LAS VEGAS: High-powered weapon shooting range uses Muslims for target practice

A Las Vegas shooting range is offering visitors the chance to fire some of the most powerful guns in the world. Navy SEALS-style weaponry lets customers kill their favorite Muslim terrorists. I hear that Ibrahim ‘Dougie’ Hooper of CAIR is one of their most requested targets.

Machine Gun Vegas touts itself as the “world’s first luxury gun lounge” offering wannabe sharpshooters the chance to fire weapons like those used to kill Osama bin Laden. The people behind the new Navy Seal-Style Shooting Range say it is unique because it features some of the most high-powered weapons in the world. Not surprisingly, the Brits, who have had their right to bear arms stolen from them, are among the best customers.

When CAIR found out that the real Navy SEALS were using Muslims for target practice, they had a hissy fit.