Uncle ‘Dougie’ weighs in on the anti-jihad ‘Savage’ ads in the DC Metro

Our favorite terror-linked CAIR spokesIslamist, Ibrahim ‘Dougie’ Hooper says, “The campaign is designed to incite, it’s designed to provoke, it’s designed to stigmatize American Muslims.” (Only if the American Muslims are jihadists, Dougie. Like you!)


11 comments on “Uncle ‘Dougie’ weighs in on the anti-jihad ‘Savage’ ads in the DC Metro

  1. Islamic Advocacy group ???? Bullshit ! It’s a front for terrorism.
    Well at least Dougie was’nt wearing his little Muslime Cap…….But Nihad Awad Is ! ! (Top Of My Page ) :)))))) Check it out ! LOLS !

  2. Hey Whinging Biatch Dougie why dont you and all your inbreed slimes from every Western country you all unfortunaly inhabit, pis off to one of the 57 hellholes that worship your satanic cult. You wont have to whine anymore about the stigmatization and victimization of your fellow Muzscum inbreeds as you will feel more than at home. The reality is the world is waking up to you all and your fellow inbreeds behavoiur of late in many countries re: youtube video, has made many people whom were sympathetic to your lot, change their minds and have seen through your so called religion of peace. Even some die hard Lefties are waking up and seeing the real truth and thats progress itself. Eat shit and die pencil dick.

  3. “Designed to stigmatize………..muslims”?……Horse crap Dougie, you bastards REALLY don’t need any help on that point, you consistently insert yourselves where you KNOW you DO NOT belong and where you are NOT wanted……Oh, but when you are “stygmatized”, that must be the fault of the infidels who dare to oppose your Islamic Jihadist BS!!…..AND WILL NOT kowtow to you and your muslime buds….

  4. well ol dougie you getin that feeling yet you know like something bad is going to happen ! like things are closeing in around you like your support is starting to fall apart like you been waken up in the nite wondering if you covered up your back trail good enough ! don’t worry we be bringing on more heat soon.

  5. i am sick and tired of “uncle Dougie’s whining somebody relly needs to stick a big fat cork in him from the bottom up

  6. I don’t see any HATE there, and where is incite? Does Booger mean like “smite them at the neck”, cos I didn’t see that?

  7. If the damn shoe fits, wear it. If it doesn’t, cast it aside and ignore it. But there is an old American saying, “Me thinks he protesteth too much !”,,, and that’s for damn sure ! ! !

  8. Hey Dougie – why don’t you and your Muslim buddies take a One Way trip to beautiful Teheran where I absolutely guarantee you will never have to see those horribly offensive Ads ever again!!
    Weekends you can enjoy the Sites – take in a weekend hanging, public flogging! And that call to prayer just everywhere!! One of your own said it was “one of the prettiest sounds on earth!”

    • Or Riyadh, if Dougie et al are Sunnis – Tehran is for Shi’a.

      Either way, I entirely agree that those Moslems ought to be made to leave ASAP – by lethal force if necessary. We proud Westerners don’t want the muzturd infidels in our civilisation, period!!!

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