NO ONE ELSE saw this angel…
      Why would any normal person follow a man who was the only one who said that he saw this angel, and it seems to me that so many people fall for this trick. It has made many people a lot of money over the centuries, we have a few of them around these days saying the same thing,… and making big money out of it also.
      Gee it is a win, win situation, Mohammad’s folowers raided, took booty and women for sex slaves what half brained man would not want to follow that.
      They can come to our country and practice their religion, build mosques etc, but as they march across our lands making no go areas for us, just as they did before the crusaders started, they will not give us the same rights, they destroy everything that is from the culture that they are trying to stamp out, no matter how incredible it is they destroy it or burn it, along with the inhabitants who will not submit…
      But we must NOT lower ourselves to their level, and we know it is anger that has reduced us down, BUT, they will say, “see you are no better”.

  24. just have to say I’m happy to see some other people who have their eyes open and want these hajis glassed off the face of the earth as badly as i do… The us government is not taking them seriously enough and it disturbs me. I have a hunch that it has something to do with king obama being part muslim himself…… The world really needs to wake up, THESE PEOPLE WANT NOTHING BESIDES OUR DEATH. Someone has to step up and declare war not only on terrorism, but ISLAM itself. I can only hope someone comes up with a solution soon.

    • fuhrerv2, it is not just America who has been swamped by these animals, they tell us that they had to get out of their countries because they were scared for their lives, but as soon as they can they go home for holidays all on our welfare money of course..
      they have gone past other muslim countries to get to all our welfare countries and that includes here in Australia.
      People do not realise that once they go past a safe country, they are no longer refugees. and besides we have to wonder why the hang would they want to come to countries which were totally alien to them with different cultures, it couldn’t possibly be so as they can live off our welfare and to take over while we pay them to do so could it..
      Here in Australia, the Australian Muslim woman’s association also wanted us to pay for their trips home for holidays as they missed their families and traditions, beat that eh, and that is to the countries that they told us that they were escaping from.
      In the past, when our politicians were there for the people, when a country or nation attacks another country and we went to war against them, those people who lived in our countries who were from the attacking county were put into camps, not just for our protection but for theirs also. BUT what happened this time when they attacked us and killed almost 3000 in one go, and about the same since from sickness caused by the fall out, we opened the flood gates in western countries and let them rush on in.. we will take you in so as you can attack us more safely from within. beat that eh..
      They used to hang traitors once but now we treat them as hero’s..
      Right is being made to look wrong and wrong is being made to look right in nearly every thing we have held dear, and has proven to worked for thousands of years.. We allowed a handful of people (traitors) to turn our world upside down, starting with Hollywood, and then the governments who have not protected us against their evil films, and they are winning. They are winning because the people stay silent, led like sheep to the slaughter, no I have that wrong, it will be our babies who will be led like sheep to the slaughter because of our inaction, so does that make us traitors also.

  25. Well, fuck you then…you will never live in freedom when you use freedom to mock Muslims… you gets destroyed… fuck your freedom!.. fuck you all…


    Exit Sweden

    With vast parts of the Middle East and North Africa in turmoil, there is every indication that the number of asylum seekers will increase in the coming years. And as there is no sign that Sweden’s seven united parties will dismantle their open door policy, one may safely predict that Sweden’s goose will be cooked well before the December Agreement runs out in 2022. Sadly, its days as a free and democratic welfare state will be over. A population of perhaps eight million Swedes cannot accommodate and pay for perhaps four million such immigrants in eight years. It is as if the United States were to accept 150 million immigrants.

    If we estimate that 80,000 asylum seekers will be granted permanent residence every year for the next eight years, we reach a figure of 640,000. As it is generally estimated that every new permanent resident from third-world countries will be followed by 2-3 family members or dependents, we are probably talking about an influx of two and a quarter million by 2022.

    By that time, Sweden, which prides itself on being a “humanitarian superpower,” will have become a failed state and there is nothing the discontented can do about it except leave the country. This was precisely what the UN predicted, but subsequently, it withdrew this prognosis.

    Many have wondered what motivates the political establishment. Why do they insist on filling the country with foreigners, most of whom will become dependent on the state because they do not have skills required for jobs in the modern economy?

    Check in next week.


      • I would have to agree, after seeing this it is all happening over again, and we help them… take a look at this, you might have to cut and paste.
        Why We Are Afraid, A 1400 Year Secret, by Dr Bill Warner …
        It is something that everyone should send out to all that they can.. we are constantly told that we were to blame for the crusaders but when you see this you can see why the Crusaders came about…

  27. I hear that the German protests have been cancelled due to death threats.

    This is a surrender to the Islamic fascists, this only encourages them. It gives the impression that we who resist this threat are WEAK and such techniques are effective.

    We must not give into them we must FIGHT, otherwise you WILL lose your NATIONS, your CULTURE and your way of LIFE.

    The only way to handle bullies and scum like them is to stand up to them. If you give in so easily, they will WIN.

    If this MUSLIM method continues, that is to intimidate others through fear, then we will have to respond likewise.

    The ELA , short for EUROPEAN LIBERATION ARMY, should be founded, it should be modeled on the IRA, a highly effective organization. If the Muslims want to use FEAR to intimate then TWO can play at that game.

    Maybe it is time to make radical Muslims too scared to open their mouth as well.

    • Mohammad said that he had been made victorious through fear.. and everywhere they go they act as bullies and people give into them through fear of them, so if we do this now we might as well just hand the world over to them right now and save even trying to fight for our kids sake..
      But oh, through being such cowards, what a rotten future we would be giving our children, a race which will not fight for the protection and the sake of their children is dammed as far as I am concerned..

    • Also because the muslims say that The Koran is the last, and final revelation from god. this is gods final word.. A temptation to sick fanatic violence straightaway

  28. We keep on hearing from conservatives, liberals and ALL in between that the majority of Muslims are against Radical Islam. They give examples of liberal Muslims who attack political Islam, ALL TWO OF THEM.

    Yes that is right folks a mere handful out of a population of 1.6 Billion.

    They are desperate to show the majority do not sympathize with the extremists.

    This is done by the elites to accommodate Muslims, not to antagonize them, there are 1.6 billion of them and they FEAR A WORLD WIDE clash of civilization if they say otherwise.

    The elites fear the lost of Allies in the Middle East and restriction to oil supplies and considerable ramifications resulting from this. The elites are also manipulated by the Muslim OIL RICH through their considerable investments in the media and their influence on the governments of Britain through their financial power.

    Additionally they fear the rise of FAR RIGHT in Europe and civil war if they promote the true facts about Islam, if they are aware of it that is, which I have my doubts.

    However the truth is the truth, the world is already in a war of civilization, 70% of Muslims support SHARIA which is Islamic fascism, this is shown by study after study by respective organizations like Pew, it shown by the failure of democracy to take root in Islamic nations.

    EVEN dopey conservative commentators like O’Reilly fail to realize this. What is 70% of 1 .6 billion people, over a billion. That is why there are no major protest by Muslims against terrorist attacks.

    Conservatives like O’Reilly has no idea about Islam that is why he failed to see that the Arab Spring would be a failure that would lead to destabilization resulting in the rise of extremism, that is why W Bush failed to see that the Iraq and Afghanistan nation building exercise would be a FAILURE, that is to bring democracy to the Islamic world.

    Three trillion dollars was wasted in that failure exercise.

    These incompetents have destroyed the balance of power in the Middle-East. Secular dictatorship is the only form of government that allow a RELATIVE stability in such a environment.

    The simple unspoken fact is that Islam and democracy are incompatible.

    O’Reilly also fails to see that Mohamed was a religious fascist, the Medina verses prove this and his actions as a bandit reinforce them. The history of Islam is a violent and aggressive except for a very short period of time.

    And why because they follow Mohamed teachings:

    Qur’an (8:39) – “And fight them until there is no more Fitnah (disbelief and polytheism: i.e. worshipping others besides Allah) and the religion (worship) will all be for Allah Alone [in the whole of the world ]. But if they cease (worshipping others besides Allah), then certainly, Allah is All-Seer of what they do.”  Translation from the Noble Quran

    Qur’an (9:29) – “Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.”  Suras 9 and 5 are the last “revelations” that Muhammad handed down – hence abrogating what came before, which includes the oft-quoted verse 2:256 -“Let there be no compulsion in religion…”

    THE TRUTH IS THE TRUTH even if it has major unpalatable consequences.

    • Talk about loser, the the Muslims are the definition of LOSERS! Inbreed, low IQ, violent and criminal and nearly every Muslim state is a failure. That is why they run to the West to feed off, like the Loser parasites that they are!

    • There’re no Muslim kids in schools. They are in beds instead. One of these kids (iirc, her name was Aisha) was in the bed of a certain pedoprophet-whom-i-won’t-name when she was as 9. Sounds familiar?

    • Bullied by Mooslimes? HA! As soon as your ‘warriors’ are out of bullets, they surrender and start to cry. I’d love to see all these tough guys go with thier hands…..Can’t wait for the Jews to start expanding on their boarders….

  29. When so-called “peaceful” and “moderate” Muslims (the ones who don’t kill anyone, but celebrate when their terrorist brethren do pillage, rape, and murder non-Muslims) EVER stand with so-called “unbelievers,” and fight this Islamic scourge upon human civilization, THEN I will be more than happy to treat them with the utmost respect. Their problem is that they expect US to behave like spineless and mindless dhimmis, and will have us to actually believe that these Islamist terrorists are NOT MUSLIMS–and I refuse to abide with such dishonesty and cynicism.

    CAN Islam be reformed in some way, where they’d reject the Medina verses, and only embrace the Meccan ones? I suppose its possible…but is as likely as a blue whale being launched to the moon in a lead balloon. Frankly, I wish someone would simply nuke the Kabaa and be done with it (If they have nothing to pray towards, or to go to for their pilgrimage obligation, then what will they do? Seems to me that once the physical manifestation of their god is utterly destroyed, any point of trying to be a practicing Muslim is moot.).

  30. Islamic are homophobic misogynist low paedophilic
    They put ala higher than the constitution of any country an it is unacceptable We believe that we are tolerant and at the same time we are naïve gullible humans.
    The hate us for our style of living for what we are and do ; but they don’t have a problem to enjoy our technology cars antibiotics houses food you name it.Is why the come here we don’t immigrate to Muslim land countries
    Please search why in 1492 the Spanish king Don Fernando and Isabel expel them out of the country after 800 years

  31. Muslims often quote the the following: “If our religion is so bad why are we the fastest growing religion and why do we have 1.6 billion followers?”

    My answer can be summed up in three parts, here they are:


    Islam is found with very rare exception in the most impoverished states with the highest illiteracy and lowest education, is it a coincidence that Somalia, Afghanistan and Bangladesh are the poorest countries in the world and Muslim too?, I think not.

    Due to the regressive nature of the Islamic countries, democracy and economic growth are retarded. Additionally, Muslims cannot live with each other, Syria being a case in point. There is always some destructive war being undertaken that leads to further destruction and squalor. Thus this amplifies this poverty.

    Now high birth rates are associated with poor states, that is the chief reason why Islam is growing so fast, just as sub Sahara Africa has an extremely high birth rate due to poverty and poor education. Hardly a positive reason for growth is it?

    The religion grows fast in the West because the Muslim birth rate is much higher, again usually due to poverty of their communities, not because of moral superiority.


    The second reason for growth is the aggressive intolerant nature of the religion itself, this religion is in many ways like a oppressive cult, members who try to leave are faced with extreme social rejection in their communities and in the worse cases; death. It is acceptable according to extreme followers of Sharia law to kill people who convert from this religion. Naturally with such an oppressive culture there would not be many people willing to leave that faith.

    In Christianity one can freely leave that faith without the fear of death or extreme isolation from their people or their family.

    This leads to a very high retention rate in this religion. also there is a great forced indoctrination in these communities, brainwashing of the highest order and little to counter it due to a culture that crushes free thought and alternative viewpoints. Again the characteristic of an oppressive cult are seen, a child is given little option, Islam or nothing else. For example Christianity is banned or oppressed in many countries.

    Again hardly a positive reason is it?


    The third reason is the following: Islam is the religion of the sword, throughout it’s history it has been spread by violence and oppression. People of other faiths conquered by Islam were either killed, forced off their land or made into the second class citizens where they had to paid taxes and were often humiliated. Their places of worship were destroyed and they were often not allowed to practice their faith in public and definitely not allowed to covert Muslims. Millions of people have been killed or oppressed by the Muslim in history. The crusades were in fact a defensive measure undertaken by Europe to protect themselves from such assaults.

    (Historian John Philip Jenkins writes,‘As late as the eleventh century, Asia was still home to at least a third of the world’s Christians and perhaps a tenth of all Christians lived in Africa. What happened to this thriving, intellectually vibrant Christianity? It was virtually wiped out by violent Islamic persecution, especially during the fourteenth century, due to ethnic and religious cleansing.’ Islam became known as ‘the religion of the sword,’ and for good reason.)

    Now here is your option you were given: accept Islam OR die, be forced off the land you loved and have invested so much of life in, losing your wealth and property, or be treated as a second class citizen living in poverty and oppression. So it is understandable why many converted to Islam, not for love of the faith but through fear and repression.

    Again hardly a positive reason is it?

    • that,s right you growing so fast because you all going to hell mother fucker,s it wiil be better if you were not born than the punishment that,s coming aheard of you all you unsecumesized evel dowers to hell with you

    • Excellently put watcher, you obviously have done a lot of study yourself..
      When people start looking at islam and talk to clerics they are not told of the violent side if islam, and they are told that they are not allowed to lie, which is half the truth as they can to non muslims, in times of war, to further the cause of allah etc as long as they do not mean it in their hearts.. They are told that they cannot kill the innocent, but they do not say that non Muslims are not counted as the innocent so to influence non Muslims they say that those who kill are un-Islamic etc, etc.. what a lie.
      And you are so right, it would appear that thriving countries or places very quickly become basket cases when Islam is installed there.. We see this even in many places that they have immigrated to and are there on mass..
      A good example is Israel, it is thriving regardless of the daily rockets that are shot into it, they are producing, and many of our inventions come from Israel which have saved millions of lives, but right next door it is desert, dirty, barren, and a basket case.
      One has to wonder why they do not look at Israel and see that they could be like that also. So there for the only conclusion is that it is very obvious that the intellect of most Muslims is very low and primitive, because even under constant fire Israel has built a very successful nation, and the Muslims who try to make us believe that they have always been there, are still living in sand pits… good gracious they have not even bothered to build bomb shelters for their people, now uncaring is that.. plus as they cant seem to see that while the non muslim world live in basic peace, the horrors in their own holy books is very animalistic, most animals would not torture their victims like muslims do. Muslims make sure that their victims have the greatest amount of pain as they chop off their heads with their blunt knives and they get such a delight and thrill out of hearing their victims screaming in pain while the assassins yells that allah is great.. yep sure sounds like a great religious cult to me eh.. one that can only be brought about by satan..

  32. Muslims do the world a favor stand in a deep hole and pull the pin on your suicide vest. No one gives a sweet diddly about your religion. If you don’t want to live in the west move back to the hell hole you came from ,no one cares about your feelings.

  33. We do not have Islamophobia: irrational fear of Islam. It is certainly rational to worry about the advance of Islam and to speak and act against it. We are also not Xenophobes: irrationally fearing what is strange and foreign. In fact we are getting all too acquainted with Islam,and reading it’s “holy” texts only confirms what Jihadi’s claim themselves: that they are following their religion and the example of their “prophet”. Irresponsible people calling Islam a religion of peace are helping a political religion whose goal is the ENSLAVEMENT and ANNIHILATION of all non-believers to conceal it’s true intentions. Needless to say,we are also not racists: Islam or Muslim’s are not a race.

    • Spot on Bro,
      It is not Islamophobic when they are trying to kill us..
      I am amazed that after all the fighting throughout the world where it is always Muslims and an other race, that muslims are still making excuses for their religion.. there is no way that we make excuses for the Catholic priests, or the other rotten things that some people have done in the name of some religion or another, our own will not stand for it yet the minute muslims in their many thousands kill, rape, torture, cut off heads etc because their god told them to do it, with the so many of the quran it would seem ranging from 6000, through to about 6666 verses saying to do horrible things against non muslims, they stick up for them, and what’s more clerics and imams
      life under Islam is much different than the whitewashed version often presented by the Western media and Muslim pressure groups.
      It is our politicians that keep telling us that it is a religion of peace and muslims have taken hold of it and gone with it to fool we dumb non muslims who believe it..
      You said…
      Needless to say, we are also not racists: Islam or Muslim’s are not a race.
      spot on again..

    • David, you said that there is no God, well then prove it!!!!.
      I used to think it was a lot of rot until I looked into bible Prophecy.. I like science fiction so this bible prophecy stuff fascinated me, and then I realised that prophecies which were written 4000’2500 years ago were now happening in our time now.. and not prophecies like some where thy can fit anything but specific words in these prophecies.
      Thousands have tried to do so before you, even an American lawyer whose name was Lew Wallace and he wrote Ben Hur.. He was challenged by an atheist who he found in a chance encounter, this man was a well-known atheist named Robert Ingersoll.

      “Robert Ingersoll knew far more about the Bible,” and Paarlberg said, “You don’t preach against something unless you know it.
      Wallace said that he had no convictions about God or Christ. He neither believed nor disbelieved in them… Yet when the work was fairly begun, he found myself writing reverentially, with awe,” Wallace wrote. “Long before I was through with my book, I became a believer in God and Christ,” the author wrote.
      Wallace was a Union general in the American Civil War, governor of the New Mexico Territory, politician, diplomat. He was appointed Indiana’s adjutant general and commanded the 11th Indiana Infantry Regiment. Wallace, who attained the rank of major general, participated in the battle of Fort Donelson, the battle of Shiloh, and the battle of Monocacy and did not believe until!!!.
      But really David, our time on this earth is so very short and if I am wrong when I die I have nothing to loose but if you are wrong…..

    • Oh be quiet…

      You don’t know whether “There is no God” any more than someone who says “There is a God”….

      No body knows. Give it a rest.

      And don’t try that stupid hackneyed phrase…
      “Absence of proof is proof of absence”.

      That is one of the most stupid, ignorant, imbecilic phrases ever to come from the voice of “science”…

      • So do you know there are no Unicorns or are you open to the fact that Unicorns exists because you can’t prove they can’t? This is how silly a belief in god sounds to a rational person. Just because we can’t prove or disprove something that doesn’t even exist is not a compelling reason to be religious. You are just superstitious. Your religion is essentially an evolved form of ‘I am afraid of the dark’ or ‘I have monsters under my bed.” There’s no difference.

      • Ori, am boyduke is perhaps not able to see that there are many things we do not understand, and the weird thing is that no one actually understands quantum theory yet they will not stay in the dark about that. The quote popularly attributed to physicist Richard Feynman is probably apocryphal, but still true: if you think you understand quantum mechanics, then you don’t. And if the baffling behaviour of subatomic particles leaves you scratching your head with confusion, don’t worry. Physicists don’t really comprehend it either, yet we believe that.
        But we have people out there who are happy to believe that first of all there was nothing out there and then nothing exploded.. gee I would love to have their faith but it does not end there as that nothing grows into dinosaurs, viruses, bacteria fish, plants, birds etc, and yet that so called science is believed, not proven yet believed. They keep changing the carbon dating things, then they discover that something can become focalised in a few years in some places and a set of footprints found in rock along with dinosaurs foot prints is not announced, one wonders why???

      • gaye45: because we are learning, and TESTING and disproving our own THEORIES which is the polar opposite of BLINDLY BELIEVING A BOOK YOU HAVE NO CLUE WHO WROTE!!!!

        Ll I hear from religious people when they try to explain ANYTHING is “oh that’s just how it is” or worse yet “That’s God’s way” or some other bullshit.

        At LEAST, at the very LEAST science is attempting to explain what it can, with our limited brain power as it is today. It has GOING FOR IT the fact that theories change.

        How many people died believing that the world was ROUND!!!! Do you not BELIEVE that then? is it flat?? Are you even so arrogant to think that this silly planet is the CENTER of the universe????

      • Good morning Stanks,
        You are dead right, there is no way that most things can be explained, and it is no good me saying that it is just faith as people have faith in so many things which turn out to be nonsense, and I was a very sceptical person about most things but as I said reading about prophecy changed everything.
        And yes peoples ideas are continually changing. Things that they have been saying is fact for decades or even hundred of years, later turn out to be a lot of rot .. and of course we think that the science we have today is it, but we are fast finding out about the complexity of things so our thoughts on science is also ever changing.
        And no, I can see no reason there are not millions of other places where there is life.
        As I have said to people before…. centuries ago people thought the earth was flat, then not only did they discover that it was not, but they came across other lands and other people, with different colours, shaped eyes, hair etc, what a shock, but I bet that when we do find another planet with life on it that it will be just the same, and they could perhaps even look similar to us maybe in some ways .
        They say that when humans spend time in space that because of the lack of gravity that our muscles and bone density diminish some what, so is this what has happened to the aliens that we see pictures of that people have described them as?, just a thought ..
        I have no doubt that there are people out there… it seems preposterous to think that we are the only ones in this uncharted universe or any other universe.
        I give the analogy of ants, they are very advanced, they have their tunnels which seem to be air conditioned sort of, they have their armies and a very successful totall way of living, yet they do not know we are out here, they carry on their little lives very effectively, and at this stage we do not know if there is anything out there but I bet that there is..

      • Hell…

        I opened a can of worms here, didn’t I…? LOL

        First of all…this website is NOT for discussing whether there is or isn’t a “GOD”.

        Bonni will decide how much we can digress into this topic, but in my case it won’t be much.
        I have gone down this path on BNI a few times in the past.

        My point, and I’ll win this argument EVERY SINGLE TIME, is simply this…

        Nobody…not 1 single solitary human being on this planet that is drawing breath as we speak, can PROVE, unequivocally, without a shadow of a doubt, one way or the other, whether THERE is OR THERE IS NOT a “GOD”.

        Period. End of discussion. I win. You lose.

        But that also applies to those who DO believe in “GOD”.
        Faith matters…but it is NOT proof.

        Again…I win. you lose.
        (Annoying son-of a bitch, aren’t I…LOL?

        Ori, Gaye45 and Stanks

        Opinion matters…but it ain’t FACT.


        As far as me “perhaps not able to see that there are many things we do not understand, and the weird thing is that no one actually understands quantum theory yet they will not stay in the dark about that.”
        Let me tell you, my friend…I am probably one of the most astute individuals around when it comes to acknowledging the FACT that there are FAR MORE THAN many things we don’t understand…
        There are BILLIONS of things…the mind is one of them.

        Feynman is bright, no doubt…as are many scientists and atheists, but they still do not know where you go when you die…(and I don’t mean the “physical body” going to dust blah, blah, blah…)
        I mean the thought energy…
        We are,after all, just meat and electricity.
        Where does the electricity go

        The comments you stated are well presented, methinks.

        One of the most annoying things about fellows like Feynman, Hitchens, and Dawkins is their absolute condescending arrogance, as though every other human being on the planet is a moron if they disagree with any pontificated utterance from their infallible mouths…

        Not to mention Dawkins comment about him being diddled as a little boy, and him stating he thought that touching children sexually was not such a bad thing…CHRIST ALMIGHTY!!!

        There are other dimensions out there…or at least thats what quantum physics points to…no proof, but a lot of mathematical evidence to indicate the POSSIBILITY if not the probability…

        I ll finish with this:
        The universe is not only stranger than we know….its stranger than we CAN know…and science, as we know and understand it, on an ongoing basis, might just be GODs TOOL or METHOD of CREATION.

        Or not.

        I don t know and it doesn t matter.
        Because neither do you…or you, or you…or you.

      • Am Boyduke,
        I am still grinning from the way you put things and from what you said, love it..
        you also said.
        One of the most annoying things about fellows like Feynman, Hitchens, and Dawkins is their absolute condescending arrogance, as though every other human being on the planet is a moron if they disagree with any pontificated utterance from their infallible mouths…
        Is this not the way that so many humans argue if they think that they are more intelligent than you, or if they want to belittle the opponent.. we have seen this very sort of attack when it comes to those against global warming or immunisations or against left wing government etc.. and yes you are right about these so called intellectual people or who think that they are, people like Freud and Jung, and they are still followed…
        And I totally agree when you said that “Absence of proof is proof of absence” is ridiculous..
        And yes we can come up with all the hackneyed things as to why we believe that the bible is true, and many of them make me sick also, however I am one of those who does believe but there is no way that I am going to force anyone else to believe as muslims do.. that is your right.. I also hate many of the things that so called Christians say to try to make people believe, they were many of the things that turned me off years ago so there is no way I will say it to people…
        I will discuss it sensibly with anyone but not on here, this is not the place or time.. we are discussing the horrors of Islam and if we are not careful and out politicians do not start protecting us either we will have to do it ourselves and or Muslims will force us to become Muslims. At the moment I see that we have far to many traitors in governments.. especially the left who have opened the flood gates making it hard for the right wing governments to close the door.. so I now think it will be over to us.. but unfortunately we do not have a leader who has the guts to get into government to change things back.. I would be very happy to have our taxes give each muslims $10,000 each and a one way ticket, even if they were born here. In 5 years it would save us trillions.

      • gaye45…

        Methinks you are a fairly new poster on BNI.
        Glad to have you on board as you appear to bring some good “stuff” with your comments.

        One thing I try and do is bring some humour to this place…”GOD” knows there ain’t much to laugh at when it comes to the things discussed on here.

        Every day, with events unfolding as they are, it seems to me that islam will only be stopped through global force…i.e. WAR!


        Tell as many people as you can about this site…

      • You thinks correctly amboyduke, and thanks for your comment.
        I do have a quirky humor but found very little on here to use it with. Women/girls can be so stinken bitchy and darned right nasty but I am seeing on here that many men are no better. All that does to Muslims is enhance their hatred for us without showing them (if it were possible) just how evil and horrific their religion is.
        And yes, I do totally agree with you, muslims will never have peace with us unless their numbers are low. It is in their holy books to hate us.. Until every one of their holy books is destroyed totally, with no chance of them ever being produced again non muslims will continue to have hell from them.
        The sad thing is that their take over of non muslims countries has been aided and abetted by our left wing media and governments. After Sep 11th when they killed almost 3000 of our people, our traitor governments opened the doors to them, now why would they come into countries totally different and who were anti muslim when if they were really in fear of their lives they could have gone to other muslim countries???, to me it was obvious as too why and it is not only the welfare…
        It is the beginnings of a mass peaceful invasion with the real take over to happen once their numbers have grown enough to become a force to destroy all who will not submit.
        I am scared from what I read that many will go out and do to them what they do to us, and the media would take this and play on it giving them another excuse to say that we have a few extremists also, and that most muslims are peaceful..
        The media says very little about how muslims are rewarding our kindness (stupidity) for taking them in by gang raping our girls,(which is epidemic in Sweden, England and Holland and to a lesser degree in OZ) with violence towards us, crime, with living off welfare, with forcing us to go their way etc.
        It would appear that our left wing media world wide are also our traitors.. They have refused to warn the people of the danger in our mist brought in by our traitor governments.

      • So right..
        There have been many religions over the years, where only ONE person has seen a vision, or angel, or something and started a religion on it.. no other witnesses to say that it is right yet thousands flock to this revelation that no one other then the person has seen, or so they say.. This is a cult, not even a religion is it??? but with Mohammad he was the evilest of them all, he even worried about it all being from satan, when his catholic first wife told him it was from God…
        No one can do or tell others to do the horrors that Mohammad did and be a prophet, and only satan would tell him to do all that…

      • actually muhammad didnt right it .. muhammad was illiterate. he only memorized tales from travelers .. stories from the old and new testaments. he twisted the stories and added his own stuff that was inspired to him by satan

      • CharlieDarwin

        “Then, how about “That which is claimed without evidence can be dismissed without evidence”?”

        but of coarse it all depends on the subjectivity of what one defines as “evidence”.

        I see “evidence” of creation everywhere I look.
        I just take what I see all around me to a final phase, if you will.

        I don’t end with the idea that “It all just happened”.
        I’m very much okay with admitting I don’t have a clue how this all came about.
        But to me, it’s far, far from a random occurrence…

        Evolutionists and atheists stop one step before I do…that’s all.

        Nobody really knows for certain…


        Just IMAGINE if islam was the truth!

        TOO terrifying to contemplate!

      • amboy ! I like your style !! CUT TO THE CHASE ! NO MESSING AROUND ! LIKE IT OR LUMP ! THIS IS HOW I AM ! but also humorous without narcissism !

      • I agree with you to a certain point amboy .. but I think you are missing the point. Regardless of your personal faith and whether you choose to believe or not believe in God, we all have that choice as free humans on this planet we call “earth”. Islam does not give that freedom of choice .. it’s either be with us or not. The God I know taught people in earlier times how to fend for themselves and defend their families. We are mow at a stage where we can use our own judgement to decide, rationally, the difference between right and wrong. The texts in the quran were inspired by evil .. pure uninhibited evil.

      • Oh Cisco…

        I haven’t missed the point.
        I totally agree with everything you state in your post.

        Islam is the very worst belief structure on this planet…it is sly, false, and evil.

        As far as I am concerned, (not that anybody gives a shit! LOL),
        when it comes to the vast, unfathomable mystery of it all, someone like me has absolutely no problem admitting I have no clue as to how it all took place…
        Those like Richard Feynman have a real hard time admitting such a thing…
        There is nothing wrong with either approach, but it’s the condescending arrogance of people like Hitchens, Dawkins and Feynman that is most annoying.
        Humility is not one of their strong points.

        Also, never underestimate the ego(s) of the scientific community.
        There is many examples of newly discovered evidence of anomalies that threaten and even completely dismantle accepted theories that have been suppressed and ridiculed in an effort to discredit them, simply because they call into serious doubt some of the accepted norms that form the FOUNDATION of long held beliefs.

        That form of dogma is just as misguided as any religious dogma.

        Science is important…we have benefitted greatly from it’s influence on society, to say the least.
        But they don’t have all the answers, they never will…but neither will anyone else.

    • As an American, I will defend your right to say anything you like, weather I agree with it or not. I choose to believe in G-d, and to pray to Him. You do as you please. This is America the land of the free.

    • All of you are not educated about Islam there is a difference between a religion and those who practise the religion if those terrorists that called themselves muslims are horrible and bad doesnt mean Islam is bad
      Ill give you a simple example in football there are players who hit people if the person doesnt give up the ball easily order to get the ball but they get punished at the end the same way there are terrorists who hurt people that dont give up their religion easily doesnt mean football or Islam is bad its the people who practise that are bad and as you said have a dark side
      i hope you learn from this simple message thank you

      • Terrorists practice true islam. For example, Quran surat 4 ayah 89 instructs to kill a former moslem who converted to another religion. Not all govts do that, but it is part of islam. You are just another ignorant muslim idiot who didn’t bother to read his own holy book. Shut up. No pathetic excuses (like “not true islam” or “out of context”) work here.

      • Russian Bare, Nabeelah: has not commented to you with nastiness, just because he obviously does not know his own holy books or he is using Taqiyya and we are furious at the non stop world wide muslim violence of always muslims and someone else with 24826 terrorist attacks since Sep 11th, does not mean that we should be nasty, and Nabeelah, there is a massive gulf between the rules of a game and what a god/prophet tells its followers to do and did himself until the whole world is for allah. eg, 9:29, Here Muhammad is commanding his followers to make war upon Christians and Jews unless they converted to Islam or paid extortion (this is jizyah).
        INSPIRING murderers to blow up teenagers is not an abrogation of a treaty signed in Norway. It is the apogee of wickedness. Teaching schoolchildren that one goes to heaven for killing Jews/Christians and non muslims is not irresponsible. Cutting the heads off anyone let alone little children, It is evil. Blowing up teenagers outside a disco is not merely morally repugnant. It is satanic. And Palestinian leaders who justify these bestial means are not desperate, they are satanic. And the media and our politicians hiding these facts is also satanic/evil.

      • EVIDENCE! So the murder and mayhem going on all over the islamic world is merely coincidental, or the fault of western ‘oppression’ is it? Even where there are NO western ‘oppressors’?
        Muslims have 1400 years of slaughter to answer for. Don’t come here with your taqiyya and expect to be tolerated; you are indeed a twat.

      • Excellent reply CharlieDawin,
        This person does not seem to either know his own holy books or he is as you said, lying.. which is permitted to when it is to further the cause of allah as long as they do not mean it in their hearts, and of course we are told that we do not understand so how would we know, BUT we do not need to understand if that is that it was not as very clear as it is written, all we have to do is look at their 1400 years of rotten history, it would appear that the only time that there has been any peace is when their numbers are down and as the quran says, that is when they are to be nice to infidels and that is for their sake not ours.

      • True, gaye45- BUT the ongoing lies of muslims are equalled by the lies of our ‘leaders’ and media who are terrified that telling the truth will precipitate civil war… but since this is inevitable, better than later. Bring it on.

      • Thanks CharlieDarwin, and you are so right, shame that or traitor leaders cant see this, or do they??? after all it is even pretty obvious to anyone with half a brain.
        By doing nothing it means that their numbers grow and more of ours will be killed or is that perhaps their aim, it cuts down on the world population.. Muslims multiply like flies in our lands so as to take over so it will not be cutting down on the population in Muslim countries only ours… and because they have brought muslims into every non muslim country on mass it will give their own families no where to hide when it all starts, and if they think that muslims will protect them they have another thought coming.
        First off, in the quran it says that when the time is right and they are called that they are to kill all who are not Muslims, and secondly, why would these invaders trust any of our leaders when they are prepared to be traitors to their own..
        When will our politicians wake up to the fact that it is a silent invasion.. and they are helping it happen.

      • (Quran 8:67) “Allah said, ‘A prophet must slaughter before collecting captives. A slaughtered enemy is driven from the land. Muhammad, you craved the desires of this world, its goods and the ransom captives would bring. But Allah desires killing them to manifest the religion.'”

        Care to explain, Nabelah???

  34. Ladies & Gentlemen,
    In order to comment on islam we need to better understand moHAMmad’s reasons for inventing islam. After reading the early versions of the koran it seems many Islamic scholars and muslims agree on the following which are self evident truths:

    1) He was repeatedly molested by a goat when he was a child. So much so that he began to like it and was very sad when the goat contracted venereal disease and died.
    2) As a young man he was frustrated as his camel rejected his advances
    3) He was forced to turn to being a paedophile because the camels and women rejected him and he found no goat to molest him
    4) He was high on cheap desert drugs and due to chronic constipation started having hallucinations when he was in a cave looking for a goat to molest him
    5) He was jealous of normal people and decided to kill them because he knew he had evolved from camel shit (no offence meant to camels or camel shit)

    I rest my case.

  35. Their so called “prophet” mohammed. mohammed was nothing more than a schizo, pedophilic asshole. If I was in his time I would have went out of my way to drive a spike through his pathetic skull.

  36. We will not understand what Islam is about unless we read why they do this and we will keep believing the lies that it is not part of islam, unless we read for ourselves what is in the quran…
    Even though they are rewarding our kindness for taking them in by indiscriminately killing and hurting us, individuals must NOT retaliate, we must NOT do anything to their mosques or individual people we must not lower ourselves to their level..
    Perhaps this below is why there has been over 20481 terrorist attacks since Sep 11th, by non other than Muslims. It is always Muslims and someone else.
    Not a minute passes where somewhere in the world there is reports about Muslim thugs, rapists, rioting, slaughters, theft, arrogance towards non-Muslims, robbers, and stabbers do the work to cause hatred, all done by Muslims and as non-Muslims come to understand the Islamist challenge, of course anti-Islamic sentiments in the West will increasing, perhaps because the biggest promoter of “Islamophobia” are Muslims themselves.
    THIS below is why they keep fighting and will keep fighting…
    Muslim:C9B1N31 “I have been commanded to fight against people till they testify to the fact that there is no god but Allah, and believe in me (that) I am the Messenger and in all that I have brought.”

    Mohammad had people killed who offended him, they are just carrying out his orders as usual, it is important to note that the problem with islam is not bad people, but bad ideology..
    Unfortunately, there are very few verses of tolerance and peace to abrogate or even balance out the many that call for nonbelievers to be fought and subdued until they either accept humiliation, convert to Islam, or are killed. And it is the few good verses, or half verses that muslims trick non muslims with, it keeps non muslims quite and believing their lies. eg, that they are not allowed to kill the innocent so therefore those who are being terrorists are bad Muslims where in fact they are the good muslims…, but what they do not tell you is that non Muslims are not counted as the innocent. They say it is a sin to lie, but they do not tell you that they are allowed to lie to the infidels, in times of war, to further the cause of allah, etc as long as they do not mean it in their hearts.
    And when they have a god who is according to the quran, the best liar deceiver… what can we expect.
    Qur’an Sura 3:54, “… Allah is the best of the deceivers,”
    So when their god sets the example, can we expect better from his followers. So, is it islam that deceives us as well as our world leaders and media today, I say this simply because the last three quarters of the quran is very open about what is intended for infidels world wide.. death if you do not convert, yet our politicians and media keep it hidden.

    • “problem with islam is not bad people, but bad ideology..”

      Wrong. Ideology does not make homicidal maniacs any more homicidal that they already are; no different (dare I say it) than homicidal maniacs will kill REGARDLESS of what weapon they have “access” to!

      • Oh anemarie, you obviously have not read all the other things that I have been saying, I am NOT a Muslim sorry that you got that impression from what I said.
        You have such a pretty name and with a name like that I was surprised to see language like that. We all hate what Muslims do and what is written in their holy books, but we will not help them to see that we have a better way if we do not try to just show them without bad language, other wise they will think that we are no better than them
        As I have said further up, on the 22nd I got so fed up with so much world negativeness that I went looking for something positive to give everyone, with positiveness comes hope and we work towards a better goal if we think that there is hope and this is what to my shock and delight, I found..
        Islamic Civilization is Dying :: Middle East Forum
        Islam is dying a slow death –
        Infidel753: Islam dying out in Russia?
        Evidence Christianity Sweeping The Globe ~ islam Fastest …
        Muslim Fertility Rates Dropping Faster than Western Fertility ……/muslim-fertility-rates-dropping-faster-than-w...
        Islam’s Second Crisis: The troubles to come :: Middle East Forum
        Muslim Population Growth, Worldwide Tends and Analysis
        and not only that but like ours, as they become more educated their birth rates are also dropping at a great rate so perhaps some of them have brains after all.
        Those truthful ones who are leaving Islam will need friends out here to help them, as many of them will be receiving a great opposition from families and relatives and so they need us, and once they realise that we are not the enemy that it is their holy books that are their enemy, many will also need us to help them over the trauma of what they have seen.
        I am reading that they cant get over how nice we are, as they have always been taught that we are ??????

  37. Hello Muslims, would you mind answering these questions for me about Islam, the Koran and yourself?

    When a good Muslim man dies what happens to their soul or spirit?
    When a good Muslim woman dies what happens to their soul or spirit?
    Would you personally flog someone that disrespected Islam or the Koran?
    Would you participate in stoning a person that disrespected Islam or the Koran?
    Would you accept being flogged or stoned if you did something wrong according to Islam or the Koran?

    Thank you in advance for your honest and open responses.

    • Please go fuck yourself, you and I both know your religion is tainted the extremists. Instead of defending your god, call out the idiots and make an example

      • I agree 100%, they are violent stone age dumb morons whom are going to have to be removed from the planet when all the civilized people of the world wake up ! Not before it,s too late I hope ! I hope you all wake up for your children,s sake and don,t believe the “only some of them are like that !”

      • hey chas .. i like how you said “your god” your words .. the truth is allah is a demon .. your alah is satan .. your god

        When must you muslims wake up and realize that you are praying to the devil 5 times a day

      • The thing that scares me Cisco, is that no matter how many thousands of their own are slaughtered every month by muslims or how many christians/jews are slaughtered in their own Muslim countries, and no matter how many countries they cause trouble in, the violence committed or the numbers that their men gang rape, etc they still say it is a religion of peace.. and will not do their best to stop it, hundreds of teachers/clerics/imams teaching their little children to go and kill Jews/ non Muslims, and to cut off their heads, but instead of trying to stop their own, they try to silence the media from telling the world the horrors that they are doing, and then have the cheek to say we are racist for telling others of their atrocities.. they point the finger constantly at us..
        we can only be fooled for a little time before we wake up.. If just one of our ministers, pastors, etc hurts someone, instantly all of our people are up in arms, he is sacked, disciplined and if necessary jailed, not so with clerics/imams etc.. if one of our own pastors, taught hate towards others he would be kicked out of his ministry, and I am not talking about someone teaching the difference between islam and Christianity, that is not hate that is fact.

      • I agree with you g45 .. I think it is time the world stops whitewashing the truth about islam and we should stop hiding behind a barrier of “political correctness” .. I agree with tolerance but enough is enough. Even the so called “moderate” muslims turn their faces and deny the truth that is playing out before their eyes… the countless slaughters in the name of their god allah. You can judge how good a tree is by its fruit and islam has sour fruit

      • Thanks Cisco, I have come to the conclusion that they are either very stupid, very cunning and add that to deceptive and killing and you have a dangerous cult.
        But it is perhaps possible that they really do not know what is in their holy books, but surely if we do so should they.. If only they would look for themselves instead of asking other muslims who would lie to keep them in the cult then perhaps they would wake up…

      • Well said Cisco,
        This is something that has amazed me also, but it would appear that because of all this that muslims are actually looking to see why their religion is doing all this and are horrified at what they read and those that can leave safely are leaving, many others leave in their heart but for their health sake they keep pretending.
        It would be good if they also realised as to, what proof do they had that mohammad really saw an angel, as with many other cults which say that they have said the angel Gabriel, funny how this Gabriel says different things to different people eh, which no one else sees, where there is no proof of what they say… and millions actually follow this..??? why??? it is a war cult, it rapes their own little girls and some boys, it holds them with fear, how do the women want this, good gracious mohammad said that hell is full of muslim women because they disobey their husbands, and who would want a man who will go out and rape girls who might be showing a bare wrist or something, what pathetic men they must be that they cannot control themselves, who on this earth would want to stay with that if they could get out…

      • islam’s greatest enemy is truth
        they brainwash young people at an early age and indoctrinate them into a belief system of lies

      • Chas, they find it very hard to do that, but instead they stone a woman to death IF they think she has committed adultery or if they think someone is a homosexual, but they can have sex with an animal..
        “A man can have sex with sheep, cows and camels and so on. However, afterwards he should kill the animal. He should not sell the meat to the people in his own village; however, selling the meat to the next door village should be fine.” Don’t the buyers deserve a discount of some kind?

        Khomeini’s “Tahrirolvasyleh” fourth volume, Darol Elm, Gom, Iran, 1990

        “If one commits the act of sodomy with a cow, a ewe, or a camel, their urine and their excrement become impure, and even their milk may no longer be consumed. The animal must then be killed and as quickly as possible and burned.”
        Then to see this miserable religion, they are not punished if they have sex with a child see..
        but sodomising the child is acceptable. A man can have sexual pleasure from a child as young as a baby. However, If a man does penetrate and damage the child then, he should be responsible for her subsistence all her life. This girl will not count as one of his four permanent wives .. ok he marries this little child, damages her and then she is not counted as one of his wives.. the girl suffers every which way eh and he gets let off free..
        He can also marry a woman for a DAY if he wants sex.. this is just a sex, war cult..
        Wine and all intoxicating beverages are impure, but opium and hashish are not.

        If a man sodomises the son, brother, or father of his wife after their marriage, the marriage remains valid.
        What a sick cult…

    • To my knowledge in Islam (as I am a Muslim) I will try to answer your questions (:
      We believe in a “judgment day” which basically is, after the world has “ended” everyone (dead and alive) will be brought fourth to be judged by god. The good Muslim men and women will receive the fruits of their labour and good will by being sent to heaven, where they will live in happiness.
      For you’re third question: Absolutely not. As you can see I am on this site and am disgusted by it, however we would never inflict pain to anyone who does not share the same views as us. (:
      The Qu’ran says (not sure exactly what page, sentence, etc) that if someone puts up guns against Islam, fight back, but the second they put their guns down, put fourth kindness and peace.
      If someone were to do something “wrong” according to Islam, we would not do anything. Everyday there are things going on that the Qu’ran doesn’t necessarily agree with, however everyone has our their own life and we believe the only one allowed to teach lessons on right and wrong is god himself (whatever god you happen to believe it)
      I hope I answered your questions. Please feel free to read the English Translation of the Qu’ran if you want to understand our religion any further.

      • First off, to those who seem to be hell bent on using words like fuck head etc, is it possible that the discussions are without words like that, we are all very angry at what this religion is doing and what its god tells them to do but it would appear that some poor muslims do not seem to know of the rotten things that their own prophet said and did, but surely we can leave those words out please.
        And ‘Just another girl’, the quran/mohammad says that hell if full of Muslim women because they do not obey their husbands. hadith explains that the majority of the inhabitants of hell are women because they are ungrateful and harsh towards their husbands. There is no word about the husbands’ ingratitude and harshness.
        Also, did you not realise that Mohammad went on many raids against innocent caravans and villages, and he skited that he chased the Jews off their lands killing the men and taking booty, land and animals plus the women for sex slaves. Here is just a couple of the many verses like this.. These are raids, Mohammad was not attacked..
        Bukhari:V5B59N516 “When Allah’s Apostle fought or raided people we raised our voices saying, ‘Allahu-Akbar! Allahu-Akbar! None has the right to be worshipped but Allah.'”
        Qur’an:8:12..”I shall terrorize the infidels. So wound their bodies and incapacitate them because they oppose Allah and His Apostle.”
        Only because they opposed allah/mohammad..
        Ishaq:285.. “Then the Apostle went raiding in the month of Rabi u’l-Awwal making for the Quraysh. Then he raided the Quraysh by way of Dinar.”
        You really need to read what is in the last three quarters of the quran for yourself, the first quarter is pretty good but then it changed and as you would know, the Quran reveals to Muslims the nature of their god. Conversely, the God of Christians said that Christians are to love even their enemy.. and when religions go to war (other than Islam), they are all going against what their religious books and leaders says. I hope this helps.

      • i hace read the quran and it is a book of lies. some stolen bits from the rorah and new testament but totally distorted with muhammad’s imagination .. no .. actualy i think he was possesed by a demon

    • He is to answer questions in his grave if he answers correctly he will enjoy life in his grave until the day of judgement same for the good muslim woman

      No I Will Not Islam tells us to respect and be nice to non believers if someone does that to a non believer they are not good muslims

      As i said before i treat people equally i have a lot of friends even familiy that are not muslims and cannot think of doing such a thing

      No i will not from the aspect of a non muslim because i am supposed to be treated equally as a muslim

  38. Will you fuckheads… ALL OF YOU; STOP trying to justify religion. If you have committed a crime, you are wrong. WRONG. How many people have to DIE… horribly… for religion? ANY religion. End it now. All of it. Get it through your thick, scared skulls that you will not EVER know where the universe is, why it’s here, and when it will end. No-one gets a prize when you die. All you get is DEAD. GET OVER IT. You do not need ANYONE else but yourselves to tell you that you should be a decent human being and that you should MIND YOUR OWN DAMN BUSINESS and go about your own lives. GO TO WORK. Tend your family. GET A FUCKING HOBBY.


    • Yes its an issue, and yes its wrong we cannot speak out about it. The bullshit needs to stop.
      If islam is a religion of peace why so many fucking times are muslims fucking going around killing people in the name of islam. Why are so many fucking people “misunderstanding” the koran. It doesnt make fucking sense. If islam is a religion of peace why did mohammed go around leading a fucking army killing people. Do you think we are fucking stupid? Is that something we fucking misunderstand as well?

      And if another muslim comes on here and says (as muslims always do when adressing criticism of islam) oh but christians are much worse, im going to whack you around the head with a bible. In the bible jesus preaches a pacisfistic message time after time, no where is there any room for “misunderstandings” it is black and white. The man knew he was going to be fucking killed, and what did he do, he fucking stayed awake all night praying, when the guards came to arrest him he fucking let them, and they took him away and nailed him to a cross where he fucking died a slow and painful death
      What would mohammed have done? Fucking mad man would have raised a fucking army, sacked the town, sold the women and children to be raped as slaves and had the men killed, exactly like ISIS is doing now. Oh wait let me guess the whole of the army of ISIS is fucking misunderstanding the Koran as well, and the islamic scholer who is leading isis, who has a fucking phd in islamic literature, he is also misunderstanding to koran.

      OK, rant over. God bless America, God bless freedom of speech, and God bless all of the good muslims who are that way because they DONT read or follow the fucking Koran. Fuck the Koran, Fuck its hateful message. Fuck the damage these madmen are doing to world peace. I hope they get fucking anihalated by God. I hope he sends down fucking lightning bolts and turns saudi arabia and other shit holes into fucking craters.

    • Stanks, unlike Islam, although religions have done some terrible things in the name of God, or a god, there are no other religions other than Islam whose holy books tells them to go out and kill for their god… NON that I know of, other than Islam they all talk of peace, love, understanding and caring of others regardless of the persons belief system.
      Unfortunately, some leaders have tried to manipulate uneducated or illiterate people to war, and over time it has worked.. but it is NOT written in their holy books..

      • I get that, and as far as I know myself I agree with that. But my frustration comes from not just the outright violence, but also what you’ve mentioned, the history of all religions being used to justify evil; as well as the current and ongoing (albeit not so evil, yes) tendency of most to try and ‘convert’ or as the Christians put it ‘save’ everyone else because whomever believes THEIR religion is the “right” religion. Jehovah’s at my door, the Christians telling me that I’m going to burn in hell so I should come to their church and be “saved”. Even the Catholics and their guilt. Don’t forget that their are atheists in this world. There are people who just don’t care to worship or indulge whomever and recite “one nation, under God” just so you don’t get all bent out of shape.

      • I am sorry that you have taken it that way, Stanks.
        What I was trying to say was that in some cases because people say that all religions do what muslims are doing, I have tried to explain that, yes there has been some terrible things done in the name of religion, however, unlike Islam no other holy books tells them to do so..
        Unfortunately, ALL races are racist and it is this, plus greed etc that often causes hatred and violence. NOTHING justifies violence to others not even justifies being nasty to others.
        Stanks, if you find a great Dr, or fantastic receipt, or see a fantastic movie etc you want to tell people about it because it is good, so it is with some religious people they are doing it because they think it is fantastic, and yes they annoy me also, but they will not kill you for it if you do not agree with them.
        We all try to convert people in all sorts of ways to what we think is good, it is called manipulation hehehe, but when it comes to religion no one wants to know, and they have that right too, atheists even try to convert people to their way of thinking.
        And yes I feel that religion is the devils way of confusing the minds of people,… you come to my church and you will be saved, and another says no, my church will save you and that is NOT what the bible says AT ALL, far from it so they are deceiving also, but they will not kill for it..
        Unfortunately with Islam, Muslims do not confused what is in it, it is spelt out for them very clearly and that is, when the time is right and they are called that they are to kill those who will not submit, and it appears to be the main thrust of Islam.
        I only started to believe that the bible was true when because I like science fiction I became fascinated in all the prophecies that were written 4000/2500 years ago in the bible where so many of them are actually happening now in our time, and to see just how specifically that they were written blew my mind. It could have been written to fit many situations but they are so specific.. until then there was no way what so ever was I going to believe in the bible either. And as you can see, at no stage have I tried to convert you, that is your choice.. I know how annoyed it makes me even still, so there is no way that I would do it to you. I reason it this way, if I am wrong and there is no God/ eternity, then I have just lead a great life and I loose nothing…

      • Yes I see your point. But I tend to disagree when discussing cults like Mormonism and Scientology. Though they are not outright hurting those who do not convert, inside their organizations they are committing violence and cruelty to their own followers. All once again in the name of “religion”.
        My point is this, when it becomes far too easy, as well as far to often that people get hurt when doing something, isn’t it wise to discontinue doing it?
        What are we really gaining from religion? Sure, sure many many people find solace and purpose in it; but come on… how many crimes against women (Mormons), crimes against children (catholic Church), crimes against HUMANITY (Islam) are we going to ignore to feed your need for purpose in life? To answer your questions that we all know damn well CANNOT be answered in any reasonable lifetime???

    • Yes Shanks you said..
      But I tend to disagree when discussing cults like Mormonism and Scientology. Though they are not outright hurting those who do not convert, inside their organizations they are committing violence and cruelty to their own followers. All once again in the name of “religion”.
      And I totally agree with you, and the optimum word for what you have said is “religion”..
      Religion is not what God says, it is what man says.. I have come to the conclusion that religion is the devils way of confusing the minds of people, … they say, “come to my religion and you will be saved, and another says.. no, no mine is the way to ???, that is NOT what the bible says at all, it says believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved… nothing to do with religion at all.. and people always follow their religious leader, and if people followed what Christ said to do there would not be any wars, hatred, raping, stealing etc. But man insists in having a name for their stupid groups, and where as God gave us 10 things (commandments) to follow, which if every person followed we would not have any problems, instead man had to make up hundreds more to follow, and control their people with, not God but man made rules, and in doing so we have had so many problems/disasters..

  39. Guys let’s all chill for a minute, it’s not our fault we actually made a country that isn’t just mud huts. If I could hate on a country that was better in every way because I was too busy bowing on a mat several times a day I would!

    • Everyone here is hating the wrong people! !!!! You should be pointing the finger at all governments and maybe not even them! ! But the real people behind the government! !! Do you honestly believe our prime ministers and presidents really have a say in what happens and doesn’t happen! !! I would blame one family in particular who owns not only the federal Reserve bank of America but all over the world !! Has funded both sides of every major war since napoleon’s war !! They are the ones to blame since these atrocities have been planned out for hundreds of years

      • I love how that the new president of Egypt has essentially declared Islam as dumb and needs to enter the modern world. Smart guy. Sadly he will probably be killed for such insight! I’m an American and in this country and like Europe we could care less what your religion is …we have scientology (scam ) and Mormons (most rediculous inception)…the difference is some nice Mormon will come in his white Oxford, knock on your door and try to convince u that u should be Mormon. I politely shut my door. Islam comes knocking at my door, points a gun to my head and tells me to convert to Islam. Fuck off !

        What’s Ironic/ hypocritical are all these muslim retards come to Europe to flee the cesspool of ignorance that is Islam and then want to create this cesspool In Europe? I’m a liberal in the states but u European liberals need to get your head out of your ass. Its a numbers game to them…. the larger the percent the more demands. Muslims have created nothing in 500 years other than long lines at airports . You ‘ proud’ Muslims who say nothing are even worse than the radicals. You stupid fucking Muslims want a war? Don’t u realize u had this war a few times already and the little counrtry of Isreal has kicked your ass on multiple occasions? Do u think a france, Germany or England are going to let u Neanderthals threaten them too much more? You Muslims can’t even stand other Muslims. You Muslims are cowards, prehistoric and are vetmin. Christians can eradicate u at any time and if moderate Muslims don’t start speaking out, sadly it will happen.

      • Anastasia, you are so right, and who allowed those behind the governments to become so big, our governments of course..
        Throughout history we have seen so much violence, but although we are told otherwise, only a small percentage is caused by religion. Our governments know what Islam has done since it started, and past leaders have spoken of how horrible and violent Islam is, yet our modern day politicians and leaders seem to think they know better.
        On Sep 11th they showed their hate by destroying the twin towers and along with that almost 3000 wonderful, mums, dads, sons, daughters, grandparents etc, and since then almost that number has died from the fall out of the debris when they were helping to find people, but despite that our western governments opened the door to the enemy and told them to march right on in and we will bow and scrape to your constant demands regardless of their rioting, raping, murdering etc.
        In the two world wars, people from the nation we were fighting were encamped for their own good as well as ours but instead this time we welcome them in on mass.. yep sure sounds like common sense to me eh. They used to hang traitors didn’t they.
        Anastasia, from what I have read, that family no longer owns so much far from it.. there are other people far bigger now, including muslim banks.

  40. I’m a proud Muslim, raised in an open society, so I know what i’m talking about:

    The Arabs who attack and terrorise and kill are not even seen as Muslims even amongst the Quran

    We do not accept them and we are ashamed of them for bringing a bad reputation to us.

    The Quran forbids murder. It is one of out biggest sins

    It teaches us to respect every other religion and culture

    Yes, we have strict rules but they are made for our benefit and it is our choice to follow them or not

    Our religion wants to achieve peace, but there is always bad people. We do not live in a perfect world so please wake up

    Every religion has bad people. One example.
    Hitler was a Christian and according to figures, murdered 6 million Jews, the handicapped, gypses, priests, pastors, the disabled and he sterilised dark skinned children.

    But you don’t see all this hate about Christians….

    Don’t generalise

    There are good Muslims
    If you dislike us, then ok, but spreading hate and anger about us is uncalled for, and does not make you any better.

    • Why do all you ragheads come on here and identify yourselves as “proud” muslims? You have nothing to be proud of, you are a disgrace to humanity. Get lost, nobody want to hear your crap here. We have read your quran full of hatred, violence and terrorism.

      • Free French tried to burn Mosques last night Keep up the good work and try not to miss this time!!

      • YOU MAY HAVE READ THE QUARAN!!!!! the English version im guessing but everything is lies !!!! torah .bible new testament, Quran !!! SAME OL BULLSHIT DIFFERENT SMELL!!!! you people need to start looking for real at your future and really see what lies ahead not from a spectator point of view from a view from deep within !!!

      • BareNakedislam,
        I got so fed up on the 22nd that I went looking for some good news, and was shocked to read that because of all the violence and killing going on in the world mainly being done by Muslims that it has caused many thousands of muslims to read their holly books for themselves.
        This has caused horror to what alah did and said to do, which is causing this exodus.. I believe that a few would not be genuine as they are allowed to lie and deceive for the cause of allah, as long as they do not mean it in their heats but it would appear that there is quite a mass exodus.. Now I never thought this was possible, but I will put a few sites on here for all to see eh, so there is hope for these people after all..
        Islamic Civilization is Dying :: Middle East Forum
        Islam is dying a slow death –
        Infidel753: Islam dying out in Russia?
        Evidence Christianity Sweeping The Globe ~ islam Fastest …
        Muslim Fertility Rates Dropping Faster than Western Fertility ……/muslim-fertility-rates-dropping-faster-than-w...
        Islam’s Second Crisis: The troubles to come :: Middle East Forum
        Muslim Population Growth, Worldwide Tends and Analysis
        While they tell us that islam is growing fast, there are so many others just like these above..

      • Thanks Barenakedlislam, it blew my mind when I read them.. and also many who convert to islam get out later also, unfortunately, evidently they very quickly get the girls married off which then gives them very little way out, but even then some are coming back after being very damaged.
        One thing I do not understand is on of our muslim neighbours, niece people, told me that their great grand parents were Christians and were forced (or die) to become muslims, so why would they stay in Islam when they are now in a safe country.. they often go HOME to Iran, and wear the burka there but not here on OZ..
        Have you ever wondered why is it that when we get boat people out here or illegals in our countries who are escaping for fear of their lives or so we are told,, why is it when that once they become naturalised do they do home for holidays???
        I do not trust them as far as I can kick them..
        your stuff is so good that if you did not have that skull on the heading, I would send it out to so many people…
        And BarenakedIslam, how do I get a capital put on my name below.. my name is Gay, and over the last 10 years I now put an e on the end to make it look better but when it is just gaye it still looks bad, I used to love my name.

      • They don’t convert probably because they’ve been muslim so long, they’re used to is.

        You would have to change the letter by re-registering. I can’t do that for you.

        You can take stories from here and use the original links posted at the top with each one. Just cut and paste the text and download the photos/videos you like. They’ll never have to know it’s from this site.

      • But I want them to see it all.. Of course there are people who will not mind, but I want to get at everyone in this one..
        It amazes me that even after all the non stop world wide muslim violence that muslims and our politicians keep telling us that it is a religion of peace.. either they are brainless or they think we are..

      • Thanks BarenakedIslam, I think that when the people wake up to the horrors of this war cult, hell will let loose. Our politicians should be tried for treason, in the old days they would have been hung and if they were scared of that they might make sure that they work for us instead of themselves….

    • I do believe you are mistaken. If there are ‘good’ muslims as opposed to ‘bad’ muslims, why dont the ‘good’ muslims point out the ‘bad’ muslims to us. We will then proceed to kill em all. Otherwise, my opinion is, kill all of you and let god sort it out.

    • Your Hitler example does not work here because Hitler didn’t do all that in the name of his religion like muslims do. Every attack from muslim terrorists was justified by religion, by Jihad. And correct me if I’m wrong, your religion says you can’t impose it on other people but it also says that your laws, (the sharia) can be and in fact that’s what all muslims hope to achieve (terrorists or not). So you want you come to other countries and impose your stupid law there? Who the hell do you think you are?

      • The question is why they don´t stay in their stupid country and come to other country spread this shit. you are not welcome in Europe. fu… off

      • muslims have not just come from muslim countries. muslims are now intertwined in to your communities. Muslims are marrying your daughters ,sisters and relatives. Your sons could become muslim your daughters could become muslim. I went to hijj in Mecca and the people I saw was incredible. From black ppl to blue eyed blondes.

      • Muslimman, do you realise just how many Muslim are leaving Islam even though they know that they will be hunted down and slaughtered, they hate it so much they still take the risk and leave..
        Muslims often advertise news of non-Muslims converting to Islam, but they do not tell the other side of the story, where Muslims are also leaving Islam.
        Muslims leave the religion for a variety of reasons. Many are left shell-shocked, victims or witnesses to Muslim abuses and violence, and others have simply done the unthinkable- they opened the Qur’an and read it.
        So to Muslims who have come on here, please read the last three quarters of the quran for yourself and others of your books.. The first quarter of the quran is quite good and that is what most muslims and clerics quote from to fool us, but the nice verses re the people of the book and Jews, and from what I have read it seemed to change when Jews and Christians would not accept mohammad as a prophet, it was after this that allah/mohammad became revengeful and the destroy non muslim verses came into being..

    • just fuck off you filthy muslim. lets not forget you muslims killed 500 innocent children in pakistan ….. in paris …. 9/11 …… everywhere you all are creating nuisance …… your prophet did not tell you to be assholes first of all know what he said then comment here you whore

    • By saying you’re a “proud” muslim and not just “muslim” you are asserting your facist/supremacist thinking over us.

      You do so because islam rejects the Golden Rule.

      It’s this type of thinking that you and most of your fellow muslims possess that is more dangerous than the actual muslim terrorism since supremacist thinking breeds terror.

      So stop deflecting blame and try to fix the problem.

    • I’m getting shit tired of the muslim community and their apologetic response over terrorism. The muslim community is doing fuck all to stop terrorism, and just using it as a means to attain western sympathy. I shit on #illridewithyou. Islam is poison to the mind, and the primary step towards terrorism. Shutup about islam being a religion of peace. If it were a religion of peace, then the muslim dominant countries should be the icon of peace – but they are the worst fucked up countries on this planet. I’m so tired of islam dominating the news each day. Fuck off islam.

      • They should all be sent back to their large sandpits full of camel dung and bombs and never be allowed back. Better still do that and then nuke them all!

    • Hitler.a.christian?…really?

      “..the only religion I respect is Islam, the only prophet I admire is the prophet Muhammad..”

      “..Hence today, I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator, by defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of ALLAH.”
      -Adolf Hitler | Mein Kampf

    • if your people really hate these bad muslims then why don’t they try to find them and kill them all? like you said they are giving you a bad name.

    • Oh Anya,
      Do you really think that we are still that stupid, and yes there are some westerns that are, like our politicians but now that you guys have been causing non stop world wide muslim rape, violence, hatred, slaughtering etc we all decided to see why so many thousands of you do this and why those who do not stand up against these 24826 terrorist attacks since only Sep 11th, now it takes more than just a few terrorists to cause all this hell let alone what muslims are doing in your own countries, the horrors that islam is doing there to their own and the Christians and Jews is something that no normal person could possibly comprehend. The cutting off of heads and to achieve it slowly with blunt what ever, so as the person has the maximize of pain is something that no normal animal would do to its own..
      Now when you have a god who mohammad said was the greatest deceiver of all, causes us to know that even if the silent muslims stood up against it we know we could not believe them either.. what does the quran say, “I charge you with five of what Allah has charged me with: to assemble, to listen, to obey, to immigrate and to wage Jihad for the sake of Allah.”
      A Muslim immigrant should not integrate with the host society, but if his stay depends on showing some kind of integration to the host non-Muslim society, then he is permitted to demonstrate a fake integration, only in appearance and only temporarily, until the goal of subduing and the Islamization of this host society is achieved.

      Since Mohammad, the concept of Hijrah- Immigration- as a means of supplanting the native population, multiplying and reaching the position of power became a well-developed doctrine in Islam. To immigrate and to wage Jihad for the sake of Allah.”

    • Oh dear Anya Mezzi, are you really that blind, do you really know that little about your own religion, and please don’t tell me that we could not understand it, there are now so many ex muslims and clerics who can help us if we do not know..
      If you are raised in an open society then perhaps you really do not know…
      Anya Mezzi, the Arabs who attack, rape and kill are doing exactly what Mohammad told them to do.. until the whole world is for allah..
      Ishaq:327 “Allah said, ‘A prophet must slaughter before collecting captives. A slaughtered enemy is driven from the land. Muhammad, you craved the desires of this world, its goods and the ransom captives would bring. But Allah desires killing them to manifest the religion.'”
      Ok, that is not in the quran but it is in your holy books.. so what about this..
      Quran (9:29) – “Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.”
      “People of the Book” refers to Christians and Jews. According to this verse, they are to be violently subjugated, with the sole justification being their religious status. This was one of the final “revelations” from Allah and it set in motion the tenacious military expansion, in which Muhammad’s companions managed to conquer two-thirds of the Christian world in the next 100 years. Islam is intended to dominate all other people and faiths.
      Quran (17:16) – “And when We wish to destroy a town, We send Our commandment to the people of it who lead easy lives, but they transgress therein; thus the word proves true against it, so We destroy it with utter destruction.” Note that the crime is moral transgression, and the punishment is “utter destruction.” (Before ordering the 9/11 attacks, Osama bin Laden first issued Americans an invitation to Islam).
      Muslim (1:30) – “The Messenger of Allah said: I have been commanded to fight against people so long as they do not declare that there is no god but Allah.”
      or… and this one was about his own followers.. putting fear into even his own.
      Bukhari (11:626) – [Muhammad said:] “I decided to order a man to lead the prayer and then take a flame to burn all those, who had not left their houses for the prayer, burning them alive inside their homes.”
      Anya Mezzi, this is the man you follow, but it does not stop there.. there are so many that I cant put the all here, I think that mohammad went on or orderd 74 raids in the last 10 years of his life, all because they would not become Muslims..
      And just because people would not believe in Allah, in Qur’an:8:12 “I shall terrorize the infidels. So wound their bodies and incapacitate them because they oppose Allah and His Apostle.”
      Qur’an:59:2 “It was Allah who drove the [Jewish] People of the Book from their homes and into exile. They refused to believe etc..
      Bukhari:V5B59N516 “When Allah’s Apostle fought or raided people we raised our voices saying, ‘Allahu-Akbar! Allahu-Akbar! None has the right to be worshipped but Allah.'”
      Ishaq:285,..”Then the Apostle went raiding in the month of Rabi u’l-Awwal making for the Quraysh. Then he raided the Quraysh by way of Dinar.”
      Anya Mezzi, your prophet raided people even when people were asleep..
      Qur’an:7:3… “Little do you remember My warning. How many towns have We destroyed as a raid by night? Our punishment took them suddenly while they slept for their afternoon rest. Our terror came to them; Our punishment overtook them.”
      Tabari IX:122…Muhammad sent Uyaynah to raid The Banu Anbar. They killed some people and took others captive. Asma was one of the women taken prisoner.”
      . or
      Bukhari:V5B59N516.. “When Allah’s Apostle fought or raided people we raised our voices saying, ‘Allahu-Akbar! Allahu-Akbar! None has the right to be worshipped but Allah.'”

      Mohammad went on raid after raid, and once again this one proves that they were not even against Mohammad, it was their wealth that he was after..
      Tabari VII:29…. “Abu Sufyan and the horsemen of the Quraysh were returning from Syria following the coastal road. When Allah’s Apostle heard about them he called his companions together and told them of the wealth they had with them and the fewness of their numbers. The Muslims set out with no other object than Sufyan and the men with him. They did not think that this raid would be anything other than easy booty.”
      this one where Mohammad fought old bald women to get their booty.
      Ishaq:308… “Muhammad halted on a sand hill and divided the booty Allah had given him. They congratulated him on the victory Allah had granted. But one of the warriors replied, ‘What are you congratulating us about? We only met some bald old women like the sacrificial camels who are hobbled, and we slaughtered them!’ The Apostle smiled because he knew that description fit .”
      Yes Anya Mezzi the quran says that Muslims are not allowed to hurt the innocent, but non muslims are not counted as the innocent.. and yes you are not allowed to lie, UNLESS it is for the cause of allah, to the infidels, in war etc as long as you do not mean it in your heart, and as mohammad/allah says that non muslims are the enemy, muslims are always at war with infidels, when their numbers have become large, the time is right and they are called they are to fight …
      you might like to look up, “why I left Islam”, to see why there are ex muslims who risk their lives every day in having left.. and I am so sorry this is long but I cant decided what to cut out.

  41. I want every last one of them gone. Don’t care how but I DO care when. The most evil “religion” in the world. They are vermin. They make me wanna vomit.

    • Thank you terrorists who killed the ‘Charlie Hebdo’ board of cartoonists and the rest of staff in the magazine. You made my day for the rest of my life dedicated to the prophet moo-HAM-mad and his glorious teachings.
      Once again, you made your point and you entice me yet again to follow the prophet’s ways to his pitiful grave.
      Insh’allah, you guys may go soon after the prophet himself and rape him as it goes, along with his followers. And a bunch of prison goats that you are.
      Continue you joke and kill more, bring you sick prophet in my everyday’s life so I should know who to despise more and go for in the afterlife.
      Keep terrorising the infidel and show the world how great your lot is. Once again, show me how peaceful your death cult is.
      I heard your prophet’s grave will soon be moved. What about yours?

      • They aren’t terrorists, they are just common criminals. According to the latest news, they robbed a petrol station, although to be fair, I guess that is a step up from being paedophiles.

    • Allah hates arabs. That’s why their countries are all fucked up. Hey arabs stop praying to allah he can’t stand you guys. The rest of the world hates you too. How many arabs have won a medal at the olympics? What has the middle east contributed to humanity in the last hundred years? Hey ladies don’t marry an arab as your children will be intellectually disabled, won’t be able to play sport and will be as ugly as fuck. I think that arabs are genetically inferior to all other races

    • Muslims are soooo fucking dumb. They have no idea that their bullshit behavior in western nations will eventually result in their extinction

    • loool i love how u fucking little pussies think ur little comments will hurt islam we dont even give a fuck about u guys.
      and lol u guys can never do shit to us
      but anyone of u man enough come say one of these things to my face
      i will be in london nottinghill gates just holla at me and iwe will see if u can leave there with ur teeth in ur mouth :)

      • and see…that’s the whole point you rag head. You come to my area and can walk around all day and say anything you want without retaliation. Go to any Muslin populated area just looking like you never wore a rag on your head and you will get your ass beat. Not by just ai, that bitch will tweet and there will be a crowd of Muslims ready to KILL.


  42. Wonder why everyone hates Muslims? It’s because Christians, Jews, Catholic and every other religion practice and teach TOLERANCE and love for others. What does Islam teach?

    In American you have the freedom of religion…why because Americans are Tolerant to others and of their believe or faith.

    Ask a Muslim what they think of Christians, Jews or any other religion. We are infidels and must die

    Islam is hate
    Islam is arrogant
    Islam is murderous
    Islam is child abuser
    Islam is evil

    It’s a fact people, the more educated you are the less likely you are of being a Muslim. This religion feeds and is growing on the lost, weak, angry and uneducated people in this world.


    • I am a muslim, and i approve this.. muslims lack tolerance.. I’m from India and people are more fucked up here.. i have more christian, hindu and jew friends than muslim friends, i’m a believer not a fanatic.. and wish everyone to be the same, but sadly our religion has more fundamentalists and fanatics than any other.. and again, what you said is true..

    • Yes, I still am.. the difference is I don’t kill people to defend my God, neither shove my religion in your mouth. I just mind my own business and keep my beliefs to myself.

  43. this blog is great…… Time for the world to UNITE and lets REALLY put the heat on these muslim clowns…… and also if i might add Eating a shit sandwich is more appealing than being a muz…

    • i am a musim my self and i am not an extremist. if i could take a little bit of your time to listen to what i have to say. (MUSLIM CRAP POST DELETED. –BNI)

      • the kabba “cube” in mecca housed 365 rocks that the arabs then prayed to as gods. muhammad’s father was the keeper of the kabba. muhammad took al stomes out except for the blacks stome
        he kissed it.
        the crescent moon symbol on mosques represents the moon godess
        most mulims dont know. muhammad made up the whole story in the quran
        he was a murderer, rapist, pedaphile .. married a girl 6 years old and consumated it when she was 9 .. aisha

      • why are you a motherfucking muslim ask yourself that do you enjoy killing people. you are an outsider. do you watch the news about what happened in France.

      • i hate hearing you muslims say alah akbar .. it sounds disgusting yo my ears now I know .. you are not praising God .. you muslims are praising the devil

      • I hace a solution .. export all mslims back to their screwed up countroes .. and export any natives here who are muslim too .. let them eat their own crap in their own countries

      • I am muslim too and my dad , he never hurted me or anything he cares alot for people and he never hurted or killed sombody

      • i find it is funny you use the name jesuisCharlie. Muslims dont believe in freedom of speach and expression. all over the koran are messages of hate from a self professed prophet who murdered, lied, raped, etc.. The murders in paris are abhored .. islam at work

      • best thing a muslim can do is denounce the demon god allah .. 2nd best thing is leave and go back to your God forsaken lands, 3rd best thing is that all you muslims kill eachother

      • it would be easy .. all muslims go make your trek to mecca and medina .. we can just drop a couple of nukes .. and smash that gold dome on the temple mount and proclaim it all back to Israel. You muslims are a fucked up society and anti-relegion .. islam is hate and we definately hate you

    • After what happpened in Paris today, Tonight should be France’s Christalnacht erase Islam from all of Europe and send them sand monkeys back to goat fuck middle east where they belong.

  44. ALL Muslims: Kill yourselves and get off this planet. If I could, I would love to bomb the fuck out of every one of you!!!!!!!! Take your rocket launchers and shove them down your throat. I am sick and tired of seeing stories of innocent people being shot while you yell all ackbar or some shit. Fuck off and die, no one cares about your stupid beliefs. I wish I had a picture of that ugly fuck Mohammad in every toilet of my house so I can shit on it every day!!!!!!!

  45. Peace-loving Germans, Japanese, Chinese, Russians, Rwandans, Serbs, Afghans, Iraqis, Palestinians, Somalis, Nigerians, Algerians, and many others have died because the peaceful majority did not speak up until it was too late.

  46. All religions are shit and once Christianity was also an extremely violent and wild religion. Unfortunately nowaday it seems as americans do not remember anymore even the basic aspects from the philosophy of their founder fathers…What a shameful ignorance for americans ?….I think today they feel better at home with George Bush than T. Paine…..:) :) :) Wonderful. Great USA….

      • @barenaked At the last day, you will fear the punishments , you yourself will want to be a muslim and I will be like ya on ur face! and you will ask Allah for forgiveness but the gates of repentence will be shut and gates of hell will be waiting for you. Freak. :-) I dont care what you post , cuz u need attention from people . . Attention seeker! You cant even imagine how much you are gonna suffer. Have a nice day. :-)

      • caketin, please show me where in the new testament was it violent and extreme.. I would be very interested to find that you can find some.. there is only one verse that I know of that can be taken to mean violence and it is a metaphor.. follow the founder of Christianity and see what he had to say, and yes there has been many things done wrong but no where in the new testament does it tell people to go and cut off heads, to torture, to be able to rape those that they take as booty, to raid and kill all the men, to kill those who leave Islam. In one part it says that there is no compulsion but later allah changed his mind and it says to kill those who leave..
        I am not American but in all our reading of the American history, the ethos of the founding fathers was very Christian and although there were some terrible things done and many evil men, natives killed etc, the main aim was a better life for them all, unfortunately bad people are everywhere, but it is not what the founder of Christianity said to do..

  47. hi to everyone im a muslim u guys….

    (The rest of your stupid comment is deleted because we guys hate muslims here. –BNI)

  48. islam is satan’s counter to Christ. Just ask yourself what has islam done good the masses..look at ISIS, al qaida, and all the other islamist groups. they are hate based solely. what man or woman willing kills a child because that child is drawn to another faith; what man goes into a school and kills children; what man kills? islamists are evil period. they do NOT represent God but instead the devil.

    • wolfbaringteeth hope you dont mind what im going to tell you u ….

      (Comment deleted. Didn’t I just tell you we hate muslims here? Go away, scumbag. —BNI)

      • Funny how youre just deleting everything we have to say. Like you are afraid to hear or let others hear the truth. Sorry to say, but it is those that are afraid to hear the truth that will avoid it at any costs.

    • hey wolfe !!!! DONT WANT TO BURST YOUR BUBBLE BUT !!!!!!! have you researched the doctrine on verses on the Jesuits oath and sworn commandment upon initiation ! its a induction given only to high ranking Jesuits !!! blew me away !!! Im Catholic but I have absolutely no respect for holy roman empire or the Vatican

  49. I just watched a video of Iraq crisis and OMFG? What kind of brains are you? Marrying a 9 year old baby girl? You people will be busted really soon.

  50. i don’t care really about this

    but i gona say one thing

    if you want to judge a whole race

    then read deep enough in islam culture

    if you caught one thing wrong in islamic customs , then that’s your evidence to make people believe you

    (it’s just drinking Alcohol , destroys your minds , all you think about Revenge , hating , winning everything and controlling … etc )

    in every religion there’s a people who doesn’t respect their religion , by them , people may get bad idea about his religion right ?

    that’s what are doing right now

    iam muslim i just came to share this simple words

    if i were you , and have the amount of hate you had , atleast if i could i will visit the most country with muslim civilins and see by self .
    if something happend to me seeking the real truth of islam ,
    then your country people will read about it , they will think your’e the hero who revealed the truth !

    first of all no one wants to do that

    otherwise, muslims people will welcome you and teach you anything you want to know about the real islam

    sitting ion a chair reading inside the internet is all what you do , knowing that internet sometime gives the false informations

    the real thing is that we don’t talk about other religions but they do to us because no one wants to use my idea i mentioned earlier

    that’s the weird fact

    if you ban me or delete my post so it’s not wise because if u did that you think i’m right !

    (i hope you to understand me because iam still studieng english ) still new

    • @unknown
      Islam is not a race, you idiot. It’s a totalitarian political ideology of caliphate theocracy disguised as a religion.

      What the fuck is ‘real’ islam? Stupid idiot, go read Why should let muslims teach us? Since they are muslims, they can’t be unbiased in judging own religion, you need guys “from the side”, non-muslims to be fair. One of muslims told me once that there’s no death penalty for apostasy in islam. For fuck’s sake! I myself read quran, i know what 4:89 instructs for. You think we gonna believe you?

      • Islam is a religion you moron. Google states,
        “Islam is a monotheistic and Abrahamic religion articulated by the Qur’an, a book considered by its adherents to be the verbatim word of God, and for the vast majority of adherents, also by the teachings and normative example of Muhammad, considered by them to be the last prophet of God.”

    • I wrote and erased a dozen replies to you before deciding upon this one:

      It does not matter what you say but rather what you do. After watching the evil which runs abundantly unchecked in muslim controlled areas, it is clear that islam=evil. Those of you who claim to be “moderate” or “good” muslims sit by and do nothing to stop these evil deeds so you will be judged by the thugs you choose to represent you.

      You have chosen your side in this battle.

    • First, you guys have no friends, anywhere. Muslims have become universally hated by damn near everybody else. Everybody wants a piece of your ass. Sitting here on a chair, chillin and I see your horsehsit comments. However, I dont go looking for trouble like muslims do. But be aware of one thing. You assholes have been hitting ‘soft’ targets. Why not come out where the men are. When last seen in Iraq, a shitload of muslims were heading for the border rather than fight real men with real guns. Come on down to Brooklyn and see whats up. Good luck getting out alive.

  51. As non-Muslims come to understand the Islamist challenge, anti-Islamic sentiments in the West are increasing, probably at a faster rate than Islamic practices. As anti-Islam trumps Islam, (I have concluded) opinions “will grow yet more hostile to Islamism over time. In this way, Islamist aggression assures that anti-Islamism in the West is winning its race with Islamism.”

    Correct prediction? To keep track, this weblog entry documents the course of Western public opinion on a bundle of topics connected to Islam, including democracy, immigration, jihad, Shari’a, and women. To start with, two polls:

    Germany, as reported by the Institut für Demoskopie Allensbach in November 2012:

    56 percent: striving for political influence
    60 percent: revenge and retaliation
    64 percent: violence
    68 percent: intolerance toward other faiths
    70 percent: fanaticism and radicalism
    83 percent: discrimination against women

    In contrast, only 7 percent of Germans associate Islam with openness, tolerance, or respect for human rights.

    France, mostly from early 2013:

    67 percent say Islamic values are incompatible with those of French society
    70 percent say there are too many foreigners
    73 percent view Islam negatively
    74 percent consider Islam intolerant
    84 percent are against the hijab in private spaces open to the public
    86 percent are favorable to strengthening the ban on the burqa

    The Netherlands, as reported by Maurice de Hond in June 2013 (English summary here).

    55 percent: stop immigration from Muslim countries
    63 percent: no new mosques
    64 percent: the arrival of immigrants from Muslim countries does not benefit the country
    68 percent: there is enough Islam in the Netherlands (a view shared by a majority of voters from all political parties)
    72 percent: pass a constitutional banning Shari’a law
    73 percent: a relationship exists between Islam and recent terror acts in Boston, London and Paris
    77 percent: Islam does not enrich the country

    Australia, from the Roy Morgan Research Ltd in October 2013 and reported today:

    38 percent: a growing Islamic population and Islamic immigration are bad for Australia
    44 percent: strong, clear link between Islam and terrorism
    50 per cent want the Shari’a banned
    53 percent: ban the burqa from public spaces
    57 percent: Concerned about Islam in the world today
    70 percent: Australia is not becoming a better place because of Islam.

    • If you want to know about islam u can search for what muslims are ment be like we are supposed to be peaceful not causing harm or grief. Other than being ignorant if u want to know about the truth of islam its as simple as searching on google “what is islam”

      • Yes we know all about Islam see we have read the Medina verses, we observe Islam in operation in Islamic countries, everyday. We know of your history of killing and suppressing of other religions, we know how Islam was spread, by war and extermination.

        We know of the civil rights indexes, the fascist nature of your societies and cultures.

        Your lies will not work here, and it is the IGNORANT who fall for them.

        Now run of to the MASS MEDIA where you belong.

    • Funny my coments have been deleted is it because im not argueing?
      Im not here judging anybody as everyobe is an indevidule. These jihadist are doing wrong and yes u are hearing this from a muslim because it is wrong that link shows what jihad really means

    • I just be doing some research o violence between competing faiths. However there are not many instances of Hindu against Buddhist or Christian etc….

      I looked and looked,….. just a few instances.

      Of course there is the old nasty anti-Semitism.

      However where there is major religious strife being competing faiths there seems to be one COMMON denominator.

      What is it???…, I tell you the Muslim is present.

      Is this a co-incidence I ask?,….. I think not.

      Even the peace loving Buddhist monk, a religion renowned for it’s peaceful manner and teachings, is inspired to kill when the Muslim is present.


      Think about it, ISLAM makes peace loving Buddhists aggressive. As I say wherever ISLAM goes the devil follows. And look at the Medina verses, THEY ARE EVIL. If I believed in the devil, I would have a GREAT suspicion about THOSE verses.


      “The U.S. army medic also told members of the research unit that she and her colleagues had to explain to a local man how to get his wife pregnant.

      The report said: “When it was explained to him what was necessary, he reacted with disgust and asked, ‘How could one feel desire to be with a woman, who God has made unclean, when one could be with a man, who is clean? Surely this must be wrong.'”



  52. The zo called ”holy coran” tells the Moslims to lie tot non-Moslims, to kill them if possible and take over power.
    The Islam ruined the culture of India, killed 20 million people and destroyed 99 % of the Budist Temples.
    So how hypocrite they are to complain anyway about anything!!!
    Day after day people, women, children are killed, raped and tortured in name of Mohammed’s Coran and still some people respect this meaningless believe.
    Even Obamma is afraid to tell the truth about Islam, caus off the terror Oil Princes
    in Saoedie Arabia, Qatar, Koewait etc…
    But histoy learns, it’s better to look the danger right in his eyes, instead of
    living an behaving in fear.
    So take up our arms, our knowlegde and spread the truth to destroy this sectarian
    dangerous non-believe.

    • While David put up good a argument, I believe he missed some points, probably trying to remain civil in a debate situation.

      1, was the demographic threat that Islam presents to the West, it is not all just about nuclear weapons and bomb attacks.The Muslims present a real threat to the quality of life of a nation and it’s civilization through, NO-GO areas, high crime, welfare dependency which threatens bankruptcy and the fascist desire to impose Sharia law, once the population gets to critical mass. That is the danger Islam really presents, THIS WAS TOTALLY MISSED.

      2, This black dude is trying to use the racists argument, yet the majority of people here at this site have no problem with OTHER RELIGIONS, it is the aggressive nature of Islam they fear and LOATH. So the “WHITE FEAR” argument is bogus for a true anti-islamic individual as opposed to the KKK/stormfront mentality. If you look at the crime stats and welfare dependency of these other major religions and their NATURE; are they an aggressive religious culture?, these fears do not apply.

      3, You JUDGE a religion by the nature of the people who follow it, Islamic countries have the worse civil rights indexes of all countries, that is a fact complied by respected organizations. Islamic states have the lowest respect for women based on data analysis. That is a scientific study is undertaken to objectively analyze the REAL condition of a nation. This black dude states one all two CRUDE statistics off the top of his head to make a moral equivalency argument. WEAK, only a proper PROFESSIONAL analysis should be taken into consideration and ISLAM finishes last way behind Western nations, on religious freedom, civil rights and the treatment of women.

      4, He states that Muslim nations are too weak to have MAJOR weapon systems, yes that is correct they are poor and regressive. 54 OF 57 MUSLIM nations are dictatorships or quasi dictatorships and that says a lot about the nature of its culture. It suppresses capitalism, enterprise and liberty. Essential for civilization to flourish.

      5, He states a poll about Christians supporting the killing of civilians, I AM SURE THE POLL IN QUESTION DID NOT ASK IT LIKE THAT. This is almost certainly a false representation of the question, deception. I suspect the question was like this: do you support the use of drones to kill terrorists, EVEN if it may result in collateral damage i.e. dead civilians?

      The difference with the US military is that they try to the best of their ability to reduce civilian losses, even wasting a million dollar missile to take out a 20,000 USD car. The USA really bankrupts itself to AVOID enemy civilian losses. Where the Muslim terrorist has no such restriction they actively seek out the weak to KILL. This is a big difference.

      It is averages that count when you make an analysis of the benefits of Islamic immigration, the facts are that 70% of Muslim support Sharia law in Europe and I have no reason to believe this would be different elsewhere, (two German studies mentioned below).

      The facts also show very worrying indicators on crime, welfare and integration. The simple fact is Europe and the West cannot afford to take the risk even if there are some good muslims, it is the average that counts on whether a nation’s quality of life will survive or NOT!

  53. The world is sick. Islam is the most evil religion in the world and the Western leaders keep on sucking up to these vermin.

    All these muslim (yes I spell it in small letters!) lovers will maybe wake up eventually when their children and grandchildren are forced to wear burkas and marry dirty old goat fuckers at the age of 10.

    Unfortunately the current Western leaders are shit scared of offending muslims and will not be around by then anymore.

    Britain is a goner and I am surprised the Christians there are even allowed to celebrate Christmas, seeing that wearing a Cross in Britain is offensive to muslims!

    The anti islam protests in Germany is not racism. The protesters just want their country back. The politicians branding them a disgrace should be shot.

  54. What the hell am i reading here. Are these posts for real? you want to blame all Muslims for the sins of a small portion? Please. Hating Muslims for 9/11 is like hating All Germans for WWII In August 1945, during the final stage of the Second World War, the United States dropped atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. You want to call us terrorist for your fundamental point of view of Islam? If we were to do the same, you’d think Americans are the real terrorists here. Now, that’s not what i’m implying. You can’t just judge an entire race from such a false perspective. The 9/11 attacks killed 2,996 people and caused at least $10 billion in property and infrastructure damage. The two WWII bombings, which killed at least 129,000 people, out of such a majority of innocent civilians. If you guys really want to go to statistics, i’m willing. Some people are going to claim that America did so as it was in a state of war. Regardless how intense a war is, You must never include innocents. So a whole generation of Americans hate Muslims, for the mistakes of a few dumb ass extremists. Cause i’m pretty sure i can come up with more then a few ‘unpleasant’ mistakes made by Americans. My point is, every religion has its extremists. Our religion never told us to go around killing innocent people in the name of god. Would you really think so many Muslims would actually be Muslims, if such was true? You gotta use your minds people. Think deep. You can’t just blindly give out accusations without knowing any real facts. Such haters probably don’t know shit about Islam in the slightest. Just ignorant people being told that Islam is wrong. We can’t blame them though. Our Media-linked reputation really has us pinned to the wall. We have our beliefs, you have yours. Were not going to go around forcing people into joining our ‘jihad’ army. Jihad in the eyes of Most : Going around bombing whatever you could killing so called non believers. Jihad is not but a Misunderstood concept. If military jihad is required to protect the faith against others, it can be performed using anything from legal, diplomatic and economic to political means. If there is no peaceful alternative, Islam also allows the use of force, but there are strict rules of engagement. Innocents – such as women, children, or invalids – must never be harmed, and any peaceful overtures from the enemy must be accepted. Jihad is not a violent concept. Jihad is not a declaration of war against other religions. It is worth noting that the Koran specifically refers to Jews and Christians as “people of the book” who should be protected and respected. All three faiths worship the same God. Allah is just the Arabic word for God, and is used by Christian Arabs as well as Muslims. Military action in the name of Islam has not been common in the history of Islam. Scholars says most calls for violent jihad are not sanctioned by Islam. Warfare in the name of God is not unique to Islam. Other faiths throughout the world have waged wars with religious justifications. The concept of jihad has been hijacked by many political and religious groups over the ages in a bid to justify various forms of violence. In most cases, Islamic splinter groups invoked jihad to fight against the established Islamic order. Scholars say this misuse of jihad contradicts Islam. If you’ve actually read this post to the end, thank you for giving up some of your time to do so. I’m just trying to get some shit clear.


      • Come on you kosomomoprick, you do that and come for us, that’s all the excuse we need to go after every single one of you useless ragheads, bitches brats and all, and give you a taste of your own medicine.

        Understand this you goatsucker, none of those leftist pricks and dhimmi politicians will able to do a single thing to avoid what’s inevitable : your annihilation for we’ll make sure you can never again be any kind or nuisance or threat anytime along the road, ever, And that fucking black pebble you pricks worship, and your war houses and the rest ? Buh Bye !!!!

      • ha ha bring it on, I LOVE WHEN MUSLIMS SHOW THEIR TRUE COLORS!

        We are waiting when you do this the PC will be overthrown and the REAL patriots will do what is REQUIRED, ALL THE WAY!

      • idiots like kosomak have obviously never met American women. We are not meek lambs like your islamic females. You try to come for me or someone that I love and I will slit your throat then throw your body in to feed my pigs with. We do not need men to protect us your sorry pedophile bastard because we are more than willing and capable of protecting ourselves.

    • It is not a few nuts as you made out dope, check the polls below . And these are respectable polls form credible organizations, PEW for instance.

      Another liar.

      Why are there hardly any Christians left in Islamic countries twit? Why do Muslim countries rate at the bottom of civil rights indexes of respectable organizations?

      And tell why do 13 muslim countries have the death penalty option for atheists?

      Muslims are like a Sara Lee pastry, LIE after Lie after lie.

    • I am a muslim. I havent killed anyone and i wont. I have no plans to. What some muslims are doing are wrong which i can understand why we may be a hated religon i dont agree with killing anyone or anyone being killed i dont belive nomuslims should die just because they have different beliefs but evan so i wouldnt mock anyone or their beliefs. I am a muslim and i would say im as normal as anyone else. Force marriage is actually not allowed in Islam but unfortunately alot of this happens in many muslim countries which i admit. I hope some atleast see us as individuals rather than us all being blamed for the jihadist i feel ashamed when i watch the news and see these things happening they make us look bad and it makes people believe that its part of being a muslim. Its not.

      • layla, you won’t escape blame until you change your quran and hadiths. It’s your belief system that is tainted and you aren’t doing anything to change it. Muslims ARE bad.

      • Problem is that you are going to breed and produce more muslims who may or may not be “normal”. See, not all muslims are bad, just 1% as an estimate. 1% of 2 billions is guess what…20 million fucking nutjobs. That’s way more than I’m comfortable with. If you’re a “good” person, your duty is to convert out of that death cult or marry a non-muslism, raise non-muslim children and reintegrate with humanity.

    • It is NOT A SMALL MINORITY YOU STUPID. Over 60% of muslims around the world support suicide bombings, sharia law, the world trade center attack, etc… you are all for murder of infidels, go read your book

  55. you peoples have no idea how the Watcher of all will do to you, all muslims please just stay away from this satanic website it won’t bring any good to you or Islam,
    if you want to do good for islam, just live and do your job while believing in the Creator.
    Its way better than debating with these blinded people, you who have read the Al-Quran must’ve known that if their heart is closed, there is nothing we can do about it.
    besides we should remember the Ayat “All good things will come back to ourself, and all bad things will come back to ourself”

    • What a lying turkey, a typical Muslim. The Muslim’s country is the devil’s country, poor backward unstable shitholes, country after country.

      And they are trying hard to bring their revolting culture and CORRUPTION to Europe. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

  56. “This is reminiscent of the entire “revelation” of the Koran, where later verses/commands contradict earlier verses/commands, depending on circumstances (known in Islamic jurisprudence as al-nāsikh wal-mansūkh, or the doctrine of abrogation).

    Thus, whereas Allah supposedly told the prophet that “there is no compulsion in religion” (Koran 2:256), once the messenger grew strong enough, Allah issued new revelations calling for all-out war/jihad till Islam became supreme (Koran 8:39, 9:5, 9:29, etc.).

    While other religions and scriptures may have contradictions, only Islam rationalizes them through abrogation—that is, by giving prominence to later verses which are seen as the “latest” decision of the deity.”

  57. I like to ask BNI a question. I have just watched an interview that Glenn Beck had with Geert Wilders.

    Glenn Beck thinks that Islam can be reformed, he used the example of the Jewish faith, referring that in the Old Testament it is permitted to stone to death individuals, yet the Jews of today have moderated.

    That is, the Jews have modernized their belief system and if so why cannot Islam?

    My knowledge of the Jewish religion is limited, so I ask you what is you opinion of this argument?, since you are Jewish.

      • I rather disappointed with your reply, I thought you would go into detail.

        Here is my reply based on a very limited knowledge of your religion.

        The Jews are known as the: “People of the Book”. They come from a highly intellectual culture that encourages self-examination and learning. This culture promotes modernization and flexibility.

        Islam in contrast is a religion that is anti-intellectual and restricts learning. Any thinking that conflicts with the Koran is resisted, free thought is opposed. Which leads to a rigid inflexibility, ignorance and suppression. Such restrictions also leads to poverty which further reinforces extremism.

        This extremism then acts as positive feedback mechanism that reinforces this characteristic killing anyone who dare tries to reform the religion, locking it into it’s negative character.

        Additionally Judaism has universal truths that apply to everyone, I shall not kill is UNIVERSAL in it’s application. In Islam it is conditional, it is permitted to kill apostates and non-believers. In the Koran there is verse after verse which incites violence to others. The instances of this FAR exceed the old testament and as a result an extreme rational is far more reinforced.

        The last and most important characteristic which prevents this religion from being reformed is that their prophet, who is seen by Muslims to be an example of God’s will, was a killer and a bandit, this cannot be ignored.

        It is very hard to reform a religion who’s major prophet was a killer, who permitted the killing of non-believers. Now lets compare him to Moses, this Jewish hero and his ten commandments were universal and applied to everyone.

        Some claim Moses was a killer. While Moses did kill it was defensive in nature, were with Mohamed it was often aggressive and reinforced by his Medina verses (which have superiority over his Mecca verses). This is an important difference.

        So how can a religion be reformed when it’s principle agent was a killer and a religious fascist? It can’t the only way is to rewrite the history of Mohammed and the Koran. How can that be achieved when the Koran is seen as the word of god?

    • doglover…..islam hasn’t changed one jot since the 7th century,nor it’s followers,they’re slow workers aren’t they?

  58. lets just look at the clear picture without a prejudice. i have said this before that quran was written 250 years after the death of muhammed, till that time it it was just words been passed on from generation to generation. some pea-size brained muslims will say that quran is pure. but a human being like me whom god has given a sound mind can deduce from the fact that it was written 250 years after the death of muhammed so there clearly is a manupulation done in making quran in such a way that would help the arab caliphs to impose it on the followers in such a way that would fulfill their imperialistic sinister agaendas. and about the mathemetical and scientific contributions they say arabs made was all borrowed from the neighboring civilizations. DESPITE BEING A MUSLIM I DARE SAY THAT QURAN IS NOT PURE AND I WONT BELIEVE IN SOMETHING BLINDLY. WHATEVER THAT DRAWS YOU AGAINST HUMANITY IS SATANIC TO ME. And last but not least, Swami Vivekananda said once, ‘Despondency can never be religion, whatever else it may be, but not religion’.

    • @Abdul Khalid Roshan, Quran was not written after 250 years, the first written and compiled Quran had 5 copies and one was belongs to Muhammad’s (PBUH) wife Hafsa (R) and you will find this exact copy in Top Capi museum of Turkey and also you will find another Quran written by Ali (R) at Mashad Museum of Iran and both contents are exactly same and also same with current Quran……..Note that Hafsa (R), Uthman (R), Ali (R) both were alive and companion of Prophet Mohammad (S)……….


  59. Part of the reason that some consider all Muslims terrorists is that true Muslims don’t come out in public against the terrorists. On one level it makes sense (I’m sure they’re as scared of the extremists as most other people are), but until they get brave enough to speak out loudly and often, they will be seen as in agreement and the problem will get much, much worse. Imagine their surprise if their silence fuels World War III, or another religious group decides to go the violence route and bomb Mecca?

    • well. in BHAGWAD GITA(hindu scripture) its said that not standing against injustice and letting the injustice happen is a sin too. and our so called muslim people are committing this sin.

      • Actually should we judge Allah’s message by it’s followers? Message is true but maybe the followers not following correctly……….so we should not judge my Muslim rather than judge by reading what Allah revealed….

    • Darb…

      “true muslims don’t come out in public against the terrorists”…

      Sorry, but the reason has nothing to do with being “scared of the extremists”…

      The reason is simple.
      They are complicit by their silence and inaction.
      Sort of like “accessories to the jihad”.
      It’s like “lying by omission” in a court of law.
      Trying to hide the truth by not telling ALL of the truth.

      It is my firm opinion that the ones to whom you refer are in total support of the entire extremist, radical, jihadi bunch, and that theirs is a ploy to dupe the rest of us into falling for their promoting a bogus idea that there is such a thing as non radical, peaceful islam.

      That is utter bullshit!

      All they have to do is leave islam.
      Simple as that…nothing more, nothing less.
      Granted, that would be easier in Western countries than if you lived in an islamic one, but that is what they would have to do if they really didn’t support extremism.

      As you should know, leaving islam is punishable by them killing your ass…not a pleasant prospect…but that is the reality of these lunatics.

      The sad fact is they are brainwashed from the moment they draw their first breath.
      They BELIEVE this shit, lock, stock and barrel!

      Here’s a very important point to remember:
      “Imagine their surprise if their silence fuels World War III, or another religious group decides to go the violence route and bomb Mecca?”

      it’s not trying to provoke Christianity.
      It’s not trying to provoke Hinduism.
      It’s not trying to provoke Buddhism.
      It’s not trying to provoke Judaism.
      It’s not trying to provoke Shintoism.
      It’s not trying to provoke Taoism.
      It’s not trying to provoke Atheism.

      It’s trying to provoke ALL of them…any and every belief structure that is NOT ISLAM.
      So it won’t be, or at least it SHOULDN’T be, one religious group that bombs mecca…

      It should be a HUGE COALITION OF THE SANE, bombing the epicentre of the INSANE.

      Never forget, it’s islam against the entire world….and we’d better wake up to that fact SOON.

      • Stop being such a fucking hateful bastard!!! It’s bastards like you that cause fucking genocides. I don’t use profanity, but this is all that fuck-heads like you deserve.

      • When you talk about genocide, the entire history of Islam is based on genocide. The genocide of FREEDOM, the genocide of TOLERANCE, the genocide of LEARNING, the genocide of PROGRESS and finally the genocide of PEOPLE,….. first their culture and if they don’t submit….. their lives.

        The entire Arab world which numbers in the hundreds of millions and has OIL, has a smaller GDP than Spain. The Islamic world is a poor backward shithole. And there is a reason for that, it is called ISLAM. The colonialism argument is BS, since South America and Asia suffered colonialism too, yet they are booming. They also have oil as well, so the oil argument is bogus.

        They use their oil to built a productive state. In the world of Islam the oil resources are wasted by decadent leaders and silly futile wars. All a product of Islamic culture. See only fascism of one kind or another can survive in such a climate. And fascism is corrupt and self- destructive.

        The reason why many Indians hate Islam is the same reason why many Jews have resentment to the German. 80 million Indians were butchered by Muslim aggression according to some sources. Defending Muslims with the genocide argument is highly Ironic and a weak argument indeed. This is so because if the West does not defend itself it will suffer a genocide.

        The vast majority of Muslims want Sharia law, which to the Westerner is CULTURAL genocide.

        Read the polls discussed below and available elsewhere and all of the 57 Muslims nations with the exception of two are dictatorships. Why? because of THEIR desire for Sharia law, they are either religious fascists states, or as in Egypt, a military secular dictatorship has been imposed to prevent a sharia theocracy.

        Here is a post from Jihad Watch:

        They demand respect but offer none.

        They accept the generosity of others and respond with disdain.

        They exaggerate their own victimization and justify their own victimizing.

        They exploit democracy at every turn and then ridicule it.

        They hate everyone then whine about being hated.

        They demand everyone read the Quran before criticizing Islam but 50% of them are illiterate.

        They claim the moral high ground then murder their own children for dating non-Muslims and behead innocent civiliians.

        They say they are not extremists but poll after poll shows that majorities in most Muslims dominant countries are in favor of executing apostates, homosexuals and adulterers along with cutting off limbs and whippings for minor crimes.

        They claim Islam is a religion of peace and are surprised when somebody who isn’t a Muslim doesn’t believe them.

        Their are incapable of governing themselves but blame the Jews for all of their failures.

        In the west they call their critics “Islamophobes”, in their own countries they kill them.


    • quran was written in the form of book 250 years after the death of muhammad, so my rational thinking tells me to not to believe the hideous things interpreted by the verses of quran. since i dont take quran as the final authority so i cant say that what really mohammed did preach, cuz his teachings(if he really was a holy man) died with him and what we have now is the manipulated garbage version of the words of gabriel which mohammad claimed his words to be, the words of almighty creator told to him by gabriel.

      • Abdul read the history of muhammad , he was a vicious warlord,,I would not call what he did holy,, would you??

  60. Britain was great once, at its peak in 1850 they were tough and strong, now they are pathetic wimps.

    People change, materialism, PC conditioning and brainwashing have made them soft and DOCILE. You can’t even slap a kid anymore. Cultures change and so do people. The American today is a wimp compared to the depression generation and certainly compared to Lincoln’s or Washington’s time.

    Too many creature comforts make people weak. Combine this with the soft PC conditioning THAT a child receives from birth, means that the STEEL is simply not there anymore.

    And if it was the PC dictatorship would quickly neutralize it.And you are to blame for the PC dictatorship because you vote for these FOOLS and deceivers TIME AND TIME AGAIN.

    The average Brit or Yank has no idea about the REAL nature of Islam, because they are too preoccupied with their LITTLE world of the shopping mall, Facebook and MTV. And what info they do get is distorted lies from the mass media.

    The British like the Swedes will simply roll over and die, there will be no resistance except from a few. To those Britons here who say there will be a revolt, yeah dream on, you simply are not the same people anymore.

    As usual all talk and HOT AIR, l have looked at stats of the SO-CALLED “hate crimes” against the Muslim in Britain. They are pathetic, a couple hundred cases of people sticking their finger up at them in public, or a twitter slur. A couple of hundred cases of pathetic resistance out of a population of 67 million.

    Hopeless,…. if you want to save your country you will have to do better than that miserable effort.

    However Muslims don’t be too happy, once you destroy these nations and you will, who will pay for your DOLE then?

  61. Muslim child sex abuse:

    “I recently saw the documentary on the Dancing Boys of Afghanistan. It exposed an ancient custom called “bacha bazi” (boy for play), where rich men buy boys as young as 11 from impoverished families for sexual slavery. The boys are dressed in women’s clothes and made to dance and sing at parties, before being carted away by the men for sex. Owning boys is considered a symbol of status and one former warlord boasted of having up to 3,000 boys over a 20-year period, even though he was married, with two sons. The involvement of the police and inaction of the government means this form of child prostitution is widespread.”


    • What gets me is the PC correct are all for bashing Christians, these days a mild and mature lot, who’s greatest cause of social disorder is protesting outside an abortion clinic.

      Yet when you criticize Islam they go MENTAL, a religion that kills on a regular basis, a religion that a cartoonist would lose his life merely if he draws an unflattering picture of their prophet. A religion where critics have to take measures to protect their lives from the savage Muslim fascist. A RELIGION that kills people who convert from it.

      Remember the book: “The Satanic Verses”.

      A religion with a notorious civil rights record from women to even the treatment of animals. And yet the PC correct ignore ALL these facts, hide the real crimes and welfare states from the general public. It truly is amazing. They ignore the killing of Christians and other religious groups by the Muslim, they ignore the studies that show quite convincingly that the average Muslim wants Sharia law imposed on every land that they settle into. And for the ignorant Sharia law is a regressive piece of trash. They even rewrite history ignoring the Muslims acts of aggression that occurred prior to the crusades.

      You even have feminists defend female mutilation, saying it is racist to criticize, really?

      So we must turn a blind eye to Muslim depravities undertaken on scale that make Christians shortcomings look very mild indeed, because it is racist and imperialist???!!!!

      The PC correct go on about a massive rise in Islamophobia (I WISH), yet when you look at the actual details you are talking about a rise in Britain for instance, a country of 50 million people, of a 150 cases and these cases are merely someone sticking their finger up at a Muslim in public.

      Let’s compare this to massive increase in anti-semitism that is now occurring in Europe, due to the Muslim. Of course the PC media will ignore this, and when it is mentioned they ignore stating the group who are to blame for it. Then there are cases of child rape by Muslim that were ignored by British authorities because they did wish not to be RACIST. Really?, so for decades a child sex rape ring was ignored and also ignored by the Muslim community, because such rings are common in their culture.

      The PC correct chant, it is racist to be anti-Islam, well it is not it is NOT, but they keep doing it all the same. The PC correct keep chanting the Islam is the religion of peace, yes is sure is , ha ha, it is almost comical.

      As peace loving as Adolf, and ADOLF and ISLAM have a lot in common. No wonder they were the best of friends. The reason why Islam is not a religion of peace are endless, look at the news every night, where is the trouble, South America,…no, Asia…no, Africa…no, the MIDDLE -EAST and NORTH AFRICA!!!

      What immigrants cause the most violence in Europe, the Hindu…no, the Buddhist…no, the Christian…no, the MUSLIM!!!!!

      70% of France’s jails are full of them yet they are only 10% of population. Does a Hindu stab a British solder to death…. no, does a Christian bomb a, a MUSLIM does.

      And you expect them because something the PC correct will not mention either the Koran is a fascist religious text that that encourages violence against non-Muslims.

      From a Satanic site, I goggled to find out out want they thought of Islam:


      We love Islam…. one of Satan’s greatest innovations, it has achieved wonders in the Middle-East. The Middle- East used to be the cradle of civilization……. not any more HA HA!!!

      We or our creation Islam took care of that!

      When Satan created Islam, Satan thought: “what is the best way to turn people into a mindless savage?, lets invent a fascist religion…… and there’s nothing like a gooooood religion to control people hey!”

      Wise Satan said:

      “Yes lets create a religion that is violent and fascist at it core, one that does not respect the right of others. A religion that destroys freethinking and turns one into a rabid robot, when it is applied with purity and conviction. A religion that has SUCH respect for women, individuality and diversity. A religion that supports the great cycle of poverty, war, fascism, ignorance etc.

      AND MOST IMPORTANTLY a religion that cannot be reformed because it’s great prophet is seen as the mouthpiece of god. And this prophet ain’t no Jesus Christ, yep! He has the qualities we like a lot.”

      And that last characteristic is the best and most important.

      Thus Islam was invented and it has turned out to be a real winner!!!!

      Muslims even kill people for drawing a little cartoon or burning a book, we could never get Christians, Hindus or Buddhists to do that in the 21th century. Satan’s invention has succeeded brilliantly.

      Look at the Middle-East, a fantastic place, a place you like to send your children to!

      70$% of the world refugees are Muslim (the dollar symbol was included intentionally) and that is important as you see later, and Muslim states dominate the low freedom and civil rights indexes too.

      Yes in the ISLAMIC world there is a war every week, and it’s great.

      In fact the Islamic warrior loves war and so do we. See the smile on their faces and the look in their EYES when they have an assault rifle in their hand, it is wonderful to behold.

      WE have them conditioned to believe war leads to paradise and paradise is war, and nothing turns a young man on like 72 virgins!

      And now we have ISIS, ISIS reminds us of the good old days : “ THE DARK AGES”, they were called. Satan always though that term was harsh, they were actually wonderful times……..

      Satan decided to use the West’s so-called strength against it, we focus on the West as opposed to East, South or whatever, because it has been the leader of the following terrible qualities: freedom, technological progress, high standard of living etc.

      Disgusting qualities really!

      The West is the epicentre of democracy and development, it must be destroyed.

      (When these qualities are destroyed, we simply put the world into autopilot and watch. We don’t have to do much at all really, the deficiency of the human soul does the rest for us.)

      One of the qualities that the West sees as a strength is liberalism and its close cousin humanitarianism . Satan saw an opportunity here, Satan said: “why don’t we make this strength a weakness.”

      “How?”: we asked

      Satan said: “we tried a direct assault on civilization with Hitler and like, it did not work. We have to be more cunning. It has to be an indirect attack from within, were their very system that they praise will paralyze them from effective action.

      This is how we will do it, we will generate a quilt complex with the elites over colonization, slavery and the Holocaust. With this guilt complex we will manufacture a new form of thinking and ideology . It will be called: “political correctness”.

      We will need use this philosophy to help Islam penetrated the West like a parasite. We use the intellectual vanity, morality and group mentality of the elites against them, but they will not realize it.

      The PC elite are the Achilles heel of the West, they are ALL powerful, they control the media, the government and the education system. If skilfully manipulated they will do our bidding, yet believing that they are doing the opposite. See in WW2 we were too obvious, stealth is the way to go. And achieving victory by this way will be even sweeter…….”


      • YES, you are correct. I loathe these people, these killers who have nothing in their lives but murder and more murder. What good do they do for anyone, including themselves? And the so-called “moderate” Muslims do nothing to stop the others, so they must really agree with them. I hate them and if every one of them dropped dead tomorrow we would still have problems but the whole world would breathe a collective sigh of relief. They want to kill people just for making a cartoon?! It’s insane and so are they all. They kill their own, too, not just “infidels,” so they don’t even care about each other, their own families and neighbors. As far as I can see, they bring nothing good to the world, nothing of goodness and love, nothing of happiness…only death and terror and despair. That is why I hate them. They are what nightmares are made of. I came to your site looking for something that expresses what I feel about them, and this is it. If there are any “good” Muslims they are outnumbered and irrelevant. My heart aches for the misery they bring to this world.

    • haan yaar. musalmaan hone k bawajood bhi mujhe nafrat hai aise ‘islam’ se. for the non indian readers i meant that, ‘even after being born as a muslim, i hate sucha face of islam’

      • Abdul, you deserve a pat on your back. Despite being a muslim, you dare to speak against its evils. I think the majority of muslims are kept deliberately illiterate. Because an educated mind can never accept this crap. If you are an Indian, you must go back to the religion of your ancestors, because all Indian muslims are Hindu converts.

  62. Hey “Dave”:

    Oh noes…I had this all wrong! I mean… here I thought it was MUSLIMS doing all these violent deeds? But you’re saying it was “the media” all along, right? Those 9/11 hijackers? London, Madrid, Mumbai, Beslan, Nairobi, ISIS–and 20,000+ terror-attacks since 9/11? Why, those violent, aggressive, supremacist media bastards! Next thing you know they’ll be building media mosques, raping our little girls and demanding mediariah law. Look at them–running around chopping heads, screaming, “Mediahu Akbar!” Cretins!

    Thanks for sorting that out for us, Dave; you’ve done a great service here. Silly us for thinking it was MUSLIMS doing all these repugnant things! Those poor muslims–getting blamed for all those atrocities that the media have perpetrated! And, of course, you wouldn’t LIE to us, would you, “Dave?” That is your real name, right, “Dave?”
    Of course it is…

      • According to Geert Wilders a poll undertaken in Holland in JULY, indicates that 65% of Dutch Muslims support ISIS.

        This is another indication that the BELIEF that a small minority of Muslims support ISIS, is a myth!

        More evidence:

        France. A new, widely-covered poll shows that a full 16% of French people have positive attitudes toward ISIS. That includes 27% of French between the ages of 18-24. Anne-Elizabeth Moutet of Newsweek wrote, “This is the ideology of young French Muslims from immigrant backgrounds…these are the same people who torch synagogues.”

        Britain. In 2006, a poll for the Sunday Telegraph found that 40% of British Muslims wanted shariah law in the United Kingdom, and that 20% backed the 7/7 bombers. Another poll from that year showed that 45% of British Muslims said that 9/11 was an American/Israeli conspiracy; that poll showed that one-quarter of British Muslims believed that the 7/7 bombings were justified.

        Palestinian Areas. A poll in 2011 showed that 32% of Palestinians supported the brutal murder of five Israeli family members, including a three-month-old baby. In 2009, a poll showed that 78% of Palestinians had positive or mixed feelings about Osama Bin Laden. A 2013 poll showed 40% of Palestinians supporting suicide bombings and attacks against civilians. 89% favored sharia law. Currently, 89% of Palestinians support terror attacks on Israel.

        Pakistan. After the killing of Osama Bin Laden, the Gilani Foundation did a poll of Pakistanis and found that 51% of them grieved for the terrorist mastermind, with 44% of them stating that he was a martyr. In 2009, 26% of Pakistanis approved of attacks on US troops in Iraq. That number was 29% for troops in Afghanistan. Overall, 76% of Pakistanis wanted strict shariah law in every Islamic country.

        Morocco. A 2009 poll showed that 68% of Moroccans approved of terrorist attacks on US troops in Iraq; 61% backed attacks on American troops in Afghanistan as of 2006. 76% said they wanted strict sharia law in every Islamic country.

        Jordan. 72% of Jordanians backed terror attacks against US troops in Iraq as of 2009. In 2010, the terrorist group Hezbollah had a 55% approval rating; Hamas had a 60% approval rating.

        Indonesia: In 2009, a poll demonstrated that 26% of Indonesians approved of attacks on US troops in Iraq; 22% backed attacks on American troops in Afghanistan. 65% said they agreed with Al Qaeda on pushing US troops out of the Middle East. 49% said they supported strict sharia law in every Islamic country. 70% of Indonesians blamed 9/11 on the United States, Israel, someone else, or didn’t know. Just 30% said Al Qaeda was responsible.

        Egypt. As of 2009, 87% of Egyptians said they agreed with the goals of Al Qaeda in forcing the US to withdraw forces from the Middle East. 65% said they wanted strict sharia law in every Islamic country. As of that same date, 69% of Egyptians said they had either positive or mixed feelings about Osama Bin Laden. In 2010, 95% of Egyptians said it was good that Islam is playing a major role in politics.

        United States. A 2013 poll from Pew showed that 13% of American Muslims said that violence against civilians is often, sometimes or rarely justified to defend Islam. A 2011 poll from Pew showed that 21 percent of Muslims are concerned about extremism among Muslim Americans. 19 percent of American Muslims as of 2011 said they were either favorable toward Al Qaeda or did

      • If Turkey starts to persecute them, those Hindus should yell out Discrimination, Freedom of religion, Racism, Hate crime and all kinds of stuff like that, in the same way the muzzies in Britainistan do.

    • Hinduism is better than islam, Christianity is better than islam, Buddhism is better than islam, communism is better than islam, nazism is better than islam, atheism is better than islam, agnosticism is better than islam, neo-paganism is better than islam, capitalism is better than islam, racism is better than islam, antiracism is better than islam, liberalism is better than islam, conservatism is better than islam, vegetarianism is better than islam, democracy is better than islam, zionism is better than islam, irredentism is better than islam. Basically any -ism is better than islam except cannibalism (which is itself in islam, too). You didn’t reveal anything new to common infidels like us :) I hope Hindutva finishes off 180-million islamofascist trash population in India, the sooner the better.

  63. I’ve been shocked to see so much hatred towards Islam who says that this religion is a religion of violence.I’m sure many of you Anti-Islamic people will come up with some verses saying that Islam promotes violent.
    Here’s the answer to those people :
    I wanted to know how this all started, who are to be blamed most the Extremist Muslim or the Media?
    Many people have been brainwashed to hate Islam,saying Quran promotes violence without knowing anything about it.

    • Hi Dave,

      Islam is the most violent religion in the world not only violent to the west but also violent and cruel to all of the world.They change their color as soon as they are a majority, when they are attack non-muslims in every way possible like psychopaths.

      There are video’s of Islamic priests educating little kids how to torture someone who disrespects Islam or your precious prophet.Muslims can lie to deceive their enemies, which is fine but what happens when people start hating and see as enemies everyone who does not belong to Islam.The Book which is said to be pure and uncorrupted is updated to match recent scientific data, oh to deceive enemies.First earth was flat then you invented some word which is vaguely simillar to the word used in Quran to mean like an Ostrich’s egg and with countless other updates you try to deceive the world with a book filled with error even after these updates on close enquiry.

    • Hey dumb ass the very fact the middle east is a PERPETUAL violent shithole says it all. Very fact that they have the worse civil rights of nations and contribute 70% of the world’s population refugees says a lot as well.

      Islam is a stinking regressive cult,observation of their societies provides ample evidence. What a ignorant or lying wanker.

    • Dave, your link replaces allah with god and instead of putting in the words that command the killing until their is only one faith in allah, they used ellipses – at least for the first argument. No reason to read the rest since they start off with a fabrication. Lie by omission, replacing words, and a pure bullshit interpretation.

    • “Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him” (Bukhari 9.84.57)

      In regards to fun:

      “Allah did not create man so that he could have fun. The aim of creation was for mankind to be put to the test through hardship and prayer. An Islamic regime must be serious in every field. There are no jokes in Islam. There is no humor in Islam. There is no fun in Islam. There can be no fun and joy in whatever is serious.” — Ayatollah Khomeini

      That is why music and dancing are banned by hard core muslims.

    • I think he was pretty clear in showing the FACTS about Islam and all the many verses in the Koran that say… Kill Kill Kill. It is not a religion so quit calling it that. Do you consider Satanism a valid Religion of this earth??? It’s more peaceful than the Islamic cult by far. Pull your head out of your ass and read the news. Islam is a cult who’s main function is to sped fear, hate and cause death. You F-in Moron!

    • So… you didn’t bother to actually the quran yourself, you just started to Google apologetics, “explanation of violent verses of the quran” or smth like that, right? Did you, Dave?

      Let me tell you a funny thing: word “terrorism” comes from Latin “terror” which means “great fear” (Reference: In Arabic, “terrorism” will be “لإرهاب”. It’s derived from verb “رهب” – to instill fear, to scare, to terrorize, etc. (Reference: “Terrorist” will be “إرهابي”, this is the word Arab media and officials would use to call al-Qaeda, IS, Ansar al-Sharia and other thugs.

      Your Quran (sura al-Anfal, ayat 60) agrees with me: وَأَعِدُّوا لَهُم مَّا اسْتَطَعْتُم مِّن قُوَّةٍ وَمِن رِّبَاطِ الْخَيْلِ *****تُرْهِبُونَ***** بِهِ عَدُوَّ اللَّهِ وَعَدُوَّكُمْ وَآخَرِينَ مِن دُونِهِمْ لَا تَعْلَمُونَهُمُ اللَّهُ يَعْلَمُهُمْ

      “Muster against them all the military strength and cavalry that you can afford so that you may strike *****terror***** into the hearts of your enemy and the enemy of Allah, and others besides them who are unknown to you but known to Allah. Remember that whatever you will spend in the cause of Allah, shall be paid back to you in full and you shall not be treated unjustly” – Farook Malik translation.

      As we see, your pathetic God orders to instill fear onto infidels, to terrorize us: (تُرْهِبُونَ)

      Bonni, please save it in a text file somewhere: next time a (pro)muslim idiot uses such an excuse, you only have to throw this little fact at his face before banning him to prove other visitors of the site you’re right (and maybe attracting a few neutrals to your side).

    • What was that “Dave” ?

      “Many people have been brainwashed to hate Islam,saying Quran promotes violence without knowing anything about it.”

      What are you, dumb ? Inbred ? Masochist ? In any case, that one alone is sure to bring you a well deserved trashing, for that that crap indeed promotes not only violence but murder among other niceties of the same kind, and so are those haddiths crap that go along with it.

      Boy did you take a wrong turn coming here with such crap!

  64. What the fuck is wrong with these islam Morons??
    You want to pray?
    keep it to yourself, why forcing developers to build your fucking mosque in the middle of the neighborhood screaming and barking??? worst why do you even need microphones while praying and brainwashing your own ppl??? your Allah is DEAF???

    Fuck this annoying fuckers. If we ask them to lower their fucking volume, they brand us as terrorist. praying more than 5 times a day???

    Praying more than 5 times a day screaming and barking but still go out killing and mocking people while asking for donations?????????? worst religion I have ever seen


  65. I think Russian Bear 1947 is right.

    But in my opinion, I think it’s pretty stupid to praise a false prophet. It’s fucked no joke. Allowing and spreading your shit in countries like America, Australia ect and not doing anything about but to praise a false God? Kidding me? I think that you Muslims are stupid.
    But seriously? A 54 year old man marrying a 8 or young year old girl at that type of age? Wow, you need to get all your shit together and get out the country.

    To the Muslims, don’t like what the Americans are doing to you’s? Then get the fuck out their country. Their country. Their rules. Don’t obey it? But break it? Then fuck off you don’t deserve to live there but go back to your Islam shit or whatever. Don’t bring up your Islam pervert shit to these countries and start shit.

    All you can do is call non Muslims pigs when you’s are the fucked up shits. Honestly, who comes up with a 4 year old getting married to a 64 years old man. That’s disgusting. Honestly, I think you should stop your shit.

    And are you trying to call God “Allah” or whatever the shit it is? Are you damn kidding me? Yeah right, that’s not even his name. His name is God and it will always be. He has one powerful name and you’s calling him “Allah”? Just because it’s in your language? That’s incorrect. Your shit needs help. Go fucking learn how to praise Jesus Christ and God. Go shoot your ass.

    If you think my comment is explicit then don’t even respond or start shit because it’s my comment, I do what I want, I say what I want and I share what I want. A comments and comment right?

    • believe me islam is perfect but i am not if i do some thing wrong don’t Blame islam blame me and you will see in the end remember this i will remind you ………… quran and you will know where is the right

      • thank you :( .. its okay one day they will know the truth .. im not sad because of these people hate of Islam. but im sad because i love these people i dont want them to discover the truth but too late . anyway as you said just if they read the Quraan they will love it more than they love themsevs..

      • We judge people on their actions, we judge a Religion on the basis of the behavior of the people of that Religion and the book is not as good as you want others to think it is.

      • Qais you can believe your way and religion is the absolute truth I think the same about my beliefs so please accept that you don’t everything and let people have different faiths.

        Here is the sin which all the other religious people of the world are doing, they are not willing to give up God because of the fear of a book which is brought by a man called muhammad.In the book from start to finish it tries to intimidate people with Hellfire and torture, some don’t believe in that they hold on to their belief in a loving God.They are ready to take Hellfire for their belief in God, that is true love if you believe that deserves Hellfire then believe that.I totally understand.Try to understand us too.

      • no religion is perfect, especially islam isn’t if it was, then why this shit. plus use your brain and rationality to assess that how much skewed the words whould have been in quaran, after all it was written after 250 years of the demise of pbuh muhammed, its quiet simple to know that the caliph bastards fucked up the words of muahmmed in a way to churn such a bullshittery and mindfuckery of an interpretation. open up ur mind and dont be a looser by being a blind follower. BECAUSE IF I GO BY QURAN WHOLE-LY AND SOLE-LY, THEN I WILL BE COMPLELLED TO BELIEVE MUHAMMED WAS A PEDOPHILE AND A CRUEL MAN WHO STULTIFIED PEOPLE INTO FOLLOWING THE HEARTLESS WAY.

      • You fucking people make me sick!!! To think I used to be one of these dweebs that gave you fuckers a chance!!! Fuck Allah!!! He is dead!!!

      • Qais, look at what islam is doing in the world nothing!! wait my bad it is causing all the misery of the world, without islam we would have peace!!

    • @Dondan. Your logic is flawed and incorrect. We DON’T judge the religion by demeanor of its adherents. We judge it by SCRIPTURES. Quran + Sunna (hadith books) + Sirat Rasul Allah (biography of Mo) are our main books. Call it “The islamic trilogy”. That’s it. That’s all. Fuck actions of people (there’s a lot of peaceful muslims who don’t know a Jack about their faith, it’s a good excuse for them). Fuck fiqh (islamic jurisprudence) books too. Why? For example, modern jihadists use book from Ibn Teymiyah. Why use it? He was a Sunni Hanbali fiqh scholar. His books mean NOTHING to the follower of Sunni Maliki fiqh, Shafii fiqh, Hanafi fiqh or Shia Zaydi fiqh and Jafari fiqh. So yeah, just stick to “trilogy” as i call it. We criticise islam as a whole and its common prescriptions (i.e. instruction to put apostates to death row).

      P. S. There’re Quranist muslims, who don’t take anything other than Quran so “trilogy” won’t work with them. They incline to twist clear messages of Quran to remain peaceful. They are true modern islamic liberals who hope to reform islam. They never interpret Quran literally, they interpret it esoterically. So yeah, in case you encounter them – tell them “Ok, your Quranists are OK, but you don’t even make 1 million among 1,6 billion muslims, so yeah, 99.95% of islam is retarded (Shia, Sunini, Ibadi branches) and you are just 0.05%. So yeah, muslims as a whole are 99.95% idiots and 0.05% are good guys like you).

      P.P.S. Alawites are not Muslims, Ahmadis… it’s hard to say if they are of if they are not. Just ignore them.

  66. Its time that we start a Jihad on those pieces of shit using our liberal as laws to gain a foothold in our country and start a war from within. Stop this insanity America is ours and you cant have it. Those who sew in flames in ashes they shall reign just remember that you jihadi fucks.

  67. I wish i shoot all of you anti islamic bastard. you Americans are worse than pigs. You people are just like chickens, Coward and respect less. I am sure all of you will go to Hell INSHALLAH.

      • You guys have GOT to get it right. Those are baby-crib sheets on their heads. They are SHEET-HEADS, now… give the sheet some time wrapped around a lump of oily hair that hasn’t been washed in 20 years, filled with bedbugs and lice, and yes, maybe then you’ll get a RAG – and a Rag head… . Oh – crap. You win. RAGHEAD it is. I hate when I lose my own argument against myself…

    • Americans, who are “worse than pigs”, contribute much to world’s science while filthy muslims like you can’t produce a shit and dream of old days of the so-called ‘Golden age’ of islam (ya know, where you absorbed all Persian, Greek, Indian scientific potential and made discoveries based on it, but it depleted a few centuries later since you couldn’t develop it further thanks to your shitty dogmas).

      “I wish i shoot all of you anti islamic bastard” – i’m sorry, buddy, but i think your so-called prophet deserves shooting more than us because we are not old 54-year old perverts who fuck 9-year girls (which was done by your prophet), order to rape female sex slaves captured during jihad in front of their husband’s eyes (which was done by your prophet), etc.

      “INSHALLAH” – The correct spelling is Insha Allah, 2 separate words.

      Shoot your mom and dad, you, accursed victim of the abortion :|

    • China will be super duper power due to Islam

      The chinese are very intelligent, as per there calculation Europe will go to the fate of weak empire as heavily crippled by muslims from inside. The day europe allowed so many muslims to come and breed like locusts , they were dead. Russia also faces implosion, the muslims are increasing in number there and also chinese are pushing many of there citizens into Russia and by 2050-75, 40 % will be muslims 30 % chinese and 30 % russians. Chinese will easily using China subdue the muslims as they did practical steps to decrease the Uighur muslims. With Russia and China a gigantic Hun people and most importantly a practical people with no nonsense of Political Correctness will be biggest power. Muslims will finish off or subdue the white race and europe will become like third world country like Africa. America will also loose money, power etc because of appeasement of muslims and be a lesser power than China. China will easily capture and subdue muslims of the central asia, as they dont believe in garbage of appeasement and cultural suicide of multiculture.
      Islam will not win, China will be biggest power and Islam Infected countries as poorsavage barbarians like afghanistan and somalis.

      • You make a lot of sense. Who would have thought it would be China that comes to the rescue along with Russia. Sounds like a plan. Can’t wait! And yes I have no respect for muslims, their fake prophet, and their fake god.

    • Hi Every one…..

      Islam is not your enemy, its the media which has made you hating Islam…..

      those so called Muslims who practicing terror in the name of Islam are not MUSLIMS at all…… they are disguised people taking their worldly benefits….

      Your comments regarding Islamic preaching is totally ignorant. You haven’t studied the Islamic laws or Koranic Ayah.

      Brother , I guarantee you will embrace Islam when you first read it with conscious mind. and try to understand its message.

      A Muslim, is better christian, better Jew, better in all practiced religion, because Koran is certificate of all previous books revealed are the words of Allah like Bible and Torah etc. A Muslim believe in Jesus, Mosus, David, Abraham, Noah (AI) etc….

      Hence stop feeding yourself with the worng information the Media telling you. Buy a book Quran and read it your self…. and then you will see the real light and guidance…… and then you should decide yourself…..

      • Leo, save your BS for the liberal blogs. Nobody is buying your brand of crap here. And don’t blame the media, who are mostly all Islam apologists. It is only because of blogs like this one that people are learning the truth about Islam. We have read the quran, hadith, sura, etc. Now, get lost.

      • “those so called Muslims who practicing terror in the name of Islam are not MUSLIMS” – Oh yeah? Who are they, then? Mushrikeen (i.e. polytheist) covert CIA agents? Shut up, you filthy idiot takfiri. They follow five pillars of islam and live according to sharia. They are not hit by kufr, shirk or other islamic sins. They are true monoteists.

        “Brother , I guarantee you will embrace Islam when you first read it with conscious mind. and try to understand its message.” – thanks, but my understanding of this cool unflawed book is flawed so i better use Tafrirs and fiqh books like ‘Reliance of Traveller’ and others, which are perfectly OK with slavery, pedophilia, murder of apostates and so on.

        “Buy a book Quran and read it your self” – believe it or not, but many on this site did.

        “A Muslim, is better christian, better Jew, better in all practiced religion” – is it just me, or your English not so good and you missed word ‘than’ (in which case i won’t be surprised at all since we are all used to your supremacism. ‘Oh look, my deen is better than Christianity or Buddhism’.

        “Hence stop feeding yourself with the worng information the Media telling you.” – yes, we must STOP with the wrong info from the media! No more Obama spitting his ‘ISIS has nothing to do with islam’ bullshit! Fuck MSM. Only good islamorealistic websites like this (NOT islamophobic! Call it islamorealistic!)

      • There is a illusion among Muslims that mainstream media puts you in a bad light. Quite the opposite is true. Mainstream media covers up much of the crimes you commit. Because that very reason we have sites like this. Then you say not all Muslims are terrorist. Well that is a matter of opinion and how you define terrorism. First a large part of the Muslims support terrorism. It may not be a majority everywhere, but even if something like 20 or 30% thinks flying planes into buildings is okay, or killing apostates is okay, or if such a large minority even thinks selling children as sex slaves, like ISIS does is okay, it signals the intolerance of Muslims in general. Furthermore, you say we all will embrace Islam if we know the truth. Well, that is the whole problem. Even here you start proselyting. You do anything to spread your backwards religion, like a cancer cell spreads a tumour. The one Muslim will proselyte in places people do not want to hear them, the other silences criticism shouting Islamaphobia, the other uses violence. But the cause is the same, ‘ Islam must dominate the world’ and you will go to any means to get that done. One part is violence. Silently permitted by large groups of Muslims that ‘are not terrorist’. Yeah, right!

    • How about I neet you in dearborn michigan and fight you oen on one with no weapons. BTW ill have 15 of my closest friends standing by with rifles just to make sure you fight fair, because I know you are a coward. Name the time and date.

    • Hey raghead scumbag, what do you mean “you Americans” ? What about the rest of us who hate you as much and can’t wait the day we can openly and permanently deal with you ?!

      You worthless mound of inbred shit on legs, you’ll see who the cowards are and it sure ain’t us. You are the fucking cowards so that you have to be many vs one, but when one actually gives you the beating of your life, your worthless pieces of shit beg and beg and beg.

      Meanwhile, shut your trap and go one into your hellhole, for that it seems you are to be reminded that it is forbidden to you muzturds to live on OUR turfs, since you can only live in your hellholes.

      Therefore any of you useless trash being/remaining on turfs can only mean one thing : trying to fulfill your muzturd duty to force that death cult of your on to the civilized ones, which means it’s war you’re after. So war you will have and that’s one you can bet your filthy asses you will lose.

      As for hell, you motherfuckers are already there but don’t know it yet, and fuck your allah crap for that shit never existed.

    • Brother Allah will deal with these illiterate brainwashed pork munching, devil worshipping retards! Ameen
      To the low life who created this Illuminati page,Go educate yourself then talk, you racist, low minded, junkies.
      Allahs watching youve been warned

      • God is NOT “allah”: “allah” is SATAN!!!!

        You’re NOT wishing “god’s blessing” by worshipping SATAN (one of whose many names is “allah”!!) – you instead are trying to ruin everybody else, because we here KNOW TOO WELL who you are!!!!

        The REAL God is Yahweh (YHWH)!!!!

        Furthermore, you Moslems are infinitely DIRTIER in ALL REGARDS (physical, mental, spiritual) than ALL the animals upon this earth – let alone the apes, dogs and pigs you so hate MERELY BECAUSE your IDOL-Antichrist Mohammed TOLD you to do so!!!!

        Long live dogs (Mankind’s BEST friend), pigs (also a good friend of Man, and not merely because of his meat) and apes!!!!

        ALL Moslems OUT OF THE WEST!!!!!

      • Your prophet Mohammed, now that was an illiterate peasant. If there is one group on this planet brainwashed, it are the followers of his religion, which I would not call medieval since I would insult renaissance. We of course already knew that you see everyone that does not follow Islam as devil worshippers, the Yezidi in Syria made that clear to us. And Allah is just as much watching us, as Santa Claus is. Apart from that, where is your argument? It is not anywhere is it? Who is the illiterate?

      • God blessing states as a criticism of the contributors on this site that they are illiterate pork eaters etc .

        As usual the dumb ass Muslim is out of touch with the facts. BNI can speak Japanese, one of the most difficult languages, others on this site are VERY multilingual.

        Now lets compare this to the Muslim, the Muslim has one of the lowest IQs in the world, they are the least educated of the immigrants in Europe, their intellectual achievements and qualifications are pathetic . It is well known fact that Muslims dominate the lower classes at school for the learning disabled and the slow learner.

        Let’s face it they are losers on the intellectual field, beside many others.

        Just one more thing, if your false god allah existed, why is the Muslim world such a loser, poorest, least educated etc. It is a loser at war, little Israel kicks your ass ever time. It is a loser in fiance and economics, a loser in science and technology.

        Interesting is it not?

        Here is a golden rule, when the inbreed low IQ Muslim quotes something, the exact opposite is true.

      • what r u? a pig hating retard. you guys hate pigs especially ‘khanzir’- a wild pig, as if a khanzir or a wild pig had bitten prophet on his ass when he was taking a dump in open. what did allah do to protect the ‘tassavuff’ or sufism following muslims who considered every religion equally pious and considered that god is everywhere so love all. those holy people were decapitated mercilessly. and second thing is that quran was written after 250 years of muhammed’s death, so i even after being a muslim i have reservations against following the things preached in ‘holy book’ which my conscience doesn’t allow. i’m a follower of tassavuff, i’m a muslim and i dont give a shit to assholes like you who think only ‘islam’ is the right and perfect way and rest are inferior. we sufi people consider the religions like buddhism and hinduism also true, cuz the ‘tasavvuf’ evolved midst of all skewed bullshit of so called islam because of the teachings of love, compassion and benevolence taught by christianity, buddhism, hinduism, etc. i’m an indian muslim from kashmir, go ahead and call me a corrupt muslim, but we give a fuck to ur morally empty and corrupted bullshit.

    • Shoot – that’s the first thing that comes to your mind. That’s right. Violence is truly at the heart of islam. You just proved it.

      Hell – the second thing that comes to your mind. Right. That’s exactly how Islam has become so successful and powerful. Fear mongering. You will go to hell if you don’t hail Allah and a pedophile. So powerful that people are okay with following a pedophile. Ayesha was 6 when a 54 year old man married her (hell be on him). She was 9 when this 59 year old man entered her. Shame on every single muslim for being okay with this.

    • Umer, I dont understand your logic. you say all Americans are worse than pigs and then say they are like chickens. So Americans and chickens are alike but pigs are above them. Then how come you muslimes eat chickens and not pigs? Know what? You are a lowly illiterate idiot who has been brainwashed into believing your cult.

    • Where is the klan… I thought they would be stringing up sand ****** by now!!! It’s not the blacks …. It never was…. It is the Nation of Islam and all those people!!!
      I love this country and believe you ,….. I’m pretty liberal but I have no tolerance for Islam…. Just like their own people say ” eye for an eye … Tooth for a tooth”! I still haven’t forgotten 911!!! Time to take our country back from these seeds of hate !!!

      • The result of the experiment with the Muslim tolerant form of multiculturalism are NOW in. Unlike other religions, Islam is incompatible with integration. This is so because Islam is fundamentally a fascist faith and more a cult than a religion. The facts of this are shown on this site and others and are there for everyone to see, if you willing to do a little research.

        If multiculturalism was successful in RESPECT to Islam then crime and welfare figures for this religious minority in Europe should be dropping. But the converse is true, welfare dependency in Britain for instance has increased with each generation of Muslim.

        Radicalization has ALSO increased with each generation, 40% of young British Muslims believe Sharia law should be imposed on EVERYONE, this is an increase over older figures. This is so because as numbers grow the Muslim integrates less and become more confident and bellicose. It is a hard fact which anyone can see when one objectively examines Muslim immigration and settlement history.

        Muslims are overrepresented in the crime statistics by 500%, based on their population percentage, in nearly every European country. Instead of integrating into European communities they segregate and demand Europeans to change. There are now NO GO areas of Sweden, France and Holland and they are growing fast. These are areas Muslims claim as their own, the average Muslim do not see themselves as French or Dutch but Muslim.

        And they bring their disgusting practices with them, forced marriages, anti-Semitism and ethic tensions, Shiite versus Sunnis etc….

        The average welfare cost of an individual is 13,000 to 20,000 USD a year. Now Muslim welfare dependency is unsustainable,THAT IS A FACT when you combine their population increase every year. THEY will bankrupt the welfare system of European countries, THIS A CERTAINTY.

        So Europeans will cut welfare, hurting the REAL tax paying Europeans and this will also have a dramatic effect on the Muslim.

        The Muslim will increasingly revert to crime to compensate, now here is the maths. The average cost to keep a prisoner in prison each year is 30,000 to 40,000 USD. This exceeds welfare costs, additionally more police will need to be hired adding additional cost. Plus the racial Muslim will increase in numbers, increasing SECURITY costs. Then there is the immeasurable cost to the community in terms of fear etc…

        The Muslim will feel increasingly disenfranchised and alienated, and this will lead to greater aggression and riots.And as a result the rise of far right in Europe, tensions and violence will grow and grow.

        You can see that the future of Europe and is far from rosy. And you can blame the so-called PC intelligentsia for that.

        Thanks for ruining Europe you wankers!

        I urge the people who have the financial resources and WILL, the real PATRIOTS, to undertake a letterbox leaflet campaign informing the general public of Islam. Use real statistics, not hyperbole, REAL FACTS ARE FAR MORE EFFECTIVE.

        Since the PC media are stupid traitors to their respective countries. We need to inform the general public before it is too late.

    • Why does the promise of 72 virgins have such an effect on a young Muslim man you might ask? Well it may have to do with a culture where many are sexually repressed where even masturbation is a sin and women must hide every inch of their body from the public eye. Women are even mutilated in part to prevent them from enjoying sex.

      (The UN says militant Islamist group Isis has ordered all women and girls in Mosul, northern Iraq, to undergo female genital mutilation (FGM) UN official Jacqueline Badcock said the fatwa, or religious edict, applied to females between the ages of 11 and 46.)

      Can you imagine the frustration a young man or a women must suffer in such a society?

      In such a society a steady income is a prerequisite to getting a wife and pre-marital sex can result in social ostracizing, jail, and whipping.

      Additionally many men cannot gain employment because Islamic states are economic failures.

      See how the problems re-enforces each other in Islam, Islam restricts economic progress and it also restrict ones sexuality for BOTH sexes. This recipe leads to personal frustration on many levels.

      (RNS) Did alleged Fort Hood shooter Maj. Nidal Hasan lose control, at least in part, because he was sexually frustrated?

      That’s one of the questions being asked in the investigation into the Nov. 5 rampage that left 13 people dead and dozens more injured.

      According to reports, Hasan visited a nearby strip club in the weeks before the massacre and was frustrated by his inability to find a pious Muslim wife.

      That’s sparked a recurring, but still unresolved, debate on whether strict Islamic sexual mores in Muslim communities are contributing to a sense of hopelessness many say drives many young men into religious fanaticism and violence.

      “All these men are so sexually deprived so much so that the sperm has gone to their brain, and they implode,” wrote Ani Zonneveld, a female Muslim activist, on a Muslim online discussion forum which had taken up the issue.

      For many, however, the most perplexing question is why men who see themselves as devout Muslims engage in such un-Islamic behavior. Hasan, 39, is reported have visited the Starz strip club at least three times in weeks leading up to the shooting, spending up to six or seven hours at a time.

      “He said he was a medic and that he was being deployed soon, but mostly he wanted to ask us questions,” Jennifer Jenner, a stripper who Hasan paid $50 for a lap dance in the private room, told

      “He was respectful.”

      Mohamed Atta and several other 9/11 hijackers had also visited strip clubs not long before the 2001 terrorist attacks. In his will, however, Atta demanded that women not come to his funeral and not visit his grave, and that whoever washed his body should wear gloves when washing his genitals.

      In his novel “Murder In Amsterdam,” based on the murder of Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh, British journalist Ian Buruma suggests that sexual frustration played a part in driving Mohammed Bouyeri, the Dutch-born son of Moroccan immigrants, to murder Van Gogh in broad daylight in 2004.

      As a teenager, Bouyeri smoked dope and chased Dutch women, but in his 20s, he faced bleak economic prospects, girl troubles, and his sister got a boyfriend. Bouyeri “felt dishonored, useless, and excluded,” Buruma writes, but says Bouyeri found his source of power in radical Islam.

      And one of the leading philosophical fathers of radical Islam, Egyptian Sayyid Qutb, was critical of the U.S. as an exchange student between 1948-50, especially of what he called the “animal-like mixing” of the sexes, even at church dances.

      Many suicide bombers from Palestine and Iraq are said to be motivated by Islamic interpretations — that 72 virgins await Muslim martyrs when they arrive in paradise.

    • It’s one of those sites ( that unless some friend knows about it ) it’s bloody hard to just suddenly stumble over it :) !
      Thou, the more the merrier, and the better & quicker many others start to find/hear and finally know the truth, eh ?

      ” But, I do admit thy word is getting out & about now ! Of what is the best thing going on.. “

      • I found it on goggle… with ease, just type in: “I hate muslims” and you will find the site in two minutes.

    • There is no place in the Quran where Muhammad commands Muslims to love people of other religions. By contrast there are at least three dozen verses that tell Muslims to fight against non-Muslims and about 500 that speak of their place in Hell. They are from each period in Muhammad’s life, scattered across 87 of the Quran’s 114 chapters.

      To put this in perspective, nearly one out of twelve verses in the Quran says that Allah hates non-Muslims to the extent that he will torment them for eternity in horrible ways. The Suras that make reference to this comprise about 95% of the Quran’s total volume. If Allah creates infidels merely to fuel the fires of Hell, then there is little reason for Muslims to believe that such lives are of any worth in this world either.

      For more info:

    • • Muslim Inbreeding: Impacts on intelligence, sanity, health and society

      EuropeNews 9 August 2010
      By Nicolai Sennels

      Massive inbreeding within the Muslim culture during the last 1.400 years may have done catastrophic damage to their gene pool. The consequences of intermarriage between first cousins often have serious impact on the offspring’s intelligence, sanity, health and on their surroundings

      For more info:

      • For those who could not be bothered to go to the link.

        The cognitive consequences of Muslim inbreeding might explain why non-Western immigrants are more than 300 percent more likely to fail the Danish army’s intelligence test than native Danes: “19.3% of non-Western immigrants are not able to pass the Danish army’s intelligence test. In comparison, only 4.7% of applicants with Danish background do not pass.” (TV 2 Nyhederne, 13/6 2007 Immigrants flunk army test.

        It probably also explains – at least partly – why two thirds of all immigrant school children with Arabic backgrounds are illiterate after 10 years in the Danish school system: “Those who speak Arabic with their parents have an extreme tendency to lack reading abilities – 64 percent are illiterate. … No matter if it concerns reading abilities, mathematics or science, the pattern is the same: The bilingual (largely Muslim) immigrants’ skills are exceedingly poor compared to their Danish classmates.” (Rockwool Foundation Research Unit, May 2007: Ethnic students does not make Danish children worse.

        The high expenses on special education for slow learners consumes one third of the budget for the Danish schools. “Immigrant children are clearly overrepresented on Copenhagen’s schools for retarded children and children with physical handicaps. … 51 percent of the children on the three schools in Copenhagen for children with physical and mental handicaps har immigrant back ground and on one of the schools the amount is 70 percent. … These amounts are significantly higher than the share of immigrant children in the municipality, which is 33 percent. The many handicapped children are a clear evidence that there are many intermarried parents in the immigrant families.” (Jydske Vestkysten, 4/4 2009 Tosprogede i overtal på handicapskoler).

        Another terrible feature of Islamic culture.

    • When Rev. Franklin Graham stood outside the White House this year, he said that President Obama was fundamentally mistaken about radical Islam. Obama had recently declared at the UN that Islam teaches peace.

      Rev. Graham explained that peace for Muslims is only when people submit to Islam. Those who don’t submit face violent death. He cited examples of thousands around the world who have been slaughtered under the name of Allah. In a recent article, Rev. Graham questioned how a “religion of peace” practices female circumcision, hijacking, kidnapping of children, honor-killings, subjugation of women, and decapitation of prisoners.


  68. Islam is not a religion… but Vile, Evil cult that preaches, no… Demands the death and destruction of anyone, anything NOT Muslim.

    This so called “Religion” does not even allow you to question it or it’s teachings, you are supposed to just agree and abide by what ever it say’s.

    Take note Islam… there was another cult tried to rule the world some +70 years ago. That was Hitler & the Nazi’s and they are gone, destroyed, wiped off the face of this Earth… This IS your future.

  69. @BCF

    Your nationalistic chauvenist crap doesn’t add up. Stop confusing Arabs and islam. 1.5 million Arabs live in Israel, Hundreds of thousands of them vote for right-wing Zionist parties in elections. They serve in IDF. There’re exclusively Arab units in IDF. If anything, i can show you Jewish muslims. Mosba Hassan Yousef, one of top agents of Mossad, would kick your pathetic racist ass, no doubts. Thanks to ignorant douches like you, in minds of the Arab people nationality is equal to a religion (i.e. Arab = muslim), and thus they never leave islam.

    • I put my hand up and apologise for using the term Arab as loosely as I did.. Thanks for the spay and the correction. I’ll stick to raghead from here on in, so I won’t be misunderstood again.

      • You know that Raghead is a term used for SIKHS. Sikhs and Muslims are completely different things. Fucking retarded Americans…

      • Sikhs are the stupid ones for wearing that crap on their heads when they know full well that people can’t tell if the headrag is muslim or Sikh so they wind up getting attacked by people who think they’re muslims.

        You are now banned.

    • I would like to ask the very smart people here, the ones who truly understand Islam, the following question: what would the world be like if Islam prevails?

      Oh by the way they hate dogs, considering them unclean animals. Well let me tell you this I consider my dog cleaner and better than a thousand Muslims!!!!

      And a far, far more decent and REFINED creature!

      • Dog lover:- ” I’m truly right with you here ! Your bang on the money, maybe they are simply ‘JEALOUS ‘ with so much green ‘ENVY’ of them all ? Cause they can still lick their own balls etc ! Being ever more clean than those filthy retards :)

    • Russian Bear… Three points..

      1) I apologise for tarnishing all Arabs with the same brush. My mistake. I apologise for using the term so loosely. In future I will only use the term Raghead so I will not be misunderstood by you or anyone..

      2) Do not tell me anyone is going to kick my ass for any reason. I’m not on a mission to hack anyone’s head off or try and dominate any religious faith, I do or do not belong to. That’s absolute rubbish about any religous domination telling me how I should live. I will not be ass kicked by anyone’s God let me give you the tip. I love life, and I’m not threatening anyone, killing anyone or recruiting anyone to be evil.

      3) Final point.. You are challenging me on this forum where these pedophile brainwashed twits ( that I respond to their crap) believe they are justified in everything they stand for. You are becoming what they want – us to fight against us. I’m not entertaining it. We need to stand united. It’s us against them. I’ve apologised for offending you, now move on.


      • BCF, sorry about harsh words, too. Not me, i’m an ethnical Russian with a bit blood of minor local ethnicities (Tatar, Kalmyk, Buryat). However, i’ve a veeeery good friend, who is half-Russian, half-Tunisian Arab and whom i know since school years. He’s not a fucking muslim and he’s apolitical as fuck (except being a big hater of Putin, but still hates islamic ragheads while loving the Western world). We got used to booze together.

        I’m not challengin’ you. Just avoid racial/national slurs. If you go with crap like ‘filthy Pakies’ (as an example), you’ll only solidify their faith in islam since islam is antinationalist (except hatred for Jews, but Jewish muslim converts are OK in islam) and force them to get stuck into filthy islam instead of going back to the roots (reversion to faith of the ancestors – Hinduism or Buddhism). There was an atheist Paki refugee guy who dared to make a lawsuit demanding a Spanish court to ban quran!!!!! Smth which no mainstream Spanish politician dared to do. This is why they were going to deport him, ‘filling up religious hatred’ (dunno how this story ended and if he was deported or not). Actually, i’m not dividing anyone, but nationalist/racist crap divides us from Arab/Paki/Somalian/Turkish/Persian infidels which is crap. We need allies inside the predominantly islamic world. Our infidel fifth column.

        Remember: there’s no Arab/Paki/Turkish/Persian/Somalian/Nigerian/Malaysian/Indonesian/Bengali/whatever. There’re kuffar of all nations (except multicultural islamophiles) vs muslims of all nations (be them Arab, Anglo-Saxon, Russian, Japanese, Jewish or else).

      • I agree whole-heartedly with RB1987. I am Persian by birth, love my country to death and hate Islam with a passion. This Islamic government in Iran, the Persian ISIS, does not, by any means, represent the people of Iran. So many of them have risked their lives and have converted to Christianity, Zoroastrianism and even Judaism; many have lost their lives because of it. I am proud to be an infidel; can’t wait to see this filth, once and for all, is wiped out of my country. I also have a long time friend from Iraq, never lost our friendship even in 8 years of Iran-Iraq war. There are a lot of us from middle east who hate Islam and all it stands for: injustice, cruelty, anti-women, brutality and non-peacefuk words of their idol God, Allah. We must unite against this disease, that’s the only way we can eradicate it. Of course, another way is just like you treat cancer (which Islam is), by “radiation”.

    • Who cares !!! M. Atta was a Arab!!!! 911 high jacker / the Saudi are at the heart of this. Bin laden was a Arab!! I wouldn’t invade Iraq or whatever !!! The US needs to invade Saudi and kill and take over those mofos ,….. Those Saudi kings and princess’s are pulling the strings of world politics because of th oil money!! Once the U.S. Realizes this / we can get back to normal life !!! Those bastards have been sticking the knife in our back your years

      • You are fool. They were MUSLIMS. Have you seen an Arab atheist hijacking a plane and crushing it into the building? Or an Arab Christian? DO YOU FUCKING REALIZE THAT MANY NON-MUSLIM ARABS SERVE IN IDF OR US ARMY AND PROTECT THESE COUNTRIES FROM MUSLIM FILTH?

        Who the fuck defends Saudis? No one! Saudis = al-Qaeda lite edition, legal version of AQ. And that’s it.

        You are full of almost racist shit. You ignorance is astonishing. You know what? Let me tell you a story: there was a school in Russian town of Beslan. On 1st September of 2004, muslims seized it and took hostages, demanding Russian troops’ withdrawal from Chechnya. A couple of days later they started a massacre when they reqs. were not met. They killed 300+ children. You know who was their head? It was ethnical Russian islamic convert.

        You are a bad person full of hate. If you hate guys because of their background (being from a muslim-majority environment) despite their disgust about islam, then i feel pity for you. You’re a bigot, buddy :(

  70. After the past few days of Muslim scum killing soldiers in Canada, it has finally hit home and it is time sheeple wake up and realize this religion is satanic to its core. All Muslims will lie and espouse bullshit, its part of their doctrine. The time is now to defend and rid our countries of these fucktards. Send them back, keep their assest, let them kill each other in their native homes. Fuck coming to “my” country and scream for the right to have Sharia Law, have us not express Merry Christmas because you find it offensive and against your religion.

    Never do you once hear Muslims stand up and protest against such terrorist attacks, yet they get all excited over a cartoon mocking Allah, or the Santanic Verses, or anything else they feel is offense, they are the only ones who count, truly ridiculous……I am so enraged right now, maybe its time to start fighting fire with fire, throw the Geneva Convention out, start to get down and dirty……only way to rid the world of this filth. I thought I was tolerant and tried my best to see the good in all, but after today, I can safely say all Muslim’s are pieces of shit.

      • I just wasted three seconds of my life reading your crap. Allah doesn’t exist, he is a made up figure of your imagination. If he did exist we would crucify the pedophile and feed him to the pigs (may peace be upon pigs). Do not comment on here raghead – you filthy Arab scumbag!

      • You love islam with help of Allah? Is your religion so shitty that you can’t love it yourself, but need Allah to make your heart softer and nicer towards the deen of islam? Stupidity of muslims never ceases to surprise. You all talk crap like ‘love islam with the help of Allah’ without even thinking for a second what the fuck did you just say exactly, word-by-word. Islam hurts one’s brains. You’ve proven that just now

      • We will destroy all Muslims no matter how long it takes. The pillars of Islam will be completely removed. If Muslims are against the views of a democratic nation then leave and return to the filth you came from.

    • I don’t like any religion I think they are mainly due to inbred genetic spiritual paedophile’s like most of you, trying to pretend because you’re retarded violent sluts that others have to take you seriously and feminism, masculinity, sexualities and patriotic, gangster, royalist, and and and and abos doggers veterans this that fat cats I like this type of musick shitface I don’t understand unless I have it all my way moronic bully poodicks ;)

    • How to have an online chat with the feds 1
      You’re a bunch of poo dicks with the same sort of morals as females who want equal rights to mean femininity is the right to be a slut that pushes herself on people like big nosed black white uptight homosexual Asians that rape and say don’t hate because its too late because I can rhyme you’re out of time a mean ugly gay that takes but refuses to pay and fights when it plays bombing the media with repeats how can I ever face defeat when the clown wears a crown and girls on a down fuck around fuck OFF with your faces like masks your ego a pain so plain dipshit fukwit
      isn’t cute you beaut just a cop on the hop robot still ugly to me wannabe on the take fake birthday cake with candles up your arse giraffe dedhed meds

      • I tried Google translate to translate your bullshits but all Google servers crashed and refused to reboot! It is really amazing how fucked up you all are. If you truly believe in God at least believe “she” gave you enough brain cells to think for yourself and question everything you read, like that Holy Shit, I mean Holy Book, of yours.

  71. This site is a joke. I love that it’s run by a Jew, HA! If you were an atheist I would understand, but as a Jew you have no room to talk. Look at your own religion, and maybe you all need to actually read the Bible and Torah/Talmud before taking stabs at Islam, as Islam will still come out on top. But it’s cool, keep on hating and proving what low lives you are. Just look at the way you all speak…cussing and swearing and being hateful. Every point you raised and all your comments prove how painfully ignorant you are about Islam. You’re scarier and more menaces to society than the Muslims you offend. If the world is better off without Muslims, then it most definitely is better off without the likes of you. Bunch of hypocrites…enjoy your fleeting lives on this earth, and lets see who gets the last laugh:)

    • Criffa, Sifta Pissaa (whatever you mus-slum name it) you’re not allowed to post here. This isn’t a forum for you ragheads. Oh Night in Ragged armour, you are a brain washed twit. Go bang your head a few hundred more times, then one day you might make sense. (Highly impossible given your genes).

    • Tifa…

      Take the time to explain and defend every word you wrote in your post.
      We’ll wait.

      Do it succinctly and with facts.

      DO NOT just say “we’re all hypocrites” and “we have no room to talk”…lay off that infantile ad hominem shit, and tell us the error of our ways, can you?

      If you can’t seriously respond to my request, then you are an amazingly stupid fool.

      Here is your opportunity to “really show us your stuff”.

      We’re all waiting to be enlightened…so let us have it!

      • Bonni…

        I guess my intent didn’t come across the way I meant it.

        [Oh the joys of typewritten messages! LOL]

        I was trying to sarcastically make fun of the turd.

        The thing is, they never can defend their ridiculous opinions, and their lack of response says it all….unless of course their response is blocked by you, which is fair enough.

        You obviously don’t need more useless, annoying posts to edit as I’m certain you are busier than the proverbial “one armed paper hanger”.

        I will refrain henceforth! :-)

    • “If you were an atheist I would understand, …”

      I’m an atheist. What do you understand? I must say that’s a first. Your fellow bronze-age supremacists say I have no “right” or “authority” comment on or hate islam because I have no religion. Unless, of course, if I repeat the big, whopping, colossal lie of all that islam is a “religion of peace.”

      ” Look at your own religion, and maybe you all need to actually read the Bible and Torah/Talmud before taking stabs at Islam, as Islam will still come out on top.”

      I have no religion, but I have tackled the Bible as well as mein kuranmpf. Before going any further I must point out you are attempting a logical fallacy. It matters not one whit what is in the Bible, the Talmud, the Bhagavad Gita or any other religion’s texts. The topic is islam and mein kuranmpf. The topic is not the Bible or any other religious text. Stay away from the logical fallacies; your use of them is evidence that what people accuse islam and mohammadans of is based on reality.

      Now if by “come out on top” you mean on top of a pile of self-serving, supremacist, bronze age insanity, then yes, islam does indeed come out on top.

      “Just look at the way you all speak…cussing and swearing and being hateful.”

      Oh yes! I know, it’s horrible all the hate and angry words aimed at rape, beheading, supremacist thuggery, butchery and egregious savagery is just awful! The potty-mouthed hate is a human rights violation!

      *That’s* sarcasm. Sarcasm for yet another mohammadan supremacist completely ignoring, using childish logical fallacies to deflect away from the horrors perpetuated by its fellow supremacists and claiming offense and the moral high ground at the *righteous* hate leveled at them, their co-supremacists and nightmares all across the globe they are responsible for.

      “…all your comments prove how painfully ignorant you are about Islam. ”

      Such as? The lack of specifics “proves” how “painfully ignorant” you are about logic, truth and honest debate.

      Don’t feel bad. You’re certainly not the first mohammadam supremacist, nor will you be the last to make the bold yet utterly pointless and unsupported statement.

      “You’re scarier and more menaces to society than the Muslims you offend. If the world is better off without Muslims, then it most definitely is better off without the likes of you. Bunch of hypocrites…enjoy your fleeting lives on this earth, and lets see who gets the last laugh:)”

      No one here is as scary as raping, beheading supremacists and their liars (like you). All religions are supremacist in nature simply by putting people into the “us” and “them” categories. However, as one who does not believe in man made constructs, you mo-bots are by far the most profoundly racist, the most physically and vocally aggressive, the most arrogantly supremacist and the ones most likely to harm me for rejecting your bullshit. So, no, the world would not be better off without the Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Rastafarians, Pastafarians and all manner of -ists, -ians, or -ims. They will civilly, truthfully and *logically* debate any grievances I may have with their beliefs. Not so much you bronze age supremacists.

      As for them being hypocrites…well, that just shows you have failed basic word definition understanding. Now, if you can demonstrate with verifiable and provable facts an equal number of terror attacks (20000) carried out by members of the same set of beliefs (and citing as their motivation the texts and teachings of those beliefs) as those you accuse of being hypocrites then you will have taken a *small* step in proving hypocrisy. Moreover, to prove hypocrisy you will also have to provide verifiable and provable evidence of an equal number of those you accuse of hypocrisy of using lawfare to circumvent and alter the laws of other countries to bully and subjugate the majority populations while simultaneously citing their religious dogma and “cultures” as the impetus for the lawfare.

      Of course, you cannot do either one, thus making the case that world, at least the Western world, is indeed much better off without mohammadan supremacists. Buddhists and Hindus don’t come to the West and demand the change of Western laws to force the native populations to submit to their superstitious nonsense. Likewise, Christians and Jews are not going to the East and demanding the changing of their laws to force their native populations to submit to their superstitious nonsense.

      I do not respect you or your chosen superstitious and supremacist bullshit. Yet you supremacists insist I MUST. Many of you will even kill me if I don’t. I’ve had several of you threaten to.

      I do respect all the other and their superstitious nonsense. Yet none of them insist that I do. I strongly believe not one of them will kill me if I don’t. I’ve never had even one of them threaten to.

      So, what was this happy horseshit you were squealing about the world being better off without them?

      You see what I did there?

      I’ll be the one having the last laugh at the fruitless lies you annoying, hateful, hubristic and absolutely easy and logical to hate mohammadan supremacists spew nonstop.

      • BRAVISSISSIMA, “Istanbul_Chick”:

        You truly laid it out for that “tifa” flyleaf paperweight: i.e., she has no reason to be respected given the drivel she sprayed us with!!! You proved your points entirely logically – something I most strongly fear/expect she won’t be able to counter as a typical Moslemah…

        All the more proof why Moslems simply have ZERO PLACE outside of their dar al-Islam (the Middle East). Truly, it will be wonderful when they’re totally evicted from ALL of Europe (including Russia), ALL of the Americas, Australia, New Zealand and Oceania for starters!!!

        [Then we can evict them from the Philippines, Thailand, Burma, Nepal, Bhutan and India – and find ways of killing their numbers until one fine day there will be ZERO ISLAM WORLDWIDE!!!!]

      • Well, you know, ADHD, immoral outrage boggles my mind and ultimately pisses me off. How dare people compare “potty mouths” and verbally expressed anger with beheadings, rape, and institutionalized supremacy. The same folks who compare the logical anger of counter-jihadists with the atrocities commited by the jihadists say nary a peep over the burning of neighborhoods ala Fergusun. They really have their priorities and morality twisted in crazy knots. Of course, the mohammadans take their cues from their liberal dhimmi whores. I certainly will never keep my mouth shut at that immoral nonsense.

        I am also sick to death of the tu quo que logical fallacy. You too! You too! So what? The subject at hand is YOU and the fact that I may or may not have done it too does not absolve you of your crime. Period. Logic 101. However, you are right. The Middle East never had an Aristotle, Pythagora, Plato, Confucius, Panini or Ockham. All they had, which is all they have ever had in other subjects of substance, were “hijackers,” plagiarizers, parasites who replicated and bastardized already existing Greek theories of logic. Logic, just like respect, reciprocity and intellectual honesty, is an unknown concept, kryptonite even, to what passes for a mohammadan mind.

        I agree, islam and mohammadans should be belittled, mocked and ostracized just as their theoretical counterparts the KKK and nazis have been. Quarantining those who refuse to abandon their bronze age nonsense is ideal. Leaving them alone to their own devices without any outside help I have no doubt they will consume each other within three generations. No need to dirty our hands and waste our time and resources to eliminate them. They have proven themselves, with 1400 years of evidence to show for it, quite capable of destroying themselves.

      • Awesome response Istanbul_Chick. You put that idiot in his place and I don’t think he will be posting here anymore since he will have to respond intelligently which is beyond him. So nice to read well laid out, logically sound arguments.
        Any Muslims want to take her on and respond?

    • Tifa, you are a (pro)muslim swine. So was the so-called prophet. You know any Jewish prophet who fucked a 9-year old girl? Ignorant about islam? EXACTLY how the fuck are we ignorant? What mistakes we make while describing islam an ideology rather than a religion? You all like to whine how we are ignorant about islam, but can’t fucking tell how exactly. Are not we right when we say Mo fucked 9-year old girl, had more than 4 wives (thus, violating his own sharia), had sex slaves, made raids on caravans, genocided the entire Jewish tribe of Banu Quraiza? Clueless idiot, if you need a proof, i can provide with references to Quran, Sunna and Sirat Rasulallah.

      ‘you all need to actually read the Bible’ – after this phrase, you have NO right accusing us of ignorance. You know why? 2 things: 1) because muslims recognize the Bible and Torah (no Talmud)! No shit! They recognize these books in theory, but consider them altered by people, distorted, twisted in practice. Ppl perverted true monotheism, etc, this is why God sent Mo in first place. Muslim doctrine 2) Compare NT to OT. OT was only meant for Jews of the certain period of time. Then Jesus Christ was sent to all people on Earth. Unfortunately, Jews didn’t accept him for which God will punish them in hereafter. However, Christian doctrine doesn’t teach to hate/kill Jews unlike islam to the people. It’s God’s business to decide. Then compare Meccan and Medinan verses. Medinan are considered superior because of their revelation being sent to Mo later.

      For fuck’s sake, i TOTALLY love how stupid morons like you call us ignorant while don’t knowing a SHIT about islam! Gives me an adrenaline boost while i’m reading that bullcrap like yours.

      • what religion, ideology, faith condemns a man to death for picking his own faith, ideology, religion, or none at all, using free will that “God” bestowed upon him? Only one: Islam. Don’t you just love this religion of peace (of shit)?
        It is more like MS13 gang than religion to me; you can get in but can’t get out.

    • Oh the usual hatefest from a muslim. Islam equals = hate hate hate. Especially of Jews. Which is a totally IRRATIONAL FEAR so ALL ISLAM HAS MASSIVE JUDAOPHOBIA doesn’t it lovey?????? Hmm when did a Jew last threaten to behead you or yours, or rape you or your little children? (Iran just passed law allowing a man to marry his stepdaughter from age 7, check it out) Or force you to convert on pain of shocking torture and death?????

      In the 7th century filthy murdering Saracens arab assassins charged out of Arabia and killed horrifically everything in their path and islam is still exactly the same, it is still on the exact same mission since the 7th century. There are several eyewitness accounts in Greek of what these shocking filthy arabs did when they arrived in lands WHICH ARE NOT THEIRS, murdered almost everyone, destroyed ALL their religious centres, stole ALL THEIR PROPERTY and enslaved anyone still alive as both sex slaves and domestic slaves. ISLAM LOVES THEIR SEX SLAVES, ITS OBSESSED WITH SEX. Its heartbreaking and astounding reading to read these parchments. I’ve read them lovey.

      Also islam tries a propaganda fest of outright lies about the Crusades for example. Crusades were a response to invasion, just as the filthy arbas had done a few 100 years earlier in the middle east. Islam is obsessed with taking Eeurope. Give you 1 example of Islamic bloodlust in conquering. A town called Otranto in Italy (remember that its Italy, right? A European country isn’t it lovey?????) was invaded by the most vicious brutal muslims. The usual modis operandi occurred of course, ‘CONVERT OR DIE!’ Horrifically. Well the muslims stole all the women and babies for sex slaves (as they do in a normal days work) but the men REFUSED to convert.

      What happened to them. Everyone gladly gave their heads, 800 of them. Then the Crusaders arrived to rescue whoever was left and chase the brutal murderers back to the middle east, preferably Arabia if possible, their land of origin, the land of ‘devils’ I believe its called. But the heads of those men were dug up and one whole wall in the new church is made out of them. A wall of skulls, murdered by muslims. Now Pope Francis is going to make saints out of everyone, which has never been done before, so many at same time. HE IS MAKING A STATEMENT. BE WARNED MOVE ON ROME AND ALL HELL WILL BREAK LOOSE EVERYWHERE. Not one muslim will be safe anywhere in the world, even in China, Rome is so sacred, and not just to Christians.

      You can read the TRUE history of Islam’s shocking brutality in the middle east and in its attempts to get into Europe in ‘Mohammed and Charlemagne’ by Henri Pirene. published 1938, long before people were seriously alarmed by the evil of islam.
      Its a work of utter fact with every fact referenced. He was a very particular historian. Islam caused the dark AGES by preventing trade and discourse just for starters.

      Everywhere islam is there is DARKNESS.There is DECEIT. There is PERVERSION. There is SUBJUGATION. There is VIOLENCE. There is horrific PUNISHMENTS and TORTURE. There is an end to DISCOVERY. There is an end to WONDER. There is an end to PEACE. (islam glorifies war as jihad, to be a martyr is a big aim of many). There is an end to HAPPINESS.

      But above all wherever filthy islam is THERE IS HATE, and then MORE HATE. It HATES with gleeful passion, more chance for jihad and martyrdom. To islam HATE IS GLORIOUS..

  72. YES, Mohammad’s first wife was older (she was his rich sponsor). But his second was Aisha, who was 6 when he married her. And any “Muslim” who does NOT know that, is not a true Muslim. Aisha is revered among Muslims.
    P. S.I wish that we could have an EDIT option on our posts, even a time limited one. Something written in passion, can have typos, or need check-fact, or more details for understanding.

    • No, no, come on now, be fair! He married her when she was 6 but didn’t have sex with her till she was 9. I cannot imagine the terror she must have felt when that hairy beast fell on her. May he rest in pieces, shit be upon him.

  73. Saleem Smith
    October 13, 2014 at 9:13 pm

    “Mass Apostatisation” is the only feasible solution short of total war.

    Islam cannot and will never be successfully reformed.

    Because the supposedly “perfect” Qur’an says that Islam is the “perfect religion” (Q 005:003) “This day I have perfected for you your religion and completed My favor upon you and have approved for you Islam as religion.”

    And evil Muhammad the Islamic prophet is the model man for human behavior (Q 033:021) “There has certainly been for you in the Messenger of Allah an excellent pattern for anyone whose hope is in Allah and the Last Day and [who] remembers Allah often.”

    We ex-Muslims know that Islam is a lie.

    Here is a recent statement from a group of Bangladeshi apostates living in the UK explaining the reasons why they have abandoned Islam:

    “One who claims to be a messenger of God is expected to live a saintly life. He must not be given to lust, he must not be a sexual pervert, and he must not be a rapist, a highway robber, a war criminal, a mass murderer or an assassin. One who claims to be a messenger of God must have a superior character. He must stand above the vices of the people of his time. Yet Muhammad’s life is that of a gangster godfather. He raided merchant caravans, looted innocent people, massacred entire male populations and enslaved the women and children. He raped the women captured in war after killing their husbands and told his followers that it is okay to have sex with their captives (Qur’an 33:50). He assassinated those who criticized him and executed them when he came to power and became de facto despot of Arabia. Muhammad was bereft of human compassion. He was an obsessed man with his dreams of grandiosity and could not forgive those who stood in his way…

    The statement continues,

    Muhammad was a narcissist, like Hitler, Saddam or Stalin. He was astute and knew how to manipulate people, but his emotional intelligence was less evolved than that of a 6-year-old child. He simply could not feel the pain of others. He brutally massacred thousands of innocent people and pillaged their wealth. His ambitions were big and as a narcissist he honestly believed he is entitled to do as he pleased and commit all sorts of crimes and his evil deeds are justified.”

    • He was just a SICKO & a Evil mutant turd of inter- breeding of their own kind ! That is where thy problem lays with them all, of his demented & deceit end ways. Thou, there are many stupid people joining the islam faith, in wanting to be some 2minute dipshitter, of of this cult….

      So many sic puppies is what we need to exterminate ! To ensure the world is a better place

  74. To BNI : How many visitors does this blog has annually?
    Where are you from and what is your religion?

    I recently thought to donate but failed to crack my father’s account. I am 17, I donot earn and belong to a middle class Indian family.

    You are doing a great job. May God grant you paradise

    • I have had over 60 million visitors since I started BNI 6 years ago. I am in New York City and I am Jewish.

      Thanks for the kind words. Glad to know young people are learning the truth about Islam.

      • “dbshero”, your Da’wa is simply at best a nuisance, at worst downright SATANIC – and especially HERE!!!!

        Thank God (NOT “allah”!!!) it at least here is ineffectual with the rest of us who know the REAL TRUTH about Islam – which is just what Ms. BNI has been proving to us for over 5 whole years now!!! All your proselytism has only reinforced her points multiplying them by thousands of percentage points…

    • BNI would be locked up in that PC fascist state of Britain:

      Well the stupid British, French and Swedes have something in common, they will all die a slow death of FORCED Multiculturalism. And they deserve whats coming for them.

      Such a web sites as this would be banned in Europe!

      Praise America,…. the great land of freedom of speech.

      Where every there is freedom of speech, there is hope.

      • I’m England Boris, don’t think we are all stupid in the UK, I believe our government is slowly running us down the drain as a nation. Unfortunately I think it has a lot to do with the EU and there human rights, and the British government being to soft, on remembrance day we had Islamic extremists burning “the red poppy” claim British soilders as terrorists and murderers, I say let them have there Islamic state, send every Islamic extremist to this state “isil” and NUKE the fucking lot of them. “Thank you” ill claim my Nobel peace prize next week……. Fuck islam I hate it!!!!!!

      • That’s crap. We can let muslims kill each other until the end of time. That won’t stop them from trying to kill us, too. You know what they say, first the Saturday people, then the Sunday people, while they are doing a good job on the Friday people.

        I don’t want our troops involved in another war for muslims. I want our military to destroy them with the biggest bombs available.

  75. Wow this is the most pathetic excuse for a anti muslim website ive seen, like ever. Most of the people on this site don’t even know what they’re talking about. Fiirst of the Quaran was written ONCE. ONLY ONCE. It has not been altered in any way shape or form. The bible has like what two sides, the new and the old. The reason there’s so much about killing in the Quaran (which i’m not denying) is becasue it was written in like the 3rd centuary, when Muslims WERE being prosecuted. Also a little misconception. The prophets wife was OLDER than him. Yea, i dont know what kind of books you people are “reading”. Another thing, the muslim terrist groups like ISIS and stuff have been disowned by many islamic countries the. They aren’t even muslim. They’re some weird hybrid extremeist group. As for calling us terrist, lets not forgot about the dude that shot up the school, and all the pediophiles, rapists, drug dealers, in america

    • Tell me BNI why do you allow such garbage posts to stand. This fool is a typical Islamic liar and deceiver. No religion lies like ISLAM.


      The real nature of Islam is shown by the statistics and their countries. From respectable sources like pew polls.

      Pathetic is an apt description of the Muslim state, that why they all flood to the West.

      The idiots cannot even lie well.

      Ban all Muslim idiots BNI, they have enough outlets in the general media, this site is for SMART people who really understand the nature of ISLAM.

      • The more these idiots open their mouths and spew filth, the more the reaffirm what a brainwashed zombies they are. Let them post I say.

        This idiot does not mention that his beloved Quran was gathered by Omar, the second caliph after Mohammad. He picked and chose what goes in what doesn’t. He did not include anything that might interfere with their war mongering plans. He even mixed the Meccan and Medina verses, the former had more tolerant tone when Mohammad was a baby prophet and the latter became belligerent and hateful when he managed to gather enough thugs around him to bully others. This idiot thinks the nonsense that an stupid illiterate said 1400 years ago is valid today.
        Just let them post and provide proof to the world what a bunch of ignorant idiots they are.