CAIR spitting blood over ‘hate’ crimes charges being dropped against Connecticut banker accused of assault and ‘Islamophobia’ by a Muslim cab driver

All charges of assault, larceny and bigotry after a ride from Manhattan to Darien went awry, leaving the driver with a cut hand and an allegedly an unpaid fare, and leaving Jennings with stories of abduction. have been dropped against Morgan Stanley banker, William Bryan Jennings, of  Stamford.

(Does anyone else find it hard to believe that a Morgan Stanley banker would try to stiff a cab driver out of a $40-50 fare?)

Darien Times  At the court appointment this morning, it was revealed that cab driver Mohammad Ammar was in possession of the knife he claimed Jennings used to stab him and had not informed police. Police said charges could have been pressed against Ammar for unlawful restraint and withholding evidence, but in the end, the courts said it was not in the public interest to press charges against either party in the incident.

Last week, Hassan Ahmad, attorney for the cab driver, Mohammad Ammar, said his client was “outraged” by the decision and “continues to demand justice” when he learned the state might opt not to press charges. Though other news outlets were reporting that the charges had already been dropped last week, which was incorrect, this information was circulated by Ammar’s lawyer, who told The Times that they could have changed their minds until this morning.

In a phone interview, Ahmad admitted that the state could still pursue charges against Jennings, but said that would be unlikely.

TODAY, the litigation jihadists from terror-linked CAIR and members of the NYC Muslim Community will host a press conference to express outrage (Do Muslims have any other emotion?) and to request a federal a hate crime investigation of the Wall Street banker. CAIR-NY sent a letter addressed to Connecticut Prosecutor David Cohen, Governor Dannel Malloy and the Chief State’s Attorney Office last week seeking an explanation to the sudden decision to dismiss charges by the prosecutor’s office.