DUBLIN: Shrieking Muslim banshees protest outside Google headquarters

Demanding that the anti-Islam film, ‘Innocence of Muslims’ be taken down from Google-owned Youtube, wild-eyed Muslims take to the streets to cry, “We Muslims have the right NOT to be insulted, we have the right NOT to have our wittle fweewings hurt.”

Irish Central  Hundreds of Muslim protesters marched from O’Connell Street in Dublin to the European Headquarters of Google. “You should not allow these (filmmakers) to use freedom of expression to hurt the feelings of 1.5 billion Muslims around the world,” Muslim cleric Alam Ghulam Rabbini said.

“This film incites Muslims to violence and promotes terrorism.” “People all around the world are suffering because of this film” (which most have never seen). He demands that the filmmaker and Google executives “be arrested under the Act of Terrorism under the Act of Incitement to Hatred.” (Apparently two ‘Acts’ that he made up as he went along)

After protesting Google, the march moved to the American Embassy in Ballsbridge. The Dublin protests came days after a lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles calling on Google to take the video down from YouTube. In an earlier statement, Google chairman Eric Schmidt said: “Google has a very clear view on this, which is that we believe the answer to bad speech is more speech.”