British sports commentator forced to apologize to Muslim asslifters for praying on the soccer field during a game

Poor Gary Lineker has been forced to apologize after accidentally ridiculing two Muslim footballers (soccer players) during a match commentary on TV.

UK Daily Mail  (H/T eoin) When the players celebrated a goal by dropping to their knees and sticking their asses in the air and their heads in the ground in the Islamic prayer position, Lineker said it looked as though they ‘ate grass’. The gesture is often used by Muslim players to celebrate (or demonstrate their Islamic supremacism to an audience of kuffar).

He was commentating on Al Jazeera TV, which is mainly aimed at audiences in the Middle East and has a huge Islamic audience.

According to football website, London-based Imam Ajmal Masroor said: ‘The players are not asking anyone else to join in their worship, they are making a gesture in thanks to God – saying they are “eating grass” is outrageous.’

(Fear of being beheaded by an outraged Muslim) Lineker pretended to insist he did not realize what they were doing.