Oh, NOES! 20 million Muslims outraged over Russia’s new hijab (headbag) ban in schools

I guess this begs the question, is there anything about our Western societies that DOESN’T outrage Muslims? Several Muslim families have pulled their daughters out of schools in Russia’s south after the girls were told they were not allowed to wear their hijabs.

News24  The Mufti of the southern Stavropol region Muhammad-Haji Rakhimov said he had received complaints from several parents whose daughters were for the first time not being allowed into their schools wearing their hijabs.

What’s in your head is the reason we don’t like what’s on your head

The situation resembles a “stalemate” because both the Muslim parents and school authorities refuse to budge, and several girls including second-graders have not been to school for two weeks now, he said. “The parents of these girls are not letting them go to school, which can lead to the child welfare services taking them away,” Rakhimov said.

He added that there were now “many girls” in the Stavropol region who were being kept out of school for this reason.  The school’s list of rules posted on its website says that students’ appearance should be in line with the “business style used in a secular society, excluding provocative elements”.

Russia’s pro-government newspaper Izvestiya quoted the school’s director Marina Savchenko as saying that girls would not be permitted in class in their hijabs, but that they could wear ordinary headscarves instead. (Oh, but that’s no fun. Muslim headbags are a symbol of Islamic supremacism when worn in the West)