FRANCE: Muslims threaten to kill vendors who sell wine, pork, and skimpy women’s clothing

In the market of Chemin Bas d’Avignon in Nîmes, Muslims warn wine sellers, butchers who sell pork, and vendors who sell ‘immodest’ women’s clothing, to cease and desist carrying these items, or pay the ultimate price…with their lives.

Vladtepes  Just a few months ago, a pork butcher mysteriously went missing in the dead of night, even though he had a large clientèle. No one understood why, according to a resident of the district. 

In June, the market’s commercial arcade was totally burned down. Inhabitants of the district created an advocacy group to complain about the rise in violence from young Muslims, because the local government is doing nothing.

Residents and sellers say if this had happened to Muslim vendors, blood would have spilled. This is anti-White, anti-Christian racism. We see little girls, maybe 5 years old, walking around veiled in the streets. They only buy halal-slaughtered meat, but don’t want anyone else to be able to buy what they want. The longer this goes on, the worse it gets. Muslims may be a minority here, but they have created more trouble in France than all other immigrant groups combined.

They want to create a ghetto. This is nothing less than White racism. Multiculturalism has failed, integration has failed, and and thanks to the politicians and left wing do-gooders, France is quickly turning into a Muslim ghetto. 

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27 comments on “FRANCE: Muslims threaten to kill vendors who sell wine, pork, and skimpy women’s clothing

  1. THese fanatics need to be rounded up and deported. They believe they are different race not just a different religion. It is a lifestyle of crime and abuse. Politicians want their votes and and in most cases import them to ruin the country as revenge for loosing public support or losing an election. Labout party in UK said they would ruin the UK by importing millions of these criminals if they did not win. So now UK, Germany, France are all ruined, several others as well. The rich are leaving. Lets see if these inbreds can keep electricity, water, and septic systems working. I doubt it. Soon europe will be fucked up and dysfunctional exactly like where these criminals came from.

    • “Snackbar”, please don’t forget that it also is part of the MARXIST vision whereby they can ruin their native race and homogenise all Mankind to be “one blood” which will then submit to their “perfect, scientific Communism”. As part of their indoctrination, they’ve been taught to HATE being Caucasian (white) – and they do such consequent things without thinking the issues through…

      WE PEOPLE will have to fight back – and if the élitists refuse to do what is right, we’ll need to:
      1) slaughter Moslems ourselves wherever we see them (on our streets, in our malls, &c.), especially if they themselves are rioting. [Then it would be right to fire upon them the same way Imperial Russian police and soldiers did upon innocent people in St. Petersburg on 1905/01/22 – and ensure they’re fired upon from multiple directions as then it will be necessary to maximize the blood shed by Moslems – with poisoned explosive bullets to boot. Also, it will be vital that hospitals NOT treat Moslem casualties.]
      2) form NEW POLITICAL PARTIES and vote for them, not giving the politicians anything any more!!! If they try martial law, a general strike combined with total disobedience (first civil, then with force) must be the immediate response.

  2. Yes, the Palestinian terrorist lovers celebrate their Oktoberfest the way the Nazi’s taught them! If it wasn’t for those Zionists and their influence among western folks, they would have won with their help! Like Klavan points out in his videos, THE MUSLIMS HAVE NO SENSE OF PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR WHAT THEY DO TO NONBELIEVERS BECAUSE ISLAMIC SHARIA TEACHES IT IS ALL BLESSED TO ACT THAT WAY!
    In the Oktoberfest of Palestine, They celebrate the killing of Israelis, French butchers and all the other people including those women of Islam who dare think they should go to school!
    The reality is that Geert Wilders and Marine Le Pen as well as the Golden Dawn of Greece are correct! The Muslims with their Cult of Sharia NEED TO GO HOME TO THE COUNTRIES WHERE THIS SICK SYSTEM OF SHARIA IS THE MAINSTREAM! THEY CANNOT BE TRUSTED IN A MULTI-CULTURAL OR ANY NON-ISLAMIC SOCIETY!
    For the protection of French natives, the Sharia Muslims need to be ejected from that marketplace in that town! Give a guy like me control of the police for 20 days and the Sharia Muslims will be wanting to leave that town as I think that the Sharia Islamic community of that city should be judged collectively guilty for killing that butcher and treated as accessories to the murder of French natives!
    Thank G-d that The Obama is losing and the tide in this country of the USA is turning! Let’s hope that we can be spared some of the “benefits” that the French, etc are getting of Sharia Islamics becoming numerous and influential in Europe! Dearbornstan, MI is a real warning of what can become a mainstream social situation in the USA!

  3. Three words for the French: lock and load

    Can someone please reply “amen to that!” Thanks. I like the way it looks.

    • Amen, amen, AMEN!!! Frenchmen, remember the words of “La Marseillaise”:

      Ils viennent jusque dans nos bras
      Égorger nos fils et nos compagnes !

      Aux armes, citoyens,
      Formez vos bataillons,
      Marchons, marchons !
      Qu’un sang impur
      Abreuve nos sillons !

      They’re coming right into our arms
      To cut the throats of our sons and women!

      To arms, citizens,
      Form your battalions,
      Let’s march, let’s march!
      That an impure blood
      Waters our furrows!

  4. “Just a few months ago, a pork butcher mysteriously went missing in the dead of night.”

    Western ruling elites don’t care what happens to non-Muslims but make it a top priority to investigate who is responsible for dropping bacon close to a mosque. They are despicable.

  5. This is what it means to import Muslims into our countries. Threats. Violent attacks and murders. Infidels forced to live in fear from Muslim immigrants who are OBEYING the Quran to wage jihad against hated infidels (the same infidels who are forced via their taxes to pay for Muslims to live for FREE).

    Western ruling elites who have imported many millions of the soldiers of Allah to colonize and conquer our countries are GUILTY of every threat, every violent attack and every murder by Muslims. Stop the Muslim immigration-invasion!

    Fight for Britain and the Free World! Join/Support

  6. IF your government does not protect you, then take matters into your own hands. Defend yourself. Replace the government, by force if necessary. The governments number one duty is protection of the citizenry from physical harm because if the government fails to do this, nothing else will really matter, now will it?

    • Do protect yourselves. These fuckers thrive on sucking the life out of other folks. They are leeches and will be dealt with accordingly as the world is waking up and seeing just how festered the disease of islam is.

  7. maybe now those NATO EU UN idiots will know why Serbia fought the Muslims in Kosovo and Bosnia and why the Russians are cleaning Chechnya from these Muslims

    • Well said, jbob – the trouble is that nowadays Pútjin is trying to appease the Moslems in Russia (hopefully that phase won’t last long…).

      Otherwise, both then and now, the governments and MSM of NATO and the EU are bought and paid for by the Moslems, especially Arab Moslems and above all the Saudi Arabs!!! If there’s one country one could wish to wipe off the surface of the planet, it would be Saudi Arabia, followed then by Iran, Pakistan and Bangladesh immediately afterwards; thence to the rest of the Arabian Peninsula plus the rest of “dar al-Islam”…

  8. i guess as long as there are lefts in power nothing will be done. ithink the next thing to do is lawsuits. or vote the local government of out power. band together and force the government to do domething

  9. Now that you’ve let ’em in to run rampant, you had better start trying to figure out a way to get ’em out. Kind of hard to get rid of rats & roaches when they get a foothold. And remember, they multiply geometrically.

  10. Europe too kind allow Muslim migrate so now they have problem ! Muslim when getting more-more they will through politic to get their request like Sharia law and mosque ! Europe wake up you in danger !

  11. It sounds like the filthy muslims want to claim ownership of Nimes, France the same way they have Dearborn, Mich. It is a muslim trait for centuries to take by force or stealth what they did not work to buid and what does not physically or culturally belong to them. As I have stated before, islam SLI* and muslims are a cancer on the world. We, as Americans of all colors and creeds must resist any incursion into our lives and culture by islamic influences. No more mosques, No more special laws. No more special rules of employment. No more catering or pandering to their “Me Only” demands. muslims SLI* have already stoned Christians in America, while being observed by muslim police officers. How much more of a hint do you need, America ?
    * Small Letters Intentional

  12. There needs to be push back. This is where these identaire folks could start doing some useful stuff. Remember the JDL? If the muslim vermin travel in packs then the French youth should too.If the police will not protect the community, maybe they should step up to bat.

  13. Kinda saw this coming….
    A few months back the islamists here did their best to outlaw any/all pork & pork-related foodstuffs within city limits–including any non-foodstuffs known to have pork-derived ingredients.
    They lost that battle but I’m wondering how much bolder they’ll be in the future..and dreading it.

    • They tried this in CANADA?!?? Boy oh boy, this story should be circulated country-wide (as well as world-wide)… Do you know how much of a (rough) percentage those muzturds form of your community’s population?

      Mrs. Wilkins, I sure hope your militia is ready to start defending your town’s merchants as it’s guaranteed that they’ll commence such abductions/murders very soon; especially given that they’ve already starting killing dogs in your city!!

      Supremely-UGLY times indeed…

        • Same goes from the UK. Im a member of the EDL so I know exactly whats happening in Europe and elswhere. We get called far right racists but as of this year we have over 1000 members online that are Seek, Hindu west Indian and oher minorities that have had enough of Islam. It brings misery and violence where ever this evil cult goes. We are starting to stand up in the UK but our last EDL rally we were kettled by the police and reported by the media as hooligans. Yet the only arrests made to the EDL was for our own safety from the 3000 Muslims and UAF loonies that came to silence us. Instead of arresting those that caused the problems we were arrested for our own safety and de arrested in other parts of the city. This was reported by the media as Far Right group EDL rally 80 arrests. Its like when the Muslims went on a rampage at one of our rallies and one guy was been beaten on the floor with his head jumped on by Muslims scum. The photo caption read in the guardian “Far right racist bla bla bla” nothing bad about the 3 Muslims stomping his head in. We March on Walthamstow again soon and this time the family people stay at home. If we are going to be called thugs then we will at least earn that title. NFSE!!

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