PAKISTAN: Taliban who shot 14-year old peace activist say, “If she survives, we will shoot her again, because she is a secular-minded lady”

A Taliban spokesperson told The Express Tribune that this was a warning for all youngsters who were involved in similar pro-Western  activities and added that they will be targeted if they do not stop.

Pakistani surgeons removed bullet from the head of 14-year-old Malala Yousafzai, but Taliban threaten to ‘finish this chapter’

FSM  National Award Peace winner Malala Yousafzai was injured along with two other women when Taliban gunmen opened fire on a bus in Swat. Yousufzai, who studies at Khushal Public School, was on her way home when the vehicle came under attack on Haji Baba Road. One of the other injured has been identified as Shazia and sources say the third was a teacher.

Taliban spokesman Ehsanullah Ehsan said his group was behind the shooting. “She was pro-West and she was speaking against Taliban,” Ehsan said by telephone from an undisclosed location. “She was young but she was promoting Western culture in Pashtun areas,” he said, referring the main ethnic group in northwest Pakistan and southern and eastern Afghanistan.

Pakistani civil society activists carry placards with a photograph of the gunshot victim Malala Yousafzai as they shout anti-Taliban slogans during a protest rally against the assassination attempt on her

DPO Swat Rasool Shah said that a search operation has been initiated in the area and a number of suspects have been arrested. Malala was shifted to Saidu Sharif Medical Complex in Mingora immediately after the incident and later she was moved to Peshawar in an Army helicopter. Doctors at the Medical Complex said that Malala was out of danger after the bullet penetrated her skull but missed her brain.




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    • The spin doctors are already trying to devalue the incident. But in all reality we all know the news companies will only broadcast sanitized fat free content that is approved by the White House. This really sucks but it’s the only thing we have and I can tell you our standing in the Islamic world is not just sinking with the people on the street but our value as an ally is now suspect. The liberals are pushing the war on women in the states about birth control and free health care ETC. But the real war is being waged by heartless Islamic fuckin dirt bags and with Hussein Obama giving overt support to their inhuman treatment of women the war continues.

  1. THE COWARDISE OF THE TALIBAN IS NOW WORLD WIDE ,they are men without balls, they should be classed as transgender, and be hung for not abiding by the koran for being queer., No affence intended to the gays around the world , but you must admit I do have a point.

  2. Not interested in Peace Activist. I’m way beyond any interest in peace.
    muslims will kill other muslims, they will kill each others children. They will try and kill everything that walks and crawls. We should just sit back, observe, educate non-muslims, and keep stockpiling bullets an bacon.
    I grew up hating “the bomb”. As a kid we use to dive under our desks in drills.
    For decades we built billions of dollars into stockpiling nukes.
    I say it’s now time to purge the earth of these muslim bastards. We should let nukes loose on every muslim country that exists. Then we should use the baconized bullets we see screaming in the streets.

    The planet will recover and we will be better off even if we do glow for it.

    Otherwise we are just waiting for them to do same.

  3. I have been reading about the 14 year old school girl in Pakistan that was shot execution style. This happened on a school bus in front of other kids. This horrendous crime was perpetrated by the Taliban and for her crime of standing up for girls’ rights to be educated. The Taliban posted blogs on line and bragged about this shooting. Since she might make it the Taliban have threatened to kill her no matter what. Where are Hussein Obama and that baboon he is married to, speaking out about the real “WAR” on women and children? The major networks are giving this minimum coverage, of course they don’t want anything to interfere with the election.
    I want all you fat free latte drinking white female liberal thinking dirt bags that live in some altered universe to read about this atrocity. You morons think we can all just smile and get along and coexist with Islam and Sharia law. WRONG you plastic boobed bimbos they will always be our enemies. If they can shoot a Muslim girl on a school bus in broad daylight full of kids, what do you think they will do to infidel children?
    To all of my conservative friends BUY AMMO.

    • Tel Vet 1968, why insult baboons? Do you think “they” want to be associated with that crone occupying the WH?
      And, by the way, where ARE those phonies, the Berkenstock wearing, hairy armpit feminists, the Hagatha misandrists, those misanthropes that love to crucify the Christian value system but are mysteriously silent when it comes to muslims and the atrocities they daily commit like throwing acid on the faces of girls and young women and decapitation if they even dare to want an education?
      Why aren’t these cowards marching, in goose step feminist solidarity in front of mosques, down Main Street New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Newark, Dearbornistan decrying and fighting the “ACTUAL” misogynistic evil that is islam?

      • @ cheryl s. – well said my fellow BNI friend. You have summed up exactly what I think. Where are all these feminists or more importantly the various do gooder groups (namely “charities”) that exist to protect the children in this world against horrendous crimes committed against them?? Why arent they stepping up to the plate and taking action, speaking out against the treatment of young girls in Muzz infested countries??? Thats right the cowards of this world stay silent when its Muzscum related. Makes me sick. Next time I see these ‘protect the children’ charities shaking their tins for donations, I will grab the tin hit them on the head and tell them they are hypocrites. Also as I ask alot of late “wheres fat ass Hilary?”….

      • Hell Cheryl I must of lost my mind by insulting the silver backs. But you have said it pretty well. They are only protesting what is profitable or politically correct for them. You know I just digested your hairy arm pit thing, thank you for that I’m getting ready for dinner. Well said.

  4. this little ragabone an hank of hair freedom fighter by her life actions will high lite in a big way Romney ‘s defence policy and obama , s failure ! she will have voteing power in our country by proxy ! Wize people will choose witch world they want to bring their children into .

  5. What a clever girl-she- -is what the Taliban is frightened of -they know if they let the girls get an education they will see -them for what they are -uncivilised -uneducated- unwashed -gutless cowards-who will lose control over them ,if only the women of Islam would turn on their sadistic jailers -brothers -husbands -Imams- clerics be free from the clutches of the evil laws of sharia-to live as they were meant to be -as individuals -free thinkers -to be what ever they wanted to be.

  6. I think it would be very appropriate to start a new fighting unit along the lines of the French Foreign Legion which will track down and eliminate individuals such as the Taliban who shot this girl and particularly their mullahs because it is always the mullahs who are behind such actions. The U.S. has just imported one of these mullahs from the UK after a long extradition fight – the one with the one eye and hooked hand. He needs to be executed. There are many others in Europe and in the Americas who need to be taken out for preaching hate. This new Foreign Legion, like the French Foreign Legion will take in and train fighters from any nation in the world but unlike the French Foreign Legion, it will take in women fighters. Women throughout the Muslim world have much more to fight about and there will be many who will want to help liberate their sisters.

  7. The real God will bless this child. As far as the yellow pigs that shot her, I’m surprised that as much as they hate women and children that they think 72 virgins awaits them. I’m more inclined there will be 72 sows with piglets of course waiting for them. One big happy family in the hereafter.

  8. Taliban spokesman Ehsanullah Ehsan needs a dedicated missile up his.Mad taliban killing and dying for a non existent allah and the deception of muhammad. Dr Ali Sina ( says he has accepted cursing (swearing for death if lying) challenges from muslims and at the end of the period he’s still alive and no response from his challengers so he assumes the other guy (muslim) might be dead. I tried it too for a 15 days period as sure it does not work despite my risky job which should aid allahs revenge.

  9. big brave taliban somebody to be reverred and looked upto
    a fine example of an islamic warrior being able to take on a
    little unarmed girl and show who is in charge…real men dont harm
    women …she is the braveheart of pakistan being let down by
    corrupt officials .Nice one Hilary send some more taxpayers money

  10. Here is an excellent resource from a ‘hate source’ to rival Pipes or Geller.
    First about that shooting:…\10\11\story_11-10-2012_pg7_16

    Then, the current state:…\10\11\story_11-10-2012_pg1_3

    This is the home page showing their coverage:

    Not only does it point up critical reporting by Pakistanis from Pakistan, but shows the depth of feeling, the hate for the Taliban and for their government’s support for it, and that opposition is possible.

    What’s more remarkable for me, is that that source is seemingly unknown. I don’t remember anyone in the west using them as a source.

    Comments, anyone?

  11. Obama’s “peace partners” in all their glory. She must not have been wearing her ‘there is no god but (pause to cringe) allah’ ring. Blame the Jews. Blame America. Blame Big Bird. Blame Republicans. Blame anyone but the barbaric and evil Taliban who are living in the stone age, funded by US taxpayers and supported by America’s first black usurper president (doesn’t deserve to be capitalized, he hasn’t earned it and never will. TRAITOR). I wish this incredibly brave young woman a speedy and safe recovery, and hopefully passage to a non-Sharia compliant western country (there are a scant few left, wishful thinking?).

  12. This is the EVIL of Islam the world hears about all the time. Its taken the near death of a young woman to bring Pakistan to its (possible) senses. WAKE UP – If you want us westerners to believe Islam is the Religion of Peace then start the Cleaning in your own Back yard. Don’t forget to let the world know about the removal of Islam’s shame and evil killers. THEN when the rest of the world can see Pakistan Clean of Islam’s evil then we might almost start to believe in the Peace talked about. BUT Islam has a long long way to go to convince us westerners.

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