Oh, CANADA! You allow in many radical imams but deny entry to quran-burning Pastor Terry Jones?

Controversial Floria Pastor Terry Jones has been refused entry into Canada, confirming the fact that terrorism works. Just the possibility of the threat of violence by Muslims , not even a real threat, is enough to shut down any semblance of free speech.

The Province  (H/T Robin H) An anti-Islam American pastor who earned an international reputation after burning copies of the Islamic holy text has been denied entry into Canada hours before he was to speak at a free speech rally in Toronto, organizers said Thursday.

Allan Einstoss said Terry Jones was turned back at the Michigan-Ontario border after being held there for five hours. Jones was told he was barred from entering the country when officials could not verify whether or not he had a criminal record in the U.S., he said.

Einstoss decried the decision to keep Jones from attending a multifaith debate on freedom of speech, which was slated to take place in front of the Ontario legislature on Thursday evening. He poured scorn on the official reason for the denial, saying it defied logic. “In terms of checking for criminal records, I would make the assumption that’s what they do on a daily basis,” Einstoss said in a telephone interview. 

Word that Jones had been turned back at the border spread rapidly through social media, drawing a slew of wide-ranging reactions. Some touted the decision as an attack on freedom of expression, while others celebrated the fact that a man who commemorated the ninth anniversary of 9/11 by burning copies of the Qur’an at his church in Gainesville, Fla. would not have the opportunity to bring his message to Canadian soil.

“Yeah, Canada for standing up to hate & racism,” read one Twitter post. “I would’ve loved to check out the debate! But I’m glad Terry Jones isn’t being let in,” wrote another.

Others took a more nuanced position, arguing his hateful views of Muslims are not reason enough to bar him from the country. Amin Elshorbagy, president of the Canadian Islamic Congress, said Jones ought to have been allowed to air his views regardless of how extreme they may be.

Jones was scheduled to be the primary attraction at a multifaith debate on the film “Innocence of Muslims,” whose negative portrayal of the Islamic prophet Mohammad has incited violent riots around the world.

Jones was slated to square off against Toronto imam Steve Rockwell, U.S.-based Muslim author Masud Ansari, and Sikh community leader Bikram Lamba. The event was also to feature a memorial to Cpl. Christopher Speer, a U.S. a medic killed in Afghanistan by Canadian war criminal Omar Khadr.

Einstoss said the event will go ahead as planned, but lamented Jones’ absence from the proceedings. Interference from border officials, he said, has quashed an opportunity for a meaningful dialog on free speech.


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  1. Terry Jones wasn’t kept out of Canada uniquely for fear of Muslim reaction. Jones is also the creature who led the picketing of the funerals of young US soldiers who had died in Afghanistan. He is an all-round hater and we don’t need nutcases like that here.

    • MA, absolutely NOT true. That was a guy named Fred Phelps from the Westboro Baptist Church who shows up at a lot of military funerals to condemn the troops. Terry Jones never did any such thing.

      • Note the surname “Albagli” (Al-Bagli??) – it sounds, if I read this correctly, like this wretch was trying to throw in some taqiyya and/or kitman as part of some Moslem attempt for adding more disinformation…

  2. Pastor Terry jones was interviewed by CFRB or Standard Talk Radio in Toronto
    either Thursday or Friday. The listeners were able to hear Pastor Jones speak
    and hear his side of the story. He was very good.
    Ezra levant of “The Source” program on Sun TV also had one of the US military
    who was injured when Omar Kadhar threw the grenade and killed the US soldier.
    Omar Kadhar was sent back to Canada by your POTUS he wanted rid of him,
    our stupid government took him back. He is in a max security jail for a little while.

  3. To supress -free speech-is a double wrong -it violates the right of the -hearers as well as the speakers -Frederik Douglas -American -politician.–Their target is -our right to publicly speak the truth as we see it-once this has -fallen to siucidal -‘hate speech’laws -the wall is -breached.

  4. I was disappointed Jones was not allowed into my country. I suspect the real reason was that our intelligence received credible threats of what would happen should Jones be allowed in … threats of a terrorist attack. I wanted to hear him debate the always colourful and offensive Imam Rockwell who told 640 radio host John Oakley (a few years ago) he would only associate with a black person (whom he used the N word to describe) if he kept him as a slave. He is not stupid enough to not know such a statement would be offensive. So, it would have been interesting to hear him and Jones square off. However, I suspect Jones was turned away by our Border Agency because of the receipt of some credible threat, perhaps of some banal and corrupt threat like a denial of further funding or more likely, a threat of extreme violence. Perhaps the two could debate by webcam. It puts our border agency in the role of risk managers if they must deny entry to someone because of how someone else might respond. Not what we want.

  5. As a Canadian citizen, I feel ashamed and embarrassed. My country if full of politically correct “useful idiots”! That includes our border guards. Shame on you Canada!

  6. I thought Canada was doing so well too! Guess not. By the way Anthony Mundine is a world champian australian aboriginal boxer. Unfortuantly he is also a muslim convert and would like to convert all aussie aboriginals to Islam.

    • muslims here are finding islam a damned hard sell to the First nations.
      They see them (muslims) as ‘the second invaders’, and aren’t joking, they’re pretty grim about it.

      Then that one flopwit a while back claimed muslims and islam are indigenous to North America, and that some Native Tribes were in fact muslims.

      The phrase; ‘make carpets of muslim scalps’ is one I’ve heard a few times recently here.
      There was a ‘incident’ a few months back when the islamists tried bullying the local natives.
      They were ‘allowed’ to keep their lives. Simply put, they were taken down and beaten severely, and if they’d wanted to, those islamists would have gone to meet allah.
      They also made it CLEAR that muslims are NOT welcome on their lands, under any circumstances and there will be NO exceptions made.
      ‘Better to freeze in winter than walk on our land.’ a direct quote from a friend of Husband’s.

  7. Shouldn’t Canada and other Western countries be VERY concerned about letting in the followers of Mohammad? Founder of Islam is regarded as the PERFECT man and role model by the followers of Islam.

    Founder of Islam, Mohammed: “I have been made victorious with terror”, “Wage war on the infidel and kill them until Islam is dominant” (Koran 8:39)

    In PAKISTAN: http://www.indianexpress.com Nearly 2,000 women and girls from various minority sects were forcibly converted to Islam through rape, torture and kidnappings, and 161 people were charged with blasphemy in 2011, according to a report. http://www.indianexpress.com/news/2000-girls-from-minorities-in-pakistan-were-forcibly-converted-to-islam-through-rape-torture/998230

    Stop the suffering! PROTECT innocents! Stop importing Muslims!

    Not one more infidel dollar to Pakistan!


  8. Don’t worry my freinds in Canada I will invite Terry Jones to ride with me too the border and shout across to you. They have not bar’d sound yet Freedom of Speach can still be herd.

    • A better way is via teleconferencing / video-conferencing hook-up, especially if done via communications networks where governments or interested parties would have a harder time getting to in time…

  9. Btw, Canada let in dipshit Galloway, who gave moral support as well as $100,000s to Jew murderers Hamas and Hezbollah.Which makes him an accessory to murder. What terrorist groups has Terry Jones financed?

  10. Video @ 0:25 “…this film incited mass riots across the world…”

    Note to Global TV: “Stop drinking the Kool-Aid. That film incited NOTHING, and did so for months. Until some mohammedan ’eminences gris’ said, let’s organize a hate fest for 9/11, and put the message out to stir up the public. So, it was the camelpissdrinking imams who incited, and they had fertile ground to sow that evil, in their indoctrinatedfrombirth headwhacking brainwashed zombies.

    Compare to the ‘Danish Cartoon Affair’ where Akkari and Laban peddled their shit on three trips until they got their ‘spontaneous’ riots, six months later.

  11. It is time to sue just as the Muzzies would do. Sue the border people and whatever that department is, bring them up to the human rights commission, make as much or more trouble than the Muzzies would do and then they’ll show some respect.

  12. As a Canadian (and a libertarian) I believe in free speech, however I also believe Canada Border Services did its job to question someone trying to gain entry. If their criminal history can’t be determined then you air on the side of caution and refuse. Had Terry Jones contacted Canadian authorities before he tried to gain entrance to Canada he could have learned before hand whether there would have been a problem. I don’t know if Terry Jones has a criminal record, and until such time that it can be determined we should refuse him. If Americans and Terry Jones can show there is no criminal record then I have absolutely no problem having Jones here spewing his form of religious zealotry.

    Thankfully I am Canadian, and we are an inclusive nation. We try not to do profiling based on your religion or your actual beliefs. If you pass the litmus test for not being a criminal, not on a terrorist watch list (which Canada and the US share). If a radical imam comes to Canada and is not a criminal then I have absolutely no issues. I’m not Islamaphobic. If a radical Christan whack job comes to Canada and it can be shown he isn’t a criminal then they are welcome too.

    Being American does not give you a free pass to come to my country, and vice versa.

    A Proud Canadian
    And a friend to Muslims, Christians, any other faith, and atheists.

    • Mohammed is regarded as the PERFECT man and role model by the followers of Islam. Founder of Islam, Mohammed: “I have been made victorious with terror”, “Wage war on the infidel and kill them until Islam is dominant” (Koran 8:39)

      • I REALLY wish I could go back in time with some of my girlbuddies and erase mohammed-the-abomination from history.
        I’ve done my homework, and there’s a very lengthy list of why I loathe, hate and despise mohammed-the-child-slayer.

    • Pastor Terry Jones was given an honorary doctorate by a University in US
      He went to Germany and was told he could not use the Dr in front of his name.
      He went ahead and used it, Germany charged him. That’s why he had a record.
      I don’t agree with the whole situation , but there you are.

      You had better read your Qura’n Surah 5-51 especially if you think you have muslim friends.

      • What was the doctorate about, and on what basis did Germany try to stop him? Which university bestowed it upon him?

        Was he tried, or are the Germans waiting to arrest him? Either way, it’s all SCANDALOUS (unless Germany doesn’t allow ANY “honorary doctorates”, period!)…

        • In barring Jones, border officials cited a fine he got in Germany in 1993 for using the title “doctor” there (as a recipient of an honorary doctorate in theology), as well as a criminal charge of breaching the peace at a planned rally in Detroit last year.

          This is from the internet

    • 1) The very word “inclusive” is a Marxist shibboleth the way it’s used nowadays!!!

      2) To say that Rev. Terry Jones should be refused until he can prove that he has no criminal record is POSITIVELY HYPOCRITICAL ON YOUR PART!!!! You have no problem welcoming those who’re preaching the destruction of our civilisation (which already qualifies as the CRIME of SEDITION), yet you’ve insisted on barring Rev. Jones who hasn’t been doing anything but warning us as to the danger facing both us and the rest of our Western world!!!!

      3) I’m a proud Canadian as well and know all too well that Moslems are the ones who have declared a war to the DEATH upon everything and everybody other than their own selves!!!

      Thank goodness Ms. BNI banned you, a Communist stool-pigeon, as she wrote back to you!!!!

      • “shibboleth”
        Okay…that sounds like something from ‘Cthulhu’ mythos… :-)
        Aside from that, I must agree with your points.
        Refusing T. Jones entry was just….effing disgraceful and cowardly on out govt’s part.

        • Mrs. Wilkins, the passage about “shibboleth” comes from Judges 12:6 in the Old Testament of the Judæo-Christian Bible and was used to tell who was an Ephraimite (Ephraim = one of the twelve/thirteen tribes of Ancient Israel) and who was a Gileadite (obviously non-Israeli).

          The pronunciation, properly done, would apparently be something like “skhíbboleth”, where “kh” sounds like in Scottish “loch” – with which the Ephraimites at the time had trouble so they ended up saying “sibboleth” – with such being killed on the spot!! [For more information, you can Google “shibboleth Bible”.]

          The definition of “shibboleth”, taken from Wikipedia, is “a word, sound, or custom that a person unfamiliar with its significance may not pronounce or perform correctly relative to those who are familiar with it. It is used to identify foreigners or those who do not belong to a particular class or group of people. It also refers to features of language, and particularly to a word or phrase whose pronunciation identifies a speaker as belonging to a particular group.”

          More modernly, and particularly in the USA (the usage I’ve perchance fallen into, alas!!!), “a shibboleth also has a wider meaning, referring to any “in-crowd” word or phrase that can be used to distinguish members of a group from outsiders – even when not used by a hostile other group. The word is less well recognized in British English and possibly some other English-speaking groups. It is also sometimes used in a broader sense to mean jargon, the proper use of which identifies speakers as members of a particular group or subculture.”

          In other words, my usage of the word “shibboleth” is to indicate a pet-word of the Marxists and/or Moslems. In the case of the former, words like “inclusive, diversity, multicultural” et al. most certainly are such abused words…

          If I’ve here caused any misunderstanding, I hereby apologise…

        • Nothing to apologize for, but I DO appreciate the explanation!!! :-)
          Thank-You for taking the time to write it all out.

          Still sounds like a great name for a monster or something in a Lovecraft work. 😉
          I know it’s a lame joke, but man–it REALLY sounds like a Lovecraftian name-term! 😀

  13. we have an invasion of muslims in Canada, more than 50 mosques in Montreal.
    Airport security is handled by mostly muslims EY…
    40% of muslims from maghreb are on welfare,4 + children per family.
    UK here we come.

    • We’ve even got them in Inuvik, of all effing places–complete with a govt provided pre-fab mosque.
      Somali muslims in Inuvik???

      Here in our nice little city, mosques are banned, but the local islamists went ahead and built one anyways, illegally, and it was half on Native land it turned out. It was raided after complaints of chemical smells, and a bombmaking lab and weapons stockpile was in the basement. Arrests, confiscation, etc..
      Then the feds give those arrested a free-pass and refugee status.

      Recently we had an incident between our police and a group of five islamists that were intent on killing one of the Muslim families here that speaks openly against islamism, voting for banning shariah, and generally pissed-off the islamists by being alive.
      Oh, how was it determined they were intent on naughtiness?
      Sneaking around the above mentioned family’s yard in the dead of night.
      Firearms, including one fully-automatic SMG, and a couple of pipebomb ‘grenades’, one of which was used against the Cops.
      When the Cops arrived and called them out, they opened fire.
      No Cops were injured, but the islamists didn’t fare so well.
      Turned out that there were ‘hide-holes’ in the basement with cahces of all kinds of terrorist goodies.

      They’d planned on killing the secular Muslim families first as ‘examples’, then wiping out the police force and instituting a coup and immediately replacing Council with their own personages, scrapping the lawbooks and immediately bringing in Hardcore shariah.

      We’re a small city in Alberta, and if that kind of crap can happen here…
      Well, it can happen anywhere, and in various ways, it is.
      We’re making our municipality and those small towns and villages seeking to incorporate with us as islamist-unfriendly as possible.
      Halal foods and such; Banned.
      Mosques; Banned.
      Shariah; Banned.

      City law, based on expert analysis from specialists, officially and legally considers islam to be a cult, and NOT a religion. Therefore, it is NOT protected by religious freedom laws.
      islam is nothing but a cult that incites and encourages violence, insurrection and treason, as well as atrocities of various other descriptions that we’re all familiar with.

      • All those “terrorist goodies” were apparently in the basement of the mosque, correct? Surely NOT in the basement of the targeted family…

        Sooner or later, Mrs. Wilkins, your city and municipality will run into conflicts with both the provincial and federal governments. I hope you’re ready to do things “under the table” (when the law is used against you, you’ll have no choice, alas…) AND also invoke the notwithstanding clause in the interest of civic peace to override any provincial and/or federal laws that may be used against you!!

        • mosque basement yes. I knew I missed a point, distracted at the time…
          Thus far Provincial gov’t seems to have a ‘we neither see nor hear you’ approach, and that’s fine with us.
          So long as we keep paying our Provincial taxes, they’ll very likely leave us alone as we’re not asking for a single thing from them.
          The feds, by Our laws, have NO authority or official presence-capacity within the city, it’s Annexes, and those areas seeking to incorporate with us.
          ‘Under the table’ is how we’ve done most of what’s needed doing thus far…and also covers contingencies for external assistance should the fed laws be used vs. us and see Military pressure brought in.
          The feds can try any legal tricks they want, and will receive no answers, they might as well go lay down the law to the mountains.
          If push comes to shove, we’ll declare ourselves a Sovereign Nation, allied with the First Nations. If somplace as tiny as Muldova and similar very small nations can make a go of it, we can also.
          Easy, no. But it is a card we can play if need-be.

          Our other options?
          Be good little dhimmis, mind our place in respect to our islamist superiors, accept and accede to the Fed ‘recommendations’ from a few months ago that we adopt and institute ‘limited shariah’ in accord with the islamist’s ‘requests’ to secure a ‘harmonious resolution’.
          The ‘advisory’ jerkoff from Ottawa who made that recommendation to us (after spending only 3 days here and exclusively speaking with the islamists) nearly got himself lynched by Council in chambers.

          ‘Limited shariah’….

          I think we all know what that translates to as, right??

        • Islam accepts NO limits, and I’m glad that “advisor” got told off by your people!!! So many of those ‘civil servants’ need to be disenfranchised for at least TEN years (barest minimum – I’d prefer TWENTY more often than not for such TRAITORS!!!) and forced into exile in a Communist or Moslem nation – and to boot, to live among and as part of the “hoi polloi” if not even in their GULag equivalents!!!

          Good work, Mrs. Wilkins: keep it up!!! No surrender, EVER!!!!

          DEATH TO ISLAM!!!!!

        • Being distracted myself, I meant to say that I know too well that there’s NOTHING like “limited Islam”, “limited jihad”, “limited Shari’a” or ANYTHING ELSE that can be limited when it comes to that SATANIC ideology – it’s either ALL OR NOTHING!!!

          I’m in complete agreement, Mrs. Wilkins – you don’t need to think of me as “wet between the ears” on this subject the way Margaret Thatcher told off that crypto-Communist the late unlamented (as far as I’m concerned!) Pierre Elliott Trudeau…

        • ‘Told off’ is one way to put it…
          I’m surprised I didn’t see a nike-flash from the City Hall when they tore him a new one. Husband told me about it, and one Councillor was so enraged he was worried the man was going to have a stroke, or burst one of those veins u see on some people’s scalps.

          But yeah, islam knows no limits–save the ones put on it, and welded in place. I compare it to cancer because it spreads and behaves VERY much like certain cancers and such in general.

          TY for the compliment!! :-)
          …but all I really do is gather info for Council and Vett it, then bundle it off to them, along with 4 others. I also do research for husband relating to his employment contracts and private endeavours on developing ideas of his own.
          Council, THEY get the credit for not having allowed the modern world to snip off their cojone`s or shear out their spines. One third of the Council is women, and they equate islam directly to organized crime and a cult combined, and is where I first heard that perspective.

          I cannot find a single thing aywhere that counters the organized crime-cult hybrid assessment.

          I DO agree regarding dropping the Leftists off in the hardcore shariah-lands without the comforts they’re overly-accustomed to. :-)

          Surrender? Never.
          To the islamists and jihadists I say this;


          We’re all Counter-Jihadists, right…therefore, courtesy of Dyslexia, and error and hubby seeing it and getting an idea.


          jihad-opposite. Anti-jihad. An equal-and-opposite force.

          Of course the islamidiots and dhimmicrats are gonna have a tantrum if they start noticing it…
          I hope they get so upset they start dropping from aneurysms and save us all a lot of trouble and aggravation.

        • I don’t think of anyone here as ‘wet between the ears’ regarding this bloodsoaked cult called islam, no worries amigo. :-)

          I’m replying here as there’s no room below.

          Trudeau…I only know that sack of fetid slime from reading of him.
          I know now why Husband and so many Canadians loathe him so much.

      • OMG! When did this happen? I have never heard about this. In Toronto we had a foiled Toronto 18 that would have been devastating had it succeeded. You’re right. It can happen anywhere. Is this a municipality that was able to banned mosques? This can be instructive for the rest of the country. In Markham Ontario for example we have a resident group fighting to stop the construction of mega mosque.

        • …and people wonder why Canada seems so ‘quiet’ in regards to the whole islamification issue. TRY getting any news into Official Media that even vaguely slights against our fuzzy-wuzzy islamist conquerors.
          I cannot state where I am, save ‘Alberta’, otherwise I’ll be in some serious legal trouble here, but I can continue to speak of what I’m legally permitted (security right?) so that other places can learn to stand-up against this islamaplague.
          It IS easier with a population under 100,000…and being out in the modst of nowhere. Markham, you guys have the misfortune of being right in Leftist HQ aka; Ontario.

          Here’s how ‘nice’ the news is kept. Imagine you try covering a story, investigating, about a muslim rape gang operation in a major city.
          You get some good, solid evidence, bring it in–and a few hours later you’re having a charming conversation with some police about ‘Racism’ and ‘incitement to violence’ as well as other Felonies you will be charged and sentenced with if you dare try to pursue things.
          Then, your boss decides you don’t suit the ‘image’ of the outlet, and fires you.

          In Canada boys and girls, there’s no islamist problem, no islamification threat, and all is peaceful and loving just as our islamist friends claim.

          What’s that, your sister was nearly raped to death in the back of a van by somali muslims and then thrown out half naked into the street?
          I’m sorry sir, but this is Canada, I’m sure she simply made some new friends and was experimenting sexually.

          Banning mosques is actually fairly easy when you start citing examples and numbers of mosques in the past five years that have been directly-linked either financially or materially to terrorism.
          ‘Known Anti-Semitic Activity’ is usually enough to stall a mosque from being pretty good.

          Unless the bastiches just end-run around planning commissions and build it illegally. Then they’ll claim their within ‘islamic law’ and ‘islamic rights’ in doing so and claim such are superior to local planning commission permissions.

      • Marlene,

        I was in Iqaluit in July 2005. I was at Montreal airport in a heatwave with my boots and coat. Pleasure trip. I was floored by the very high number of Somali taxi drivers.

        All taxi trips are the same price, paid in cash and they make at least $800 a week driving cabs. So, that’s what they’re doing there and that’s why they need mosques in the Arctic now. They’re also converting Inuits… Very sad situation.

        • I agree, and again this is another reason why I call islam a cancer. It metastasizes, and consumes other cultures, replacing such with it’s own ravenous and useless self. Also, it cloaks itself and appears ‘harmless’, and in many ways it hijacks social systems finances and conventions to further it’s own aims of ruthless and inimical growth.


          I’m a tad heated right now owing to an incident this morning when out grocery shopping, and I’ll admit that if I could make one wish and have it realized–it would the global eradication of islam.

          Does anyone here remember the scene with Picard in the ‘First Contact’? When he was telling Lilly about the Borg threat and how starfleet kept falling back and falling back–his statement about a Line needing to be drawn??
          I can very much relate to Picard about that these days.

          islam is like the Borg, they assimilate govt’s, and we fall back. They assimilate entire nations, and we fall back. They assimilate our media, and we fall back. They assimilate our gov’t, and we fall back….
          The Borg.
          The Thing.
          islam bears no resemblances to anything pleasant or benign.

          I’m a sci-fi girl, so excuse the refernces…but it’s how I think. :-)

  14. First off, these same kind of moronic dhimmis exist in every free country in the world, and Canada does not have a monopoly, so shut up already. The problem our countries have with muslims are because of the appeasement of the left. The left has always supported the perpetrators and never the victims, and it doesn’t matter if the perpetrators are bat crazy muslims or mass murderers.

  15. I’m suprised. Canada is supporting the slave-holder ideology called Mohammedanism and its stoneage sharia- slavery law. Are the anti-abolitionst forces so strong in Canada? We need a Abraham Lincoln, an John Quincy Adams, a General McArthur to solve such problems.By all means!

  16. Canada denies its citizens the freedom to choose for themselves by barring Pastor Terry Jones entry. Islam is hateful to every religion. Muslims burn people, burn Christians and attack our US Embassies. Canada is terrified of free speech and their radical Muslims. Terry Jones was denied entry to an event in Toronto. Islam is the new Nazism.

    Terry Jones’ Reaction on Being Denied Entry to Canada
    “We are shocked by the fact that we were not allowed in to Canada. Freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of the press are the very foundation of our free society. If we loose freedom of speech we will sooner or later loose our freedom as a nation and freedom as individuals.

    As George Washington said, “If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.”

    So we consider this to be a grievous blow to freedom of speech. We hope that this is a lesson for the Canadians and the Americans for us to stand up, unite together, and protect our freedom of speech. It is the very cornerstone of a Western free society.”

    Link to official Press Release: http://www.standupamericanow.org/press-release/2012/10/press-release-terry-jones-reaction-on-being-denied-entry-to-canada

  17. If the a–kissing muzzy loving dhimmi dips of Canada will give free reign to muslimes but deny entry into Canada to Terry Jones, then the dimwitted liberal a–holes who have opened their minds so far that their —-ing brains have fallen out will get exactly what they desrve: Arselifter (Sharia) law!!

    • Luckily, we narrowly averted that danger from Ontario back in 2005, largely thanks to a vocal group of Muslim women and men and other informed citizens. (I knew very little about all of this then.) The fight against creeping Sharia and Islamic infiltration is ongoing.

    • I’m going to write off ur comment as a bad moment, and just assume, until proven wrong, that you DO understand that we’re as screwed-over by our ‘leaders’ as the US and other nations when it comes to islam and such.
      Why the hell do you think our little city is Seperating from Canada as much as possible? We’ve been ignored by the Feds aside from the muslims arrested here for bombmaking, being given refugee status when it was discovered they were here illegally.
      Known islamist terrorists, and they were given refugee status…

      So, don’t think we’re any worse than the USA when it comes to the citizenry getting shafted by the gov’t and pandering to islamists.

      • Oh by the way, when you have cleaned up your own Government, you can start on cleaning up Murfeesburgh, Sheepshead bay New Jersey and other areas that are so upset with mosque building.
        You have a lot of work ahead of you.

    • Before you start being critical of Canada, you had better look at your
      own country and government. That’s your first task

    • SHAME ON YOU – have you forgotten that we Canadians saved several of your people in Tehran when they were being hounded down in 1979 by Khomeini and his fellow-Islamonazis???

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