TEXAS: SAUDI MUSLIM arrested with fake military ID, weapons, access to chemical agents

Azeez Al-Ghazian, 29, a Saudi national from Fort Worth, TX,  is in custody after authorities found counterfeit military identification documents and weapons in his wrecked truck behind Hurst shopping center, which prompted authorities to evacuate it.

I wonder if that is anywhere near Fort Hood?


Star Tribune  Initially, authorities believed the military documents were real, prompting authorities to summon an explosives team and a bomb-sniffing dog to inspect the vehicle. No explosive devices were found.

Hurst police received a call of a suspicious vehicle. “When officers arrived, the vehicle looked like it had been in a wreck,” said Hurst Police Chief Steve Moore. In the vehicle, officers spotted what they thought looked like military documents, a shotgun, a rifle and an air rifle. “When we contacted military officials, they advised that the vehicle be swept,” said Hurst police Sgt. Craig Teague.

Authorities closed down the shopping center for more than five hours as agents with the FBI, Naval Criminal Investigation Service and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives arrived on the scene to investigate. As authorities were on the scene, Al-Ghaziani stepped out of a backdoor to his cleaners business in the shopping center. (So he also had access to chemicals which could have been used in an attack) He apparently had been asleep in the business, where he had been living, Hurst police said.


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    • Don’t blame all immigrants. Mexicans are looking to make living for most. Some are not well at all. But we have had rebels from Brazil hiding out in the Bay State for killing Americans. You see Obama’S bothers from the middle east they come in peace to take us over. But from other countries they did come to join us in the American dream. But thanks to Obama they are running back home.

      Thanks to Obama the American dream is dead. Oh am demarcate blame Bush.

  1. War may not be traditional anymore, the ones who hate U.S. (us) as in you and me for the way our government officials run this country and try to run theirs as well, for the most they can attack from within nowadays. Now that they are invited into our HOMELAND and given knowledge for cash, work and food stamps along with tax breaks that’ll make ya cry, why!? No nowadays they can attack by debt (1…5trillion) or attack with cheap labor and even cheaper parts and products, those products like the baby toys made with lead based paint or worse and have already happen. Real threat is selfish capitalism run for greed and the thought that says enough is NEVER enough. We’ll take more and more even if it kills you, or breaks you, and me. Neither presidential candidate is worthy of running and it doesn’t matter if any of them gives their whole savings to charity, they’ll just get it back on their taxes…As for the money China OWNs us as in U.S. for $16,000,000,000,000…..Now didn’t we just spend bazillions on a war with Communism and Russia because of Communism which China just happens to be? #@#%Yeah! Well then what’s wrong with this picture? Are we mindless and doesn’t care AT ALL what our government does behind our backs to make us soo hated here while our officials live in such wealth and creating laws to even help their causes?Yeah. Well then what’s WRONG WITH us and in us? We are (or already have) losing a type of WAR and don’t even realize it fellow Americans.

  2. I didn’t see this on the local news here in Cowtown, but I’ve been busy. The DFW Metroplex is full of Mullusks, mostly running convenience stores and auto repair places. The convenience store types always try to cheat you out of any Lotto winnings and the car types are always going on about lopping limbs off of criminals. I avoid them as much as possible. Anyone like this guy is taking a huge risk on his personal well being, being that this is one of the most heavily armed areas of the US if not the world. He’s lucky the cops got to him first.

  3. He is a POTENTIAL TERRORIST but you look at his eyes he is a very dangerous .nut. Think the government needs to start locking them up in mental institutions POTENTIAL TERRORIST then these people would think twice coming here for terrorism. Look at Obama on debate they claim he was connecting with the people.

    But every time Mitt said something he couldn’t answer him back on the facts. So he made faces that I seen before. Its like a kid you told hes wrong and in his mind hes thinking I don’t have to listen to you I know more. I also know Blacks has their own spin on it. Like in pubic housing in fact the project my family was put in we were the only white family there.

    Reason we were put there they were ordered to put us in so they put us there thinking they were getting us back and would soon leave. My mother was 72 when they kicked her out. That was after 42 1/2 years seems their plan didn’t work.. So the response from some was we didn’t belong there it was a Black project. Others accepted us for us not our color.

    When riots took place in the city we took a black family with us to a family house in another town. Reason they were shooting in her Apartment and she had 3 little kids. She asked them people don’t shoot in the house because of the kids. Their reply was to shut up get in the house or they would shot her.

    They claimed it was civil rights wrong. If it was why do that to your own people. This was for power and doing better than someone else. These people ended up getting high paying jobs with the city and new housing projects that they had burned down. They claimed the city wasn’t hiring eought black officers on the police force. This was said by the Black Panthers. Truth Blacks who could do the job was hired. If we had a shortage why kill a black officer and let him sit 3 days in his police car.

    But its a shame in our city our police will run first if anything happened. One officer weights about 450 pounds he was at a bank and a fight broke out across the street he ran but only got to the curb before losing his breath . But the guy who beat beat up the women was 2 blocks away at that time. One cop owned a store his police car was parked across the street while he spent the day protecting the store and being paid by the city for it.

    On week ends he broke into places with a convicted drug addict when they were caught he said the guy was a saint on a inter-department police report so nothing was done. One cop went on sick leave from the police department got paid then drove the city Ambulance giving out speeding tickets. Maybe this goes on all over lol.

    Now the new leader of the new Black panthers is named Mohamed. Wonder who they will kill next. Funny Mohamed was arrested by FBI for intimidating white people at a voting poll when Obama ran in 2008. Charges were dropped which shows what kind of president we have. Now you must look at it this way if Obama loses is it going to be burn baby burn all over again with Mohamed and terrorists join in to take over.

    Governors and congress need to be ready because if anyone thinks Obama will restore order you need to be committed too. .

  4. Is this the son that obama wished he had? Another loser. How many more of these did he adopt? Peace to all non-muslims who say get rid of him.

  5. I was raised in Ft. Worth. Hurst connects to it. It is a very nice area…most of it relatively expensive (on my pocketbook anyway).

    That area mentioned is just citizens…Families — mothers, father, kids….no military importance.

  6. Here in Houston, this story didn’t make our news. Always a media cover up, even in this great state.
    Thanks BNI for posting, I will be sahring this with other Houstonians.
    Ditto, about his eyes! One is even bugged out, and bigger than the other eye. He’s just another demon possessed muzzie.

  7. That is one brain dead Islamist with Zombie eyes. How can they productively run anything with their inability to live with this planet’s diversity and part of the 21st Century?

  8. Saudi Arabia, God where have we heard that before? Oh yeah, 9/11. obama and his cohorts, hillary, sebelius, geitner, etc. have sold this country out big time. Hopefully in Nov. he’s booted out of office. He sucks.

  9. off topik but ain’ t that mute button on the remote a wonderfull tool now if we could just get that mime from waveing his arms around .

  10. Boy, that guy looks like he’s not all there! I have been noticing that most Muslims seem to have that blank creepy stare in their eyes. WOW!

    • round here we call it walleyed seen it most in a spookie cow or horse with their ears down ! let you know they are about to check out of normal and go beserk , seems to be a common look in muzzie males.

      • Pretty simple Marylou, the are all demon posessed, that’s why they all have that dead eyes, or hypnotized look. Ever wonder why they all seem to have “black eyes”, it because they are demons in the flesh. The good book instructs us to pray for them, in my book, it clearly states: shoot, ask questions of their relatives later, only to determine of they too are in the line-up for equal treatement.

  11. How did a Saudi national get to serve in the US army?
    How did he get to the US & under what circumstances?
    ALL moslems are suspect but moslems from Saudi Arabia should be DOUBLE suspect!
    Will the “authorities” now look at this muzzturds associates?
    If he is not a US citizen, will he get deported?

    • Umm, doesn’t anyone ever consider the reason(s) why the Obama administration won’t allow profiling? The first stop the authorities would make is 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

  12. “I wonder if that is anywhere near Fort Hood?”
    It’s about a three hour drive. And like I posted elsewhere, anyone want to bet that he wasn’t making fake ID’s for Juan, Pedro, and Jesus ??
    I also love that they pointed out twice that he was “former military”. Right out of the DHS handbook. “Never mind he’s m*slim, point out that he’s former military. It proves that all former military are terrorists.”

  13. This isn’t surprising when you know that Obama loves the Muslims. Obama Loves Obama and he is giving our country to them.

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