Muslims in France whine about increasing ‘Islamophobia’

Accustomed to getting away with murder, now Muslims are upset because more politicians are adopting the same anti-Islam positions as right wing politicians, who have long been advocates of stopping Muslim immigration and deporting all Muslim criminals and illegal aliens.

Muslims and leftist dhimmis take to the streets of Paris to demand a united front against Islamophobia

They are really upset because the new socialist President, Francois Hollande, whom Muslims supported by more  than 95%, has not addressed their demands to lift the ban on burqas and street prayer. Instead they whine to the sympathetic ear of PressTV, Iranian-funded, English language Muslim media outlet.


14 comments on “Muslims in France whine about increasing ‘Islamophobia’

  1. LOL dumb Muzzies got duped by Hollande. I am still trying to believe its real that Hollande has not pandered to them and I stress HAS NOT yet pandered as Im still a little skeptical of him at this point in time as I think he still has to do alot more to convince me 100%.

  2. i am glad that the french are fighting back. i wish that were true of the rest of Europe but i really don’t know how. that will happen i am very pessimistic of native Europeans taking control of the governments and exporting muslim illegals i just don’t see that happening.

  3. Mozzies want to ban ANY criticism of Islam.

    In Moz countries, blasphemy laws are excuses to ethnically cleanse minorities and get their assets for a song (or nothing) and an excuse to murder. False charges are easy to place and almost impossible to disprove, due to mob street justice. Even lawyers are reluctant to get involved, since they will be suspected of being an apostate as well. ALL apostates may be murdered under Sharia law.

  4. They are the whiney-ist whining whinebags that have ever existed on the face of the earth. If a giant asteroid hit this planet and ended all lifeforms, the upside would be no more whining muslims.

    They have a 1400 year history of genocide, terror, hatred, slavery, and violent expansionist colonization, yet they whine whine whine if someone objects to their behavior.

    imagine a world without islam
    it’s easy if you try.

    All the jewish prophets were righteous people, yet they had faults–which are mentioned in the original bible. Then there is mohammed, a “prophet” who is considered perfect, who has sex with children, dead women, kidnapped women, and slaves. Who is a murderer, a mass murderer, a mentally ill, delusional lunatic who wants to control the planet. G-d would never choose such a person as a prophet.

    If true freedom rang in muslim countries, I wonder how many of them would leave islam.

  5. Thank you for the good news, BNI. I hope all Muslims who don’t give up their faith are deported back to their hell-holes. They do not deserve freedom, because it is just that that they are trying to destroy. Let them be destroyed instead, utterly.

  6. French Muslims will have to stop their assaults and murders of Jews if they want to be treated as humans. Rotten hypocritical assholes.

  7. More good news. It is about time that the french understand that islam wants to and will take over their country by stealth jihad, birth rate jihad, immigration jihad along with violence, extorsion, crime rates, bullying tactics and so on. Let us never forget that to be wise about islam’s true domination goals and to express this concern is not racism because islam is not a race. islam is an evil cult that will destroy france as it has destroyed the democratic values of the other 57 muslim controlled countries of the world. Keep up the good work France. If the muslims do not like the truth they can always choose to go to one of the 57 hell hole islamic countries of the world.

  8. So gland to hear they are frustrated with the socialist President. I do remember their mob jubilation right after the election waving all kinds of flags except the French one. Serve them right.

  9. These inbred, brain-dead A-holes don’t even have enough sense to know just how evil they are; AND, being ANTI AGAINST them is the ONLY thing they SHOULD be expecting with the history of their religion.

    IF, and I say, IF there are good Muslims, why aren’t they speaking up? And, yes, I’d love to have n answer.

    • If Ms BNI approves, This was on Atlas Shrugs this morning, and I think it will give you an idea what the “moderate” islamist is going through, not to mention the Afghan girl, Malala !
      From “Atlas Shrugs”
      “I am visiting your site from quite some time. I have read your adds. I wonder where is hatred in it. Still I am unable to find it.
      I cannot find where is the question of racism in your adds..

      It is your right to give your opinion.
      I feel sad for you. You are facing hard time.

      your views about jihad is what you are watching, and in my opinion your view are right.
      You can understand in the middle of jungle I can see what you are thinking over there.

      I am from Pakistan and English is my second language. By birth i am Muslim.

      My name for you is XXXX I want to hide my name because I don’t want to display it on any website. because it can create problem for me. ”

      The last paragraph, IMHO, pretty well sums up the whole islamic ideology, as compared to that of ANY other non-cult religion.
      Blessings, upaces88. I hope this helps !

      Progress of an inch is a gain on a journey of a thousand miles.

  10. Act like decent hard-working humans, and there would be little problem. Act like HUMANS of compassion, kindness and DECENCY, and there would be NO problem. The problem is not with those who are “islamophobic”, but with islam and its teachings and leechings ! ! !

    • ‘islamophobic’…
      I find that expression sad, lame and ridiculous. islam as we kno engages in and is wholly supportive of conduct and goings-on that are completely opposite to proper, civilized society.
      Being ‘islamophobic’ is just like being ‘naziphobic’, ‘mafiaphobic’, or triadophobic’.

      islam is a cross berween a ciminal organization and a cancer-like disease with elements of rabies mixed in. It’s not a religion, and only partially a cult, and should fall under the same laws that affect and persecute other organized crime bodies.

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