CHUBBY MUSLIM CONVERT GIRL’s Affirmations on Self-image

“When I walk into a room, everyone is drawn to my self-confidence and beauty.



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      To encourage somebody to deny her identity, her God-given face, her own attributes merely because of a MONSTER masquerading as a human being and Satan masquerading as the most IMPOTENT possible ‘god’???

      Given that Mohammed was a pædophile (child-abuser), rapist, thief, liar, murderer and genocide: who adores him and considers him to be the “ideal man” is no better than he is!!!!!

      God did NOT make faces and skin to be hidden at all costs – if He Did not want it to be manifested, He Would have Made it differently!!!! This insistence on covering up is one of the reasons Moslem women suffer rickets rather often (especially if they can never be uncovered!!)!!!!!

      DEATH TO ISLAM!!!!!

  1. I really feel sorry for her. That expressionless reading convinced me she was being forced to read it. She couldn’t look the viewer in the eyes since she knew she was lying. I pray that she gets (and takes it) a chance to get out of that brain-washing pseudo-religion.

    • ABSOLUTELY – and “king of the infidels” may also well have a point about her having a bomb (and/or other weapons) hidden under her burqa or niqab.

      In fact, those eyes creepily remind me of the widow of a Moslem terrorist who died in the 7/7 attacks in the UK, a British lady-convert who then fled to East Africa (Kenya and/or Somalia, perhaps Tanzania) and who openly proclaimed that she’s seeking to commit suicide-bombing attacks. I wonder if this is the same monstrous character…

  2. what confidence/ what beauty? she couldn’t look into the camera and with only her eyes showing what beauty is there? if she really had confidence and beauty she would be wearing a garbage bag

  3. BNI, you don’t have to keep my post, I was just having a little’s silly. The grim reaper is gross. Actually, I am also too fond of this timeless movie to equate it with the warped body coffins with an oppressed underneath.

  4. That’s not why they are “drawn” – rather, they are “drawn” to see someone so mentally compromised yet still out of a facility for the insane.

  5. I don’t care what she was saying, or he was saying. Cousin IT was saying.

    No I take that back.

    I apologize to the endearing character of COUSIN IT.

    This is akin to the grim reaper. Sometimes I think about the movie March of the wooden soldiers..I don’t want to marry Barneby…

  6. Oh, I don’t know, after awhile these videos become kind of entertaining. Kind of like Bagdad Bob. This one doesn’t have quite the personality zing of others. She’s not yet convinced !

  7. I had my sound off and it still hurt my ears. All I got to say is that this idiot is short a few bricks. She looks stupid as hell and has a problem, sorry, forgot since she is muslim she is a problem. Peace to all non-muslims with a brain who agree.

  8. Of course that black bin bag she wears and over her face, really are things of beauty. Shame about the face, and attitude beneath it all.

  9. Nothing says self confidence and self respect like being shrouded in black garb covering all of your features rendering you a blob of nothingness (was she even speaking? only allah knows and probably doesn’t care). And I am kinda grateful she avoided eye contact, you know, her confidence and all…

    PS Happy Canadian Thanksgiving – and thank you BNI for my family boycotting halal Butterball turkeys (without you we wouldn’t have known).

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