EXCELLENT! Greece to build razor-wire fence on border with Turkey to keep out Muslims

Greece is drowning in a tsunami of Muslim illegal invaders from Asia and Africa who sneak in via the Greek-Turkish border, then flood Europe. Illegal aliens are one reason Greece is in such financial trouble.

Personally, I think positioning troops along the border with shoot-to-kill orders would be a lot more effective.


31 comments on “EXCELLENT! Greece to build razor-wire fence on border with Turkey to keep out Muslims

  1. I for years have thought putting motion sensor machine guns on our border to Mexico would be most effective. Stop wasting the lives of our border patrol agents, who are getting killed thanks to Holders fast and furious. Shooting the invaders will put an end to our mess too.

  2. @ADHD,
    I have the same problem, for about 2 weeks now, hard to see to type but when posted comes out alright, still very awkward when typing.

  3. Good I am glad and we should do the same. I hope the Greek fences is well guarded though because who know what some of these illegals would do to enter Europe.

  4. Muslim Turkey is responsible for this. They are sending these dirty third world Muslims into Greece to destabilize Athens demographically and economically. Thank GOD for the Golden Dawn Party that has put a rocket up the PM’s bum to get things happening. Islam is the work of Satan a false religion that offers no salvation.

  5. i’m glad Greece is doing something they are almost bankrupt again. and just can’t afford the welfare drain. once the fence is built they must step up deportation

  6. Shoot to kill always work, it’s what china, Russia, Korea and older countries have who are sane. Muslims do not go to countries to accept their culture but to impose their religion of conquer and use that country’s system against in multi fold thru the economy, judicial and education. Just do the historical research, no Muslim immigrant or illegal migration has ever assimilated. They form communities and build mosques as a means to establish their bases until it grows in size where takeover from within thru deception pretending they are peaceful until they take power from within. It is a copied tactic used by muslims since the 7th century from TSAN TSZU ‘s ART OF WAR! ISLAM has always been a religion of war under the disguise of peace. The Muslim brotherhood has been doing this for decades across the world. The world needs to wake up of the threat of ISLAMIC WORLD CONQUER! That is the plan and hope of every Muslim. Any Muslim saying otherwise is always a cover for their true intent behind close doors! The president of Iran is correct in his intentions. He uses double talk to deceive the foolish which many western leaders are tricked by.

  7. Guards will come the fences will be torn down. And U.E and UN and brother Obama will complain. Only thing to do is make it a no man zone. Put a pack of wild dogs there we know how their love dogs. Pit bulls could earn a useful life.

  8. Actually? I am with you on the “shoot to kill”. They are invading a country. Just like the border problem we have here in the U.S., they will dig under a fence…climb over it using an extended ladder if they have to!

    They ARE invaders. What would Iraq or Iran do with people who invade their country?!!!

    • I don’t like land mines as a rule. Dangerous to children and wildlife. When I was a kid I remembering wandering a lot of places my mom didn’t know I went.

  9. I know that anti-personal mines are suppose to be all bad, but they are cheap and effective. Greece should set up a demilitarized zone, mine, sign, barbwire and advertise in Muslim regions that death awaits if they try invading. Those that ignore it, Darwin Awards and the border plants get fertilized, a win-win.

    • Sorry Laura, the mohammedans have a foolproof workaround. They just re-brainwash pubescent boys, promise them 72 pubescent (virgin) girls, give them a plastic ‘key to heaven’ (made in China), and send them in, in front of the invaders. How do I know? Ayatollah Khomeini did that to Iranian children, to clear Iraqi minefields.

      Messy, but infallible.

    • Still, the money in this case is WELL SPENT!!! Personally, I’d also have the razor-wire electrified and add minefields to boot – make the border to be just as impregnable as what East-Germany did with the West (of course, this time in reverse as the aim of the fence is to keep people OUT instead of in!)!!…

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    • Vigilantes are free and bullets cost less then dog food for now.
      Those who think the border between Turkey and Greece need a fence should direct their border security efforts to the USA. It s not only Mexicans who sneak into our country, but a fair share of middle easterners get in as well. Many of them on our terrorist watch list. Bring back our troops and put them on our borders. The amount of money saved, in welfare and reduced crime, will more then pay for their salary.

  10. ‘Personally, I think positioning troops along the border with orders to shoot-to-kill would be a lot more effective”

    You and I seem to see the sovereignty of Nations as guarded at best, necessary for the good of all of it’s citizens, but in these days and times, (we are relegated in our thinking to the old timer style of preditions), in that we have a solid mark on what is needed vrs. what they think appropriate. While I could not agree more to your remarks and suggestion of ‘shoot-to-kill, we are a dying breed B, as if this is a bad thing, but totally unp/c of todays standards. I could care less of the p/c ( pussy club) members thoughts or revisions of sovereignty, it is a matter of security, plain and simple, and of course, when things do go-south, unfortunately for them, I have to wonder how many are going to be lining up for the safey and protections of individuals like ourselves, only to be shot themselves for their betrayal going to their dirt naps without even the simplest understanding of our methodes of just deserved, justified in our actions. Sad as it is, they are just covering their asses, as is always the case of the cowards during times of uncertainity, in the event of things going south, but fail to understand our only purpose is to save our sovereignty and safety of our Nation and it way of life, first and foremost and stand in total opposition of their cowardice. Their standards of ‘safety and norms’, is just not the same as ours while the same time degrading us of our concerns, they fail in their efforts of reconizing the effectiveness of our resolve. It however, will be theirs and theirs alone to dispute, while the shooting gets the intended results. My list grows daily and I suspect I am going to be one busy man applying my trade once again, soon if this ship of State does not get back to the business of business and prosperity, with equal protection, under our laws, for all.

    Semper Fi

    • MARINE, shoot-to-kill is a good deterent. Sure, you’d have to kill a few, but when word got out, the numbers of illegals trying to get in would drop like a stone.

      OK, maybe more than a few.

      After all, if you are allowed shoot a burglar who breaks into your house, why not an alien who is going to steal a lot more from your country than a house burglar would

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