PENNSYLVANIA: Community protest gets terror-linked CAIR speaker uninvited from ecumenical service

A small but significant victory was achieved in suburban Philadelphia this week when the Montgomery County Bar Association confirmed that Imam Iftekhar Hussain of CAIR, previously invited to address an ecumenical service, would NOT be attending, after all.

Islamist Watch (H/T Susan K)  Hussain is chairperson of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) PA Board of Directors and a member of the CAIR PA Philadelphia Chapter Executive Committee.

Precisely whose idea it was to invite a local CAIR spokesperson to this convocation of lawyers and law enforcement officials is still unclear. What is manifestly apparent, however, is that CAIR would never have made the short list if the organizers had spent just a bit of time researching the matter. And the episode proves the effectiveness of focused community activism in denying legitimacy to Islamists.

The Pennsylvania branch of CAIR with which Mr. Hussain has been associated has a deeply troubling history with regard to freedom of expression, urging censorship of a documentary about radical Islam, launching an attack on schools and libraries considering books on Islam from the Philadelphia-based Foreign Policy Research Institute, strong-arming a local Internet newspaper into suspending a writer critical of it, and most alarmingly, colluding with the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission to manufacture data about alleged Islamophobic “bias incidents” in the state and chill free speech.

Hussain himself is also an odd choice both for an ecumenical service and for one that, in the words of the event’s host, St. John’s Church of Norristown, seeks to “affirm justice and law.” On his blog, Iftekhar Hussain’s Thoughts, he admiringly posts articles spreading lies about Israel and decrying its response to Hamas missile barrages aimed at its citizens as “barbaric attack[s]” and “massacre[s]”. For good measure, he posts about the “horrors … committed by U.S. troops on innocent Iraqi civilians” and, as can be expected, characterizes criticism of violent Islam as “hate” speech and manifestations of “Islamophobia.”

Muzzammil Hassan (Left), a Muslim TV network founder who beheaded his wife was the recipient of an award from CAIR-PA Chairman Iftekhar Hussain (CENTER) and CAIR National Chairman Parvez Ahmed (Right) Council on American-Islamic Relations, the self-described Muslim civil rights group that boasts of its influence on the Obama Regime’s government policy.

ACTION ALERT: Ask Philadelphia Inquirer Not to Promote Anti-Muslim Hate

 (PHILADELPHIA, 9/16/2008) – CAIR is calling on anyone who received the “Obsession” DVD in their newspaper to contact the papers publishers to ask why they believe it is appropriate to profit from anti-Muslim hate.

Hussain was also involved with, and raised funds, for former congressman Joe Sestak, who in turn helped burnish the terror-linked groups credentials by speaking at the group’s 2007 fundraising dinner.

There are two clear and closely linked morals to this story. The first is the importance of conducting due diligence when engaging in well-intentioned outreach activities. Just because CAIR trumpets itself as a civil rights organization doesn’t mean its claims should be taken at face-value. As Daniel Pipes asked back in 2006, “How long will it be until the establishment finally recognizes CAIR for what it is and denies it mainstream legitimacy?”

The second equally significant lesson is the importance of focused community activism in combating this kind of uninformed behavior. Once the invitation became known, an informal group of lawyers, law enforcement members and the Middle East Forum’s Islamist Watch persistently contacted the MBA’s president, presenting him with pertinent information about CAIR and Hussain and demanding that such a tainted official be disinvited. While there has been no official statement to the effect, it seems likely that this pressure led to the change.


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  1. Rhodesia fell in a very short time, and became Zimbabwe because of the TELEPHONE. America is falling much faster because of the Cell Phone, Internet, Facebook, Titter ( yes… Titter… it’s just a punks media which creates a “Hive” mentality, negating individual THOUGHT.) Heinous crimes were committed throughout all provinces of Rhodesia that would run through the grapevine like wild-fire, thus Installing Terror in that nation. Then the enemy would pick up the phone and threaten Leaders and Officials to do their bidding, or their families would be hit. Tortured and murdered. It only took about 50 thugs, using this method to take down Rhodesia, which once was called the Garden Spot of Africa. The Whites dominated Rhodesia, which was about the size of Ohio. No invading Armies, or Air Force. No weapons of any kind, other than the TELEPHONE and straight razor. No nation ever fell as quickly and as inexpensively as Rhodesia. I know, because I attended a seminar given by the very man who was the Official Police Photographer of Rhodesia. I saw the photos of those heinous crimes. i.e. A husbands lips and cheeks cut off with a straight razor, then fried in a skillet by his wife, and she forced to EAT THEM, or they would both be killed. Terrorism & The Telephone took down Rhodesia. “Hello Governor, we have your daughter here… (say hello to your father…) she has lovely cheeks. Now listen closely to what we want you to do… “

  2. Thank GOD ALMIGHTY, not Allah, that someone on the Town Council in this Philly suburb took the time to do a liittle research on the muslime puke and found out what he really is; thus he was told by the Town Council: “Oh….HELL NO!!”

  3. Ya know…after 9/11….why or how..OR….did so many Muslims coming into this country? Do you understand what I am asking?
    I would think that the U.S. would have been so “gun-shy” that they would NEVER have allowed them in…at least without background checks.

    And! Why is it everyone THINKS they have to have some damn Muslim speak at events? They haven’t “earned” respect. They haven’t proven the loyalty to the USA.
    WTF is going on? I just do NOT understand why they are EVEN a subject matter we should be worried about! It SHOULD NEVER HAVE GOTTEN THIS FAR.

    And, it will be harder than hell to, at the very least, balance the attitudes so they KNOW WHERE THEY ARE AND THAT THEY ARE NOT WELCOME to spread their poison.
    IF they want to go to a Mosque to worship. Fine! But, DUE TO THEIR BELIEFS they have NO business in Our Government, churches, State, County OR City Government!

    THIS DOES NEED TO COME TO A SCREECHING HALT…and I am sorry to say, I don’t see Romney being that strong to do it!

    • neither is Obama he is importing them by the thousands and so is every other country. they are the enemy and the sooner we realize it the better

    • upaces88,

      Your sentiments are appropriate but I would mention that Romney is wise and strong regarding the Islamic threat. Romney consults with Gen. Boykin and Walid Phares. Romney is as hip on Islam as many BNI readers and he is a brave patriotic American.

      Winning a political race depends upon being a good POLITICIAN. The very best candidate in the world does not get to govern unless he can convince the majority of voters, including a lot of stupid people, to elect him. I have never run for office but I know from experience that successful job seekers are the ones who do best at interviews and have inside connections, not the ones best qualified and dedicated. Tough, but life isn’t fair.

      Compared to us most Americans, including our elected politicians and judges, are Islamic illiterates. Romney cannot properly educate the masses in the short time frame he has.

      upaces88, I share your contempt for Islamic supremacism but I am urging you to support candidates that share our views. We are in the fight of our lives and if we succumb to Islam, no political, economic, or other issue will be relevant.

    • all Romney has to do is unchain our muzzie huntin hounds , f b i , c i a , muzzies are their own worst enemy ! they will get caught in the head lights

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