MUSLIM CABBIE: “It’s unfair! I swear to Allah, it’s really unfair!”

Oh, NOES! Terror-linked CAIR demands Feds intervene after Connecticut prosecutors drop theft, assault, and hate crime charges against former Morgan Stanley executive, due to lack of evidence.

ORIGINAL STORY/VIDEO: cair-spitting-blood-over-hate-crimes-charges-being-dropped-against-connecticut-banker-accused-of-assault-and-islamophobia-by-a-muslim-cab-driver

Cab driver Mohammed Ammar claimed Jennings attacked him with a knife last December after the banker refused to pay the fare for a ride from Hell’s Kitchen to Jennings’s mansion in Darien, Connecticut. Police arrested Jennings for a hate crime attack after he allegedly yelled at the Egyptian-born taxi driver, “I’m going to kill you. You should go back to your country.”

In Superior Court Monday morning, Ammar learned prosecutors refused to proceed with the case because the cab driver concealed evidence, allegedly the knife used in the alleged attack.

But Ammar’s attorney says his client didn’t conceal the knife, he just didn’t know he had it until weeks later when he noticed something in his cab. “He didn’t know what it was; he didn’t know whose it was. He picked it up and he realized at that point he’s holding the knife that may have been the knife that was used,” said Hassan Ahmad, Ammar’s attorney.  (Oh, please, do you think we just fell off the turnip truck?)