JUNGLE JUSTICE: Gruesome murder of 4 Nigerian students, savagely beaten, tortured, and burned alive by mob (WARNING: Graphic images)

Four students from the University of Port Harcourt, in southern Nigeria, were burned alive  by locals who accused them of being thieves. A horrific video of the scene has since surfaced online, angering their classmates, some of whom reportedly decided to get revenge by setting fire to the part of town where the young men were killed.

No indication of the religion of the students or the mob of attackers. Nigeria has about a 50/50 split – Muslim and Christian, and other tribes.

Observers.france24  According to the Nigerian press, the four killed students were second-year undergraduates whom local residents in the Aluu neighbourhood of Port Harcourt accused of stealing a laptop computer and a Blackberry phone. A friend of the victims, meanwhile, told the BBC that they had gone to Aluu to try to collect money they were owed, and were mistaken for thieves.

The three-and-a-half minute video, which the police are using as part of their investigation, shows four young men lying on the ground, completely naked, with tires around their necks. An angry mob beats them with sticks before setting them on fire. When the crowd lights their gasoline doused bodies on fire, there are strange cheer of surprise and satisfaction.  

On Sunday, police arrested 13 people in connection with the case. However, this was not enough to calm Port Harcourt university students, who held a protest on Tuesday, blocking major roads on the edges of the university. Some reportedly turned to violence and set shops, houses and cars on fire in Aluu, which is adjacent to the campus, prompting many residents to flee. On Tuesday, the university closed its doors indefinitely. According to several of our sources, who preferred to stay anonymous out of fear for their safety, there have long been class tensions between the residents of Aluu and the university’s students, who come from around the country and are generally wealthier. 

This violence follows the killing of at least two dozen students at another Nigerian university, this time in the north of the country, earlier this month.

If this VERY GRAPHIC video gets taken down, you can also see it here: Nigerian students brutally beaten and burned to death


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  1. just keep these animals out of the west. If any of ’em are seen trying to leave Nigeria blast them with rocket propelled grenades. they’re only animals and savages.

  2. What has this got to do with religion? It is my opinion that religion is the root of all evil and the world would be a much better place without the myth of religion.

  3. What chance do animals have in this world, with barbaric satanic savages like this doing murder & mahem to their own people? Just look at Yugoslavia and what the whites did to each other just because one was Muslim & other Christian. Look st what Protestants & Catholics do to eachother in Northern Ireland. There’s a lot more in common between them too. This world is screwed.

  4. My request to admin and Organizer of this website..please 1st of all you should search about Islam, Islamiscphobia?? is,t you hurt muslim when you say this word

    • AS, We have researched Islam, read your quran, hadith, sura, etc. The goal of this website is to present the truth about Islam and if it hurts Muslims, that is considered a bonus.

      I see you are in Crapistan. I thought BNI was banned in Crapistan?

      Have a nice day.

    • Dude look up the word ‘fascism’. Then ask yourself “what is the penalty for leaving islsm?? Then read the penslty for leaving a fascist ideoligy. notice the similarity??

    • I can’t imagine some body killing a human in such a way , Even though they robbed , they should not be killed ! but surely this bad crime isn’t supported by any religion . Nether Muslims nor Christians have anything to do with it .

  5. ” What a website full of LYING, God never forgive you for this website .” I’ll just say these few words … If you know Islam do not allow ” killing – steeling – lying ” and Islam came to pick us from darkness (AS YOUR’S) in to light … If you want the truth and only the truth please buy some Islamic books and read a translated Quran and you will know that you are on the wrong way and for sure you will know that you are mistaken … don’t be fooled by this american plan to show Islam as Terror . I am really sorry about the your ignorance but I am really trying my best to show you the real side of Islam … so please be Civilized as my religion states and try to find the truth and don’t stick to the image the american people try to show it to you that we are soulless people .
    NOTE : sorry for using the term “American” , I don’t mean that Americans are all bad but there is a plan to make us and our religion look bad in front of the public …

    • these f*ked up cult make their own rules up no god in the land would condone this these freaks of nature will burn in hell they have serious fucked up mental problems i hope they dont have children they give humans of all religions a bad name these are freaks of nature who karma will hit on the face with hopefully the same or worse fate the worst COWARDLY ACT IVE EVER SEEN COWARDS WHO CANT FIGHT ON THEIR OWN SOCIETY DESPISE FREAKS LIKE THAT ITS IN SAME CATTOGRY A MURDERING AN INNOCENT CHILD AND WORSE AGAIN SICK SICK PEOPLE IN THE WORLD

  6. Although there have been Muslims who have done horrible things that go against Islamic teachings, I have a hard time believing that people who called themselves Muslim would do this. But who knows. I’d rather not assume, like some of you people are.
    There’s no question that torturing people naked and beating and burning them is not Islamic. Especially burning people–that was explicitly forbidden by the Prophet Muhammad to do to anyone, even criminals.

  7. this horror show could b coming to ur community.remember pamela gellers slogan; when choice exists between civilized man & savage…..

  8. habba, this is too much. Africans whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. This is just too bad. Why don’t we just value human life. God have mercy on us All.

  9. Monkeys see, they repeat, repeat, and demand more blood, and for what, satan’s desires for more souls, that is all there is to it. Tell me of one thing these african nations have ever done to advance their societies, bet there is not one thing that can be verified as truth, not one, but I will happily concede if you can verify. Does this come as a suprise, not to this man, I’ve seen much worse inflicted upon man by men of a lessor god, all done in the name of thier so called faith. The black man is incapable of sane corrections in a tame ( civilized) society, a quote from a Preacher (black one at that) here in these United States, and he is 110% correct in this statement, savages is not even close to the nature of a tribal ape type society, it is truely one of those, it’s only natural to believe in myths as a cornerstone to advancing their intents. They are simply not capable of runnning their affairs in a polite fashion, it’s commonly called, jungle survival, the fittest, the meanest, corrupted, and anger issues or ignorances, take your pick. Much can be said of this topic, but, why bother, it a person is not acustomed to this type of savagery, it’s best to aviod any contact with it, least you find a need for extreme vengence….and to think our so called pResident comes from this neighborhood of men of a lessor god, how scary is that people.

    Pray these young men are released from their vessels and are no longer in the pain inflicted by their so called brethern. God Bless and keep them. til judgement day.

    Semper Fi

  10. This is utterly barbaric. As a boy I looked for novels that portrayed savages, headhunters, cannibals, etc. Shows what an unhealthy turn of mind I had then 🙂 but this… is just not human.

  11. This post once again proves that “Bare Naked Islam” delivers the goods in keeping with such a politically incorrect name. I love it!

    The web site name is perfect. I enjoy sending links to BNI posts to politically correct friends and relatives because the posts are factual and call out evil for what it is.

    Another site I like refers to savages and stating “Obama say respect it.” BNI is still my favorite.

  12. This shit is going on in Dearborn Michigan. Maybe not beating and burning like this but the police do nothing to stop muslims fro throwing rocks and bottles at Christians. These savages will get what is coming to them, paybacks are hell. And the ones doing this are probably like sons to the idiot obama, heaven help us if he gets another term. And they have to be muslim scum. I wonder if that is one of the free phones that obama gives out? Peace to all non-muslims who want these slimes to pay.

  13. Nigerian massacre targeted Christian students

    Open Doors reported that just before midnight, the attackers called students out of their rooms and asked them for their names. Those with Christian names were shot dead or killed with knives. The bodies were left in lines outside the buildings. Students with traditionally Muslim names were told to quote Islamic scripture.


  14. Bible, Genesis 4:10 And God said, “What have you done? The voice of your brother’s blood cries out to Me from the ground”.

    The Just Judge, God, will make sure the cruel killers will receive their proper punishment on Judgment Day. The Bible warns that the deeds of a man’s hands will return to him.

  15. i wouldn’t be one bit surprised in the perps are musllims. especially the cheering and burning the victims alive.

  16. Yep real civilized ain’t they.
    These are the people who Hussein Obama is expoting over here by the boatload.
    Absolute Savages.
    Won’t suprize me when thay are found to be Muslimes.

  17. I worked with a white South African recently and this barbaric killing practice of putting people in the tyres and setting them on fire is a common vicious way of killing a person over there. According to this man he said in his own words that the “black savages” kill in this inhumane way and apparently its one of the most torturous and painful way to die because the tyres produce so much heat and melt into the victims. So its not so much a Muzturd technique its black savage technique according to what I was told. And how great to know our lovely Governments import these savages into our countries and communities.

  18. In good islamic fashion. the monkeys are at it again. muslims seem to suck just about anywhere news is made nowadays.

  19. I cannot imagine the depths of grief the parents of these boys are experiencing today.

    If anyone wants to argue that what we are battling today are the dark forces of satan being unleashed, need only watch the videos presented on BNI as evidence.
    There is absolutely no shred of what it is to be human in the people that have done this hideous act. Their souls are utterly black.
    The earth will, with a certainty, vomit out this evil but, there will be more unimaginable acts such as this, that will occur.
    Where ever muslims are found, there also exists the probability of profound evil exercised on innocent people.
    This could, one day, just as easily happen in Norway, Sweden, France, England or America.
    Islam is a malignancy that must be excised not, coddled.

  20. How low can they get not only killing them but stole everything they were wearing. These people are poor. Think these people need to be paid back. But Allah and world governments protect murderers , pervert, and bombers in the name of Allah. Heard the real Islam they were peaceful till the brotherhood started. Now you got bigger groups out doing them.

    But the moron in the White House don’t understand Islam is at war with the world. But last night he proved he was stupid admitting he knew it was terrorist the day after the Ambassador was killed. He also admitted before like Bin-laden he was sitting there listening to the ambassador being killed.

    After that for a month running to the U.N and anywhere they would listen said it was that movie. He had his people run around lie-ING for him on News shows. His campaign aid said on Fox it was Mitts fault for the Ambassadors death. When that Candy Crow saw Mitt was going to make something out of it she stopped him. Funny they said she would protect Obama and she did.

  21. I pray that these young men rest in peace. The people that did this shows that you can’t change a heathen. May they all burn in hell.

  22. Freaking Damn Animals! What kind of mind DOES this; INSANE – It’s hard to grasp and takes your breath away at the horror – just horrible!