Left Wing dhimmis chastise patriotic Americans for speaking out about the threat Islam poses to America from within America

All stories below are from RIGHT WING WATCH, likely another George Soros-funded far left subversive group in America:

Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX): Obama Regime is getting advice from people in the Muslim Brotherhood

Fresh after his speech insisting that President Obama is reestablishing the Ottoman Empire, Texas congressman Louie Gohmert told anti-Muslim conspiracy theorist Frank Gaffney that the Obama administration is “getting advice on how to deal with the Muslim Brotherhood from people who are in the Muslim Brotherhood.” He claimed that the Obama administration is sending money to “radical jihadists” in order to “buy [them] off,” not understanding that they can only use “raw power” against those who worship “a radical, mean-spirited, hateful Allah…MORE

David Horowitz, author and editor of Frontpage Magazine, says Muslim Brotherhood collaborator, Huma Abedin, is worse than Alger Hiss and Grover Norquist is a practicing Muslim subverting the GOP

David Horowitz has been promoting his new book Radicals: Portraits of a Destructive Passion on conservative talk radio by attacking Hillary Clinton’s aide Huma Abedin as a Muslim Brotherhood agent and arguing that President Obama was only elected because he is black because “part of the racism of our society is [that] if you’re black you can get away with murder.” Horowitz’s interview with Janet Mefferd was no different, as he charged that Abedin “is a Muslim Brotherhood operative and she has been all her life” and that she has been pushing foreign… MORE

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-MN) says Obama may be aiding the rise of global sharia law (May be? No, definitely)

The congresswoman told the Janet Mefferd Show that Obama is not only refusing to defend the freedom of speech but may be even actively backing the curtailment of speech rights in favor of Sharia law. Islamic countries may be using “riots and terrorism” to ensure that “Sharia law will dominated over our United States Constitution.” “Our president either doesn’t know what’s happening or he’s playing along with what their goal is,” Bachmann said. “Either option is very dangerous for the free speech rights and the protection and safety of the American people.”…MORE

Retired General Jerry Boykin: “We must identify the enemy as the theology of Islam or we will never be victorious”

Family Research Council Vice President Jerry Boykin appeared on Janet Parshall’s radio show In the Market yesterday to do—what else?—whip up anti-Muslim animosity and spew bizarre conspiracy theories. He told Parshall that “Islam is not a religion” but a “totalitarian way of life” since, apparently, only “16 percent of Islam is a religion.” Boykin said that people need to act just like the Founding Fathers did in speaking up against the Muslim faith, citing Parshall, End Times fanatic Joel Rosenberg and others as courageous people who are… MORE

Paul Ryan, GOP VP candidate, gets excoriated by MSNBC’s resident lesbian for appearing on the same stage with anti-Islam extremists as she refers to Frank Gaffney, Jerry Boykin, and Kamal Saleem (ex-Muslim)

(Apparently Maddow is ignorant of the way she would be treated in a Muslim country) Rachel Maddow called out Paul Ryan for speaking at the Values Voter Summit and lending credibility to the bigotry and pure crazy on display at the conference. Her report provided crucial context on the extremists who are appearing at the conference – something that has been sorely lacking in most media coverage so far. Maddow paid particular attention to three anti-Muslim activists that we regularly cover – Jerry Boykin, Kamal Saleem and Frank Gaffney. As I said yesterday, the Values Voter Summit is making a mockery of diplomacy and the threat of terrorism by… MORE

Mitt Romney meets with top anti-Islam activists and backers of Michele Bachmann’s ‘witch hunt’ against Huma Abedin

(FYI: Mitt Romeny’s Senior Middle East advisor, Walid Phares, is very anti-Islam himself) Mitt Romney declined to condemn Rep. Michele Bachmann’s witch hunt against Muslim Americans in the federal government, breaking with GOP leaders like Senator John McCain and Speaker John Boehner. He said that “those are not things that are part of my campaign.” If that’s the case, then why did Romney hold a closed-door meeting the evening before with high-profile supporters of Bachmann’s effort, including Jerry Boykin, a leading figure in the anti-Muslim movement? … MORE