UK Muslim Labour Councillor Aftab Hussain’s testimony reveals his support for nine Muslim paedophiles

As went the Prophet of Islam, so go his followers.

Labour25 (H/T Henry P) The Labour Party sent in a Muslim Paedophile supporting councillor named as Aftab Hussain to stand against little girls as young as 12 who were abused, raped and knocked out with class A drugs. The children’s attackers, nine in all, were praised by the Labour councillor, saying that the nine paedophiles were of good character. One child was raped by 20 paedophiles, she escaped in the early hours of the morning by jumping through a second floor window, after breaking it to escape.

Injured, the child escaped and raised the alarm. Labour paedophile protector Aftab Hussain, who is the Rochdale councillor for Firgrove & Smallbridge Ward, avoided local newspaper reporters and explaining to a White English Labour Councillor why he went all the way to Liverpool to protect the nine Muslim paedophiles who had abused up to 50 white children.

The Rochdale Labour councillors (in their best imitation of the Muslim whiners) are running around like scalded cats, saying, ‘’individual councillors, do not speak for the whole of Rochdale Council.