UK Muslims pay people to infiltrate English Defence League rallies and cause trouble

Three witnesses have come forward and admitted that they were approached on September 27, 2012 by individuals claiming to be members of the Muslim Defence League and Sharia4UK.  These three witnesses, which consisted of two males and one female stated that… “We were approached and offered money to dress as English Defence League (EDL) Members and arrive early in Walsall, blend in with their ranks… and create violence at their upcoming Demo.”  “They recommended attacking police, throwing bottles, bricks… etc…”

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Sharia Unveiled  (H/T Henry P) The female then went on to state…”When these muslim youth were making this offer… We thought it was merely in jest…”  ”That is until one pulled out money from his pocket and waved it in our faces… while another pulled out EDL T-Shirts, Flags… etc. from the ruck he was carrying..”  “He also showed us masks… some in EDL colors and some were black..”  We jokingly asked… “what are the masks for…?  One of the youth replied… “for your own security… you cannot be identified..”

“We laughed.. and did not give it a second thought until we saw the news on the tele about the Demo the day after…”   She then remarked..”We all three discussed it and agreed… We must come forward with this information, if for no other reason… out of fairness.”

Editorial footnote: The above story is sourced directly to a veteran freelance journalist who was on assignment to cover the EDL Demo for the foreign press corps and the interview was conducted with the three un-named individuals by him.  The story was verified and collaborated by all three.  The three individuals requested their names not be released.