PARIS: Women’s Rights activists bare their bazooms to protest Muslim treatment of rape victims in Tunisia

Women activists from the group FEMEN occupied the Venus de Milo statue in the Louvre in Paris, demanding that charges be dropped against Tunisian rape victim, Mariam, who was raped by policemen, then stigmatized as a loose woman.

Activists put a sign on the statue with the message “Rape me I am immoral”.  FEMEN considers the rape of Mariam by the Tunisian police as a ‘slow genocide’ against women, and her trial as a violation of the basic principles of Human Rights. In the name of Venus, we call women from all around the world to create a front of resistance to prevent victims of rape from being treated like criminals. 

FEMEN thinks the reaction of Tunisian authorities shows how much Islamism, the introduction of Sharia law and its sexist ideas, can damage our society. FEMEN is calling on Tunisian authorities to treat Mariam as a victim of a gang rape, and the police officers involved to be put on trial for their acts.

VIDEO (R-rated, Viewer Discretion Advised)