CANADA: Afghan Muslim husband ‘halal’ slaughters his wife just as he would slaughter an animal

Randjida Khairi paid the ultimate price for standing up to her Afghan Muslim husband and letting their children live as Westerners. The mother of six had her throat, neck muscles, airway and voicebox slashed open to the spine by husband, Peer Khairi, causing her to slowly suffocate in her own blood. He also stabbed her five times in the torso with a second, shorter sharp-pointed knife.

Toronto Sun  (H/T Maria J) “She was in the process of separating her finances and moving out of the family home,” Kenny said. “There had been fights between the couple about how permissive she was in raising their children, how she allowed them to dress and socialize as they liked, rather than asserting more control over their behaviour so that they kept the culture and rules of their birthplace.”

Khairi, now 65, has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder in the March 18, 2008 slaying of Randjida, 53, his wife of more than 30 years, at their West Mall penthouse apartment. But Peer Khairi will admit that he inflicted the fatal injuries, Kenny said. “What is at issue is how the death happened and what was going through the accused’s mind when it happened.

“The Crown’s position is that the evidence will show the accused intended to murder his wife,” Kenny told the jury.

The couple were alone in the apartment for hours before the fatal attack and an hour afterwards, the accused phoned 911 and stated his wife had been murdered. Police found an immaculately tidy apartment — with no signs of a struggle or conflict — but the deceased lying in a pool of her own blood. Khairi later blamed officers for not doing enough to try to save his wife.

“Khairi told homicide detectives that he couldn’t take it any more,” Kenny said. He said he “felt disrespected, how he claims to be wronged by his children, how his wife took the children’s side and turned against him,” Kenny said.

Randjida spoke to “various people, some complete strangers about her plans to leave her husband and why she wanted to be separated from him.” Less than two weeks before her demise, Randjida approached a stranger named Nida Ali to seek help exiting her unhappy home, Kenny said.



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  1. His lawyer is so quick to say it had nothing to do with their religion or culture, just a sad, tragic case of … misunderstanding?

    • TRULY, bono!!!!

      ALL Moslems should be evicted from the entire West, Canada and the USA included – and that guy obviously deserves SUMMARY EXECUTION in exactly the same manner he killed his wife!!!!!

      All those people (frequently Communists, either secret or openly) who let – or worse yet, ENCOURAGE those supremacist DEVILS to come to the West ought to be disenfranchised and deported to “dar al-Islam” or North Korea and forced to live under such régimes for a minimum of TWENTY YEARS…

  2. I am surprised that the woman told her husband she was leaving! She knew what his beliefs were.

    Our politicians continue to allow them entry.

      • “Khairi later blamed officers for not doing enough to try to save his wife.”?

        Like what? Re-attach her head?

        What has this shit-head’s shit-for-brains lawyer said? “Blame it on licentious Canada.”?

        The honorable SfB lawyer should immediately arrange for US mohammedan ‘judge’ Mark Martin or UK dhimmi ‘judge’ Bathurst-Norman to hear this case. Then, even if mohammed almighty witnessed this first degree murder, said shit-head moslem will walk free.

    • jFp….

      It is only second degree murder because it wasn’t a plannedout in advance murder. A Crime of Passion if you will.

  3. Sickos… muzzies treat their women like property…
    but you caint get these morons in the West to realize that they are the enemy of freedom, equal rights, free speech… and the enemy of ALL women.

      • Noori….

        Now why would you hit one of your animals when you can make love to it all day long if you wish? Just doesn’t seem right does it?

        It’s not hate….it’s knowing the truth from the taqiyya that the troglodytes like to spread to us non-muslims to prove that they follow the only true religion…the Religion of Peace….or is that the religion of pieces?

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