Court rules Fort Hood Muslim Terrorist, Major Nidal Hasan, will be forcibly shaved before trial

Is this Barack Hussein Obama’s idea? I guess he wants Hasan to look less like a Muslim terrorist so his cold-blooded slaughter of 13 soldiers and attempted murder of 32 others, can be called ‘workplace violence’ and not the act of Islamic terrorism that it was.

The attack was and still is labeled “workplace violence” by the Obama Regime, despite the suspect’s ties to al-Qaeda. That determination hasn’t set well with survivors or victims’ families, so fed up and frustrated, 160 victims and family members released a video.

 An act of terrorism label would mean the shootings happened in a combat zone, making those killed or injured eligible for a Purple Heart medal, and medical benefits similar to what soldiers injured overseas would receive. “None of us have been awarded the Purple Heart,” Lunsford said. “When we raise our right hand, we swear to defend everything foreign and domestic. This was domestic. This man was in our uniform, and he was performing his jihad.”


29 comments on “Court rules Fort Hood Muslim Terrorist, Major Nidal Hasan, will be forcibly shaved before trial

  1. For Terrorism prevention…Profiling is a Good First Step…I wouldn’t spend too much time on the more peaceful religious, but heads up on the Islamists. An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure. The danger is Political Correctness!

  2. he should NOT BE SHAVED I don’t care that it’s protocol to be clean shaven he should be seen as the terrorist that he is.

  3. Political correctness did not stop this man from his anti-American instruction to American military personnel and political correctness has prevented this man from being labelled a terrorist. Not enough evidence? How much evidence do they need? Obama and his administration are criminals.

  4. Hasan is GRANDSTANDING. He knows military law on male grooming as well as anyone. He knows there are no exceptions.Moslems in the army don’t get special grooming rules.

    Hasan is stalling and making a distraction.He will only succeed in irritating the judge. (Good.)

    • That would be nice, but for this “‘trampling’ of his human rights,” we all know he’ll have to have present, six imams, 4 jihadi lawyers, 3 CAIR reps, the mainstream media, and a quartet of violins!

  5. That POS kills my fellow Americans, and that asshole wants to decide whether or not he can keep his sacred 5 o’clock shadow??? Fuck him and those who think and act like him. They are nothing more than woman and children hating cavemen, with a terribly misguided cult that they follow.

  6. He is supposed to be a psychiatrist ? Wow ! A psycho psychiatrist ?!

    Or it a Jihadi psychiatrist ? Take my word m he will get a very lenient sentence
    and pardoned by obama before he lays down office in his next term.

  7. This filthy Muslim pig who invaded our military, and murdered our soldiers should have his head removed, dry shaved, then stapled back on his neck.

  8. This is a good thing. Hassan wanted to have a beard when he is in court in order to confuse witnesses who saw him cleanshaven.

  9. What a delaying, typical muslim move to try to look like a victim instead of an inbred muslim terrorist. Now he is gonna say,”Oh Poor Me ! They cut off my whiskers! OH, weep and moan! And all the while, Obama’s sterling little gender confused head of National Security continuess to call a murderer who shouted “Alley Snackbar” while killing Army personnel a “Workplace Violence” issue.
    Of course, this allows our Commander in Greif to lie and protect his fellow muslims from any criticism about allowing the inbred savages into our military in the first place.
    We must get rid of him and all his cronys and Czars, people. And further, we have to get rid of all the enableing democRATS in the Senate.
    NOVEMBER: NO OBAMA = No Czars, no Butchie Napolitano. no “Se-libelous”, no Salazar (our own oil for a change), no Holder, and no more appointments for crony, democRAT, liberal, rule-from-the-bench so callesd Judges.
    What a wonderful thought, eh?

  10. For good justice,i would let victim’s family members to take turn at shaving his beard with an old fashion barber razor…….

    • a rusty one soaked in pig’s blood and they slip a few times and save the military a lot of money. sentence shot or hanged.

  11. It’s unbelievable that they didn’t strap him down, hold his head and do this months ago. It shouldn’t even be an issue.

    The patients are running the asylum.

  12. I truly pray that this evil SOB Hasan receives REAL justice for the acts of barbarism he committed against this country and those defenceless recruits and others in the room that fateful day. All were unarmed, of course, and just sitting ducks for this rotten SOB!! Frankly, death by firing squad – shooting as many bullets into his worthless body as he number of people he killed and wounded – so that he would bleed like a stuck pig from every bullet hole on every square inch of his porcine (but now, thank God, incapacitated!) body!

    • And let’s not forget to make sure those bullets that put down the mudering sonofabitch are soaked in pig blood and well coated with bacon grease to insure that he roasts forever in the ETERNAL HELLFIRE that the puke believes is reserved for all us infidels!!……Won’t he be surprised when he splits HELL wide open landing in an especially hot spot reserved for him?!!!

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