EGYPT now allows sharia-sanctioned abductions and forced conversions of young Christian girls to Islam

This is the Muslim Brotherhood dominated Islamic government supported by Obama. Notice that Romney advisor, Walid Phares, speaks to the Helsinki commission on this issue, but no one from the Obama Regime is there.

Abductions and forced conversions of young Coptic Christian girls and mothers of small children are on the rise as the Islamists try to ethnically cleanse the country of all its Christians. These women never are allowed to return to their families. A 2009 report about “The Disappearance, Forced Conversions, and Forced Marriages of Coptic Christian Women in Egypt  doesn’t reflect how much worse the problem is now.

Coptic Christians suffer daily persecution in Egypt.

Coptic Christians have lived in Egypt since Christianity began. Once they were the majority population, until Islam set about its crusade to convert all of Northern Africa by the sword. Now they number  only 10% of Egypt’s population, because most people have been forcefully converted to Islam, either through terrorism, or by economic means, such as high taxation.

Now that Egypt has a radical Islamic Government, the Copts are suffering unbelievable cruelty – arrested even for praying in their own home. Their daughters are being kidnapped and forced to convert to Islam by torture and rape. Where is the UN? Where is the rest of the Christian World? Why the silence?  Egyptian Christians are being cleansed from their native land.