PARIS: Women’s Rights activists bare their bazooms to protest Muslim treatment of rape victims in Tunisia

Women activists from the group FEMEN occupied the Venus de Milo statue in the Louvre in Paris, demanding that charges be dropped against Tunisian rape victim, Mariam, who was raped by policemen, then stigmatized as a loose woman.

Activists put a sign on the statue with the message “Rape me I am immoral”.  FEMEN considers the rape of Mariam by the Tunisian police as a ‘slow genocide’ against women, and her trial as a violation of the basic principles of Human Rights. In the name of Venus, we call women from all around the world to create a front of resistance to prevent victims of rape from being treated like criminals. 

FEMEN thinks the reaction of Tunisian authorities shows how much Islamism, the introduction of Sharia law and its sexist ideas, can damage our society. FEMEN is calling on Tunisian authorities to treat Mariam as a victim of a gang rape, and the police officers involved to be put on trial for their acts.

VIDEO (R-rated, Viewer Discretion Advised)

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20 comments on “PARIS: Women’s Rights activists bare their bazooms to protest Muslim treatment of rape victims in Tunisia

  1. I applaud those young women! Having said that, I hope Code Pink doesn’t adopt their style of protest because just the thought of a video of the Code Pink gals going topless makes me cringe!

  2. Thanks BNI, the scenery most excellent. Also the message most important for the world to view. islamic men seem to have some kind of hate for their women. Like the baboons in Afghanistan that attack girls’ schools to try and keep the women uneducated. Even the ape species treats their females better than muzzies do their wives and female children it seems.

  3. British Schoolgirl’s Testimony – Muslims Threaten Children With Violence & Rape Outside School Daily

    GOD HELP Britain’s beautiful, innocent children! End Muslim immigration! Protect children!

    UK ruling elites and police REFUSE to protect NON-Muslim British children! Britain’s defenseless, terrorized children are offered up as sacrifices to the cruel god of Islam by UK ruling elites and police.

    Fight for freedom against tyranny and terror! Join/Support British Freedom! Britain’s last great hope!

  4. i applaud the women butit won’t change anything where the penis is exalted and women are less then dirt on the bottom of a shoe

  5. It’s good that women protest Islam’ treatment of women. I just don’t think bosom pushing is a needed part of it.

  6. English Russia website editor always censors breasts when he features them on ER’s posts. Thank you for not censoring them.

  7. Women’s vulnerability is considered an invitation to rape by normative Islam. Uncovered ‘cat’s meat’ SHOULD be raped by Mozman killer zombies to ‘teach them a lesson they deserve’. The Islamic veil is not a nice symbol of worship, but a RAPE THREAT to women who are UNVEILED. All women without veils are considered to be ‘asking for it’ by the primitive, backward, tribalistic Moz-brain. Rape is jihad. All jihad is glorious.

      • no comment from me i got in enogh trouble the last time them girls showed up on this board ! behind them 100% the silent majorty is me.

      • And again, and again!

        Seriously though, this is the first item I can remember seeing where someone actively PROTESTS about mohammedans as spoiled supremacist sexmad brats (and POLICE even!). Kudos to them.

        Scrotum Brains I call them. [The pols, not the gals.]

        Is it on the MSM?

        If what passes for feminists here in Canada: Chow, Kwan, Elmore, Davies,Yerevani, Bodine, Drury, (they know their ilk) have ever spoken out against mohammedan oxymoronic rape laws, Female Genital Mutilation, Saudi Misogyny etc., then they have been seriously under-reported.

  8. About time a group of feminists start fighting for women mistreated by evil. Even though I disagree with their method.

    Where is the US gang of NOW? Also quiet as only female babies are aborted around the world. I guess they got what they wanted abortion on demand, yet wiping out thier own kind.

  9. The reality is rape is an accepted part is islam….its considered a social grace by the men…..I’m not sure the women are as charitable in their assessment of this form of islamic foreplay.

    Funny though….

    Mona Eltahawy was raped and probed and badly beaten with her arms broken during the Arab Spring Festival……her reaction, after writing an article that condemned her attackers, was a retraction in the form of her enthusiastic endorsement of her attackers and a campaign of hair splitting over the use of language used to describe those who hack the heads off children etc etc…

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

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