BELGIUM: Brussels candidates for local elections are ALL Muslims

Yes, Brussels, the capital of the European Union, will soon become the capital of the Islamic Caliphate of Europe as Islamization of Belgium threatens to overrun the entire country…and soon, the continent.

Panarmenian  (H/T Henry P & others) As Belgium-based Armenian Samvel Avanesyan told a PanArmenian reporter, one of the central districts of Brussels Sint-Jans-Molenbeek had only Muslim candidates.

The photos of the election campaign posters he took showed the true situation. “Either Jalal, or Husein, or Muhammad will win the elections. That’s the true image of Europe’s future,” he said. Avanesyan pointed to the district administration head Philippe Moreau as the only Belgian candidate, who long ago converted to Islam after marrying a Muslim.

The number of Muslims in Brussels has reached 300,000, one-quarter of the city’s population, making Brussels the most Islamic city in Europe.

Federation pro-Europa  As a matter of fact, Islam represents more people in Brussels than do the Roman Catholic Church, political parties or even trade unions and is becoming increasingly visible in the city. There are more and more mosques and minarets, more veiled women and more Muslim organizations, according to The Iris and the Crescent, a book released to the public on November 18. The study was published by the Catholic University of Leuven and is the product of more than one year of field research.

The book’s author, the sociologist Felice Dassetto, predicts that Muslims will comprise the majority of the population of Brussels by 2030. The book also warns that of the many strands of Islam represented in Brussels, Salafism is apparently far and away the most popular. Salafism, the highly conservative pan-Islamic movement, seeks, among other objectives, to unite the Muslim world under the leadership of a single Caliph, or ruler, who would govern based on Islamic Sharia law.

The Muslim immigration invasion is surging in Europe, even as multiculturalism has proven to be an abject failure. Mass immigration, instead of assimilation, has resulted in reverse colonization of Europe. Only this time, the colonizers don’t benefit the host country, they suck it dry with welfare parasites and criminals.

Filip Dewinter describes how Muslim immigrants in a few years will become the majority population in several cities, which means more crime, more poverty and more unemployment. The tidal wave of Muslim immigration is costing the citizens of Belgium a lot of money: 1.500 euros per year per family. And it must be stopped!