FRANCE ‘Pastrygate,’ or why another anti-Islam politician is angering Muslims and gaining popular support

A French pastry, the Muslim month of Ramadan, and a controversial French MP seeking to become head of the UMP party have combined to create a media storm in France, leaving the country’s volatile Muslim community outraged. AGAIN!

France.24  Jean Francois Copé, who is bidding to become leader of the centre right UMP party, a position once held by Sarkozy, showed on Friday that he is not afraid to court controversy. First he lambasted “anti-white racism”, now an outspoken right-wing French politician has set his sights on the Muslim community as he seeks to become UMP party leader.

Jean Francois Copé

“I can understand the exasperation of some of our compatriots when there are some neighborhoods where a mother or father will come home from work in the evening to learn their son has had his chocolate pastry snatched out of his hand by MUSLIM thugs, telling him it is forbidden to eat during Ramadan,” he said.

At a meeting in the southern town of Draguignan, Copé lamented the state of some neighborhoods in France’s cities, and in doing so launched a thinly veiled snipe at Islam.

The story was seized upon by the French media. Copé’s inflammatory comments come not long after he was accused of stirring up tensions, when he expressed his dismay over the growing “anti-white racism” in France’s cities. On both occasions the brazen Copé was accused of trying to court the far right vote in his bid to beat rival François Fillon to become head of the UMP in next month’s election.

Copé, who has published a new book entitled “Manifeste pour une droite decomplexée” roughly translated as “A manifesto for an unabashed right-wing”,  says he was simply describing “an everyday scene” and claimed that this type of behaviour was motivated by a Muslim desire “to manipulate religion” for their own ends. An excerpt from his controversial new book says: 

 There are certain (Muslim) districts in our towns, where individuals – some of which hold French nationality – despise French people who qualify as Gallic, under the pretext that they don’t share the same religion, don’t have the same skin colour, or the same origins.

But his words have provoked an angry backlash on social media and on the air waves. Speaking to French radio station RTL, government spokeswoman Najat Belkacem-Vallaud said: “It is clear Jean-Francois Copé is trying to exploit a subject that is far too important to be exploited, which is the question of living together.

Leaders of France’s Muslim community also slammed Copé for his remarks. “These types of accusations are easy to make,” said Abdallah Zekri, president of the French Observatory against Islamophobia. “He wants to please the extremists majority of French citizens, who are fed up with the Muslim scourge, in his party and l he attacks Muslims and young people”.

Not just France, in Australia, an 11-year-old  non-Muslim boy was bullied by Muslim students at his Sydney school for eating a salami sandwich during Ramadan.


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  1. If I was that boys father I’d take him to school the next day with another sandwich. Let the bastards say a word and I’d cut their fucking heads off. hey isn’t that what Muslims threathen us with all the time? Why should this boy suffer justs because these savages are allowed to even be going to that same school. You can bet their parents are all living off the taxpayers while brainwashing their children to hate all Australians.

  2. Fact is the UMP is the heir of De Gaulle who was within himself a patriot of France! The reality of France and The Netherlands is that the USA by its policies favoring former pro-Nazi Islamics in the name of anti-colonialism actually set those countries up for the problem with Islam they have today! De Gaulle gave up Algeria after our betrayal of the French in VietNam due to the American pressure of idiot agent of the corporate banks amd oil cos, Sec of State John Foster Dulles! Dulles not content to screw over France and The Netherlands also screwed over Israel and Anthony Eaton, Prime Minister of the UK who made an effort to stand up with France to Egypt’s Nasser over the Suez Canal!
    The test for Cope is if he would be willing to partner with Marine Le Pen on a coalition government that can save French culture and people! Personally, I believe that the French need to be true to themselves and the disfunction that exists due to the disunion existing between the Walloons of Belgiun and France proper with a lack of monarchy that was a French institution is the root of a long tragic history of imposed disharmony! The Flemish of Belgium belong to The Netherlands and both France and The Netherlands would be strngthened with the return of their tribes to where they belong! Then both France and The Netherlands could deal with the Islamics in an effective manner.
    The Walloons and Flemish would vote for the right in their united countries and such right-wing victories would push for a true solution to the Islamic problem! Fact is the Sharia believing Islamics need to leave Europe! The problem with Islamics is not their worship of the moon god called Allah but their support of the Sharia which is contrary to all western constitutions and forms of government! The Sharia needs to be banned in all western countries and its votaries should return to the countries where it exists as a mainstream!
    The Islamics mostly came into Europe based on work contracts and stayed illegally! France and The Netherlands would be right to declare that they are entitled to compensation with the choice of rejecting the Sharia or departing with a lump sum settlement! Is what it is!

  3. outrageous. imposing rheir religion on everyone. Just because they can’t eat during the daytime during Ramadamadingdong doesn’t mean everyone else has to follow suit. love the pic of the imam he looks like he’s wearing an apple core on his head.

  4. Don’t give Muslims a nano meter. Don’t blink. Don’t stutter. Don’t equivocate. Don’t break your gaze. Don’t give up. Don’t give in. Don’t engage in dialogue with them. Don’t agree with them on anything. Don’t apologize. Don’t back down, ever.

  5. It’s not about salami sandwiches. It’s not about pastries. It’s not about videos. It’s not about anything and or everything that “sets them off”. It’s not about anything but the insanity of Muslims, their utter sanctimonious arrogance and supremacism and their desire to control the world. Get used to it or get used to stopping it.

  6. What is wrong with these parents? They need to get personal with the little cockroach’s parents. Police compliiant, if that doesn’t work then consider something else.

  7. Dawn, that is an excellent idea! In fact, taken even further (Jewish, Buddhist, atheist et al sensitivity training) would be ace!

  8. This is going to go on and on and nothing will be done about it. Main stream media continues to go for their romanticized view of their make believe racism and most people fall for it. This needs more worldwide attention, all we can do is to expose the media bias and the criminal behavior of these people in our western countries. People should start using the words westernphobic or anglophobic, I am sick of these muslim garbage. They are destroying the societies and liberties that took so many centuries to build, too many people have died for freedom to have this aholes to come and destroy it now.

  9. Demand that this young man be apologized to and demand that ALL muslimes students have to take Christian sensitivity training. Let’s start making the same demands that muslimes demand from Christians.

  10. Where’s the tolerance ? the respect for other religions ?what has -Ramadan got to do with other religions and beliefs?why do others have to conform with Islam?-something has got lost in the translation -you come to -our country and -assimilate -we don’t have to conform to your -culture and ideology,-the riorts in Sydney and the backlash -was a shock to the mulim society -they might find Australians will not tolerate all the -BS they carry on with over seas -this has started with a salami sandwhich -it won’t end there.

  11. Two different stories here.
    Regarding the politician, anyone just making slight reference in political speech is just talking out of both sides of his mouth. He is just trying to have it both ways.
    Find a hell and brimstone anti muslim statesman for public office.
    Regarding the kid and sandwich. Why did they broadcast the kids name on tv?
    I guess the Press wants him dead to. They should have shown the pictures of the muslim bullies and given their names with home address.
    From this day forth we should all eat salami sandwiches near every mosque and muslim school during ramadung.

  12. The Muslims should not be allowed to eat anything but pig. They are disgusting. And the fact that the teachers at his school were not aware of the threat of Muslim bullying is also even more disgusting.

  13. A supremacist never says ‘sorry’.

    Vigilante street mob justice is normative Islam. Sharia orders Mozzies to take the law into their hands if Sharia is not observed.

    That is jihad. All jihad is glorious. All Islam is self-righteous rage and jihad.

  14. islam–‘the religion of forceful imposition’.
    islam–‘the religion of facism’
    islam–‘the religion of insanity’
    islam–‘the religion of abusiveness’
    islam–‘the religion of decerebates’
    islam–‘the religion of incursion’
    islam–‘the religion of spoiled babies’
    islam–‘the religion of infantile tantrums’

    It’s past, way past, time to throw the Leftists out of office and voye in folks who will do something about the islamidemic.

  15. What do you expect from a school called Punchbowl?

    Seriously, does that ‘9’ news get wide coverage? How many incidents will it take to convince Oz emus to ‘talk to’ their elected representatives?

    Is there an ADL? There should be.

  16. What do the muslime representatives have to say about muslimes snatching non-muslimes sandwiches during ramadan?

    • What do you expect them to say except a big fat nothing? What they should have done however, is warn those bastards of theirs that they should be ready to face the consequences of their actions. Do you honestly think that they always got away with it? Let me tell you what has happened to many who tried; they found themselves floored as a reminder not to tell US what to do or not to do in OUR country. I’m sure one of these m***f**ers in particular won’t forget in a hurry being in that predicament, the whole incident having taken place a few feet away from patrolling police who with one look alone, “told” the vermin that if he knew what was good for him, he’d shut it and scram.

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