MICHIGANISTAN: Students at Muslim-dominated ‘Edsel Ford’ High School in Dearborn protest Pastor Terry Jones’ First Amendment right to criticize Islam

How fitting. Students from a school named for the biggest failure in American Car history, the ‘Ford Edsel,’ want you to know how the ‘misunderstanders’ of Islam have hurt their wittle fweewings.

Florida pastor Terry Jones caused riots in the Muslim world back in 2010 when he set fire to a Quran, prompting the Obama Regime to enlist the help of CIA head, General David Petraeus, to warn Jones against exercising his first amendment rights because it might endanger our troops in Afghanistan. As if everything our troops do doesn’t already outrage Muslims anyway.

Detroit News Florida pastor Terry Jones and about a dozen supporters left Edsel Ford High School Wednesday afternoon after a protest against “Muslim gangs” that lasted about an hour. Jones, 60, a Florida pastor, said he came to Dearborn to meet with school officials about Muslim students bullying other kids as well as to defend the First Amendment by speaking out against what he sees as a threat from “radical Islam.”

“We cannot have a ban on free speech,” Jones said. He offered to speak with local Muslim leaders but defended his tactics. “I believe in dialogue, but I also believe in my way, which is in your face,” Jones said. Jones, 60, was denied a meeting with the school’s principal about what he says is a problem with Muslim teens beating up other students. Dearborn schools spokesman David Mustonen has said Jones’ claims of bullying by Muslim students are unfounded. Jones has been a frequent visitor to Dearborn, where he has criticized what he calls “radical elements of Islam.” Jones’ critics say his protests have been nothing but “hate speech.”

Students at the school are fighting back against Jones’s attacks. Several of them have started the Intergroup Dialogue Student Leadership Team, which will begin student-led workshops and host guest speakers to help “facilitate dialogue to celebrate different cultures.” They outlined some of their goals in this video. (It’s uncanny how these kids have adopted the exact same woe-is-me victimization rhetoric perfected by CAIR and all the fascists on the Left)