CANADA: Bacon Bandits hit mosque, ‘hate’ crime investigation ensues

Vancouver Mounties are investigating as a hate crime the piles of bacon and ham thrown at and scattered on the doorsteps of a Port Coquitlam mosque last week.

CBC  Coquitlam RCMP and BC’s hate crime team are on the case, especially since it’s the second time in about 18 months the mosque has been targeted.

Society president Saad Bahr said the most recent incident came after as many as 50 people, among them families with children, left the building after finishing evening prayers but suddenly returned screaming. “We went out, everybody, and we noticed there was ham and pig bacon. It was disgusting and sad … scattered around the floor, thrown across the glass,” Bahr said Tuesday. (Who screams at bacon?)

Police say it’s the second such act of vandalism and mischief at the Islamic Society of British Columbia mosque and Islamic Centre in the last 18 months. Muslims consider pork impure.

Society president Saad Bahr said Tuesday it’s clear the action was intended to offend, but his group would welcome the opportunity to speak to those responsible and have them learn about Muslim beliefs. “We believe that whoever is responsible for this act does not know us and does not understand what we stand for,” Bahr said in a news release. (Oh, they know exactly what you stand for and that’s why they want you out of their community)

Coquitlam RCMP Supt. Claude Wilcott said police are disturbed someone would deliberately choose to target the society. Wilcott said investigators haven’t been able to eliminate the possibility that the two incidents were motivated by hatred. (Ya think?) RCMP spokesman Cpl. Jamie Chung said the act could just be a stupid practical joke, but for now police are looking at the possibility it was a crime directed at the Muslim religion. (I choose Door #2)

Chung said the bacon was scattered around the property in piles of four or five pieces each. “It is very deliberate if [they] spread them out in several different places. It is not just someone walking by and dropping a package of bacon on the sidewalk.(Genius)

Anecdotal evidence points to the use of pork as an anti-Islamic protest in recent years. For example:

  • In September, the US Postal Inspection Service reported that at least four packages containing hate letters and bacon were sent to American mosques from Denver. Terror-linked CAIR is a regular recipient of pork-related hate mail.

  • In March, two Minnesota high school students allegedly shoved bacon in the faces of several Muslim classmates, according to a CAIR complaint.

  • In 2007, a Texas farmer held afternoon pig races on Friday – the Muslim holy day – to protest a proposed mosque next to his farm.

  • In 2006, a severed pig’s head was thrown into a Maine mosque during prayers.

  • Overseas, 7,000 protesters held a “pork sausage and booze” party in Paris this summer, which was designed as a provocation against Muslims and a protest against the perceived Islamicization of France.

  • On the Internet, bloggers are invoking pork to incite Muslims. In a recent column on the conservative Town, Mike Adams, a criminology professor at the University of North Carolina, proposed several pork-related pranks against the “ground zero mosque,” including  “building a large bomb filled with bacon grease. Dubbed the ‘Mother of All Bacon,’ or MOAB, this bomb would not hurt anyone but would permanently defile the location so that no one could worship there.”