Angry Russian patriots shout “No Mas” to more mosques in Moscow

The leaders of Moscow’s 1.5 million strong Muslim community say they desperately need more places of worship. But a plan to build a new mosque has run into local opposition which is being fuelled by nationalists calling for a ‘clean Moscow’ without Muslims and foreigners.

 Russia Today Nationalist organizations have criticized Moscow Chief Mufti Albir Krganov’s initiative to build more mosques in Russia to accommodate the needs of the large inflow of immigrants from Muslim countries coming in to steal jobs from Russians and overburden social services.

Russian nationalists gather to sign petitions against more mosques

“This approach is not totally correct,” chairman of the Russkiye movement’s supervisory board Alexander Belov told Interfax on Tuesday. “It is necessary to decide once and for all – whether Russia will turn into an Islamic state or will remain a secular state, where foreign immigrants come, find jobs and leave after their work is over,” he said.

“If immigrants live no one knows where but want to build a mosque in my yard, this approach is certainly wrong,” Belov said.

One of the many monster mosques already in Russia

“It is necessary to restore order to the immigration processes and understand where, to which region foreign immigrants should come, where they are needed, and where roads should be built – in Moscow or in Siberia,” he said.

Speaking at a press conference on Monday, Moscow’s chief mufti proposed building new mosques in Russia in response to the massive inflow of immigrants from Muslim countries. “We are troubled by the shortage of places to pray,” he said.

Tensions between Russian natives and members of the Muslim community have been on the rise. In September, Moscow authorities announced they were shelving a project to build a mosque in the suburbs of the Russian capital after a large number of protesters gathered in the northwestern neighborhood to express their disapproval of the plans.

Last week, however, prospects for more mosque construction were dashed when Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin said many of the worshipers are not Muscovites. Sobyanin revealed that “two-thirds” of the worshippers at the city’s main Cathedral Mosque were not registered in the city of Moscow.

In August, tens of thousands of worshippers filled the streets around the Cathedral Mosque in the center of Moscow to mark the end of Ramadan. Moscow has four mosques for an estimated 2 million worshippers, a shortage that has compelled Islamic groups to seek additional places of worship.

In a disgusting display of Islamic supremacism, 80,000 Muslims block the streets of Moscow during Ramadan, making the streets and sidewalks inaccessible to cars and pedestrian traffic

As opposition to mosque building grows, imams issue veiled threats of terrorism if they are not allowed to build more Islamic indoctrination centers.

Spiegel  Small trees are supposed to be keeping the Muslims out of Tekstilshchiki, a district in south eastern Moscow. “We want a park here and not a mosque or a church or anything else,” says the mother who is here with her six-year-old son. There are about a hundred residents of Tekstilshchiki gathered on this lawn –and they want to prevent the start of construction on an Islamic religious center.

The Moscow media have already christened this patch of green “the Russian Ground Zero” in a reflection of strife over the mosque being built near Ground Zero, the site where the twin towers of the World Trade Center stood in New York before the terror attack of 9/11. The country’s largest online newspaper,, drew parallels with other European controversies surrounding Islam: The burqa ban in France and the immigration debate now raging in Germany. Europeans are frightened of Islam because the religion’s values are utterly foreign to them, the article said. “Now we are experiencing something similar in Moscow and St. Petersburg.”

On November 16, million Muslims all over Russia celebrated the religious holiday of Qurban Bayram (the Turkik name of Eid al-Adha), which closes with the ritual sacrifice of a sheep. The killings, often carried out in public spaces, shock and anger non-Muslim Russians.

The Moscow mufti council, which is responsible for building the mosque, is convinced that nationalists are behind the protests against their house of worship. They say that the mosque will be built at the edge of the park anyway, leaving plenty of room for recreation and dog walkers. “The problem lies elsewhere,” says Ildar Aljautdinov, the imam at Moscow’s largest mosque. He warns that some Muslims may become radicalized if they don’t have mosques to worship in. “We must build more mosques,” he says. “Otherwise something bad will replace the religion.”


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  1. Russia belongs to Russians! Russia does NOT belong to Islam and Muslims! Not one inch of Russia to Muslims!

    Founder of Islam, Mohammed: “I have been made victorious with terror”, “Wage war on the infidel and kill them until Islam is dominant” (Koran 8:39).

    To our brothers and sisters in Russia, and to all of our non-Muslim peoples; heed the words of Winston Churchill:

    We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender!

  2. We stand with our non-Muslim Russian brothers and sisters! NO to the mosque! No to the Muslim immigration-invasion! NO to the Islamic conquest of Russia!

    Never forget the terrible suffering inflicted by hate-filled barbaric Muslims on Beslan’s precious children! The children who did not die from the horrendous Muslim physical and sexual abuse had to undergo extensive internal surgeries. To the beautiful Russian children murdered by Muslim God-haters; little angels, rest in eternal peace. We will never forget you. NEVER!

    • I support the Russians and the Russian Orthodox Church. The Orthodox denominations generally are much better equipped to fight Islam because they’ve experienced it first-hand.
      Here in the West, most Christians are clueless about the Ummah.

  3. “some Muslims may become radicalized if they don’t have mosques to worship in.” ..then kill those radicals. this dumb-ass muzzies wont allow other to build church in thier countries but they want mosque in every country they live..truly dumbass..

  4. Why are these poor sheep being slaughtered in the street? aren’t there laws that prohibits these atrocities ?who cleans up the blood and guts?this is just so disgusting -filthy -unheigenic and -cruel -if for no other reason I hate these followers of Islam with a passion for their depravity towards animals -they are low life -scum.

  5. It’s ironic when you think about it: Namely, after more than 70 years of oppression by the communists – and the fact that they pretty much sealed their borders to keep people from trying to leave – now, just as they get EVERYTHING mixed up & backwards, the muzzies are streaming INTO Russia. But, of course, it doesn’t end there – now they want to take over the whole damn country! Wonder how the little Napolean (Putin) will handle this – or will he just ignore it, ’cause it’s a HUGE problem – and he doesn’t want to be tested and/or bested by immigrant muzzies!

  6. I was wondering…all those hundreds of ass lifters in one of the above photo’s- do any of them work? How come they can be out in the street doing that when they should be at work? Surely they arn’t all on welfare? And if they are- someone needs to ask within the muslim community WHY this is? If they can’t get work, why don’t they pi$$ off back home and bludge, rather than draining an already financially choked country??

  7. ” “says Ildar Aljautdinov, the imam at Moscow’s largest mosque. He warns that some Muslims may become radicalized if they don’t have mosques to worship in. “We must build more mosques,” he says. “Otherwise something bad will replace the religion.” ”

    Peace-by-extortion…classic islam.
    As for how to solve the problem of ‘potential badness’, that’s simple:
    Round all the bloodthirsty sub-Human inbreeds up.
    Ship to Afghanistan.
    Drop off.
    Cover expenses by siezure of their bank accounts–if they want to behave like criminals, then they must be treated as criminals.

  8. dumbass muslims don’t know it is supposed to be one sheep PERIOD and not thousands and of course they poor animal is allowed to die in agony . what is the monster mosque big enough . just run a couple of tanks right over them

      • What of vegetarians or vegans?? Will you say that you don’t believe they eat meat either?

        DEATH TO ISLAM!!!!!

        [While we’re at it, “no more” in English (“no más” in Spanish) is “Bóljshje ñet” {‘Больше нет’} or “Ñe bóljshje” {‘Не больше’}.]

  9. I was in Kazan last year and I must say that the mosque looking over the Volga River is a real eyesore for Kazanites. A symbol of oppression!

  10. Narrow the categorization down a bit; just say you want NO MORE ASSLIFTERS, because no other “foreigners” would dare to move in and ty to take over as these muslime pukes are doing!! Right on, Russian patriots, in telling these sonsofbitches “HELL NO”!!….And where are Joseph Stalin and the tanks when needed most?!!

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