Court rules Fort Hood Muslim Terrorist, Major Nidal Hasan, will be forcibly shaved before trial

Is this Barack Hussein Obama’s idea? I guess he wants Hasan to look less like a Muslim terrorist so his cold-blooded slaughter of 13 soldiers and attempted murder of 32 others, can be called ‘workplace violence’ and not the act of Islamic terrorism that it was.

The attack was and still is labeled “workplace violence” by the Obama Regime, despite the suspect’s ties to al-Qaeda. That determination hasn’t set well with survivors or victims’ families, so fed up and frustrated, 160 victims and family members released a video.

 An act of terrorism label would mean the shootings happened in a combat zone, making those killed or injured eligible for a Purple Heart medal, and medical benefits similar to what soldiers injured overseas would receive. “None of us have been awarded the Purple Heart,” Lunsford said. “When we raise our right hand, we swear to defend everything foreign and domestic. This was domestic. This man was in our uniform, and he was performing his jihad.”