MUST SEE/SHARE!!! Declaration of War against multiculturalism and diversity from the youth of France

We are the ‘Generation of National Identity.’ We are proud of our heritage and we are fed up with the left wing socialist policies of our parents’ generation.

“We are the generation that is sick of being called racist for looking at someone the wrong way. The forced mixing of races/ethnicities has been a total failure. We are sick of paying into a social system that only benefits outsiders. We reject your revisionist history and the global village. We have roots. Our heritage is our land, our blood, our identity, and we are its heirs, not the foreigners. The Lambda, painted on proud Spartans’ shields, is our symbol. We are sick of your cowardice, your diversity, social justice, 25% unemployment, multiculturalism collapse and exploding anti-white racism. You can keep your dead-end government jobs. This is not a manifesto, it is a declaration of war.”

WEBSITE: Generation Identitaire

H/T Susan K


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  1. I also forgot to tell you keep your girls and women away from muslim men, as per the Vatican in 2006, 12 thousand Italian girls married muslim men, I am sure the numer is higher now,
    what do you think the kids will be, Roman Catholics, I guess not, with all do respect men in western socities need to be men and not 1/2 men, earings, piercing, beards like goats, I am not against people expressing their character just showing why women are marrying muslim men, just my humble opinion

      I married a REAL MAN 22 years ago who became a Christian after he left i slam
      He is the best husband anyone could want….and I tell you, muslim men who get out of that ideology and find Christ are so happy, so free and so loving because for them it is life and life more abundant

      we all need to be working to tell them the truth about Jesus
      I hate for these jiohaddis to face God and say “we would have converted had someone told us about Jesus”

  2. I am glad the youth are waking up and smelling islam, it took Europe 32 miilion muslims to wake up, we told the people 30 years ago that this will happen, muslims in western socities marry 4 wives, 3 are registered at the mosque and only one is registered with the government, they breed like roches, imagine if he has 4 kids from each wife, that means 16 kids for one person only and they are all fed by taxpayers money and you won’t dare to say anything about it, cz you will be labeled as racist, we all know there is a human deficit in europe cz people are not procreating, it is about time for europeans to start having kids to fill the human gap

    • generation identitaire is not waking up and smelling i slam
      they are waked up and smelling calls of “racist” and smelling paying debts of their parents, revisionist history, the global village, cowardice, 25% unemployment, and dead-end government jobs. They are sick of the legacy of the baby boomers, and I am too….I am a baby boomer who fought against leftists since college but they are evil and so far seem to have won….but God has the last Word. Thy Kingdom come.

  3. God bless this movement. Vive La France. Rose of England Thou Shalt Not Fade nor Die! God Bless America!

    Generation Identitaire please make contact throughout the world to spread your movement and please, please, please set up a fund so that all freedom loving people throughout the world can contribute funds to your movement- I’m waiting to contribute! We need a lot of money to fight Arab oil!

    All the darkness in the world cannot put out the light of one small candle.

  4. Wonderful youth – heroes and heroines of France and the Free World!
    Non-Muslims of the world, unite! We must not go quietly into the night!
    No Islamic conquest of our nations!
    Our human rights are from God!

    LONG LIVE FREEDOM! Long live the Free World!

    • There are NO human rights given by ‘god’. None of the abrahamic religions recognizes human rights and there is no god anyway. Belief in a ‘god’ got us into this trouble in the first place. The last thing we need is more ‘god’!

  5. When will the poor brainwashed Americans look around and see that if we don’t DO SOMETHING, that we will no longer have any freedoms left? Our new “jobs” numbers are a real JOKE!!! Visit our states and you’ll see for yourselves the houses for sale, the businesses that have a big “closed” sign across their windows, the homeless, the hopeless, the “duped”. We have to take our great country back! We are not for perverse, immoral, New Progressive (old communist) way of life We are not ashamed of worshiping Jesus Christ. Our leaders have forgotten how limited their powers really are. We are a Republic, we have a Constitution and Declaration of Independence, and we need to use it.

  6. Semper Fi Sarastro..I decided a long time ago that when I find a party like you describe – Sons of Liberty sounds good to me- I would gladly do my part to see our country returned to it’s rightfull owners, those of us who have and still are willing to sacrifice to return our land to it’s former greatness.

  7. I wish the youth here in America felt this way. Unemployment for the youth is also high here and Obama gives work permits to thousand of Illegals and continues to import more Somalis along with that scumbag Ellison. Don’t the youth know that any job an illegal gets leaves one less job for them. Plus the more Illegals and Somalis that enter this country, the more of a drain on what little tax dollars are left for the real citizens. Imagine our Muslim in Chief now working with the Mexican government to provide food stamps for any Illegals that manage to enter this country. WTF?

  8. BNI: I’m thrillied the video gives hope to us all. If they can do it, we can also. Every student should be required to see this video.

    The group Génération Identitaire is branching out in many French cities. And it seems to be spreading fast. The average age group is between 18 and 24 years old. They have started meeting with politicians. They will have a demonstration in the beginning of November also. They mean business.

    They are operating also under the banner Projet Apache (Apache Project). It says it all.

    • Génération Identitaire spawned off last September from le Bloc Identitaire -which has been around 10 years- so that it could primarily focus/assemble on the young generation and like the B.I. and other groups, it too is branching out fast in cities across the country as that is the point. As for meaning business, you bet and you’re talking about three generations that do: ours, our parents’, and grandparents’ that are still around, all Patriots coming and working together across the board, organizing events and marches and this, regardless of takes and views because the only thing that matters is OUR country. Many are trying to stop us but don’t realize what will the outcome be if they carry on doing so.

      So groups across the board are sending a loud and clear message to both politicians and vermin who start taking notice and freak out; the former pretends to only now discover what has been denounced for years but in fact knew was happening since they were complicit, the latter now screams even louder they’re being victimized and blah blah bloody blah, when they in fact know that we’ve had it with them and that their greatest mistakes was to underestimate us and who we truly are, and what we are capable of.

      Come what may they’ve all asked for it, and as WE treasure our past and WE alone will shape our future, so yes, a declaration of war it is.

  9. loved the video. it gave me chills not of fear but of pride. French youth had to something wasn’t the tax rate there just raised to 75%

  10. Hello there….its me again…

    This was and is, repeatedly, a pleasure to watch.

    I am filled with a warmth and an uplifting sense of expectation at the sight of my Polish and French brothers, patriotic nationalists who, filled with a love of their country, their heritage and the need to protect both of these, in addition to securing the future of the same for their families and loved ones, have found the courage and the strength to rise and be counted.

    Filled with a quiet resolve and a burning hatred of all those Leftists and Socialists, the bootlicking handmaidens to the vulgar, dusky hued muhammadans, of the collaborators and their beneficiaries, the treacherous and treasonous who have smeared the excrement of islam and Marx on the civilized world, these patriots have come to call on a matter of a long overdue account…….and this time they are demanding payment in full.

    I knew I would live to see this day…….and it is a dawn, a golden dawn of such brilliance as to wipe from one’s eyes the tears of almost 5 decades as the cancer of socialist liberalism and islamism ravaged our heritage and all our ancestors had poured sweat and bled rivers to build.

    In all of this, let us not forget each and every one of those whose hatred of democracy and freedom defined them.

    Let us not forget the muslims have who engaged in the most grievous provocations. They have steered a course of injurious arrogance and hostility. Embracing division, dissent, distraction, destruction, domination and superiority they have diligently cultivated and richly deserve the backlash that now builds across the world. You can feel it in the air, you can smell it on the wind and when it arrives, when it rolls across Europe, when it strides across the shores of North America, it will be breathtaking, it will be magnificent.

    Let us never forget the tireless efforts of those who, loathing the conservative, God fearing men, women and their families, made mockery of the same, ridiculing and demonizing love of God, love of country, love of decency and all that is right and just.

    Let us never forget Olivia Chow, Justin Trudeau, Thomas Mulcair, Larry Campbell, Libby Davies, Hedy Fry and many others who hijacked the democratic process to advance the agenda of the sexually deviant, the morally corrupt, the criminal, the politically treacherous and the plainly treasonous.

    Let us never forget Peter Mansbridge, Wendy Mesley and a legion of other talking heads of the Mainstream Media whose perversion of truth and fact, nay, whose destruction of truth and fact has contributed significantly to the advancement of the cancer that has eaten into the soul of our country.

    Let us never forget these men and women, lapdogs of Hamas, Hezbollah and the Muslim Brotherhood, who, with polls and statistics from the bully pulpit of mass media and celebrity, wrapped in shemaghs, the accoutrement of terrorists, little more than masons in the art of genocide, quietly busied themselves in laying the brickwork for a new generation of crematoria.

    Let us never forget and identify with particularity each and every member of the bureaucracy who sought at every turn to hamstring patriots who simply honored their legacy and spoke the truth. Each and every member of parole boards, deportation tribunals and the entirety those wretched Human Rights Commissions. Human Rights Commissions, the canons of zealotry who destroyed families and ravaged decent men and women whose simple act of truthful oration or exercises of their hard-won democratic rights had become heinous crime.

    Let us never forget the Devil’s Advocates who, whilst wresting from the hands of plain folk a simple hunting rifle, filled our courtrooms with songs of praise for terrorists and murderers and whose malevolent avocation of the same has set loose amongst law abiding decent citizens, poisonous human garbage.

    Let us never forget the Scottish immigrant Dennis Edney and Nathan Whitling, lawyers whose laborious efforts carried the torch of celebrity for a murdering terrorist, Omar Khadr. The same torch passed to the socialist advocates Brydie Bethell and John Norris, bubbling enthusiasts of, and hand wringing apologists for, the blackest of souls. Lawyers who divided their time between the whim and fancy of unrepentant terrorists and leering psychopaths who, after slitting the throats of grandmothers, seek freedom and opportunity for more madness.

    Let us never forget the the judiciary. The self righteous adjudicators whose delicate sensibilities and liberalism drove them from simple enforcement of the laws made by Parliament to rampant “brave new world” activism as, much to the smug satisfaction of the aforementioned lawyers and their clients, their decisions sanctified and gave license to predators and parasites.

    Let us never forget the sneering academic’s whose shrill voices echoed through the hallowed halls of higher learning as they loudly mocked and made villains of the parents and ancestors of their charges. Teachers, professors and administrators who sanctify mind numbing perversion and moral decadence. Teachers, professors and administrators who sing the praises of barbaric and savage ideologies, the same who favor historical revisionism and who abandon the pursuit of excellence, classic knowledge and education in favor of the frivolous and superficial and in so doing, destroy generations.

    And on a personal note…..and forgive my bias…..let us never forget those cold timid souls for whom masculinity and strength are an irksome goad and who, living in the shadow of men whose sacrifice, honor, inimitable courage and strength were legend, chose avenues of cowardice and political expediency that destroyed a group of men. Destroyed a regiment of battle hardened soldiers, those who filled the empty spaces in the Thin Red Line, destroyed a regiment bedecked in battle honors for unswerving acquittal of duty, the very best of the best, destroyed the Canadian Airborne Regiment.

    Let us never forget……..

    In closing, there is much to be remembered and much to account for.

    So, say I, remember your heritage, honour your legacy, look into the eyes of your wives and children, look within yourselves, find your courage, find your voice and let the accounting begin.

    Should we do anything less history will not speak kindly of us…..and neither will our children.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

    Let our love of our country, ou

    • FANTASTIC!!!!! [Only one question: who really destroyed the Avro Arrow? Diefenbaker? Eisenhower? Kennedy? Or who else?]

      Either way, you sound like the kind of man we DESPERATELY NEED here – and all those leftist Canadian wretches you named are truly guilty of MUCH EVIL (e.g., slandering Serbia in 1998-99)…

  11. KABIGON you have it all WRONG we have tried it before and you see where we are they are animals who don’t care about anything.

  12. Now I guess their plan is to tweet each other.
    Sorry but I need to see some real action and not just clever video.

    OT: Has anyone else heard that actress Kate Winslet just went to Cairo, Egypt for a luxury weekend get away. Does that piss anyone else off but me?

  13. “The men of the north stood as motionless as a wall, they were like a belt of ice frozen together, and not to be dissolved, as they slew the Arab with the sword. The Austrasians [Franks], vast of limb, and iron of hand, hewed on bravely in the thick of the fight; it was they who found and cut down the Saracen’s king [Rahman].” I knew it slumbered somewhere in France, now let the Spirit of Carolus Martellus once more stir. Vive La France!

  14. Bravo! I wish them well. They have guts and vision. I wish people would wake up like that, across this United States! I know there are many who are waking up, but now we need to stop being so complacent and actually start pushing back. I’m not condoning violence or destruction like so many did in the “occupy” movement. I’m not really sure what form it should take, but we need to stop bowing down and bending over backwards to please the people who hate everything this country stands for and are insistent on changing it. We need to take our country back! As my Mom said, recently, she doesn’t even recognize this country as the same country we had when she grew up. Sickening!

  15. Would the GENERATION IDENTITAIRE, share this spartans LAMBDA symbol to be the symbol used internationaly around the world for all the people that are against this world take over by muslims .

  16. Multiculturalism is not such a bad idea as long as there is a mixing of CULTURES. When you try to mix SAVAGES with CULTURED people you get the mess they have. The free world should begin with new legislation that outlaws Islam the laws of which are in direct contradiction with the laws of Democratic countries. It must be labeled as a political philosophy which is what it is. Communism has been outlawed in many countries. Once Islam has been outlawed, mosques can be closed and forbidden. They serve as hate generating centers where terrorists are inspired and trained. Deportation for those who break laws and if they are locally born they are jailed or executed depending on their crimes. Let them riot in their own countries but get their stink and movements out of Europe, the U.K. and the Americas.

  17. All cultures are not created equal.

    A 7th century desert, camel culture that prizes tribalism, camel urine, superstition, supremacism, misogyny and barbaric punishments is not the equal of ‘Liberté, égalité, fraternité’.

  18. Hallelujah. Let’s form a party just like this in America — to hell with Democrats, to hell with Rpublicans, to hell with Libertarians — Let’s call it “Sons of Liberty” or “The Jeffersonians”. America has become an Aegean Stable and we need some
    Herclean patriots to clean it out — clean from Somali unwashed illiterate scum, clean from CAIR amd all the unholy imams, clean from every mosque (blow them all up) and clean from every example of a Koran (burn them all up). Then we start on the random killing of whites by blacks who are never punished, and the Mexican greedy drug dealers, and the Mafia criminals…….. How I long for a country where the people are law-abiding and gentle, well-bred and educated, with good manners and empathy — it was once, and it can be again. To patch up all the damage will be a Herculean task — but I think we have a few Hercules types who are up to it — for example the SEALS, and every God-fearing decent man who still exists. There must be plenty of them. May they be blessed.

  19. Excellent to hear … Im hoping that youths in our other Western countries adopt the same attitude and not let themselves get sucked in by the Dhimmitudes of the Leftists/Socislist of this world like their brain dead parents/grandparents have. They will, no doubt be left with the task to clean up the human garbage of multiculturism – Muzscum.

  20. There should be no doubt, the youth are their own destiny, they have always paved a way to sucess, of their own making, with or without the help of their ancesters. Time will prevail over these circumstances, the world is theirs to take hold of and realine, if they so choose. I wish them luck and may the brave, the few in their numbers at this time, gain more and more support for what they know has been a sell out of thier inheritences, culture and self worth preceived and real.


  22. The problem should not be reduced to race. what it really is can be explained by a quote from Aristotle, that a community consists of those who belive the same things. St. Augustine rephrased this to say that a community is composed of those who love the same things. The problem facing France is that upwards of 10% hate the things that are integral to the French Identity. By letting in first the algerians, then moroccans and turks, France has introduced a cancer. How to excise it is the question. Deportation of aliens is the easiest. France however is nowhere close to that step. Even if done that leaves trhe millions of French born who refuse to assimilate. The best way I can think of is to leave no public space for islam. Make it so uncomfortable that the native born algerians et al depart of their own free will. This statement is like a primal scream. There needs to be a coherent set of actions. Self defense, assertive pushback. political work.

  23. About bloody time! This is a small group I think. But if we all in the west followed their example, we may get things rolling,to a civilized west and we all may sleep the sleep of the brave

  24. FANTASTIC!!!! I sure hope that these kids and young adults will also do the same with the parent-system that has so ruined them: Marxism!!!!

    They need to cast all Communism as well as all Nazism and all Islam out of the window – and this declaration is very heartening to see…

  25. WOW love it. This gives me hope! Good to see the French youth have more spine and patriotism than their parents and grandparents, and have realised the danger of the Islamo mutli-culti lie.

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