National Geographic Channel being bombarded with death/terror threats from Muslims outraged over Osama bin-Laden raid TV movie

The National Geographic Channel’s Washington, DC headquarters has increased security after being inundated with terror threats over the upcoming release of the film Seal Team Six: The Raid on Osama Bin Laden. (Oh goodie, so when Obama loses the election, he’ll be able to blame it on this film)

NY Post  The full-length feature film is the first dramatization of the U.S. special forces operation that killed the mastermind of the September 11 attacks in Pakistan last May.

According to a NY Post source, the channel has been bombarded with phone calls and blogs posts from ‘Muslim extremist groups’ warning that anyone airing a film like this is asking for trouble.

‘Enough threats have come in that the network is on higher security alert,’ the source said. ‘They have a huge public building with a museum and 1,600 people working.’ 

The movie, which focuses on one of President Obama’s most successful moments in office, will premiere just two days before the November 6 election, drawing fire from critics on the right who have accused National Geographic of being partisan. The film’s distributor is staunch Obama supporter and major contributor, Harvey Weinstein. 

A rep for National Geographic said only that the channel will air the film “no matter what.” A source told The Post that the reaction is far from what NatGeo is used to. 

But National Geographic Channel president Howard T. Owens told The Hollywood Reporter earlier this month that the timing of Seal Team Six release was NOT politically motivated. (Uh huh)


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  1. Let’s remember those members of Seal Team Six are DEAD!!!! Who gives a rat’s ass what these muslim POS think. Pay Back will be a bitch, and the U.S. should make this very clear. Osama was a mass murderer and the end of his life did not warrant the slaughter of the Seal Team Six. If these POS are running scared, there is a big problem. Time to kick all muslims out – you can’t trust a practicing muslim.

  2. so what. i’ve already seen the history channel and discovery channel version. if this one tells the truth it’s say that Obama had to be dragged from the golf course while the raid was already under way and Obama”s indecision on killing bin Laden. i really think he was hoping bin Laden would leave .

  3. BNI, my gut tells me something is looming on the horizon.

    The American people have been set up to believe that the youtube trailer “the innocence of Muslims” was the cause of the violence and rioting in the streets of
    the third world hell holes. Americans were also informed that the death of our Ambassador Stevens was directly tied to this video that created mob violence
    in Benghazi.

    Forget about the truth. We know that the truth, which is terrible enough, there was a terror attack on our US Embassy on of all days, 9/11.

    That does huge damage to Obama’s election, hands down, but it’s a non issue.

    The movie trailer idea, which is much more interesting to devise, was more useful to Obozo’s team. They use it because they know that Muslims don’t need much to become incited to murderous violence, and that fact figures into the plan I believe they could be conjuring to subvert the election, should Obama turn out not elected to a second term.

    This Osama movie will be aired on November 4th. It will inflame the Muslims to more rage and violence, that’s a certainty, if Obama is not re-elected on the 6th, just watch as Americans wake up on November 7th or 8th to a tremendous homeland terror
    attack because of the National geographic movie about the death of Osama bin Laden.

    If that happens, all bets are off. Obama declares a national security alert so terrible that there is martial law enforced in every state, and that’s a real possibility.

    Obama doesn’t have an exit strategy from the White House. His plan is more than an eight year plan, it doesn’t end in 2016 either. I hope I am wrong, but this possibility just seems too easy.

      • I hope and pray that is true. But if you read what I wrote, don’t you think it’s a remote possibility? Win or not, he can still pull a stunt like the one I described, that is my concern. It’s been done before, by FDR.

        • And I’ve no doubt, dear Ms. BNI, that if he loses (and he well might not CARE if he loses given what he’ll anyway do!), he’ll make up some sort of emergency via which he can invoke MARTIAL LAW, destroy ALL Western liberties, impose a dictatorship with himself being the “Führer / Vózhd / Duce / whatever” – and continue his path of our total destruction, not only for the USA but throughout the ENTIRE WEST!!!!

          [This is assuming that the election has been held – I won’t be surprised if he even stops it from taking place outright!!!]

          We can count upon his invoking UN and Communist forces to invade the USA – and Canada also, while ordering his Islamic fellows to wage open war upon Europe, Australia, New Zealand and everywhere else. My STRONG suspicion is that then, as food gets scarce, he’ll force us all to have to accept computer chips to be implanted in our right-hands or foreheads, degrade our lives, &c.

          If Obama implements ANY of these steps, it will be almost certainly confirmed that he is THE ANTICHRIST prophesied in Revelation, Daniel, Ezekiel and other parts of the Bible…

        • Yes, thank goodness indeed that you’re armed, dear Ms. BNI!!!

          That’s EXACTLY the reason why Obama has been buying so much weaponry and ammunition for his paramilitaries (with bullets intended for killing!). Furthermore, we can be sure that SOME of the military (e.g., John Dempsey, if I have the right name?…) WILL obey him at least initially. To boot, we could suspect that he’ll give at least some of those FEMA armaments to his Moslem terrorist-guerillas to make up the balance for his not having enough of his own paramilitaries. [He probably is also counting on the illegal Hispanic + Moslem immigrants as well as many of the black-population to rise against the rest…]

          Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if he has access to “pocket-nukes” of Russian and/or Chinese provenance, perhaps even from North-Korea and/or Pakistan – which he’ll use to cripple American and overall North-American (Canada + Mexico) infrastructure. Via panic, confusion and “random” attacks, he’ll get his way in large measure – at least enough so that North America won’t be able to defend itself with sufficient assurance of being able to help anybody else…

          Ah, I know too well that yours truly has a paranoid streak in him – and with ALL MY HEART, I most desperately WANT to be WRONG!!!!

          Please forgive me if I’m getting on your nerves…

        • If you have any doubts against this type of scenerio regarding your voice of concerns, talk with a few of us Milita Commanders for our thoughts, preparations have been being formed since he was illegaly posted as the idiot in chief. He and his minions have failed to plan for one thing that WILL change all of it at it’s inception, the American spirit is one of walks with death on his mind for anyone willing to challange us and our resolve, it’s been proven too many times in our history, this will be NO different. Best regards.
          Semper FI

    • Mom5, the issue here is he, obama’s bin lyn’ to everyone, made the decision to play like a bump in the road himself by campaining over an act of terror, thereby, forgoing his responsibilities as the Commander, of what I am still not sure, to secure these United States against another attack, and then went on to lie, lie, and lie some more in the hopes of enough fools, his obot’s wouldn’t notice his deriliction of his duties, securing the safety of yet, another successful attack upon our shores, and oh BTW, bengazi was not the seat of our power base, it was/is called in Foreign affairs as a mission, our enbassy is in Tripoli, but that;s just about how uneducated his morons are and they care not one wit about this either, just obama’s stash, that’s all.

      Semper Fi. and best regards, God Bless.

  4. These operations start in secret and need to remain secret post mission.
    Giving our Nations enemies any information at all is detrimental to our safety.
    During the world wars many posters and films stated loose lips sink ships. You never know what info helps those foreign bastards.
    I am so angry that our own news media is always acting as an info agent for terrorist. Yesterday on the latest attempt all the media was showing the exact location of the Federal Reserve building. One network even booked a hotel room overlooking it with a view of ground zero. Pointing their camera out of the window the reporter stated that “A strike here would cause over a trillion dollars in damage and would likely collapse our economy”. WTF??? Are they insane? President Roosevelt or Truman would have had the FBI arrest them for that!
    Finally I would like to add that all of these institutions should be relocated to a closed and secret city surrounded by military. And that goes for the Pentagon and maybe even the White House too. If it were up to me I would bulldoze all non governmental buildings in Washington DC. Then turn it into a heavily armed military location.

  5. Dr. Savage always says: “If someone threatens to put a bomb in your mother’s house, put a bomb in their house first”.

    Makes sense to me.
    Don’t just pull up the drawbridge and wait to see if they will attack. Go on the offense and destroy them!

  6. Excellent timing on this one; two days before the Election; oh, oh, the “O” may lose some of his muslime and dhimmi voters; if that is the case, can’t apologize to them fast enough! HALLELUJAH!!

  7. You know what ?

    Patriots in USA play “GI JOE”…

    Obama ben laden wants to play “J add” JOE !! that’s the difference friends :-))

  8. Wonder if Zero will apologize to his raghead bretheren for this “hateful video”. Or maybe for whacking their hero in the first place. Let’s see how that plays on the stump.

    And will the Romney campaign make death threats and riot at Universal Studios over this piece of crap:

    Not likely. That’s the difference between people who understand the right of free speech and savages who don’t understand rights at all.

  9. I agree, BNI, this is certainly very politically motivated. Any sitting president who HADN’T authorized this when the intelligence became available would have had a mutiny on his hands and would have been a clear traitor. Obama had NO choice but to authorize this. As far as I’m concerned he should get no credit, either.

    Other than that, the poow wilttle Muzis feewings were hurt again? Well, that’s at least the silver lining in this article….

  10. It is so blatantly political and so disgustingly timed to coincide with the election on the 6th, that it truly boggles that mind and really answers the question that begs to be asked, “Yes, this is definitely a last-ditch effort to keep the dicator-in-waiting (the Chavez wannabee) in office for a seond – and almost unimaginably disastrous – 2nd term in office!

  11. Some one from security should trace those guys and shoot them like rats, OBL for them is a martyr and all of them want to be like their perfect example of human being, the great murderer terrorist muhammad. BTW, was it not NG who hosted the fake show “2001 muslim inventions” when they knew it was a lie? You cannot please the muslim savages, so dont try

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