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  1. i fucking hate jesus he is a bastard and the place i shit evrymorning, is what ido instead of shitting on his grave, yes youre right yoyr american (bastards) who dont care about anything other than nuking innocent countries

    • How thick you are ? No language can describe it. According to toilet tissue that you call quaran , Jesus Christ was a prophet as your mucha mud. Now sit down and concentrate on your stupidity!

    • Mibme or whatever the hell your name is!! You are going to hell for blaspheming Jesus and all the obscene remarks to made about Him!!! That is an unforgivable sin, and to hell with you and all of your MUDSLIME buddies and your scumbag pedophile false prophet Mohammed!!!!!!!!

  2. Nice rejoinder, BNI. 🙂

    As I’ve stated before, I’ve made game attempts at reading both the qur’an and Mein Kampf… and Mein Kampf was a more sensical and coherent book than the qur’an…

    *that’s really sad when a known-to-be-human Adolf Hiter can write a more coherent book than the supposedly-divine “allah.” *

    • DS, must admit, I didn’t read it cover to cover. It is not in any kind of chronological order. ‘Reliance of the Traveller’ makes it more understandable. You should get it.

      • Well, not only can I read (I’ve read not only in English, but also in Latin during my High School days), I can also use the proper words.

        It’s “You’re an American,” not “your an american.”

        Also, the sentence should read: “You’re an American; are you sure you can read?”

        Did you see that? Proper use of words, capitalizations and punctuation.

        Before you try to insult someone else’s literacy capability, improve your own.

        Here endeth the lesson.

      • Hey Mibme, I am an American and Irish descent, and can you read these 3 Irish Words?? Poga Moh Hoan!!! That’s Irish for Kiss My Ass, you scumbag MUDSLIME!!!!!!!

    You are a shame on Christianity, i wonder what other well learned Christians say about you!

      • I really advice you to read a book about Islam written by a MUSLIM, not by non-muslims, or read Quraan.
        you don’t have to believe in it or agree with it and you don’t have to like it either, just read it to correct some wrong notions about islam you guys have.

    • Ls you missed a letter at the end . It should be “lsd” cause your posts really indicates that you’re really under influence of something like that.

  4. You guys are so biased. However I have hated Islam because of the people. I won’t make fun of it like other religions but I find your statements very retarded. You don’t seem very educated and you only make it harder for people to be with you.

  5. i do not have any religious but i know god exist and is good i hate mulla and Islam they ruin my country Iran i was in play world of tanks 2 people speaking Arabic in game to all i become so angry and i lost my control i say to all i hate Islam those Arabs report me and i become 5 day chat ban

  6. am i hindu and i hate muslims . muslims r pigs , ur mohammad war a rapist , at the age of 55 he raped a 8 yrs old girl aayesha, u mullas should go to helll

  7. What makes you guys think that Christianity is the true religion anyways? The bible has been written over and over by you people. No wonder each book says something else! Also, why would God allow wine and pork? Wine isnt good for the body unless your God hates you, and a pig even eats everything from corn to trash, yet you still eat it. God has no wife and kids and we dont worship wood even if it looks like Jesus or a cross. Also, the quran has scientific things that has been only recently discovered. All this, yet you still hate Islam. Oh, and the prophet is only a human so dont judge him like how you dont want others to judge you.

    • Just an FYI, your twisted manifesto is just as contradictory, especially the parts that mo the molestor plagerized from pre-existing Jewish, Christian, and Zoarastrian texts!

      And I have no doubt that you’re one of those extraordinarily stupid mohammadan supremacists that will bark about “changed and false Bible” and declare “mohammad is mentioned in Bible!” in the same breath.

      The “scientific” nonsense in mein kuranmpf is nonsense. Has been shown to be nonsense ad nauseum by actual scientists. You’ve got *two* Western scientists (who are a shame to their profession) who “validated” the alleged science in mein kurampf. Yet you clowns never volunteer that both were on the soddy barbarian payroll and neither converted to your bronze age desert cult despite all this science they allegedly found. They found nothing but bigger bank accounts.

      And just another FYI you ignorant and annoying piece of crap: NO ONE but you psychopathic, ignorant, unthinking, linear lunatics make the claim that “god has wife and children.” That tired old canard only shows that you asswipes have *zero* concept of the spiritual or metaphorical and have your brains firmly planted in your sexual organs. The Christian Triune god is not thought to be (by Christians) married with kids or to have had sex with Mary. That is *YOUR* twisted thinking thanks to your rampant inbreeding and mo’s lack of metaphorical thinking. HE’s the one who posited in vile manifesto that jibreel blew in Mary’s pussy. No Christian thinks or has ever claimed such nonsense. That canard is simply another manisfestation of the weak, twisted, and childish mohammadan “intellect.”

      Seriously, 5 year old atheist children have a stronger grasp of the metaphorical and spiritual than the entire ummah.

    • Agree with ALL muslims. Christians and others can say whatever they want and they can do whatever they want but on the day of judgement we will know the truth. Im positive that people hate islam because of 9/11 but everyone needs to understand that not all muslims are radicals or terrorists and not all terrorists or radicals are muslim. Those bad people are to Islam what the KKK and people like Adolf Hitler were to Christianity. Just like you have the right to post this disgusting website, we have the right to freedom of religion. And I know all of you will probably just bash this comment but as a muslim, I need to defend my faith.

    • Yes wine harms but delivers something else you all muslims know what , 99 percent of you tried at least once usually drinking from a coffee cup so no one knows you’re having a booze,so shu up your pig cock sucking, hipocratic moron, and by the way -spicy food is also harmful but are you high after meal :÷○

  8. muslim claim that pallestine is belonging to islam, but i said NOT. Because what before islam Pallestine belonging to Rome more than 500 years the time of Jesus going heaven until mohmad, a lot of people lived in Pallestine during Romans empire rules a lot of resident is christian also minister who worked with Romans goverment and few of resident is pagan worshipping. Until Muhammad dead his friend call Umar Al-Khattab raise the soldier to invade Pallestine a lot of people to be killed from that time Roman empires rule was fall, this is how Islam won over Pallestine. I was not a story there a way to force the local people to embrace Islam and how to pay the tax(jizya) if do not want to pay the jizya to be rid
    of them so they are out of Pallestine as exiles.

  9. Reading this article, I wondered how we could gain wisdom and become a wise person. I thought of three ways.
    First, we have to enjoy learning. Accumulating sensible knowledge is the first step in gaining wisdom.
    Second, we must listen to the teachings of other people. If we listen to the lessons of good books and pay attention to the wise people around us, we can feel wisdom building up inside of us even if we don’t have direct experiences ourselves.
    Third, we must pay attention to the needs of those around us and determine how we can use our knowledge to help them. A heart full of love and consideration for other people is the strongest impetus for wisdom.
    I hope that I would be able to share my knowledge joyfully with wisdom.

  10. Religion is the idiocy invented to gain control and influence over the minds of gullible and superstitious people. All religion is delusion and ignorance of the reality of our mortal existance, largely based on fear and social conformity.
    Some religious teachings – such as Buddism are largely harmless – others such as
    Islam teach hatred and intolerence and are repugnant to any rational human being.
    A world without any religious beliefs would allow us the chance to advance the best interests of humanity.
    We need national laws that criminalise any doctrine or teaching in any medium whatsoever that promotes hatred and intolerance. The total ban of all such incitements and teachings would be a major step in the right direction – anyone interested in bringing this to the attention of our political leaders – who seem to be ignorant of the dangers of allowing the teaching of religions that promote hatred and
    intolerance in our society. We need a new political party to address the need for a secular society!

      • The entire 33rd surah of your barbaric bronze age arab bullshi’ite book is all about whom allah the impotent hates(Jews, Christians, polytheists), why he hates them, and what you mindless little drones should do to them.

        The 33rd surah is nothing but hate *despite* you little mindless racists mis-quoting the 32nd ayat by leaving out the qualifers (“children of Israel” and “unless for mischief” for mischief the rest of mein kuranmpf makes it crystal clear that breathing while being a non-mohammadan is mischief according to allah the impotent).

        Morever, the 33rd surah is not the only problem with your vile backward cult’s manifesto of hate, racism, bigotry, and violence. There are plenty of more surahs and ayats that *compell* you turds to abuse non-mohammadans in a variety of ways.

        You know that. You’re just pissed off that the lowly kaffar have figured out your twisted game.

        As for mo the putrid being just a man. He was less than a man and everyone has the right to judge him. Period. End of story. It doesn’t matter what your convoluted cult’s manifesto says. Deal with it.

        • bronze age, are u sure at that time the east was more
          technologically advanced, and they still didnt go into houses and slaughter everyone

    • how can you say thers no evidence, its like me handing in an essay and before the teacher looks at it she gives an f

  11. Aran is right. Fundamentalists like Ted Haggard are a nightmare for all “infidels” and dangerous for young people. They erase your logical thinking and when you’re brainwashed they steal your money as well. And this bloodsuckers do it worldwide (in the name of the Lord). A Lord who’s existence has never been proved, not even one single time.
    See Youtube: Richard Dawkins – The root of all evil (2 parts)

    In my opinion the US has more problems with wankers like Ted Haggard or Joyce Meyer or Creflo Dollar than with Muzzies.

    Look at European cities: The first impression as as a visitor is “why are so many Muslims here?” and they become more every day. One third of Berlins population are Muzzies.

    Tell me if I’m wrong.

  12. american christians are just as deluded, wrong, psychotic and ignorant as muzzies. all religion is evil, it makes me ill to think people still believe in this childish bullshit, heaven, hell, judgement days etc… will you lot listen to yourselves and grow the fcuk up. there is no god, no heaven, no reincarnation and so on. its all bullshit… and lets be honest, if you believe in any of these pathetic childrens stories then you are deluded. please grow up people, science has proven you all wrong, all your stupid fcuking theories are bullshit. THERE IS NO GOD(S)

    • Christians are not bullshit, you are. Even if Im not christian, they belive in the same God as I am but with different beliefs. The torah, the bible, and the quran have the same stories ( even if the torah and bible has been changed constently). I wouldnt call that coincidence. Think before you act and understand before you speak.

      • Where’s your proof that the “bible has been changed constantly.”

        I hear that canard over and over from mohammadan supremacist troglodytes all the time yet not one of you has produced a single copy of the alleged original Bible to compare it with these alleged “changed” Bibles. That is the proof you need to substantiate your claim. Nothing else is acceptable as proof. This is how the real world works.

        You’re nothing but a mohammadan half wit full of crap you heard from the likes of naik. You repeat blindly, like a retarded parrot, what they and other bearded half wits have told you about mein kuranmpf.

        So until you racist, supremacist, unthinking savages produce this alleged unchanged Bible as proof of your asinine claims (and no, links to mohammadan supremacist sites are not proof. You need to show a photo of every single page of this alleged unchanged Bible.)

        And still you supremacist clowns think you are hated because of “islamophobia” and “tiny minority of extremists.” HA! You are hated because of lying, ignorant, unthinking little jihadists like you.

        • My christian friends showed me. I dont have the bibles with me though. Also, christians do lie, steal, drink, and do unthinkable things.

          I would love to prove to you that the quran is the true book.

          • EC, you are getting on my nerves. Nobody wants to listen to your muslim crap. We have all read your filthy abrogated violent, sadistic, misogynistic, homophobic, anti-Christian, anti-Jew, anti-unbeliever quran. Scram.

          • You are so full of crap. Your “christian” friends showed you nothing.

            There is no “original” Bible to compare with these “alleged” changes. Therefore you have no proof of your puerile claims and have shown yourself to be nothing but another mohammadan supremacist jihadist slinging typical mohammadan bullshi’ite.

            Thanks for yet again proving evidence that mohammadans are quite simply nothing more than crap.

      • The discovery of the “Dead Sea Scrolls” has put paid to that Mohammedan canard about the Bible having been changed and corrupted. The 25K+ papers, parchments, and fragments thereof of “New Testament” writings dating from the 1st – 4th Centuries also put the kybosh on that Mohammedan lie.

  13. Earth God, I believe in you – you are rational, logical and you don’t believe in nonsense. There is no such thing as religious values, only human values manipulated by religions for their own gain. and let’s be honest, religion is just big business selling a fake product. But hey, if you yanks want to give your money to Ted Haggards go for it. You are just as pathetic as Muzzies

  14. i gave up reading all the stupid christian comments, just as dumb as islam – no one can truly be intelligent if they believe in anything religious. the sooner the nut job islamists and the just as nutty and dumb american christians grow up the better. santa clause, easter bunny, tooth fairy….god, jesus, moses, muhamed, that multi armed indian goddess…the lord of the rings, the hobbit, don’t you retards get it??? There’s no such thing as any of them…. if you believe in a god, an afterlife etc you really are ignorant.

    • As Moslems, you HAVE HURT us “infidels” past the point of killing 275,000,000 thereof in 1,400 years; not to mention the non-lethal injuries of wounding, rape, slavery, castration, female-genital-mutilation, cruelty (to both Man and animals!!!) and everything else!!!!!

      Islam has been a viral plague that has wrought – and wreaks – the purest MISERY wherever it has gone and goes!!!!

      So there you go, EVIL Mohammedan!!!!!

      DEATH TO ISLAM and ALL other totalitarianism (Communism, Fascism, Nazism, &c.)!!!!!

      • ummmm who killed 74 children in norway, he bombed iran, who tries to steal oil in afghanistan, who nuked japan,who tortured thousands of innocent people, who slaughtered native americans, native australians, maouris, aztecs the west thats who

        • Japan got nuked as part of World War II – she PROVOKED the Americans into waging war upon her with attacking Pearl Harbour WITHOUT ANY WAR DECLARATION!!!!!

          Japanese tortured not thousands but MILLIONS of people; furthermore, ISLAM has killed 275,000,000 people (often after the most appalling imaginable tortures!!!) over the course of 1,400 years!!!

          Compared to those statistics, the West – when free of any totalitarianism – has very little for you to complain about!!! Note after all that the Maori people are very much alive and doing well in New Zealand!!!

        • I’ll believe you when you RENOUNCE Islam!!! If you wish, read your Qu’rân beforehand – and then you’ll see why it plus the Hadith and Sira, plus ALL of Islam, is so utterly VILE!!!!

  15. wow what a website ive got so many words to say about it this is compeletely disgraceful i caint wait till the day off judgement such poor attuitude beware the day of judgement is near.

    • Bullshit, don’t tell the lie of judgement day again and again. Only stupid people believe that. You ‘d better fear the day when islam disappears from this world.

      We should recycle the coran and make math books for children, so they learn, what is really important for their life. Islam makes no sence at all for children.

  16. “Innocence of Muslims” should be reprocessed and extended to a 90 minutes movie. More professional made and more intimate scenes of gay behavior and child molesting.
    Mohammed, the bastard, the unknown father, could be the “Stan Laurel” of islam. Even the Innuit at the end of the world would laugh their ass off.

      • U saying only bullshit..now let me teach you bout the truth…1st, How can u tell that Quran isn’t the word of god when Quran says bout everything that science found today thought the holy Quran came so many years before on earth when nobody knew even how is the earth…2nd, u call us terrorist thought Americans killed, rapped, and tortured so many children and women in Iraq only for oil…so u killed their loved ones first they’re just replying…I really hate those terrorists cause I know that thought America kills so many people Americans are not like this there are people fighting against the army for human rights I mean the people whom protest…3rd, as u people here said Quran says to kill unbelievers WHEN THEY ATACK AGAINST US so u attacked now is our turn….SO IF U THINK MUSLIMS ARE TERRORIST LOOK AT YOURSELVES FIRST…4TH, u don’t even know the truth about the jesuss u say that u love so much but we Muslims know who’s the jesus and he’s a prophet of god he’s not the god cause really it doesn’t make sense…5th, Your bible is written by 4 guys hahaha…SO U BELIEVE IN STORIES FOR CHILDREN…SO IF I WRITE A BOOK TELLING BOUT A GOD IN MY IMAGINATION THE PEOPLE IN THE FUTURE SHOULD BELIEVE IT..HAHAHA LOL…YOUR RELIGION DOESN’T MAKE SENSE AT ALL AT LEAST WE BELIEVE TO THE WORD OF GOD NOT TO THE IMAGINATION OF 4 MEN…ISLAM is the religion of peace if u stop insulting us cause we’re not insulting u…Just leave us alone to leave on our way we didn’t hurt anyone u start this war…I wish peace to everyone 🙂

      • So many, many LIES, so much taqiyya and kitman!!!! Just take it all ELSEWHERE!!!!! [Pity I didn’t see it earlier…]

        Roxanna, you think that you can deceive us “infidels” who your Antichrist in his ignorance and bigotry called “stupid” and “filthy”. Well, you know you twat, you can belch your truly-filthy LIES, DISTORTIONS, HALF-TRUTHS and the rest all you want – but we know better than to believe one single syllable of what you spit and breathe at us!!!!

        We PROUD “infidels” – who’re FAR CLEANER, SMARTER and so much else of good than you, filthy Moslemah, could ever imagine – know more than enough of your SATANICALLY-EVIL CULT!!! Many of us have read enough of the Qur’ân to realise what a SATANIC book it is – only the DEVIL himself could teach so much HATRED against life, living beings (animals – and particularly dogs {Mankind’s BEST Friend ever!!!}, pigs {also VERY IMPORTANT for us people} and apes {who’re no less useful!!}) and everything else that is GOOD (art, music, science, Western medicine) – not to mention non-Moslems and women!!! No wonder, because Satan HATES everything that God Loves!! Because God Is so infinitely greater than the petty hatred and tyranny of the Devil, the latter aims to get back against Him by DESTROYING His Creation – which He Saw was VERY GOOD when He Made it all!!!

        So much for the Qur’ân – and the Hadith and Sira are positively even worse!!!! We’re not newborn babes who just came forth from our mothers’ wombs: we’ve read through more than a little bit of all that EXCREMENT that Islam belches forth – so there!!!

  17. I’m really proud of Dutch forces. They are in the business. With french, british and all Europe. slovaks, croatians, polish etc…

  18. These Muslims killed more Hindus in India then hitler killed Jews, we must uprise now like the Sikhs did to get hem out of India . The Muslims invade India to convert the people by force not peaceful means. To save India the Sikhs and Hindu,s collaborated together to get this evil empire out. They started an army of Khalsa to get rid of these tyrants. That what he western countries must do, if the don’t like the laws go back to your country, Canada nd US have a Christian foundation if you don’t like it get th fuck out.

  19. @BNI

    What’s a real laugh is when they do have a moniker with the “proud” adjective then ramble on about how smart they are because they are a “doctor/engineer/chemist/lawyer.

    They’re proud of something they chose, that requires no work, no thought, no blood, sweat or tears, yet they never claim to be proud of the hard work it takes to become a doctor/engineer/chemist/lawyer. Granted, degrees from mohammadan countries aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on and the ass lifters that graduate from Western unis are put through on the lowered bar track and failing that oil money will buy their degrees.

    Everything, absolutely everything about them, even their psychology is upside down from, polar opposite of, diametrically opposed to that of every mentally and psychologically healthy human being on the planet.

    • IC, how do you know they are telling the truth about their profession? The only thing I believe from a Muslim is that they are proud of being a Muslim, not that there should be any pride in that.

      • True, and I sincerely doubt most of them are what they claim to be. But, typically liars are proud of their false or exaggerated accomplishments.

        At least one out of the many has to be what he/she/it claims, yet I’ve never seen one boast about he/she/it is proud of his/her/its accomplishments.

        Doubly pathetic. mohammadans are not even good at lying which they do profusely and they’re only proud of something which no one should be proud of.

  20. Ignorant Americans…when will they ever learn?

    Oh, and this IS Islamophobia, you can’t hide that even if you wanted to.

    Anyone can sit behind their little computer screen and make a pointless website, but I’m curious if any of you little brats will be able to escape your mom’s basement after she locked you in..

    P.S: Didn’t your little prophet tell you not to disrespect other religions?

    Eh, more of a reason why Christianity is the scum of this Earth.

    • HEy, BNI Readers, have you noticed how EVERY POS muslim who posts on here calls him/herself “Proud Muslim?” Nice to know they are proud of their bigotry, misogyny, antisemitism, homophobia, and all around penchant for violence as condoned in their filthy qurans.

      As for Islamophobia, there is nothing irrational about hating muslims.

      I see you are squatting in Australia. Why don’t you live in one of your 57 Islamic sewers posing as countries? The Aussies are sick of paying for you muslim slime to suck the government teat.

      • Yes, I’ve noticed that too, BNI. Proud of…nothing. It’s as silly and pointless as saying “I’m proud to be white/black/brown/.” Pride cometh before the fall.

        It should be noted that the grotesque buggers always, woefully wrongly, assume that any criticism of them and their vile *chosen* ideology comes only from “Christians” and “Jews.” It’s beyond their islam-addled pea brains to comprehend that people of all creeds are sick of their bullshit.

        Moreover, the intellectually challenged monstrosities are not only attempting to create neologisms (islamophobia/islamphobe) to deflect rightly deserved criticism of their atrocious behaviours in the West and abroad, they are going so far as to change word definitions. Phobia means an irrational fear.

        However, the uber-racists of islam define islamophobia as

        “prejudice against, hatred towards, or irrational fear of Muslims”

        It is yet more evidence of the bullshit that is islam. How *DARE* they change word definitions then cry like little bitches when they are called out on it.

        Quite simply they are nothing but a culture of bullies. They abuse physically, emotionally, psychologically,and intellectually, with impunity. When their victims point out those abuses, lo and behold, the mohammadans scream that they are the victims.

        Yet, as evidenced by the responses from these grotesque caricatures of humanity criticism of their behaviours and attitudes are simply “Christian and Jewish” racism/jealousy/islamophobia!

        That anyone with a modicum of intellectual honesty tolerates this from such an aggressively vocal and unhinged culture of thugs is quite simply a crime against humanity.

        • IC, I wish I would have kept count of all the muslims who call themselves “proud.” I know I have never seen a screen name from anyone of another religion call themselves ‘proud (insert religion)’

        • Dear Ms. BNI:

          Why not start such a count (of all the Mohammedans who call themselves “proud”) as of a certain date – say March 1, or even today? You have to start somewhere, after all, so – in my honest opinion – you may as well start right away.

          I’ve no doubt those blackguards will push the number very high quite quickly…

      • That’s kinda disturbing. Nothing wrong with hating people? Hm… I can understand why people do hate Muslims, but I don’t think there is a [rational] reason to do so.

        It’s not really their fault they were born into brainwashing, is it? Hate the conditioning – hate the religion, hate the cultures circle-jerked around the religion. But why hate the people, individually or collectively – save for extenuating circumstances like some particular group of people killing your loved ones – and even then, I’d make a case for not hating them /personally./

        Actually quite a few Muslims are so half-assed about their religion they really do believe that they can be a “good Muslim” and also possess post-enlightenment values like humanistic tolerance, goodwill towards other cultures, etc. These are, and will be, the first to defect once they are fully convinced of the absurdity of Islam – alienating them isn’t a great idea.

      • Yeah…..and did you notice allot of them are actually threatening the writers lives? This is Islam at its core – kill or be killed – a tribal religion of survival

    • HA HA HA HA HA!!!!! Talking about a “little prophet” – that sure sounds like YOU, “proud,” boasting, bragging yet FILTHY Mohammedan!!!!

      Those of us who’re Christians don’t follow mere prophets, and surely if you really knew anything about Christianity you’d know better!!!!

      Your FALSE “prophet” Mohammed was a megalomaniac of a criminal who by rights should have been killed as soon as he started having his delusions disguised as “prophecies”: such an inadequate DWARF of a man with a MONSTROUS EGO!!!! PÆDOPHILE, GENOCIDE, MURDERER, THIEF, RAPIST, LIAR – and you Moslems want to emulate THAT KIND of an absolute SATAN?!?!??? Can’t you see just how EVIL everything about him TRULY IS???

      Your Qu’rân is truly the Devil’s own vomit trying to masquerade as a “holy” book – which it most assuredly is NOT!!! To the contrary, like all of the rest of Islam, it is as absolutely UNHOLY!!!!

      Islam is an ideology of THE PUREST possible HATRED!!!! Hatred for life, hatred for animals (especially innocent dogs, pigs and apes – all of which haven’t done anything to you!!!!), hatred for non-Moslems and hatred for women!!! There’s positively NOTHING good about it whatsoever: beneath a wafer-thin veneer of “piousness” and a clannish ésprit de corps masquerading as charity, it’s all PURELY NEGATIVE!!!!

      RENOUNCE Islam for the good of your soul!!!! Realise how it’s Islam that’s not just the scum of the earth but the FILTHIEST SCUM TO BOOT!!!!

      Even the barbarians of 2,000 years ago were better than your EVIL Islam!!!!

      DEATH TO ISLAM now, forever and unto ages of ages!!!!!

    • Am I scared of you? Meet me one on one if you dare. I don’t think so , cause you’re a muslim and all of you are cowards and only feel tough within a group. Please stop calling yourselves humans because it is an offence for human kind.

  21. Infact i am muslim. i dont hate jesus because we believe him, I dont hate christians and I dont hate jews. I respect all the religions.

    • The “Issa” you Moslems PRETEND TO “believe” in and the Ya’sua (the REAL proper equivalent of Jesus in Arabic) are TWO TOTALLY DIFFERENT MEN!!!!

      Furthermore, as a Moslem, you naturally HATE ALL other religion, otherwise you’re not a “good” Moslem!!!!

      Take your taqiyya and your kitman ELSEWHERE!!!!!

      DEATH TO ISLAM!!!!!

        • You wretched Moslem!!!!

          Can’t you see that we’re ON TO your taqiyya and your kitman??? Are you really that utterly convinced that repeating your distortions, half-truths and outright LIES ad nauseam will make them true????

          If you so think, you’re all the more to be disdained – any half-sane human being would know better than to waste our time, space, energy &c.!!!! We will NEVER, EVER, EVER give up the REAL TRUTH that we’ve learned, often with great pain, over the years and losing loved ones, seeing nightmarish pictures, hearing appalling sounds (especially of your SATANIC HATRED!!!), smelling blood, explosives and the rest of it!!!!!

          DEATH TO ISLAM!!!!!

        • How can ANYONE believe you when your religion gives you the “right” to LIE about what you just said if it furthers your own religion?

          You want to seem peaceful just to get close enough to us “infidels” to exterminate us.

          Then tell me how CAN we believe you?

          I don’t believe you anymore

          written by an EX- lover of all living things…….And I have Islam to “thank” for that……great achievement to you I bet

    • You lie. Read your own Koran . It clearly dictates to not respect other religions. What I hate most about you brainwashed cowards is your lies.
      Here’s the quote:
      Koran verse 005.051
      YUSUFALI: O ye who believe! take not the Jews and the Christians for your friends and protectors: They are but friends and protectors to each other. And he amongst you that turns to them (for friendship) is of them. Verily Allah guideth not a people unjust.

      You lying bastard.

      • You are educated friend, I highly support you for answering those filthy Muslim liars properly! Nothing about islam is peaceful. They are responsible for almost all terrorism in the world. They are responsible for the slaughter of Christians in most attacks against Christians.

      • i agree my country is full of muslims and they are not following our traditions and they tried to stop us for trying to celebrate christmas in school and they complained and bitched about it well you have come to our country dont like it get the fuck out our country we never asked for u to come and u are not welcome u cause us pain and misery well fuck off and leave us the fuck alone get back home to ur sorry excuse for a country and peoiple and religion non of us want it

  22. Hey Guys, is this an anti islam site run of christians or ? anyway if you guys are my Christian Brothers and Sisters i have some advice for you.

    Please Dear Christian Brothers and sisters, you are better than this, I see and read much hatred in your hearts, have you forgotten your way?, I must therefore remind you, in order to be the best example of people you must not only live with words but with actions;

    Ephesians 4:32 ESV. Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.
    Ephesians 4:29-32 ESV .Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear. And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, by whom you were sealed for the day of redemption. Let all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor and slander be put away from you, along with all malice. Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.
    John 15:12 ESV. “This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.
    Luke 6:31 ESV. And as you wish that others would do to you, do so to them.
    1 John 4:20-21 ESV .If anyone says, “I love God,” and hates his brother, he is a liar; for he who does not love his brother whom he has seen cannot love God whom he has not seen. And this commandment we have from him: whoever loves God must also love his brother.
    Proverbs 24:17 ESV .Do not rejoice when your enemy falls, and let not your heart be glad when he stumbles,
    Matthew 7:12 ESV “So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.’’
    I am no ‘’bible basher’’ I kid you not, but I only come as a Warner and helper unto you as you believe you are doing good work but you perceive not as Jesus says concerning the day of judgment when his followers come to him, in Matthew 7:22-23 ESV.
    ‘On that day many will say to me, ‘’Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and cast out demons in your name, and do many mighty works in your name?’’. And then will I declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness.’
    So please people cease this talk of hatred and enmity as it is not befitting for you and you not benefit from it, not in this life or the hereafter.

    As Jesus said in Matthew 5:20 “Unless your righteousness exceeds that of the scribes and pharacies, you will never enter the gates of heaven.” Now reflect on this and ask yourself are you more righteous than the scribes and pharacies who were very learned and pious people ??. Ok enough of the Bible talk. You have openly declared who your enemy is but this is the advice I give to you my Christian Brothers and Sisters;

    From one of the greatest books written regarding war, here are just a few quotes what will benefit you.

    “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”
    ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

    “To know your Enemy, you must become your Enemy.”
    ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

    “The greatest victory is that which requires no battle.”
    ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

    “If ignorant both of your enemy and yourself, you are certain to be in peril.”
    ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

    So my advice to you is take heed of this advice, know yourself (your religion) and also then know your enemy, learn their religion not by reading or looking at anti-muslim videos and texts, just read what they read, grab a copy of their Quran in English, who they claim is the word of God. Read and look at what makes them tick. Read it from cover to cover, do your research into you enemy then you will be armed with what you need, remember the saying ‘’he who fails to prepare is preparing for failure’’.
    Know your enemy! And “To know your Enemy, you must become your Enemy.”
    ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War.

    Good luck and God bless. Peace.

    • Maximo, can you still say those advises of yours if terror is being done to you and your love ones by these criminal muslims who follow the examples of their prophet muhammed (all cursed be upon him). Will you do nothing if your daughter is being rape in front of you by these muslim idiots in the name of islam simply because your daugher is a christian. Will you remain silent if you knew very well that all the muslims wanted to dominante the world for the cause of islam by means of jihad (muslim holy war) and taqqiya (muslim”s deception to advance the cause of islam)?

      If your answer is yes and you will do nothing, you better become a muslim and become our enemy! BUT IS SEEMS THAT YOU ARE USING TAQQIYA WITH YOUR ADVISES IN ITS HIGHEST FORM!


    • Take a look at the site called, thereligionofpeace which muslims do their best to close down while all the time they call for the destruction of our people.
      and in saying all this, I keep saying that we must not do to them what they have done to us, but I think it is too late as the anger against their gang raping our girls, their violence to us, there no go zones where even our police will not to nor will ambulances as they are attacked etc all in our countries where only 25 years ago we lived in peace..
      Take a look at this, look it up on the net if it does not come through..
      EXCLUSIVE: ISIS document sets prices of Christian and …


      Nov 3, 2014 – (IraqiNews.com) A document issued by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) … EXCLUSIVE: ISIS document sets prices of Christian and Yazidi slaves … A document determines the sale price of Christian and Yazidi “slaves” …
      When people talk of slaughtering us do you not think that people will retaliate and unfortunately that is what they want then they can say that they attacked first so now it gives them the right to slaughter us in war, just as a bully does, he pushes and pushes until the one he is bulling throws the first punch..

  23. You stupid Christians are devils. You are. Islam is the best religion yet now shut your mouths and move on with your lives.

    • Zain…
      You really are quite the deluded little sub-primate throwback aren’t you?
      As for telling us what to do…listen up big boy, if you and I were face to chest (I’m 6’3) I really doubt you’d do more than leave a urine trail as you ran away to moan and whinge to your fellow muzzie inbred parasites, and then try again with superior numbers.
      You islamists cowards consider it a ‘fair’ fight only in your opponent is unarmed and outnumbered by you.
      You’re despicable, wrong-headed, and as for you false prophet of deception mohammed-the-Unclean (pox be upon him) he was a worse monster than Hitler and Stalin combined.
      islam is not the ‘best’ of anything, except as being an abomination against Humanity.

      You half-witted slags think you’re just going to sleaze in under the radar and make all nations islamic?
      Buddy…you are seriously demented and derabged for thinking that.

      You islamists ar rapists, muderers, defilers, despoilers, and absolute Obcenities in Human form.
      You look Human–but in following that inspid cult you’ve sold out the higher Human ideals and qualities.
      Leaving you as the vilest of the vile, you are not Men…males, yes…but NOT Men.

      As a woman, I am absolutely against this disgusting, misleading, lie-filled cult of yours that pretends to be a faith and in fact is nothing but a sociofascist system with a shabby cloak to let it try to pass itself off as a religion.

      As for your ‘all merciful’ allah…
      ‘all merciful’ is an Absolute, right?
      Therefore ONE single exception, totally violates that claim and allah’s identity as a benevolent deity.
      Hmmmm…and here is islam, that promises death to apostates and pretty mush everyone else who is non-muslim.

      Think about it…
      You’ve been lied to, suckered…islam is a cult, made up on-the-fly by a walking obscenity of perversity and abomination named mohammed.
      Yes I know this must really burn…haveing been outwitted and outfought BY A WOMAN.

    • The only one and true God and his only Son will strike you down for you’re wickedness, murder, pedophilia, and praising to false gods.

    • Dirty face of ISLAM / Muslims ( islam is not a religion its a well organised group of terrorists/ killers/ RAPISTS/ Looters and most dirty Muslims – like dogs with rabies) who create name of ALLAH and why..( word or name ALLAH also false its created by Bastard Mohammad to fear innocent (blind faith) peoples of that time..when there was no education ..so he create a false >>Allah )

      > ) Most DIRTY book QURAN.. facts of dirty book Quran..and false prophet Mohammd. A rapist/ killer/ terrorist/ original Bastard) beware.wake up now..speak out and destroy Islam and Muslims now before its too late…control these bastards ..learn some thing with JAPan and Russia too.

      what i feel that word terrorist is not fit for these bastards …because (>>>??) in fact these muslims are rapist and terrorists by birth… what i think that they are having body like us like human..but in fact they are not human like us.. they are killing humans and animals..its a dirty face ..cruel face…they are enemies of human.. they are destroying humanity from world ..want to rule over to world.. ” world without human” so terrorist word NOW is not a suitable for these Muslims ( member of Terrorists and rapists organisation ISLAM) …need to think about a best word ( name ) for these enemies of human…humanity

      • “Zain you are inzain!”

        LOL! That’s a good one, Ben! I’m still chuckling.:)

        Sometimes silly responses are the only way to respond to these humorless mo-bots.

    • Zain you are really inzain! Like muhammed (ALL CURSED BE UPON HIM) you are deceived by the father of lies no other than allah the evil.

  24. Oh boy, look at all those filthy cockroaches all in one place – where’s my can of RAID?

    I have never detested a group of “people” more than I do these disgusting subhuman pieces of garbage. HERE is the face of real Islam: Ugly, hideous and evil as the day is long.

    The “moderate” Muslims must be very proud – as they use these thugs to terrorize us all into submission and censorship. How is that “moderate” again?


    • No M, there are no moderate or radical Muslims. Islam is Islam and both terrorists and seemingly peaceful people all follow the same hateful teachings about non-Muslims. One group engages in violent jihad, the rest of them support it from afar. They have to. Jihad is a requirement of all Muslims.

  25. Thank you BNI for your courage spreading THE TRUTH about the dangerous ugly Islam. You are on top of what is happening around the world by the enemy who is living amongst us. Truly, I don’t know how you do it.
    Keep the excellent work. God bless.

  26. I agree completely. We need many more people willing to defend the first amendment and not just give it lip service. I do find it strange that the most disgusting and perverted sexual material can be called “speech” but not pictures of a foreign religion’s head murderer.

  27. That shitbag yelling in the video…i want to rip his tongue out !
    Muslimes are the most offensive people on the planet, they are annimals and we need to treat them as such.
    Yes i hate Muslimes, i have since 1985 and i will till the day i leave.
    I’m hoping we make total war on them someday…utterly annihilate them.
    And no rebuliding their countries after , let em live in the blood, sand, and their own shit…they like that way.
    P.S. No more cyber attacks from Pakis huh ? Good ! It’s gotta be pissing them off that their hacking don’t work anymore.

  28. OK, muslime pukes; you don’t like the movies we “infidels” make, you hate us and our culture, you DO NOT seek to assimilate,only dominate!! So, you can take your Sharia sh–, your Quran, your Perv Prophet and GTFO!! AND you WILL NOT dominate the world, though you and your “mahdi” aka. the Anti-Christ, Son of Perdition, or the Beast will be in power for a SHORT time,during which time you and your dhimmi dip enablers will bow to him, at least until you are ALL dispatched to HELL!!

  29. I wonder how many others like myself are getting impatient for something to start to legitimize using lethal force at will against these rats. After seeing these stories I want to smash into mush any muzzie face I see.

    • Lethal force is fully justified here.
      now roughly 37 islamists per Cop, it used to be 25:1.
      ANY violence committed by a follower of islam is now exxentially held legally as act-of-war.
      Blowing a muzzie away isn’t a crime now.
      They keep sneaking in more and more of their filthy fellow throwbacks and we’re taking a ‘stand-your-ground’ approach.

    • Me too pal!
      I am English and feel exactly the same way.
      How long before my government stands up for my right to fly my flag in my country, to honour my fallen heroes and to live in peace in my own country.
      I would gladly participate and fund any direct action against Muslims, against all and any Muslims.

  30. muslims you better be teaching your kids american history ! when the time comes your shity koran is not going to save them ! pak your bags your day in the sun is over a long cold american winter is comeing !

  31. So elegant when they speak. So moving. The thing is I don’t think they give one shit about what anybody says about their bullshut Mohammad, he’s merely used as an excuse to wage war, tantrum and accuse non Muslims of “racism”. I doubt those retards have ANY true belief in anything they say, how can they when they are constantly creating the most ridiculous bullshit about their and everyone else’s religions; like Jesus is really a prophet of Allah, and 9 is THE proper age for a husband to rape his adolescent slave wife, it’s all bullshit it’s all invented because they are rewarded like spoiled illbehaved little children. Their cowards that bluster into getting their way. They do it because they get away with it because liberal politicians are paid off by The Muslim brotherhood w our own tax dollars given to them by the hoodrat squatting in our WhiteHouse! They could care less about their socalled religion, they use it to get what they WANT. It will get them so far and then we will b forced into defending our country and our lives, we are being backed into a corner very quickly. But, it’s ok because we need a civil war to change the disgusting way our government is run. It’s time to take out the trash, starting w our politicians then Islam.

    BNI I have been clicking to be notified of further comments every time after each comment I leave as I always do, haven’t received any follow up comments for about a week. Something’s up w the site

    • Natalie, it seems like these glitches happen sometimes and no one knows why. First try deleting all your browser cookies, then see if it works. If you can, Unsubscribe from the email function and then re-subscribe. You might have to change your name slightly or email address if that doesn’t work. Let me know.

  32. We hate the religion of Islam for many valid reasons. Our concerns are not irrational or phobic but reasonable. We have witnessed the bitter and ill fruits of Islam. I stand with BNI – I also hate the satanic political ideology of Islam for the pain they have inflicted on countless innocent people. We beat the Nazis, then the Pinkos and now we face another totalitarian enemy – we will prevail.

    • you clearly have no fucking idea what you are saying .islam is a religion of peace. saudia arabia is the most peaceful country and least crime rate in the world.america kills thousands of muslims in iraq ad afghanistan and then you people cry when 1 american dies.

      • muslims kill more muslims than anyone else,you forgot to mention that,almost 11 million since 1948,and you are blowing each other up daily so keep bitchin

      • Peaceful?! Peaceful?!?!?! I guess your not a “true muslim” huh?

        In Islam “peace” is relative

        Get educated fast!!!

        What country are you from anyway?
        What planet are you from?

      • How pathetic is your state of mind. Islam in every way a satanic order that never allows freedom. You can do anything and talk anything in any democratic country but we can not even take a bible to saudi arabia. A barbaric religion having barbaric countries . Do hate islam for its wrong messages to the mankind . I constantly thank the creator that I am not born in a muslem family. Sincerely. islam is disgusting and the book is from an evil source for sure.

      • islam is=

        You are bullshit islam!

      • To “Islam is the ‘true’ religion”:


        ANY ideology or cult that:

        – forbids art, music, science or medicine;
        – hates dogs, pigs, apes, women and non-Moslems merely because of the command of some SICK MONSTER, who demands their complete DESTRUCTION merely because he wanted only WAR everywhere,
        – demands that the ideology MUST spread over the ENTIRE EARTH to FORCE others to either convert, live in virtual slavery or fight and die:


        Why did God Give us the talents for art, music, science or Western medicine? Yet, you want us to spurn them all like the servant who buried his talent in the garden!?!! [Contrast that one with those who MADE US of their talents and were rewarded!]

        If dogs, pigs, apes, women and non-Moslems are so “bad”, then WHY DID God CREATE THEM ALL – and then See that it ALL was very good????

        Were it not for her FILTHY oil and the West’s insane thirst thereof, your Saudi Arabia would be among the POOREST, most isolated, sick and unwelcome countries to ever exist!!!! As it is, she makes and finances war, deceit, hatred and destruction everywhere!!!!

        The ONLY “peace” Islam really knows is the peace of the GRAVE!!!! I.e., Islam is the ideology of DEATH, hatred, lying, misery and wanton destruction and killing!!!!!

        Normally I wouldn’t here respond given so MANY good and worthy replies of others to your drivel – I here merely wanted to highlight a few logical points in order about why Islam is so patently EVIL, sanctimoniously hypocritical, lazy (in the very worst sense of the world) and totally inimical to LIFE!!!! Its hatred of life and of everything good (the Judæo-Christian God ENCOURAGES us to USE our talents and Blesses us for it!!!) is what positively distinguishes it as the ideology of SATAN himself!!!!! It is Satan who hates life and everything good – and he likes to use MANY names, one of which is “allah”!!!

        So there – that’s why we PROUD “infidels” know that Islam must itself DIE!!!! THEN the whole world will be rid of the WORST Satanic scourge that ever existed in the history of this planet!!!!!

      • boy oh boy if any body in saudi do mention the crimes commited, if rapes are really reported ( which ladies cant report, bcoz of sharia law that says four men need to testify as witnesses) they would be killed, hands cutoff for stealing,ladies stoned & shot for adultery(actually rape is seen as adulteryin saudi),people beheaded for speaking against injustice but finally charged with treason . its that simple guys, no one who dares speaks against those terrorist mofos survives. no wonder saudi is such a peaceful country that provides funding to paki terrorrists. dont believe me? check out “iam malala” she’s a paki who mentions it.

      • saudi is peaceful?? no its not. but people like you are the slaves to them. when will u guys ever stop patronising those cheats who slayed ali when he was praying. the islam which u call ‘islam’ aint religion of peace, if it was, then why dont our muslim people march on the roads to oppose the terror acts of those assholes who kill innocent people in name of allah, our muslim people will get on the roads to oppose cartoon drawing of muhammad but not to oppose the devilish acts of taliban and isis. what the fuck is wrong with our people, if we say our islam is a religion of peace and love then why dont our people demonstrate against taliban and isis, why dont our people. BRINGING JUSTICE BY BRUTALITY AGAINST THE CRIMINAL IS A PEACEFUL WAY(chopping the hands off of the theif even if he was caught for a petty theft), are you insane?? what about the killings of ethnic kurds and non muslim yazidis??

      • Yet another totalitarian ignoramus or devil who wants either Marxism or Islam to destroy all life upon this planet!!!!

        Truly, to attack the whole Bible as “Satanic” shows me just who and what you are – and to boot then you DARE to masquerade under the name of the FIRST Christian martyr Stephen!!! SHAME ON YOU!!!!

  33. Rise up and raise Hell! Do it now, and blessed well!! In the midst of the fury over Innocence of Muslims and the push for blasphemy laws at the UN, the iron is hot; let us swing the hammer with a vital blow.

    A new International Qur’an Petition is up at Petition2Congress. It is short and sweet, just a clear declaration demanding that Islam be proscribed by law and a few urls to support it.

    The full text, with updated links to quotes from Islam’s canon is up at Scribid and linked in the petition.

    Bonni. I sent an emal, which failed “no longer on server”. Here are the links to the petition and to Scribid. You can grab the embed codes there.



    The petition sends an email to the signer’s Congressman and Senators. I am asking everyone who reads this to sign the petition and tell all their friends to sign it. lets make it go viral if possible!

  34. Maybe, if they stayed in their own shit hole country that they came from, it wouldn’t be so bad..but coming to a Western country, and expecting us to allow them to live the way they did in the Middle East, is completely insane.
    If we say NO to their mosques, and ignore their cries of religious freedom, over and over, they may get the hint..if we ban public praying in the streets, they may get the hint..it needs to be pushed on them continuesly, that they cannot preach that crap in an otherwise Christian country…get back into THEIR faces, make them feel unwanted…don’t keep putting out the welcome mat and allowing them to preach their hatred. Whenever you hear them say they have the right to follow islam in a Western country- just say NO! Which Government is going to stand up first and say this?

    These inbreds need to be told they have no place in a Western country, following those beliefs…once they start trying to enforce Sharia, they should be deported..or, if they are a westerner who converted, send him on a holiday to Afganland, and say- “Here is your Mohammerheads land..enjoy at your mercy…this is what you are fighting for- the land of mohammerhead…HAVE FUN!….”

    It still amazes me, how we, as westerners, have to watch what we say about mo, yet they can burn effergies of your President, destroy your flag, kill your people in Libya, and drag them raped through the streets, etc, and no country has stood up and said “HEY! Enough is enough” yet… We are allowing them to do this, and then apologising for some stupid, movie that is in no way offensive at all?

    I don’t understand the rights of the Military, or Government, but surely, sooner or later, a leader in a Western country, has to stand up and say, we will not tolerate this anymore, and STOP all muslim immigration, based on their dangerous beliefs..NOT RACE, but their beliefs………..

    • Wendy, Geert Wilders, the Dutch MP, has been doing just that and now he spends his life moving from home to home and lives with permanent body guards. Even your country has refused him a visa to tell you all in the ways he knows best what is encroaching upon our western way of life. He is still doing this whenever and wherever he can, as is Dr Terry Jones the Florida pastor who burned the Quran. I do not believe Dr Jones is the idiot the press have painted him to be but a sincere and honest man who too is putting his life on the line in speaking out and telling the truth about islam. Those of us who are telling the truth about islam and all that it encompasses must speak out forcefully about this vile ideology and hopefully one day these hateful people will leave our shores, otherwise world war 3 is I believe, close at hand. Regards.

      • Yes, I heard about the Geert Wilders issue…I for one, would have gone along and listened to what he had to say. He should have been allowed to visit, he held no hostility to Australia, he isn’t a person with a criminal history, drug history, or someone inciting violence…it is all a Government cover up IMHO. Yet, they let some random islamic speaker enter the country a few weeks back, spilling his foul, message to all his followers…how is that fair? There are enough muslim trouble makers in Australia, spewing their guts about how bad we are…surely, someone with another side to the story should be allowed to say his piece…

    • Wendy, you are absolutely right. You try posting this in the uk ( land of free speech ha ha) and you’d be locked up. How I wish I lived in you fabulous country

      • BNI, You must not have been to London in the last decade if you have to ask why Brits can’t post anything negative (even truthful) about vile muslums. There’s a reason why they call it Londonstani now, and every damn one of those evil bastards are well acquainted with their ‘uman rights as granted by the UK government. Just like illegal immigrants have more rights in the US than citizens, the vile muslums are protected above the UK’s own citizens whose families have lived there for centuries.

        Schools in the UK – public ones that take gov’t funding – are now forced to serve halal meals. Most have gone to ONLY halal meats because they can’t afford the 2 different everything required to serve halal and non-halal meals in the same school. You can’t pray to Jesus, but the students are given breaks to say their muslum prayers because they are protected. There are even pharmacists who can refuse to give out the LEGAL over-the-counter morning after pill because it is ‘against their religious beliefs’.

        Here’s the kicker – the British gov’t has even allowed the vile muslusms to set up sharia court in London, as well as across England. There are actually several sharia courts in the heart of London tho, and their ruling is law. English law can’t touch them. English law can’t ‘intrude’. You can be thrown into jail for hate speech and racial hate crimes for saying ‘vile muslums’ in London.

        The USA is heading the same way and fast. There’s been sharia courts set up and adhered to along with muslum only enclaves/communities wtihin the USA already. We HAVE to stop this madness!

        • Stand up, yes it has been more than a decade since I was in London. But I do understand what you can and can’t say about muslims now. It is criminal what your govt has done to basic human rights like free speech. That is why I support Paul Weston of Liberty GB. And yes, we are not far behind you.

  35. Thats the no nonsense message every leader of western civilization needs to convey to all immigrants ! Perhaps they should amend their constitution to include this,so the multicultural who refuse can be deported there and then.

      • I am amazed by the ignorance I read here. I fully support attacking the shit out of Islam, as wretched a religion as there is, but that hardly extends to tolerance for stupidity in the anti-Islam ranks. So many of you seem to be Christians nearly as braindead as the Muslims – who at least practice something closer to the essence of their religion, as reprehensible as that is; all Christians have these days is a sham, because if they practiced their religion in truth, it’s damn near as bad as Islam.

        Anyway, I’m addressing your comment because it’s particularly blind. I sincerely hope that the original comment “America is the only holy land” was a joke, but saying America has no religious history is just… wow, really? The only religious history is that of your own blood? Or whatever pappy’s pappy’s pappy ad nauseum believed?

        C’mon now. America, like _everywhere else_ has seen a great deal of religious history, because religious history is human history. Plenty of tribes, plenty of distinct belief systems – and more importantly, systems of practice. Yeah, keep spitting on the people our ancestors killed off by denying their religious history. That’ll teach ’em.

        For the record, I’m not saying native religions are necessarily any more valid than Christianity. Then again, I don’t have a lot to go on in drawing any conclusions about them since they practically don’t exist thanks to Christianity whether as motive or pretext.

      • thats true except the christian ethic of slavery,genocide,land stealing all in the name of jesus,oh dont forget culture killing

        • TOTAL LIES!!!!

          Slavery, although practised by Christians, was NEVER, EVER CONDONED by Jesus and His Apostles – and nor was stealing (that’s against the 10 Commandments!!!).

          We know you Commies and other anti-theists all too well, and we loathe you just as much as any Moslem!!! I’d dearly LOVE to see you all deported to North Korea, so there!!!!

          DEATH TO ISLAM, COMMUNISM and ALL other totalitarianism!!!!!

    • IMO the true ‘holy land’ would be jordan in israel wouldn’t it. cause dont the christians, jews and muslims all believe that thats where jesus or the prophet was born or died.


    • Jesus, the “Prophet of Islam” is not the same as Jesus that Christians are familiar with. For one, Muslims disbelieve the Holy Trinity. They consider that blasphemy to believe in more than one god than Allah and his messenger Muhammad. At the end of days, according to the Quran, Jesus will come back and break all the crosses and judge all the Christians. So basically Islam hijacked Jesus and made him into something else.

      • Not only that, they DENY the Crucifixion, saying that “Allah” didn’t let Jesus Die upon it…

        Either way, they say that ALL the “prophets” are inferior to Mohammed – after whom they claim, no other “prophets” are possible.

        DEATH TO ISLAM!!!!

        • Of course, the Mohammedans have NO concept of History, anyway. Particularly since not only the Bible, but also Flavius Josephus (a Jewish historian of the 1st Century), and ROMAN records record Jesus’ crucifixion.

          I’d have to say that the records from the time carry much greater weight than any babblings of a demon-possessed, piratical, racist, genocidal, pedophilic profiteer.

        • On this topic, i have to say that the meaning is incorrect. The prophets before mohammad are inferior to him and so was he to them. In addition, on no prophets is possible is wrong, there will no longer be another prophet after him for he was the last prophet.

        • To “Muslimah”:

          Take your taqiyya and your kitman ELSEWHERE!!!! We know FAR TOO WELL just how you literally IDOLISE Mohammed as “the ideal man” and strive to emulate him at every point and in every facet of your lives!!!!

          Fancy that: aiming to imitate and adore a MURDERER, GENOCIDE, RAPIST, TORTURER, THIEF, supreme LIAR (such that even his best friends couldn’t trust him!!!), NECROPHILIAC, BESTIALIST and so much else of purest EVIL!!!! No wonder you Moslems (with very rare exceptions!) are the worst people imaginable – and all that for following SATAN – for truly, your “allah” is Satan himself!!!!!

          BEGONE!!!! DEATH TO ISLAM!!!!!

      • Every where islam is there is dearth misery violence.It is an ideology of death.Ever since the eigth century islam is a scourge straight from satan The “arab spring” nations are listed in n ezekiel chapters 38-39.They are listed by names.In the area that was formerly the soviet union{Russia} are nations that are islamic.One is Chechnia.It was chechnians that bombed innocent people in Boston.Both need to have been killed instantly.Gog and magog {ezekiel chapt 38} is touched upon again in Revelation. So it is doubly assured.Jehovah{I Am that I AM} ADONAI, is Omnicient Omnipotent and Omnipresent.HIS last Word to us is Jesus the Christ. {Y’shua ha Messiah} He lived ,died and rose again and is seated at the right hand of the Father{ABBA} until all HIS enemies are made His footstool. The false prophet, beast and eventually satan will find themselves in the lake of fire..prepared for satan and his angels.All who have not come to the saving faith and obedience to the Gospel of the lord Jesus Christ will find themselves judged after death and cast into the lake of fire,where Mohhamed Stalin hitler Mao Tse Dong etc are. Come to Yeshua{Jesus} while you still can. Read the gospel of John ,Romans and Acts and ask the Lord before hand to show Himself to you..if you do He will do so.many moslems and jews are doing this and are being saved!!

      • Then there are a whole lot of “not true muslims.”

        Unfortunately for obfuscators like you mein kuranmpf, sira and hadiths show, without a doubt, that the more offensive and violent mohammadans are what allah the impotent considers “true muslims.”

      • i dont care for religions ,the buddhists are ok tho.the rest are all the 0same,to.control the people,drain their cash,and make them do stupid rituals Aand pass that useless crap on to their offspring for generations.but i digress,islam on the other hand has the best rules for taking a dump,i like that concept.using a boy scout compass to make.sure i dont crap in an offensive direction.this beneficial to have have my bearings when bearing down to push out a mohamed shaped loaf.also doing the hokey pokey when going in and out of the toilet,lets see is it right foot in lefopt foot out?(i always get mixed up) then there is the incantations,i dont ever remember them so i hum a Clash tune(rock the casbah),this keeps those pesky evil jinns from bothering me while i crap .i think jinns are like leprechauns,that infest irish pub toilets……anyway finally using my bare fingers to clean myself and dusting my ass with sand.whats that ?….oh you cant use your right hand for wiping.,…….im right handed god.damnit, cant use left hand for wiping,ill need occupational therapy and complete toilet training therapy now god damn you Mohammad your rules for shitting are.fucking lame…..

      • Yea, because if every moeslems is a true moeslems, we have 1,4 billions ++ people who will stack their belt with bombs before calling their typical battlecry and Ka-Boom!

  37. Sweet! Bring it on!
    Just remember one thing. Isoroku Yamamoto made this very same mistake and paid dearly for it. After realizing what he had accomplished, he said “I’m afraid we’ve awakened a sleeping giant, full of a terrible resolve”.
    So, if you’re feeling really ‘froggy’, go ahead. Let’s see who turns out being whose’ bitch……

    • Not quite. There is one major difference between Mohammedans and many of the Japanese leadership (including the Emperor and the Prime Minister Tojo) is this:

      Yamamoto, Hirohito, and Tojo were all leery of going to war with the United States. Yamamoto even TOLD the Japanese leadership that he would have about 6 months to “run wild” before all hell truly began to break loose on him and the country. The Japanese leadership actually CONSIDERED the possibility of defeat.

      Mohammedans do not think that far ahead.

  38. Moohammud was riding into a camp surrounded by his adoring brain dead followers. He was riding a camel. The scribes report that the came apparently had a large anus, because the people were heard to say, “By Allah, look at the big asshole on that camel!”

  39. This amazing discovery was revealed after days of hard work pouring over copies of the original parchments that Muslims claim were written by Muhammad.

    “I had heard of hidden messages that could be heard when a record [for those of you born after 1990 a record was round and played music – like a big CD] was played backwards so I decided to read the Koran backwards to see if there were any hidden messages in it – I was bored, what can I say? – and I was startled by what I found.”

    Cleric Abba Dabadu showed this reporter the notes he had scribbled in the margins of the copies of the original Koran.

    “The world was right! Muslims are a backward people but only because we’ve been reading the Koran backwards!” He pointed to one section. “See here, what we have always believed to be the end of the Koran is really the beginning. And here it clearly shows that the Koran, correction, the Narok, was not written by Muhammad as we originally thought but by a woman – A WOMAN – named Dammahum.”

    So what does this mean for Islam?


    • Yes, I completely agree! Some of them are disgusting! Outrageous filthy excuses for humans. How dare they?

      In Islam it is WRONG to kill. It is wrong to hurt anyone or anything. They are violent mindless creatures who are twisting a peaceful religion to justify their sick and violent needs.

      • PM, please don’t come here an insult our intelligence. We have read your quran and other holy books and the hundreds of passages that call for the killing of unbelievers who refuse to accept Islam. Most of the peaceful passages apply only to Muslims.

        Most of us don’t fear Muslim terrorists as much as we fear groups like CAIR, MSA, ISNA, ICNA and other Muslim Brotherhood front groups that are trying to bring the West down from within – civilization jihad and promotion of sharia.Personally, I don’t care whether or not you denounce terrorism. I would listen to you if you denounce those groups I mentioned and their goals.

        • You are an ignorant human being!
          God, Allah(SWT) will judge you!

          (VIDEO DELETED)

          Surat Al-Kahf- The Cave 18:49-57-58
          Sahih International

          And who is more unjust than one who is reminded of the verses of his Lord but turns away from them and forgets what his hands have put forth? Indeed, We have placed over their hearts coverings, lest they understand it, and in their ears deafness. And if you invite them to guidance – they will never be guided, then – ever.

          And your Lord is the Forgiving, full of mercy. If He were to impose blame upon them for what they earned, He would have hastened for them the punishment. Rather, for them is an appointment from which they will never find an escape.

          Sahih International
          And the record [of deeds] will be placed [open], and you will see the criminals fearful of that within it, and they will say, “Oh, woe to us! What is this book that leaves nothing small or great except that it has enumerated it?” And they will find what they did present [before them]. And your Lord does injustice to no one.

        • Just you have the right we do to after all we are all humans so you fucking racist white bitch Americans can fuck your selves as much as you want you call us sensitive if we say one true thing about you you get all upset you uptight ignorant fucked up ass whipes need to get educated but when its the day of judgement you will understand until then mock as much as you want the more you do the worse your punishment is.

      • Can i use that Mohammed drawing in my … what ever drawing books?
        Yes i know it is wrong to kill.

        I hope that anxiety in Turkey ends up in a reproductive way.

        • Those Muslims are make me laugh calling us racists and then want to kill non believers. Whole islam is based on hypocrisy

      • is that right? Tabari IX:69 “Killing disbelievers is a small matter to us.”
        Tabari VIII:141 “The battle cry of the Companions of the Messenger of Allah that night was: ‘Kill! Kill! Kill!'”
        Bukhari:V5B59N512 “The Prophet had their men killed, their woman and children taken captive.”
        Ishaq:489 “Do the bastards think that we are not their equal in fighting? We are men who think that there is no shame in killing.”
        Qur’an 2:191 “And kill them wherever you find and catch them. Drive them out from where they have turned you out; for Al-Fitnah (polytheism, disbelief, oppression) is worse than slaughter.”
        Qur’an 33:60 “Truly, if the Hypocrites stir up sedition, if the agitators in the City do not desist, We shall urge you to go against them and set you over them. Then they will not be able to stay as your neighbors for any length of time. They shall have a curse on them. Whenever they are found, they shall be seized and slain without mercy – a fierce slaughter – murdered, a horrible murdering.” Your spreading taquia like a good lil submitter.

        • Mohammed is the false prophet predicted in every ancient religion. This is provable because evil was already described and rapists murderers of any human beings was considered wrong this disgusting individual had women raped in front of their husbands that is evil absolute. These same film fate being’s raped two-year-olds ripping out their anuses and even their own children without any conscience Islam is provably evil and false and they will be shocked when their judgment day comes as will many. How interesting that people are supposed to be judged by their actions of love and not the word they say– they think because occasionally they mimic love from a false heart they are exempt. All their profit did was think with the desire ,of his penis and his hatred– he started out with truth but like most evil beings quickly passed on to darkness, out of control hatred, going back on his word to others frequently, molesting a child, desiring others and in effect pending adoption because a man only needed to justify his lusting again. His assistant lied about onions getting people into heaven and this was both of their practices to gain power and money. Mohammed was evil incarnate. Beyond a Wolf in sheep’s clothing, he would looking the mayor and see the sheep whenever he desired to he was no lie and he was less than the jackal and just as cunningly evil and that is the truth. People who follow him at some point will be punished harshly by the one true God who is the creator of all things that we have been warned not to embrace evil which is what Islam is. Abel who smoke burned up and pleased God was murdered by his brother. Good is done for the sake of God’s goodness and it is not a guarantee of protection. The Islamic infidel threatens us with our lives because he is an animal beyond brainwashing. Native Americans, and everybody are threatened by their evil. God will get THEM before it’s over. That is a promise to all of us who are living peaceful lives away from their tyranny and taught racism and hatred. The golden rule of life God always demonstrated was live and let live– only those who did human sacrifices, murderers and or cannibalism are to be destroyed by men as civilizations. Guess what– Moslems qualify for us to destroy and in the end of days we will have to.

      • In Islam it is wrong to kill? Ever read the Koran?? “Fight in the way of Allah against those who fight against you.” 2:190
        Kill disbelievers wherever you find them. If they attack you, then kill them. Such is the reward of disbelievers.. There’s many more…

      • You can insult Islam in whatever way or any other way. Whatever way you take to insult Islam, you will regret doing so. I cannot help you.

        • hahahahahahahahaha muhammad realy liked to rape little girls damn bastard pedophile. Islam is not a religion but a terrorist organization for world domination. The evil qoran say. kil any one who isn`t a dirty muslim. I never want to see a dirty musliom walking next to me because I wil kick his dirty rear end and send him to the pedophile muhamad the pedophile bastard.

        • Why? What the fuck are you going to do? kill us? kill our loved ones? Is that a threat? Over these words that offended your extremely fragile ego?

          you sound like all you do is destroy……stay away from the west – we strive for harmony here – but we will and do fend for ourselves.

        • You can’t because you are clearly outmatched. You reported false accusations of them being ignorant without the use of logic. Keep dreaming seeing ignorant people. Those people you are applying that they are ignorant just proved how much wrong you are with evidence. What you can’t understand? The answer is in front of Quaran and you reject it because instead of modifying your book, not by Western standards you welcome killing and killing broughts total chaos. Faschism everywhere. Like “You don’t agree, we kill you” quote. At least be honest and admit “Yes. We kill them that’s how we are and we are proud for having different morals”.

        • Muslims are brainwashed since infancy. Since, according to the Koran, they should be killed for leaving the religion, most don’t consider it. The life of Jesus is the exact opposite of Mohammed’s. Jesus never killed anyone, did not have multiple wives, did not order the killings of hundreds of Jews (Battle of the Trench), did not have an old lady tied up to 2 camels and pulled apart for insulting him, did not rape a 9 year old girl (Aisha), did not change God’s word around to accommodate his sex addiction, etc. I was a Muslim for a decade. Islam is an evil religion that controls it’s adherents through fear. A lot of Muslims have never even read their own ‘holy’ book. We allow Muslims to come to this country (USA), build mosques with usually Saudi funding, teach and preach hatred from the pulpit, buy up property, etc. We get what we deserve for being so naive and stupid.

        • Christine, I thought Jesus was god and doesn’t god kill people. And wtf is this trinity, a load of bullshit. Doesn’t it say that neither the son nor the spirit knows the day of the hour but the father. Wake up Christians you don’t have much time before the hour. Wait till Jesus comes maybe then you’ll see the clear picture. If i offended anyone forgive me and Allah forgive everyone.

        • To “Abu Obaydullah”:

          Jesus during His EARTHLY Life truly Did NOT Kill anybody – that was left to His Heavenly Father!! [In His Earthly Life, He Submitted to MANY Restrictions so He Could be BOTH God AND Man.]

          Of course, on going back to Heaven, He Regained that power!!! And, the Second Time He Comes, it will be as the Long-Awaited Messiah to Rule the earth with an iron hand!!!

          DEATH TO ISLAM!!!!!

        • To ‘A Muslim’:

          You say thus:
          ”You can insult Islam in whatever way or any other way.”
          I say this:
          Really? Can we? Thank you for letting us!

          Now that we are allowed to insult Islam… we will… ”regret doing so”? You ”cannot help” us? Hmm, maybe you refer to the same ‘helping hand’ that the prophet Muhammad held for all nations in need: Jews, Christians, Gentiles, Pagans and all the unfortunate gents in his way.
          I bet you would be joyous to help us disappear and to go altogether in hell, wouldn’t you?
          Why is that that the same pattern appears to make way in all his followers? Are you all Muslims contaminated?

      • A peaceful religion? It is a religion of war….go and pick up a Quran and read it. The only thing that that book is inspired by is evil human beings. Did you know that you are not guaranteed to go to muslim heaven if you are a believer? Sure you can do this and that and Allah may take you if he so chooses. I have read the Quran’s english translation. Did you know that the ONLY guaranteed way to go to heaven according t the Quran is through martyrdom. Martyrdom in Islam is blowing up oneself amongst the “enemies”. This my friend is why muslims act this way, you have to be a murderer to go to heaven and they are taught that their whole lives. There is no such thing as extremist muslims. Just ones that read and follow the Quran’s evil practices and ones that haven’t learned enough as of yet. They brainwash kids into Jihad. How could you defend a religion that destroys its followers? You should really un-brainwash yourself. You have been fed the “we should just all get along, we all worship the same God” lie one too m

      • Dude peaceful muslim hates killing and probably has never killed anyone. Probably doesn’t support those radical groups. And yes. You are an idiot. You say that we are not allowed to insult your intelligence. But we are. And you are so mean to those innocents. You are a coward BNI. You are too arrogant. Go to the Middle East and start shooting on civilians. If Islam is a terrorist group, many would NOT join it. Your translation of the Quran is bull. Allah tells his followers to be friendly with those of the same revelation. Common knowledge… that you don’t know.

      • I am from Arab country,ex-muslim now and an atheist.

        We are tired of your lies and stupidity, that’s enough ok?, we do not allow you to destroy the humanity with your garbage religion !

        You are wrong and ignorant, in the Koran there are verses murder commands to kill every human being is non a Muslim and there are rape women slaves in the quran, the quran incite hatred of non-Muslims and Islam generally against all the different people,against gays and woman it is a religion against humanity, by the way The organization Daash represent the real Islam, in the testimony of the Koran
        And mohammed raped alot of women because they are not Muslims And kill their husbands, he was married 12 women and a small child at the age of nine, he was a was a Pedophile, are this messenger from God or from the devil?.

        Everything that i said is existing In the Quran (orders to kill all those non-muslims, rape)

        There are also numerous scientific errors in the religion of Islam to prove that he is not from God,

        I am an expert in this religion and I have channels in YouTube reveal the truth of Islam.

        Wake up !

        • Good for you inanna. Ex muslims have the most powerful and convincing message of all. But I am afraid that even if himself appeared, parted the sea and spoke out loud denouncing islam, Malcom Turnull, Merkel and their evil kind would still continue to falsely claim islam to be a good thing. They have an agenda so it won’t matter what we say, or how many terrorist attacks there are in the name of allah, how many non muslim girls get raped, Obama, Turnull and mainstrwam media will still portray this devil cult with a halo over it.

      • Taqiyya (“al Taqiyya”) is the Muslims’ license to lie to infidels in order to camouflage Islam’s holy war strategy (jihad) to conquer the world. The strategy mentioned
        through orders and solicitations in the Quran 3:28 and other Islamic writings and reference applies to all Western countries and against all infidels people (non-muslims) who is not
        Islamic and therefore seen as a constant threat to Islam.

        Quran 3:28 or Quran 3:28 are two different translations of the Quran verse and says exactly the same in summary:

        “Let not the believers (muslims) take the unbelievers for friends, or their companions instead for the believers (muslims): if someone does, then you have no contact with Allah [They
        does not represent islam anymore and can be killed ]: unless muslims take precautions, and plays fake (Guard yourselves from them) [Which means that muslims say that they are unbelievers (non-muslim’s) best friends when in fact they hate them ].

        One of the so-called largest Islamic commentators and historians of all “Ibn Kathir”commented the above sura (chapter) 3 and verse 28 of the Quran and said that “muslims are allowed to show friendship outwardly, but never inwardly).” . Another renowned scholar among muslims, “Al-Bukhari” commented by saying that “We[muslims] smile in the face of some people[non-muslims] although our hearts curse them”.

        P.S. A “Peaceful” Muslim…you are either lying OR you call yourself a Muslim, but have no idea what it means to be one.

    • I am a former Muslim of 10 years. I married a Jordanian Muslim and raised my son in the faith. I think that Islam is the most messed up religion on the face of the earth. so glad I got out! I don’t know why the so-called peace loving Muslims don’t express any outrage when people are killed in the name of Allah. They should be out in the streets! Do you ever see a letter to the editor against terrorism written by a Muslim?? I don’t. Perhaps it is because the terrorists are following the Koran to the letter. They are doing what the Koran tells them to do! Kill the ‘unbelievers’! The Koran is a violent, backwards book…a great handbook for terrorists.

      • U re full of lies christine, violence is not related to islam but to some moslems. u can t condamn a religion for some terrosists and besides, why don t u condamn christians for being ( some of them) terrorists, drug dealers child abusers sexual perverts and more???????????? Islam is a relgion inviting people to worship a single god ( allah not jesus!!!! ) it s a religion which ends slavery forbids all sorts of violence ordered human beings not to kill any living creature even a tree!! because god is merciful and great…. If he wasn t he wouldn t let u people live!!!

        • Take your taqiyya and your kitman ELSEWHERE!!!!!

          It’s Islam that:
          1) directly ENCOURAGES violence against ALL non-Moslems, women, dogs, pigs and apes, even to the extent of exterminating what God HIMSELF Made!!!
          2) ENCOURAGES SLAVERY (as in Mauritania, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, &c.)!!
          3) HATES everything that’s not usable for WAR against somebody else (art, music, science, peaceable sports, Western medicine)!!!
          4) DISCOURAGES Man from developing, let alone using, his full scope of TALENTS, ABILITIES, &c.!!!! That’s why polio, smallpox, plague, Ebola and TB (among other things) are ENDEMIC with Moslems!!!!

          Need I go on, Moslem LIAR????

        • Mohammad… that’s a cute name… did you know that there was a pedophile in 550 A.D. with the same name. Just a tid bit of history for you bud. Oh, and by your lack of pen-manship in your writing I assume you’re in the 50% of muslims (goat f*ckers) who are illiterate. Here is an interesting fact, in your Quaran there are exactly 109 verses that preach the killing of Infidels. Yeah, dumbass that seams pretty peaceful!!!

      • Miss ignorent,there are Muslims and there are terrorists ,they are two different things . unfortunalty u got married to a terrorist .
        I am a muslim,I respect all religions and I believe in all of them,it’s no one’s business what faith I carry as long as I am a good person .
        You are an ignorant lady who needs to reconsider attending kindergarten …

        • lulu, it is your religion that commands muslims to be terrorists. There are several passages in the quran and hadith calling on muslims to terrorize unbelievers.

          Don’t insult my readers.

        • Lulu,
          You say that Muslim and terrorists are two different things. Now, let me ask you something, Mister or Miss Lulu: why the majority of terrorists are Muslim then?
          Not only fight they what the Infidel is, they also fight amongst each other and put bombs in each other mosques, for else they would be bored with one single enemy-type. Now, does not that sound like a disease to you? A religious-linked mass mental problem?
          How dare you Mohammedans everywhere take Mohammad as your role-model in everyday life, knowing how monstruous this character was? Do not tell me you wipe your ass with your left hand and eat with your right hand because of the same great example of your prophet. Then I suppose you would go farther and not mind taking an underage girl as spouse, because Muhammad did so too in his time.
          Now, let’s go back to your saying, quote: ”it’s no one’s business what faith I carry as long as I am a good person”. I personally DO mind what faith you carry, for you could be the overdignifying continuation of the same sick, retarded model in your life that inspires you so. You should better not call yourself a Muslim if you are a good person. I would grant you the benefit of a doubt in what concerns your moral values as a good person had you not called yourself a Muslim. Those two things, Muslim and ‘good person’ don’t go together very well, nay! Nor should you get inspired by your pervert prophet in this 21st century, you pathetic ignorant!

      • quran was written 250 years after the death of mohammed in the form of a book. so for me quran is a manipulated stuff written to fool the people into doing things to fit the agenda of arabs so that they can stultify their underlings to be a slave to such a shitty mentality and make those morons do what they wanted them to do for their sinister agendas. i was born muslim, but i am ashamed of what is been preached to unfortunate people who are born into this faith.

      • Christine,
        If you were a Muslim once and have truly left islam, then you should know why they are not out on the streets.. If they said anything against what is going on, then not only would their lives be in danger but they would be going against what the quran says for them to do until the whole world is for allah..
        From what I remember reading a few muslims would keep agitating in the lands of the infidels until their numbers have grown to be able to do more.
        There are many thousands of Muslims now reading their own holy books and because of what they find in it, they are leaving Islam.. either secretly or if they are in the west they are saying so…I knew of one lass who became a Christian but she would not tell anyone what her real name was out of fear..
        And you have answered your own question, islam is a great handbook for terrorists, and muslims simply do not have the confidence to speak out, those that have, have either lost their lives or are scared that they will.. great religion eh..
        And welcome Christine, you might find that people might not trust you as we know that muslims are allowed to lie for the cause of allah, but if you have really left islam, just keep going and understand why people might distrust you and don’t hold it against them.. I know of three muslim women who disguised themselves as non muslims and went to church to see what the pastor was saying on Islam, and even though he said nothing at all against islam just pointed out the differences, they went back and had him charged, he lost his house and everything and it was eventually chucked out of the high courts where the judge said it was just ridiculous, the judge had the tape of the sermon.
        I know of a fantastic pastor who was a cleric and who has left islam, he is simply amazing and there are many others out there. To see muslims going from such hatred on their faces and eyes to a totally transformation to peace and love in their eyes is just incredible, they become prettier.. the tortured lines in their faces become smile lines and there is more peace in their faces.
        There is a site called, “why I left Islam”.

    • As a scientist, I found that there is a relationship between cultural “adulthood”, not puberty, and life expectancy. “Adulthood” is cultural and it is dependent on the life expectancy of any given people. My hypothesis is that any given people want to live 3x beyond the age of “adulthood” and therefore and therefore life expectancy of any given people should be 3x beyond the age of “adulthood” in their culture (i.e., 4x “adulthood”). For example, in in the United states, “adulthood” is an age around 18, then if the hypothesis is true, the life expectancy of this group would be around 80 (20 + 3(20)). There are many things that determine the life expectancy of a people, such as famine, war, disease, etc. If there’s a group of people whose life expectancy is around 60 years of age, then, “adulthood” in this society would be 60 divided by 4 =15 (or round the age of 15, more or less 2 years). With this formula: “A” multiply by 4 = life expectancy, we would see that “adulthood” of a people would be around the age of 10, more or less 2 years, if the life expectancy is around 50 years of age.
      I hope this was helpful in the issue of pedophilia, as it relates to your post.

      • @Ted

        So, your hypothesis makes it okay for 54 year old men to fuck 15 year old girls.

        Your hypothesis also fails to take into account that every god damned mohammadan on the planet makes the claim that the kiddy fucking in islam is “valid for all people for all time.” Even the third world bronze age brained mohammadans are living well past their 60’s these days thanks to Western medical technology therefore the fuckable age of bagheads is closer to 18 than 9.

        Scientist? No. You are a sickening enabler and apologist for bronze age arab tribalism encouraged kiddy fucking.


      • so you think invoking the moniker “scientest” makes you goofball opinion more relevant others here..well it doesnt. isis is the extreme end of the equation but really it is a foundational argument against islam and the pedophile who began it. ulimately I say fuck islam and that is the bottom line.

      • A child is a child no matter how you want to spin it. In any case, no female of any age should be forced or coersed into marriage.
        The day the world condones pedophilia is the day it might as well blow up.