Uncle ‘Dougie’ demands free ad space to counter anti-jihad ‘Savage’ ads in Washington DC metro

DC Metro says, ‘NO!’ Hey Dougie, whatsamatter? Did your Saudi benefactors cut your funding for CAIR this month? Have you exceeded your litigation jihad budget trying to get these same ads censored in San Francisco and New York City, but failed?

MyFOX DC  CAIR’S resident media whore, Ibrahim ‘Dougie’ Hooper, is whining again over Pamela Geller’s high-profile anti-jihad ads.

“It’s frustrating whenever somebody uses the freedom of speech that’s guaranteed by the Constitution to promote hatred and bigotry as these ads do,” says Ibrahim Hooper with CAIR (Council on Anti-American Islamic Relations).

He says he and other interfaith and civil rights groups have reached out to Metro. “To ask the transit authority to respond in a positive way,” Hooper tells us. “Not by censoring, but by working with the Arab-American and Muslim community promoting mutual understanding, perhaps through another ad campaign that would counter the hate message in this campaign.”

Metro officials say they don’t give away ad space anywhere in the system. But if CAIR or any other group wants to counter the message with one of their own, they are free to do it, but they have to pay for the ad.