Muslim savage brutally rapes 2-year-old Pakistani Christian girl because her father refused to convert to Islam

The girl was severely traumatized and nearly died. Even after five surgeries, she cannot urinate normally. She will never be able to have children. The family must now live in hiding for fear that they will be killed for reporting the attack. 

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44 comments on “Muslim savage brutally rapes 2-year-old Pakistani Christian girl because her father refused to convert to Islam

  1. Are you serious?unless he repents and accepts jesus?omfg! You sound as brainwahed as the islam cult! Please? Anything done in the name of any religion should be a crime.sod jesus,and sod allah,all religion does is cause wars and grow nutters.oh to live in a religious free society!

    • REALLY???

      North Korea is quite free from religion (aside from worship of their “Dear Leader” Kim Jong-Un, who – like his father and grandfather – is made into a demi-god just like Hitler and Stáljin and their underlings were)!! The same with Laos and Bjelarúsj. Why don’t you go and live in one of those three countries and see how you like it (for a minimum of 20 years), you Communist TRAITOR????

      It’s not religion that’s evil, it’s all of MANKIND: every last single one of us aside from Jesus Himself (as being both Man AND God) is intrinsically EVIL, like it or not!!!! [Genesis 8:21, Psalm 51, Jeremiah 17:9, St. Matthew 19:17, St. Mark 10:18, St. Luke 18:19, Romans 3:10 and 3:23.] Each of us is capable of becoming just as evil as Hitler or Stáljin (or Mao, Pol Pot, Ljéñin, Castro, the Kim family, Kún, &c.).

  2. Sometimes I wish we could go back to old-fashioned vigilante justice: horse whip him first, then tar and feathering, then, to show we’re fair, put him on trial, find him guilty, then hang him.

  3. I have been warning church leaders of the dangers we face, and that they should have security, especially some of the larger ones. However it seems many of these are just as blind as most Americans are. Some say they will just have faith that God will protect them, but that’s like saying they will stand in the path of an oncoming train and have faith God will stop the train. A train is coming, and God wants people to use the brain he gave them.

  4. A slow, painful, tortured death administered by old time Comanches and Apaches wouldn’t even begin to approach appropriate for this guy. And, oh, throw in a bed of fire ants.

  5. There is a reason why the term “Paki-Puke” exists to describe Pakistani muslims, and this is one of them. They literally make people hurl because of their sheer, evil depravity. I’m glad the family is safe in Canada.

    What kind of sick, twisted bastard does this kind of horrific deed? I’ll tell you, a muslim bastard-especially a Paki-Puke muslim bastard! Thats who. I would dearly love to slowly shove a sharpened ten foot stake up his “squathole” and see how he likes being penetrated!

    Now consider this all you libtarded shills for muzztardedness. It was for religious purposes that drove this spawn of “Shaitan-Allah” to such evil, perverted depravity. All because he couldn’t convert her father to the “peacefull religion of islam.” (sarc/off) Any liberal/leftist who would come to the defense of such an evil religion is fully complicit in it’s evil acts.

    Damn you leftists and muslims! Damn you all!

  6. I am pleased to report little Neha Munir is safe and sound in Canada.

    This makes Omar Khadr’s return to Canada all the more injurious to place that vicious little terrorist in close proximity to a little girl like Neha……..or system has failed and now the people must start to act in their own defense…..its the natural conclusion of the injuries we suffer at the hands of the current White House administration.

    Personally, everyone knows where this is headed……and I say the sooner we get started the sooner we get it over with and reintroduce some piece and quiet into our lives….

    Now, I want you to ask yourselves a question……

    Of all the ethnic groups, the different races, the different religions….please name one of them which has brought the endless amounts of demands, of duplicity and deceit, of divisive action, of sowing of dissension, of constant distraction, of destruction and finally of the endless need for superiority and domination…….MUSLIMS!!!!…..

    Its the only group….not the Vietnamese, not Italians, not the Slavs and eastern Europeans, not the Asians, not the French or the Germans or the British or the Scots……….NOT ONE GROUP HAS BROUGHT SO MUCH TROUBLE TO THE CIVILIZED WORLD….NOT ONE!!!

    Its not about the “assimilation” of muslims…..they have absolutely no intention of assimilating…..its not about equality as they have on equal footing in this country from day one and besides they don’t feel equal anyway…not to us……to say they are equal to us is a grievous and injurious sleight……..its not about their rights…..its about their desire to dominate….to be superior….and to have their wishes, their desires, their petty sensibilities and their demands trump all others……..and anything less than our full capitulation to their simpering demands and hostility becomes “racism”….and “a hate-crime”…..what a farce.

    Well my friends, the time has come and the writing is on the wall…..our future in these next few years can be found in the reflection of Europe this very minute…….the time has come to deal with our muslim friends very harshly….to respond to them and deal with the muslim/islamic problem in a manner that is unmistakeably severe and unswerving… provide an effective solution that speaks of an unmistakable sense of permanence and finality….

    Every single non-muslim in this country, save for the Leftist Useful Idiots, knows this cannot go on unless we desire to see our country destroyed at the hands of these lunatic worshiping provocateurs…….so let us move forward….let us begin the process of dealing with our muslim friends.

    To Start:

    1) Identify and locate, with particularity, all muslim political planning centers(mosques).

    2) Identify and locate: with particularity, all muslim associations, muslim schools and social gathering places.

    3) Identify, with particularity, all muslim members of law enforcement agencies, this includes the military.

    4) Identify and locate all muslim owned or muslim managed businesses. This identification includes the residential location of all owners and employees including vehicles owned and, as an example, make, model and license plate numbers.)

    5) Identify, if possible, all local muslim leaders and activists with a photograph and or video.

    6) Identify, with particularity, all muslims within all levels of government, this includes federal, provincial, state and municipal. This identification should also include boards and committees.

    7) Identify, with particularity, all muslims within the judiciary, this includes, judges, lawyers and court clerks. (a good example would be the complete list of all those lawyers and bureaucrats who have assisted the terrorist, Omar Khadr, in returning to Canada. Another example would be a list of judges who have rendered decisions favorable to muslim provocateurs and terrorists)

    8) Identify, with particularity, all members of the academia, including administration personnel, who are muslim.

    9) Identify, with relation to the list above, all non-muslims, who are sympathetic with, supportive of or in cooperation with muslims…..all muslims and that includes every single one from the above list.

    NOTE: The above information would be of tremendous assistance with the inclusion of recent photographs of particular persons and buildings, this information is made better though the inclusion of a GPS address as well as a list of local law enforcement station/facilities. If driving by, details that are usefull also include the existence of security cameras… other words the more information about the particular building or person the better.

    Do this on your own personal level and within the community you live. Compile these lists in a form that can be easily emailed. In the near future there may be a website/focal point set up to acting as a central collecting point for all this data in order that it can be accessed and distributed on an “as required” and “need to know” basis.

    Borders should not matter, the United States and Canada are, as the saying goes, Children of a Common Mother”…….and as such, let us start acting like family, blood is thicker than water and the muslims have, as they have demonstrated countless times, no interest in being part of that family.

    In Britain and Europe time grows very very short.

    Let us look to a central figure amongst us who will rise and provide focus and direction. Let us also look to the concept of “leaderless resistance”, you can find all the information you need on the internet by simply researching “leaderless resistance”

    By doing this, by acting individually and decisively, there is no one person corrupted law enforcement agencies and or intelligence agencies can target……its simply a thousand persons acting on their own. That is why the collection of the above information is crucial. It will be available to certain persons upon the verification of veracity and intent surrounding the request.

    Start this now……..there is not a minute to waste.

    Copy and paste this message and pass it along…..we will not allow our culture, our society and our heritage to be destroyed.

    I have said before and will say it again, and as the weeks pass the inevitable reality becomes clearer and clearer……the muslims have no place amongst us and must be removed from our midst.

    I have always advocated a program of M.A.I.D Muslim Arrest Incarceration Deportation.

    The time for playing games has ended, the muslims are not happy in Canada, the “good muslim” is a myth……the time has come to send all musims home.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

    • Good suggestions!!! I’ve copied your posting and will circulate this to relatives and friends…

      Meanwhile, God Be Praised that this little girl and her family have been delivered from the Hell-hole known as Pakistan and “dar al-Islam”!!!

    • Thank you, Mr. Laird, for such an intelligent, pro-active, common sense approach and plan of action to handling the insanity that is Islam …

    • I am suprised that we do not learn from the history. The WWII was just 65 years ago and we say Germans never did cause any problems? What about 6 mil Jews, 3 mil russian POW? Russian troops raped everything that was moving during Europe occupation. This is not about religion. This is about culture and supporting this culture. Last time I check USA was giving money to Pakistan with no conditions, this money maybe was spent on brainwashing religious terr. Groups, instead of education and humaniterian development. I know Muslims and I know some Pakistanis, I could no imagine them doing anything like this and I am sure they can not too. But developing countries are not interested in education, it is much easier to control stupid uneducated people. The worst part is that USA going to the same direction. And Jesus is not going to help.

  7. “\I’ve seen the story of the little paki christian girl before.and it is a reminder every single day of the savageness of islam. i don’t understand the attraction of the ideology

  8. There is a happy ending to this story. This family was rescued by the efforts of One Free World International, organization dedicated to helping persecuted religious minorities especially Christians around the world. The organization was founded by Rev. Majed El Shaffie, an Egyptian apostate and a Christian convert/pastor. The family now lives in Toronto with loving support of their religious community. The documentary “Freedom Fighters” tells their story.

  9. Knowing Muslim predisposition towards underage sex, the question of how enforceable `Megan’s Law’ with them around? Or is this another law that forgotten in the name of p.c cultural differences?

  10. It’s good the three police were charged but I wonder whom the victims knew to pull strings to effect that. It’s no different in Canada where police charge victims of Islamic attacks with evidence they fabricate. But it does no good, here, to complain to other police (provincial, federal, CSIS) or the Civilian Commissions mandated to investigate complaints against police, professional standards, the Independent Police Review Director, one’s city councillors, MPPs, MPs and even the speaker of the legislative assembly. I know because I’ve tried. It’s corrupt through and through. Former RCMP Superintendent, Ben Soave, has spoken about this recently, although he identifies the perpetrators as “mob”. What many don’t realize is that the mob, at least in Canada, does business with Islamic radical criminal and terrorist organizations like Hamas and Hezbollah because the mob has no conscience and will do any dirty job for profit. And many may not realize too that from our local street gangs, international Islamic terrorist organizations, via their mob business associates and their biker associates, recruit youth to do the dirtiest of their local jobs like raping, robbing, etc. of private citizens, because as youth, they can manipulate the legal system relying on their Young Offender status to avoid penalties under the law. It’s a mess. Thanks BNI for the exposure.

  11. Why is this family still in Pakistan? And of course, it’s false that the girl can never marry. The ability to bear children is not a pre-requisite for marriage. Bring the family to America where she can grow up and marry and adopt.

    • joan its not that she will never marry, its that she is so battered and bruised and tramatrized she will never want to look at or touch any another boy or (eventually of course with consent) man again, the idea ‘of a sexual relationship is destroyed for her, seriously joan wake up and smell the terrible evil of islam u twat

  12. Nonie Darwish is an authority on vigilante murder…she saw it all her life in Egypt. Nonie claims street mob justice is normative Islam. The mullahs make a fatwa; the mob carries it out.

    The Pak Christians know this too. In a duel with the Moslem mob, Christians are all unarmed.

  13. if that happened to anyone I knew the guy would certainly be
    singing falseto after carefully fixing him up with two bricks
    the religion of love .This is what these scum are trying to
    convert the western world to allow this to be the norm..WAKE UP
    you dogood multicultural idiots

  14. This story broke my heart. I was so happy when the family got visas in Canada. These are the REAL asylum seekers, not the putrid Muslim scum. There are no words for the evil of a man that would rape a child. Demonic isn’t even close!

      • Yeah, I’ve always remembered this family. One of the many Islamic horror stories that will stay with me for a long time.

    • Unless he truly repents and accepts Jesus he will pay…Matthew 18:6
      “But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.” also in Mark 9:42 and Luke 17:2

    • Australia does not want the putrid muslim scum that come here and hopefully the list of these scum types will decrease with Nauru opening now

  15. Yep…islam sure is the ‘religion of peace and love’…
    As for the little girl, i alternate between feeling worse for her and her father–the man’s going to blame himself forever, and it’s not his fault.

    I would love to have that pedophilic monster and those tunisian cops alone with myself, Husband and some of our friends in a closed-door ‘meeting’ for 10 minutes…

    • Are we surprised what happens in corrupt Muslim countries ? No !

      I know ex-Muslims and their stories really break you down into tears. They are safe in Europe now but they were tortured for becoming Christians. STUPID , often secular lefties here have little sympathy “why would you convert to Christianity in a Muslim country”? is what many say. TRUE ! These people are tortured again really here, emotionally by those refusing to understand what they have been through as if it was their OWN FAULT !
      CAN YOU IMAGINE ! No criticism of Muslim savagery, this is normal and we must accept their way of doing things ????

      We are too comfortable here and those foolish appeasers who really believe Muslims are great will, if they are not awakened soon, be faced themselves with Muslim barbarity and total corruption on their own doorsteps very soon, and it will be too late, many will suffer because of their own complacency and lack of judgement .

  16. There are just no words for this!! I just saw this right after doing a search for Taiwan resorts, and in one of the searches I find a “Taipei Grand Mosque” WTF!! Where are all the muslimes to use this facility?! My first guess is that this MONSTER was built by the same Turkish Islamic supremacist prick that built himself a castle in Taiwan along a coastal highway; primarily to MAKE HIS presence known!!?…..You probably know his name BNI; i believe his last name begins with a G!!

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