BENGHAZI-GATE: Death and deception in Libya and the sinister cover-up by the Obama Regime

Brett Baier of FOX News uncovers the details about the lead-up to the Islamic terrorist attack that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans, followed by the Obama Regime’s and the media’s coordinated efforts to hide the truth.


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  1. i want to know when the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES WILL WAKE UP and file treason charges on Obama. Can harry Reid really support this fiasco and do nothing? will Mitt Romney call the pres out on this for real on the second debate he didn’t go far enough. For obama to say the deaths of 4 americans was not optimal is so outrageousit should make EVERY AMERICAN FURIOUS

    • Don’t hold your breath there dragonfire01, the House currently is being held together by a little wimp, he goes by the name of boehnor/booner, whatever, he’s spineless and also a failure as speaker. It cannot be missed that the Senate is currently being run by another ganster by the name of Reid, an obama’s bin lyn’ to everyone, surrogate and the very idea of him doing his due-dilligence, is so far off the chart of responsibility, it’ll never happen.
      I believe Mitt is walking a very thin line here is this regard, if he comes on too strong and straight forward ( read; the truth), as to incinuate obama’s bin lyn’ to everyone on the National stage as a pathetic liar and coward, placing the security risks of our Nation ahead of his personal goal of another term, some, not here mind you, will be so turned off by the acusation of the truth, as a determent from a positive vote for the R-ticket.
      The last sentence is pretty much how most of us Patriots feel, and know to be the truth, but, what good is there in being outraged over an incident of which we have little or nothing to say, let alone be able to do, about the death of our fellow Patriots, best we can do at this time is pray for the unfortunate souls who lost their lives, and their families, whie remaining vigilent about our reslove to place obama’s bin lyn’ in shackles on leaving office for the many crimes against our way of life, the Constitution and the world for that matter. ” whoa unto those who place evil over the good, bitterness over the sweet, etc.”

      Semper FI

  2. Even the CIA told Obama within 24 hours that there was a terrorist attack at Benghazi: (Pay particular attention to Items #4 & #5 below)

    Mr. President… lied to America. The Ambassador was sodomized and raped while the three staff members were beheaded. For you to tell us that “this was just a bump in the road” shows us that you are more concerned about your re-election than the safety and security of our sons and daughters overseas. You, Mr. President are a complete failure to us and America’s values of life and liberty.

    “Just another Bump in the Road” by Barack Obama! – Benghazi -Gate!



    3. Botched kidnapping?

    4. Obama/Treason charges/weapons:

    5. Gun/Weapons / Documents: (Click on at the 6 minute mark)


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