WOO HOO! French President praises police for killing Muslim behind grenade attack on Jewish market

The Muslim terrorist suspected of a grenade attack on a Jewish market was gunned down and killed by police in Strasbourg today and 11 other Muslims were detained in what prosecutors called a ‘vast anti-terrorist operation.’ The extreme violence used by the authorities in the face of Muslim extremism was praised by President Francois Hollande who ‘saluted the action of the police.’

EuroNews (H/T to all who sent this)  The man, in his 30s, was gunned down after firing a .357 Magnum revolver as armed officers swarmed into his house in the eastern city of Strasbourg. He was shot in front of his veiled wife and their young child today. 

Ten others including another gunman in Paris, were arrested during a nationwide anti-terrorist operation. All are believed to be linked to a Salafist group which is committed to waging a jihad across Europe.  It follows Mohammed Merah, a 23-year-old French Algerian with similar Salafism connections, shooting seven people, including four Jews, dead in the Toulouse area in March.  At least three policemen were injured in today’s Strasboug raid, while others received direct hits to their bullet proof jackets and helmets.

Prosecutor Francois Molins said, “A vast anti-terrorist operation was conducted this morning.”  He named the deceased as French citizen Jeremie Sidney, 33, who he said had spent two years in prison for drug-dealing and belonged to a radical Islamist movement. “Jeremie Sidney appeared to be a delinquent converted to radical Islam who belonged to a group suspected to want to enter into jihad,” Molins said.

Last week, the government said the terrorist threat to France remained high as it presented legislation that would allow police to arrest those believed to have been involved in terrorism-related activity outside French borders. Ten people detained by police, all French, included one of Sidney’s two wives – who had been in the apartment with her two young children during the raid – and three with criminal records for drugs, theft and violence, Molins said.

One man in the Paris region had just returned from morning prayers and was carrying a “ready to fire” 22-caliber pistol when police arrested him at his home, he said. An eleventh man was arrested on Saturday evening in Cannes, a judicial source told Reuters, calling the suspect “the last person targeted in today’s operations”.

During their searches, police found al Qaeda literature, 27,000 euros (21,872 pounds) in cash, munitions and a list of Israeli associations in Paris at the homes of suspects.


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  1. Bonni: I’ve read that Qtar has sunk billions of $$ into the French economy (buying huge properties) with the hope that the money will alleviate the muslim problem which is caused by their poverty (they wish). Does this mean France is owned by Qtar and eventually won’t be able to fight back?

  2. Bonni don’t be surprised, as I’ve told you before, he’s on very, very shaky ground. He and his goons were warned often enough and it’s sinking-in how ugly it looks on the horizon as we have more than had it with those obscurantists pricks. They all know they soon could find themselves as much in control as driving a speedy train that no longer has working brakes…

  3. I will not visit France until they do something about these muslims either. And some of the other countries I will stay away from. Peace to all non-muslims who say clear France of muslims.

    • I made that same, “I will not visit France until” pledge. My list of non-visit countries is so long, it’s depressing but, not as depressing as seeing entire continents falling, like dominoes to this bizarre satanic cult religion.

  4. France just kicked it up a notch in the name of freedom! This is a great accomplishment by the French police! Hats off to France and the excellent French police force!

  5. I hope this is a good start and that it means public officials will send a strong message to muztards that their sicko, wacko, disgusting beliefs and actions won’t be tolerated. I hope all of non-muztard France wakes up to see that they are living with 5th column excrement in their midst and decide to disinfect strongly.

  6. Hollande is no different than Obama. They don’t like these guys doing this since it brings Islam out in the open. The smart ones like the Muslim Brotherhood know they have to infiltrate until they gain enough power.

  7. Good stuff to get those eleven arrests and one dead!!! Well done to the French security forces. However, the LAST person I’ll trust is a Marxist; and that’s who François Hollande happens to be (especially with 75% income taxes once above a certain threshold – that’s open THEFT!!!!!)…

    Still, one down…

  8. Sadly, the trials will drag, they’ll be filing appeals, etc etc and so forth. The police could have saved the courts a LOT of trouble, as in one case they did !

  9. Is France finally growing a pair, or will occasional actions like this be wheeled out to make it look like they’re on the case? You tell me…

    • jj, Hollande has surprised me a few times already by not giving in to Muslim demands to repeal the ban on burkas and street prayer. And Muslims seem to be disappointed that they aren’t getting what they wanted from him.

    • “Jeremie Sidney appeared to be a delinquent converted to radical Islam”

      Correction Bonnie: He was a professional delinquent, and he merely reverted to his innate inbred moslem state.

      “He was shot in front of his veiled wife and their young child today.”

      Stand by for boo-hoos from the sinislam crowd, especially CAIR.

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