Shocking revelation about the security, or lack thereof, at the American Consulate in Libya

Not only was there insufficient security at the Consulate in Benghazi, despite numerous requests for more by Ambassador Chris Stevens, the security they had was provided by a local Libyan militia consisting of a few farmers and shopkeepers, who had virtually no experience and were paid only a $30 stipend per day for food from the Consulate.

Maybe the mainstream media has decided they can no longer keep covering for the traitor in the White House. ABC reports:


8 comments on “Shocking revelation about the security, or lack thereof, at the American Consulate in Libya

  1. i just hope Sen ryan brings it up in the vp debate. of course in the next debate romney and obama have i am quite sure romney will have to have short answers because he will most likely be shut down by the moderator

  2. This whole country is falling into obummers shithole muslum world. He is a trader & should be tried for treason. This mofo has killed many of our WARRIORS by all his leaks. Now u can see why he wants to remove all the guns from Americans. Start getting all the ammo you can get. The holy war is coming!!!!

  3. that bitch hillary rotton communist muslim ass kisser clinton has got to go. who the hell is going to arrest this bitch of satan. the whole white house is infiltrated with this chicago mob attitude with Obama as the God father and shitface eric holder He does not even look like a american. the shit has got to hit the fan sooner or later

    • I believe you nailed it 1rr, though some with “deliicate sensibilities” might be offended by some of the language. But there is NO doubt in my mind that Stevens and those close to him were sent to Libya to get killed (sacrificed), and Hillary and the Traitor-in-Chief REALLY DON’T give a flying —- about the security and well-being of our ambassadors OR ANY of the REAL American (non-muslime) people!!

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