[UPDATED!] POLL: VOTE YES! Church leaders in Norwich, UK have voted NO against allowing the English Defence League’s anti-Islam protest march

Church leaders have united to deliver a clear message to the English Defence League that it will not be welcomed in Norwich if a planned protest march for November 10th goes ahead in the city.

As of 8:19PM on 10/16, the YES votes were at 51%, the NO votes at 49%. Click on this LINK and vote YES! No registration required. It only takes a few seconds to Vote YES for our friends in the EDL.

UPDATE: As of 11:00AM today 10/18, thanks to BNI readers, YES votes are now at 77%, NO votes down to 23%! God bless the English Defence League an all the British patriots who support them. 

Evening News  The right-wing movement, which opposes what it considers to be the spread of militant Islamism, is planning its first-ever march through Norwich on Saturday, November 10.

It was organised in response to Norwich City Council’s decision to ban the Rev Alan Clifford of the Norwich Reformed Church from using a market stall on Hay Hill, where it was believed that anti-Islamic literature was being distributed. But the EDL believe the ban infringed freedom of speech and arranged the protest to demonstrate against it.

Now the leaders of all Christian denominations in Norwich have joined other community and religious groups in making it clear that any organisation exhibiting intolerance of any of the city’s diverse faiths would not be welcomed.

The following joint statement was issued: “The intention of the English Defence League to mount a demonstration in Norwich is entirely unwelcome. Norwich has a long history of welcoming strangers, often in considerable numbers. The integration of so many different groups into the life of this fine city is what gives Norwich such richness in its life today. This is a cause for celebration, and we must not allow this honourable tradition to be broken.”

Here is a list of the Christian traitors who want to ban the EDL:

-Fr David Bagstaff, diocesan administrator of the Diocese of East Anglia (Roman Catholic)

-Major David Jackson, divisional commander of the Eastern Region, Salvation Army

-The Rt Rev Graham James, Bishop of Norwich (Church of England)

-The Rev Richard Lewis, regional minister of the Eastern Baptist Association

-John Myhill, on behalf of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)

-The Very Rev Graham Smith, Dean of Norwich (Church of England)

-The Rev Graham Thompson, chairman of the East Anglian District of the Methodist Church

-Fr James Walsh, Dean of the Cathedral Church of John the Baptist (Roman Catholic)

-The Rev Paul Whittle, moderator of the Eastern Synod of the United Reformed Church

 -Ven Jan McFarlane, Archdeacon of Norwich